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The Marsh Awards I've been nominated for the BTO Marsh Award for Local Ornithology and the event is tonight at the Mall Galleries in London. A bit of b…

Birds in Cities A 2007 study of urban birds and their close relatives in the wild in 73 major cities across the world found that the native ranges of urban birds are wider in latitude and elevation than those bird species that have not invaded cities.

Shy by name, not by nature: Shy Albatross threatened by human interaction For centuries, this albatross's slow and measured approach to breeding worked just fine. But now, facing new human threats, will this become the 16th out of all 22 albatross species to be listed as globally threatened?

Corvo 2019 - Days six and seven Unfortunately it was my last day on Corvo today and I'm now at Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, en route to London tomorrow. Yesterday was very quiet, Vincent and I covered a lot of the south of the island and we didn't see anything of note except the Alpine Swift.

Weatherwatch: how a Siberian sprite 'reverse migrates' to Britain Despite its size, Pallas's warbler - named after an eighteenth-century Prussian ornithologist - travels all the way from its Siberian breeding grounds to Britain. Until the 1980s this Siberian sprite was a very rare vagrant, with only a few occurring each autumn.

Michigan Birding Trip Report - Day 3 Eventually tearing ourselves away from the artistic paint pot of colour that was the feeders, we explored the trail around the visitor centre a little, a pair of Black-throated Green Warblers chasing each other excitedly through the tree tops our first of the trip while no fewer than 4 Pine Warblers trilled in the trees above.

Shaking His Tail Feathers Lori and I are in Puerto Rico on a fast and furious birding trip before I have to go to a conference in San Jan. We are down in the south west corner of the island looking for endemic species and having pretty good luck. I'll tell you about that later.

Corvo 2019 - Day 5 Despite the unfavourable wind conditions a few more American birds were discovered today, a single Dickcissel in Upper Lapa and a Scarlet Tanager in Tennessee Valley both found by Marcin Solowiej and a Lesser Yellowlegs and White-rumped Sandpiper in the Caldera.

A late hat trick At this time of year the ticks are a little harder to find so we hatched a plan today to chase a couple down in Kent. First we stopped at Stodmarsh and made our way to Reed bed hide. We happily watched a Water Rail as we checked out the flock of Greylag Geese hoping to find the reported Tundra Bean Geese.

Notes From a Northwestern Ontario Backyard - October 2019 I'm finally back with a post after a very busy summer with no time to write. It's actually a really good thing I took lots of photos this past summer because bird activity in my yard this fall has come to a screaching halt. It's so incredibly quiet right now!

Camp Chew - Advance Bookings for July 2020 A blog by a young birder, birdwatcher, twitcher, naturalist, environmentalist and writer about birds, wildlife, nature, conservation and ringing who is an Ambassador for See It Her Way and a Charter Champion for The Charter for Woods, Trees and People I have been running camps for primary age children in the Chew Valley since 2017.

Camp Avalon - Advance bookings for July 2020 I have had around 250 teenagers attend since then and each one has gone home having had an amazing time, got connected with nature and made new friends. We also make time to play sport and learn how o use the outdoors to relax.

Dipping the Bobolink News yesterday of a Bobolink in Lincolnshire had me wanting to jump in the car and go get it. Unfortunately the news broke at 3pm and the journey would take a good three hours so with sunset at 6pm the twitch was a non starter.

Corvo 2019 - Day Four Today the only new arrival was from Europe, a juvenile Alpine Swift, only the second record for Corvo and 14th for the Azores.

Chalk And Cheese An extract from North Ronaldsay, Orkney Blog - 16th October 2019. "A fantastic day with birds everywhere, massive flocks of Thrushes moving across the island throughout the day; the huge rolling flocks of Redwings filling every field, coming in off the sea and dropping vertically out of the sky was something else!

Corvo 2019 days two to three Highlight since the last post was a Hermit Thrush found by Paul French. A Western Palearctic lifer for many birders and also for top WP birder Pierre-Andre Crochet and only the 4th record for the Azores. Other new birds included an Indigo Bunting on 16th October and possibly a new Yellow Warbler on 17th.

Empowering Park Rangers to Support Vulture Conservation in Ethiopia In the hilly terrain of Awash National Park in Ethiopia, Tigist Bogale sits among a group of rangers in a room. The rangers all dressed in jungle green uniform, listen attentively to Dr. Bruktawit Abdi, at the front of the room passionately explaining a point to the group.

Novel study identifies key foraging areas of Cambridge scientists Our Marine Science team were tasked with explaining the significance of marine Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas to those with no existing knowledge of tracking technology or bird hotspots. Demystifying such scientific concepts often proves difficult but our scientists came up with an imaginative solution.

Shetland – Day One! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: I was so behind with so changing my itinerary at the last minute, that I was still packing and checking the weight of my luggage. To add to everything, it took me forever to type up the Norfolk bird news last night, which was the longest list this Autumn so far!

More Thrush The forecast for Tuesday morning was about as good as it gets just lately - a gentle breeze from the north with a fair amount of cloud that would slowly break. That was enough to motivate us to head for Oakenclough again where Andy and I met up at 0645.

'Southward Bound' - Part 2. A Shorebird photo album. Join 6,320 other subscribers. Email Address. Subscribe.

Cranial Kinesis Often I watch birds just for general relaxation; seeing them flit among branches or hop along the ground or tossing seeds in the air looking for the best parcel of food. But sometimes I focus intently and try to figure out what exactly a bird is doing, why it is doing it, and how its anatomy is constructed to allow it to accomplish that feat.

Corvo 2019 - Day One It's already been another incredible autumn with Cape May, Chestnut-sided and Prothonotary Warbler and on the neighbouring island of Flores there has been a Connecticut Warbler. The Prothonotary and Connecticut are firsts for the Western Palearctic so once again there doesn't seem to be abatement in new species being recorded each autumn.

Sam Cook's Romantic Ravens and a New Study about the Evolutionary Importance of Male Investment in a Pair But those species that show fidelity and lasting pair bonds are products of evolution, too. Yesterday, my friend Sam Cook wrote a wonderful column in the Duluth-News Tribune about his encounter with a pair of ravens.

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