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Softly singing "Songs for Sabotage" Contributed by Sharon Butler / "Songs for Sabotage," the 2018 iteration of the New Museum Triennial, curated by Gary Carrion-Murayari and Francesca Altamura of the New Museum, and Alex Gartenfeld of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami, features elegantly installed, dimly-lit work by an international group of artists.

Remi Rough the abstract artist painting murals in London This piece can be seen just outside the entrance to East Dulwich station and the mural actually combines Remi Rough's piece with work from another artist called 'System' who re-imagined Rembrandt's 'Girl at a Window'. The project was all captured in a book called 'Street Art, Fine Art' for which we actually wrote one of the introductions.

Keltie Farris Kelite Ferris I O 2018 oil and acrylic on canvas 96" x 77"

Sam Francis on painting Painting is about the beauty of space and the power of containment.’ ~ Sam Francis.

Conroy / Sanderson: Here I Am Here I Am marks 20 years of collaboration between Neil Conroy and Lesley Sanderson. The show is diverse in terms of media - photography, video and sculpture are all represented - but tightly bound through the motifs of structure and the human form. Human figures are prominent and the figure of two is repeated even when they are not.

Graffiti art from Dotmasters draws attention to the eviction of the homeless at Sofia House Graffiti has appeared on the side of a disused office block in west london. Not entirely surprising in itself, but this graffiti carried a message. Drawing attention to the fact that just a day before it appeared up to 200 rough sleepers who were using the building as a respite from the cold were kicked back out onto the street.

Challenging Allegories, an Interview with Iva Troj, Artist and Storyteller Alongside this, however, lay her acute perception of the reality existent beneath external structures.' 'The underlying stories, especially the conflicts, are much more interesting to me than mere portraiture. I want to know what's going on, which is why I have always been interested in research.

Shoreditch Street Art Mural by Italian artists Hunto And Mister Thoms While taking a stroll around Shoreditch the other weekend we ran into Italian street artist Hunto and Mister Thoms aka Diego Della Posta, at work on a new collaborative mural.

Fritz Bultman on painting It is as a human document, not as a stylistic development, that art has a reason for existence.’ ~. Fritz Bultman.

Queerology: What Have You Done For Me Lately? Queerology is a Leeds-based, artist-led project that was first instigated in 2017 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England. What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Invitations: Upcoming events and discussions I hope you can join me somewhere along the way. Truro Center for the Arts Fundraising AuctionOn Thursday, March 29, I'm participating in a fundraising auction for The Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, a vibrant community arts organization on the east end of Cape Cod.

ART ONE80 at Anderson Contemporary ART ONE80 at Anderson Contemporary. Thursday - April 26 - 6:30-9:30 - 180 Maiden Lane. ​ART ONE80 is a culmination of Anderson Contemporary's mission to showcase an inventive and eclectic group of visionary artists, generating conversation that encourages engagement in their stories, techniques and mediums.

Images: NADA Art Fair, 2018 Contributed by Sharon Butler / I just read a piece by Rachel Corbett in artnet News about Mitchell Algus, a dealer who manages a small second-floor space on the corner of Delancy and Norfolk on the Lower East Side.

Roberto Gil de Montes and Ann Chamberlin Two painting shows at Lora Schlesinger Gallery register as pensive pictorial journals of events both experienced and imagined. Including still lifes, figures, landscapes, and combinations thereof, the easel-sized scenes in Roberto Gil de Montes' show titled "Moments" range from mundane to momentous.

Video of Comics and Poetry Panel A video recording of the Comics and Poetry panel from the 2017 Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, moderated by Hillary Chute, is up on YouTube. Comment.

Advice from Artist Studios & Galleries The third post of the series is up! For this article, we contacted artist studios and galleries to get a different perspective on advice for emerging artists. Read on to hear thoughts from Print London, JOPP Judge Jacqui McIntosh from the Drawing Room Gallery, Second Floor Studios and East London Printmakers.

J.T. Kirkland on painting I thought about all of the paintings in the world executed on wood panels, and I wondered if artists were improving upon their material by covering it up.’ ~ J.T. Kirkland.

Jim DeFrance Doyle Arts Pavilion has organized a long-overdue posthumous retrospective for Los Angeles artist Jim DeFrance. Grouped largely by artistic series, the exhibition encompasses nearly six decades of his career.

New Work for Volta Above are images of work that was shown at Volta a few weeks ago. I'm very happy with the work. It was a pretty anxious time making sure I had paintings I wanted to show, coming off the September show with Nancy Margolis. I'm not sure the fair was the right fit for my work, its such a quick glance way of looking.

Advice from Portrait Artists: Part 2 The second post of the series is up! For this article, we asked the incredibly talented, professional portrait artists Raoof Haghighi, Charlie Schaffer and Amy Judd what advice they would give to emerging artists. To view our other posts in this series, please visit our main blog post 'Advice for Emerging Artists'.

Anthony McCall: Solid Light Works Anthony McCall's first major UK retrospective at The Hepworth Wakefield includes three 'solid light' installations works from 1971 to the present day. Entering Gallery 7 the visitor is plunged into an unnerving blanket of blackness. It is almost as though you have been forced to shut your eyes, only to open them in the same thick darkness.

Susan Connolly on painting It is a very exciting time to be thinking about painting, with all the rhetoric of ‘death’ within the medium proving sheer nonsense again and again.’ ~ Susan Connolly.

Calarts Redcat Gala Let's begin with how gorgeous Saturday was. It's like the past week of nightly rain was the hair-washing that Los Angeles needed. A perfect backdrop for an evening out on the town with my friend Hebah, who was here for work and needed some pleasure to balance it out.

Pictures & Blather: Pandemonium by Dmitry Samarov Whatever happened during the week that I can remember. Occasional pleas for money. A new one every Monday. Paintings shouldn't have names. Words shape how people look at pictures, telling them how to think and feel about what they're seeing, sometimes making them doubt their own eyes.

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