Why getting the best from Aaron Ramsey could decide Arsenal's Premier League title hopes

Conversation started by jim carnegie

jim carnegie • Nov 21, 2016

We have only seen the 'best' of Aaron Ramsey fleetingly for about half a season when he went on a one off scoring spree. Other than that. he has been a huge disappointment. He is ponderous and demands the ball far too often, only to then play a series of short, unhelpful passes backwards or sideways. When he does try to be progressive with his forward passes, he generally turns the ball over and then seeks out someone to blame other than himself. He hinders our counter-attack options and often tries to be over-elaborate and invariably ends up looking clumsy and cumbersome. For me, he is hugely over-rated and cannot understand why he seems to be considered to be an automatic starter.

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