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I tell people I'm okay but I'm really not People ask me all the time how I'm doing and with the exception of a very few people, on rare occasions, I generally politely reply that I'm doing good. I get away with that because most people don't look beneath the surface. They don't really see that sometimes when I say I'm okay, I'm only saying that to make the conversation move forward.

Boy With Down Syndrome Hugs And Comforts An Autistic Classmate In Viral Video The two boys attend a school in Mexico, and their teacher recorded them.

Genetic Test Uncovers Girl's Rare Deadly Illness, CLN2 - And Her Doctors Had Never Heard Of It The condition comes with a devastating life expectancy.

Teaching from the Heart: How my Autism makes me a Better Educator I view my autism as a different way of thinking rather than a "limitation" or a "disability." My autism makes my teaching style unique as it adds character and a distinct personality when working with the children.

Largest rabbinical college in the nation takes a stand on religious freedom Note: We need more religious leaders to speak out. I'm Catholic, and I think Priests, because the can not marry and do not have children of their our, are unlikely to feel the sharp tug of duty on this issue. Feel free to correct me if you would like.

After Several Job Rejections, Man with Autism Opens Successful "Red, White & Brew" Coffee Shop Michael got sick of being told "no" by potential employers, so he created his own dream job instead.

Hillary Clinton on Howard Stern Not sure exact time but between 7:30 and 11:00 EDT. Is a Presidential run looming?

The Amazing Reason My Kids and I Were Just Invited to Orlando, Florida As I'm thinking about this though, I'm realizing that it's an amazing opportunity to experience and evaluate, first hand, the accommodations made for Autistic people and their families. It would also be an opportunity to show my readers, followers, and listeners, that while it doesn't always feel like it, the world is becoming more inclusive.

My challenges with mutism Like other disorders each person may experience it differently. But learn what you can. Secondly, understand if the person with mutism is communicating to you in some way then they want to communicate. It is much easier for us to communicate in other ways than it would be to simply talk.

History Repeats Itself In the olden days, Deaf Education tried to make the deaf look hearing. Deaf children had to learn lip reading and speech. The use of sign language was prohibited in schools. In those days many deaf people were born hearing so they knew what speech sounded like and what it felt like to talk before they were deafened by illness.

Babies Exposed To Acetaminophen In The Womb Have An Increased Risk of Autism and ADHD, Study Finds A study published in JAMA Psychiatry has found a link between exposure to acetaminophen during pregnancy and higher rates of autism and attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder. This isn't the first time autism and acetaminophen have been linked.

Traveling With Neurodiverse Kids This Holiday Season? Don't Leave Before Reading These Tips Delicious food, twinkling lights… and, for many, travel headaches and awkward family gatherings. For families affected by autism, OCD, and other neurodiversities, this time of year can be fraught with stress at every turn as you navigate big crowds, new places, and changes in routine.

CA Senator Richard Pan Recalls a Debate With Robert Kennedy Jr… THAT NEVER HAPPENED Perhaps someone has had one too many flu shots? Kennedy responded: For the record, I have repeatedly asked both Pan and Hotez to publicly debate; they have both steadfastly refused. You may recall that here in Connecticut, "experts" from Yale backed out of a forum with Robert Kennedy last Fall.

I could obviously be doing a better job It's like a fucking roller-coaster because my kids are really sick, then they seem to feel a little better and then go back to being sick again. I guess it's kinda the nature of respiratory stuff but the ups and downs are rough because it's difficult to know what to do.

Leadership is the theme for the 2019 International Day of Persons with Disabilities The Art of Autism is proud that Board member Tom Iland, who is a great example of leadership, will be speaking during the opening ceremony of the event about the importance of inclusion of persons with disabilities at all levels and in all processes and also illustrate the importance of participation, leadership and self-advocacy.

Traveling on the Spectrum, with Gretchen McIntire - Spectrumly Speaking ep. 79 Lori Butts welcome self-advocate and author Gretchen McIntire ! She is the…

Autism parenting is NOT easy I was talking about this on Twitter today because it's something I think many parents in my shoes have to contend with. Kids with Autism can sometimes really, really hate going to the doctor. It creates a tremendous amount of anxiety and can make a bad situation worse.

Believe Women. Except If Vaccine Injuries are Involved. Note: We live in an era where we are told that we should believe women's stories as their truth. Harvey Weinstein. Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Cosby. But vaccines? A Mom in our community posted her story of grief and pain, after the death of her child. Rather than show a scintilla of compassion, a commenter went to full blown gaslighting mode.

Camel Crazy A New Book from Christina Adams Note: Many years ago at Autism One, I looked out my hotel window to see camels in the parking lot of the hotel. Camels. In Chicago! That was when I first met Christina Adams and learned about camel's milk.

Someday One of my dreams is to turn my efforts into a non-profit foundation. I've been wanting to do this for years and there's a few reasons why. I would like to be able to do more than provide support and comfort online. I want to be able to help Autism and Special Needs families in the many areas they may need it.

Making some progress in regards to Christmas Okay, so I'm slowly making some progress with my kids as far as Christmas shopping for them is concerned. By progress I mean the ideas are starting to trickle in. That being said, not all the ideas are realistic. One of the things that my middle minion is very interested in is archery.

How Media Representation of Autism Affects Me A look at The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, The Big Bang Theory, Mary and Max and other portrayals of autistic people in the media. By Baylie Nixon. As posted on The Art of Autism website, Warner Brothers is having auditions for a film adaptation of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime".

It's a vicious cycle The good news is that the boys are in decent moods and that's fantastic. Hopefully, I can keep them distracted today and we can keep things nice and calm.

Holiday Tips for Families of Children with Autism Reducing Holiday Stress The holiday season can be a stressful time of year for everyone, especially for parents of ch…

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