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Nick Elmes • Jul 30, 2017

Hi ,
I'm an old Cherries fan (1960-1970) and am currently going through some of my old programs.
I thought the first floodlit game at Dean Court was 3-0 but have since seen the score as 3-2.
I know it was on the 27th September 1961 against Northampton. Can anyone help?

I also have a Man U program, 9th March 1957. This was a week after Bournemouth had lost 2-1 in the cup.
The program Cover has Tommy Godwin going down for the penalty, while the inside has Matt Busby given
credit to the Bournemouth team.

Appreciate any feedback,

Nick from Mobile , Alabama.

Malcolm Shore • Aug 21, 2017

Hi Nick,
Try this www.youtube.com/... and this www.youtube.com/...
I was at both games. UTCIAD

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