ASMR: service or performance?

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SleepStusioASMR • Dec 9, 2018

ASMR: service or performance? Service such as a masseuse, a therapist, a nurse, etc and is customer need driven. Performance as in something that is for entertainment purposes, or sensually appealing (not sexual but pertaining to visually, aurally pleasing) and is audience retention driven.

Obviously it can be both, given clear definitions.

The question arises from observing an undeniable pattern in analytics and viewer response. Particularly how and why certain aspects of ASMR presentations are favored over others. More specifically, a newer ASMRtist noted an increase in traffic when they humored a particular request from a viewer to present themselves in a way that is often fetishised by certain demographics. The artist then was at an impass knowing that they were obliging something sensually appealing versus providing the service of aurally triggering the ASM Response as they originally intended by creating the channel to begin with.

Aside from the artists comfort level, where is the line? Is there a line? Do artists and/or viewers have an obligation to maintain a level of integrity regarding the definition of ASMR and it's representation? Is that important at all? Or is all fair in love and war (for subscribers)?

SleepStusioASMR • Dec 9, 2018

Clarification: what the artist had done was/is not inherently sexual or inappropriate in nature by itself, it was after the fact that they realized it was being sexualized by fetishists and cultivating and unexpected amount of attention.

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