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Provably exact artificial intelligence for nuclear and particle physicsAn MIT-led team shows how incorporating the symmetries of physics theories into machine learning and artificial intelligence architectures can provide much faster algorithms for theoretical physics.

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Will Authors Go Extinct?Ooh, thats quite the title, isnt it? This question has been on my mind for a few days.

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Facebook wants to make AI better by asking people to break itThe new kind of test pits machine-learning models against humans who do their best to fool them.

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AI Developers Adjust to ‘New Normal'The pandemic has shifted the focus of disrupted enterprise AI and machine learning projects from financial analysis and consumer insight to cost cutting and customer engagement, according to a vendor survey that also forecasts increased AI spending.

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AI Creating Art: Could AI also take over the creativity industry?Can we create paintings using the techniques of old artists via machine learning? With Neural Style Transfer between images, it certainly is possible.

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How close is AI to decoding our emotions?Emotion AI is becoming a big business. We talked to leading researchers about how good the tech actually is.

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Commentary: How AI and machine learning improve supply chain visibility, shipping insuranceThe views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of FreightWaves or its affiliates.

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James Gosling: Java, JVM, Emacs, and the Early Days of ComputingPlease check out our sponsors to get a discount and to support this podcast - Public Goods: and use code LEX - BetterHelp - ExpressVPN: LINKS James Twitter: Wiki: INFO Podcast website: Podcasts: : : episodes playlist: playlist: - Introduction 4:45 - Irrational numbers 8:04 - Math and programming 10:36 - Coding style 14:41 - First computer 23:54...

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PM Narendra Modi to inaugurate AI summit 'RAISE 2020' on October 5Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on October 5 inaugurate a virtual summit on artificial intelligence 'RAISE 2020', which is being jointly organised by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the NITI Aayog, according to an official statement on Thursday.

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Consumer A.I. apps had to be reprogrammedConsumer behavior changed under COVID-19, making A.I. algorithms in need of updates.

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World Summit AI goes digital but will return to Amsterdam in 2021World Summit AI is one well-known event that pivoted online at the last moment. Here's how the team behind it pulled it off.

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Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Construction PlannedA University of Illinois team has received grants and support from the National Science Foundation and the Discovery Partners Institute to plan the establishment of the National Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Construction.

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ArtworkArtwork is defined as the original physical materials, including photos, graphic images, text and other components needed to produce a printed piece.

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Provably exact artificial intelligence for nuclear and particle physicsAn MIT-led team shows how incorporating the symmetries of physics theories into machine learning and artificial intelligence architectures can provide much faster algorithms for theoretical physics.

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How creative artificial intelligence and fashion meetCreative artificial intelligence is showcasing how unlikely skillsets can collaborate and thrive to give brands a more varied and accessible experience.

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Robust Autonomous Navigation Based on Artificial Intelligence Approaches PhDThis is an excellent fully-funded PhD opportunity in the area of autonomy, navigation, and artificial intelligence, aiming to pave a way to wider implementation of autonomous systems, such as drones or self-driving cars into our everyday life.

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Don't call it AIWhy companies shouldn't exclude a trigger-driven relational database or rule engine from software R&D claims.

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Most Swiss distrust Big Tech when it comes to artificial intelligenceThree-quarters of Swiss people say they do not trust the GAFAM to act in the interests of society.

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Computer Vision in Artificial Intelligence Market Outlook and Global Insights 2020 to 2026Global Computer Vision in Artificial Intelligence market research Report explores the present outlook in global, and key regions from the angle of Major Players, Countries, Product Types, and end industries.

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Rebooting the post-pandemic enterprise with AI automationRespondents to Deloitte's latest biennial survey of global cost management practices and transformation trends found that most expect stage one to last about three months, stage two to take about six months and stage three to last about 10 months.

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6 Growth-Bound Artificial Intelligence Stocks to BuyInvestors are keen to understand the confluence of artificial intelligence stocks and driverless vehicles. Although the technology has been under development for over a decade, it is now becoming a more prominent feature in society. Shared .

United Nations World Food Programme: Free Rice: Help Alleviate The Hunger!I just raised 26000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme.

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Artificial Intelligence best-practices in agriculture can help bridge digital divide while tackling food insecurity24 September 2020, Rome - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations , IBM and Microsoft, at an event organized today with the Pontifical Academy for Life, relaunched a commitment towards developing forms of Artificial Intelligence that are inclusive and promote sustainable ways to achieve food and nutrition security.

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Virtual Event: Artificial Intelligence, Food for All. Dialogue and ExperiencesFollowing the successful Rome Call for Artificial Intelligence. Ethics on 28 February 2020, the Pontifical Academy for Life, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations , IBM and Microsoft agreed to organize an online event on 24 September, 2020 with the signatories of the Rome Call for AI Ethics.

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Harnessing Big Data And Artificial Intelligence To Predict Pandemic SpreadTexas A&M civil engineering researchers are using a deep learning model to forecast the growth of COVID-19 cases.

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Nurturing Big Data with the Power of Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence It is challenging as it involves a lot of mechanisms merely to differentiate Big data.

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Qualtrics Announces Delighted AI, a Machine Learning Engine to Automate Every Step of the Customer Feedback ProcessQualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management category, announced Delighted AI, artificial intelligence, and machine learning engine built directly into Delighted's customer experience platform.

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Artificial intelligence joint warfighting intelligence gatheringThe JAIC also is working on a cognitive assistant tool to drive faster decision-making through AI-enabled predictive analytics.

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This is how AI could feed the world's hungry while sustaining the planetWhile the risks posed by AI dominate the headlines, behind the scenes there is a quiet revolution underway as AI systems are used to tackle the greatest challenges facing humanity, from climate change and COVID-19, to world hunger.

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AI used to define the cytokine storm implicated in fatal COVID-19A new study published on the preprint server bioRxiv* in September 2020 reports the use of artificial intelligence to identify an invariant or universal host immune response found in all viral pandemics so far. Shared .

TVST_January, 2020In January, 2020, the research paper of B&VIIT AI was published in TVST under the subject of 'Explainable Machine Learning Approach as a Tool to Understand Factors Used to Select the Refractive Surgery Technique on the Expert Level.' Abstract Purpose: Recently, laser refractive surgery options, including laser epithelial keratomileusis, laser in...

