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2020, August 12: Jupiter, Saturn Evening StarsBright Jupiter and Saturn shine from the southeastern sky after sunset during August 2020.

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Mt. Stromlo Public Astronomy Night OnlineJoin Mount Stromlo Observatory and the Canberra Astronomical Society for an online observing night part of National Science Week!

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Rooted Under the StarsI was honored to be approached by The Adler Planetarium for their new Google Arts and Culture exhibition "Raíces Bajo Las Estrellas: Rooted Under the Stars" to demonstrate the amazing contributions of Latinx and Hispanic individuals in the US to the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, astrophotography, and science in general; show barriers to...

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Tamworth Regional Council approves Astronomy Club loanThe club's vice president Garry Copper was "thrilled" at the approval, taking a load of his mind about how to make the interior shine.

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A Huge Ring-Like Structure on Ganymede Might be the Result of an Enormous ImpactWas Ganymede struck by a massive asteroid about 4 billion years ago? A study says yes, and the impact shaped the future of the Solar System's largest moon.

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It's Starting to Look Like Ceres is an Ocean World, TooA new and thorough analysis of high-resolution images and data from NASA's Dawn mission have now provided fresh insights into the dwarf planet Ceres, with intriguing evidence that Ceres has a global subsurface salty ocean, and has been geologically active in the recent past.

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2020, August 12: Mars, A Planetary DanceMars begins its planetary dance as it nears its closest approach to Earth and its opposition with the sun.

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2020, August 12: Venus Last Morning in OrionBrilliant planet Venus is moving through the “club” region of Orion. Tomorrow it moves into Gemini.

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5 NASA Science Projects That Can Help Teach Kids AstronomyKids and adults can get involved these citizen science experiments from NASA researchers. Each one comes with educational materials that can help you learn about everything from alien planets to finding asteroids.

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Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico suffers serious damage after cable breaksOne of Arecibo's supporting cables snapped early Monday morning , ripping a 100-foot-long gash in the giant radio dish. Shared .

You can see the 2020 Perseid meteor shower in a free Slooh webcast tonightThe annual Perseid meteor shower has just peaked, but it's not too late to spot one of the famed "shooting stars" in the night sky — or in a live webcast. Shared .

SpaceX is Hiring People to Help Build a Resort at the Boca Chica Launch FacilitySpaceX recently announced that they are looking for a Resort Development Manager to help them turn Boca Chica into a bona fide spaceport.

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Beck teams up with NASA and AI for 'Hyperspace' visual album experienceGrammy award-winning artist Beck took an ethereal journey to the stars for his 2019 record "Hyperspace." Now, he has taken this cosmic journey a giant leap forward in a collaboration with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and artificial intelligence creatives OSK. Shared .

NASA to stop using racist nicknames for cosmic objectsNASA will discontinue the use of certain nicknames for astronomical objects that are considered to be racist, the space agency said Aug. Shared .

Inspired by real astronauts, Netflix sends Hilary Swank 'Away' to MarsAn American astronaut joins an international crew for a long-duration spaceflight and has to endure both the challenges of the mission and the effects of being separated from Earth. Shared .

Dozens of Perseid meteors snapped by ESA camera on Canary Islands2020's Perseid Meteor Shower lit up the European Space Agency's meteor camera at the Canary Long-Baseline Observatory on Tenerife from Aug.

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The Perseid Meteor ShowerThe Perseid meteor shower peaks in the early-morning hours. This is the finest meteor shower of the year for northern stargazers, with 40-60 meteors per hour visible at the peak in the hours before dawn on August 13.

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'Butterfly' nebula glides across a starry sky in beautiful new videoA new image taken by the Very Large Telescope in Chile shows a butterfly-like nebula gliding across the skies. Shared .

5 Things That Changed Weather Forecasting ForeverOur ability to predict the weather, though still imperfect, would astound our ancestors. And decades of improvements in weather satellite technology, driven by teams of fiercely dedicated scientists and engineers, have made that possible.

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Blanet: A new class of planet that could form around black holesThe dust clouds around supermassive black holes are the perfect breeding ground for an exotic new type of planet. Shared .

Hubble Trivia: 1) How Big is the Hubble Space Telescope?The Hubble Space Telescope has been answering questions about the universe for over 30 years.

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Hubble Trivia: 2) How Far Has Hubble Seen Into the Universe?The Hubble Space Telescope has been revealing the secrets of the universe for over 30 years, but it turns out Hubble has some secrets of its own!

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Ceres: The Lesson of Occator CraterWe learned some time ago from the Dawn mission just how interesting a place Ceres is.

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Dormant Small Galaxies Slowly Accumulate Gas Over Billion Of YearsThe question of how small, dwarf galaxies have sustained the formation of new stars over the course of the Universe has long confounded the worlds astronomers.

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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: 15 key milestones to celebrate 15 years in spaceHere are 15 of the biggest discoveries from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Shared .

Astronomers discover most-distant Milky Way-like galaxy ever observedAug. 12 - Astronomers have discovered a Milky Way lookalike 12 billion light-years from Earth - the most distant Milky Way-like galaxy ever observed - according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

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Canada's last intact ice shelf just collapsedIn less than 48 hours, the last intact ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic collapsed, losing more than 40% of its mass. Shared .

Sky News This Week: August 12, 2020Evidence builds for Ceres watery underground, a Milky Way-like galaxy is found in the young universe, and Mars might be a colder planet than imagined in its&.

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Perseid Meteor Shower: Spectacular Images Shared By Citizen AstronomersCitizen astronomers captured stunning images of the Perseid meteor shower's peak last night.

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Starry Ride: Astronomers Have Created A Night Sky Tube MapAstronomers teamed up with TfL to create the space - themed offering. Each of the 11 London Underground lines, plus the DLR, Overground, trams, TfL Rail and Emirates Air Line represents a different astronomical subject.

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ALMA Observed A Dynamically Cold Disk Galaxy In Early UniverseAstronomers using the Atacama Large Array , in which the European Southern Observatory is a partner, have revealed the presence of a dynamically cold, but highly star-forming, galaxy at redshift z = 4.2.

