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5 Predictions for the Future of Big Data Did you know that we generate around 2.5GBs of data daily? What is even more surprising is the fact that just the last couple of years are responsible for 90% of this data.

Big Data Comes of Age Big Data is finally hitting its sweet spot as demand for service and availability of computing power converge, says Abhishek Sharma, Partner, Public Sector, Oliver Wyman. Where is big data at it in the Middle East at present? It's important to understand that Big Data is really starting to hit its sweet spot for three big reasons:.

Planning to Embrace Big Data? Here Are Real-Time Challenges You Might Face Embracing analytics is much tougher when it comes to confronting what real-time challenges mean in this field. Your data has to be very appropriate at each moment. A single minute can cost you millions of dollars if misplaced. That's how tough is analyzing big data, researching firms and putting it up all together into a single vertical.

Opinion: Airlines are Failing to Properly Utilize Big Data Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published an article detailing how airlines are using big data to improve on-board experiences. The article discussed various strategies airlines such as United Airlines are using to leverage passenger data that ultimately help the airline better cater to its customers.

Why Marketing Strategies Need to Use Big Data If one tried to list all the relevant questions in the modern marketing world, such a task would be of Herculean proportions. Amongst those questions, one is ever-present - what is the difference between regular data and big data? The term "big data" refers to enormous amounts of data that businesses collect.

How Big Data Could Soon Help Manage Human Relationships Big data analytics have proved an excellent tool for many applications, from evaluating an organization's profitability to determining optimal investment strategies.

Where's The Traffic? Increasing Organic Leads With Big Data The nature of organic search traffic is that it isn't always reliable - it varies with news cycles and trends - but recently, websites have seen a serious drop in organic traffic. Natural online activity just isn't garnering the activity it used to. Luckily, big data may have a solution.

Supreme Court decision marks big change for police gathering of phone data WASHINGTON - Police generally need a warrant to look at records that reveal where cellphone users have been, the Supreme Court ruled Friday in a big victory for privacy interests in the digital age.

Using Data Analytics to Make Impactful Marketing Data Analytics consists in analyzing data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain. In the last few years, the processes used in data analytics have been automated by using algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which facilitates the comprehension of raw data.

Montgomery Posts Big Jump in Early Voting, But… Montgomery County's early voting data could be a case of a glass half full or half empty. On the half full side, early voting increased about 91 percent from the 2014 primary, according to Maryland State Board of Elections data.

Why Ottawa needs to follow Europe's lead and immediately mandate data privacy protection This is the first, and overdue, controls on tech by any government and deals with hacking, cyberattacks, election scandals, fake news, hoaxes, hate, libel and mass social manipulation as result of the sale of our personal data by social and search media to the highest bidders.

Tips for easier development on AWS I wanted to share a couple of tips for easier development on AWS. Try something like localstack to stand up a local AWS environment. This will run AWS API compliant mock applications on your local machine. This way you can eg. create a kinesis stream, put data into it, process it and put into local S3 without spending any resources on AWS.

FTC announces hearings to examine big tech companies The Federal Trade Commission plans to hold a series of public hearings into the ways large technology companies, such as Google and Facebook, have changed daily life and altered the competitive landscape. The FTC said the hearings will be scheduled for later this year and early 2019.

Canadian Dollar: Big Data Releases Loom The Canadian Dollar has proven particularly responsive to shifts in expectations on BoC policy in the past and today's data could deliver more moves. Retail sales numbers are out at the same time, and markets are looking for monthly numbers for April to read at 0.5%.

Thinking big with big data According to AeSCoM's business manager, Phil Curnock, embracing disruptive technologies and digitalisation are key to supply chain success through the next decade. Having worked in the aerospace industry for 40 years I have seen a huge amount of change over this period.

Big Data: Changing norms for teenagers The mix of risks that teens take changes over time.

How MapmyIndia is using big data to offer Google Maps competition The home-grown map-location company MapmyIndia has been working on mapping technologies for over two decades. And almost "all businesses" in India exploit its B2B focused maps. The company has a consumer-facing map as well, which it launched recently and claims it to be better than Google's.

6 Essential Steps to Successfully Implement Hadoop Interest in Hadoop continues to increase as business recognize the benefits it brings to their organizations and their big data analytics practices. Recent numbers bear this out as well.

Global Big Data Market Status, Dynamic, Growth, Share And Foresight 2017-2026 MarketResearch.Biz disclose "Global Big Data Market, 2018 Research Report" to its research directory. This extensive Big Data Market research report contains an introduction on these trends that can guide the businesses performing in the Big Data industry to understand the market and make the strategies for their business growth accordingly.

Global Big Data Professional Services Market 2018 - Informatica, Netapp, Terradata, VMware Global Big Data Professional Services market 2018-2023. Global Big Data Professional Services market 2018-2023 research report underlines a fundamental synopsis of the Big Data Professional Services market niche that involves classifications, definitions, industry chain framework, along with applications and manufacture analysis.

Global Big Data Enabled Market 2018 - Epic Systems, Explorys, GNS Healthcare, MarkLogic, Palantir Global Big Data Enabled market 2018-2023. Global Big Data Enabled market 2018-2023 research report underlines a fundamental synopsis of the Big Data Enabled market niche that involves classifications, definitions, industry chain framework, along with applications and manufacture analysis.

How big data will soon tackle pollution from industrial sites near you One day in the not-so-distant future, oil refineries, chemical plants, natural gas wells and other industrial sites will be fully wired. A network of sensors will detect a harmful pollutant the moment a leak occurs, and within minutes, a maintenance crew will be deployed to complete the repair.

How Big Data should be reducing the cost of your loan Big Data in your Organisation. Whilst this article focuses on the financial sector, Bid Data and its various forms can be applied across all sectors and for both government and enterprises.

VIV Europe 2018 Live! Big data, feed fraud, animal health and the shape of things to come One conference session saw Thomas Norton from KU Leuven in Belgium provide some practical examples of how smart data can enhance poultry feeding, monitoring and control, while George Beers from Wageningen University, who is coordinating the EU IoT project, Internet of Food and Farm 2020, debriefed the audience on achievements to date.

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