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Jonny Negron Aftermath of Puerto Rico flooding looms large in the backgrounds of Jonny Negron's psychically charged scenes. Indoors and outdoors, water is everywhere.

Empty Vessels In this latest incarnation of the nomadic Scaffold Gallery, nine artists responded to a paradoxical brief challenging them to create works void of any subject, content or meaning. Their responses varied in subject, content and meaning.

Matt Connors on painting I’ve come to appreciate, more and more, the ephemeral aspects of my work because what I’m doing is a lot of paring down and figuring out what I can do without.’ ~ Matt Connors and nbs…

Swimming Against the Tide: an interview with Tim Etchells He currently has two public commissions on view: 'With/Against', a neon piece commissioned by the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art as part of the Great Exhibition of the North, and 'Everything is Lost' a stainless steel piece presented by VITRINE at Frieze Sculpture 2018.

Choosing a Silk Screen Paper by Legion Paper What are your alternatives? Stonehenge 22×30 is a good paper for smaller prints. Arches and Rives are more expensive but have a very soft texture that is beautiful. We've also used Yupo to recreate art that was originally painted on matte mylar. The Arches Cover black is great as a more traditional choice for black paper.

Vibrant Matter The practice of selling art presumes severability. To sell a work from the white walls of a studio or gallery promises a degree of independence: this piece will appeal in another room, at another time. In this way a gallery is an anti-ecology. Its elements do not depend on one another-indeed, they are anxious to be separated.

Jason Stopa: Inside and out The lively installation, on view through the end of the month, sets up a playful dialogue between inside and outside and a dichotomy between representation and abstraction.

One Question with Paul Segedin, Editor of "Leopold Segedin: A Habit of Art" Neoteric Art: This question is in regards to the new book you have edited, Leopald Segedin - A Habit of Art, which covers the seventy-five year career of your father, the artist Leopald Segedin. It must have been a taunting task to produce this book-how long did you work on it?

Raoul Middleman on Paul Cezanne There is almost a metaphysical postponement of finish throughout these portraits, a hesitation as if waiting for an informant of the future to complete them. Only a lifetime on the edge, riddled with doubt and uncertainty, coupled with an allegiance to the problematics of Art, could explain this anomalous lack of resolution.

Shoreditch Street Art by London Artists Aida Wilde, Donk and Zombiesqueegee We are surprised the group have not formed a collective or some sorts as this photographic collection below is not the first time we have featured the trio on the site and considering how well their work sits together we are sure it won't be the last we see from these three.

Andrew Graves on painting I try to make works that contain within them the precariousness of their making.’ ~ Andrew Graves.

Contemporary Murals of Audubon Birds Contemporary Murals of Audubon Birds. Ever wonder about the artists who created the Audubon bird murals on security gates and apartment buildings in Washington Heights? With this two hour tour learn all about the Audubon Murals. Who are the artists? Where are they from?

Bootyful Dreamers Mencken's invented proper word for "strip-tease artist," 1940, from Greek ekdysis "a stripping or casting off" The nerve. The verve. The ghastly giggles and writhing wiggles. The Players Guild Theatre production of The Full Monty is a sizzling, sassy foray into the ecdysiastic fantastic.

Chris Alton and Liam Geary Baulch: The Ballad of The White Ship Enlivening a historical tale for increasingly distracted viewers, practitioners Chris Alton and Liam Geary Baulch unite for the first time, curating an immersive display at serf, Leeds, which questions how a famous, mournful ballad resonates with socio-political events, past and present.

Yui Yaegashi Yui Yaegashiuses titles sparingly, one painting’s title is simply ↑↓↑— the sequence and directions of the brush strokes she used to make it. She titles other works with the size of the brush used t…

A Beginner's Guide to Urban Sketching Phil Dean is an urban sketcher who captures the architecture in London with marker pen, fineliner pen and watercolour wash. He calls himself the Shoreditch Sketcher, referring to the East London area where he lives and works. His Instagram profile is very popular with many fans of his skilful line drawings.

Time Pieces a Solo Exhibition by Eric Burns Time Pieces a Solo Exhibition by Eric Burns. Time PiecesEric Burns: Solo Exhibition Openning Reception August 14 5:30-7:00 On View August 10-September 28. Cornelia St Cafe 29 Cornelia St NY, NY. The work shown here is the result of an ongoing exploration in the representation and structuring of the passage of time.

"Erotic Allure, Candyland of Color!!" Marko Stout Exhibition Caelum Gallery. "Erotic Allure, Candyland of Color!!" Marko Stout Exhibition Caelum Gallery. New York City icon Marko Stout is renowned for his cutting-edge, aspirational industrial pop style that's accessible and cool - a signature aesthetic that combines the downtown New York City DNA with a modern, rock-chic edge!

The Synanthrope Preserve: The Washing Bear The Synanthrope Preserve: The Washing Bear. 'The Synanthrope Preserve: The Washing Bear' invites visitors to discover the urban wildlife of Central Park. A 35-minute audio experience takes listeners on a winding tour to discover and observe both natural and manmade features that are often overlooked or invisible during the day.

Call For Artists: Alchemic Cities - CALL FOR ARTISTS: ALCHEMIC CITIES - FIRE.AIR.WATER.EARTH: International Video Art Limousines Festival New York City Deadline: September 15, 2018.

Secret Art Prize 2018 Announces Winners The 4th annual Secret Art Prize announced it's winners at an awards ceremony at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. Managed by the Curious Duke Gallery and this time hosted by our good selves here at Inspiring City. The prize has become a key event in the London art calendar.

TEXTING: Julia Schwartz at LA Visitor Welcome Center Mary Addison Hackett recently caught up with Julia Schwartz on the occasion of Schwartz's show, "tenderly cradled and lavishly flung" at Los Angeles Visitor Welcome Center, a gallery on W. 7th Street in LA.

Adventures in Ekphrasis: a Report, a Consideration Gill Crawshaw's curatorial project, performed on 19 July at Leeds Art Gallery, explored experimental approaches to audio-description for blind and visually impaired audiences. Crawshaw commissioned six writers-art-writers, artist-writers, poets, fiction writers, essayists-to choose and respond to works in the gallery's collection.

Visiting Utica's Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute Two weeks ago I visited the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, NY, which in addition to having the most tongue - twisting name of any American art museum has a powerhouse of a permanent collection. Way back in 1967 I saw my first paintings by Thomas Cole, the great grandfather of American landscape painting.

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