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What it Means to be "AI Ready"Today's guest is the great and brilliant Matthew Mattina, Director of Machine Learning Research at ARM.

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Nature Digital Medicine_June, 2019In June, 2019, the research paper of B&VIIT AI R&D was published in the npj Digital Medicine under the name of Nature Medicine for the first time in the ophthalmology field in Korea.

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Why artificial intelligence projects failTo date, artificial intelligence projects have been as much about showcasing that its mere presence demonstrates innovation and a digital transformation.


Salesforce and Monash Data support ANZ Women in AI AwardsIn the age of AI, its timely to recognise women who have conributed to championing the technology.

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It's complicated. A deep dive into the Viz/Medicare AI reimbursement model.CMS will reimburse an AI stroke detection model through Medicare / Medicaid. It is so darn complicated that it deserves a much deeper look.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Ready For Prime Time, But Needs Full Executive SupportEBay CTO points out foundational AI capabilities are quickly becoming table stakes. However, AI is emerging and aspiring to have broader applications when it is leveraged to augment human tasks.

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Brunei AI hackathon shows potential for building a 4IR-ready workforceThe hackathon engaged AI industry insiders to mentor young Brunei students and nurture their AI ideas from concept to presentation.

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Gradient: Controversial photo editing app slammed for AI-enabled 'blackface' featurePhoto editing app Gradient is under fire for a new feature that lets people alter their ethnicity in images, with many slamming it for promoting digital "blackface."

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Global Artificial Intelligence Products Market Production Capacity and Consumption Analysis by Regions and Country WiseSep 24, 2020 - Opportunity Assessment For Artificial Intelligence Products Market Value Statistics and Facts: The report contains...

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Two Danish startups fight false news with artificial intelligenceTwo Danish, an artificial intelligence applied research startup with a pioneering, explainable machine learning technology, and Byrd, a leading breaking news and content platform that connects news outlets with photographers and false news using artificial intelligence.

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How To Dress For The Pandemic, Stitch Fix AI Reports Surprising Fashion TrendsStitch Fix which reported a $44.5 million Q4 loss on September 22 is doubling down on its algorithms to capture $30 billion of retail market share they expect to move online over the next 12 to 18 months.

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Artificial intelligence may predict osteoarthritis years before it developsResearchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering have created a machine-learning algorithm that can detect subtle signs of osteoarthritis - too abstract to register in the eye of a trained radiologist - on an MRI scan taken years before symptoms even begin.

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Safety Takes the BackseatUber’s self driving division has been in the receiving end of a lot of negative press in the past few years.

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Singapore looks to artificial intelligence to boost tourismLocal start-ups like Vouch and Travelstop are betting on their AI-powered systems to help the country navigate new security standards, as Singapore prepares to reopen its borders again after months of coronavirus travel restriction.

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Black In AI 2020 call for papersSubmissions are due on October 2. If you're not familiar with the Black In AI conference, its primary goal is to promote and sustain the development of Black and African researchers in the data science, machine learning, and AI communities.

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Artificial intelligence to spot coded antisemitism onlineArtificial intelligence will be harnessed to detect hidden antisemitism on social media in a project involving King's College London and a German foundation.

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions Market Regional Analysis, Growth Drivers and Competitive VendorsSep 24, 2020 - MarketResearch. Biz has posted a newly modern statistical statistics, titled as Artificial Intelligence Solutions Market.

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How Is Artificial Intelligence Already Being Used in Our Society?EconoTimes is a fast growing non-partisan source of news and intelligence on global economy and financial markets, providing timely, relevant, and critical insights for market professionals and those who want to make informed investment decisions.

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Qualtrics Announces Delighted AI, a Machine Learning Engine to Automate Every Step of the Customer Feedback ProcessQualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management category, today announced Delighted AI, an artificial...

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A.I. algorithms had to change when COVID-19 changed consumer behaviorArtificial intelligence algorithms had to be adjusted after the pandemic changed consumer behavior.

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Daily AI Roundup: The 5 Coolest Things On Earth TodayAI Daily Roundup starts today! We are covering the top updates from around the world.

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Thwarting adversarial AI with context awarenessResearchers studying how hackers target machine-vision systems with adversarial artificial intelligence are building deep neural networks that can recognize when an object is out of its regular context.

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Conversational AI in the times of CovidGuest Column: Niraj Ruparel, Head of Mobile and Emerging Tech at GroupM India, makes a compelling case for Conversational Experiences to help brands reduce dependencies on manual processes.

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News: Learn Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Today for Only $29The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Certification Bundle teaches you the algorithms and statistical models that make machine learning and artificial intelligence possible.

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Using artificial intelligence to connect vehicles and traffic infrastructureA multi-disciplinary group of researchers is awarded $1.89 million from DOE to create a new model for traffic intersections that reduces energy consumption utilizing artificial intelligence that links vehicles and infrastructure.

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IoT-enhanced processors increase performance, AI, security, Access Evolution"By 2023, up to 70% of all enterprises will process data at the edge.1 11th Gen Intel Core processors, Intel Atom x6000E series, and Intel Pentium and Celeron N and J series processors represent our most significant step forward yet in enhancements for IoT, bringing features that address our customers' current needs, while setting the foundation...

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AI Silicon Startup Graphcore Launches Channel Partner ProgramAI compute platform vendor Graphcore has launched its first formal global channel partner program to promote and boost the sales of its AI processors and blade computing products.

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The geographic bias in medical AI toolsJust a few decades ago, scientists didn't think much about diversity when studying new medications. Shared .

Uncertainty reigns for insurers as industry adopts AI standardsAs the insurance industry increasingly relies on artificial intelligence, its state-based regulators are thinking about how to ensure that the technology treats policyholders fairly.

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Cover DesignI decided to take the day off from editing The Next Stage today and do some work on the cover.

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The Human Shopper and the Artificial Intelligence AssistantAccording to the book, The Genome, by Matt Ridley the human body consists of 400 trillion cells.

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Curly the curling robot throws stones like a proRobots have shown themselves to excel at any number of sports and activities, though they do best when they have a single task.

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MIT undergraduates pursue research opportunities through the pandemicEven in ordinary times, scientific process is stressful, with its demand for open-ended exploration and persistence in the face of failure.

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Watch a Robot AI Beat World-Class Curling CompetitorsA robot named Curly that uses "deep reinforcement learning"-making improvements as it corrects its own errors-came out on top in three of four games against top-ranked human opponents from South Korean teams that included a women's team and a reserve squad for the national wheelchair team.

