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3D Systems Earnings Preview: 4 Things to Watch As was the case for 2018, 3D Systems' management did not provide specific guidance for 2019. However, CFO John McMullen said on last quarter's earnings call that the company expects "continued revenue growth, improved profitability, and cash generation" this year.

3D Printed Tank Track Pops Together with Plastic BB for Hinge 3D printing is well-suited to cranking out tank tread designs, because the numerous and identical segments required are a great fit for 3D printing's strengths.

Magura's mass customized, aluminum 3D printed bike brakes priced at $80 Now with the product program #customizeyourbrake, Magura offers end customers the possibility to adapt their lever ergonomics to their own preference with an aluminum 3D printed bike brake lever. Professional riders like Danny MacAskill and Loic Bruni give valuable insights into the needs of accomplished athletes.

The biggest waves in maritime additive manufacturing The maritime industry may not yet be at the same stage as, say, the aerospace or automotive industries in terms of additive manufacturing adoption, but there have been some tangible steps on the parts of shipping companies, ship manufacturers and port authorities to explore and accelerate the use of maritime additive manufacturing applications.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Company Commercializes New Metal 3D Printer A new metal 3D printer developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. - a group company of the Japanese industrial firm Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. - has just been commercialized.

"Magic Arms": The Future of 3D Printing and Its Impact on Healthcare In the past, doctors and researchers were limited in the types of individualized devices they could create for their patients; now, 3D printing presents the possibility of creating almost any device, limited only by their imaginations.

RAPID + TCT 2019 Conference Schedule Announced The RAPID + TCT 2019 Conference will be taking place in Detroit from May 20th to 23rd. North America's premier 3D printing conference and event has just announced its conference schedule. Running since 1990, this event brings together the global Additive Manufacturing industry for a frank exchange of ideas, networking, discovery, and learning.

8 Best 3D Printers of 2019 With a dizzying number of options to choose from, shopping for the best 3D printers is a difficult task, especially if you are shopping for your first machine. From compact and plug-and-play 3D printers to high-end professional 3D printers, the market is full of great products.

Tronxy P802MA: Hotend Replacement My Tronxy P802MA 3D printer started to act up so I set about replacing the hotend which I suspected as the main cause. I picked up a set of 5 hotends from Amazon. There is nothing special about these particular hotends except that they were low cost and had not only the nozzle but also the heating block, barrel, and insulation.

Interview: Carnegie Mellon researchers on the desktop 3D printer turning rigid plastics to fabrics Textile fabrication has seen novel applications in custom clothing and texture-based devices thanks to a modified FFF 3D printer from Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing adds VELO3D Sapphire 3D printer to metal AM portfolio Stratasys Direct Manufacturing recently expanded its metal additive manufacturing offering with the addition of VELO3D's Sapphire 3D printing system and Flow software. VELO3D's laser fusion metal AM platform is best known for its capability to 3D print complex geometries with few or no support structures.

How 3D Printing Is Increasing Access to Clean Water The introduction of 3D printing has transformed the manufacturing process, and, by extension, the water industry. These changes are easier to understand within the context of the manufacturing process itself, and the ways in which printing technologies have adapted traditional methods of production.

3D Printing Pioneer Interview With Bill Carter of GE Research GE Research has been utilizing 3D printing for a very long time indeed. In the past company invented key polymers used for 3D printing, applied many processes to aerospace and used the technology extensively throughout their R&D efforts.

For The First Time, Researchers Succeed In Printing A 3D Heart Using Human Tissue It's a world first: researchers from the University of Tel Aviv have released a 3D printing of a heart with blood vessels, made from human tissue. It's a decisive advance for medicine, and encouraging for people waiting for a transplant.

QUIZ: Are you a 3D printing expert? Are you a 3D printing expert? So, here is the question: Are you a 3D printing expert? Dig in our 3D printing blog to find all answers regarding applications, material properties, and technologies. What do you really know about 3D printing benefits and 3D printing applications?

"Eight new components to Rock the School Year: SketchUp for Schools" SketchUp for Schools has started a year ago where the creators have started to put some information to manage SketchUp tools for students and teachers they are adding features now. SketchUp for Schools: It is a free 3D modeling browser application which is available to any primary or secondary school that has signed up with G-suite for Education.

Electric Superbike Twente and K3D to develop 3D printed cooling parts for new racer Dutch Superbike manufacturer Electric Superbike Twente have collaborated with K3D, a 3D metal printing company, to produce a new cooling shell for its electric bike motors.

The Effects of Nozzle Bed Distance on 3D Prints As the authors point out, appropriate parameters are key to making good parts, with layer thickness usually being the most important setting to consider; however, there are little to no standards in place for nozzle-bed distance, and resulting effects on layer thickness.

New Multimaterial SLA 3D Printing Method: Skipping the Liquid Bath with Aerosol Jet Printing While SLA 3D printing is extremely popular among many different types of users today, there are drawbacks in post processing, as users are forced to take a more laborious step following the layer-by-layer method in using a liquid bath.

New $2.5M Project by GE Research For Developing a High Performance 3D Printed Heat Exchanger GE Research is currently developing an advanced heat exchanger for power generation equipment. It's called UPHEAT, which stands for Ultra Performance Heat Exchanger enabled by Additive Technology.

Should Vented Enclosures Become A Mandatory Safety Standard for FFF 3D Printers? With innovation always comes unintended consequences. There's been much-to-do with the possible health repercussions of 3D printing, particularly when it comes to the fine particles and fumes produced by the process. Some 3D printers on the market now carry HEPA filters and come with their own safety enclosures.

Bioprinting 101 - Part 15 Microarrays In this article we are delving into a slightly more complex subject matter in microarrays. They are essential in terms of understanding the use of bioprinting for the microscale as well as macroscale.

Scientists make world's first 3D printed heart using human cells The possibility of engineering new hearts for transplants has grown more likely after researchers unveiled a 3D printed heart using human cells. it took a team at the tel aviv university only three hours to print the organ, which includes all blood vessels, ventricles and chambers.

GE Research and Project Partners Using Metal 3D Printing to Make a More Efficient Heat Exchanger Heat exchangers are designed to efficiently transfer heat from one matter to another, and are being increasingly produced through the use of 3D printing these days, as the technology can increase their design customization and reduce corrosion.

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