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LG's four-step plan to advance Artificial Intelligence and enhance our lives AI is going be playing a bigger part of our lives from now on and LG has outlined a new framework at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for the deployment of the technology which it hopes will become a seamless transition into our lives.

Machine Learning Machine Learning is the part of Artificial Intelligence. ML create the ability for machines to learn itself the real world problem and used to. Basically Machine learning doesn't required fully programmed function which requires only the algorithm to experience the problem.

Chile is a front-runner in Latin America's Artificial Intelligence race Chile is making its mark in the world, and specifically in the Latin America, with its focus on technology. But as the the country moves closer to its goal, it sees the need for more coordinated policies.

The future of education services for schools is in workflow This week McKinsey published a new report addressing the question of how AI will impact K-12 teachers. The research suggests that 20-40% of current teacher time comprises tasks that could be automated.

Artificial Intelligence Meets the World of Sports In our fast paced and cutting-edge society, people are always looking for a competitive advantage. Since the advent of AI and Machine Learning, companies like IBM, Amazon, and Salesforce have used this technology to set themselves apart.

TM Forum’s Smart City Operations Map delivers essential design and development tools - TM Forum 10+ cities in China already using Smart City Operations Map for overall operations and programs; Smart City program is key part of TM Forum's collaborative work focused on helping CSPs access critical markets to offer new products and services.

Life will soon be like 'Her' - and we'll fall in love with AI With each passing day, we're using artificial intelligence for a variety of purposes and jobs. It has penetrated almost every industry and is helping them become innovative, develop authentic tools, and build strategies towards a sustainable future.

15 Best Smart Bathroom Products from CES 2020 Have you been in a situation when toilet paper is out and you can't move without cleaning yourself? The global consumer goods company Procter and Gamble has come up with Charmin RollBot as a solution to the problem. This new home robot can bring a fresh roll of toilet paper right on your command.

Making the world better, one step at a time - your startup fix for the week Backed by Y Combinator, the startup operates a Netflix-like model to make an impact on climate change by reducing the carbon footprint. Here's to more such inspiring stories. For more inspiration, we have a few startup stories to boost your Monday. Ramki Gadipatti and Bhavin Turakhia - Founders of Zeta.

How Quartz used AI to sort through the Luanda Leaks Reporters had a problem: 350 GB of documents is a lot of documents. Enter machine learning.

Mayo Clinic provides HeraMED with a massive dataset of pregnancy records Medical technology company, HeraMED Limited has received approximately 90,000 pregnancy records from research and development collaborator the Mayo Clinic, which will be implemented into its OrionAI platform.

AppsVillage Inks AI deal to drive Micro-finance growth Special Report: AppsVillage Australia has partnered with leading credit risk analytics company Credit Risk Community, a move expected to push it towards becoming a leading global SMB lender. AppsVillage Australia is ensuring its new lending business is as safe as possible, by partnering up with a credit risk analytics business.

Samsung's Neon 'artificial humans' are confusing everyone. We set the record straight Neon is in its early start-up phase, generating buzz and interest, as well as possible use cases when the technology matures. At CES, Neons acted mostly in a chatbot capacity, as an AI engine with a face that you can speak to. but about far more than the weather or how long it will take to drive to the mall.

Apple Acquires To Bolster AI At The Edge Apple's acquisition of shows the growing significance of AI at Edge and the need to simplifying it.

How data is driving business investment Locations delivering uptime. Traditionally, tech-based businesses and massive data users have been drawn to capital cities. But as regions step up with newer and better infrastructure, many companies are looking beyond the capitals.

At Lanvin Corto Maltese Got the Look Discover NOWFASHION, the first real time fashion photography magazine to publish exclusive live fashion shows. Get to see the latest fashion runways in streaming!

How AI Will Improve Threat Protection in 2020 Cybersecurity is one of the biggest ongoing global challenges. It's not uncommon for companies to experience thousands or even millions of attempted cyberattacks each year. Adding connected infrastructure and IoT devices to the mix is a priority for many businesses, but these technologies broaden the threat surface substantially.

Master class in Python with ML One of my biggest goal in 2020 is to dive deep in Python and machine learning; two things I haven't really explored in the time I've been in tech. That's about to change. Even though I have experience with other frameworks and programming languages, I do not consider my self as an "experience Python developer".

Canadian Company has Developed Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Sobriety Testing for Alcohol / Cannabis Impairment Cultivar Holdings Inc., which recently began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange, is being described as a revolutionary company that is expected to see explosive growth as retailers and other entities utilize the proven artificial intelligence technology that is the first o.

Today's teachers will reap the benefits of AI in education The same should apply in education; by embracing digital evolution, our educators and learners will thrive. Recent Office for National Statistics research states that 1.5 million jobs in England are at 'high risk of some of their duties and tasks being automated in the future' - and teaching is highlighted as an area to watch.

From Washington state to Washington DC, lawmakers rush to regulate facial recognition Lawmakers this week considered facial recognition regulation and expressed a sense of urgency to take action. Microsoft and Amazon were top of mind.

Patent pride: 900 patents granted to Indian inventors with IBM With this, India is the second largest contributor to IBM's worldwide patents list for the year. "The pace of innovation continues to accelerate and reach unprecedented levels, especially in IBM's Labs.

Celebrities react to Ai-Ai Delas Alas' emotional statement on Jiro Manio Celebrities react to Ai-Ai Delas Alas' emotional statement on Jiro Manio.

Kiss-and-tell matinee idol's conquests: True stories or tall tales? Before Garrulous Enchanter became part of one of the most successful local onscreen love teams, he used to take pride in sharing stories of his sexual conquests with anyone who would listen. GE was so proud of his exploits that these became the stories he told his coactors whenever they would join him in drinking sessions.

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