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How Artificial Intelligence Is Supporting Humanity in the Battle Against Coronavirus We might need to accept the fact that while AI will not be our lone savior this time, it might provide a thicker layer of protection from future pandemics. Together with genetic applied science, AI is not only supporting our understanding of how this virus spreads but also helping us manage and contain its devastating effects.

Hyundai to build smart mobility lab in Singapore Hyundai Motor is building an open innovation lab to develop future mobility technologies in Singapore's Jurong Innovation District. Construction is expected to start in May this year and completed by the second half of 2022.

Computershare Valuation Services improves quality control of valuation photo reviews with AI and machine learning Computershare Valuation Services' robust suite of products and services includes appraisals, evaluations, hybrid appraisals, broker price opinions, reconciliations and reviews, inspections, data and analytics, and more.

Algorithmic Justice League protests bias voice AI and media coverage Others who participated in the computer science art piece include former White House CTO Megan Smith, Race After Technology author Ruha Benjamin, Design Justice author Sasha Costanza-Chock, and Kimberlé Crenshaw, a professor of law at Columbia Law School and UCLA.

AI tool finds 3 coronavirus signs that often lead to a severe case Most coronavirus cases are mild or moderate, and some people might not even experience any symptoms before they recover from COVID-19. The elderly and those suffering from other medical conditions…

ThetaRay, Provider of Big Data and AI-enhanced Analytics Tools, Joins Microsoft's Partner Program to Offer AML Solution ThetaRay, a provider of Big Data and artificial intelligence -enhanced analytics tools, has joined Microsoft's partner program, One Commercial Partner, which provides various cloud-powered solutions. ThetaRay's anti-money laundering solution for correspondent banking can be accessed through Microsoft's Azure Marketplace.

Here's what you can and can't do in Victoria right now Are you confused about the latest "two-person" rule? You're not alone. Ever since we wrote about the 15 things you might not know about Victoria's 'stay at home' restrictions, we've been getting comments and emails from confused Melburnians asking for clarification.

This Microsoft Browser Extension Is Here to Take on Grammarly Microsoft recently rebranded Office 365 to Microsft 365 as the Redmond-based tech giant forays into features that extend beyond the work life. One feature that is in direct competition with Grammarly is Microsoft Editor.

Pro-Sales Team places first at international sales competition - THE MERCURY Players competed against 80 opponents in role-play, speed-selling events. UTD's Pro Sales Team beat out 80 other schools from around the world to win first place at the International Collegiate Sales Competition, bringing back the Collegiate World Cup of Sales.

Mr. Mukherjee Contributed To Tech Revolution In Business The way technology has penetrated our lives has changed almost everything for us. Furthermore, these changes are occurring at a staggering pace. From shopping online to communicating worldwide, technological advancements have been incorporated into all aspects of our existence.

Why Your Customer Experience Strategy Needs a CDP A customer experience strategy is only as good as your organization's ability to implement and execute that strategy. All those months of planning and 10,000 foot thinking can only get you so far if you cannot leverage those plans to move the needle on your customer-facing marketing campaigns and the business plans you support.

Strategies Successful Startups Use to Raise Money and Win Market Validation Discover how the Business Model Canvas, Pitch Memos, and Pitch Decks can help your startup succeed.

AI Tools for Imaging - Is There A Role with COVID-19? Are AI Tools Needed During COVID-19? Whether you even need an AI tool is up for debate, she said, and it all depends on the context in which you're gathering the images. Current guidance from both the American College of Radiology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends against using any chest imaging for COVID-19 detection.

Nike Vaporflys Named World Athletics 2019 World Athlete of the Year "The Vaporflys had the greatest season in the history of athletics. They broke five world records, won 12 World Marathon Majors, and ran the 10 fastest men's marathons of the year. They ran a 2:01 marathon and a 2:02 marathon on the same day. Get back to me when a human does that!

ACM Prize in Computing awarded to AlphaGo developer Credit: Association for Computing Machinery. ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, today announced that David Silver is the recipient of the 2019 ACM Prize in Computing for breakthrough advances in computer game-playing.

Residents use smart appliances around their homes to make life easier HUNTINGTON — Imagine a world where you can turn on a light with a voice command, add an item to a shopping list without having to write anything down and.

SCTE-ISBE launches standards working groups for telehealth, AI, smart cities — The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers and its international arm International Society of Broadband Experts announced Tuesday the launch of the new Explorer initiative that encompasses seven new SCTE-ISBE standards working groups for emerging technologies and services.

Decompress With These Video Game Dreamscapes The covid-19 museum closures have made abundantly clear that accession committees and the web's corporate overlords don't have much love for net art.

Prayut warns 'ineligible' will have aid money confiscated The authorities will take money back from people who are not eligible but have registered for the 5,000-baht financial aid granted by the government to ease the impact of Covid-19, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha warned on Tuesday.

Travel is Social Media's Most Talked-About Topic Right Now While COVID-19 dictates that we currently live in a state of virtual lockdown, travel emerges as the prevailing topic under discussion in the social-media sphere.

Tipalti Launches AI For Accounts Payable "Tipalti Pi" Founded in 2010, Tipalti claims it is the only supplier payments automation solution to streamline all phases of the AP and payment management workflow in one holistic cloud platform.

Artificial intelligence pinpoints coronavirus abnormalities from chest x-rays in seconds A London-based firm said it's developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that can help to quickly pinpoint COVID-19 abnormalities in chest x-rays. Behold.AI said Tuesday that its Red Dot platform takes half a minute to recognize such findings on radiographs.

Forecasting Artificial Intelligence's Impact on Architecture ArchDaily has compiled a list of six “visions” portraying how artificial intelligence may change architecture, relying on MIT Professor Max Tegmark’s quote as the foundation for t…

Babylon Health claims its AI accurately triages patients in 85% of cases UK firm Babylon Health claims that its AI system can appropriately triage patients in 85% of cases - on par with human experts.

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