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Griffith ranks world #17 in Artificial IntelligenceGriffith University's reputation in artificial intelligence continues to grow - ranking world number 17 in the latest AI Research Index and the best in Queensland.

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Singapore hopes artificial intelligence will help boost its tourism industryLocal start-ups like Vouch and Travelstop are betting on their AI-powered systems to help the country navigate new security standards, as Singapore prepares to reopen its borders again after months of coronavirus travel restriction.

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Snyk Acquires DeepCode to Apply AI to DevSecOpsSnyk today announced it has agreed to acquire DeepCode as part of an effort to apply artificial intelligence to DevSecOps. Shared .

MIT undergraduates pursue research opportunities through the pandemicMIT undergraduates worked on a range of research projects this summer aimed at developing artificial intelligence applications and understanding human intelligence.

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AI Commission Wants to Know How Government Can Help Industry Boost Commercial InnovationThe National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence invited small - and medium-sized AI-focused firms to share their thoughts on how the government should work with industry to fortify commercial innovation of the now widely-used, evolving technology.Â. Shared .

AI Thought Leaders choose books that influenced themA few days ago Richard Foster-Fletcher 🌎 asked 15 AI leaders and influencers to choose a recent book that impacted them the most.

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Enmotus Launches First-Ever Artificial Intelligent Enabled SSDFuzeDrive, The World's Smartest SSD Delivers Performance, Capacity and a new "Gold Level" Endurance RatingEnmotus, the leader in AI powered storage technology, launched the industry's first AI powered SSD - FuzeDrive SSD.

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Microsoft details how it improved Bing's autosuggest recommendations with AIMicrosoft says recent AI and machine learning innovations have vastly improved the quality of Bing search results.

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YouTube will use artificial intelligence to decide if videos are safe for kidsThe company has increased use of artificial intelligence during the coronavirus pandemic.

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How AI can help developing countries rebuild after the pandemicTechnology has been a lifeline to developing countries during the COVID-19 crisis, helping to maintain essential services and keep companies in business.

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Graphcore Expanding Its AI Compute Platform Sales with Its First Channel Partner ProgramAI compute platform vendor Graphcore has launched its first formal global channel partner program to promote and boost the sales of its AI processors and blade computing products.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/23/2020A radical theory says major crises remake America every 80 years Tags: future, cycle, america A three-agent robotic system for Mars exploration NASA has recently been planning a new mission called Mars 2020, which entails sending a helicopter to Mars, alongside conventional ground rovers.

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WhyLabs brings more transparancy to ML opsWhyLabs, a new machine learning startup that was spun out of the Allen Institute, is coming out of stealth today.

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Basware Evolves SmartPDF, Now Captures Invoice Data Automatically via Artificial IntelligenceSmartPDF AI is trained using data automatically extracted from historical invoices via a state-of-the art machine learning model.

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Transforming customer banking experiences with AI and machine learningMark Crichton, senior director of security product management at OneSpan, discusses how to transform customer banking experiences using AI and machine learning How can customers be protected without experience getting compromised?

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Photoshop will soon use AI to add dramatic skies to your boring photosA new Photoshop tool will soon automatically replace lackluster skies with more epic stock photos.

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Rakuten Mobile Adds Nuance Intelligent Engagement AI Services to Rakuten Communications PlatformNuance Communications, Inc. and Rakuten Mobile, Inc. announced a strategic partnership to add Nuance Intelligent Engagement AI Services to the Rakuten Communications Platform.

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How AI Could Feed The World's Hungry While Sustaining The PlanetTechnological advancements tend to outpace cultural shifts. It has taken the shock of a global pandemic to accelerate the uptake of many technologies that have been around for at least a decade.

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We're not ready for AI, says the winner of a new $1m AI prizeRegina Barzilay, the first winner of the Squirrel AI Award, on why the pandemic should be a wake-up call.

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Mastercard's VP of AI talks bots, NLP, and why fintechs need AI for customer serviceLearn how FIs and fintechs can leverage AI, NLP, and voice technologies to dramatically improve customer service and boost efficiency at this VB Live event.

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WhyLabs raises $4 million to grow AI and data monitoring platformBased in Seattle, WhyLabs uses an open source library to track AI models and datasets and notify data scientists if problems arise.

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Overcoming barriers to AI adoption a€“ liabilityBusinesses can deploy artificial intelligence systems to their advantage, while managing the uncertainty and risk of liability associated with AI use, by paying close attention to how contracts with suppliers and customers are drafted and ensuring there is robust governance over their use of the technology.

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Artificial Intelligence May Predict Osteoarthritis Years Before OnsetThe artificial intelligence tool may enable providers to one day treat osteoarthritis with preventive drugs instead of surgery.

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Meet an AI border guard at the Imperial War Museum's outstanding new ‘Refugees' seasonPlus artworks, artefacts and heartbreaking film of the Moira camp on Lesbos, all part of the new autumn season.

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The geographic bias in medical AI toolsJust a few decades ago, scientists didn't think much about diversity when studying new medications.

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MerimenA and Claim GeniusA to Launch Artificial Intelligence Solution for Auto ClaimsSingapore. September 23, 2020 - Claim Genius™ a leading AI InsureTech company, and Merimen Technologies , a.

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The Next Big Breakthrough in AI Will Be Around LanguageThe 2010s produced breakthroughs in vision-enabled technologies, from accurate image searches on the web to computer vision systems for medical image analysis or for detecting defective parts in manufacturing and assembly, as we described extensively in our book and research.

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Adobe intros Liquid Mode, an AI tool that automatically reformats PDFs for small screensAdobe's new Liquid Mode tool can understand the structure of PDFs and automatically reformat text, images and tables for consumption on small screens.

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Rokt Recognized for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence with 2020 MarTech Breakthrough AwardRokt, the global leader in e-commerce marketing technology, today announced that it has been selected as the winner of the "Best Use of AI in..."

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First Press Release Written by AIMasterBot , a Mind and Voice cloning application, has asked OpenAI's GPT model to write the "first press release written by..."

MasterBot Shared . and Mueller Form a Relationship to Support Decision-Making Through Artificial is pleased to announce we are working with Mueller Water Products to provide machine learning software to power PipeRank virtual condition assessment technology delivered by machine learning engine is designed to deliver.

