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Homemade Flatbread Pizza Recipe Adapted from my favorite pizza crust recipe, this homemade flatbread pizza bakes up into a thin and chewy base for your favorite flatbread toppings. Quicker, easier, and thinner than pizza, this flatbread dough takes about 1 hour start to finish and is perfect for beginners.

A simple spelt bake Don't get too excited - the spelt is only 20% of the flour - but it makes for a nice loaf! It's ages since I've posted details of one of my bakes on TFL.

Sourdough Savory Peanut Squares and Some Chinese Charcuterie I've tasted so many breads and pastries with peanuts but they're all sweet. Peanuts are wonderful savory too so I decided to make a savory peanut bread. Braised peanuts are our favorite which is not so common in where we live.

Biscoff Cloud Coffee recipe Tasted and written for you by The Little Blog of Vegan on March 31, 2020 Hi, my name is Holly Jade and welcome to 'The Little Blog of Vegan'. A 3 time award winning vegan recipe, beauty, advice, lifestyle blog and FOOD BLOGGER OF THE YEAR 2017. I have a passion for food photography and styling, raw baking and all things pretty!

ABA Webinar: COVID-19 Employer Guidance for What's Next Doctor David Acheson from The Acheson Group will lead a free webinar that focuses on how employers can manage the "what's next" of the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar will provide guidance for employers including:. The webinar will be recorded and available free to ABA Members on ABA's new Webinar Portal.

Spelt Oat Porridge Bread à la Cedar Mountain I took my Take 2 of Cedar Mountain's Khorasan Oat Sourdough and subbed out the khorasan for Spelt. Here is the recipe I followed with these exceptions:. Used Spelt instead of Khorasan. Did not use the additional water in the dough as the Spelt flour didn't seem to absorb as much water.

April Baking Challenge April 2020 Baking Challenge: Homemade Flatbread Pizza. Given our limitations to certain ingredients and the world's current emergency, I quickly swapped the April Sally's Baking Challenge recipe. I'm saving the originally planned recipe for another month.

Easy Homemade Pretzel Bites These Easy Homemade Pretzel Bites are a simple and delicious way to bake up a gastropub favorite at home and treat yourself to a classic salty snach!

Possibly my best sourdough I've been baking sourdoughs for many years but I am admittedly imprecise and quite neglectful. It usually turns out "good enough" but rarely are my loaves great. These ones were. I mixed up AP flour and water at about 68% hydration, then added my ripe starter.

Chocolate Chip Mickey Cookies A chocolate chip, chocolate drizzled Mickey cookie is one of my favourite treats to enjoy on Main Street in Disneyland Paris. Sadly, my March 2020 trip has been cancelled but I still wanted to enjoy a little bit of Disney magic. So I recreated this delicious cookie.

Carrots with cumin and caramelised onions A great dish using a few very modest ingredients, this works well as a side dish to accompany all manner of curries. This slideshow requires JavaScript. This is also wonderful with stock or water added and blitzed to give a warming soup - perhaps with a touch of chilli.

Sourdough Babka Looking at a slice is like pretending you're a palm reader: you subconsciously trace the dark lines as they wind here and there, trying to see the future, to plan each bite to land you right in the next delicious zone of brown sugar and cinnamon.

Seven Ways to Start Your Day - a FREE breakfast ebook Not a full on book, but seven quick and easy breakfast recipes put together with the intention of providing a little inspiration for your mornings. And it's free - the smallest gift in these strange and uncertain times.

Mondelēz makes $15m global commitment to aid relief support for coronavirus Retail and Shopper Insights. Editor's Blog. Industry Voices. Promotional Features. Chocolate. Candy. Gum. Biscuits. Cocoa and Sugar. E-commerce. 3D Printing. Cocoa Flavanol Science. Health and Functionality. Sustainable Sourcing. Seasonal. Emerging Markets.

44 Bake Room Hi all, I have not been posting for a a bit busy on a total new adventure and some may remember when I started baking here and baked the Champlain loaf with Dan on a community bake again and again…. I have now a little bake room at our house No.

Need help with sourdough bread 20200329_141902.jpg Hey so this is my first time making sourdough bread everything went well until the final rising. For the final rising the dough only rised a little bit. The dough has bubbles but its flat and moist. The dough doesn't hold it's shape.

My Ideal Focaccia I've been working my way towards making what I envision as my ideal focaccia in the past couple weeks. Due to time constraints on previous batches I sacrificed quality to fit my schedule. The results were okay, worth eating but not worth writing about.

Smaller than a breadbox I posted this last week and it got shuffled down in the blizzard of traffic recently. I have been repurposing the plastic bins that salad greens come in for some bread tasks that have reduced my use of plastic bags and wrap. Them seem to work great so I want to share it with everyone.

Whole Wheat Potato Rye with Shaved Parmesan This is a nice multi-grain bread with a hint of fresh ground rye and around 38% fresh ground whole wheat flour. I added some leftover mashed potatoes and at the last moment some shaved Parmesan cheese because….well it's cheese :).

Spelt, Rye and Red Fife Sourdough No. 3 I'm still trying to hit the sweet spot on this recipe from Maurizio's The Perfect Loaf. I've posted the recipe that I followed two blog posts earlier. I didn't extend the bulk fermentation this time as I believed that my starter was more active now than for the first bake which I felt was underproofed.

Flourless Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies Portion the dough using a cookie scoop, roll into balls between your palms, and transfer to the prepared cookie sheets. Flatten each cookie with your palm or the bottom of a cup or bowl. Dot tops of cookies with 3-4 additional chocolate chips. Bake for 10 minutes and cool completely on the pans.

First Take: $2 Trillion "CARES" Act and What It Means for Bakers The $2 trillion package is far-reaching in lawmakers' attempts to mitigate the economic hardship that the coronavirus outbreak has inflicted. The bill includes the following provisions for businesses:. Small business loans apply to businesses with less than 500 employees and are set at a maximum of $10 million.

Despite coronavirus, Peeled Snacks predicts fast growth with new products, channel expansion, funds Meal kits and prepared meals. Investing in the Future of Food. Hemp and CBD. Fancy Food Show. Dietary Guidelines. IFT Show. Clean label. Sustainable sourcing. Food labeling and marketing. Nutrition Facts. Food retail and e-commerce. Plant-based foods and beverages.

Homemade Chocolate Pudding with Baileys Irish Cream I was craving chocolate something fierce recently and decided to make homemade pudding with a little bit of Baileys Irish Cream just to make it extra special. Because, hey! Weekends! Although I have made homemade pudding in the past, I forgot how easy it is to make.

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