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Hubble Examines Earth's Reflection as an 'Exoplanet' During a Lunar EclipseWhat would we look for in a distant exoplanet in the hunt for Earth-like worlds, and perhaps life?

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Seeing baby stars at every stage of their formationStars form from the collapse of dense clouds of gas and dust, which makes it very hard for astronomers to watch the process unfold.

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ESO: Very early galaxy looks surprisingly like our Milky WayA new report from the European Southern Observatory : ALMA sees most distant Milky Way look-alike Astronomers using the Atacama Large Array , in which the Europe...

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I've got a good feeling about this camera…Sensor: Sony IMX571 - Sensor Size: APS-C - Sensor Type: Back Illuminated - Pixel Size: 3.76um - Color or Monochrome: Color - Effective Pixels: 26 MP - Effective Image Area: 6280 x 4210 - Full Well Capacity: 51ke - A/D: Native 16-bit - Computer Interface: USB3.0 - Built-In Image Buffer: 1GByte/2GByte DDR3 Memory - Cooling: Dual Stage TEC cooler -...

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Another Ray Gun Heads for Mars. We Hear It Working.First there was ChemCam on Mars rover Curiosity. Now, SuperCam is on its way to the Red Planet aboard Perseverance.

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Astronomers spy a Milky Way-like galaxy in very early universeThis "ring of fire" is actually a remarkably calm and well-ordered galaxy.

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NASA astronaut mourns Beirut blast victims from spaceNASA astronaut Chris Cassidy shared a view from space of Beirut, Lebanon, a week after two massive explosions echoed through the city. Shared .

"Long Shrouded in Mystery"In the fall of 2018, astronomers reported the detection of 39 dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way, with many yet to be discovered that are hiding at large distances from the galactic center, one of which was a strangely large and dim 'Ghost' dwarf hiding at the edge of the Milky Way that's about the same size as the 7,000 light-year-wide Large...

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The Stars AboveIm gobsmacked by creation  go outside on a clear night constellations litter the black sky.

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Astronomers investigate an ultraluminous X-ray source in NGC 5055Using the Chandra and XMM-Newton spacecraft, astronomers from the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw, Poland, have investigated an ultraluminous X-ray source in the galaxy NGC 5055. Shared .

Here's What's New in the Pocket Sky Atlas, 2nd EditionEver since Sky and Telescope first introduced the Pocket Sky Atlas in 2006, and then the Jumbo version in 2015, the atlases’ enthusiastic acceptance has been more than gratifying.

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Celestron NexStar 127 SLT telescope: Full reviewWith a decent-sized aperture, the Celestron NexStar 127 SLT is suitable for beginners, who are after good views of solar system and bright deep-sky targets. Shared .

NASA maps Beirut explosion damage from space with satellitesA NASA team, using data from a European satellite program, helped map the devastation caused when an explosion rocked Beirut, Lebanon on Aug. Shared .

Perseid Meteor Captured on iPhone with NightCapAugust 12th, 2020, 04:20 a.m. local time Meteors!  They are today's topic. I got up very early this morning and saw six of them, likely from the Perseid Meteor Shower. Although the sky was clear, that pesky Moon was still shining bright at 4am, even in its Waning Crescent phase. Fortunately, my large tree to&.

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Astronaut talks living in space with Girl Scouts of USANASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, currently serving aboard the International Space Station, answers questions from the Girl Scouts of USA.

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Celestron NexStar 6SE telescope: Full reviewThe fuss-free Celestron NexStar 6SE is a high-quality telescope that offers clear and crisp views of a selection of solar system and deep-sky targets. Shared .

Meet 'Tenacity': 1st Dream Chaser space plane gets a nameThe first orbital Dream Chaser space plane recently got its wings, and a name: Tenacity. Shared .

Oil spill off Mauritius is visible from spaceThe Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius is on the brink of an environmental catastrophe after a bulk carrier struck a coral reef off its coast in late July, an accident that has led to a large oil spill visible from space. Shared .

Japan may extend Hayabusa2 asteroid mission to visit 2nd space rockJapan is considering extending Hayabusa2's mission by a decade in order to allow the spacecraft to study a second asteroid. Shared .

What Would Happen If A Black Hole Fall In A Wormhole?A recent study published in the Astrophysical Journal says that, we might be able to detect black holes falling into wormholes using ripples in spacetime known as gravitational waves, but only if wormholes actually exist and such a scenario ever happened.

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How to Pick the Perfect Beginner TelescopePicking out your first telescope can be overwhelming. This easy-to-follow guide will help you find an affordable telescope that you'll actually use.

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NASA's planet hunter TESS completes two-year-long primary missionNASAs Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, on July 4, finished its primary mission imaging about 75% of the starry sky as part of a two-year-long survey.

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The Shifting Tails of Comet NEOWISEKeep your eye on the ion tail of Comet NEOWISE. A tale of this tail is the trail of the Earth.

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Space Boffins celebrate their centurySpace Boffins celebrate their 100th Naked Scientists' edition with two major guests: NASA's head of science, Thomas Zurbuchen, and the UK Space Agency's head of human space exploration, Libby Jackson.

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Lava Tubes on the Moon and Mars are Really, Really Big. Big Enough to Fit an Entire Planetary BaseA new study says that lava caves on Mars and the Moon are much more voluminous than here on Earth.

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Dancing Night Sky4:30 am In the early morning gazing up at the night sky the stars are hidden by thick clouds, while the half moon in the North-East and Mars in the North pierce through the clouds.

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Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris could inherit a 21st-century National Space CouncilJoe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, has picked Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Shared .

Selenologist or Lunatic?The Moon, as an astronomer you may love the easewith which it fills your telescope or loathe its brightness, especially when full.

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'Space cola wars' at 35: When Coca-Cola, Pepsi tested soda in spaceJohn-David Bartoe was having none of it. A payload specialist aboard the space shuttle, Bartoe sequestered himself away from his crewmates. Shared .

Astronomers join hands to observe dimming BetelgeusePublished on January 7, 2020 Ahmedabad: Betelgeuse, the second brightest star in Orion constellation, has been visibly losing its brightness from October 2019 onwards and this has city-based amateu...

