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Superluminous Supernova, Explained? Some brilliant explosions at least 10 times more powerful than regular supernovae might come from a white dwarf merging with a massive companion star. But not everyone agrees on that explanation. Superluminous supernovae have baffled astronomers since their discovery at the turn of the century.

Astronomers Find a New Explanation for a Super-Bright Supernova The wavelengths SN 2006gy emitted also showed that the explosion must have rammed into and interacted with a slower-moving shell of gassy material around it, as other astronomers had previously pointed out.

COSMOLOGY: With over 1e83 atoms in the universe, how much of the universe can be remembered? I've often thought that the universe itself is incapable of storing a perfect memory of anything more than a tiny percentage of its contents-some laughably small fraction of its whole. Even with an amazingly efficient system, how much information could really be stored about what's transpired in the past?

"From Before Its Birth" - Oldest, Pristine Stars in Universe Found at Milky Way's Center The stars, found near the center of the Milky Way, are surprisingly pristine, but contain material from an even earlier star, which died in an enormous hypernova explosion. "Our Milky Way galaxy formed around them," she added.

Planet Earth Report - "Melting Tibetan Glacier Could Release Ancient Unknown Viruses to Epic Stone-Age Voyage" "Planet Earth Report" connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

See Ancient "North Stars" Eclipse Each Other The ancient pole star known as Thuban turns out to be an eclipsing binary. If you're up for a challenge, you can see the eclipses for yourself. NASA's TESS mission has a primary goal of looking for exoplanets.

Student and amateur CubeSat news roundup - Jan.23.2020 A sampling of recent articles, press releases, etc. related to student and amateur CubeSat / SmallSat projects and programs :. ** "What Smallsat Projects Are Like For University Students" - Cold Star interview with Doctor Amelia Greig of Univ. of Texas at El Paso:.

Did a two-billion-year-old monster impact save the Earth from being a snowball? A crater 2.229 billion years old may have been from an impact that unfroze the Earth after a deep ice age.

Astronomy Days returns to NC Museum of Natural Sciences Astronomy Days returns to NC Museum of Natural Sciences. House Democrats offer day two of arguments in impeachment trial. WRAL WeatherCenter Forecast. Australia-based burrito places opens in Raleigh. By Tony Rice, WRAL contributor/NASA ambassador. Raleigh, N.C.

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Mathematicians Say They've Figured Out How to Brew a Better Espresso Shot The sacred belief that finely ground espresso beans are supreme doesn't hold up to scientific testing.

The ancient Earth atmosphere may have been mostly carbon dioxide Micrometeorites billions of years old provide a unique glimpse at our planet's atmospheric past.

Call for Information: Publication Policy and General Codes of Conduct for Consortia and Mission Teams The AAS "Ethics Process" task force is pulling together some 'best practice' documents for consortia and mission teams in regards to Publication Policy and general Codes of Conduct. In some cases - e.g. Codes of Conduct - there are a number of good examples out there, especially from the Physics world.

Ancient Earth's Atmosphere May Have Been Over 70 Percent Carbon Dioxide Based on the chemical properties of tiny micrometeorites that fell to Earth 2.7 billion years ago, a team of researchers says that the planet's atmosphere was likely chock-full of carbon dioxide back then.

LEGO offers new International Space Station kit LEGO will release the International Space Station kit on February 1st. The highly elaborate kit is in the IDEAS line of models "inspired and voted for by LEGO fans":.

These are the universe's five strangest stars From this panoply of stellar extremism we've chosen five examples that give you a taste of just how distinct and unique many classes of stars can be. The red hypergiant star UY Scuti is the largest star known. It has a radius about 1,700 times larger than the Sun.

Explore 12 great lunar targets From our perspective, the Sun is shining on the Moon from a point directly behind us, minimizing shadows and thus revealing scant detail. The best lunar viewing times are from when the thing crescent becomes visible after New Moon until about 2 days after First Quarter and from about 2 days before Last Quarter to almost New Moon.

Lisa Kewley Wins 2020 James Craig Watson Medal in Astronomy Kewley has previously won many awards, including the Annie Jump Cannon Award in Astronomy in 2005 and the Newton Lacy Pierce Prize in Astronomy in 2008. Not content with being the kind of researcher that keeps her head down and focuses solely on her own research, Kewley has also published work on equity, diversity and inclusion in research.

History's most amazing photo? I almost never visit the My Modern Met site, but it must be good, as I often get suggestions from readers about articles there. I think I found this one on my own, but probably through Facebook. It's the story of how an enterprising young photographer, Jon Carmichael, took a spectacular photo of a solar eclipse.

Yarrabubba, Planet's Oldest Asteroid Impact - "May Have Ended Snowball Earth" "Our findings highlight that acquiring precise ages of known craters is important - this one sat in plain sight for nearly two decades before its significance was realized.

Staggeringly Huge, Surprisingly Small and Blisteringly Fast - Some of the Universe's Strangest Stars Stars come in many sizes and flavors, from those as small as Saturn to some still theoretical.

Stunningly beautiful time-lapse storm video: Mike Olbinksi's 'Reverent' Photographer Mike Olbinski has a new storm time-lapse video, "Reverent."

The Hyades Star Cluster It is the closest cluster of stars to the Sun. The Hyades open cluster is bright enough to have been remarked on even thousands of years ago, yet is not as bright or compact as the nearby Pleiades…

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