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X Marks the Spot Commentaries and critiques on the visual and performing arts in the greater Canton, Ohio area "Art must make you laugh a little and make you a little afraid.

Pictures & Blather: Against Travel by Dmitry Samarov Whatever happened during the week that I can remember. Occasional pleas for money. A new one every Monday. A couple Mondays ago I got on the Blue Line to O'Hare and took a night flight to Florence. My parents have found a place in the hills above that city which they've returned to enough times that my father has taken to calling it their dacha.

Sinead Aldridge I believe strongly that art practice can make a strong impression on society and potentially can lead to significant change.’ Sinead Aldridge.

Food to the Dogs When I met Riikka Enne, who with Sophia Moffa is one of the two founders of mobile artist studio Tape Modern, I was late, having missed the preview due to other commitments.

Alice Tippit on painting Closer examination reveals a surface that is not so much flat as it is filled in with visible brush marks and slight variations in color.’ ~ Alice Tippit.

Curator Ceci Moss on 'Take Care' at Gas Gallery If a 1993 Chevrolet P30 step van found on Craigslist is not at the top of your gallery rounds list, think again. Gas Gallery, a mobile art space founded by curator Ceci Moss, has set up shop outside Night Gallery, The Pit, and most recently, BBQLA.

Koen Delaere at Galerie Richard I've been to Koen Delaere's exhibition at RH Contemporary, where I first got physically introduced to his painting. Then it was at Mike Weiss a couple years back. Now he's at Galerie Richard and i'm already looking forward to seeing his next exhibition at the gallery.

Mark Jenkins 'BRD SHT' exhibition at the Lazinc Gallery in Mayfair American sculptural artist Mark Jenkins exhibition of slightly dark humanoid sculptures at the Lazinc Gallery in London's Mayfair has come hot on the heels of an altogether more public showing of works on the top of the old ITV building on the Southbank.

Ben Eine ‘Peace is Possible’ mural in Shoreditch The phrase "Peace is Possible" is a message communicated by Prem Rawat, who has spent five decades speaking to hundreds of millions people worldwide about the subject of peace. The poignant words sprayed across the wall are a reminder to both us Londoners and visitors of the need to peacefully coexist in the capital.

Helen Shaddock: Themselves Here Together The installation at The Word, South Shields is a repeating sequence of projected images and accompanying soundtrack, a montage of voices speaking, whispering or singing disjointed words and phrases.

Jeffrey Collins - Special Event Exhibition NYC So during my last trip to NYC, I was in the process of making some new work in Peter Reginato's studio. He's been very kind to me in letting me work some in his place. I didn't get too far that trip with my work but I did get the basic structure done for what was eventually to become HIVE #1.

The National Festival of Making 2018 In contrast to West's subtle contribution was the overt physicality of 'In Practice' by David Murphy. Murphy worked alongside welding apprentices from Lancashire-based steel manufacturers, the WEC Group, to create seven 'saplings' of cut, folded and welded shapes resembling human-sized botanical forms, displayed at PRISM Contemporary.

Jason Karolak on painting Meaning arrives over time and filters into the work.’ ~ Jason Karolak.

Comparing Two Top Sable Watercolour Brushes We have been asked this question a few times recently. "Is the Winsor and Newton Series 7 sable watercolour brush worth the high price and how does the Da Vinci Series 10 sable compare?" We thought we'd ask a skilled watercolour painter to compare the two watercolour brushes and give us an expert answer to this question.

A Tribute to Female and LGBTQ Silent Filmmakers Last Saturday I attended "Silent Salute: Women Directors of Silent Film" at Small Green Door in East LA; the event was a tribute to female and LGBTQ directors of silent film, both historical and contemporary. The space is a creative studio by day and gallery by night.

103. Emyr Williams writes on Space in Painting In my earlier article on Space in Painting and Sculpture, I wrote about a studio reflection on what I was trying to get out of colour, and I proposed that the space that can be achieved in a painting is related to the size of the work, but is not in any way compromised by it.

David Henry Hwang's "Soft Power" Soft Power is a very timely musical about the uses and misuses of power, a profoundly ambitious satire in which noted playwright David Henry Hwang tries to explain the dismal results of the 2016 elections. Hwang is no shrinking violet when it comes to tough subjects-as witness his landmark play about race, racism and self-delusion, M.

Art and Film: The beautifully unlovely Nancy But she has reason to yearn for a brighter and more interesting life: her days are spent desultorily applying for lousy day jobs and caring for her disdainful, Parkinson's-afflicted mother, portrayed by the ubiquitous and singularly sinister Ann Dowd, also a key player in Hereditary.

Megan Donnelly on painting For me, it is a way of exploring what I am thinking about and what I remember.’ ~ Megan Donnelly.

Pippa Garner There is irony in donning a mass-produced item that ostensibly projects one's individuality via a saucy slogan coined by somebody else. Pippa Garner uses her art like a knife to cut straight to the revelatory heart of such prosaic absurdities.

The House as a Subject of Portraiture, an Essay Exploring the Recent Painting of Emily Rapport by Vicki Schneider Seventies kitchen in avocado or harvest gold? It can be transformed. In a series of four paintings, Rapport takes on the rehab of a house on Wolcott. Again, like in many of Hopper's houses, there is a dizzying richness in detail that invites the viewer to look closely and patiently.

Robert Priseman: The Long Durée" series @ Yantai Art Gallery "The Long Durée" series will go on display for the first time in June 2018 at Yantai Art Gallery, Shandong Province, China. It will subsequently travel to Tai'an Art Museum, Tai'an and Suochengli Library, Shandong Province, China.

Brandi Twilley on Lynette Yiadom-Boakye 4am Friday, 2015, Oil on canvas, 78 3/4 x 51 1/8 inches, Courtesy of the artist; Corv-Mora, London; and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.

Dennis Hollingsworth: Trading Studio Visits: Loren Munk Loren has created an online persona by the stage name James Kalm whose production is over 11 years in the making and over 140 videos of the New York art scene deep. There is no one like him.

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