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Faecal transplant patient dies from antibiotic-resistant infection The donor was tested and found positive for the same infection. But medics did not carry out a test on the donor before the treatment took place. The FDA has issued new guidance. It says medics should test donors for multi-drug-resistant organisms. Professor James Adams is a leading US researcher trialling faecal transplants for autism.

The Autistic plea for understanding The Autistic Plea for Understanding. Why do you look upon me the way you do, you who see me as a standout.

Family Upset After Their Autistic Son's Day Was Ruined by Uncaring Flight Attendants The 9-year-old boy was forced to relieve himself in a cup in the middle of the crowded airplane.

Ciao Now! Vax Sheepherd Alienates Hello Bello Customers with Cruel Dismissal of a Child's Death Where the Onion, Perez Hilton and AofA intersect…. Actor and owner of Hello Bello natural products Dax Shephard tells a Mom she is lying about her daughter's death because in DaxWorld, vaccines can never cause injury, let alone kill. Do we know if Jupiter Jove is telling the truth?

Ohio Legislators Sneak Removal of Religious Vaccine Exemption into Budget Bill Another public health Trojan Horse has been rolled into a bill, this time, in Ohio. From Autism Action Network.

Confessions of a frustrated #Autism Dad When we try to figure out what he's asking, he often gets frustrated with us because he feels that we're not listening to him. This afternoon, he was trying to get me to help remove something he'd downloaded, and I needed to know what it was. He said he had tried to download an app that wasn't on the Play Store and something went wrong.

Stand-Up Comedian Hannah Gadsby Talks About Her Autism Diagnosis In TED Talk & Special "Douglas" "It’s not autism that makes it difficult to live with autism. It’s the world we’ve created that is not geared in our favor."

No parent likes to see their child struggle Emmett only ended up falling asleep in our bed, and that ultimately sent me to the couch. I'm okay with that because it meant that he got some sleep and wasn't up all night. eval;.

The value of finding a mentor and friend with similar interests Over the course of my life, I've found having a close mentor is extremely valuable since a mentor is an individual that I can confide in and who offers important lessons.

Letter from Neighbors Calls Autistic Boy's Outdoor Toys "Unsanitary" and an "Eyesore" "You want the best for your son and for your children to have fun and then you kind of sit there and go, 'Well, what am I doing wrong?'" Gregorio says.

Reflections on home "A home is the most wonderful place in the world to me. Autism rests plenty with its space that never judges or ignores. Voting I belong, home tosses away norm and welcomes by beast. With beast unleashed, autism can protect me from the normal world that causes pain." ~Sarah.

Schools Kicking Out Unvaccinated Healthy Kids While Mental Illness and Violence Takes Over Note: The laws in California and New York now require expelling healthy, whole students based on their vaccination status. At the same time, schools are turning into pysch wards and play grounds are more like prison grounds with violence and trouble.

Autism can make dealing with loss much more difficult Raising kids with Autism is no easy task. There are a zillion little things that we as Autism parents have to be cognizant of, that other parents don't. eval;. There are challenges our kid's experience that are unique to Autism, and it can be very difficult to navigate as a parent.

Autism Siblings: Burdened or Blessed? A few years ago, I overheard something that didn't sit well with me. A woman's son needed some help. The boy, who was wheelchair bound, was positioned closest to his typically developing brother. Instead of asking her typical son to help his physically disabled brother, the lady got up, walked across the room and fixed what needed to be fixed.

We have an unpleasant task ahead of us today There's a ton of things to go through and as unpleasant as it sounds, it mist be done. eval;. Lizze isn't feeling well, so she's going to stay home and sleep. I don't want to spend all day there cause I'm exhausted and don't feel very good myself. I'm hoping to make a good dent, and spend the rest of the day recovering from am awful week.

A military dad asks: What child do you see? Let me ask a quick question. When you think of a child with autism which one in the photo do you see? Don't feel bad, don't feel judged, just be honest. No one will know, unless you say it out loud. Just think about it as you walk through the grocery store and you see a child throwing the massive tantrum down the aisle.

Did Hit Song "Old Town Road" Help a Nonverbal Boy With Autism Speak? In this episode: NBA star Kevin Durant befriends a young man with Down syndrome, hit song “Old Town Road” helps a nonverbal boy with autism speak, and more!

SB276 Why Aren't Pediatricians Up in Arms Over Losing Their Right to Practice Medicine? Yesterday, SB276 moved forward in California. This bill strangles a doctor's ability to write medical exemptions for his or her patients. Why would medical doctors give up more of their rights to practice medicine?

Woman Captures Video Of Daycare Provider Pushing Autistic Girl And Pulling Her Hair At A Park The woman was a licensed daycare provider for several children.

Ancient Rescuer "With no shoes I am ready. Shoes are part of my ordinary existence. They hamper and restrain me now. To go meet my rescuer I put my head up and let my instinct take over. Part of… I feel part of God's world… Part of something bigger than my life or my autism.

Working to get back on track The main mission I have, at this point in time, is getting our lives back on track. I wish I knew how to do that, but we're going to have to figure things out as we go. We have an entire summer ahead of us, a birthday next week and a ton of work that needs to be done so we can one day move to a safer neighborhood.

Woman Becomes Miss Florida's First Competitor With Autism Tampa Bay, Florida local, Rachel Barcellona, makes history as the first competitor for the Miss Florida Crown with an autism diagnosis.

Chore time We need to have a family meeting. Apparently, some folks on social media feel I'm some sort of meanie because I "make Kiddo do chores like vacuuming and taking in the groceries".

IVIG, Autism and Immune Dysfunction By Teresa Conrick My daughter, Megan, age 26, had her first IVIG infusion two weeks ago. It has been a long road, YEARS getting here.

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