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How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech Are Automating the Climate Crisis In a deal that made few ripples outside the energy industry, two very large but relatively obscure companies, Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger Limited, announced a joint venture called Sensia. The new company will "sell equipment and services to advance digital technology and automation in the oilfield," according to the Houston Chronicle.

Govt harnessing Big Data, AI for policy push, says Nandan Nilekani Addressing India Inc, Nilekani also warned of a major requirement of change in attitude to cope with transformations currently underway in most sectors.

How Big Data Helps Businesses Thrive On A Global Level Globalization is on the horizon with the help of big data. Here's how big data helps businesses succeed on a global scale.

How Big Data Is Changing The Nature of Consumer Lending Big data is changing the nature of consumer lending in major ways. Here's how that's making a difference in the lending process and experience.

GSMA Report Highlights Global Role of Intelligent Connectivity The GSMA yesterday issued a new report, 'Intelligent Connectivity: How the Combination of 5G, AI, Big Data and IoT Is Set to Change Everything,' highlighting how 5G networks, artificial intelligence, smart platforms and the Internet of Things is set to transform the lives of citizens and businesses around the world.

Watch SpaceX send Israel's little Beresheet lander on its moon mission The first privately funded moon landing will set a number of milestones.

MWC19: Interview With GSMA Program Director Andrew Parker Technologists and mobile marketers the world over are preparing to descend on Barcelona for this year's GSMA's MWC 2019. AList sat down with Andrew Parker, GSMA's program marketing director for IoT, to get some insights on what's new this year and what marketers should look out for at the annual event.

Our Atmosphere Is So Big It Tickles the Moon The wispy outermost layer of Earth's atmosphere extends much deeper into space than scientists realized - deep enough that the moon orbits through it. Earth's geocorona is a sparse, little-understood collection of hydrogen atoms loosely bound by gravity to our planet.

Storage in Big Data Market Is Expected to Be Valued at US $61.44 Bn by 2026 End New York, NY - - 02/21/2019 - Persistence Market Research delivers key insights on the global storage in big data market in a new report titled, "Storage in Big Data: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016-2026". - Portal en español sobre Business Intelligence, Software analítico, reporting, balanced scorecard, cuadro mandos, consultoría busines Guía teórica y práctica paso a paso para diseñar, desarrollar y desplegar de manera más efectiva soluciones de reporting, análisis e integración de datos usando SQL Server 2008. Dirigido tanto a principiantes como avanzados…. Leer más ►. Tags: Teoría, TODOS, Business Intelligence, Libros.

Why eating ice cream is linked to shark attacks Ice cream cone and a shark. According to the data, ice cream consumption is linked to shark attacks. How the why? Well, maybe eating ice cream makes you taste better? So, you consume the ice cream and the shark consumes you. But the more accepted sharksplanation is that it's seasonal.

Solving pharma's 'big text' problem with NLP Contract Manufacturing and Logistics. Markets and Regulations. Promotional Features. Globalization. Patient centricity. Clinical evolution. Transparency on trial. Shows and Conferences. All Events. Online Events. Editorial Webinars.

What Bank Customers Actually Want From Big Data Big data doesn't have to be scary or intrusive. Using the data they already have, banks and credit unions could do a lot to improve the customer experience and offer customers the convenience, support and advice they crave - without increasing risk or invading customers' privacy.

Global Big Data and Business Analytics Market Market Revenue to Witness Steady Growth Through 2025 New York, NY - - 02/21/2019 - As the world is becoming more digital and connected, big data and business analytics are creating new opportunities for data collection, storage and intelligence processing and analysis.

Will AI Kill Emotion in Marketing? Artificial intelligence is a huge buzzword across marketing right now, with over 60% of CEOs saying AI will have a larger impact on their businesses than the internet. Let that soak in for a moment. A larger impact than the internet. 'Cause, y'know, that's been a non-event over the last couple decades.

Big data-science for cell therapies: Mogrify boosted by $3.7m funding All current cell therapies are failing on at least one of three key performance indicators: efficacy, safety and scalability, says Mogrify's new CEO Darrin Disley.

Medicinal Cannabis and the Need for Data Discoveries advance on a regular basis as to how cannabidiol and related therapeutics can heal or at least relieve the pain associated with health conditions. From cancer and opioid addiction to chronic pain and glaucoma, medicinal cannabis shows great promise.

Israel's Jerusalem Venture Partners closes $220m tech fund Fintech will get some love as Israeli venture capital firm Jerusalem Venture Partners has closed its latest fund, JVP VIII, with $220 million in commitments. It's not limited to our wonderful world of fintech, but JVP will be looking to invest in early through mid-stage technologies.

IoT Statistics that will Define the Future of Technology Far from just the technology sector, clothing manufacturers, healthcare providers, and municipalities around the world are investing in new ways to leverage the potential of interconnected devices. Here are top statistics that will define the future of IoT:.

The vision for Db2 and other announcements from Think 2019 At the Think 2019 conference, IBM hosted a plethora of data-management-focused sessions with several announcements that will undoubtedly impact the data management strategy of many businesses.

Epic data SIM only deal from Vodafone: go big with 100GB for just £20 a month Well Vodafone's newest SIM only deal is bringing all three of these factors together to make one of the best SIM only deals in the UK. Adding to an already impressive month of big data SIMO offers, this new offer from Vodafone gets you 100GB of data for just £20 a month.

Signifyd Doubles Down on Innovation, Hiring Two Industry Veterans to Scale up Product and Machine Learning with the Support of a New Global R&D Center - Signifyd, further fueling its technical prowess in the field of e-commerce, has hired two stars from the ranks of product and data science.

UNESCO United Nations Educational Scientific an : Japan pushing ahead with Society 5.0 to overcome chronic social challenges At year's end, Shinzo Abe is expected to become the first Japanese prime minister ever to serve more than eight years in office. During his record-breaking tenure, he has sought to revitalize Japan's economy by promoting 'Abenomics', which consists of 'three arrows': monetary easing, fiscal stimulus and a growth strategy.

The privacy battle in Indonesia - the longer the battle, the more consumers stand to lose It will also make it tougher for Indonesian businesses to conduct cross-border business transactions without a privacy law that is aligned with the international markets.

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