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Jack Vettriano “The Picnic Party”Jamie Lee Mitchell

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Recent Shows of Note I admit I have become a bit of a difficult, curmudgeonly visitor recently. Many shows that have been recommended to me I have found lacking in some way. I think its probably largely my attitude right now, I'm finding everything too happy for such a depressed climate or too depressing, dragging down an already depressed climate.

Review: 73rd Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists Overview - with lots of pics - of the 73rd annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Galleries.

Brilliantly Inky Comics and Illustrations by Antoine Cossé Antonine Cossé creates his elegant illustrations and comics with a variety of lines, moving from bold, imposing strikes of black ink to more delicate touches. Whether Antoine is working on a commissioned piece, developing a new narrative for his personal work or drafting a new print, the foundation remains in his strong pen and ink drawings.

It has to look good. "I was a bit afraid I would become a specialist for photo painting, so I made abstract and I discovered the pleasure, the fun, it was good. The one step to abstract painting was great, it was great painting it].

108. Robin Greenwood writes on Anni Albers at Tate Modern: A Short Speculation on Greatness in Perspective The story of Anni Albers' career is now well told and there are currently plenty of opportunities to read about her development at the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College and beyond.

Art and Film: Catherine Weldon and Sitting Bull Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Trump's reactionary public policy, which has institutionalized contempt for the advances in social justice forged in the United States over the past 150 years, has produced pervasive discontent. Anger about his racism, misogyny, and homophobia is manifesting itself through art in different ways.

Sophie Taeuber-Arp on painting The intrinsic decorative urge should not be eradicated. It is one of humankind’s deep-rooted, primordial urges.’ ~ Sophie Taeuber-Arp.

Sticker Inspired Pop Portraits and Illustrations by Fionna Fernandes Fionna Fernandes fully embraces wild colours, unabating patterns, and the glorious potency of kitsch 90s sticker albums to create her wondrously vibrant illustrations. By bringing in influences from children's stationary products and pop culture, Fionna creates work that is wilfully light-hearted and joyous.

FACTION Art Projects announces first solo show in New York with British painter Lisa Wright FACTION Art Projects announces first solo show in New York with British painter Lisa Wright. In The Eyes of Each - Lisa Wright FACTION Art Projects @ Gallery 8 New York 2602 Frederick Douglass Blvd. Harlem, New York City. Friday November 2 - Sunday November 25, 2018 Opening Reception: Thursday November 1, 2018.

Where to find Street Art and Graffiti in Sheffield Sheffield is a city with a strong tradition in street art and graffiti. It boasts some of the countries most popular urban artists. The likes of Phlegm, Kid Acne, Milak and Faunagraphic all come from the city and indeed can be found all over its walls.

Art for Advent Art for Advent is an opportunity for artists to experiment across practice and disciplines, artists involved will be challenged with creating an artwork a day during the 24 day advent period.

Performative Lecture with Jewelry Artist Robert Baines Performative Lecture with Jewelry Artist Robert Baines. Join contemporary jewelry artist Robert Baines for a humorous performative lecture and a Q&A on the occasion of the exhibition "Fake News and True Love: Fourteen Stories by Robert Baines".

Artists Co-op 2018 Once a membership based program, JCAL's Artist Co-Op has been reborn as the center's annual exhibition featuring emerging and mid-career artists from around the borough of Queens and NYC. The goal of the exhibition seeks to reflect the diversity, talent, and quality of work in the Visual Arts of Queens.

Anni Albers on painting Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.’ ~ Anni Albers.

Jackson Pollock on painting I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own.’ ~ Jackson Pollock.

Louise Lockhart's Printed Products and Cut-Out Characters Louise Lockhart founded The Printed Peanut as a platform to house the beautiful products she applies her illustrations to, and creates all manner of printed and crafted goodness there. Louise has developed a wonderful mixture of cutout and printing techniques with which she is able to create her unique aesthetic.

Screen Printing with Jackson's Studio Acrylic Paint Liz Whiteman Smith is a full-time printmaker based in London, best known for her colourful screenprints of London buildings, Alice in Wonderland characters, patterned boobies, quirky dinosaurs and her elegant little cacti. She shows her original prints at Espacio Gallery, Bankside Gallery, Southbank Printmakers Gallery and the Affordable Art Fair.

In the head "Oehlen offers an insight into why digital pictorial mediums can be exciting-and certainly are triumphant in global visual culture-but still fail to sustain intellectual interest or to nourish the soul. They are all in the head.

Adam L Hedley on painting Representing a dialogue between intuition and chance, my paintings offer both a route towards a personal narrative, and something yet unknown.’ ~ Adam L Hedley.

Art at Kings Oaks 2018 I have three paintings in a massive and innovative project called Art at Kings Oaks in Newtown, PA. For the 7th year painter and curator Alex Cohen and co-curator Clara Weishahn have brought together work of artists from all over to this farm setting, installing the work in a 19th century stone barn and chapel.

An Authentic Reflection of Life As soon as the exhibition opened at DENK gallery last Saturday, the space circulated with a plethora of gallerygoers who attended to see the work of Renée Lotenero and Soo Kim-luckily we were amongst the crowd.

Bold and Decorative Paintings and Fashion Illustrations by Bijou Karman In acrylic and digital paintings, Bijou Karman surrounds her figures in intense pairings of pattern and detail, and grand blocks of colour. There's a strength in the expressions of the ladies staring out of Bijou's illustrations that balances perfectly with the contrasting of delicately brushed lines and elaborate forms.

To the Wall… "In 1989 I rented the former showroom of "Magic Carpet" on Houston Street as a studio. There was wall-to-wall carpet covering the entire floor of the loft space. John Currin and the Landers brothers were upstairs.

Review of Frieze 2018 Even visiting the main part of Frieze can be quite overwhelming with many of the 159 galleries curating spaces that show several artist works. This year there were several dedicated to the work of one artist functioning as exhibition in themselves.

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