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NASA's TESS exoplanet-hunting space telescope wraps up primary missionTESS wrapped up its two-year primary mission on July 4, having discovered 66 confirmed alien planets and nearly 2,100 "candidates" that scientists still need to vet, NASA officials said. Shared .

The mysteries beyondWriter  Sanvi Arora - 300300 A thousand fantasies, a million theories, each more bizarre than the last and yet the universe surprises us more and more every day.

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Space calendar 2020: Rocket launches, sky events, missions and moreHere's a guide to all the rocket launches and astronomical events in 2020, as well as milestones for space missions, anniversaries and conferences. Shared .

130: A Salted Almond in SpaceBob Behnken and Doug Hurley have splashed down after their historic mission to the ISS, and SpaceX's finally gotten a Starship test article to hop in Texas and the OSIRIS-REx team is gearing up for their sample return flight.

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Astronomers Think They've Found the Neutron Star Remnant From Supernova 1987aRecent observations and theortetical work have brought us one step closer to resolving the mystery of what lies at the center of the supernova SN 1987A.

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InSight's Mole Is In!Can the team behind the InSight's Mole claim victory? The Mole is underground, but it's not in the clear yet.

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Presenting CS projects: Catalina Outer Solar System SurveyJust now a new NASA citizen science project was launched, called Catalina Outer Solar System Survey.

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Recap: Virtual CSWA Meet and Greet @ the 236th AAS MeetingDrawing on community input from a brief survey, our panel focused on addressing the special challenges our community faces, especially in t...

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NASA's TESS Spacecraft Completes Its Primary MissionOn July 4, 2020, NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite completed its primary mission and is continuing its search for new extrasolar worlds.

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Student and amateur CubeSat news roundupA sampling of recent articles, press releases, etc. related to student and amateur CubeSat / SmallSat projects and programs : * Univ.

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Watch live tonight: Perseid meteor shower webcastsSee live views of the Perseid meteor shower beginning at 6 p.m. Shared .

How to see the Perseid Meteor Shower and more in Aug. 2020 skywatchingFind out where to look for fireballs as the Perseid Meteor Shower peaks on Aug.

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Watch live: Slooh livestreams the Perseid meteor shower Wednesday @ 7 pm ETAstronomers with the Slooh online observatory will host a free webcast of the annual Perseid meteor shower on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Shared .

SLS Green Run test-firing to verify Core Stage design, analysis before first launchThe Green Run test campaign for NASA's first Space Launch System. Core Stage will culminate in two critical tests that will demonstrate the real-world performance of the large, complicated vehicle.

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The Martian Sky Pulses in Ultraviolet Every NightThere's a surprising phenomenon taking place in Mars' atmosphere: during the spring and fall seasons on the Red Planet, large areas of the sky pulse in ultraviolet light, exactly three times every night.

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Virtually Tour the Night Sky With the Buffalo Astronomical AssociationIf you are passionate about the night sky, look no further than the Buffalo Astronomical Association.

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TESS Completed Its Primary MissionOn July 4, NASAs Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite finished its primary mission, imaging about 75% of the starry sky as part of a two-year-long survey.

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Helium Structures Spotted in Solar CoronaAstronomers using NASA's HERSCHEL sounding rocket have obtained global images of the helium and hydrogen emission in the solar corona, the outermost part of the Sun's atmosphere.

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God-incidence of 11 and 21st anniversary of solar eclipse  Look up for your redemption draws nigh! "Glad that this email has hit the mark. It was interesting how it came about as I had no intention to write all these things until late last night when I sensed the Lord reminding me about the eclipse and prompting me to write an encouragement."

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NASA exoplanet hunter's primary mission is completeNASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite primary mission was completed on July 4, 2020. The satellite has imaged 75 percent of the sky, here are some of the highlights.

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Hubble Spots Small Moon Orbiting Trojan Asteroid EurybatesEurybates, one of the targets of NASA’s upcoming Lucy mission, has a tiny moon. Fig: Eurybates and its moon was captured by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 on September 14, 2018.

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NASA, SpaceX Complete History-Making Demo-2 MissionNASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley launched from American soil in a commercially built and operated American crew spacecraft to the International Space Station on Saturday, May 30.

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Russia names its 1st COVID-19 vaccine 'Sputnik V' after space race triumphRussia's working on a COVID-19 vaccine, and it's got a seriously space-y name: Sputnik V. Shared .

Perseid meteor shower 2020 weather forecast: Here's what to expect in the US for tonight's peak!Generally speaking, the western and southern parts of the United States will have the best viewing options, while the weather across the central and eastern states will be far more problematic. Shared .

Meet the Experts: Robots in spaceSubscribe: and click twice on the bell button to receive our out our full video catalog: us on Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Flickr: are Europe's gateway to space.

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20 Years Of Non-Stop Peaceful Cooperation In SpaceN\n\"What if we built a bridge, between and above all nations, to jointly discover the galaxy's great unknowns?"

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Intelligent Algorithms Begin Processing the UniverseIf artificial intelligence can search for alien life, it should be able to distinguish "galaxies with spiral patterns" from "galaxies without spiral patterns," said Ken-ichi Tadaki, at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan , who came up with the idea that using training data prepared by humans, allowed AI to successfully classify galaxy...

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TESS Completes its Primary MissionNow in its extended mission, TESS has turned around to resume surveying the south. In addition, the TESS team has introduced improvements to the way the satellite collects and processes data.

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89E-101-Navigating The Earth Moon DanceSpace, Asteroid Hunting, and Astronomy, an insider view. The music is "Eternity" by John Lyell.

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Physics in a second languageThree physicists share their experiences learning and communicating physics in a foreign language: English.

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Hubble and Whale Sharks?Videos, Images, and Audio Effects Page Turning Whoosh by dauzkobza via Motion Array Wind by LuLuProduction via Motion Array Camera Sound Pack 1 by Blue Kangaroo via Motion Array Crunchy Bite SFX Pack by WARP EFX via Motion Array Water Splash by Motion Audio via Motion Array Flying Through the Realistic Clouds by MambaTV via Motion Array POV...

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Pictures from space! Our image of the dayAug. 11, 2020: NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy snapped this breathtaking shot of the Galapagos Islands from his current post aboard the International Space Station. Shared .

