About Us

We create communities around the topics you love.

What is The Topical Talk Project?

The Topical Talk Project is an attempt to create good old-fashioned communities based around shared interests such as hobbies, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, health and careers.

Our platform provides a central hub where visitors can communicate with like-minded people and discover unique and engaging content from around the web.

The voice of the community

Our users are free to participate in our communities at a level they feel most comfortable with. People are allowed to use aliases and nicknames and nobody is forced or coerced in to revealing their real name.

Each community is moderated by it's own members - who's individual level of influence within the community is determined by their engagement and contribution to it. This makes each community unique and allows us to avoid imposing heavy-handed rules about who or what can be posted.

Helping communities discover great content

There's so much great content out there that doesn't reach the audience it deserves. Our platform attempts to address this by bringing together the best hand-picked sources of news, blogs, video and audio content from around the web and presenting it in a way that makes it easy for our users to find and discuss really great content they might not otherwise have discovered.

We support independent content creators

We make a concerted effort to find as much unique content as possible created by fans and enthusiasts of the topics our communities are built around. By hand-picking and reviewing the best independent bloggers, podcasters and video creators we are making the process of finding entertaining and engaging content much easier for our users.

We strongly believe the borders of our communities extend way beyond our own websites, so we help original content creators to build an audience for their work by linking our users directly to the original content.

We support high quality journalism and traditional media

In these times of fake news and click-bait articles, high-quality, professional journalism is as important today as it ever has been and we want to support it and help our users find it. Our platform scours the internet to find the content that gives our community access to the broadest range of perspectives on all the latest news and events our communities care about.

Just as with the independent content creators, we link our users directly to the original source content to help build an audience for media outlets that work so hard to provide it.

Our commitment to privacy

It's important to us all. Sadly, our small organisation cannot change the way the web works, but on our platform at least, nobody is forced to agree to unfair terms or trade away their privacy for access.

We don't spam our users or steal the contents of their address books to invite registrations. It goes without saying, we NEVER share our user's information with any outside organisations unless explicitly required to do so by law and as much as possible we're happy to show the middle finger to any organisation that expects us to do so!