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the current education systemThe implementation of educational AI systems has the potential to help students develop their skills and acquire more knowledge in multiple.

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China used AI-generated faces for Facebook propaganda networkThe social network said the fake accounts had violated its policy of foreign against foreign or government interference.

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Regina Barzilay wins $1M Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Squirrel AI awardFor more than 100 years Nobel Prizes have been given out annually to recognize breakthrough achievements in chemistry, literature, medicine, peace, and physics.

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Absorb Software Expands Artificial Intelligence Capabilities with Absorb PinpointtmCALGARY, AB, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -  Absorb Software, provider of the Absorb Learning Management System and Absorb Infuse, today announced it has expanded its Artificial Intelligence capabilities with Absorb Pinpoint™.

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Identifying Wildfires Using Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence and Machine learning could be used to reduce wildfire detection time from an average of 40 minutes to around 5 minutes.

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Regina Barzilay wins $1M Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Squirrel AI awardMIT Professor Regina Barzilay has received a $1 million Squirrel AI Award for Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of Humanity for her work developing machine learning models for cancer diagnosis and drug discovery.

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LATRO Introduces Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Into Its Industry-Leading Fraud Prevention SystemEASTON, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2020 / - LATRO., a cutting-edge market leader for Telecom Fraud Control and Revenue Assurance solutions, today announced new features, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, in its industry-leading fraud prevention system, Versalytics.

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Snyk acquires Swiss startup DeepCode, which uses AI to help developers write better codeOn the back of raising $200 million, UK-based software scale-up Snyk is today announcing its acquisition of DeepCode, a Swiss provider of real-time semantic code analysis powered by AI. Shared .

Global Artificial Intelligence in BFSI Market 2020 Industry Outlook, Classification, Demand, Regional Analysis and Forecast to 2025Sep 23, 2020 - The recently released report titled Global Artificial Intelligence in BFSI Market 2020 by Company, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 mainly elaborates on market definitions, classifications, applications, and market overview; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures, raw materials market segmentation,...

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BrandWagon Conclave 2020: How AI and ML are helping brands optimise marketingFrom marketing to building a database to enhance user experience, AI and ML has been emerged as an essential tool for marketers.

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Artificial intelligence versus the Art of the DealI’ve been thinking a lot about whether artificial intelligence could have a role in helping us do better deals more efficiently, without all that negotiation rigmarole that we’re so used to.

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YouTube's new AI will block videos that are inappropriate for kidsYouTube will start using AI to automatically add age restrictions to videos "over the coming months," the company announced on Tuesday.

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Technological advancements within Fashion a€“ how is It driving growth #3DPrinting #Tech #Fashion #AIFrom the textiles used in garment manufacturing to creating a sustainable supply chain, technological advancements are set to innovate fashion in countless ways.

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Artificial Intelligence: Will Robots Replace Coding Jobs?AI will replace coding jobs is a statement that haunts many programmers. Is the doomsday of non-automated programming coming soon?

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How can artificial intelligence help to fight climate change? We answer your questionsClimate change is the planet's biggest challenge and Artificial Intelligence could provide the right tools in the global fight.

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Beyond Vision CorrectionPeople often view the current generation of vision correction as the fourth. However, we proudly proclaim that we are in the fifth generation of vision correction, considering the fact that we have gone beyond the distinction of generations with regard to both experience and equipment and have reached an age when artificial intelligence plays a&.

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Aunoa starts deploying its Conversational Artificial Intelligence messaging chatbots in AmericaAny of Aunoa's clients can install, seamlessly and with no need of third party integrators, its Conversational Artificial Intelligence that has been taught to simulate human interactions and can talk to hundreds of clients or citizens, in the case of governments, simultaneously.Â.

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Whole Caboodle develop revolutionary AI platform for the automotive industryThe Whole Caboodle in Harrogate have developed CaboodleCode that is revolutionising the automotive industry with an AI platform that lets dealers know what their website visitors are doing.

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Dedicated AI institute to solve construction problemsUniversity of Illinois in the US to address problems with productivity and safety through artificial intelligence.

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Breast cancer survivor and MIT professor wins top AI award for detecting cancer using computer scienceThe MIT professor has won a new $1 million award for artificial intelligence.

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New Tech Chief of Startup Hypergiant Envisions Closer Human-AI CollaborationMohammed Farooq previously served as a general manager in IBM's Global Technology Services unit.

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YouTube will use artificial intelligence to decide if videos are safe for kidsThe video hosting site currently uses human reviewers to flag videos that it believes should not be watched by viewers under 18 years old, but will soon be using machine learning to make that decision.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning for robust cyber securityMachine Learning Africa recently partnered with Darktrace to present a webinar on leveraging AI and machine learning for robust cyber security.

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Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence is wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.


The rise of the machine!All Artificial intelligence will be connected to QV - Quantum Vicky! But don’t worry they say robots are here to keep us safe and Quantum Vicky won’t fail in that endeavor....

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Maru Group launches AI feedback research toolMarket research and customer insights company Maru Group has added an artificial intelligence-based feedback tool to its Maru/Hub insights platform.

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P360 Adds Advanced Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to its Sales Enablement Platform BirdzAILife sciences commercial organizations can now forecast sales, predict churn, analyze brand propensity and launch new products with BirdzAI P360, a leading developer of technology for life sciences companies, announced major updates to its sales enablement platform BirdzAI.

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Big Data, Competition and EfficiencyThis article was originally published on Linkedin. Due to firsthand experience of projects related to AI , I’m curious about commercial use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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‘AI Is Not Real': How Intelligent is Artificial Intelligence?Every business across all industries today is capitalizing on artificial intelligence and betting hard on it to deliver more improved customer experience and derive greater economic gains.

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AI firm Sidetrade announces doubled net profitFrench AI platform built for business intelligence, with strong investment in UK offices, reports positive first half results.

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AMVC Fall 2020: AI can help reshape radiology post-COVID-19Artificial intelligence can help radiology navigate challenges related to remote practice and extreme variation in imaging volume caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the first of a two-part article series on a presentation by Dr. Eliot Siegel at's Fall 2020 Virtual Conference. Shared .

Will Medicare reimbursement propel radiology AI market?September 23, 2020 - The decision by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' earlier this month to provide its first-ever reimbursement of a radiology artificial intelligence algorithm was a significant milestone for the industry, raising hopes that it could set the groundwork for broader coverage of imaging AI software. Shared .