The Perseid Meteor Shower of 2020 Peaks tonight! Here's how to watch live.The Perseids are back! This week, you can catch the annual meteor shower, a favorite of many skywatchers, as it peaks thanks to four livestreams from the Virtual Telescope Project, NASA, Lowell Observatory and the online astronomy learning platform Slooh. Shared .

Dwarf Planet Ceres has a deep salty water reservoirCeres' gravity data has revealed a 25 mile deep brine reservoir that is hundreds of miles wide.

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Lunar Eclipse: A Proxy for Exoplanet ObservationWhen it comes to detecting life on planets around other stars, my guess is that what will initially appear to be a life signature will quickly become controversial.

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What happens if black holes fall into wormholes? A new way to find out.Astronomers think they might be able to detect black holes falling into wormholes using ripples in spacetime known as gravitational waves, but only if wormholes actually exist and such a scenario ever happened, a new study finds. Shared .

'Spacepower': US Space Force releases foundational doctrineThe new military branch, which President Donald Trump officially established in December 2019, just published its first doctrine, a 41-page document called "Spacepower." Shared .

Firefly aims to debut its Alpha rocket for small satellites this fallFirefly Aerospace's Alpha rocket for small satellites should be ready to launch for the first time this fall, company representatives said. Shared .

Ponca City Astronomy meetingThursday August 13th Ponca City Astronomy will hold it's monthly meeting in the Art Studio of the Ponca City RecPlex, located at Grand Avenue and Waverly.

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Bright Areas On Ceres Come From Salty Water BelowNASAs Dawn spacecraft gave scientists extraordinary close-up views of the dwarf planet Ceres, which lies in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

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This Is The Biggest Galaxy Cluster Ever Seen In The UniverseHow big is it? Its so big that it would take 3,000 Milky Way galaxies to equal its mass.

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Population II StarsPopulation II stars were born when the universe was young. They were made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium, the two lightest elements, which were created in the Big Bang.

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Churning Clouds on JupiterWhere is Jupiters ammonia? Gaseous ammonia was expected to be seen in Jupiters upper atmosphere by the orbiting Juno spacecraft  but in many clouds is almost absent.

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Sushant Singh Rajput's niece reveals actor wanted to ‘sneak into' astronomy class with her: ‘I will study it well, in his memory'Sushant Singh Rajput's niece Mallika Singh has shared another anecdote about her ‘Gulshan mama' and how his family misses him.

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August 11, 3113 BC The Beginning of the WorldThe Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is a non-repeating, vigesimal and base-18 calendar used by several pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, most notably the Maya.

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Book Review: Catch A Falling StarSynopsis It's 1979 and the sky is falling. Skylab, that is. Somewhere high above Frankie Avery, one of the world's first space stations is tumbling to Earth.

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The Mauna Kea ControversyThe Mauna Kea volcano is sacred to the kanaka ’ōiwi. Although dedication ceremonies have been held throughout the construction of the observatory, the recent proposition to build a thirty meter telescope has sparked much controversy.

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Pentagon picks SpaceX, ULA to launch national security missionsThe Department of Defense is sticking with SpaceX and United Launch Alliance as its two primary launch services for U.S. national security missions. Shared .

Cosmic QueriesNeil deGrasse Tyson, comic co-host Negin Farsad, and cosmochemist and author Natalie Starkey, PhD, answer fan-submitted questions about Comet NEOWISE, Halley's Comet, the Oort Cloud, and much, much > NOTE: StarTalk+ Patrons subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode > Thanks to our Patrons Matias Mancini, Sondra Ballegeer, Justin...

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Ceres: An Ocean World in the Asteroid BeltLiquid water, once thought unique to Earth, may be common on icy worlds throughout the solar system.

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Payload stacked for NROL-44; ULA, SpaceX win NSSL awardsUnited Launch Alliance's. Delta IV Heavy rocket has received its clandestine payload for the upcoming NROL-44 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office as teams continue launch preparations on SLC-37B at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL.

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SEC commissioner Greg Sankey on college football season: 'Be patient'Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey took to the Twittersphere to clarify his conference's stance, invoking a "patient" approach to their response to COVID-19.

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The stars looked down  189I should be grateful that the last week has been less of a roller-coaster although somewhat short of being on an ‘even keel’.

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Presolar grains on meteorites are providing insights into the early universeAnalysis of meteorite content has been crucial in advancing our knowledge of the origin and evolution of our solar system.

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This Week's Sky: August 10 to 16, 2020After the Perseids peak August 11-12, a double shadow transit on Jupiter and the crescent Moon passing close to Venus bring excitement to the weekend.

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Perseids Peak August 11-12 — Get Ready for the ShowThe Perseid meteor shower is like no other. Every August it delivers up to 100 meteors an hour in pleasant weather conducive to getting outside and staying up late.

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Perseid meteor shower peaks this week: Here's how and when to see itThe Perseid meteor shower peaks early in the morning on Wednesday, August 12. Often the best meteor shower of the year, the Perseids produce rates of up to 100 meteors per hour. Shared .

A Bridge Above: 20 Years of the International Space Station"What if we built a bridge, between and above all nations, to jointly discover the galaxy's great unknowns?"

NASA Shared .

The Science Books We're Reading in Fall 2020Is there anything better than cozying up with a great new read on a brisk autumn day?

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Trident: a new mission to explore Neptune's moon TritonNeptune's icy moon Triton may host an ocean of liquid water beneath its icy surface.

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Get ready for the 2020 Perseids!This week, Earth is moving through a cloudy trail of space dust left in our solar system ages ago.

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2020, August 11: Last Call, Four Morning PlanetsFor the next several mornings, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are visible in the sky together, spanning the celestial vault from the east-northeast horizon to the southwest skyline.

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Watching the natural fireworks by Perseid Meteor showerMeteor showers are one of the spectacular things in the sky. We could watch from anywhere.

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Mysteries of the Ice GiantsOur solar system's ice giants are bizarre worlds of extremes& if you were born at one of Uranus's poles, for example, you would be middle-aged at sunset and a very old, 84-year old before it was time for a second sunrise and by the time of a second dawn on Neptune, a dark, cold world, whipped by supersonic winds that can reach up 1,500 miles per...

