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North Macedonia's Stork Villages: where birds and people live side by side How did a sleepy rural community become the stork capital of North Macedonia? We meet the White Storks that live alongside local people, and discover how one woman’s love of birds inspired an entire movement.

Birding Scotland 2019 Setting off on Sunday with Suzanne we stopped overnight at Gretna Green before ploughing on into Scotland on Monday morning. The scenery was as spectacular as ever as we drove up the side of Loch Lomond and into Oban for a spot of lunch giving me the chance to grab a couple of year ticks in the form of Black Guillemot and Hooded Crow.

Spring has Sprung It's April and officially spring. For us birders, we get really excited when we see or hear the first arrivals from the south. For me at home, spring is signified by Chipping Sparrows who showed up en-masse last week with a record high 7 of them hanging on the feeder at the same time.

Protected status secured for Cambodia's Stung Sen wetlands Thanks to the work of BirdLife International Cambodia Programme, the rich and biologically diverse Stung Sen wetland has been designated as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention, protecting the habitat of important species such as the Lesser Adjutant.

First Signs of Spring 2019 - A Calgary Birding Album Drakes will often try to chase off their rivals, sending them scurrying off to another pond:. Leaving the hen to mate with the drake she has chosen:. Other waterfowl are beginning to pair up as well, such as the Common Merganser:.

A must read for children & adults - The Adventures of Horatio Mowzl - First Purlings He's upset to discover how much humans are harming Nature, and he invents surprising ways to show people what is happening. Mowzl somehow helps us to feel more deeply, and he encourages us to find out more. How does the story develop in the second book, "First Purlings'?

The impact of Bristol Airport expansion plans A blog by a young birder, birdwatcher, twitcher, naturalist, environmentalist and writer about birds, wildlife, nature, conservation and ringing who is an Ambassador for See It Her Way and a Charter Champion for The Charter for Woods, Trees and People 'Your retirement income will cost us our health, our well-being and our environment.

Alouette, Gentille Alouette Here is a story that first appeared in Birdwatch Magazine and on the Bird Guides Internet page on 07/04/2019. French Hunting Complaint Lodged With EU. It concerns the Skylark, Alauda arvenis, a bird that regularly features on Another Bird Blog.

Extinction Rebellion Week Absolutely magical day in London yesterday with 30,000 climate and ecological breakdown protesters bringing London to a standstill and the nation's attention to the need to declare and climate and ecological emergency.

Revitalised BTO website coming soon The BTO website is being updated soon, with changes to the way it is presented and how content is organised. Technically, it should better adapt to a range of devices, and the organisation of content is changing to help visitors better understand what the BTO does and what it can offer them.

BCR 167: Nancy Langston, Sustaining Lake Superior She is a Distinguished Professor of Environmental History at Michigan Tech on the shores of Lake Superior. She has written 4 books about environmental change, and she's working now on a 5th.

Symbols of love and fidelity brought down by illegal killing The European Turtle-dove’s population is dropping fast, in large part due to illegal killing. But our partners are working hard to reverse this trend.

Scientists use eBird data to propose optimal bird conservation plan A new article shows a blueprint for conserving enough habitat to protect the populations of almost one-third of the warblers, orioles, tanagers, and other birds that migrate among the Americas throughout the year.

Country diary: winter is slow to leave the high ground Cairn Gorm, Highlands: Ptarmigan waddle determinedly between pockets of snow and rocks feathered with frost.

'A jaunt around Breconshire'………… A few images from a jaunt on Saturday 13th April 2019 with fellow birder and 'togger' Dave Gilbert starting with the Ring Ouzels currently at Trefil Quarry near Tredegar followed by a couple of visits to typical Western Oak woods around Brecon followed by re-finding a cracking male Common Redstart in Maesteg Welfare Park on the way home…….

Saturday Sortie Almost three weeks of cold easterly winds has meant not much ringing. There have been a few migrants arriving but not in any great numbers. Until today I had seen a single Swallow and just two House Martins, the latter back on territory at the big house on the corner on 12th April.

Black winged Stilts return to Vange Marsh A call from the Jims this morning to say they are heading down to Vange for the Stilts that returned yesterday and I agree to make the trip with them. On arrival we parked up in Chestnut Road walked under the flyover across the railway line and on to the marsh taking in the lovely view of disgarded Tesco shopping trollies along the way.

Acid Grassland Restoration at Mitcham Common A busy few days at work and getting ready for Extinction Rebellion week which is starting this weekend. We spent Thursday on Mitcham Common looking at the next stage of the acid grassland restoration project. It was good to inspect the areas we worked on in early 2017 and to see how the restoration has been successful.

Country diary: fishing teamwork between a heron and a goosander I have the clear impression that there is communication between the two birds. Fish shaken down into gullets, the heron stands motionless while the goosander dips under the surface again, re-surfacing seconds later 10 metres away. Luckless this time, he sails across the pond.

Brambling - Elton Reservoir Sunshine, and lots of it, has been the theme over the last week. Very few clouds and add to that a bit of warmth and this makes me a very happy boy. It meant I could get out at the weekend with the certainty that the light would be good for some better pictures.

Think millennials are apathetic about conservation? Think again But that doesn't mean it can't be protected. Maria Luz Alsina and her team will be monitoring the area in order to reduce disturbance to birds that use it as a resting, nesting and feeding site.

Study: Could new government targets drive better nature conservation? A new paper published in the journal Science criticizes current incentives for governments to create protected areas, and calls for a new approach to encourage nations to safeguard biodiversity.

This map lets you track bird migration in real time But where are they going? Where have they been? Where do the birds we regularly see in our backyards travel? Now, a new tool allows individuals to see this data in real time.

Petition Grant legal protection to Swallow, Swift and Martin nest sites not just nests. Live bird nests have legal protection, but nest sites do not. Swallows, Swifts and Martins return to the same nesting site year after year. If these nesting sites are destroyed, with few alternatives available, local extinctions are likely.

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