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Rotatin' Ryugu! Jason Davis - June 18, 2018. One of the coolest things about a mission to a new world is that as the spacecraft approaches, you get to see the world gradually take shape before your eyes.

"Unveiling Invisible Alien Worlds" - Molecules, the New Exoplanet Sleuth Thanks to this innovative technique, the device is only sensitive to the selected molecules, making the star invisible and allowing the astronomers to observe the planet directly. The results appear in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.

From the Farside: "The Most Controversial Secret on Earth" - Why UFOs are Now a Serious News Story "You've seen it without knowing it. Remember that wild news in December about a secret Pentagon UFO program?

"A Hidden World" - Astronomers Capture First-Ever Image of an Erupting Supermassive Black Hole Jet "Because of the dust that absorbed any visible light, this particular tidal disruption event may be just the tip of the iceberg of what until now has been a hidden population," Mattila said.

Observe Changes on Mars The nearby Red Planet displays remarkable changes every apparition - including dust storms! Ever since mid-2017, Earth has been steadily closing in on Mars. The approach culminates July 27th in opposition.

President Trump to Sign Space Traffic Management Policy WASHINGTON - President Trump will sign a new space policy directive today addressing space traffic management issues, closely following the proposed policy that Vice President Pence announced in April. The president is expected to sign Space Policy Directive 3 during a meeting of the National Space Council at the White House.

Today's "Planet Earth Report" - "Basta!" - Mount Everest, Earth's Highest Waste Dump "It is disgusting, an eyesore," Pemba Dorje Sherpa, who has summited Everest 18 times, told AFP. "The mountain is carrying tons of waste." As the number of climbers on the mountain has soared-at least 600 people have scaled the world's highest peak so far this year alone-the problem has worsened.

"The Great Transformation" - Can AI & Robotics Save the World? "Can AI, advanced robotics, self-driving cars, and other recent breakthroughs spread prosperity to the population at large?" Artificial intelligence is offering an amazing opportunity to increase prosperity, but whether or not ­we will seize it is our choice.

Video: flies Falcon Heavy scale model rocket I recently posted about Joe Barnard adding thrust vector control and other advanced features to model rockets. The goal is to model not just the appearance of large rockets but how they take off and fly as well.

Still waiting on space tourism after all these years Earlier this month the Wall Street Journal reported that SpaceX would not fly tourists around the Moon as the company announced last year. Those plans, a company spokesman said, were on hold until at least mid-2019 "and likely longer." That news was not surprising because SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk said as much four months earlier.

Early Earth's Habitability Could Boost the Chances of Alien Life But researchers from NASA and the University of Washington have now devised a way to account for the uncertain variables of the time, in turn discovering that our planet may have been more temperate long ago than previously thought.

This Pride, Be Inspired by Sally Ride's Legacy Sally Ride, the United States' first woman in space, who flew 35 years today, in 1983, has inspired countless people, as she lived a life committed to science, education and inclusion.

Keep dreaming, young lady, keep dreaming After Sally Ride's death in 2012, her estate turned over a number of artifacts to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. Among them was a letter dated March 13, 1962. that had been given to Ride by an admirer. The letter was written by O.B.

Interconnectivity, disruption, and the Event Horizon Study Historically, most people who become interested in space do so because they want to see great things come out of space: they want to be the next person to walk on the Moon, or the first person to walk on Mars.

Cancer-Fighting Drug, Algae and Mice Headed to International Space Station on SpaceX Dragon "The research presented here today represents but a few of the hundreds of experiments that will be supported by this cargo resupply mission," David Brady, assistant program scientist for the International Space Station Program at NASA's Johnson Space Center, said during the teleconference.

Aevum's New Rocket-Drone Airplane Duo Could Launch Satellites Every 3 Hours A space launch every 3 hours may soon be possible using rockets carried on a fully autonomous unmanned airplane, a new startup company suggests. Alabama-based startup Aevum aims to per mission, using an air-launch system called Ravn. "Ravn is designed to launch every 180 minutes," Jay Skylus, Aevum's CEO and chief launch architect, told

Last Week's Top 5 Science & Space Headlines - The Quantum Big Bang to Earthly Aliens "Our Universe Does Not Exist Until It's Observed":. Stephen Hawking Placed at Rest Next to Issac Newton and Charles Darwin. "Last Thoughts on Death, Aliens, and the Universe" Wormhole Echoes Would Be One of the Greatest Discoveries Ever. "Irrefutable Proof That Black Holes Don't Exist" "Earthly Aliens, Unlike Anything Seen Before".

Guatemala Damage Proxy Map An Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis team at NASA took a look at the recent Guatemala eruption with ESA's Sentinel-1 data among others.

In search of the missing wind cups It occurs to me that I haven't yet talked much about astronomy, you know, the reason I am here… I have eleven more nights here though to get around to that, so here is another post about what I did during the day! As I mentioned in my previous post, and as you probably saw from the photos, there was a substantial storm here last weekend.

The Right to Anarchy I used to think they should shut down Social Media. But who really cares. I think that all-out anarchy would probably be better anyway. We can't stop progress. The world would probably be a lot more fun if we stopped trying to. Laws can be wrong anyway, but if we try to stand up to them, then we can end up losing our jobs.

Video: TMRO Orbit 11.24 - "The different personalities of the JPL rovers" The latest Space episode is now available on line: The different personalities of the JPL rovers - Orbit 11.24 - TMRO. JPL Science System Engineer Kim Steadman joins us to talk about some past, present and future missions that JPL has sent to Mars and beyond.

Re-imagining my Imaging setup This will be a rather short post since I've been spending a bit more in the outdoor world now with summer here as opposed to my bench. I mean who doesn't like to dig up weeds right? With that I decided to finally upgrade the Astro imaging camera I've been using for the last 12+ years.

Life on Mars? Top 10 Martians of All Time Manhattan flees at the end of the story, after Ozymandias' cataclysmic plans come to fruition. Ray Watson's comedic Uncle Martin may be an outdated reference to some, but for the generations raised on black and white broadcasts and TV Land reruns, My Favorite Martian's eccentric Martian anthropologist was practically definitive.

4 Out-of-This-World Dads Celebrate Father's Day in Space As dads around the world celebrate Father's Day today, four far-out fathers will spend the holiday floating 250 miles above the Earth at the International Space Station. NASA astronauts Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel and Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Sergey Prokopyev all have kids back on Earth.

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