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Mud volcanoes and a buried ocean: Asteroid Ceres is surprisingly activeThe asteroid Ceres, once thought to be just a large rock orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, has slushy volcanoes and liquid saltwater beneath its surface that may have formed an underground ocean in the past, new research suggests.

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Netflix Has A New Humans To Mars SeriesN\nKeith's note: The new Netflix series \"Away\"\" premiers on 4 September 2020. \"Commander Emma Green leaves behind her husband and daughter to lead an international crew of astronauts on a perilous three-year mission to Mars.\" Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus."

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Fireballs! Perseid meteors captured by NASA all-sky camerasSeveral cameras from NASA's All-Sky Fireball Network captured imagery of Perseid Meteor Shower fireballs as they burned up in the atmosphere in the skies above the United States on Aug 8-9, 2020.

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Ceres: An ocean world in the asteroid beltLiquid water, once thought unique to Earth, may be common on icy worlds throughout the solar system. Shared .

A "Galactic Wall" Above the South PoleWe’ve been looking out at the universe for as long as we have had eyes. But there Is a lot we’ve never seen, even with powerful telescopes. For one thing, our Milky Way galaxy is a significant hard to see what’s behind the densest parts of the disk. For another thing, there are some places, such as the south pole, that few...

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Surveying the Cosmos  Part IIIn a previous post I talked about the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope , a large telescope being built in Chile which will spend 90% of its time surveying most of the sky a total of 1000 times over a 10 year period.

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Introducing the RASC Robotic Telescope editing contestAugust's image is Messier 82, also known as NGC 3034 or the Cigar Galaxy. According to NASA, the magnificent starburst galaxy sees young stars that are being born in its centre 10 times faster than they are inside our entire Milky Way Galaxy.

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Alex CherneyJoin us for a presentation by Alex Cherney on astrophotography you can do without a telescope!

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Asteroid Ceres: An Ocean WorldNow, new analyses of observations from NASA's Dawn spacecraft, presented in seven papers in Nature Astronomy, Nature Geoscience, and Nature Communications, puts those hints on a firm footing: Reports of Ceres’ evolutionary death have been greatly exaggerated.

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Vainu Bappu, renowned astronomer, learnt his basics at Nizamiah Observatory in HyderabadM Somasekhar Hyderabad: Did you know that M K Vainu Bappu, referred to as the ‘father of modern Indian Astronomy,' did his initial, stellar work in Hyderabad?

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NASA is changing some ‘insensitive' space terminologyNASA has announced it will be reviewing and changing a number of unofficial but potentially culturally insensitive nicknames of cosmic objects.

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Helium Structures In Sun's Atmosphere Were Found By NASA Sounding RocketIn 2009, NASA launched a sounding rocket investigation to measure helium in the extended solar atmosphere—the first time weve gathered a full global map.

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Hubble Spots Small Moon Orbiting Trojan Asteroid EurybatesEurybates, one of the targets of NASA's upcoming Lucy mission, has a tiny moon.

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Astronomers Investigated Globular Cluster Palomar 3By conducting deep photometric and medium-resolution spectroscopic observations, Russian astronomers have investigated Palomar 3, a distant galactic globular cluster.

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A magnetar has been discovered throwing off bizarre blasts of radiation. Is this where fast radio bursts come from?Magnetars are the ultimate aggressive star: intense magnetic fields, massive outbursts, the works. Weve known that magnetars are capable of producing some of the most powerful blasts in the cosmos, but new observations reveal a different kind of radiation: radio waves.

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Last Week's Top 5 Space and Science HeadlinesHall of Mirrors” –Orange Glow Around M87’s Colossal Black Hole Unveils History of Observable Universe “Lighting Up Jupiter’s Dark Side ” –Juno Mission Reveals the Unknown “Particle at the End of the Universe” –LHC Unveils Phenomenon of Pivotal Importance for Fundamental Physics“Phobos”...

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Amazing 'Space Butterfly' captured by Very Large TelescopeCredit: / footage courtesy: ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2/N. Risinger / produced and edited by Steve Spaleta.

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About 35 Years-Long, Deep Gaint Cloud Disruption Discovered On VenusA study with the participation of the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço described that, a planetary-scale cloud discontinuity has been periodically lashing the depths of the thick blanket of clouds on Venus for at least 35 years.

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Globular cluster Palomar 3 probed by Russian astronomersBy conducting deep photometric and medium-resolution spectroscopic observations, Russian astronomers have investigated Palomar 3, a distant galactic globular cluster. Shared .

When the supermassive black hole's away, the stars will playA lazy black hole allows stars to form in the galaxy cluster SpARCS 1049.

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Two interacting gas giants orbit sun-like star WASP-148In nearly six years there are 247 b and 63 c orbits. Since 248:62 is 4:1, it can be seen why the observed acceleration and deceleration of the planets might occur.

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ALMA Observed Stellar Eggs In Tauras And Revealed Their Evolution StateAstronomers using the Atacama Large Array took a census of stellar eggs in the constellation Taurus and revealed their evolution state.

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Set the Stars Alight  Book Spotlight and ReviewAbout the Book Title:Â Set the Stars Alight Author:Â Amanda Dykes Genre:Â Christian, dual timeline, historical, mystery, fiction Publisher:Â Bethany House Synopsis:Â Lucy Clairmont's family treasured the magic of the past, and her childhood fascination with stories of the high seas led her to become a marine archaeologist.

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Hubble Snaps Image of Distorted Spiral Galaxy, "NGC 1614"The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has delivered an unrivalled snapshot of the highly distorted barred spiral galaxy NGC 1614.

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On This Day in Space! Aug. 10, 1972: 'Great daylight fireball' zooms over North America10, 1972, an Earth-grazing fireball burst through the sky over North America. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series! Shared .

Physicists watch quantum particles tunnel through solid barriers. Here's what they found.A team of physicists has devised a simple way to measure the duration of a bizarre phenomenon called quantum tunneling. Shared .

Space tourists will face big risks, as private companies gear up for paid suborbital flightsWhile some hazards of spaceflight and the space environment - like G-forces, radiation, vibration and microgravity - are well documented, many risks remain unknown. Shared .

