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Corvo 2018 - Day 2, Wilson's Warbler Landed on Corvo at about 1230 and within half an hour had secured a 2018 win - Wilson's Warbler in the bag. Anything now is a bonus. This is my birding and nature blog/profile. I am based at Beddington Farmlands which is being developed into a nature reserve within the Wandle Valley Regional Park in South London.

Rare As Hen's Teeth As predicted, a weekend of Storm Callum made for several grey, wet and windy days and left no chance of a ringing session.

Corvo 2018 - Day 1, Terceira Western Kingbird, Wilson's Warbler and White-throated Sparrow are potential WP ticks awaiting for me on Corvo and Flores. However it takes me three days to get there and today I was on Terceira Island. Corvo blog HERE First stop on Terceira was Cabo da Praia: Ebird List Here.

Chasing the Rare Birds on St. Paul Island Many of the birds that we saw on the trip are expected to be there. They are arctic birds that either live on the island or pass through there during migration regularly. But as I eluded to in the last post, those birds are not really the birds that birders go to St.

Beautiful Marbled Moth – Holme Dunes NWT! THE NEW SWIFTALERT "BEST IN THE FIELD" RARE BIRD ALERT PAGER!: Gary Hibberd, Warden at Holme Dunes NWT found this outside his moth trap this morning! Picture taken through plastic tube - took a lot of shots to even get this! I only went out to see this moth, late afternoon.

Quiet morning at Minsmere At the crack of dawn we're walking the north bushes at Minsmere only to find a few Brambling and a Bullfinch for our effort. An Otter and four Red Deer showed as we walked the north wall and lot's of Beardies pinged all around but despite the calm didn't show that well.

Fascinating Discoveries! 1 and was then jointly produced by 'The Council of The Norfolk Naturalists Trust' and 'Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society'. The next report was 1954 and so on! The old reports make fascinating reading. The line drawings by various artists including RAR are just delightful.

Spoonbills - Burton Mere I was sat in the hide at Inner Marsh Farm watching all sorts of waders in front of me, when I spotted two large white birds in flight in the distance. I put the binoculars up and quickly focused on a pair of Spoonbills.

Should We Befriend Birds? My real point here is that we should leave wild animals alone. Enjoy them at a distance. Don't feed them, don't harass them, don't invade their territories unnecessarily; just enjoy them at a distance.

Scottish Water Helps Bring 24 Hour Power to Fair Isle! Https://

Dusky-lemon Sallow - a first for the farmlands The mild night produced the goods last night with another first for the farmlands - a Dusky-lemon Sallow. A nice selection of other autumn moths including two firsts for year Yellow-lined Quaker and Pine Grey Carpet with Black Rustics, Beaded Chestnuts and the usual fair.

7 things we're doing to protect migratory birds This year, we held the first ever global summit for flyways conservation, uniting a panoply of countries and sectors. On World Migratory Bird Day, we’re sharing some of the most important decisions we made in order to ensure the miracle of migration will be there for future generations to enjoy.

Beetle New for the Farm What with the warm southerly airflow at the moment I was hoping for some migrant moths. Instead had this distinctive looking Beetle which I…

First Redwings This has been a frustrating week of watching and waiting. Watching the weather forecasts and waiting for a morning that might allow Andy and me to get up to hills and catch winter thrushes.

T.O. Backyard - September Stuff Welcome back to our Toronto backyard and slightly beyond… It's hard to believe we are nearing the middle of October already. Fall migration this year gave us some pleasant surprises here at home. A Blackpoll Warbler found our fountain. An exciting moment as it was our 70th backyard bird species.

Azores Rare and Scarce Bird Report 2015 Back from the printers today. To order a copy please email me at [email protected] Price is 10 euro plus p&p. This is my birding and nature blog/profile. I am based at Beddington Farmlands which is being developed into a nature reserve within the Wandle Valley Regional Park in South London.

Yanks Ahead ? I'm off to the Azores on Saturday. The weather seems to be looking good over the next few days for bringing in some yanks. A mid-la…

Birdwatch: strong winds bring a rare young grey phalarope This tiny bird had come all the way from Arctic Canada or Greenland and had probably never seen a human before.

BCR 142: Audubon Greenwich Hawk Festival On today's show BirdCallsRadio reports LIVE on the 20th Annual Audubon Greenwich Hawk Watch Fall Festival 2018 about this special place to come and watch the skies for hawks at the Quacker Ridge Hawk Watch and participate in other events fun for the entire family.

Brambling Well there's a few signs that it may well be a Brambling autumn. I had at least two yesterday at Brill, they've turned up early at bird feeders in Oxfordshire, there's birds arriving on the east coast, over 700 were reported from Hunstanton and today we had two or three at the farmlands and one on the deck.

Becoming promiscuous to ensure reproduction Females of a socially monogamous passerine, the Japanese great tit, become more promiscuous after hatchings fail in the first breeding attempt - apparently attempting to ensure successful reproduction.

Country diary: migrating birds follow the tides Pagham Harbour, West Sussex: Waders check out the newly exposed mud as swallows and house martins chatter overhead.

Autumn at last Well mid-autumn would be more accurate. Been a good influx of migrants and sprites mainly yesterday but continuing into today. Despite watching the charts for the last month or so, the window of light north easterlies following a front came on about the only day I couldn't budge.

3 New Birds……. on my Oare Marsh Bird List Sunday 7th October 2018 : Oare Marshes Dark Bellied…

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