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Autism is My Son's Superpower Recently, my Mom asked "what does ASD mean?" It hit me that I never explained what it stands for. ASD is an acronym for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Someone can be mildly, moderately or severely autistic. In Kenden's case, he is severely autistic because of his communication and behaviors.

Today just got more complicated I'm not sure what's going around but if it's that bad, I may have to think about keeping Elliott home in Friday. When you have a child with a compromised immune system in your home, you have to be so careful with things like this. If Elliott brings something into the house, it puts Gavin at risk.

The Grooming of Children By the Vacciphilia Public Health and Pediatric Machine By Kim Rossi Yesterday, I read that Cincinnati Ohio pediatrician Doctor Nicole Baldwin had pre-emptively blocked "anti-vaxxers" on Twitter, because we were sending her facts about vaccine safety, vaccination liability and what happened to our children.

Proverbs 31, What? by Shannon Hughes Content warning: suicidal ideation, depression. Any woman who grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home knows that the Proverbs 31 woman is the ideal she should aspire to. Even if she's not familiar with the scripture reference, she's familiar with the archetype.

Strengths-based Approaches to Autism for Teachers, SLPs, and Parents Recent research and new directions in education has pointed out the flaws in this deficit-based thinking, advocating for more strengths-based approaches to supporting students with autism. The strengths-based approach chooses to focus on students' strengths and capacities as opposed to the issue or concern.

Holding my own and not giving up The kids were supposed to see their mom for a few hours tonight but unfortunately, they have a stomach bug floating around their household and we simply cannot risk exposure at this time. The kids were sick from Thanksgiving until just before Christmas and I don't want to take any needless risks.

Bumetanide, a drug for swelling, helps child fall below autism cut-off score An autistic toddler given a drug to treat swelling improved so much she fell below the cut-off score for the condition, claims new research. The two-and-a-half-year-old girl was treated with bumetanide at a hospital in Changchun, China. Medics first gave her Vitamin D3 before they tried the diuretic bumetanide.

I feel helpless and powerless because I can't help my kids with #Autism They will talk to me about what's bothing them because A) they trust me, and B) because I'm there in the moment when they need to talk. Outside of those moments, they do not want to talk about what's bothering them and instead internalize it. This is a very frustrating because the things that are upsetting them, I can't do anything about.

Finding Your Inner MozArt Contest - Digital This post contains submissions for the Finding Your Inner MozArt contest - Digital Art. Artists were asked to create art work with the themes of music and/or synesthesia. See What is Synesthesia? This art contest is sponsored by the Mainly Mozart nonprofit.

Man With Autism Earns His Degree After Attending College Part-Time For 14 Years "The true test of success is persistence," he added. "Charles, you have taken your own path." Vaughn says he plans to work on computers now that he's a graduate. Robert and Laurajean couldn't be prouder of their son, and are hopeful that he will serve as an example of what people with autism are capable of.

Autism and Housing Dangerous Logic an Article by Amy Lutz in Psychology Today Note: This is such an important article in Psychology Today, I had to share it with you. For those of us with children for whom an independent life is not an option, why is it that a small group of advocates has been able to dictate what we can and can not have for our loved ones?

I feel like my family did okay today We're going to be talking about healthcare and how if we lose the ACA, millions of people, including families like mine, will lose coverage. That's a huge problem and we need to know the facts. I feel good having accomplished even that much. My main goal for this week is to get everything figured out with Emmett and school.

Responding to Helen Petousis Harris It was admittedly not surprising the Sciblogs, New Zealand chose not to post my irreverent comment on the post 'The WHO Vaccine Safety Summit - from someone who was actually there' of Helen Petousis Harris, chair of he WHO's Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety:.

Caring for a Pet through every Life Stage, then saying Bye, till we meet again Kimberly Gerry-Tucker resides in Connecticut with her significant other Al and with her beloved pets, where she works in QA, at finding bugs in software. Kim is on the Board of the Art of Autism nonprofit. Kim's website: KimberlyGerryTuckerWIX: Kim's blog: RavenAmbition: The Interview with Donna Williams and me.

On Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Let's Make Vaccines Part of the Conversation? Note: We ran this post in June of 2016. Today is "Sanctity of Human Life Sunday":. On January 13, 1984, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation designating January 22 as the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day.

We had a good day We're not actually celebrating his birthday until Sunday but we always do a special dinner on the actual day. We started that tradition because there were times in the past where money was so tight, ordering dinner wasn't easy. On birthdays, we wanted the kids to have something special, something that we couldn't do very often.

Autism Friendly Shopping As autism friendly events are all the rage at the moment, I decided to take some time to check out Lidl's weekly autism friendly shopping hours. So what's so special about Lidl's autism friendly shopping experience? Every Tuesday from 6-8pm across all Irish stores, Lidl takes the following autism friendly measures:.

Age Of Autism Note: Below is an opinion piece written by Margaret Hetherman that ran in We're encouraged to see that meaningful conversation can be the result of our protests. The pro-vaxxers shout "the science is settled," and ignore reality.

I'm struggling to find balance I really want to get a few episodes in the tank, especially with our pending trip coming up. I need to book a few more interviews and go from there. It was important to me that I release the first two episodes of the season because they dealt with vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases.

I have some time to myself I just finished a 3.5 mile walk with my Mom and I think I'll get a nap in before getting some recording done for the podcast. I'm really tired and it's freezing in the house for some reason. The thermostat reads 68°F but it doesn't feel like that. I'm gonna crawl into my nice warm bed for a little while and recharge.

Starting the day off with good news I don't know if this will be a reoccurring event but regardless, I'm so proud of him and this is absolutely a positive thing.

When should I tell my child they're autistic, and how do I tell them? The two questions above are among the most commonly asked by parents of newly-diagnosed autistic children. And wouldn't it be great if there were a one-sentence answer to it? Sadly, it doesn't work like that. But here's my advice, as an autistic man who used to be an autistic child, who gets asked this question a lot.

Association of American Physicians & Surgeons Sues Representative Adam Schiff for Censoring Vaccine Debate The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons - AAPS - is a non-partisan professional association of physicians in all types of practices and specialties across the country.

De Railed Part 5 and thank goodness the end of the line. Okay so maybe something went a little wrong yesterday but on a happy note some of the biscuits made it to my mother in law's house. And many made it home again because our cousin can't eat gluten. Not in a faddish way, in the has the genuine medical problem sensible way.

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