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China's "Milky Way Base" Explores Moon as USA Celebrates Apollo 11 Although cosmologically, a mere blink of the eye, the USA celebrates the anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission marking Neil Armstrong's first walk on the moon.

Strawberry Moon: Best Times To Catch The Celestial Event It's time for another notable celestial event. Be sure to cast your gaze toward the sky for 2019's Strawberry Moon. And for the keen-eyed, there's a heavenly bonus with a prominent appearance from one of our fellow planets.

A New Problem in Spacecraft Design There's been a lot of contention lately over the impact that satellite internet megaconstellations will have on the night sky. Specifically, astronomers are concerned by the streaks that moving objects in orbit will introduce when imaging objects in deep space with advanced telescopes.

A Generous Spirit This full Moon in Sagittarius has a powerful connection to generosity. The Moon and Jupiter are close, close enough to bring the joyful generosity of Jupiter, and especially Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius, into our consciousness. Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius.

Summer twilight For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere we are at the time of year when there is the most daylight. In this post I'll talk about the long summer evenings: not only does the Sun set later at this time of year but the amount of twilight, when the Sun has set but it is not fully dark, is greatest.

Putting comets on the calendar The known is finite, the unknown infinite; intellectually, we stand on an islet in the midst of an illimitable ocean of inexplicability. Our business in every generation is to reclaim a little more land. Huxley, 1887. To do something well you have to like it.

Could the Big Bang be Wrong? The Big Bang is the defining narrative of modern cosmology: a bold declaration that our universe had a beginning and has a finite age, just like the humans who live within it. That finite age, in turn, is defined by the evidence that universe is expanding.

LightSail 2 Launch Viewing: Tips & Tricks LightSail 2 is launching on the next SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It is one payload of many on the mission known collectively as STP-2. The U.S. Air Force's Space Test Program develops and tests advanced technologies in space.

Videos: "Space to Ground" ISS report - June.15.2019 Here is this week's episode of NASA's Space to Ground reports on activities related to the International Space Station:. ** NASA honors the women featured in the Hidden Figures book and film:. ** The latest episode of NASA Johnson's Spacecast Weekly program.

"The Death Star" - Event Spread Earth Life Through the Solar System Some 65 million years ago the greatest asteroid impact in a billion years may have sown life throughout the solar system, even as it ravaged life on Earth. Blasted debris escaped Earth's gravitational force forming irregular orbits around the sun, eventually finding its way to the planets and moons of the solar system.

See 2020's total solar eclipse from Argentina with an astronomy expert With that in mind, one tour company has just announced a dedicated tour that will take guests on a unique adventure across Argentina with an astronomy expert. Launched by Intrepid Travel, the excursions are happening throughout December 2020, and are available as eight-day, 11-day or 13-day trips.

Beyond Neptune Far out of the solar system lies the Kuiper Belt and Oort cloud: mostly undiscovered area rich in asteroids and comets! Kuiper Belt Objects and the Oort Cloud are rarely talked about. The planets tend to hog the spotlight, but today is the day we shine the light in the furthest part of the solar system.

Table Salt Discovered on Jupiter's Moon Europa Jupiter's moon Europa has a huge ocean beneath its icy surface and it used to be thought that sulfate salts dominate Europa's oceans, but this may turn out not to be the case. The Hubble Space Telescope has detected table salt on the surface of Europa according to a study.

Best time to see Jupiter and it's Moons In June Here I am writing you from the Holy city of Jerusalem. We started our trip here on June 10th, the exact date that we here on Earth moved directly between the Sun and Jupiter. This happens about every 399 days, or about every 13 months, and so this opposition moves forward through the zodiac about one sign per year.

Light pollution from satellites will get worse. But how much? SpaceX's ambitious Starlink project could eventually launch more than 10,000 satellites into orbit and rewrite the future of the internet. But Elon Musk's company has been taking heat from the astronomical community after an initial launch in late May released the first 60 satellites.

The Sky This Week from June 14 to 23 Mercury and Mars appear closer to each other in the evening sky than they have in more than a decade, while the Moon slides past both Jupiter and Saturn. A Full Moon skimmed 5° south of Jupiter before dawn January 15, 2014. The two solar system objects appear just as close the night of June 16/17.

AASWomen Newsletter for June 14, 2019 5 Ways Society Sabotages Girls' Interest In Science And Math. 11. Job Opportunities. 12. How to Submit to the AASWomen Newsletter. 13. How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the AASWomen Newsletter. 14. Access to Past Issues of the AASWomen Newsletter.

Peer at Jupiter this weekend with Nanaimo Astronomy Society Earth's moon, just past its first quarter, is also brightening the night sky and adding some interesting viewing too and the Nanaimo Astronomy Society will have several telescopes set up at Maffeo Sutton Park Saturday, June 15 for a public viewing. Moon viewing will start at 7 p.m.

July 13: Two favorite sights… The Moon and Jupiter Stephens Memorial Observatory of Hiram College will host a Public Night Saturday, July 13, from 9:30 to 11:00 PM. On the observing list are two Stephens favorites: Earth's Moon, and planet Jupiter with its moons. Other objects of interest may also be viewed using the Observatory's 1901 vintage telescope.

"Something Unknown?" Odd Galaxy May Have Evolved Around a Massive Black Hole A tiny dwarf galaxy, ESO 495-21, three percent the size of the Milky Way, harbors a massive black hole that may offer clues as to how black holes and galaxies evolved in the early Universe.

Astronomers Might Have Found Apollo 10's "Snoopy" Module A small near-Earth object might be a historic piece of space hardware: the Apollo 10 lunar module, dubbed "Snoopy." On May 23, 1969, astronauts aboard Apollo 10 jettisoned the Snoopy lunar module and headed for Earth. That's the last time humans set eyes on Snoopy - now, astronomers may have rediscovered this fascinating artifact of space history.

Westerlund-1: A star cluster full of monsters This image is a combination of quite a few separate observations by the Hubble Space Telescope, predominantly in the near infrared.

A Ring of Controversy Around a Black Hole Photo It's been a couple of months since the `photo' of the black hole at the center of the galaxy M87, taken by the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, was made public. Before it was shown, I wrote an introductory post explaining what the 'photo' is and isn't.

This Week's Sky at a Glance, June 14 - 22 - Look far lower left of the Moon in late twilight and after dark for Antares and Jupiter, as shown here. - The Big Dipper, high in the northwest, now hangs straight down by its handle as the stars come out. Saturday, June 15.

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