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An Unfunny Game The release of non-native game birds and their impact upon the environment is in the news again this week. It is an issue mentioned several time on Another Bird Blog with the intention of alerting Joe Public to elements of the countryside that David Attenborough does not show.

No surprise Siberian Stonechat Hollesley As we expected it's now confirmed as Siberian.

Walthamstow Wetlands A nice local trip down to Walthamstow Wetlands this morning delivered a couple of early ticks. First we had to sort out the early permit entry with the Thames Water guys and then we had an hour or so searching for Firecrest around the car park and Engine house without joy.

BCR 188: Mark Stackhouse, Tropical Birder BirdCallsRadio additional information:. To Support BirdCallsRadio and Podcast please DONATE NOW. BirdCallsRadio ON THE GO!

Birds of Fire Fires in Australia have been big news lately, but there have always been fires, sometimes started by birds!. The following article has been excerpted from Cosmos magazine:. In the first recorded instance of fire being used by animals other than humans, three Australian birds of prey species have been seen carrying burning twigs to set new blazes.

How did the Guam Rail come back from extinction in the wild? After more than 30 years, the Guam Rail is back: breeding naturally beyond the confines of captive breeding enclosures – making it only the second bird species ever to recover from extinction in the wild. How did conservationists do it, and what can we learn about the threat of introduced predators?

Sedgeford & Titchwell RSPB! I was first on site this morning to try and get better views and pictures of the Blue-headed Eastern Yellow Wagtail, which was found on Christmas Eve, but disappointingly I couldn't find it. It was a frosty and gloriously sunny day. 30+ Fieldfares were on the stubble field, along with a few Meadow Pipits.

Black-throated Thrush Took the family to Whipsnade Zoo and stealth twitched the thrush - all done and photographed in less than a minute before back to the muppet line. I am director of Little Oak Group, a small organisation for nature and people.

First trip to Dunge this decade I last visited Dunge way back in May last year so it was nice to return today where we enjoyed a very brief and very cold sea watch that provided us a couple of year ticks with Razorbill and Gannets.

Having A Barney It had been months since I'd seen a Barn Owl after something of a bonanza in 2019 when almost every outing had produced one. So what could be better than to start Saturday morning with a Barn Owl and a good one at that?

Hunting Grebes on Alpha Pool Any visit to the Alpha Pool at Cliffe is a challenge firstly in getting out to the water through the footpaths running and then scoping the vast area looking for wintering Grebes.

Revealed: the proposed global plan for nature that could save the planet This October, world leaders will meet to discuss a new set of biodiversity targets that will decide the fate of ecosystems on this planet. In the city of Kunming, China, governments will agree upon the global actions countries need to take by 2030 in order to avert the catastrophic loss of nature we are currently experiencing.

Bulgaria, January 2020, Done Deal Currently at Varna airport, in time to get my flight back to London after a hectic day running around Bulgarian bureaucracy.

Ocean Week 2020 - Brussels Ocean Week 2020 - seven days of events, discussions and activities in Brussels - puts the spotlight on the huge threats faced by marine species and habitats while offering real solutions on how to solve them. We need thriving biodiversity in our oceans to support life on earth.

Bringing back nature to the EU in the post-2020 Biodiversity Strategy We are currently facing two global environmental emergencies: biodiversity loss and climate change. While they are often considered in isolation, many of their underlying causes are linked to unustainable development.

Bulgaria January 2020, Local Birding I had the day off today while the notary draws up the final documents. It gave me a chance to visit the land I've bought in Kamen Bryag and explore the immediate area in winter and in the afternoon I visited Shabla Tuzla and then did the harrier roost at Durankulak.

Autumn Birding in Calgary - A Photo Album As brief as Calgary's autumn is, the gorgeous leaf colours that this season brings help make up for its brevity.

Rainham We took a walk from the stone barges down to the RSPB visitor centre and back this afternoon and managed to pick up a few year ticks along the way. Yellow Legged Gull, Snipe, Rock and Water Pipit along with a couple of Ruff hiding among the Lapwings on the reserve were our prizes for the long walk.

Bulgaria January 2020, Day in the office We spent most of today in the notary office doing all the paperwork which hopefully should all be finalised by Friday. I got up early and went down to the harbour at Kavarna, had a few Black Redstarts on the sea front, Black-necked Grebe and a few Yellow-legged Gulls.

New donor collaboration launches a call for small grants in Prespa The Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund have recently agreed to combine their efforts in the Wider Prespa Area by issuing a joint call for proposals - 'PONT - CEPF COOPERATION ON PRESPA'.

Hotspot 2020 diaries: Not a good day for eagles Here we go again… This is getting repetitive: Florinda and I woke up early to go out birding in the Hotspot, this time to the north of Lleida, pulled up the blinds and… fog. Again, here we go again.

Bulgaria January 2020, Wild Goose Chase I'm currently in Bulgaria finalising some paperwork to complete the sale of our private nature reserve. Today I joined Dimiter in doing a r…

BCR 187: Richard Crossley, The ID Boot Camp Richard Crossley an internationally acclaimed birder, photographer and Co-Authored of The Shorebird Guide w Michael O'Brien - Richard Crossley - Kevin Karlson. And an award winning author of 'The Crossley ID Guide' series. And now a NEW venture called The ID Boot Camp!

Common Names A scientific name clearly designates a particular bird species, tells you something about the bird's relationship to other bird species, and usually provides a decent description of the bird. Common names are less useful for the former but apt for the latter.

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