Astronomers Sink Their Teeth Into Special Supernova a€“ Exploding Stars Produce the Calcium in Our Bones and TeethCalcium-rich supernovae, a unique type of exploding stars, produce up to half of the calcium in the Universe.

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Extragalactic planets? Gravitational waves could help us find them.Scientists hope to one day spot exoplanets beyond our Milky Way galaxy by using the ripples in space and time known as gravitational waves. Shared .

What Is Large Hydron Collider ? How It Exactly Works?Many of you on Instagram asked us to make post on LHC. But the topic is so complex and lengthy that we couldnt able to.

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Sushant Singh Rajput's niece Mallika talks of love for astronomyOn Monday, Mallika shared a post on her verified Instagram Stories page where she revealed how her "Gulshan mama" had once expressed his desire to join astronomy classes along with her.

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Upgrading Russia's fleet of optical reconnaissance satellitesEarly concept for a 2.4 m primary mirror scheduled to fly on Russia's next-generation Razdan reconnaissance satellites.

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After the fire: a long-lost transcript from the Apollo 1 fire investigationThe crew of Apollo 1 crosses the gantry to the spacecraft on the day of the fire, January 27, 1967.

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Virgin Galactic, still awaiting liftoff, spreads its wingsThe idea of high-speed point-to-point travel is not that new to Virgin Galactic. Over the years, the company has hinted that SpaceShipTwo could be a precursor for a high-speed passenger transport designed to take people around the world in a couple hours or less, similar to what SpaceX has proposed for its Starship next-generation vehicle under...

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Orbital space tourism set for rebirth in 2021Both Axiom Space and Space Adventures have announced contracts for Crew Dragon missions, either to the International Space Station or a free-flyer mission to a higher orbit.

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Review: War in SpaceThat test, along with last year's kinetic ASAT test by India and efforts by China to develop ASAT capabilities has ratcheted up concerns that any future conflict involving these nations could extend to space.

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2020The Perseids are often the most impressive meteor shower of the year for the Northern Hemisphere.


The Center Of Milky Way Is Home To A Massive Fountain That Spews AntimatterThere are a lot of wild and dangerous things there, including a spewing fountain of antimatter.

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Light Echoes Can Help Astronomers Look Far Back In TimeWhen we look outward into space, were looking backward in time. Thats because light moves at the speed of light.

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Hubble Snaps Image of Distorted Spiral Galaxy: NGC 1614The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has delivered an unrivalled snapshot of the highly distorted barred spiral galaxy NGC 1614.

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Life beyond Part 1During the 1950s the concept of using radio astronomy to search for signals that were extra-terrestial in origin was becoming widely-accepted within the scientific community.

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Astronomers May Have Identified The Biggest Impact Structure in Our Solar SystemTo try to better understand the history of Ganymede, Hirata and his colleagues took a closer look at images obtained by spacecraft - both Voyager probes, which flew by Jupiter in 1979, and the Galileo Jupiter orbiter, which studied the planet and its satellites from 1995 to 2003.

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How to photograph a meteor showerWhen a good meteor shower is active, you could capture yourself some "shooting stars" with an ordinary camera, as long as it can take time exposures.

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Morning VenusStarDate, the longest-running national radio science feature in the U.S., tells listeners what to look for in the night sky.

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Comet NEOWISE: Collection from TAIC FollowersSeveral followers of The Astro Imaging Channel took some incredible photos of Comet NEOWISE, and we've compiled them here!

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Perseids from PerseusWhere are all these meteors coming from? In terms of direction on the sky, the pointed answer is the constellation of Perseus.

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Asteroids Somehow Migrated Past Jupiter During the Solar System's Early HistoryIn baseball, players receive a Gold Glove award if they show outstanding fielding play throughout the course of the season.

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Best Perseid observing tips for 2020While the Perseids aren't the most prolific meteor shower, it is the best one to see during warm weather - at least for the northern hemisphere.

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Space Sunday: Hops, glows, plans and PerseidsSpaceX once again heads this week's column after the Starship SN5 prototype became the first of the units to successfully make a "hop" into the air and back again, travelling some 150 metres up and several tens of metres sideways to navigate its way from launch platform to landing pad.

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Deja Vu  A GlitchLet’s talk about Science now, something very interesting and relatable. If you've ever found yourself in a situation or place that feels all too familiar, as if you've been there before, you're likely experiencing a DÃjà vu.

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Majestic Sky5:15 am Early this morning I'm greeted with a beautiful sight sweeping across  the eastern sky - the giant and spacious constellation of Orion dominates my view, and the beaming Sirius Dog are close by.

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How to watch the Perseids meteor showerEach August, the skies above us become filled with streaks of light. Watching the Perseids meteor shower has become an annual tradition for many families and the best thing is that you need no special equipment to do this.

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2020, August 9: Venus in Orion, Mars and Moon2020, August 8: Brilliant Venus is 0.5° to the upper right of Chi2 Orionis.

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An exoplanet has been found for the first time using radio telescopesAstronomers have found an extrasolar planet around a main sequence star. Which isnt a big deal.

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That Shooting Star You See in the Sky May Well Be a SatelliteAs meteor showers animate the skies this month, a growing number of satellites obscure views of the heavens—SpaceX alone has sought permission to orbit 30,000 more communications devices.

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Welcome Home Bob and Doug: Social Media Welcomes #LaunchAmerica Astronauts HomeDemo-2 is SpaceX's final test flight and is providing data on the performance of the Falcon 9 rocket, Crew Dragon spacecraft and ground systems, as well as in-orbit, docking, splashdown, and recovery operations.

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Explore Pollinators And Islamic Astronomy This Week With PEECJoin PEEC the week of Aug. 10 for a variety of live-streamed programs. On Tuesday, Aug.

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Neutron stars of different masses can make a real mess when they collideWhen neutron stars collide, they go out with a tremendous bang, fueling an explosion up to a thousand times more powerful than a supernova.

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NASA's Mars Perseverance roverNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's deputy project manager Jennifer Trosper explains some of the differences between Curiosity and Perseverance.

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Whats Your Star Sign?  Is Astrology a Science?Whilst it is true the present day astrological community might not do itself any favours by giving too much credence to sun sign astrology to 'make a living', it is also true that the practice of astrology has bifurcated to an alarming degree, a bit like the church into a myriad denominations.