RCMP Hires US Artificial Intelligence Firm to Spy on Web UsersThe force requested software able to scour everything from Dark Web denizens to Groupon users.

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AI-powered hiring for the enterpriseTonya Hall sits down and talks to Mike Hudy, chief science officer at Modern Hire, about ways that AI-powered hiring kits can work for the enterprise, including the importance of adding transparency and bias mitigation to the systems.

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Adobe's Liquid Mode uses AI to make PDFs easier to read on phonesPDFs can be a pain to read on smaller screens, and that's something Adobe intends to address now that more and more people are relying on digital services for their work and personal lives.

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Adobe's Liquid Mode leverages AI to reformat PDFs for mobile devicesAdobe's Liquid Mode in Acrobat Reader automatically reformats PDFs for mobile devices using AI and machine learning algorithms.

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Adobe exec explains why the firm is using AI to transform the way people access and use documents on mobileAdobe is transforming its Document Cloud business to become more mobile friendly as the way people work changes.

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Adobe peps up PDF on smartphones with AI-powered Liquid reformattingThe lowly Portable Document Format is a key part of our digital lives, but it "sucks" on small screens.

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Implement Artificial Intelligence using Artificial IntelligenceTransforming a business into one controlled by Artificial Intelligence requires everybody's interest and commitment. Despite the fact that transformation requires significant investment, various strategies can start democratizing AI immediately.

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Microsoft And Shell Announce New Partnership To Use Artificial Intelligence And Tech To Reduce Carbon EmissionsMicrosoft and Shell have just announced a partnership to work together to use technology and artificial intelligence to help them address their emissions challenges, reduce CO2, and transition towards the use of renewable energy.

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When AI is the opposite of sinister: An MIT researcher is held up as model of how algorithms can benefit humanityMIT artificial intelligence researcher Regina Barzilay is the inaugural recipient of a new $1 million prize honoring work in AI.

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BrandWagon Conclave 2020: How AI and ML are helping brands optimise marketingFrom marketing to building a database to enhance user experience, AI and ML has been emerged as an essential tool for marketers.

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Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market 2020-2026Press release - ReportsWeb - Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Market 2020-2026 - AGI Worldwide, Navitas, Appolis, Cadre Technologies, Infor, Bloxx IT Solutions - published on Shared .

Putting the ‘eye' in AI: What can computers teach us about human vision?The own-race bias is a phenomenon where humans struggle differentiating between individuals of another race. It’s been researched for decades but the scientific jury is still out on what the true cause of the phenomenon is – because we’re still trying to understand the finer details of how the human visual system works.

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ON1 unveils ON1 Portrait AI, new ON1 Photo Mobile features and ON1 Photo RAW 2021: Digital Photography ReviewON1 has introduced ON1 Portrait AI, an AI-powered portrait editing application and plug-in, and has also released a major update for ON1 Photo Mobile and unveiled the next version of its desktop application, ON1 Photo RAW 2021.

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YouTube to exploit artificial intelligence to enforce age restrictionsGoogle LLC-owned video site YouTube announced today that it will introduce more advanced AI to ensure younger people aren't watching videos designed for an older audience.

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How AI and ML are changing insurance for goodThe Insurance industry has been dealing with vast volumes of data for years, but analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques are increasingly being used to help insurance providers make faster data driven decisions.

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SK hynix invests $55 million in its first AI entity Gauss LabsEconoTimes is a fast growing non-partisan source of news and intelligence on global economy and financial markets, providing timely, relevant, and critical insights for market professionals and those who want to make informed investment decisions.

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Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery Market Dynamics and Competitive Scenario through 2030Sep 23, 2020 - Global artificial intelligence in drug discovery market will reach $2.57 billion by 2026, growing by 30.3% annually over 2020-2026 despite the COVID-19 impact.

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Australia: Artificial intelligence and copyright: ownership issues in the digital ageArticle explores the impacts of AI on copyright law, particularly in relation to traditional authorship constructs.

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Europe Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery MarketSep 23, 2020 - Europe artificial intelligence in drug discovery market reached $108.6 million in 2019 and will grow by 28.7% over 2020-2026 owing to the rising need for AI technology in drug discovery and development.

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Indonesia's AI startups ecosystem is growing upSoutheast Asia's largest economy, Indonesia, is seeing its AI startup ecosystem hit the maturity curve in the aftermath of the pandemic.

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Aunoa starts deploying its Conversational Artificial Intelligence messaging chatbots in AmericaSpanish company Aunoa will start deploying its Conversational Artificial Intelligence chatbots in the United States and Latin America before...

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Jiu Jitsu Meme Review with Ryan HallBetterHelp - Raycon: INFO Podcast website: Podcasts: : : episodes playlist: playlist: - Subscribe to this YouTube channel - Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Medium - Support on Patreon.

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The inside story of Taiwan's AI whizzNot content with his stellar achievements in artificial intelligence, Chih-Han Yu wanted to create an impact with his work and formed one of Taiwan's most important unicorns. Shared .

Basware Debuts AI Tool For Accounts Payable AutomationTo automate the transformation of machine-readable PDFs to digital invoices, Basware has debuted SmartPDF AI in the newest expansion of its SmartPDF offering. Shared .

P360 Adds Advanced Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to its Sales Enablement Platform BirdzAIBy adding advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to our BirdzAI platform, we are helping life sciences companies eliminate the guesswork often associated with sales operations, ” stated P360 CEO and Founder Anupam Nandwana.

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Is Artificial Intelligence the future of IVF?From the low success rates and painful side effects of early IVF, to the high-tech world of genetic screening, artificial intelligence and at-home testing, fertility treatments have come a long way since Australia's first 'test-tube baby' 40 years ago.

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Schneider brings AI to fight against energy consumptionThe investment into adding AI-assisted advising to its energy and sustainability services aims to promote efficiency and a total reduction of clients' emissions.

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Google AI head Jeff Dean urges college students: make society betterJeff Dean, Google's head of AI, noted compounding events of the pandemic, George Floyd murder and wildfires have shown a lot of societal gaps worth pursuing.

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Agencies Should Consider the Pros and Cons of Artificial IntelligenceOfficials pushed agencies to examine the trade-offs—both positive and negative—as they adopt emerging technologies. Shared .

