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Blueberry Ginger Beer Pound Cake Ginger beer has a particularly distinct flavor, with the hot spice of fresh ginger, and that makes it a fun ingredient to work with in this Blueberry Ginger Beer Pound Cake! You will start out by creaming together butter and sugar for this recipe, just as you would for most pound cakes.

20180812 Rus Brot's Bread Lighthouse I did not diligently fold the dough as Rus did during shaping…hence the crack??? Learned a costly lesson on cooling rye bread… One for me, one for you…check your. Rus Brot's Bread Lighthouse Instructions.

Angry Birds 2: Hostess Twinkies and other treats participate in late summer gaming promotion The Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos maker first signed a partnership deal with the global entertainment company last year, which allowed Hostess products to appear in an Angry Birds game.

Holmes Bakery secures first US export listing Holmes Bakery in Northern Ireland has won its first business in the US. The bakery, based at Portadown in Co Armagh, is supplying a 12-strong range of biscuits, including traditional Irish flakemeal and fruit-infused shortbread, to grocer Central Market in Texas.

Muffin Break expands into Wakefield Growing café-bakery chain Muffin Break will open its doors in Trinity Walk shopping centre, Wakefield, on Thursday 16 August. Since opening its UK business in 2001, the Canadian chain has grown to over 60 café-bakeries nationwide, with a further six café-bakeries in the pipeline and 10 more in total to open in the next year.

How to Bring Butter and Eggs to Room Temperature If you've ever wondered how to bring butter and eggs to room temperature, the easiest and best way is to simply allow them to sit - at room temperature. That's pretty much a no-brainer, right? But this method usually means that you have a bit of a plan in place.

Tritordeum Baguettes Between a fair amount of time away from home and baking the same old reliable stuff, I haven't been much of a blogging presence around these parts lately.

Char-grilled courgette salad This is a very simple salad with bags of flavour that is a great way to use courgettes, which are very much in season here in the UK at the moment. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

New website aims to offer 'accurate context for sugar,' address 'pinpricks' that led to its demonization Meal kits and prepared meals' FOOD FOR KIDS. Whole grains. Fancy Food Show. Dietary Guidelines. IFT Show. Nutrition Facts. Sugar reduction. Healthy snacking. Entrepreneurs to watch. Expo West. Clean label. The Trump administration. Sustainable sourcing.

Krispy Kreme rolls out third-generation Sprinter Krispy Kreme has taken delivery of one of the first of the new third-generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis cabs.

Dawn Foods adds frozen treats for Halloween Dawn Foods has launched three limited-edition frozen products for Halloween. With Halloween-themed packaging and toppings, Dawn's Halloween products include a Double Injected Donut, a Triple Chocolate Muffin and a Triple Chocolate American-style Cookie.

Two levain - SD and Banana YW, Fig Pecan Banana Rye Bread A mouthful of a title…a la Dab ! This bread has evolved considerably from my initial bakes based on Shaio Ping's posts. The only liquid in the bake is the banana puree. I use two levains just because. I add figs and pecans.well just because.

5 Fun Ideas for Homemade Popsicles Here are five fun popsicle ideas to stock your freezer with this weekend! Homemade Cherry Popsicles are an easy way to recreate the most popular flavor in the popsicle world - cherry.

Four Seeds Multigrain Sourdough - Take 2 I wasn't happy with the rise I got the last time I did this. Thinking back on it, I think the loaves were already over proofed when I put them into the fridge. I remember poking them and the imprint sort of staying there. It was late at night and I wasn't thinking things through.

Sourdough in a saucepan As I am without a Dutch oven, oven stone or bread pan of the right size, I thought I would try this basic bread in a cast iron non-stick saucepan. This is the second time I have tried baking this way. I got a limited bloom as the dough was very wet, very ripe and had no bench work or second prove.

18-hour retarded bulk fermentation This is probably one of my best ever. It contains 50% wheat flour, and 50% mix of light rye and whole wheat, 9% fermented flour, and 68% overall hydration. No autolyse has been used, two hours bulk fermentation at room temperature, applying two stretches and folds before sending it to fridge for an extended 18-hour retarded bulk fermentation.

Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies This is a true test to your self control! The longer the cookies cool, the crispier they'll be. I suggest using a cooling rack; a cooling rack circulates air to the bottoms of cookies and, as a result, cools them quicker and more evenly. Many of you have asked for a crispy chocolate chip cookie, so I'm thrilled to share the recipe today.

Kara reduces sugar in Tulip muffin range Kara, Finsbury Food Group's foodservice brand, has redeveloped its Tulip muffin range with less sugar. Two of range - Lemon and White Chocolate and Blueberry - have had their sugar content reduced by 20% while sugar in the Triple Chocolate Muffin has gone down by 6.8%.

Step and Stone reveals its plans for the future Step and Stone is an artisanal bakery with a difference. The Bristol-based social purpose organisation, which produces lavosh flatbread, employs young people with learning disabilities. As reported by British Baker earlier this month, the bakery is planning to boost its flatbread production, and consequently the number of young people it can help.

Afternoon tea trends: from vegan to sensory treats Running from 13 to 19 August, it's a celebration of the event and its accompaniments - from scones to tea, finger sandwiches and even mini cakes. "There are few things more quintessentially British than afternoon tea," says Jon Turonnet, foodservice sales manager at Brioche Pasquier.

Mindful baking workshop aims to combat stress A new workshop is combining bread making with the idea of 'mindfulness'. Taking place at The School of Artisan Food next month, the Mindful Bread workshop is being run by Ian Waterland, who has worked in mental health for 28 years and now runs Leicestershire micro-bakery Knead Good Bread.

Aryzta reveals plans to raise £715m in capital Aryzta is aiming to raise around £715m as part of plans to strengthen its presence in the frozen bakery market. The move follows a profit warning in May and announcement of plans to reduce costs over the next three years as the business comes under pressure from increased labour and ingredient costs.

Multi-grain sourdough bread made with home-milled flours August 12, 2018 Multi-grain Sourdough Bread with home-milled flour. David Snyder. August 12, 2018. Today's bake is another variation on the multi-grain sourdough breads I have been baking for the past few years.

Spelt Cherry Pecan SD Bread I just received my delivery of 25 pounds of spelt berries so obviously I needed to use some in my next bake. I combined the fresh spelt sifted once after milling with my Mock Mill 200 with some French style flour from KAF, left-over mashed potatoes, pecans and fresh cherries.

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