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Big Moth Night A muggy night at the Beddington Farmlands light trap produced the biggest night of the year so far with 69 species. A few highlights below. Painted Ladys are undergoing an invasion at the moment with large numbers on the south coast and penetrating into Surrey and London.

Sustainable Tuna? There's a Catch Every year hundreds of thousands of seabirds die as bycatch in fishing gear. BirdLife is joining a call to reduce this number by enforcing mitigation measures through observer coverage. You can join the campaign by signing the petition here. Unless you work in conservation, 'bycatch' is probably not a word you hear very often.

Boxing News A few weeks ago I mentioned how Andy’s contacts had invited him along to see progress in two nest boxes installed at their home. At that…

My 5 top birding hotspots for Wonderlust A blog by a young birder, birdwatcher, twitcher, naturalist, environmentalist and writer about birds, wildlife, nature, conservation and ringing who is an Ambassador for See It Her Way and a Charter Champion for The Charter for Woods, Trees and People Being asked to write a piece for Wonderlist - The Original Travel Magazine - was really exciting!

Little Bustard at Slimbridge WWT After a heavy morning in the garden I was just about ready for a nice afternoon resting in front of a bit of sport on the TV but that was before news arrived of a Little Bustard being found at Slimbridge. A quick call to the Jims and we arranged a meet once we'd established the reserve would remain open after hours so we could actually get in.

Lucy's Last Concert Of The Season! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: Lucy played her last concert of the season at St Nicholas Chapel in King's Lynn, which Vivien and I both attended this afternoon. I felt extremely emotional as the concert started - beautiful violin music always reminds me of how much my dear mother loved to hear Lucy play her violin.

Inside Croydon Wildlife Walk - Roundshaw Downs A successful visit this morning to Roundshaw Downs with the Inside Croydon Readers group. Roundshaw Downs is part of the North Downs and the habitat is mainly Chalk Grassland with areas of scrub and a small area of Woodland. The weather was overcast and fairly cool with a brisk breeze.

Outsmarted There was 30 minutes to spare before the meet with Andy at the Sand Martin colony so I stopped off at a place I know. Regular readers will be familiar with our Sand Martin dilemma. "How do we catch martins when the tightly packed colony of 400+ birds is some 40ft up a sheer face of slippery sand and gravel?" Well the answer is - "we don't".

Progress at Beddington Farmlands A relentless busy week but with some good tangible progress. I did five hours at the Farmlands today - finally mustering up the energy to go to the Bedddington Lane entrance and go through sign in process.

King's Wood & Elmley Track & Seasalter 15th June : King's Wood…

Port of Los Angeles Wildlife Impact Mitigation Project: June 24th Presentation What: Port of Los Angeles Wildlife Impact Mitigation Project, a special presentation: Hosted by International Bird Rescue and the Los Angeles Wildlife Center. When: Monday, June 24, 2019 at 7 PM - 9 PM. Where: The Plaza At Cabrillo Marina, 2965 Via Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, California 90731 Map.

Hedgehog House Project!!! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: After work this evening, I returned the BOSCH jigsaw I purchased last week to cut out the doorway in my hedgehog home, as my lovely neighbours Ann and Lewis very kindly offered to cut the hole out of the box for me with his jigsaw!

Curlew Morn With a slightly better forecast I returned to the hills of Bowland this morning in the hope of more pictures. Curlews are quite difficult to nail down for a picture. They are very skittish and prone to fly off at the slightest hint of danger.

After the Storm: Can This Rediscovered Bird Recover? Amongst the destruction and tragedy on Grand Bahama caused by Hurricane Matthew, there is an untold story of a rediscovered, but very threatened bird with a potential population of just two.

Birdchick Podcast #249 Hey, Sharon forgot to create a post for last week’s podcast, so this it totally not Bill’s fault. Enjoy, and Bill is blameless as always!

Notes From a Northwestern Ontario Backyard - June 2019 After weeks of chilly temperatures, the season is finally improving up here. Even though the first day of summer is officially tomorrow, we are now getting late spring weather with temperatures finally getting into the high teens and low 20's C.

Burton Mere RSPB RSPB Burton Mere on the Wirral is such a great place for birds of all varieties and it seems to attract something different each time I'm there. I spent a good portion of a day there recently and saw some really great birds. Some of the highlights included a Little Stint and Curlew Sandpiper.

Black-winged Pratincole at Frampton With the Jims needing Black-winged Pratincole for a life tick I thought it worth the trip today so we set off around 1pm and arrived to find the bird roosting on the grazing marsh which is under quite a bit of water following the recent rains.

The fellowship of the wing: Pigeons flap faster to fly together The team used high frequency GPS and accelerometer bio-loggers to measure how pigeons changed their wingbeat patterns when flying in pairs compared to flying solo. The accelerometers act much like fitness trackers but, instead of measuring steps, the researchers measure wingbeats.

Bowland Trip At this time of year I enjoy time in the Bowland hills to see how things are and also to grab a few photos. The weather has been so poor with rain and cloud on most days that until now there was no point in that forty minute drive.

Monday Evening Extravaganza! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: After a particularly crazy day at work, I could have easily fallen asleep when I got home, but decided I needed to escape to make up for my boring weekend. It was a beautiful sunny evening and I had a jam packed evening to say the least!

Great night with Nightjars in the Kings Forest We travelled up the A11 last night and found our usual forest clearing with ease. We plotted up and waited hoping that with the full moon shining we might get some early Nightjar action and we weren't to be disappointed. At 9.10pm we had our first call then a brief churring.

Algerian forest reinstated as National Park after turbulent history Djebel Babor forest in Northern Algeria was a National Park for 60 years before being stripped of its status. Now, despite political upheaval, the hard work of conservationists has paid off once again.

Bernwood Meadows etc It's that time of year where there's not many birds on birding blogs. This weekend I spent a few hours at Bernwood Meadows looking for Forester Moths and also did some time at the Old Vicarage. Its has been a very wet week with two months rain falling in one or two days.

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