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Testing 3D Printing of Gears Kythera is a product sold by Glenview Software for $10 which allows you to string together complex mechanisms using spur gears. It helps you design complex mechanisms quickly on your computer and export.STL files for printing on a 3D printer.

Makerslab24.com Combines Cryptocurrency and 3D Printing with 3dP-Token Makerslab24.com is launching a platform that will fuse cryptocurrency with 3D printing technology. The company is creating the 3dP-Token to offer customers greater accessibility to 3D printed products at a lower cost.

3D Systems Offers New On Demand Service for 3D Printed Anatomical Models 3D Systems is deeply involved in the medical industry and is using 3D technology to change and save lives, whether it's through virtual surgical planning or 3D printed implants, bioprinting or 3D printed surgical models. Now the company is sharing its medical model expertise with a new On Demand Anatomical Models service.

EDG Uses 3D Printing To Resurrect Old Building Facades Architecture and engineering firm EDG has made waves with its new 3D-printed concrete molds, which can be used to restore old building facades relatively inexpensively.

Rize and Azoth establish 'Additive Indirect Supplies Crib' for custom prototyping Additive manufacturing is a disruptive force in manufacturing and transforming products and the supply chain. Tooling applications comprise many of the key application areas for additive manufacturing in this market.

US Marines Using LulzBot 3D Printers to Successfully Continue Their Mission 3D printing in the military isn't just about fabricating weapons like grenades, missiles, and warheads. The US Marine Corps has embraced the technology with enthusiasm, using it to research and complete a wide variety of projects.

Historic Surgery Uses 3D Printing to Remove Nearly 50 Tumors from Woman's Uterus A diagnosis of one tumor is bad enough - imagine being diagnosed with 50. That's what a patient named Maureen was facing after suffering from abdominal pain for years. Her doctors told her that she had so many fibroids in her uterus that the only option would be to remove it in a hysterectomy.

HP opens new production-grade Guangdong Lanwan 3D printing center in China The new platform - created in partnership with Guangdong Lanwan 3D Printing Collaborative Innovation Platform in Dali - will exclusively use HP's multijet fusion technology for a new digital manufacturing center in China, accelerating the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

HP launches 3D printing center in China The effort, in conjunction with Guangdong 3D Printing Collaborative Innovation Platform, is HP's largest deployment in the region. The Lanwan Intelligence-HP's Multi Jet Fusion Technology Mass Manufacturing Center includes 10 HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing systems and is designed to create prototypes and production parts.

HP opens new production-grade Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing center in China HP has partnered with Guangdong 3D Printing Collaborative Innovation Platform to open a new production-grade 3D printing center in China, the world's largest manufacturing market. The new installations of HP Jet Fusion Printing Systems at the Lanwan Intelligence - HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology Mass Manufacturing Center in Foshan, China​.

3D Systems introduces On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service for 3D printed medical models Additive manufacturing pioneer 3D Systems has introduced its new On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service for medical 3D printing applications. The newly launched service provides medical professionals access to 3D printable and highly detailed anatomical models for improving surgical planning as well as patient education.

What is a Manufactured Home? Prefabricated homes are quite often confused with each other. It's important to draw the line between manufactured homes and other types of prefabricated houses like modular, and in particular, mobile homes. Firstly, manufactured houses are built using steel framework off-site in a factory.

HP Opens New 3D Printing Center in China Featuring Multi Jet Fusion Technology The world's largest manufacturing market is in China, so it would make sense that 3D printing companies would want to set up operations there.

Robo Acquires MyStemKits Educational 3D Printing Platform California-based 3D printer manufacturer Robo 3D has announced the purchase of an educational 3D printing platform, MyStemKits. The company in question owns the biggest online library of STEM curriculums incorporating 3D printable kits for K-12 schools.

3D Systems Looks to Increase 3D Printer Efficiency with Aquant's AI Platform For the last two years, 3D printing industry giant 3D Systems has been looking into product launches in hardware, materials, and workflow, in order to create more opportunities for additional applications. 3D Systems President and CEO Vyomesh Joshi mentioned this strategy again at RAPID + TCT in Texas last month, and highlighted a few examples.

Norsk Titanium's N.Y. facility added to Boeing's qualified producers list NTi's Plattsburgh, New York Development and Qualification Center site was officially added to Boeing's Qualified Producers List on May 1 and initiated qualified production on May 15 by manufacturing its first part under the Boeing contract.

UL and Tooling U-SME officially partner to launch Additive Manufacturing Professional Certification program Following the release of the Additive Manufacturing Safety Certification for powder handling, UL, a global safety science company, and Tooling U-SME, a leading provider of manufacturing training solutions, have finalized an agreement to create a single source for training and professional additive manufacturing certification.

3D Systems Announces On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service 3D printed anatomical models can provide medical professionals enhanced visualization and can also be used for patient education. Obtaining a model requires only a few simple steps:. To further expedite the process, 3D Systems created a seamless connection between its D2P software and the On Demand Anatomical Models website.

Ethereal 3D-printed pergola debuts at Venice Architecture Biennale At the Venice Architecture Biennale, artist Bruno Juričić unveiled Cloud Pergola, a 3D-printed structure made for the Croatian Pavilion. The pergola is comprised of airy columns that rise to the ceiling and support a porous roof.

3D Printing Buildings and Insulation for R&D Tax Credit The construction industry is embracing more technology and the introduction of 3D printing is one current example. 3D buildings are made by what is essentially a massive 3D printer. The printer consists of a robotic base which has 360 degrees of motion and a smaller arm that prints out various building materials.

MIT 3D Printed Magnets Mimic Real Organisms Recent findings from the group of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology show magnetic, 3D printed creatures able to move, crawl, sneak, fold and catching objects, with no "strings" attached. MIT produced the magnets from a brand new kind of soft material, which they infused with magnetic particles.

Global Mini 3D Printer Market: Analysis 2018 by 3D Printing Systems, M3D LLC, LulzBot, Tiertime, Holy Laser The Global Mini 3D Printer Market 2018 report includes Mini 3D Printer Market Overview, Market Competition, Mini 3D Printer industry volume, Price Trends, Mini 3D Printer Growth aspects. A wide range of applications, types, regions and key Vendors are also consist in the report.

How 3D printing is shaping the future of aircraft maintenance, repair & overhaul Can you 3D print an entire airplane? Berlin-based BigRep is looking to answer that question from an interior perspective in partnership with Etihad Airways Engineering, taking a close look at every single part you see in the cabin, to explore where AM could offer a better solution.

Azoth and Rize Partner to Provide the Additive Indirect Supplies Crib One of 3D printing's greatest contributions has been its ability to allow people to create in ways that have never been possible before, from small-scale productions that measure in nanometers to full-scale buildings and monumental sculpture.

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