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What it means to be a father and why I adopted my son Every year I share the letter I wrote the judge, explaining who I was, who Gavin was and why I wanted to adopt him. I'll let the letter speak for itself. Have a great night… October 22, 2008. Judge Dixie Park,. You have asked the question, Why do I want to adopt Gavin?

Ultimate Guide To Changing Your Child's Surname The first thing you'll want to know is that you can't just change your child's last name when you set up a new partnership or remarry. It is up to the court to decide whether or not changing the surname is in the child's best interest. An application is usually successful only when you have everyone with parental rights give their written consent.

An Interview with Polly Tommey about Vaxxed II The People's Truth Note: Vaxxed From Cover up to Catastrophe launched a firestorm when, in 2016, it was abruptly removed from the Tribeca Film Festival, Robert De Niro's event in New York. As angry as so many of us were at the time, the cowardice and dismissal provided an efficient fuel that fired the campaign, and continues to do so.

This needs to be super quick I'm exhausted and going to sleep soon, so this needs to be quick. We had a pretty awesome day here in The Autism Dad house. We had some challenges but we all rose to the occasion and made it through. I had two podcast interviews today and while one was met with some tech issues, it's rescheduled for next week.

A Restaurant With An Autism-Friendly Sensory Room Is Opening In New Jersey That room will include bubble machines, beanbag chairs, cushioned crash pads and sensory games on the walls. The goal of the sensory room is to make it possible for individuals with sensory issues to enjoy the visit. The sensory room will also have its own entrance and exit to separate it from the main restaurant.

Autism Does Not Define Me Accept me for who I am.Understand that I may not always get what you're saying.Trust that G-d has me here for a reason.I am an amazing human being.Socially, I might not fit in with society's expectations.Mentoring can help me along the way.

Acupuncture and Autism Research has shown acupuncture to be an effective treatment for children with ASD in areas of verbal communication, social skills, behavioral concerns, food sensitivity, and noise sensitivity. What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that originated in China.

The Immaculate Infection Blesses New York School Why do vaccinated kids still get ill ? By the way you can check this out online because it has been around for a while the issue is just putting it together. Like I said I am pretty good at puzzles so here you go.

Robert Kennedy Jr Silenced at Harlem Vaccine Forum Event Note: Thanks to The Fed Up Democrat for a fantastic summary of the Harlem Vaccine Forum event on Saturday. Al Sharpton, no stranger to controversy or confrontation, begged off at the last minute. That's a shame. African American toddlers are in the thick of the vaccine debate.

Jessica Zavala could not speak until she was 5 and Now She Helps Children to Communicate I did not speak until I was 5 years old. The time before that, I only grunted and pointed to things I wanted. It was hard to express my wants and needs. I remember thinking I was in a soundproof room where I felt I was speaking perfectly normal, but everyone looking at me seemed confused.

The "Why" and the "What" Behind Language Builder: Academic Readiness Intervention System ARIS was created with access and implementation in mind: intended to make the principles of ABA easily accessible and easy to implement for educators who may not have formal ABA training. Interesting, but what's so great about it?

Into The Depths By Raising a child with as many medical issues as my son has is no easy task. That's why we celebrate each and every little gain as they happen. Those are some of my favorite days. Other days, like one we had last week when we hit a medical setback, I'm reminded of how this all started.

Autism Community: "One Day We'll Die and What We're Doing About It" So, yes, for many of us, with some luck we're going to get really old, our kids that require almost 24/7 caretaking will be ok, and we'll outlive them by a day or two. Or, maybe not.

It could absolutely be worse It's not easy and some days are really hard but things could absolutely be worse. It's important that I not lose focus on that and set a positive example for the kids.

Retiring Pilot Passes On Legacy By Giving Wings To 2-Yr-Old With Down Syndrome. "We were all in tears over the monumental statement!" Sarah said. So of course, after they landed, the mother and son made their way to the cockpit. In a video recorded by another crew member, the captain removes the metal wings from his uniform and pins them on Ki's shirt.

The Inner Lives of Women with Learning Disabilities Life in the learning disability 'club' comes with a lot of fun, creativity, intelligence and flexibility, but it also has its share of unspoken anxiety and embarrassment. It's often an endless loop of feeling crunched for time while having no way to solve any problem quickly - or do basic things, like take a breath.

When you're a #specialneeds parent, these things will happen Being a special needs parent means that thing will come up at the last minute and there's nothing that can be done about it. I will reschedule things as soon as I can. Elliott was brought home and has been in bed resting. Hopefully, he'll feel better sooner rather than later.

Poisoning Our Babies, One Meal At A Time It might be time for mom's to start making their own baby food. From their own gardens. After having their dirt tested.

New Episode: Joel Manzer In this week's episode of The Autism Dad podcast, I speak with my good friend Joel Manzer of Autisable. We talk about his current endeavors to benefit the Autism community, as well as have a discussion about some things that going on in the community that cause tension.

Blue Pumpkin Halloween Buckets Aim To Raise Awareness Of Autistic Trick-Or-Treaters A mom’s innovative solution to help her son go trick or treating on Halloween has gone viral.

Aide Left Autistic Student Unattended At School And He Choked To Death "What would tend to do would be to eat a lot of food at one time," his mom, Megan Williams, said. "It would go into the lungs and that would be catastrophic." In 2015, Kedar was hospitalized after he choked on some food while unsupervised. After weeks in the hospital, he pulled through.

Despite the heartache, I'm grateful for this one thing They're going to hang out with their mom and grandma this afternoon for a couple hours, so I'll have a brief reprieve. I've said this before but I will say it many more times going forward. It doesn't matter what happened between their mother and I. That's a grownup situation.

7 Tips For Keeping The Entire Family Healthy During Flu Season Flu season is upon us, and parents everywhere are looking for ways to keep their kids as healthy as possible this year. Luckily these 7 tips will help.

Ohio to Fund Programs to Prevent Custody Relinquishment for Severely Behavioral Children Note: Don't punish progress. $8 million in direct funds is a start. Most states have nothing for families, like many in the autism community, whose children have severe behaviors and aggression. The boy featured in the story has autism. ###Ohio sets aside $31 million to support families with children who have complex behavioral needs.

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