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Everything we know about the $35 million MyPayrollHR payroll fraud This week in accounting and bookkeeping news: Everything we know about the $35 million MyPayrollHR payroll fraud, QuickBooks LIVE to test volume-based price levels, our take on #ThoughtLeader and #Influencer leaderboards, California's political battle over the future of the gig economy, Gusto has one of the coolest offices, and more! Cloud Accounting Podcast
ABP #277 - Governmental Accounting, Part 4 The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Accounting Best Practices
Did Clio raise $250 million to build "Clio Live"? We cover the Xerocon Brisbane announcements. Clio, a niche app for law firms, amazing $250 million dollar raise and their plans to build a QuickBooks Live type service for lawyers and those seeking legal advice. SmartBooks Genie claims AI is hype, while Surf Accounts claims to automate 90% of bookkeeping tasks. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Being your You-est You with Julie Reisler: Ep. 216 The most successful businesses have CEOs who are integral to themselves. Become the you-est you. Julie Reisler explains the steps on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
"Blockchain for Insurance" with Dr. Sean Stein Smith of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance "This application in the insurance field is ABSOLUTELY going to have an impact on…individuals and firms working in accounting and finance." Dr. Stein Smith is a returning guest on this podcast. Go Beyond Disruption
AccountingShowLA: Things you need to know if you want to sell an accounting firm! Blake and David met up with two seasoned mergers and acquisitions experts, Dr. Curtis Cochran, and Shannon Hay, at the Accounting and Finance Show LA to ask them what accounting and bookkeeping firm owners need to know if they want to sell or buy a firm someday. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Sock Puppets: How many fake profiles are you connected to on LinkedIn? In this episode, Blake and David explore the world of fake accounting news and LinkedIn's sock-puppet infestation, and share some ways to scope out the faux connections in your list. Cloud Accounting Podcast
No Accounting for Taste ep48: Should you ever talk politics with clients? The tumultuous times we're experiencing present a particular dilemma for accountants: if they see that a client's business may be affected by Brexit do they advise them accordingly and risk alienating and potentially losing them, or keep their head down and avoid potential confrontation? AccountingWeb UK
"Fixing Miscommunication" with leadership trainer Julie Holunga. "It's so imperative that we are deliberate in how we communicate, that we think about it and NOT just take things at face value." We're all connected but how do we 'get through' to people better? What's the difference between miscommunication, missed communication and mismatched communication? Go Beyond Disruption
Do bookkeepers have more to offer? We're joined by entrepreneur / accounting professional Meghan Blair-Valero for our weekly accounting and bookkeeping news update. There's a lot of ground to cover, including Intuit's latest earnings release, which includes a 33-percent increase in QBO subscribers, and how a new event is addressing the lack of diversity at accounting conferences. Cloud Accounting Podcast
SA Interviews: Passing SBL with prizewinner Sophie Taylor In this episode our special guest is Sophie Taylor, an internal auditor at a financial services company. As a prizewinner from the March 2019 Strategic Business Leader exam, Sophie shares which resources she found most useful and offers tips about how to study for and pass the SBL exam. ACCA Podcasts
Mastering Persuasion with Bushra Azhar: Ep. 214 Get ready for a mind-bending, perhaps somewhat crazy episode on mastering persuasion. There are 8 switches you can trigger at any time to be more persuasive than ever before. Our guest Bushra Azhar explains how on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
"Beyond Maslow: The New Motivations" with speaker, author and motivational expert Sophie Bennett. "How do you actually APPLY what Maslow tells us, that helps us rise towards the top of the pyramid and live more satisfied lives? " What REALLY Motivates Today’s Professionals and Tomorrow’s Leaders? Our guest has been researching leadership and motivation for the last twenty years and has turned this into several books. Go Beyond Disruption
Xerocon San Diego: What the heck is advisory anyway? If you've been to any conferences this year, you know that everyone is talking about how advisory services are the hot new thing that every accounting firm needs to be offering as compliance gets automated. But what does that mean, exactly? The Cloud Accounting Podcast is here to find an answer! Cloud Accounting Podcast