6 ways rads can improve perception of AISeptember 22, 2020 - As the development of artificial intelligence tools for healthcare continues, so does the debate about whether incorporating it into patient care will put physicians - especially radiologists - out of a job. Shared .

Special: AI will cement its place across various industriesExperts noted that agile data collection and research is necessary to meet the needs of the hour.

MSN Shared . and Mueller Form a Relationship to Support Decision-Making Through Artificial IntelligenceBOSTON, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - is pleased to announce we are working with Mueller Water Products to provide machine learning software to power PipeRankTM virtual condition assessment technology delivered by Echologics. Shared .

Understand The Fundamentals of AI Through This Deep Learning and Data Analysis TrainingArtificial intelligence and deep learning are drawing patterns out of the seeming noise in big data, and it's changing our world in broad and subtle ways: Finding practical uses for holograms, developing new tools for first responders, and even writing our creepy campfire stories for us.

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WellSaid Labs research takes synthetic speech from seconds-long clips to hoursMillions of homes have voice-enabled devices, but when was the last time you heard a piece of synthesized speech longer than a handful of seconds?

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Ray-Ban owner Luxottica reportedly hit with cyberattackItaly-based eyewear and eyecare giant Luxottica has reportedly suffered a cyberattack that has led to the shutdown of operations in Italy and China.

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Microsoft Ignite showcases first Project Cortex AI tool for SharePointCivil engineering firm Mott McDonald has been testing SharePoint Syntex, the first product to come out of Microsoft's Project Cortex proving ground for AI-based content management tools.

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Kroger enlists artificial intelligence to cut down self-checkout errorsEverseen Visual AI solution to be deployed at 2,500 stores.

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Mirakl raises $300 million for its marketplace platformFrench startup Mirakl has raised a $300 million funding round at a $1.5 billion valuation — the company is now a unicorn.

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U.S. officials meet at CMU to discuss artificial intelligenceAs part of his two-day visit to the Pittsburgh region this week, U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette participated in a discussion at Carnegie Mellon University, along with U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios. Shared .

New Ricoh artificial intelligence tool helps drive accuracy and efficiency in production printRicoh USA Inc. today unveiled the RICOH Pro Scanner Option, which leverages advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning...

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Engineers pre-train AI computers to make them even more powerfulEngineers at CSEM have developed a new machine-learning method that paves the way for artificial intelligence to be used in applications that until now have been deemed too sensitive.

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Amsterdam Based Zeta Alpha Launches AI Platform to Help AI Experts Navigate New ResearchCompanies in all business sectors are competing to recruit top-notch AI teams, but are these investments productive?

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DOE funding boosts artificial intelligence research at Jefferson LabTwo physicists at DOE's Jefferson Lab have secured $2.16 million in funding for projects that harness the power of data analytics to make the work of studying the universe down to its smallest subatomic parts faster and more efficient.

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Mailchimp launches new AI tools as it continues its transformation to marketing platformToday, Mailchimp, which has never taken outside funding, is taking the next step in its own transformation with the launch of a set of AI-based tools that give small businesses easy access to the same kind of capabilities that their larger competitors now use.

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Microsoft launches new Cortana features for business usersCortana may have failed as a virtual assistant for consumers, but Microsoft is still betting on it for business use cases, now that it has rebranded it as a personal productivity assistant as part of Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft launches Premonition, its hardware and software platform for detecting biological threatsAt its Ignite conference, Microsoft today announced that Premonition, a robotics and sensor platform for monitoring and sampling disease carriers like mosquitos and a cloud-based software stack for analyzing samples, will soon be in private preview.

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Microsoft launches Azure Orbital to connect satellites to its cloudAt its. Ignite conference, Microsoft today announced the launch of Azure Orbital, a new service that is meant to give satellite operators a complete platform to communicate with their satellites and process data from them - including the ground stations to receive those signals.

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AI camera can tell what surfaces feel like with just a glanceArtificially intelligent cameras are able to tell the physical properties of surfaces, such as texture or how well it conducts heat, based on a single image - but they can't tell whether something is sticky.

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New theory predicts movement of different animals using sensing to searchA research team has developed a new theory that can predict the movement of an animal's sensory organs - such as eyes, ears and nose - while searching for something vital to its life.

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Engineers pre-train AI computers to make them even more powerfulEngineers at CSEM have developed a new machine-learning method that paves the way for artificial intelligence to be used in applications that until now have been deemed too sensitive.

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YI Technology Unveils Two New Advanced Artificial Intelligence Home Security SolutionsYI Technology , the global provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies and products, announced today the launch of the Kami Mini...

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Pentagon Wants a Process to Field Unmanned Systems, AI FasterSAN DIEGO, Calif.  Though the Pentagon is accelerating how it buys unmanned and artificial intelligence systems, leaders want to move faster still in acquiring what the Defense Department considers key future technology.

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Ai Aids Dod In Early Detection Of Covid-19 > U.s. Department Of Defense > Defense Department NewsThe Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Defense Innovation Unit are applying commercial technology for early detection of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, which causes the COVID-19 coronavirus disease.,.


600k Machine Learning collaboration to supercharge data-driven scienceA collaboration between the Norwich Bioscience Institutes and The Alan Turing Institute will enhance the ways machine learning and artificial intelligence are applied to life science research.

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Using AI to try to detect COVID-19 and improve livestock monitoringI worked with Alpha Phenomics, a local company developing livestock monitoring technologies, for my Stretch Experience.

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Is "Mindful A.I." the key to A.I. success in large organizations?It sounds gimmicky, but one expert says mindfulness has a lot more to do with keeping A.I. projects on track than you might think.

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Gaming Analytics.AI is finding new ways to improve casino profitabilityThe Casino at Gulfstream Park reports that a standard monthly slot floor analysis used to take three days, while with GA it is complete in less than a half-hour.

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Seattle startup Resonance AI raises $2.2M to analyze dialogue, mood, music in video contentTV news broadcasters, productions studios, and others are using technology from a Seattle startup to analyze their video content and make changes based on audience reception.

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Benefits Of Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence is now one of the most popular, growing, and promising sectors globally. It has now gained the attraction of many sectors in the world....

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Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 750G has 5G, faster speeds, and improved AI performanceQualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 750G, the company's latest 7-series processor that replaces the 730G.

