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No Accounting for Taste ep56: Top client challenges for accountants to solve It's fair to say there is only one story that is dominating accountancy offices up and down the country. It is, of course, self assessment season. It is little over a week before the 31 January deadline day and whilst AccountingWEB readers seem as if they are coping gallantly under the pressure, there have been a few hiccups along the way. AccountingWeb UK
Marty McCutchen: Transforming Your Traditional Accounting Practice to a Tax Planning Firm Transforming your accounting firm is doable but not easy. Discover how Marty McCutchen moves from traditional accounting to a tax planning firm. Grow My Accounting Practice
Human Intelligence. Simplifying Complex Problems with Cheryl Mobley of Recalibrate. That mindset that says 'One right answer'? You have to pull back and re-examine your assumptions: there IS more than one right answer. Think your problems are too big to solve? Think again! Go Beyond Disruption
Visa acquires Plaid & Intuit makes ChronoBooks exclusive to QBO Advanced Visa acquires Plaid, Intuit makes ChronoBooks exclusive to QuickBooks Online Advanced, Expensify releases Karma Points, why FASB is the villain, the consequences of California's Consumer Privacy Act, why email is the biggest threat to small business, how even more elaborate frauds are swindling big business, how Walmart is automating its stock... Cloud Accounting Podcast
ABP #283 - Form 1099 Compliance Best practices to consider. Accounting Best Practices
Brad Martineau: Automatic Client Journey and Creating a Happy Client Factory You can put your client's journey on automatic, and both they and you will be grateful that you did. Brad Martineau the Chief Baller at Sixth Division details the process. Grow My Accounting Practice
How Sports Analytics Could Improve Your Business. With Dr. Jason Imbrogno and Dr. David Bergman. The strategies that we employ in daily fantasy sports…are especially useful OUTSIDE of sports analytics". This week's conversation is all about data analytics from an unusual perspective: our guests reveal what the sports betting industry can tell us about getting data, using data, and asking it the right questions. Go Beyond Disruption
It's tax season! In this episode, we talk about how much tax cheaters really cost everyone else, some IRS Free File updates, dealing with 1099s and how tax season might actually be the best time to boost your firm's business. Cloud Accounting Podcast
The best and worst 2020 predictions It's January and you know what that means… Everyone is making predictions! We cover the best and worst predictions for the profession, and make some of our own. Cloud Accounting Podcast
No Accounting for Taste ep55: Why self assessment season isn't that bad The first No Accounting for Taste podcast of 2020 attempts to find the positive from tax return season, along with the usual news from the world of accountancy. Here on the No Accounting for Taste podcast, we don't want to dwell on the negativity of tax return season. AccountingWeb UK
Rhamy Alejeal: Stop Pushing Paper and Start Prioritizing People Have you considered automating your HR process and unifying your employee experience? Rhamy Alejeal shares the HR strategies and systems that lead to People Processes that you can use in your business to minimize internal friction, prevent disasters and humanize business, in one easy place. Grow My Accounting Practice
Digital Assets. What Your Practice Needs to Know. Overconfidence…is a real risk and it's important to consider up front if we have the skill set to be able to audit in this space. Di Krupica, Lead Manager in the Emerging Assurance Technology area talks to Matt Schell and Amy Steele about recommended guidance for accounting for and auditing Digital Assets. Go Beyond Disruption
SA Interviews: Recruitment 101 with Hays' UK Director Karen Young In this episode we talk to the UK director of Hays Accountancy and Finance, Karen Young, about the advantages of working with a recruitment agency, the key things to focus on when looking for a job, how to tailor your CV and prepare for interviews, and what makes candidates stand out from the crowd. ACCA Podcasts
How California's new privacy and contractor laws could affect you We dive deep into two laws that took effect January 1: 1) California's Consumer Privacy Act and 2) AB-5, which reclassifies many independent contractors as employees. Even if you aren't based in California, these laws could affect you or your firm, especially if you do business or employ California residents. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Jon Tegeler: Best Compliance Practices When Hiring Contractors & Vendors A lot goes into making sure you and your clients are compliant with the IRS and other government agencies. Jon Tegeler shares the best compliance practices when hiring contractors and vendors, on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
Reflecting on a Decade of Cloud Accounting We look back from the end of 2019 all the way to 2009 - a decade in which technology changed our lives and the accounting profession. Listen for what worked, as well as the tech predictions from the 2010s that aged badly. QR codes, anyone? Cloud Accounting Podcast