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Why Can Black Hole Binaries Have Dramatically Different Masses? Multiple Generations of MergersBlack hole mergers with very different masses tell us how small mergers can give rise to even larger ones.

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Planet Earth ReportPlanet Earth Report” provides descriptive links to headline news by leading science journalists about the extraordinary discoveries, technology, people, and events changing our knowledge of Planet Earth and the future of the human species.

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Sunday nibble #29: There and back againSince a lot of us around the world are still stuck inside for the most part, I thought I'd invite you to go on a little virtual journey with me, courtesy of YouTube creator morn1415, whom I've followed for a long time.

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'Star Trek: Lower Decks' warps into the animated comedy frontier with 'Second Contact'The new animated "Star Trek" show, "The Lower Decks" gets off to a promising start on CBS All Access with the first episode "Second Contact." Shared .

Mysterious 'fast radio burst' detected closer to Earth than ever beforeScientists traced a fast radio burst to a known star inside the Milky Way for the first time. Shared .

Dropped emissions during COVID-19 lockdown will do 'nothing' for climate changeWhile greenhouse gas emissions plummeted as the world locked down in response to the coronavirus pandemic, such dips will do "nothing" to slow climate change unless society moves away from fossil fuels, researchers have found. Shared .

You can book a weightless flight with Zero Gravity again after hiatus due to coronavirusZero Gravity Corporation , a company that offers weightless experiences so you can floatt like an astronaut, is returning to the skies after taking a pause during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Shared .

'Mighty Jupiter'Over the last month the excitement of comet Neowise has taken over astronomy headlines superseding many other wonders of the night sky.

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Saturn Jupiter Sun Through My TelescopesThe live view of Saturn and Jupiter was some of the best planetary data I've captured yet, so I want to take my time on processing it.

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Cosmos ReviewCosmos by Carl Sagan left me speechless. I dont even know how to express to you how moved I was by Sagans writing.

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Early Riser, Moon and Mars, June 2020August 9th, 2020, 4:35 a.m. local time For the past couple of days, I have gotten up very early, either at or before Dawn. The first case was for a terrestrial matter. But for the second, today, it was for the view of the Moon and Mars.

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Taron Ki SairStory of the Sun 1.The Energy received from the sun in an hour, is equal to an energy consumption throughout the year of the whole world.

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Perseid MeteorsEven so, the Perseids are still one of the best showers of the year. As Earth flies through the cloud of comet dust, the grains ram into the atmosphere at more than a hundred thousand miles per hour.

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The Origin of ElementsThe hydrogen in your body, present in every molecule of water, came from the Big Bang.

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872 Comets Supposedly Visible  All Telescopically; No Naked-Eye Anymore.By Anura Guruge Click to ENLARGE. The raw list from the MPC. Click to ENLARGE.

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A Globular Cluster was Completely Dismantled and Turned Into a Ring Around the Milky WayAn international team of astronomers discovered some surprising when studying a debris ring around our Milky Way: the remnants of an ancient globular cluster.

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Newly forming star has spiral arms like a tiny galaxyProtoplanetary disks  where young stars are forming their families of planets  usually form concentric rings of gaps.

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Mira-type variable stars are constantly throwing the key chemicals for life out into spaceWe know that the carbon in your bones was formed long ago in the heart of a star.

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Meet the Experts: 3, 2, 1 Liftoff!Subscribe: and click twice on the bell button to receive our out our full video catalog: us on Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Flickr: are Europe's gateway to space.

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"Exist at an Astonishing Scale"The black holes of nature are the most perfect macroscopic objects there are in the universe the only elements in their construction are our concepts of space and time, ” said Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, the Noble-Prize winning, Indian-American astrophysicist NASAs Chandra X-Ray Observatory was named for.

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Videos: "Space to Ground" ISS reportHere is the latest episode in NASAs Space to Ground weekly report on activities related to the International Space Station: * Down to Earth – All in This Together  NASA Johnson In th...

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Road to gender equality in astronomy one giant leap for womankindThree key women in the history of astronomy deserve to be celebrated.

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How will NASA's Perseverance rover search for signs of life on Mars?Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

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Arecibo Observatory weathers Tropical Storm Isaias to track potentially dangerous asteroidA famed radio telescope overcame Tropical Storm Isaias to determine the threat level of a space rock zooming by Earth. Shared .

SpaceX's toasted Crew Dragon returns home after historic NASA astronaut splashdownSpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule cruised into its home port Friday evening , secured to one of the company's recovery vessels. Shared .

'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 3 release date revealedCBS confirms the "Star Trek: Discovery" third season premiere date, while Season 2 of "The Mandalorian" is once again expected to air at around the same time. Shared .

The Last Stargazers? Why You Will Never See An Astronomer Looking Through A TelescopeWhat do astronomers do? How is astronomy changing? And why is modern astronomy as much about laptops as mountaintops?

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Experimental DragRacer satellites will test 'Terminator Tape' for space junk cleanup this fallAn experimental mission called DRAG RACER will test the performance of an innovative tether system designed to expedite satellite reentry. Shared .

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft prepares for final asteroid-sampling rehearsalOSIRIS-REx, which has been orbiting Bennu since 2018, is NASA's first asteroid-sampling spacecraft. The probe is scheduled to practice its touchdown sequence for a second time on Tuesday, Aug. Shared .

The Eris  A Dwarf PlanetThe Eris is the second largest dwarf planet in the solar system. It was discovered on 5th January 2005.

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Sagitta and VulpeculaSagitta the Arrow and Vulpecula the Fox present an observing challenge, but these two faint constellations contain a couple of nice Messier objects.

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Moon and MarsFor most of the United States, the winds tend to be pretty calm at this time of year, even in the Great Plains.

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Crescent SaturnFrom Earth, Saturn never shows a crescent phase. But when viewed from a spacecraft the majestic giant planet can show just a sunlit slice.

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A virtual party with astronomers for lovers of space and starsHere's an event for all the astronomy enthusiasts out there. Lead by renowned astronomers Professor Alan Duffy and Dr Rebecca Allen, Goulburnians will be able to take a guided live streamed tour of the universe on Friday and Saturday, August 21 and 22.

