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AI experts are studying the way that kids' brains develop, and it could be a game-changer for the technology Researchers are looking more closely at how kids learn to improve artificial intelligence systems.

WANG - On Yesterday, Song-Writing and Artificial intelligence By now, you've probably heard about the upcoming film Yesterday. It follows a struggling musician who gets the break of a lifetime when he's rudely waylaid by a truck, and he awakens to a world suddenly forgetful of The Beatles.

Amazon and Nvidia bring artificial intelligence to the cloud with T4 GPUs Nvidia has announced that mainstream servers designed to run the company's data science acceleration software are now available; additionally, Amazon will be implementing the technology into its Amazon Web Services stack for customers looking to take advantage of accelerated machine learning tasks in the cloud.

Bill Gates says AI should improve education and medicine Artificial intelligence is an unusual technology with the potential to both harm and help us, Microsoft co-founder and now philanthropist Bill Gates urged. So to ensure it's a boon, we should put AI to work improving health and education.

AWS adopts Nvidia's Tesla T4 chip for AI inference Amazon's AWS today announced the introduction of EC2 instances with Tesla T4 GPUs that will be available to users in the coming weeks in G4 instances. T4 will also be available through the Amazon Elastic Container service for Kubernetes.

Nvidia announces $99 AI computer for developers, makers, and researchers But the Nano is aiming even smaller. Nvidia is launching a developer kit of the Nano targeting "embedded designers, researchers, and DIY makers" for $99, and production-ready modules for commercial companies for $129. The company also unveiled a fun DIY project for any advanced makers: an open-source $250 autonomous robotics kit named JetBot.

Nvidia AI turns sketches into photorealistic landscapes in seconds Today at Nvidia GTC 2019, the company unveiled a stunning image creator. Using generative adversarial networks, users of the software are with just a few clicks able to sketch images that are nearly photorealistic. The software will instantly turn a couple of lines into a gorgeous mountaintop sunset.

Explainable AI and the Rebirth of Rules But if you want to use artificial intelligence in a regulated industry, you better be able to explain how the machine predicted a fraud or criminal suspect, a bad credit risk, or a good candidate for drug trials.

We're not prepared for the promise of artificial intelligence, experts warn AI will bring prosperity, but also big problems if proper measures are not taken: MIT expert.

Can AI Work Receive a Copyright? Copyright Office Proposes Procedure Update Copyright Office sought public input on revisions to its internal procedures on Friday, proposing language that highlighted the challenges of ascertaining authorship in an era of technology-aided creation. On Friday, March 15, the U.S.

AI in dermatology: Imaging a future "…to promote the rapid and accurate reading of… skin lesions." That was part of the answer Doctor Eric Topol gave in a recent New York Times interview when asked where Artificial Intelligence shows the most promise in medicine.

Bad cup of Java leaves nasty taste in IBM Watson's 'AI' mouth: Five security bugs to splat in analytics gear Worst brew than that time El Reg went on a road trip and stopped at a Denny's.

Colby Cosh: Let's beat our government-funded AI addiction together Government money, money that might be used to fix a streetlight or buy an MRI machine, is raining down upon the AI frontier in awesome quantities. Some of it will end up going to charlatans or idiots.

Self-Driving Cars May Hit People With Darker Skin More Often On average, the models' accuracy decreased by 5 percent when examining the group containing images of pedestrians with darker skin tones, even when the researchers accounted for variables such as whether the photo was taken during the day or at night.

Spain’s 2gether Unveils Prepaid Crypto Debit Card, as Polispay Cancels Theirs 2gether, a Spanish banking platform, has announced the launch of its prepaid Visa debit card that allows holders to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency. Customers can use the card to make payment in euros or via bitcoin core, bitcoin cash, ripple, ethereum, EOS, litecoin and stellar.

Influencer Marketing Is Not Dead, But It Is Being Reborn Influencer marketing is very much alive and thriving. According to a Linqia "The State of Influencer Marketing 2018" survey of 181 marketers across industries, influencer marketing is here to stay. In fact, "86% of marketers used influencer marketing in 2017, 92% of whom found it effective.

Lufthansa inspires India to travel with its new campaign #LifeChangingPlaces As part of the campaign, Lufthansa has introduced a ‘Mobile Inspiration Tool’ that uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend ‘life-changing places’ basis users’ surroundings.

Historic office redevelopment lands tech tenants Two cutting-edge technology firms have claimed the creative office space in downtown's historic Main and Co redevelopment, developer NewForm Real Estate announced. relocated its downtown Houston office to 8,457 square feet. The company provides an integrated analytics platform for oil and gas clients.

Facebook Says of which currently Uses Machine Learning To Detect Revenge Porn "Finding these images goes beyond detecting nudity on our platforms," wrote Antigone Davis, Facebook's global head of safety.

Intel and Facebook Give Cooper Lake an Artificial Intelligence Boost - Digital Trends Expected to be released sometime in mid-2019, Cooper Lake offers an upgrade to Cascade Lake, offering Core i7, Core i9, and a range of Xeon processors with Intel's 14nm microarchitecture.

U.S. Congressional Rep. plans national strategy to maintain global artificial intelligence lead Congressional Representative Will Hurd will devise a national artificial intelligence strategy for the country, as Congress will play a critical role in the implementation of both AI, and the 5G networks that enable its further adoption, he told an audience at IBM's Think Gov conference, Nextgov reports.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Recruitment in 2019 Nurturing the applicants. Shortlisting these candidates. With tools like Google Hire and tons others in the market you can easily automate these tasks. You can use efficiently screened candidates and ask questions through a chatbot. You would only spend a few minutes setting up the screening process when compared to manual screening.

Google research shows how AI can make ophthalmologists more effective IMAGE: As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, diagnosing disease faster and potentially with greater accuracy than physicians, some have suggested that technology may soon replace tasks that physicians currently perform. view more. Credit: American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Artificial Intelligence: the New Energy Advancements in AI stand to benefit the energy sector but come with own limitations and practical concerns. Examples in Energy: In energy, there are quite a few interesting examples in both the retail and the commercial space:.

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