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Secret Art Prize is back at the Curious Duke Gallery - Apply Soon!!! The popular 'Secret Art Prize' is back at the Curious Duke Gallery. Renowned for pushing forward the careers of many an artist. It's a competition which specializes in giving a platform to new and emerging artists. Masterminded by Eleni Duke, she is one of the country's youngest female gallerists.

Art and Film: Robert Frank's will to believe Yet when he was 80, as Gerald Fox trailed him for Fox's 2005 documentary Leaving Home, Coming Home: A Portrait of Robert Frank, which recently screened at the Film Forum after he had belatedly approved its theatrical release, Frank seemed an artist whose age and experience only made him a more formidable personality.

Centenary: Mira Schendel Over the course of two days, they discussed Schendel's courage during World War II, the challenges she faced during a difficult childhood, and the travails of immigrating to Brazil - experiences that informed her independent and solitary artistic path.

'Resilience is Futile' Publication Launch Corridor8 and Yorkshire and Humber Visual Arts Network will be launching their first collaborative publication at The Art House Wakefield on Thursday the 1st of August, 6-8pm. In a series of contributions, Kerry Harker, Thomas Hopkin, Sarah Smizz and writer-in-residence Alice Bradshaw interrogate the commonplace.

Not Obliged to Make Extensive and Bizarre Claims "No, painting fell a victim to criticism, if nothing else, because it was not rewardingly troublesome-it lacked the "downward mobility" essential to the game rules of modernism. Benefits tend to be given to those workers who can successfully identify themselves, at any one moment, as the top underdogs or most calculated pariahs.

Rosso Emerald Crimson: Method for the Mood Interview with portrait Artist, Rosso Emerald Crimson, who won the Jackson's Open Painting Prize 2019 Portrait / Figure category award.

Steve Chapman Conversation with an Outsider Artist We are talking about outsider art. Meeting in the midst of Soho at the House of St Barnabas no less. It's a concept that my interviewee Steve Chapman certainly associates himself with. That idea of circumventing traditional routes. Of making your own path.

At the Crossroads of Built and Breaking At the Crossroads of Built and Breaking "The Life You Save Might Be Your Own" "The Habit of Being" "Everything That Rises M…

Bixby Bridge, Highway 1 and Big Little Lies About my sketch of the Bixby Bridge featured in the opening credits of Big Little Lies.

Sips at the Real "The reliance on secondary sources sets these images at one remove, an impression that is heightened by the graceful formal properties of Tuymans' distinctive style.

Invitations to a Particular Philosophic View What makes these paintings different is the degree of their direct sexuality. They refer without any ambiguity at all to the experience of making love to this woman. They describe sensations and, above all, the sensation of sexual comfort.

My Dog Sighs and Curtis Hylton create Giant Eyes Mural for Upfest Summer Editions The first mural of the Upfest Summer Edition series saw Southsea's My Dog Sighs combine forces with the popular Curtis Hylton. Their creation, a collaboration on the side of the Rising Sun Pub, utilised the skills of both. My Dog Sighs in particular is known for his paintings of eyes.

Interview: Emma Soucek on curiosity and loss Contributed by Linnéa Borgo / On a hot Brooklyn afternoon, Emma Soucek and I met at Safe Gallery to discuss her two-person show with the late Maddy Parrasch. The three of us had been students at Rhode Island School of Design before Maddy died in a car accident shortly after she had completed her thesis in December 2018.

Name of Their Creator "Even insiders who should really know better cannot help discovering artistic merit in the work of commercially successful artists. This willingness to "elevate the stock market value of the modern artist to a sign of quality," as sociologist Pierre-Michel Menger has aptly put it, is now quite widespread even in the specialist press.

Portrait Artist of the Year comes to Channel 4 Overview of Portrait Artist of the Year Series 5 + my reviews highlighting learning points and what the judges did and did not like.

Why Are Jackson's Synthetic Brush Fibres Special? - Jackson's Art Blog In this post, I take a closer look at the different characteristics of the brush fibres and how they complement a range of painting approaches. Our synthetic brushes are all made using one type of fibre that is treated or manipulated differently. Each type of treatment results in different surface textures.

Lucy Lucy - Hypnagogia HYPNAGOGIA - opening night June 21st I show open until June 30th. Performance by Karen Bravo during the opening at Versus Gallery I 1 Vere St, Richmond, VIC. 3121. Australia. When we fall asleep, where do we travel? Can we go there entirely conscious?

115. Robin Greenwood writes on "Past and Future Abstract" In the late 1870's Paul Gauguin made direct contact with Paul Cézanne, possibly through the intercession of Pissarro, who seems to have had his fingers on the pulse of a number of important painters of the time.

RIP Charles Reid About the extraordinary and incomparable watercolour painter and art instructor Charles Reid who died on 1st June 2019.

Status in the Art Market "… in an art world so fixated on market success - and that increasingly mistakes the high price a work fetches for artistic significance - reminding people of the difference between the market's demands and the intrinsic criteria of art may now be a strategic necessity.

Review: New English Art Club Annual Exhibition 2019 Review of the annual exhibition 2019 - with images - of the New England Art Club at the Mall Galleries until 22nd June 2019.

Production Expressionism "Painting is just a really good vehicle for me, to move what's in me outward. I love this format of a flat object, which I can put part of myself into. I can take certain things out, while putting something else in, moving things around, and whatever.

Art and Books: Joanne Mattera remembers Joanne Mattera’s new memoir vividly demonstrates how artists’ preoccupations in the studio are rooted in lived experience.

Giant Greta Thunberg Mural Appears in Bristol A giant mural featuring the climate activist Greta Thunberg has appeared in Bristol. On the side of the Tobacco Factory in Bedminster, it has been painted by local street artist Jody. The wall is a popular one. A prime location which features prominently in the popular Upfest street art festival.

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