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Huddersfan • Jul 17, 2017

Hi there, friendly Hudders fan from t'other side of hills here!! Very much looking forward to our first premier league season!!

I have a query regarding how getting away tickets work for you guys, i see Bournemouth as a similar sized club to us so reckon this is a good place to ask, we recently released priority for away tickets and it has been controversial to say the least!! The club hasn't ever kept a record of who has traveled to games before, i guess because its never really been needed! We now have over 20,000 season ticket holders so need to divide them up somehow.

The way its been done means those who have only had a season ticket for a few years have got priority over people who have had theirs for 10+ years- simply because they had joined some redundant £20 scheme at the start of last season

Long story short- what i'm asking is did you guys have any similar problems with away day priority when you were first promoted?

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