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Is Big Data The Key To Redesign-To-Cost Implementation? Big data could be an important foundation to redesign-to-cost implementation. Here are the reasons behind this and why it's so vital.

Big data: The devil is in the details Your greenhouse contains a wealth of a prized commodity that recently skyrocketed in importance—and you can’t even hold it in your hands. It’s big data, and greenhouse growers should take notice.

WA company Tape Ark floods cloud with big data archives The partnership combines Tape Ark's data restoration technology with Seagate's data management expertise to enable zettabytes of tape-bound data - one zettabyte is the equivalent of 250 billion DVDs - to be quickly transferred to public cloud platforms, including AWS and Google.

Data richness makes India an ideal market to experiment: Kaushal Karupati, Oracle Sharing the impact and correlation between new marketing technology and brand communication, Kaushal Karupati, Group Vice President Product Management at Oracle strongly believes that marketing technology has heralded a new era for the domain. "Over the years print has given way to TV and TV now holds a big sway of advertising dollars.

Data as an Indispensable Organizational Asset In today's data-driven world, the right information combined with the know-how to put it to good use can be more valuable than gold. That's why the biggest companies in the world don't think of data as just numbers on a spreadsheet. They think of data as an asset-the same as money or property or manpower.

Datacentre of the future: 5 projects helping big data go green "There are few places that have that proximity to available green power." The datacentre is completely airtight, which means there's no need for fire extinguishing gases; the company has made the entire space flame retardant by lowering oxygen content to 15 per cent, below the amount needed to start a fire.

Raindrops and Big Data Imagine rain falling on a square of sidewalk. While the raindrops appear to land randomly, over time a patch of sidewalk somehow remains dry. The emerging pattern suggests something special about this region. This analogy is akin to a new method devised by researchers at University of Utah Health.

Are We Nearing The End Of Hadoop And Big Data? A few weeks ago, two giants of the big data Hadoop era, Cloudera and Hortonworks, announced they would be merging. The announcement claimed it would be a “merger of equals.” It is fascinating to se…

Making Data Work For You: 6 Steps To Limit Bias In Your Big Data Now is the time to recognize where in your organization you are at risk for using data to support your already-made decisions-and to use some of the tips to turn that ship around.

Finding a solution for AI in Healthcare This entry provides a series of solutions for AI in healthcare, including Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI. Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: AI simplified.

How legacy players keep their DOD supply chain foothold - Washington Technology Even as DOD seems to be full-steam ahead on modernization, sustainment spending continues to loom large for supply chain management and legacy market players do there as well.

Why Architects Are Putting Data in the Driver's Seat The term "big data" often sounds scarier than it is, but the reality is that data can be used to inform design thinking, as a good part of a recent Think Tank panel discussion at EYP's Washington, D.C. office affirmed.

Technological change raises the stakes for action to leave no one behind The 2030 Agenda presents a historic opportunity to set the world on track to a sustainable future. In twelve years' time, a litmus test for its success will be: have we made good on the promise to 'leave no one behind'? The answer will depend, in some measure, on our responses to the fourth industrial revolution.

Global Big Data in Oil and Gas Market Analysis Outlook 2027 -Global Big Data in Oil and Gas Market Trends. -Strategic recommendations for the new entrants in Global Big Data in Oil and Gas industry. -Global Big Data in Oil and Gas Market forecasts for a future years of all the mentioned segments, sub segments and the regional Global Big Data in Oil and Gas markets.

Does the Data Really Know? We rarely notice the grammatical magic, the linguistic sleight-of-hand that helps us imagine such godlike data might actually exist.

Big Data Market Expected to grow CAGR +40% by Top Key Players EG Analytics, Heckyl Technologies, KloudData Inc, Gramener, Germin Big data is an evolving term that describes a large volume of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information and used in machine learning projects and other advanced analytics applications. Global Big Data market is expected to grow at a CAGR of +40% during the forecast period 2018-2023.

5 data governance lessons from gardening If you don't know what data you have, how can you manage it effectively and generate value from it? With continued growth and a series of fast-paced bank acquisitions and mergers, BBVA Compass's data grew to over 2.5 petabytes of data.

Short Take: Big Data and IoT in Practice Beyond the tremendous level of activity around big data in research circles, I wanted to peek into some of the use cases for its adoption in the industries that deal with physical things, as opposed to digital objects, and draw some inferences about what conditions help adoption of the research that we do in academic circles.

UBS hires Deutsche Bank research COO in big data push The Swiss bank has been investing heavily in its new technology-led research platform.

Deal: Become an in-demand Hadoop engineer This 10-part training bundle lets you harness the massive processing power of Hadoop.

HPE Big Data VP On BlueData Deal, Dell EMC And The 'Huge' AI Opportunity Patrick Osborne, vice president and general manager of HPE's Big Data and Secondary Storage business, says the acquisition of BlueData translates into a "huge" opportunity for channel partners delivering artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics solutions.

Why businesses need to act fast in preparing for big-data driven collection and enforcement Nicholas Hallam, CEO of Accordance VAT, on how automation is changing the VAT process across the EU - and what the limitations will be.

IoT and Big Data: Inextricably Linked The era of IoT, or the Internet of Things, is upon us. In a January 2017 report, Gartner estimates 8.4 billion connected products will be in use this year. This is up 31% from 2016, and it is only set to grow. The consumer segment represents almost two-thirds of the overall apps in use.

Medical research challenges: Funding, big data and the structure of research What are the challenges to our health on the horizon and how can medical research address them? This is an edited selection from a special panel discussion on the future of medical research, moderated by Dr Norman Swan. The full panel discussion will be available tomorrow on the Health Report podcast.

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