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National Council of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse - NCADA - St. Louis, Missouri One of the NCADA's major goals is to teach young people skills needed to resist the pressures to use alcohol and drugs. They offer curricula for every grade from K-12 in nearly 300 schools in the region. Additionally, they offer youth leadership programs and a wide range of non-school-based prevention services.

Ocsober! - A hangover free life Little slow out of the traps on this one what with me being on holiday for the first week of the month :O But it's never too late! Ocsober is a national fundraising initiative by Life Education to reduce drug and alcohol related harm in young people.

Thought for the day - 10/15/2018 We can choose to piss and moan our lives away, or wecan resolve to do what it takes to make them better. It's your choice! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 1,872 other followers.

The Dangers Of Day Drinking Are Starting To Get Very Real The dangers of day drinking get very real when you read to your children with an alcoholic beverage in hand. I was dropping off to sleep very early and getting up feeling very lethargic. Although I worked out constantly, I still put on a couple of extra pounds.

Why Are More Young Brits Waking Up To The Dangers Of Alcohol Young men and women more worried about the effect has on their mental wellness. The dangers of alcohol are now a very real concern.

I'm Not Ashamed to Be Mentally Ill It would be okay to discuss physical illness, and a smidge of depression would be okay to mention, but anything further would be weird. That stuff might scare people off. Even the way I talk about the two conditions is different. I say I "have" aplastic anemia.

Diabetics up to 10 times more likely to die from alcoholism, study warns Diabetes sufferers are significantly more likely to die by suicide or from alcohol related issues because of the toll on their mental health caused by managing the condition, a study has found.

NICHOLAS MERCER: Alcoholism never lets go The several poker chip-sized medallions in his possession serve as reminders. Kept in a box, they are physical manifestations of the addiction that has gripped his life since he was a teenager. They are starts and stops. Grasping and letting go.

Medication Assisted Treatment Models in UK Not wanting to depress anyone by sharing this image which pushes the early abstinence time frame out to 4-7 years! However this presentation is a brilliant view of treatment models where I've come from as a learning opportunity for health care professionals working in the substance misuse field here in Australia.

Charlottesville company working to get closer to a cure for alcoholism Charlottesville-based Adial Pharmaceuticals, a spin-off company from the University, is developing a drug to treat alcoholism in subjects with certain genetic makeups. Founded in 2011 at the University by Bankole Johnson, William Stilley and Joseph Truluck, Adial plans to begin Phase 3 of clinical trial testing for their drug as of Fall 2018.

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight? A UK Woman Knows The Answer! Self-confessed party lover, 23, who would down 10 pints of cider on an evening out quits drinking and drops 70lbs - going down from a size 16 to a size 6. A woman who would think nothing of drinking ten pints of cider on nights out with her friends has revealed how a charity challenge sparked her weight-loss journey.

How Rich Would You Be If You Quit Drinking? If you're like the majority of working men and women in The United States, you like to unwind at the local pub. And, the economic climate is absolutely demonstrating that the pattern is holding solid. In 2013, the AMERICAN pub, lounge, and club market took in over $23.5 billion dollars in profits.

Priyanka to slip into depression and alcoholism in Ishqbaaz Priyanka to slip into depression and alcoholism in Ishqbaaz -

Stepping Out! "You can choose COURAGE or you can choose COMFORT, but you cannot choose BOTH!" - Brené Brown. This is one of my least favorite quotes by Brené, probably because it's the one I most need to hear. And if you've ever been without comfort for a long period of time, you want to grab on to it with both hands - it might just get away from you.

Tackling addiction and alcoholism in Bolton A new service across Salford, Bolton and Trafford has been set up to help those with dependencies ­ - Achieve Recovery Service, run by the the Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust. Achieve has a £40 million budget for the first five years and serves a population of 760,000 people.

Thought for the day - 10/9/2018 The secret to happiness in recovery isn’t a problem-free life; it’s the feeling of competency that comes from dealing with our problems as they come along — dealing with li…

Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Addiction The uncontrollable and obsessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs leading to a dependency is known as alcoholism or substance abuse. Alcoholism and substance abuse are chronic diseases with detrimental mental and physical consequences to the man or woman who may be suffering.

How I Quit Drinking & Why It Saved My Life If I wished to survive, I needed to do a genuinely difficult thing that I really did not want to do. This is how I quit drinking, or at least the start of it. At first, I told myself I would quit drinking for one hundred days, and reassess afterward. One of my few sober buddies took me to an AA meeting, that wasn't really my thing.

Feeling Disconnected from Sobriety I have been feeling…disconnected from my sobriety lately. It's becoming more and more difficult for me to connect the current events of my life to being sober. It's true, much of what I have now wouldn't be in my life were I not sober. I probably wouldn't be dating my boyfriend.

What is America Doing About Alcoholism? Society continues to congratulate itself over the slow but steady eradication of tobacco use while simultaneously confronting a new addiction threat in the form of the ongoing opioid epidemic. Yet all the while, we seem to spend less and less time focused on fixing an equally dangerous addiction problem in this country: alcoholism.

Ryan Lochte Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism People reports Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte will be seeking treatment for a years-long "alcohol addiction." The Entertainment magazine reports Lochte's agent said, "Ryan is getting the help he needs." This after people reports police were called to an incident early Thursday at his California hotel.

Ben Affleck Shared A Touching Message After Completing Rehab Ben Affleck opened up on social media to share that he recently completed a 40-day stay in rehab for alcoholism. The Academy Award-winner posted about his time in rehab on Instagram, thanking his friends, family and fans for their continual support.

TV's Richard and Judy reveal all on sex, alcoholism rumours and more The pair have been married for 32 years after meeting four years earlier when Richard joined Granada TV. At the time both were married - Judy to journalist David Henshaw and Richard to his first wife Lynda. Judy, now 70, told the Mirror : "I remember the first time I saw him.

Before and After: Breakfast Behold: the Breakfast of Champions! A million small things change when you stop drinking, even for a short period of time. Those small changes add up to seismic changes in your life. Here's a typical morning for me, before and after:. Breakfast after drinking: McDonald's take-out on the way to work to settle stomach.

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