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View On Astronomy: Perseids meteor shower an annual attractionAfter more than 45 years of enjoying the splendor of the heavens, I still look forward to a simple yet rewarding observing experience watching burning rocks falling from the sky.

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Space Launch System Rocket Small-Scale Booster TestA Space Launch System rocket small-scale solid rocket booster roared to life during a 22-second test on Aug.

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This is What the Solar System Really Looks LikeThe helisphere is our shield against deadly cosmic rays from other solar systems. It looks like it has a much stranger shape than we could've imagined.

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Beyond the Fermi Paradox V: What is the Aestivation Hypothesis?Is it possible that the aliens are not hiding, but sleeping and waiting for the Universe to get better?

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Rivers on ancient Mars may have flowed beneath sheets of iceNew research finds martian valleys resemble rivers running under glaciers on Earth, meaning ancient Mars may have been a more frigid world than once thought. Shared .

Video from Space / Weekly Highlights: Week of Aug. 2, 2020Videos featured: SpaceX Demo-2 mission splashed down off the coast of Pensacola, Florida, Hurricane / Tropical Storm Isaias was captured from space, SpaceX Starship SN5 prototype took its first hop, China launched the Gaofen-9 04 satellite and SpaceX launched 57 Starlink and 2 Blacksky satellites.

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Inside KSC! Aug. 7, 2020A critical piece of hardware for NASA's Space Launch System rocket has arrived at the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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Northrop Grumman outlines HALO plans for Gateway's central moduleWith the first two major elements of NASA's Lunar Gateway under contract and development, Northrop Grumman has outlined their plans for the overall Habitation and Logistics Outpost module, which will serve as the primary habitation and nexus for the lunar station.Â.

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AASWomen Newsletter for August 7, 2020AAS Committee on the Status of Women Issue of August 7, 2020 eds: Heather Flewelling, Nicolle Zellner, Maria Patterson, Jeremy Bailey, and...

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Scientists Found Atmosphere Of Mars Pulses In UltravioletUsing new data from the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph on NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft, scientists have found that the atmosphere of Mars pulses in ultraviolet three times per night, and only during Martian spring and fall.

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A Safe Splashdown for an Historic Test Flight on This Week @NASAA few of the stories to tell you about - This Week at NASA!

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Near-Earth Asteroid Scout to launch on NASA Artemis I missionScout is a CubeSat that will study a nearby space rock and test new solar sail technology.

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Jupiter's Violent Storms May Form Ammonia-Water HailstonesA new study suggests that during Jupiter’s violent storms, hailstones form from a cooled mixture of water and ammonia gas, similar to the process in Earth’s storms where hail forms in the presence of supercooled liquid water; growth of these Jovian hailstones, dubbed ‘mushballs, ’ creates a slush-like substance surrounded by...

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Space Policy Edition: Why the SLS is a National Asset, and Why That MattersHow spacefaring nations prioritize funding can be just as important, if not more so, than the capabilities of the commercial sector, says Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar, President and CEO of the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration.

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Hubble Investigated Earth's Atmosphere during Total Lunar EclipseTaking benefit of a total lunar eclipse in January 2019, astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope STIS spectrograph have measured the amount of ozone in the atmosphere of our planet.

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A Dense Sub-Neptune Challenges Formation TheoriesThe exoplanet K2-25b, a young world in the Hyades cluster orbiting an M-dwarf star, raises intriguing questions.

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Solar System's Heliosphere May Be Smaller and Rounder than Previously ThoughtThe heliosphere is a giant magnetic bubble that contains our Solar System, the solar wind and the solar magnetic field.

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New Class of Planet Can Form Around Black Holes, Say AstronomersThe dust clouds around supermassive black holes are the perfect breeding ground for an exotic new type of planet.

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Is our solar system shaped like a deflated croissant?The bubble of charged particles that surrounds our solar system looks more like a deflated croissant than a comet, as traditionally envisioned, a recent study suggests. Shared .

Meteors of August: Our Guide to the 2020 PerseidsIt's August and that means the Perseid meteors are inbound, starting this weekend this shower is a sure-fire bet, though 2020 sees the spectacle go down under somewhat challenging circumstances.

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Juno Discovers ‘Shallow Lightning' on JupiterAccording to a new analysis of data collected by the Stellar Reference Unit instrument onboard NASA’s Juno spacecraft, an unexpected form of electrical discharge, ‘shallow lightning’ originates from Jovian clouds containing an ammonia-water solution.

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600-Big and CloseMy Catalina Sky Survey teammate Hannes Groeller was asteroid hunting in the constellation of Pegasus with our 60 inch telescope on Mt. Lemmon, Arizona when he discovered a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid.

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Jupiter from near and far, and two humans return to EarthThis week, learn about the conditions of the early solar system and get ready for next week's meteor shower, plus more.

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A€œThe Unknown Ancestora€AIt’s been said that If a machine ever gains awareness, it will be not due to our careful programming, but to an unforeseeable anomaly.

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Mars Eerie Pulsing NightglowIf were going to send people to Mars, we better understand whats going on in the atmosphere, said Zachariah Milby, a researcher at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Astronomy Apps Market Expected to Witness the Highest Growth 2025Recently, Market Study Report, LLC, added a research on the ' Astronomy Apps market' which encompasses significant inputs with respect to market share, market s.

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Astronomers use Hubble during an eclipse to detect life on EarthAstronomers use Hubble to look for ozone in Earth's atmosphere during a total lunar eclipse.

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Untracked Astrophotography PrimerI have been asked to do a write up of my experiences and tips for getting started in astrophotography.

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The protective bubble surrounding the solar system is shaped like a pastryScientists have developed a new prediction of the shape of the bubble surrounding our solar system using a model developed with data from NASA missions.

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SpaceX just launched 57 new Starlink satellites with sun visors to make them less bright. A scientist says that won't stop them from interfering with The skies could soon be crawling with tens of thousands of false stars. Making those satellites dimmer might not keep them out of astronomers' way.

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Space to Ground: Gulf Coast Splashdown: 08/07/2020NASA's Space to Ground is your weekly update on what's happening aboard the International Space Station.

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