Xerocon San Diego: The Jamies of Hubdoc At Xerocon 2019 in San Diego, Blake and David met up with Jamie McDonald and Jamie Shulman - The Two Jamies - of Hubdoc, which was acquired by Xero last year for $70 million in cash and equity. This year, Jamie McDonald was appointed to the role of Executive GM, Product, Accounting and Global Services at Xero. Cloud Accounting Podcast
No Accounting for Taste ep47: Happy first MTD for VAT submission On this edition of No Accounting for Taste, a full-powered editorial team review the latest Making Tax Digital hijinks following the first submission and we also summon some the confidence to talk networking. AccountingWeb UK
The Fast Forward Mindset with David Schnurman: Ep. 213 If you want to be more fearless and more focused, if you want your business to grow, it’s all about achieving a fast forward mindset. You can get better results faster by shifting your mind. Today’s guest, David Schnurman, explains how on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
"Make Networking Work" with executive coach and author Heather Hollick. "Whatever it is that most people think is networking - this "noisy events" and "what's in it for me?" - was NOT it!" GBD72. What is networking and what makes it work for everyone involved? Jennifer Gardner talks to teacher, coach, consultant and writer Heather Hollick. Go Beyond Disruption
What price ethics? Auditors stand to lose earnings in exchange for integrity Blake and David explore the high cost of integrity in the audit profession, a survey showing that accounting firms are hiring more non-accounting grads, and why it's so hard for AI startups to be straightforward about the human component. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Dear AICPA! I Wrote Your Concession Letter Ben Wann, CMA, MBA, CPA joins our weekly news update to read his "Dear AICPA" letter on the air and discuss the latest accounting happenings, including: notable industry exits by Jennifer Warawa from Sage, Matt Rissell from TSheets, and even our own Blake Oliver from FloQast; HUGE venture capital raises by FreshBooks and ScaleFactor; further... Cloud Accounting Podcast
Vital Metrics for Your Business with Kim Logsdon: Ep. 212 There are certain vital metrics that every business depends on: Your business and your client’s businesses, but you’ve got to make sure you pick the right ones. Kim Logsdon joins us for today’s episode to explore vital signs of a financially fit business. Grow My Accounting Practice
"Staying Relevant As Machines Get Smarter" with Digital Health Futurist Maneesh Juneja. "What are the skills that they need to remain competitive and stay relevant to their customers? And it's not only the soft skills but it's also the digital skills. The other point here is about TRUST." GBD71. Go Beyond Disruption
Xerocon San Diego: LivePlan's Sabrina Parsons, CEO, and Kathy Gregory, Director of Strategic Development Blake and David chat with Sabrina Parsons, CEO of LivePlan, and Kathy Gregory, LivePlan's Director of Strategic Development at Xerocon 2019 in San Diego. They cover a range of issues from advisory and strategic planning to leveraging AI to build a better practice. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Ransomware attacks continue! A dentist made the evening news in Orlando after his QuickBooks file was targeted by hackers. Plus: Blake and David get political, updates on TurboTax and QuickBooks Live, LinkedIn's new features that should help accountants get more clients, a new instant payments platform planned by the Federal Reserve, why accounting firms just aren't that... Cloud Accounting Podcast
No Accounting for Taste ep46: How do you solve a problem like audit? We're good neighbours here on the No Accounting for Taste podcast. So when we heard PKF Francis Clark opened a new Bristol office, we did the neighbourly thing and invited its managing partner Mike Lea into the pod booth to talk all things accountancy. AccountingWeb UK
Introducing Processes to Your Business with Rhamy Alejeal: Ep. 211 Just like the chicken and the egg, what comes first? Profit or People? That’s what you’re about to learn from Rhamy Alejeal: How to introduce process to your business, and have your people and your business be wildly successful, on this episode of The Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
"Unleash Your Peak Performance" with Sarah Elliott of Intend2Lead "Put yourself first. It's not selfish. It's the best thing you can do as a LEADER". GBD70 After our guest's powerful presentation at AICPA ENGAGE 2019 in Las Vegas, we knew we had to share her passion and perspective here on the podcast. Go Beyond Disruption
