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The Bizarre Psychology of Medical ASMR Videos A woman's serene face fills the screen. A pink stethoscope hangs from her neck, and her big, blue eyes offer a calming, sympathetic smile. "Hey hun," she says softly, looking straight into a camera that's positioned in a way to give the impression that you, the viewer, are gently reclining.

So Satisfying's new look taps into our ASMR obsession So far, ad agencies and marketers have only scratched the surface of ASMR's potential but in the hands of artists, designers and makers we're set to see its true and lasting impact unfold." Part of New York-based IMGN Media, So Satisfying has made a name for itself curating and creating content that sates our appetite for sensory stimulation.

The Strange, Subtle Matter of ASMR Erotica Although many fans and creators claim the appeal isn't sexual, much of the genre flirts with intimacy. Close your eyes—and open up.

On Having No Head by Douglas Harding - A Reading Hey everyone, my new Casual Reading features Douglas Harding's book: On Having No Head. This is #1, and I will be releasing more. If you enjoy it and want to help my channel out, please consider sharing the video, writing a comment, or subscribing to my channel on YouTube!

The Pokémon Company just released a couple of ASMR videos. My life is complete. As the popularity of ASMR videos continues to take over the Internet, The Pokémon Company decided to jump on the bandwagon and release their own series of Pokémon ASMR videos. ASMR, for those of you who don't already know, stands for autonomous sensory meridian response.

Charmander will calm players down with a sweet ASMR video "Pokémon" has launched its first ASMR video and it stars Charmander! The franchise has been increasingly popular since the release of "Pokémon Sword and Shield". Despite some critics, the last video game of the series was well received by gamers and it has become one of the fastest-selling instalments of the Switch.

ASMR and the Soothing Power of Experts Laurence Scott is a lecturer in writing at New York University in London and the author, most recently, of Picnic Comma Lightning: The Experience of Reality in the Twenty-First Century. This article appears in the February issue. Subscribe now.

WATCH: Pokémon Releases ASMR Videos to Help You Relax Pokémon just got into the ASMR trend and we're all here for it! On YouTube, Pokémon uploaded two videos that will surely tingle your senses: one of a sleepy Charmander resting by a campfire, and one of a giddy Chespin munching on a plate of macarons.

Game-Themed ASMR Videos The PokÃmon Company Launched Official ASMR Content with Popular Characters The PokÃmon Company recently released a number of official ASMR videos, which were created for the enjoyment of PokÃmon fans. The company states that official ASMR videos could also provide viewers with a sense of Paresthesia, which is defined as a tingling sensation.

So, Nintendo-Approved Pokémon ASMR Videos Exist The baffling trend of official Nintendo ASMR videos is continuing unabated, only this time it's Charmander and Chespin from the Pokémon franchise who are creating weird noises for the people wearing headphones.

Unnerving: The Pokémon Company has released terrifying ASMR videos Someone, please erase it from my memory. There's more! Chespin gets in on the ASMR action with a "Happy Snack Time:" This one is mercifully short at 8 minutes. Still, it's just Chespin gorging themselves with snacks. In addition, this is advertised as a "Kids Song." I don't know why, as it is just a cacophony of munching sounds.

'Pokémon' Releases Official ASMR Videos 'Pokémon' Releases Official ASMR Videos: Helping you relax.

My Favorite ASMR Rooms for Reading Time ASMR rooms capitalize on the "well-being" and cozy feelings associated with standard ASMR videos with the added bonus of having a visual aesthetic that makes you feel like you're in the room with the sounds you're hearing. For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, this will make more sense once you dive into the links below!

The official Pokémon ASMR already exists with this video The official channel of Pokemon YouTube has published a video of ASMR with Charmander as protagonist, sleeping next to a campfire. As Eurogamer discovered, the video begins with Charmander lying on his side before using the flame at the end of his tail to light a fire.

Official Pokémon ASMR is a fantastic way to chill out I've never truly been an ASMR person. The noise of another person's voice isn't necessarily relaxing for me. However an extremely charming Pokémon chewing cookies? Yes, that'll do. The Pokémon Company launched two ASMR-styled videos this week, one of which features grass-type Pokémon Chespin eating crunchy, colorful cookies.

You Can Now Forget Your Existential Dread With Pokémon ASMR The world is terrible and everything is on fire, but heading into the weekend, you can at least try to stifle the urge to scream with two new Pokémon ASMR videos. The first features a cheeky little Chespin nomming on some macarons, while the second stars a snoozy Charmander napping by a crackling campfire.

Pokémon's First Official ASMR Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today You might just be overwhelmed with relaxation and cuteness.

Official Pokemon ASMR video starts 2020 off right Love it or hate it, ASMR seems to be everywhere these days. ASMR videos have a way of popping in YouTube search results seemingly regardless of the topic, and with some of the biggest ASMR content creators getting millions of views on their videos, it's no wonder that we're now seeing big companies try to capitalize on the craze.

This Official Pokemon ASMR Video Lets You Watch a Sleeping Charmander by a Crackling Fire The Pokemon Company has released an official Charmander ASMR video that shows the Pokemon sleeping by a crackling fire in the woods - how relaxing.

Official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel uploads ASMR ASMR is nothing new, but the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel posted a video yesterday focusing on that type of content to its audience of over one million subscribers. If you enjoy listening to the crackling of a burning fire, then you can now enjoy it with the added company of an animated Charmander that just wants to grab a quick nap.

Warm up on These Winter Days With Some Heated Pokémon ASMR Featuring a Sleepy Charmander Feelin' cold on these winter days? Minus degrees where you live? Then, the official Pokémon YouTube has the perfect video to warm you up and make you feel good, a Charmander by campfire ASMR. The 30-minute video has an adorable Charmander rolling about while napping the night away.

Official Pokemon ASMR Videos Released; Watch Charmander Sleep and Chespin Eat Today, the official Pokemon YouTube channel jumped in on the fun and released two of their own ASMR videos! The two videos feature two iconic Pokemon's - Charmander and Chespin. The two videos are different but they share the same ASMR vein.

Random: Warm Yourselves By The Charmander In This Official Pokémon ASMR Video Video: Here's The First Episode Of Pokémon: Twilight Wings, The New Online Anime Series. Watch it right here. Talking Point: Why Pokémon Sword and Shield's Expansion Pass Changes The Rules For The Series. No more $40 makeover sequels as Game Freak voyages into new territory.

Pok駑on's official ASMR video lets you relax to fireside Charmander It's Friday - and after a long week, what better way to relax than by staring at a Charmander lounging by a fire. Wait, what? The latest video published by the official Pok駑on channel, following hot on the heels of the first Galar-region animated short, is an ASMR video of fireside Charmander.

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