Chris Burns: Protecting Your Practice from Cybercrimes If you think just because you have a smaller practice, you're safer than others from cybercrimes, think again. As a matter of fact, small and midsize businesses are often easy targets for cyber-criminals. Grow My Accounting Practice
ABP #282 - Key Performance Indicators Why they should not be reported by accounting. Accounting Best Practices
Happy Holidays! A Short Festive 'Thank You'. Thank you for doing one of the most important jobs in the world. A special, short festive episode of the Go Beyond Disruption podcast, the final show for this year. To mark the end of 2019, AICPA and CIMA's video team made a short "Thank You" video for members worldwide. Go Beyond Disruption
Should you buy stock? In this episode, we cover a lot of accounting ground, including some reasons for and against investing in now that it's public on the New York Stock Exchange. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Geni Whitehouse: Better Data Backup Solutions What if you started your day only to discover all your work was lost? Sadly, it happens. Geni Whitehouse shares the importance of data backups and how simple it is to implement for you and your clients, on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
Remote CFOs. Becoming a virtual leader with Robin Thieme of KBS CFO. There's a lot of…how we manage people that needs to change, as well as what our workforce expects. Robin Thieme is CEO and Founder of KBS CFO and known by her online handle as the "futurereadycpa". Go Beyond Disruption
CPA licensure evolves at an evolutionary pace Blake is back from the AICPA's Digital CPA Conference with news about the new proposed CPA licensure model announced at the conference. Meanwhile, David's got an update on QuickBooks Live. Cloud Accounting Podcast
No Accounting for Taste ep54: The implications of the election for accountants Recorded on the day of the Conservative Party's landslide general election victory, the AccountingWEB team spend the final No Accounting for Taste of 2019 discussing what the result will mean for accountants and their clients. AccountingWeb UK
The Coaches Live at QuickBooks Connect What better place than QuickBooks Connect 2019 to bring together three accounting coaching phenoms? Cloud Accounting Podcast
The Legends Live at QuickBooks Connect At QuickBooks Connect 2019, we got the chance to bring together three legends of the QuickBooks world. Michelle Long, owner of Long for Success, LLC, Clayton Oates, Founder of QA Business, and Laura Redmond, CEO of Redmond Accounting joined us for a riveting review of, now, six years of QuickBooks Connect. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Value pricing panel becomes value pricing consultation Live at QuickBooks Connect At QuickBooks Connect 2019, we originally planned a discussion with three thought leaders on the topic of value pricing, including Rhondalynn Korolak, author of the recently released, "Pricing Value." However, life happens, and two panelists had to bow out. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Ken Bostrom: The Language of Color Accounting What if accounting wasn't about numbers but about colors? That's right! Ken Bostrom shares a whole new way to teach and explain accounting using colors. Your clients are about to understand accounting in whole new way… and perhaps you will too, on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
Next Level Women Leaders Live at QuickBooks Connect Three of the four women behind Next Level Women Leaders take a seat at our table during this year's QuickBooks Connect. Co-founders Laura Tully, Nancy Buffington, and Stacy Ennis, along with Abbey Louie created a training / coaching/motivating platform to help bridge gaps and teach women how to find their power. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Creativity Is Your Business Innovation Engine. With Natalie Nixon of Figure 8 Thinking. "I define creativity as the ability to toggle between wonder and rigour - and ultimately to create novel value." In this Human Intelligence-focused episode, Natalie Nixon, Creativity Strategist and President of Figure 8 Thinking, LLC, talks about Design-Thinking, Strategy and Change-Management. Go Beyond Disruption
We interview a real-life QuickBooks Live bookkeeper Live at QuickBooks Connect Claudell was nowhere to be found at QuickBooks Connect 2019, but we discovered a real-life QuickBooks Live bookkeeper - Pam Bingham EA, founder of PB Tax and Accounting Services! Cloud Accounting Podcast
The year ahead for accounting & why remote work works We made the Accounting Today Top 100 Most Influential list! Also, we talk about some of the key takeaways from the Accounting Today annual firm survey, how Sage is attempting to capitalize on QuickBooks Live, Xero's pricing changes, and bundling of Hubdoc. Cloud Accounting Podcast
What's new for QBOA and ProAdvisors Live at QuickBooks Connect We spoke with Ariege Misherghi, Intuit's Global Accountant Segment Leader, at QuickBooks Connect 2019 about what's happening with QBOA, and ProAdvisors, including new features, like the Optimization Center, Bookkeeping Review, and Performance Overview. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Latest on QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping Live at QuickBooks Connect During our visit to QuickBooks Connect 2019, we got the chance to sit down with Ted Callahan, Director of QuickBooks Live Offering for Intuit and talk about the latest goings on with QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping, including new feature developments, major challenges, what it takes to BE a QuickBooks Live bookkeeper, as well as projections for the... Cloud Accounting Podcast
