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Elon Musk Drew Inspiration From Iron Man to Build 3D Printing System The relationship between art and life is one of almost mutual inspiration. Everyday experiences often lead creators to dream up the images and stories that brighten our world while others get their creative spark from the things found in art.

'Sushi Singularity' Restaurant 3D Prints Sushi Based on Saliva, Feces Analysis - Nerdist 'Sushi Singularity' will 3D print sushi for your nutritional profile based on analysis of your bodily fluids.

Rapid Application Group achieves "mission critical" standard for additive manufacturing D provides manufacturing suppliers with a comprehensive quality system for providing safe and reliable products.

EWF launches additive manufacturing qualification system for operators and engineers The European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting has launched an international education, training and qualification system for additive manufacturing personnel. Divided into two levels, one for operators and one for engineers, the system currently provides qualifications relating to the application of DED and PBF.

The USAF's First Certified 3D-Printed Part Is a Toilet Seat Cover Additive manufacturing cuts the requisition time for a toilet seat cover by nearly a year.

UK patient becomes sixth person in the world fitted with 3D printed rib cage implant Surgeons at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK, have fitted a 3D printed sternum implant in a patient to help repair their breastbone. Linda Edwards, a 52-year-old mental health support worker from Fleetwood, Lancashire, suffered from a collapsed breastbone following complications in a previous surgery.

Curtiss' Zeus 8 electric motorcycle combines 3D printing and machining The startup recently worked with the Fast Radius 3D printing department to make about sixty prototype parts of their new motorcycle, the Zeus 8. The motorcycle will also include many components created by subtractive manufacturing, illustrating the complementarity between these two methods.

AIT combines 3D printing and injection molding to make medication easier to swallow Researchers from Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland, are working to make taking multiple medications, otherwise known as polypharmacy, easier with a personalized 3D printed pill.

Prototype house is 3D-printed in just 12 hours The latest notable development comes from S-Squared 3D Printers, which 3D-printed a basic prototype home in an estimated 12 hours.

Advancements SLA 3D printing means more demand and machines for Ogle UK-based Ogle Models and Prototypes has purchased a second RPS Neo 800 machine to help improve turnaround times for larger models and prototypes within tighter timescales.

SmarTech Analysis focuses on metal AM post-processing in series of five new reports In a new series of 5 reports, leading AM market research firm SmarTech Analysis is taking a much closer look at the business opportunities associated with this segment.

Essentium moves to dismiss Jabil lawsuit for HSE 3D printing Texan 3D printer provider Essentium Inc. has filed a motion to dismiss the allegations made against it by worldwide manufacturing giant Jabil.

Ogle Models installs second NEO800 3D printer Ogle says the new machine will allow the company to introduce a second clear material to its stereolithography service while also improving turnaround times for larger models and prototypes.

Arcam EBM Center of Excellence: GE Additive Expands Additive Manufacturing Site by Three Times If you had any questions regarding a potential slow down in 3D printing or additive manufacturing endeavors around the world, industry leaders like GE Additive should put those to rest, evidenced by a momentum that just doesn't quit.

Singapore Researchers 3D Print Beak for Great Hornbill at Jurong Bird Park While the medical field serves humans with a wide variety of new technologies and techniques, much of this is not lost on the veterinary aspect either; after all, animals also need nursing back to good health in many different scenarios.

5 Things You Need To Know About 3D Printing Technology Are you thinking about some unique process and tools to improve your design of a product prototype? The best way to make prototypes and improve product design procedure is 3D printing. It is the best option of product development. Are you interested to know??

Zortrax releases new castable resins and opens up software to all LCD 3D printers The Polish desktop 3D printing company says the new BlueCast Original, BlueCast X5 and BlueCast X10 resins have been optimised for its resin-based system to make jewellery casting applications more precise and speedy. Zortrax says each resin will benefit different types of jewellery-making.

INTERVIEW: Gantri integrates proprietary quad extrusion 3D printer to table lamp production Gantri, a California-based light manufacturer, has unveiled its own 3D printer named Dancer. Using a patent-pending process based on an FDM multi-gantry system, the Dancer is designed for the production of the company's light fittings. It leverages a total of four gantries alongside a rotating circular build plate.

Desk lamp manufacturer Gantri unveils 3D printing system Designer lights manufacturer Gantri has unveiled its own 3D printing system for the manufacturer of consumer products at scale. Gantri Dancer is a patent-pending extrusion 3D printing platform which is powered by a multi-gantry system and supports the company's corn-based PLA materials co-developed with ColorFabb.

Interview with Ralph van den Borst of colorFabb A long long time ago Ralph and I were part of the super fun super crazy, hard-working rollercoaster that was Philips spinout Shapeways. Ralph was great to work with, a no-nonsense guy who got stuff done.

All you need to know about our metal 3D printing service A laser beam sinters the material, layer by layer, according to the shape of your 3D model. Unlike technologies such as Direct Metal Laser Sintering, the powder is fully melted during the 3D printing process, thanks to an inert gas. Selective Laser Melting is a good printing technology for pure materials such as our Aluminium AlSi7Mg0.6.

3D Printing Industry News Sliced: KUKA, AIDRO, Spatial, GEFERTEC, Anisoprint, Polymaker In this edition of the 3D Printing Industry news digest Sliced, metal additive manufacturing enables a disabled pilot to fly again; the functionality of color 3D printing is explored; and automation is used to advance aerospace parts.

4D Printing in China: Shape Memory Polymers and Continuous Carbon Fiber Researchers have been looking further into the benefits of shape memory polymers with the addition of raw materials in the form of continuous carbon fiber.

3D Printed Wireless Biosystems for Monitoring Cerebral Aneurysms in Real Time Continuing to further the progress between 3D printing and electronics within the medical field, authors Robert Herbert, Saswat Mishra, Hyo-Ryoung Lim, Hyoungsuk Yoo, and Woon-Hong Yeo explore a new method for creating stretchable, wireless electronics for monitoring blood flow to monitor and thus prevent cerebral aneurysms.

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