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The Incredible Ways Shell Uses Artificial Intelligence To Help Transform The Oil And Gas Giant In this post we look at some of the innovative ways Royal Dutch Shell is using artificial intelligence to accelerate the digital transformation of the oil and gas giant. This includes the application of machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement, and machine vision.

Giant Food Stores created a googly-eyed robot Giant Food Stores, an American supermarket chain situated in Maryland, welcomes a new member to its family. It is none other than a robot, named Marty. The robot has just one mission to achieve - to keep the passageway safe. Nicholas Bertram, president of Giant Food Stores said, "Bringing robotics and A.I.

Terrifying video shows 'ANYmal' robot dog using AI to get back up after a human kicks it The researchers' findings were laid out in a new paper published Wednesday in Science Robotics. Scientists from Switzerland's ETH Zurich University trained the robot using artificial intelligence, which enables it to move and respond faster than ever before.

IBM links up with Vodafone for $550m cloud computing contract IBM and Vodafone have entered into a joint venture to provide businesses with support for linking up cloud systems, which can support next-generation technology such as machine learning or 5G networks.

Will talking to AI voice assistants re-engineer our human conversations? When you're lost, Siri can be your best friend. But if she can't retrieve the right address from your contacts, she can drive you crazy. And so it is with the legion of virtual personal assistants that are entering our lives. From Amazon's Alexa to Google's Home, people are busy talking to intelligent machines as never before.

The Growing Symbiosis Between RPA and AI Yet recent evidence suggests systems in which the two automation-focused methods work together and may become increasingly common in the not-too-distant future. Organizations considering implementing one or the other to manage any of their operations would serve themselves well by examining how they're being used in tandem.

The Best Nintendo Switch Games With thousands of titles already available, it's no easy task to whittle it down to just the fifteen best Switch games. We've tried to opt for variety and include some that are supremely underrated in the mix with the already classics.

Astronauts can attend Amazon's new cutting-edge tech conference for free Amazon is introducing a new artificial intelligence, robotics and space event called re:MARS. It's inspired by an exclusive event hosted by Jeff Bezos.

Amazon AI Conference Is Meant to Inspire - and Boost Its Reputation Amazon's blog post does note, however, the company's plan to demo at re:MARS the "practical applications" of seemingly everything it's involved in featuring even a whiff of AI, including Alexa, Amazon Go, and Prime Air.

Artificial Intelligence or Artificially Augmented Intelligence? Earlier this year I wrote an article on LINKEDIN that questioned the Government's stated desire to develop Artificial Intelligence for use in military systems. My point being that true AI, cannot be controlled or validated and this makes it unsuitable for implementation in a machine capable of destroying human life.

13 Industries Will Be Revolutionized By Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a rapidly growing presence in the world today, with applications ranging from heavy industry to education. From streamlining operations to informing better decision making, it becomes clear that this technology has the potential to truly revolutionize the way the world works every day.

New AppZen Report Reveals Insight The State Of AI In Business Spend AppZen's "The State of AI in Business Spend" report compiled trends, best practices, and recommendations based on aggregated, anonymized data from the AppZen Expense Audit Platform.

On Point: Using artificial intelligence to find babysitters Finding a trusted babysitter or caregiver is a challenge that plagues many parents; but could artificial intelligence narrow the options? One new service claims it can help parents refine their choices by digging into a potential caregiver's social media past.

This AI learns from past matches to predict tennis shot placement This artificially intelligent system, which uses a novel system of memory networks, can predict the trajectory of tennis balls from past matches.

Top digital transformation tech investment priorities for 2019: Cloud, cybersecurity, and AI Eighty-five percent of companies surveyed report that their digital transformation efforts have expanded beyond IT into organization wide initiatives. That said, IT continues to lead DX efforts. The top 5 digital transformation focus areas are: 1. Customer Service; 3.

Artificial intelligence takes over Edmonton improv show at Citadel Kind of comes up with concepts for different games and formats. It tries to mess around with the humans. READ MORE: New live theatre venue opens in Edmonton. "We don't know what we're going to get any given day from the audience and we certainly don't know what we're going to get from the A.I.," fellow performer Julian Faid said.

Applications for Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Imaging Deep learning was the hottest topic at RSNA 2018 to improve workflow and quantification.

Drone-Based Computer Vision Technology Developed for Automated Inventory Checking Pensa Systems, a developer of autonomous perception systems, has announced that it has developed a UAV -based retail inventory visibility system designed to inform retailers and brands of what is actually on shelves - across all stores, everywhere, at any point in time.

Kong Brain and Kong Immunity launches powered by AI and ML Has launched Kong Brain and Kong Immunity for its Kong Enterprise API platform. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the new, advanced features will help automate the entire API and service development lifecycle from pre-production to post-production to provide organizations with an intelligent, end-to-end API solution.

Using Artificial Intelligence To Regulate Language? Beyond the usefulness of artificial intelligence, it's easy to draw a line in terms of its limitations; whilst AIs process language at a basic level, its intricacies are impossible to program into a machine.

Honor 10 Lite with 24MP AI Selfie Camera hands-on, Launching on Jan. 22 Honor is preparing to launch their new selfie-centric Honor 10 Lite in the Philippines. Before the official unveiling on January 22, we're lucky enough to get our hands-on on their AI-powered smartphone. Read on to find out why this is one of the best selfie camera phones in 2019.

AI Predicts Humans Have an Ancestor We Don't Even Know About Yet Scientists trained an algorithm "to learn to predict human demographics using genomes obtained through hundreds of thousands of simulations," says Òscar Lao, principal investigator at the Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico and an expert in this type of simulation, in a press statement.

AI Crushes Crypto As Top Job For Tech Workers, AngelList Reports Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence was the top industry coveted in 2018 by the 8 million job seekers registered on the platform's job board, AngelList Talent, the company announced Thursday. "The amount of users searching for positions in AI was one of the biggest surprises of the year," says Amit Matani, AngelList Talent's CEO.

How Blockchain is Driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution The “fourth industrial revolution” is driven by a trinity of disruptive technologies: blockchain, the internet of things, and AI.

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