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Review: Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition 2019 Review of the ROI Annual Exhibition 2019 of oil paintings - at the Mall Galleries until 1pm on Sunday 8 December 2019.

Mariel Herring on Chuta Kimura Well imagine if de Kooning and Matisse painted a landscape together, and maybe Bonnard was their professor / mentor? That's ya boi Kimura. Of course that's a gross reduction of his painterly style, but you get the idea.

My Dog Sighs Launches Interactive Digital Spraycan at SamsungKX in London "At heart I'm a street artist" says My Dog Sighs. It's no suprise really. The artist has been creating art on the streets for years. He is inspired by them. Not only that he's pioneered the free art friday movement which involves leaving art in the street for people to find.

Sense II "The painting has futurist and cubist features: the prismatic breakdown of space and light, which in part refers to the rain and lights, and the use of words and numbers to help establish the two dimensionality of the picture plane, as in the largest 5.

5 Recommended Pfeil Tools for linocut by Artist Colin Blanchard Colin Blanchard is an experienced linocut print artist and blogger of his process. In this specially commissioned article Colin explains why he believes you only need 5 Pfeil tools in your box. Invaluable advice for anyone looking to get kitted out for linocut printmaking.

Revolver Upstairs Presents: 1UP x Martha Cooper Revolver Upstairs Presents Seasons of Change 34: Summer - featuring Martha Cooper and 1UP Crew. NYC documentary photographer Martha Cooper joins Berlin graffiti collective 1UP Crew for a night of artwork, movie screenings and DJ's. Featuring an exhibition of all-new canvases and artworks, as well as signed books and shirts.

Call for Entries: Landscape Artist of the Year 2020 About the Call for Entries for Landscape Artist of the Year 2020. Explanation of terms - plus commentary.

Top 25 Art Instruction Books of 2019 At Jackson's we have over 500 useful and inspiring books for artists to help you get the most out of your painting time and materials.

Cryptic Kisses and Other Tangible Tensions Cryptic Kisses and Other Tangible Tensions Lock Born Kissing Stones Void in Echo Site of a Scene: in RED Site…

Kudos by Cusk and Two Important Reads I finished the third book in the trilogy I have been writing about here by Rachel Cusk. In the final book Kudos there are two passages about female artists that struck a nerve.

Sense I "This is about inventing an image that had not been in the world. I don't want it to look like I painted an object. But as I work I get to the point where images make sense to me, and maybe you might recognize something in them. The problem is I can't explain for you what that something may be.

Elizabeth Dellert: Jackson's Painting Prize 2020 Expert Judge Interview If you put your passion into your art, and it means something to you, don't be afraid, it will strike a chord with someone else as well. Let your light shine. Clare: What were your exhibitions highlights in 2019 and what are you looking forward to, art-wise, in the new year?

Two Coats of Paint Resident Artists: Peter Dudek and Monika Sosnowski Together their work embodies a profoundly complementary juxtaposition of rootedness and yearning. "Peter Dudek and Monika Sosnowski," Two Coats of Paint, 55 Washington Street #454, Brooklyn, NY. Thursday, December 5, 2019, 6-9 pm.

A Doorway Moment We find hints of ourselves when we feel moved by the art of others. This was painted from a smaller oil I made on location in the large painting room of Edward Hopper's Truro, MA studio. I've been so fortunate over the years to have been given unprecedented access to Hopper's Truro studio.

Why I'm not reviewing the ROI and RMS Exhibitions - yet! About the 2019 annual exhibitions of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers.

Los Carpinteros: When citizens outlive their heroes Is "Cuba Va!" a rallying cry for a new revolution or a wry jab at the failures of the last one? Perhaps it is both. In these different works, Los Carpinteros presents an image of Cuba that defies a one-dimensional reading. Theirs is not a Cuba seen through a haze of pre-revolution nostalgia, nor is it a socialist paradise.

Interview with Poet and Artist Cosima Bellamacina Cosima Bellamacina is a London based artist and poet who draws people and their struggles with mental health. Growing up in North-West London she studied the History of Art at The University of London and has previously illustrated a series of five children's books 'The Scooter Five'.

Edward Allington: Things Unsaid Maybe it's true that sculpture is 'making poetry with solid objects', as Edward Allington said in 1997. But it can also be something more like a trick or a puzzle, using form and object to work through a logical problem.

Brask Art Blog Bjorn and Gundorph Gallery.

Alter3 I start with these observations in order to place in proper context the current conditions of production, dissemination, and reception of contemporary art.

Christopher Nunn - Borderland: Stories from Donbas Currently housed within the gallery space of Impressions Gallery, Bradford, the visitor finds a rare reflection of life in the Donbas region of the Ukraine. This is the region that borders Russia and which is the only active war zone in Europe.

Terry Greene: Jackson's Painting Prize 2020 Expert Judge Interview Clare: What will you be looking for in the entries submitted to the competition this year? Terry: Paintings are about the shared human experience and I would like to see something of that come across - encompassing the good, the bad and even the ugly.

Alun Williams: Lest we forget Alun Williams seems to say "pick one, and let it intersect with yours for a moment." It could turn out that unexpected epiphanies will result from attempting to imagine the life of a single expired other, or we might come to understand ourselves as an assemblage of unacknowledged others and their disappearing effects.

Alter2 "The Altermodern, as coined by Bourriaud, assumes the end of post-modernism. He argues that though post-modernism has  an inherent value, it is no longer necessarily relevant in today's world.

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