A confluence of culture and tech: The best approach to cybersecurity In the third and final episode of our 'forward-looking finance leader' podcast series, we take a close look at cybersecurity and the finance function's role in keeping the business safe. What can finance leaders do to insulate themselves, their team and the business at large from the threat of cybercriminals? AccountingWeb UK
Xerocon San Diego: Shawn Kanungo, Disruption Strategist, Founder, and Keynote Speaker Blake sits down with Shawn Kanungo, at Xerocon San Diego 2019 after his keynote, to discuss all things experimentation, disruption, innovation, storytelling, and where the accounting industry is headed, especially if firms can't let go of their nostalgia and embrace cloud! Cloud Accounting Podcast
ABP #275 - Governmental Accounting, Part 2 The basis of accounting and the measurement focus. Accounting Best Practices
Is your QuickBooks secure in the cloud? Four hosting companies ransomwared Blake and David celebrate their 100th episode of The Cloud Accounting Podcast with guest Rachel Fisch by discussing the ongoing iNSYNQ ransomware debacle, the challenges of using AI to perform audits, where to find top accounting talent, how OnDeck aims to become a bank, and even more of the latest news in the accounting and bookkeeping world. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Streamline Your Business and Enhance Your Efficiency with Adrienne Dorison: Ep. 210 On this "best of" episode we talk with Adrienne Dorison. We'll discuss the best ways to streamline your business to increase your efficiency and profitability. If your business' growth has plateaued, you may be stuck in a cycle of solving the wrong problems. Grow My Accounting Practice
SNH19: Mayumi Young, Social Innovator and Founder of CPA MOMS David meets up with Mayumi Young, Founder and CEO of CPA MOMS, at Scaling New Heights 2019 to talk time, technology, and how Society 5.0 will take over where the Information Age left off. Cloud Accounting Podcast
"Ride The Innovation Curve" with Dr. Martin Farrar. To commemorate the centenary of CIMA, Martin researched and authored a revealing book called "Leading The Transformation", covering the 100-year history of the Management Accounting profession, tracing its roots back to the First World War. Go Beyond Disruption
Accounting Excellence Talks - Data: the fuel that drives your accounting firm Data is the bedrock for modern accountancy and the firms that manage data best will prosper in the rapidly evolving digital marketplace. AccountingWeb UK
News Update with Marie Phillips, CPA and Jennie Taber, CPA at the Accounting & Finance Show LA Los Angeles CPAs Marie and Jennie join the podcast at the #AccountingShowLA to discuss the iNSYNQ QuickBooks hosting ransomware attack, how Trump's tax law threatened TurboTax's profits, the sad statistic that only 60% of accounting firms use remote access tools, why the 4-day workweek could be the next big thing, and the problem with timesheets. Cloud Accounting Podcast
No Accounting for Taste ep45: What SMEs want from accountants This week's No Accounting for Taste podcast finds out what SMEs really want from accountants, plus the usual news from the world of accounting including Brexit and the importance of delegation. AccountingWeb UK
Financial Metrics to Measure with Barry Moltz: Ep. 209 When it comes to looking at the financials, many small business owners stick their head in the sand. Let's face it. It can be scary. But what you may be doing is avoiding certain data that could ultimately help you run a better business. Grow My Accounting Practice
"Make Yourself Irreplaceable" with Georgette Rowland of MoneyGym. "Imagine being THAT type of accountant or bookkeeper. How often do you think they would be trying to replace you?…because the relationship is so solid!" GBD68. Go Beyond Disruption
Xerocon San Diego: Ben Richmond, VP of Business Growth at Xero Ben Richmond joins Blake and David to talk advisory, compliance, and innovation in this interview recorded live at Xerocon in San Diego in June 2019. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Navigating the New Landscape of Bookkeeping with Gabrielle Fontaine: Ep. 208 Technology is shifting the direction of the bookkeeping and accounting professions. Gabrielle Fontaine joins us to discuss the disruptive changes that bookkeepers and accountants are experiencing, and the new paths of opportunity those challenges provide, on this episode of The Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
"The Value-Perception Gap: Why Clients Leave and What To Do About It" with author, speaker and disruptor Robert Craven "Too many accounting and financial firms think that their solution is what the customer wants. People don't buy what you do, they buy what you do does for THEM!" GBD67. Go Beyond Disruption