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EasySend raises $16M from Intel, more for its no-code approach to automating B2C interfacesNo-code and low-code software have become increasingly popular ways for companies  especially those that dont count technology as part of their DNA  to bring in more updated IT processes without the heavy lifting needed to build and integrate services from the ground up.

Jobsfordrivers Shared . Announces New Artificial Intelligence Group, Inc., a leading online hiring platform, announced the launch of its artificial intelligence powered candidate sourcing technology.

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Machine Learning Could Speed Healing Process for Tissue InjuriesA machine learning approach could accelerate the development of bioscaffolds that help tissue injuries heal.

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Leveraging AI to Drive Patient EngagementLeading the patient experience improvement effort in today's healthcare climate is challenging. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 global pandemic has...

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Facebook Releases AI Model for Protein Sequence ProcessingA team of scientists at Facebook AI Research have released a deep-learning model for processing protein data from DNA sequences.

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To Clean Up Comments, Let AI Tell Users Their Words Are TrashIt won't solve everything, but a new study suggests real-time automated feedback could help make the internet a less toxic place.

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Remark Holdings Receives GDPR Certification for its AI Platform and Family of Thermal Detection ProductsRemark Holdings, Inc. , a diversified global technology company with leading artificial intelligence solutions and digital...

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DeepCube's software-based solution accelerates AI on existing hardwareDeepCube, a startup developing a platform that accelerates AI models on existing hardware, raised $7 million for research and expansion.

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Personal  We have a Learn to pronounce feature in Google !Hi! Some days ago, while I was searching for the meaning of a word, I found an amazing feature in Google: Learn to pronounce And its very basic and amazing at the same time.

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Early Detection of Osteoarthritis with Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence has been used to detect osteoarthritis years before symptoms begin. The technique may lead to new therapies rather than surgery.

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A Scoring System for AuthorsAfter reading The Red Labyrinth, I thought a bit about how a scoring system for authors might be used within the publishing industry.

Kirsten Hacker Shared . Announces New Artificial Intelligence Platform Other OTC:RCRTSohn continued, "Recruiters and employers often ask, 'how large is your candidate database? ' With the release of our AI sourcing tool with hundreds of millions of candidates, the answer is 'nearly limitless.' By giving our virtual network of recruiters this powerful new platform powered by Censia, we will be able to extend our best-in-class...

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Hexagon Introduces Assistive AI Technology for Public Safety AgenciesHxgn Oncall Dispatch - Smart Advisor Aids Detection of Complex Emergency Events for Faster Response and RecoveryHexagon's Safety and Infrastructure division introduced HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Smart Advisor, the industry's first assistive artificial.

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AI Tech North  Newsletter for all AudiencesPARTNERSHIP WITH AI TECH NORTH 2020 We are proud to announce that we will be collaborating our ecosystems with AI Tech North for their 2020 Great Northern Summit, the largest community platform for the AI world.

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AI Tech North  Conference Leeds ArticleThe Great Northern AI Summit is the largest community platform for the AI world and this October they’re back, inviting online audiences from across the nation to their new virtual conference.

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IBM to train 800 mid-career professionals for roles in artificial intelligence and cyber security, Tech News and Top StoriesTech News - SINGAPORE - IBM will train about800 mid-career professionals over the next year in artificial intelligence and cyber security under a new programme launched on Monday.

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AI gives IT an edge in improving customer experienceThe pandemic has only accelerated IT's need to improve digital customer experiences. From healthcare to retail, IT leaders are increasingly turning to AI for help.

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AI Tech North  Marketing Liverpool ArticleThe 2020 Great Northern AI Summit  12-13 October Are you fascinated by the ever-expanding AI world?

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Uncertainty reigns for insurers as industry adopts AI standardsAs the industry increasingly relies on artificial intelligence, state-based regulators are considering how to ensure the tech treats policyholders fairly.

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Nvidia Needs ARM To Revitalize Its AI GoalsNvidia has been the dominant leader in GPUs for AI datacenter training, but will lose market share to competing chip technologies.

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To Make Fairer AI, Physicists Peer Inside Its Black BoxAfter repurposing facial recognition and deepfake tech to study galaxies and the Higgs boson, physicists think they can help shape the responsible use of AI.

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Scientists Combat Anti-Semitism With Artificial IntelligenceAn international team of scientists said Monday it had joined forces to combat the spread of anti-Semitism online with the help of artificial intelligence.

NDTV Gadgets 360 Shared . introduces artificial intelligence Group launched its artificial candidate sourcing technology capable of profiling half a billion candidates." The market opportunity for AI-driven recruiting platforms is valued at $580M and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.76% during 2020-2025," according to, announced that Deborah Leff, a leader and industry CTO...

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Hybrid AI through data, space, time, and industrial applications: Beyond Limits scores $113M Series C to scale upMachine learning approaches to AI alone don't cut it. Good old-fashioned AI alone does not cut it either.

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Microsoft's new feature uses AI to make video chat less weirdHow Microsoft's Surface Pro X uses driver-based software and dedicated AI hardware to make video chat more people-friendly.

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Finding Magnetic Eruptions in Space, With an AI AssistantReposted from NASA with permission. Text by Miles Hatfield, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, USA An alert pops up in your email: The latest spacecraft observations are ready.

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This is an AI, what's your emergency?Complex emergencies are getting far too complex for human dispatchers to coordinate, so AI/ML is the new norm.

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Artificial Intelligence: Its Potential and Applications in ConstructionAI has shown endless possibilities in the construction industry and can help reduce construction costs in numerous ways.

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3 strategies for enterprise AI successArtificial Intelligence is rapidly revolutionising business. As AI enables industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and retail to become more innovative and efficient, enterprises are looking to Chief Information Officers to provide leadership and chart a path towards success. Shared .

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market 2020 to 2028: Industry Size, Share, Growth and ForecastKOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA, September 22, 2020 / - According to a new market research report published by sheer analytics and insights, “The Global Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market was $6.1 Bn in 2019, and it is expected to reach $170.5 Bn by 2028.

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AI operated tug demonstrated in Rotterdam"It calculates the route, which the boat then autonomously sails, using our autopilot software.". To define this route as efficiently as possible, Captain AI's software is connected to the Kotug Optiport dispatch planning software, enabling optimised route planning in real-time, based on AIS data and Artificial Intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence in FoodPress release - Data Bridge Market Research - Artificial Intelligence in Food? Beverages Market Industry Share, Size, Growth, Trends, Top leader - TOMRA System ASA, GREEFA, Honeywell International Inc., Martec of Whitell Ltd. Shared .

