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Top Work Places Supporting Adults with Autism Here are six employers who are committed to building a diverse company and seeking employees with autism. JP Morgan Chase. The initiative "Autism at Work" began July 2015 as a four-person pilot and now employs about 85 people in 20+ roles across six countries.

He's still hearing voices he doesn't recognize He's very clearly hearing voices that he doesn't recognize because it seems like every 5 minutes, he's popping his head out of his bedroom and asking if we had just called him. I say it's a voice or voices he doesn't recognize because Gavin always hears voices.

I Think I Can Write a Script. I joined a Scriptwriting writing group because the guy running it wasn't comfortable with the admin, and he was too important to leave. Once a month and some tips to hand onto my husband and my drama obsessed offspring. But no it was a full on scriptwriting course by a master.

More information on the storm damage to our house arrived and it looks like we're up a creek without a paddle Putting everything into perspective here for a second, we have a minimum of $1,700 worth of repairs to fix the physical damage to the house and we're looking about $1,500 to remove the tree.

Young Adulthood on the Spectrum: An Interview with a Friend An interview with a young adult on the spectrum discussing college, friendships, and day to day life.

ASAN Condemns Trump Administration's Attack on Transgender Americans Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the Trump administration is considering adopting a federal standard which would exclude transgender and intersex people from the protections of many anti-discrimination laws and policies.

Asperger’s & the Terminology Debate, with Valerie Gaus Ph.D. - Spectrumly Speaking ep. 52 - DIFFERENT BRAINS To discuss the term "Asperger's" and the issues created by its removal from the DSM-V.

Boy Learns To Speak By Watching TV Show He was nonverbal until he started watching the show a couple years ago.

Awetism: when being "weird" is awesome Nikki Mann talks about raising her son on the autism spectrum. Thomas the Tank Engine is one of his interests.

Pet Peeves of An Autism Mom As a mother to a child with autism, I've heard it all. In no particular order, these are some of my biggest pet peeves.

We have to get the tree removed and our house fixed It's Monday and while I'm not looking to tempt fate here, I need to get a few things done today. Mondays aren't historically fun in my house for a number of reasons. The main reason being that the kids have to transition from being home to going back to school and that doesn't always go well.

Heartbreaking Story of Irish School Boy with Myriad Mental Health Issues The first article I found on Saturday, October 20th made me stop my news search. It was about a 10 year boy in County Cork, Ireland and the desperate situation faced by him and his family. I couldn't get over the number of things affecting this child that were mentioned in this piece.

It really sucks when you have to put groceries back because you don't have enough money As I was checking out, I realized that I was going to be over my allotted budget, which was less than $40 because that's literally all I have in the bank right now.

The Invisible Price Of Accommodation - Renata Jurkevythz Every accommodation provided for a person with a disability, be it physical or mental, visible or invisible, is usually perceived as something they are getting "for free". Something is being facilitated for them in a way it wouldn't for a person without said disability.

A review of Netflix ATypical Season 1: Meet the Gardners When Netflix announced their new series, Atypical, about an everyday family living with a teenage son on the autism spectrum, I was interested to see how they'd handle the subject. After watching the trailer though, I wasn't sure whether they were laughing at autism or about it - an absolutely crucial distinction in my opinion.

How the @clevelandclinic gave us hope It's been a couple of days and I've still not gotten around to updating you on Lizze's appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. As a quick reminder, she was at the Neurological Center for Pain, seeking help for her migraines.

Emmett has another birthday party today This is the second Saturday in a row that Emmett has a birthday party to attend. I'm thrilled that he's got the opportunity but two weekends in a row is a bit much. This afternoon he has one of his best friends party and it's at Chuck E Cheese. It'll be just Emmett and I because this is way too loud for Lizze.

Anaheim Ducks Honor Fan With Parkinson's In this episode: a Dyslexia Task Force is helping students in Iowa, "Now This" releases a video discussing living with Bipolar disorder, a man with Parkinson's is honored by the Anaheim Ducks, and more! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.

AASET: Standing up for the Change in Health Care Futures for Autistic Women Autistic Adults and other Stakeholders Engage Together is a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute engagement project that aims to create a group of community stakeholders and researchers. Our group has anticipated in developing a common agenda to address the most pressing issues facing autistic adults.

Interviewing People With Autism Within The Criminal Justice System Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and, how they experience the world around them. It's believed that there are around 700,000 autistic people in the UK - that's more than 1 in 100.

Autistic Child Dragged By Teacher & Nurse In it, she saw her son being dragged and carried through hallways and even up stairs by his teacher and the school nurse. His dog followed behind him uncertainly, tethered by his leash to Thatcher. At one point, it looked like Thatcher was shouting or screaming.

Video games and autism - what is the attraction? Something you should ask yourself before continuing on with the rest of this article is "Why do people in general play video games?" With that, I would tease "Why do people go the movies?" or "Why do people read horrible gossip magazines?" It's because they want to escape from their daily lives and ignore their current problems or challenges.

North Texas Planned Supported Living Community for Adults with Autism In the Works Note: Housing for adults with autism is as rare as a Texas Jackalope. Yet, this is the future for many of us: "Where will my adult children with autism be living?" We can't expect them to live with us forever. For starters, our children will probably feel like any adult, despite their autism, it's TIME TO LEAVE THE NEST.

Autism, Literally! A Spectrum Women collaboration, edited by Maura Campbell, with Barb Cook, Jen Elcheson, Christine Jenkins, Terri Mayne, Kate Ross and Lisa Toner Morgan. Us folks on the autistic spectrum have a tendency to take things a bit too literally sometimes.

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