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ASMR with My Mom!! This is one of our favorite videos we've ever made with Momma Perez!! Next level HILARIOUS! And magical! Watch! Enjoy! Share! Tags: latinolicious, momma perez, pereztv, personally perez, tacky and true, wacky, youtube.

Love Food? Love ASMR? You Need to Watch This Video Never created a password? Create one here. Don't have an account? Sign up today. It's Wednesday afternoon and we don't know about you, but we've hit a wall. That means it's time for a little YouTube procrastination break. First in our queue? The above ASMR video created by meal kit company Plated.

Whisperlodge is immersive theater through live ASMR Autonomous sensory meridian response describes the pleasant tingling sensation that some people feel on the back of their necks when confronted with particular audio-visual stimuli. Rough Cut. ▲ Hide Transcript. ▶ View Transcript.

ASMR YouTube Channels for the Resistance Soft-spoken conversations with conservatives, newspaper turning, and more.

Harley Releases Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Track Harley's guided meditation uses one of the mindful-world's greatest tools-of-the-moment, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR for short, is a trending practice, particularly on YouTube, and runs users through a guided meditation, triggering relaxing neurological responses from listeners.

Bob Ross - Man of Memes, Art, ASMR and Unlikely Pop Culture King So, let me start off by stating the obvious: I am a huge Bob Ross fan, and I didn't come by it just these past few years, I've been a fan since a wee kid in the 80s. Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross were the DUDES to watch on PBS. Calm voices, no hyper, shrieking cartoons, just a gentle time to wind down and experience Mr.

Stress Rant It has been the signature four months since my last post so it is time to dive back in tho the dark depths of my mind. School started today, I was not slaying though my earrings were a whole new level of cute! I went and got myself a gym memebership. Help my poor soul.

The internet just turned this ASMR girl into a meme and it's HILARIOUS Well not all of them but internet icon Life with Mak has a whole hit YouTube channel dedicated to the art of autonomous sensory meridian response. If there's a sound you love hearing, Mak's got you covered. Eating crickets? Check. Teeth tapping? Check.

Soap Crunching: In Praise Of Scrunching Up Cleaning Products In a recent post we took a peak at knifing kinetic sand. But some people just want to see soap burn. So we're here to promote the ancient practice of getting flaky soap and scrunching it up in a satisfying manner. Dealing with a lot of stress today? Well, get ready to not be !

WTF is ASMR? Can It Help With Anxiety? Just like lots of people with anxiety, I have often turned to the internet in search of ways to help sooth a jumpy mind. A mind that can sometimes feel like it's wired up to an electric current on maximum voltage… So less than ideal.

Twitch is ditching IRL label, introducing distinct categories for ASMR, vlogging and more "IRL" will no longer be a generic category on Twitch. The company is introducing more than 10 specific categories for streamers who want to broadcast non-gaming entertainment, according to information on Twitch's public work board.

Twitch will provide specific streaming categories, from Tabletop RPGs to ASMR Twitch is changing two of its categories to give streamers "better ways to describe your stream beyond just the game or category you're streaming." The changes, due to arrive next month, will primarily affect the 'IRL' and 'Creative' tabs, and will also see the removal of Twitch Communities.

Watch Kids Teach a Slightly Confused Jimmy Kimmel All About the Weird World of ASMR What's perhaps the best thing about Jimmy Kimmel having a show is the way that he regularly involves young children in his different segments.

Best of Pittsburgh - Spotlight: Lily Whispers ASMR Already a proud Pittsburgher, she says being recognized for Lily Whispers ASMR makes her "feel even more appreciative to be part of this community and proud of what I do." « PREV: Best of Pittsburgh - Spotlight: Leo… - NEXT: Best of Pittsburgh - Spotlight: Mil… » var url = "/pittsburgh / best-of-pittsburgh-spotlight-lily-whispers-asmr...

Watch: MAMAMOO Hilariously Tackles Dance And ASMR Challenges On "Idol Room" MAMAMOO appeared on the August 7 broadcast of JTBC's "Idol Room," putting their unique, relaxed brand of variety charm on full display.

Watch: There's NO WAY You're Getting Through This Entire ASMR Video Here's a challenge for you. Try sitting through this entire "ASMR video". If you can't, you gotta comment below with what point in the video you stopped watching!

Investigating Instagram's Newest Craze: Soap Cutting Like many teens, I have my daily ritual of scrolling through Instagram. I love catching up with my friends, watching funny videos, and seeing what the newest viral trend is; and normally, I don't take a second look at what I'm watching. However, recently, videos of people cutting soap - yes, slicing through soap - caught my attention.

I need all the ASMR I can get We're back from India and about a week away from moving so, as you can imagine, I am very FHEJSDAKJDOIWEJRIOEWJDWAKFNKAJFDOASJD:OWAK. India India India. It was wonderful to be with our family, and it was very special to be able to mark the anniversary of V's dad's passing with so many loved ones.

Can ASMR Help You Learn A Language? The term Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response was coined by a woman named Jennifer Allen, who founded and worked with Doctor Richard on the ASMR Research Project. Allen wanted people to be able to discuss this phenomenon objectively, without using words that were sexual, taboo or didn't align with their own experiences.

Soap and foam ASMR videos are fun and also dangerous While these videos are calming and entertaining for many, I also couldn't help but wonder if it's okay to just carve up a fresh bar of soap and rip foam for numerous videos. What do they with the pieces they cut up and the leftovers right after?

Video games and ASMR: The science of pop-culture tingles She speaks in a low, patient whisper punctuated by a wide smile, her face inches away from the camera. Her voice is soothing and her eyes are warm. "Let me give you this shield potion," she says, reaching out of frame.

The sensory video craze sweeping YouTube: A guide to ASMR Does watching a video of someone eating a pickle or gently brushing their hair leave you feeling almost euphoric? If so, you are not alone. It's called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response - also known as the 'brain tingles' or 'braingasms' - and it's become something of a phenomenom lately.

J.I.D Does ASMR Speaking On His Career & DiCaprio 2 With Fuse J.I.D touches on a lot in the video, covering his upbringing in Atlanta while chomping on some wings. He also reveals he has a new project on the way titled DiCaprio 2, serving as a follow up to his 2015 project. He claims the tape is named after his favorite actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday with a bunch of Harry Potter ASMR, if that's your thing Today is, canonically speaking, boy wizard Harry Potter's birthday. He is 38, it seems. While we wait to learn that Harry suffered from rickets or whatever, let's celebrate The Boy Who Lived To Be At Least 38 with this new YouTube collection of unintentional Harry Potter ASMR.

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