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Global 3D Printing Materials Market Size 2018 - The research report on Global 3D Printing Materials Market 2018 keenly identifies important facets of the industry. The analysis covers 3D Printing Materials market size, current trends, drivers, challenges, opportunities, as well as key 3D Printing Materials market segments.

BigRep and Polymertal Take 3D Printing Hybrid Approach to Automotive Prototyping 3D printing is affecting nearly every industry in some way, but one industry it's having a major impact on is the automotive one. While the applications may not all be as flashy as 3D printed cars, they're still affecting the industry in important ways.

Morehshin Allahyari's 3D-printed project pushes back against 'digital colonialism' The Iranian artist and activist Morehshin Allahyari is currently working on a project that transcends continents and centuries. Using ancient illustrations of Middle Eastern dark goddesses as her source material, Allahyari is producing 12 sculptures through a process of 3D modeling, scanning, and printing.

3D Printing news Sliced, GE Additive, Sketchfab, FILOALFA and Tecnun Today's Sliced answers the questions: what is 4D printing? How does it compare to 3D printing? Will we soon be riding bionic aircraft? All this and more from GE Additive, Sketchfab, FILOALFA and Tecnun. Protecting iconic statues. Students are working with Project Regrind to convert plastic water bottles into 3D printing filament.

Peacock Gets 3D Printed Prosthetic Leg from Random Reddit User A Wyoming family's pet peacock lost its foot from frostbite, the owners went searching for help on Reddit. One random user decided to design and 3D print a prosthetic device for the majestic bird, giving it a better chance at leading a quality life.

E3D Introduces Tool Changing 3D Printer E3D has introduced their latest answer to multimaterial printing at the Midwest RepRap Festival this weekend. Their research project into a 3D printer with the ability to change toolheads is the latest advancement in multimaterial printing.

3D Printing: The Wave of the Future Most read stories of the month. This Week. Latest articles of the week. Come and learn all about the exciting world of 3D printing! Since its inception, 3D printing has been innovative in various industries such as biomedical, manufacturing, industry and socioculture.

HIPS Filament Properties and Best Brands - 3D Insider Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website. Sign me up for the newsletter! Subscribe to our newsletter to get interesting stories delivered to your inbox!

Top 3D printing stories of the week: Desktop Metal lawsuit, printable seaweed, new Massivit printer, more This week in 3D printing saw a ton of news including a high-profile lawsuit between 3D printer companies, illicit uses of 3D printed goods, new 3D printed robots, materials, printers, and more. Metal 3D printing company Desktop Metal has filed a lawsuit against carbon fiber 3D printing specialist Markforged.

Racing toward a revolution, hackrod designs the first fully 3D printed bespoke speedster As technical is the final step, which naturally uses 3D printing to take the car into the realm of reality. the team leadership is very eccentric, and includes a movie director and an aerospace engineer among them, all brought together by a common love of cars and driving.

Lines for investigation When using 3D modelling software I found that triangulation made more planes on one face of the shape than there actually was, for example in creating one hexagonal face I found that the process would create one rectangle and two triangles that would present two distinct lines running through the hexagonal face.

Finally, Your Next Car Could Be A 3D-Printed Electric Car - Only $7,500 & Can Be Built In 3 Days With all the talk of hyper-performance electric vehicles and other unobtainium cars, we're happy to report a refreshing story that should appease those unhappy with electric vehicle affordability. How about a 3D-printed EV for $7,500? And the best part is that you won't have to wait for it very long.

World's first 3D-printed car due on roads in 2019 It's been easy for us to think of 3D printing as something of a gimmick while the process has still been in its embryonic stage, but when news emerges about a 3D-printed car that is genuinely set to take to the roads as soon as next year, it's probably time to sit up and take notice.

Shower with a 3D Printed Dolphin, Dinosaur or Dragon Head from Zooheads Brooklyn-based company Zooheads is creating interesting 3D printed shower heads for "the wild at heart". Choose from a lion, dragon, dinosaur, shark, crocodile, or many more. Jazz up your bathroom with the Zooheads shower heads. The Brooklyn-based company is selling quirky 3D printed heads in a range of colors and animals.

Materialise's 3D Anatomical Model Process First Cleared by FDA Materialise NV is the first company in the world to receive FDA clearance for software intended for 3D printing anatomical models for diagnostic use. Leading hospitals are adopting integrated 3D printing services as part of their medical practices as they recognize the added value it brings to personalized patient care.

6-Axis Open-Source Robot Arm is Now on Kickstarter The AR2 6 axis robot launched on Kickstarter - this is an open-source, 3D printable kit which can be built using off-the-shelf components all for under $2,500. Just launched on Kickstarter is the AR2 6 axis robot aluminum parts kit operated by an Arduino microcontroller.

3D Printing News Briefs: March 23, 2018 We're starting off with some major medical news in today's 3D Printing News Briefs - Materialise is the first company in the world to receive FDA clearance for 3D printed diagnostic, anatomical models.

3D Printed NIRI Grips Make Mountain Biking Painless Riding a bike is fun, but it can be uncomfortable at times, especially when biking over rough terrain. When you hit a bump, a jolt is sent through your hands and arms - but with shock absorbing grips, that discomfort can be reduced.

Canadian Startup Uses Mass Customization Software Platform to Personalize 3D Printed Products We generally like having our items and tools personalized, which is why 3D printing technology is so often used for mass customization. A Canadian startup called Caboma, which was founded in 2015, is on a mission to provide digital solutions to forward-thinking companies looking to use mass customization to gain a competitive advantage.

Continuum3 Collection Reflects 3D Printing's Artistic Potential Conceptual artist and designer John Briscella is a well-rounded individual, to say the least. He has degrees in science, art, industrial design and urban planning, and his work reflects his varied interests and knowledge. He's also the former Director of Projects for MakerBot, so he knows 3D printing, and it shows in much of his art.

Boston Dynamics VP of Engineering Talks About 3D printing The VP of Engineering at Boston Dynamics visits a small town in Germany to explain how 3D printing and fluid power contributed to dramatic weight savings and power efficiency in the latest generation of their Atlas humanoid robot.

Reebok releases Liquid Factory 3D printed Floatride Run sneakers in the U.S. Two years after announcing its 3D printing based Liquid Factory concept, MA headquartered athletic footwear manufacturer Reebok has released the Liquid Floatride Run shoe. The new sneaker is the first Liquid Factory product to make it to market. It features 3D printed "laces," Liquid Grip on the sole, and the company's new Flexweave material.

Medical Lake Middle School receives 3D printer An anonymous donor wanted Medical Lake Middle School students to have a leg up in the ever-changing world of technology, so they now have a 3D printer. Exactly what they will do with it is still a work in progress, but the possibilities are virtually endless.

Reddit user 3D prints prosthetic foot for one-legged Wyoming peacock Over the years, 3D printing has helped many an animal get back on its feet, from Polly the parrot, to Leo the chihuahua, to Bagpipes the adorable penguin. Most recently, a family in Wyoming turned to the technology to help out its pet peacock who lost a foot due to frostbite this winter.

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