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How 'The Good Doctor' developed its main character with autism Learn more about Melissa at,. As the autism consultant on the hit TV show The Good Doctor, I have the outstanding privilege of working directly with the writers, actors, producers, executives and crew.

A Barber's Mission to "Fade" Autism A Pennsylvania barber is on a mission to help those with autism enjoy their hair cuts! Inspired by his younger brother on the autism spectrum, Frankel Antoine has a mission called Fading Autism, where he gives clients on the spectrum free haircuts.

Want to Win $500 Cash for the New Year? Now imagine you have the opportunity to win $500 cash and it happens! You can't win if you don't try, right? Everyone needs to hope for a little luck now and then, and with some bad luck, sometimes you get a little good luck. At least, I hope so. And if you haven't had any bad luck, may your lucky streak continue!

How You Could Help Your Kids have a Better Relationship with their Grandparents This is a collaborative post and therefore does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of this blog or its author. They say that age is just a number, and this couldn't be truer.

Proactive Parenting Tips This is a collaborative post and therefore does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this blog or its author. Become a parent is just amazing. Right from the moment, they're born, you'll never have felt a love stronger. Raising a child, however, is a different ball game.

Top Ways to Find the Best Job for Someone with Severe Autism As a special education teacher and a caretaker for people with autism spectrum disorder, I constantly worry about the futures of my students / clients. More specifically, I wonder whether or not they will be able to acquire employment.

New Iep Tools For New Law One year ago today, the United States Supreme Court published its decision in Endrew F v. Douglas County School District, a case which looked closely at the purpose of and established clearer standards for IEPs. As the parent of a child on an IEP, the decision was an amazing read.

Malcolm Wang: Teen Autistic Photographer On March 9, 2018, I meet Malcolm Wang and his mom Karen at the Autism Alliance of Michigan's 4th annual Navigating Autism conference. Malcolm is a sixteen year old junior at Northville High School who has autism and epilepsy. He is a photographer and self-advocate.

Plans to close and merge special schools in Northern Ireland condemned Plans to close and merge special schools in Northern Ireland will leave services for pupils "diluted and compromised". That's the view of retired head teacher Colm Davis. Northern Ireland's Education Authority is plotting a major reorganisation of Belfast's special schools.

SaidNoMother Campaign on Facebook Addresses Vaccine Injury Joshua Coleman has started a hashtag on Facebook called "#SaidNoMother in which Mothers and Fathers are creating memes with their child's vaccine injury story expressed in deliberately crushing fashion. If anyone can read them and not feel at least a twinge of sympathy surely he or she is not human.

Schools Becoming the New Mental Health Institutions Note: Here are some of Anne's collected media stories about the changes in schooling in the First World. We had a 16 year old female make a credible threat in my town on the day of the Walk Out.

It's been a really rough day and I'm praying for a better one tomorrow As a special needs family, we are no stranger to bad days. Even our best days are exceptionally challenging. Today was not a good day for about a million reasons and I barely survived it. I'm hoping that things are better today and I can get us moving forward once again.

How Autism Moms Lose Friends: Gripping Infographic I think that when we get married and have children, most moms have a difficult enough time fostering friendships, especially working moms, because life gets busy.

Getting kicked in the ass by withdrawal symptoms again The last day or so, I've been feeling better. Tomorrow makes two full weeks since I took my last dose of Paxil. It's been a mixed bag of absolute misery and somewhat survivable. Yesterday I was doing really well and thought I was finally at the tail end of this shit but I was wrong.

Los Angeles landmarks will Light It Up Blue on April 2 In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, various landmarks in Los Angeles will Light It Up Blue on April 2, 2018! Wear something blue on April 2nd in support of understanding and acceptance for people with autism. Get your #LightItUpBlue gear here.

How to Find the Right Doctor for Better Results Sadly, I could not find a holistic doctor for my children anywhere near us. I wanted to know how to find the right doctor for my boys now that I had found one for myself!

Sit Down and Talk - And Be Prepared to Listen Sit down and talk to us, not at us. That is the best, most concise advice I, as both a mother to two on the autism spectrum and an undocumented autistic myself, could give to one wondering what it's like to be inside our brains. Sit down and talk to us, not at us.

Emmett returned to school this morning Just a quick update to share that Emmett made it back to school today. He missed all last week, as well as Monday and Tuesday of this week due to tummy aches. He's feeling better today and was super excited to return. It's easy to assume that Emmett is trying to manipulate his way out of school by claiming tummy aches.

I'll never understand the postal service I'll never understand the postal service. Rather than put this item with the rest of the oversized items that are sent to my PO Box, they decided to destroy it instead by cramming into the tiny square box that was way too small… Good thing there wasn't anything important in there….but unfortunately there was….

You can attack me but my family is OFF LIMITS It's not that often that I must make a public statement in regards to being attacked. As you are aware, I've had a Facebook stalker for quite some time. I know who this person is but can't prove anything on my end. Facebook would be able to prove it if there was actually recourse for being harassed in this manner.

My Top 12 Posts of the Year: Our Epic Journey Thanks for taking our epic journey with us! When I look back, we sure went through a lot of ups and downs. I decided to take a walk through what you, my readers, liked the most throughout the year, and nothing shows those ups and downs more than going through those entries.

Chicago landmarks will Light It Up Blue on April 2 In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, various landmarks in Chicago will Light It Up Blue on April 2, 2018!

Top 5 Last-Minute Tasks We Do Right Before Christmas Yes, we often have several things left undone by the time Christmas break rolls around, but I'll just stick with the… Top 5 Last-Minute Tasks We Do Right Before Christmas. Somehow, we manage to fit it all in. The boys got to see Santa, we got all the presents, we've gone Christmas caroling, and the boys even baked Christmas cookies.

Top Advice on Ways Teachers and Parents Can Better Communicate Sending a child off to school is one of the scariest things a parent ever has to do. If that child has autism spectrum disorder, or any special needs, the fear is enhanced. Even though most special needs parents have more contact with their children's teachers than other parents, it's still hard not knowing what happens during the child's day.

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