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In the Form of Crunching Numbers: Data at Its Most Inisidious We conceptualize data harvesting as - at best - the tradeoff we make in order to access our digital world, with uncannily targeted advertisement its sole consequence; at worst, a slithering intrusion into our lives by powerful corporate overlords unethically harvesting our data to fuel their profit motive.

Obama campaign's Facebook data mining far WORSE than Trump's This week everyone's been talking about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal with regard to the Trump campaign. I wrote about it the other day but with the intention of pointing out how many of us are leaving our data open to manipulation by third parties.

Amid #DeleteFacebook Fervor, Experts Say Time to Tackle Big Data Profiteers "The fact is that companies like Facebook and Google are the real malicious actors here-they are vital public communications systems that run on profiling and manipulation for private profit." - Yasha Levine.

Room to Grow on the Big Data Maturity Curve If accurate self-reflection is the mark of a mature man, then we are collectively still boys when it comes to big data, according to an AtScale report unveiled today that detected a significant discrepancy between how we describe our big data prowess versus our actual capabilities.

How Democracy Can Survive Big Data "Data drives all that we do." That is the motto emblazoned on the website of Cambridge Analytica, the consulting firm that was employed by the Trump campaign to influence voters and that is now under scrutiny for its unauthorized harvesting of data from at least 50 million social media users.

Big Data Gives Patients Greater Control Over their Own Healthcare In some ways, big data is giving patients more control over their healthcare decisions. Here are some reasons it is changing the dynamic. Big data has helped patients become more informed about their own healthcare risks, as well as the prognosis based on patients with similar conditions.

Need to Know: Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and the Neverending Reach of Big Data Here's what you Need to Know. "Are you on Facebook?" These days, that question is rarely offered as an invitation, but rather as a test of the social media monolith's staying power and evolving reputation. We've all signed up, but have you stuck around?

Big rise in farmer suicides in four states during 2016, says NCRB data However, in absolute numbers, farmer suicides in Haryana and Punjab were less than in Maharashtra, which continued to be Number-1. Karnataka saw the second highest number of suicides in 2016. Farm sector suicides coverboth farmers and cultivators who own land and those who work as farm labourers.

Duco Adds Big-Data Platform to Duco Cube Offering You are currently accessing via your Enterprise account. If you already have an account please use the link below to sign in. If you have any problems with your access or would like to request an individual access account please contact our customer service team.

Duco Enhances Reconciliation System with Big Data Platform Failure of either Party to insist upon strict performance of any provision of this or any Agreement or the failure of either Party to exercise any right or remedy to which it, he or they are entitled hereunder shall not constitute a waiver thereof and shall not cause a diminution of the obligations under this or any Agreement.

Interview: The ethics of big data: Facebook, Cambridge Analytica WikiTribune spoke to experts to better understand how Cambridge Analytica may have used the personal data of tens of millions of private citizens and to discuss the ethics of "Big Data". WikiTribune: Profiling of users based on their data is widespread.

Cambridge Analytica And The Left's Strange New Respect For The Social Media Menace The latest shitlib outrage du jour is about Cambridge Analytica and their work unwittingly helping LITERALLY HITLER DRUMPPHPHPH win in 2016 through totally legal purchased access to data-mined Faceborg info for user sentiment.

Cambridge Analytica active in elections, big data projects for years LONDON - Cambridge Analytica, the British firm accused of improperly harvesting Facebook data to help Donald Trump win the U.S. presidency, and its parent company quietly worked behind the scenes in elections and on big data projects for years with clients that spanned the globe.

Privacy czar decries 'gap' in law for political parties handling personal info OTTAWA - The fact that political parties are excluded from federal laws on handling personal information - such as social media data - amounts to "an important gap" that could jeopardize the integrity of the electoral process, Canada's privacy czar says.

Has Spotify changed music - and is it really worth $30 billion? Its musical value is also contentious. Last year Hubert Léveillé Gauvin, a US doctoral student in music theory, published research into song intros. Looking at US top 10 hits between 1986 and 2015, he found their average length had dropped from more than 20 seconds to as little as five.

6 Ways to Get Users to Love Self-Service Analytics Enterprises looking to scale the benefits of their analytics programs are frequently looking to self-service options. Equip business users with the tools they need to get their own insights, whether it's dashboards, reports, or something else.

Cambridge Analytica's business simply isn't data - Bangkok Post: opinion As the Cambridge Analytica scandal unfolds, the Western world is meeting a little-known part of its political industry, the one that has operated in developing nations since at least the 1990s. CA's methods as revealed by Britain's Channel 4 News, whose reporter posed as a potential Sri Lankan client, may be a bit extreme.

Nyansa VP Callisch On The Big Data Boon For Partners And The Looming Battle With Cisco, HPE Aruba David Callisch, Nyansa's vice president of marketing, said the company's advantage lies in its ability to make sense of any network while Cisco and HPE Aruba's network analytics solutions are likely to be custom-tailored to their own environments. Founded by MIT Ph.D.s, Nyansa offers a network-analytics as-a-service.

Big DMC Hosts Global Launches GDPR Program for Data Security Big DMC group Hosts Global, headquartered in Las Vegas, has announced the launch of its General Data Protection Regulation resource program. The announcement comes ahead of the May 25 deadline for compliance. Hosts is included on the latest Special Events "25 Top DMCs" list.

CX Tech to Grow Your Business in 2018 Creating a great customer experience is one of the most effective business objectives you can set for your small or medium-sized business. Having your customer in mind at all times means that you can focus your attention on what adds value to their lives and what makes the buyer's journey more seamless.

Duco announces launch of Big Data Platform for Analytics The Duco Cube Data Platform captures amounts of data that are practically unlimited for most businesses and is a key enabler for strategies that involve real-time analytics, continuous operational improvement and machine learning.

Privacy Commissioner worries over 'gap' in personal information laws Amounts to "an important gap" that could jeopardize the integrity of the electoral process, Canada's privacy czar says. There should be a law governing the use of personal data by parties to prevent manipulation of the information to influence an election, privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien said Thursday in an interview.

Top Ten Alternatives for Fordham University, Master of Science Business Analytics Top Ten Alternatives for Fordham University, Master of Science Business Analytics are Lally School of Management, M.S. in Business Analytics, University of Texas, MS Business Analytics, New York University, MS Data Science, University of Miami, M.S.

Online Retailing The Big Winner In Latest UK Retail Sales Data: Analysis British shoppers are increasingly shopping online, which could spell challenging times ahead for many high street retailers, according to the latest Office for National Statistics retail sales data for February 2018.

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