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Reviving the fen: therapy for Europe's lungs in Belarus Do you know what fens are? They are one of the main types of wetlands, and usually have peaty alkaline soil and characteristic flora. Fens are natural habitats: a precious home to nature. Unfortunately, some fens are at risk of being drained for farming, threatening both biodiversity and the climate.

Project Partial Lockdown Unfortunately Rishi's bail out package for the self employed didn't include limited company owners who pay dividends or self employed people who have absorbed their profits or only been self employed recently so on those bomb shells we have to choose between plague and poverty so are being forced to carry on working.

A quick addition to the lock down list A Saprrowhawk circling high over the garden today with a Red Kite for company gave me another Lockdown garden tick bringing the total to 28. And an excuse to post an old image of a Sparrowhawk in the garden. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest The views expressed are entirely those of the author.

Crossbill A week or so prior to the lockdown I took a drive out to a site I know in Macclesfield Forest, to look for some Crossbills, Siskins and Lesser Redpoll. I'd tried a couple of weeks earlier but with no luck, so was crossing my fingers. It was classic weather conditions for this area at this time of year.

Home Birding An extract from an email all ringers received this week."BTO SURVEYS IN THE WIDER COUNTRYSIDE". "Following the Government statement on 23 March, our Senior Leadership Team has reviewed the BTO advice and is asking all volunteers to follow the guidelines presented by the Prime Minister.

Lockdown Day 4 – Covid-19 Contact me at Coronavirus: Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive along withEngland's Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he had also tested positive while England's Chief Medical Officer, Prof Chris Whitty, has shown symptoms.

Lockdown Day 3 – Covid-19 Contact me at Do not drive somewhere to go for a walk, either a mile down the road, 5 miles down the road, or 30 miles, OR to walk the dog. Your daily permitted walk with or without dog, should ONLY be from your house and anyone you pass should be at least 6ft away from you.

This bizarre floating gadget could save seabirds' lives Many seabirds meet their end accidentally tangled in fishing nets. In a brand new approach to this problem, our Partners are studying the way seabirds detect predators, in a bid to use the same techniques to keep them away from netting.

Black Bellied Dipper…….Plus Local Birding March 14th : High Wycombe…

Another Bird Blog Three days of sunshine and all the Goldfinches suddenly vanished from my garden. There's been 15-20 most of the winter so bang goes my plan to do a little garden ringing while in lockdown. So here's a post first published at the end of 2014 to celebrate the year's pictures of 2014 in a month by month sequence.

You Share the Planet With #2: Glistening-green Tanager It's taken me one year for the 2nd installment of this series on species of birds new to me, and perhaps to you too. I want to resist the temptation to only present the most colorful species when I do this, but as I perused about 400 species of tanagers today, I found that I could not resist this one.

Nature never sleeps: let's not let COVID19 nip the EU Green Deal in the bud The immediacy of the crisis posed by the pandemic causes a range of emotions from anxiety to panic, anger and even confusion. Seemingly, out of nowhere, it has seized the planet's consciousness and focus and, as tragedy often does, seems to unite more than separate us.

Garden birdwatching: the wildlife travel drama on your doorstep We may be stuck indoors but the skies are a source of ornithological wonder. Experts reveal what’s out there, where to look – and how to get competitive about it.

Coronavirus Updates! Nationally, the total number of UK cases stands at 8,077 with 422 people now confirmed to have died from the virus. ExCeL Centre planned…

Project Lockdown We've decided to use the lockdown period to get some work done on the Old Vic garden. Unfortunately the government have been vague about who can and can't go to work but been very clear that the self-employed won't be receiving adequate help so basically we have to keep working at Little Oak so its only partial lockdown for us.

Roadkills Windows and cats are major sources of mortality for our birds but certainly aren't the only major causes. Somewhere between 87 and 350 million birds are killed by vehicles each year in the U.S., although the estimates vary. See this study. Barn owls seem particularly marked for doom.

Down But Not Out We are in lock down for a month or two with no birding or ringing. Life must go on and luckily I have an archive of pictures and experiences to draw upon. In the garden there are Goldfinches without rings so I can do some ringing in the days ahead when the wind drops.

A look back at some of the biggest bird conservation stories of 2019 A lot can happen in a year. Browse some of the most important advances in bird conservation science that happened over 2019: part of the yearly update to our flagship publication, State of the World’s Birds.

BCR 197: Wenfei Tong Ph.D., Bird Love BirdCallsRadio additional information:. To Support BirdCallsRadio and Podcast please DONATE NOW. BirdCallsRadio ON THE GO!

Uk Lockdown! Https:// About time! Hope this necessary lockdown isn't too late!

Update on isolation So today is day fourteen of my self isolation and I have as yet no symptoms so maybe I escaped the exposure from my father in laws infection this time. The isolation isn't difficult after all people of my grand parents generation went through two world wars so how can we think a couple or even a few weeks staying in our homes is a sacrifice.

The Mediterranean Falls! Finally saw a Med Gull at Otmoor yesterday, Ebird list HERE. Most interesting was a huge flock of Fieldfare and Redwing - presumably migrating birds that have hit a bit of a wall in the moderate headwind?

Tescos for NHS, Mother's Day, Lucy, BBC Look East & Bread Flour Drop Off! Contact me at Very, very tired - I was up far too late last night/this morning tweeting!!! Brief Post: Went to Hardwick Tescos, King's Lynn for the NHS opening time of 9am until 10am. I won't be doing this again, it was crazy, but I did get the last two white bread flours for my friends in Heacham who are elderly and have no bread.

Red Sky At Morning I peeked through the curtains and noted the pink red glow to the south east. "Red sky at morning, shepherds take warning" is a rhyme used as an aid to weather forecasting for the last two thousand years. I grabbed a quick breakfast then hit the road birding before any rain arrived.

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