The Canadians! Live at QuickBooks Connect At QuickBooks Connect 2019, we got the chance to connect with our northern neighbors, Intuit's Scott Zandbergen, and Cheryl Monmohan, and CA Brad Celmainis, to get the latest news on QuickBooks in Canada. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Boost client collaboration during tax season As we move into tax season, the second part of this podcast series on client collaboration examines how accountants can work more efficiently with their clients in the run-up to the 31 January deadline. AccountingWeb UK
HIPAA, privacy, and accountants Live at Sage Intacct Advantage Our great time at Sage Intacct Advantage 2019 continues, as we take some time to talk with Mariana Antcheva, VP Legal for Sage Intacct. We dive into all things HIPAA, privacy, security, compliance, and some of the newest regulations that may impact accountants and bookkeepers dealing with sensitive client information. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Why ethics and culture matter Live at Sage Intacct Advantage While at Sage Intacct Advantage 2019, we had the privilege of speaking with Kelly Richmond Pope, Ph.D, CPA about the importance of ethics and culture in accounting, and how she uses her passions for film, fraud, and learning to disrupt the world of accounting education. Cloud Accounting Podcast
David Leary: Creating Efficiencies with Data Capturing What if the data entry you need to do, was done for you… automatically? David Leary shares strategies on how tools like AutoEntry do the work for you, allowing you to focus on the high level, high profit work on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
ABP #281 - A Real Case of Fraud How to recover from fraud. Accounting Best Practices
Modernising Your CPA Practice. Globally-Relevant Best Practices From Inside the US Accounting Profession. Menges presents this special compilation of interviews from's new "Modernising Your Practice" audio and content series. There's plenty of international relevance in this in-depth collection of best practices from the US accounting profession. Go Beyond Disruption
Is the billable hour making a comeback? Blake and David dig into the news over Thanksgiving weekend, including how Gusto and Zenefits have abruptly ended key integrations, what accounting firms can learn from Amazon's strategy, and how to know when fixed fee pricing isn't working. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Let's talk subscription revenue models Live at Sage Intacct Advantage During Sage Intacct Advantage 2019, we took some time to speak with David Appel, Head of Software and Saas Vertical at Sage Intacct about how maximizing value creation for clients takes precedence over billable hours, or recurring revenue. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Career path: CPA CFO CEO Live at Sage Intacct Advantage At Sage Intacct Advantage 2019, we had the privilege of speaking with Laura Wiler, Vice President, Finance and Business Operations at Sage Intacct, about her career trajectory, how she landed at Sage Intacct, the difference between accounting and finance, and her passion for mentoring. Cloud Accounting Podcast
Family offices: How the ultra-wealthy manage their money Live at Sage Intacct Advantage How do the ultra-ultra-ultra-ULTRA-wealthy manage all that money? Some utilize what is known as a family office. Cloud Accounting Podcast
No Accounting for Taste ep53: How accounting can change the world Grab your cape because on this week's show we debate how, or if, accountants can truly save the world. Joining host Richard Hattersley to debate how the profession can bring about change are tax titan Rebecca Cave, the site's very own head of insight John Stokdyk, and AccountingWEB's editor Tom Herbert. AccountingWeb UK
John Ruhlin: Building Client Relationships Through Gifts John Ruhlin is the author of Giftology, a system that generates referrals without the need to ask. John walks us through the simple steps in the process so that you too can land opportunity after opportunity, on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Grow My Accounting Practice
"RPA. Beyond The Bot" with Neeti Shukla of Automation Anywhere "Now we've enabled literally every human… to automate any process… to allow them and their company to thrive even more than before". Automation Anywhere co-founder Neeti Shukla talks to AICPA and CIMA's Kyle Hannan about the state of RPA today. Go Beyond Disruption
Is bookkeeping a $10 billion market opportunity? Intuit thinks so All the news that's fit to account for, including: files for $100M IPO; Sage releases their full year 2019 results; Intuit releases Q1 earnings; Bench partners with Taxfyle for monthly, fixed-fee books-to-tax service; BlueVine raises $102.5M; LeaseQuery raises $40M Series A; why chrome extensions might be your biggest security threat as... Cloud Accounting Podcast
Eliminating the financial close with AI Live at Sage Intacct Advantage "AI changes everything" - that was one of the themes of the Sage Intacct Advantage conference this fall. To discuss what that means for the Intacct product, we're joined by Aaron Harris, CTO of Sage, Brendan Woods, founder and CEO of AutoEntry, and Dan Miller, VP of Product for Sage Intacct. Cloud Accounting Podcast