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Delhigooner • Aug 8, 2016

Listen to Episode 1 by The Arsenal India Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

The first episode of The Arsenal India Podcast is here.

Gunners Chat • Aug 11, 2016

@delhigooner I enjoyed listening to your podcast and have added it to our podcasts section. Your co-host did a good job and i'm sure his confidence will improve over time, the Wayne Rooney story also made me smile.

Keep up the good work and don't forget to mention us in your next episode :)

Bossdog108 • Aug 12, 2016

Thanks. I appreciate the response and feedback

Arsenal New Zealand • Aug 14, 2016

Yea cheers gunners chat for sharing. Yea Nah this podcast was one of best and I listen a lot. Was very smooth and clear n organised and yep nice sub stories, co host on the Ozil level of assistance so yea, Nah really good!!

Delhigooner • Sep 1, 2016

@gunnerschat The Artwork has changed for the podcast but your site is showing the old image. Is it automatically refreshed from Soundcloud, if so I'll contact them. If not can you amend. Thanks
Ps I gave you a big plug in episode 2!

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