The unthinkable !!!!

Conversation started by Crown Jules

Crown Jules • Mar 31, 2016

Sad to say I am a gooner, however my old man and me used to alternate between dean court and Highbury as he lived in kings park road when he move down. not feeling the love for Arsenal much theses days and even the fa cup victories couldn't get me inspired. So basically torn as the cherries still get the hairs up on me back, should I do the unthinkable and swap my support ?

Fruitbat • Apr 25, 2016

Yes. Arsenal aren't short of supporters, they probably won't miss you, but Bournemouth will make you feel welcome! If the Cherries are making the hairs on your neck stand up then it's the right decision. Do it.

Carl Loveridge • Apr 6, 2018

Exactly, I'm a former boring baggie . I wasn't confident in myself. Saw AFCB 3 to 4 years ago. I heard the story and I knew I had afcb in my heart and I just found them . Now I'm very confident. This is because afcb is an ambitious club . I made them my life this I'd why I'm ambitious and confident

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