Rice Mapping using machine learning in ColabMachine learning using the Google Earth Engine python API Step 1: open a notebook Step 2: click add code Step 3: add the line below and hit run.

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Ai Company Beyond Limits Raises $133m Series CaBeyond Limits is focused on industrial AI, more specifically energy, utility and power. The Series C round will help it expand globally in those sectors.

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Amsterdam based Zeta Alpha launches AI platform to help AI experts navigate new researchAMSTERDAM, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Companies in all business sectors are competing to recruit top-notch AI teams, but are these investments productive?

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Rice Mapping using machine learning in Code EditorBuilding a Random Forest model Step 1: open the code editor by going to / Step 2: Import Data from Google Earth Engine Asset with the code below // import the composite var composites = "); // import the training data var data = "); // import the administrative boundaries var cambodia = "); Step&"

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Winvic trials new AI site safety zone systemWorkers will be warned when they stray into computer generated danger zones.

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The explainability problemExplainability has moved from an academic debate to a significant barrier to AI adoption. A slew of new tools and approaches are intended to address this problem - but will they close the explainability gap?

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BrainFrame: Smart Vision AI Developers Kit Is Accelerating Computer Vision ApplicationsImagine being able to embark on a real-time computer vision project in a few hours, with no code to build a traffic control system, a warehouse monitoring system, or an in-store point of sale optimization system.

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Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Market Progressing to Achieve More than USD 12 billion Revenue Mark by 2026Sep 22, 2020 - Selbyville, Delaware, offers report on Global Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Market that evaluates industry growth trends through historical data and estimates prospects based on comprehensive research.

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Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Future Networks job with BNU-HKBU UNITED INTERNATIONAL COLLEGEBNU-UIC Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Future Networks is currently composed of famous computer/IT scientists , aiming at fundamental research and engineering development on new generation of artificial intelligence, big data, industry 4.0, future networks , intelligence sensing etc.

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AI planners in Minecraft could help machines design better citiesA competition to see which AI produces the best settlements in the game is helping to explore new techniques for urban planning.

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Global Regenerative Medicine Market Report 2020-2024 with Impact Analysis of COVID-19Global Regenerative Medicine Market Report 2020-2024 with Impact Analysis of COVID-19 - Artificial Intelligence to Advance Regenerative Medicine. Shared .

Samsung Chooses Insider to Individualize Multichannel Experiences with AILONDON, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Samsung, the global giant in consumer electronics partnered with Insider to predict the future behavior of their customers with AI and individualize experiences across channels with precision.

Insider Shared .

Artificial intelligence to make most business decisions by 2035Business models of the future will bear little resemblance to those of today, as emerging technologies will reduce the need for management teams, says Citrix.

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Rice mapping using Deep neural networksUsing Colab, Google Earth Engine and Tensorflow Step 1: create a new Colab notebook step 2: insert a code block step 3: install tensorflow!

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Patch this critical software flaw now says Homeland Security in emergency warningGovernment agencies in the US have until today to patch a Windows Server vulnerability that could give hackers control over federal networks.

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Top Healthcare Innovators Share AI Developments at GTCNVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference brings everything you need to know about the future of AI in healthcare together in one place.

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Artificial intelligence human pilot dogfightAI development is central to the Pentagon's 21st-century battle plan, as global competitors pour billions of dollars into their own AI programs.

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How industrial AI will power the refining industry in the futureAntonio Pietri, president and CEO of Aspen Technology, discusses how industrial AI will allow self-optimisation within the refining industry The refinery industry is capable of substantially benefitting from AI.

Information Age Shared .

How AI can solve the corporate knowledge problemThe influx of digital technology has undoubtedly transformed the way that we live and work.

Training Journal Shared .

Hexagon introduces assistive AI technology for public safety agenciesHexagon's Safety and Infrastructure division today introduced HxGN OnCall Dispatch - Smart Advisor, the industry's first assistive artificial...

Hexagon Shared .

Wearables, Ai Deliver ‘left-of-cough' Covid AwarenessThe Rapid Analysis of Threat Exposure system alerts wearers to the virus up to 48 hours before they become symptomatic, allowing them to quarantine, get tested and seek treatment without spreading the disease.

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Artificial Intelligence for Medical Evacuation in Great-Power ConflictIt is 4:45 a.m. in southern Afghanistan on a hot September day. A roadside improvised explosive device has just gone off and was followed by the call, "Medic!"

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Engineering studio launches AI in Histopathology innovation challengeWhitespace, the innovation engineering studio, has launched of the Artificial Intelligence in Histopathology Tech Innovation Challenge.

Med-Tech Innovation - Latest News For The Medical Device Ind Shared .

Scientists combat anti-Semitism with artificial intelligenceBERLIN — An international team of scientists said Monday it had joined forces to combat the spread of anti-Semitism online with the help of artificial intelligence.

New York Post Shared .

Here's how artificial intelligence is helping combat spread of anti-SemitismThe project Decoding Anti-Semitism includes discourse analysts, computational linguists and historians who will develop a "highly complex, AI-driven approach to identifying online anti-Semitism."

Hindustan Times Shared .

The Supply of Disinformation Will Soon Be InfiniteSomeday soon, the reading public will miss the days when a bit of detective work could identify completely fictitious authors.

Grassroot Journalist Shared .

A Technological Pandora Box to Unveil the Covid-19With the arrival of 2020, a pandemic was unleashed on us by nature. The advent of the pandemic, no matter how unfortunate and uninvited it was, revealed the fragility of our systems, lives, and existence.

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Master's degree in artificial intelligence now within reach of low-income studentsThe accelerated five-year bachelor's degree in science and master's degree in AI program is designed to adapt curricular and co-curricular support to enable students to complete their degrees in AI, autonomous systems or machine learning, which are critically important to advance America's global competitiveness and national security.

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The role of AI in advancing personalized healthcareBy collecting and analyzing vast amounts of patient data, it is possible to personalize and improve drug development and healthcare.

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Artificial Intelligence Advances Food SafetyLanding AI is helping food producers overcome not only the limitations of their human workforce but of traditional machine vision as well, using machine learning to better evaluate issues around food safety.

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