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ICE Agency Charges Payza and Two Canadian Citizens With Bitcoin Money Laundering Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security agency has revealed that it is charging two Canadian brothers and the company Payza with illegal money transmission and money laundering charges tethered to cryptocurrency transactions. Also read: ICO Trackers Are the New Gatekeepers of Crowdsales.

Snowden on Bitcoin: Blasts Public Ledger and Core Developers "The first browser created is not the best browser that we have ever seen. Bitcoin does important work, and I do think it will have enduring value for a long time.

Bug Caught That Allowed Coinbase Users to Garner Unlimited Amounts of Ether Had users noticed the glitch, they could have been able to turn themselves into crypto-billionaires overnight. The problem was resolved after the team changed the contract handling logic. VI Company claimed there were only "accidental" losses for Coinbase and stated there were no attempts to exploit the vulnerability.

U.K. Fintech Sector Strategy Announces Crypto Asset Task Force Today, March 22, 2018, at the government's second International Fintech Conference, Exchequer Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the launch of a Fintech Sector Strategy that looks to keep the U.K. on the forefront of the industry.

South Korea To Investigate Banks in Cryptocurrency-Linked AML Clampdown South Korean officials are also looking at ways to reduce risks associated with cryptocurrency trading in the country, which could include shutting down institutions that use such currencies. The financial watchdog will be involved in the process of severing any illegal links.

Sierra Leone and the Blockchain Election That Wasn't In a press release from Swiss-based blockchain technology company Agora on March 8, 2018, the company led off with this statement: "Sierra Leone's 2018 presidential elections, which took place on March 7th, represents the first time in history that blockchain technology has been used in a national government election.

Bitfury-Backed Bitcoin Miner Secures Canadian Land Deal The Bitfury-backed company announced Monday that it had secured a deal with the city of Medicine Hat to both lease land and receive 42 megawatts of electrical power for a new mining facility. In turn, Hut 8 will inject $100 million into the local community by way of a construction project.

A Non-Anonymous Stablecoin? Saga Launches With Big-Shot Advisor Team The Swiss non-profit Saga Foundation announced on Thursday that it is developing a new non-anonymous stablecoin with the help of some bigwig advisors.

Child Abuse Content on Bitcoin Blockchain: Can Node Operators Be Prosecuted? Before we explore the legal ramifications, the first course of action is to understand how it is possible for users to send, receive and access this type of data on the Bitcoin Blockchain, and if there is a need, or even a possibility, to remove this type of content from the Blockchain once it has been inserted.

Ben is a chatbot that lets you learn about and buy Bitcoin It's generally a given that whenever a new technology takes off people rush into the space to build everything under the sun, and eventually natural selection kicks in and only the truly useful remain. For example, chatbots became trendy last year and we quickly began seeing chatbots for weather, movie recommendations, personal finance, etc.

US Marshals Office Auctions Off Another $18.7M in Bitcoin Marshals Office successfully sold 2,170.7 bitcoins to two bidders in its most recent auction on March 9, a spokesperson announced Thursday. In a press statement, the spokesperson said that the bitcoins had been distributed to the winning bidders, one of whom received 2,100 and the other who bought the remaining 70.7.

Blockchain Capital Raises $150 Million, Looks Beyond Financial Services Blockchain Capital has raised $150 million in its fourth fundraising round, raising the total value of assets under the venture capital firm's management to $250 million. San Francisco-based Blockchain Capital's portfolio already includes fintech companies such as Coinbase, Ripple, Circle, and Kraken.

Here Are 7 Crypto Comparison Sites Chasing Coinmarketcap's Crown Coinmarketcap has been the crypto community's go-to price checker for as long as anyone can remember. While its dominance looks assured for now, a clutch of new competitors has sprung up seeking to gain ground on the cryptoconomy's leading tracker site.

Immutable Google? Search Giant Eyes Blockchain for Audits Patent and Trademark Office and submitted in September 2017, proposes using a blockchain to create a "tamper-evident" log which can store signatures, verify that information stored by the system has not been altered, or provide a clear path to find what information was changed and when.

Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Can Reduce Carbon Footprints There is a strong argument to be made, however, that far from plunging the globe into ecological disaster, cryptocurrency mining can be sustainable or, better yet, can be used to neutralize the carbon footprint of other energy intensive processes. Indeed, under the right circumstances, mining can produce a minimal carbon output.

PR: Roger Ver, Founder of, and COO, Mate Tokay, Join MoneyToken Advisory Board - Bringing Benefits to the BCH Community MoneyToken Financial Services welcomes the CEO and COO of onto the advisory board. MoneyToken.Com is a blockchain-based financial services platform founded by US and UK FinTech experts whose background includes years of experience at Goldman Sachs, Prudential Financial, Citibank, Ernst and Young, and Bloomberg.

Crypto Space Being Crippled: U.K. Launching Exploratory Task Force, Exchange's Operations at Risk Remain "at the cutting edge of the digital revolution." The U.K.'s finance department said on Thursday that the task force would include HM Treasury, the Bank of England, and the Financial Conduct Authority. With these entities working together,. the thought is they will be able to help the U.K.

British Charity Aims to Improve Maritime Safety with New Blockchain Lab The Lloyd's Register Foundation, a British non-profit, has announced a new initiative that aims to use blockchain tech to improve safety on the high seas. Dubbed Maritime Blockchain Labs and announced Thursday, the project is being founded in partnership with Denmark-based Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration.

ICO Trackers Are the New Gatekeepers of Crowdsales The burgeoning ICO industry has spawned a lucrative business for tracker sites that monitor and review the latest projects. Not only do these sites earn lucrative sums for their featured reviews, but the largest have the power to make or break ICOs. Tracker websites have become the unofficial gatekeepers of crowdsales.

Fashion TV Builds Decentralized Luxury Goods Platform The internationally renowned brand, Fashion TV, reaching an audience of over 1 billion viewers, is making its foray into the world of blockchain technologies. The platform will offer a marketplace for models to promote their personal brand without the need for intermediaries.

Dutch court rules that Bitcoin is a legitimate 'transferable value' Significantly, the judgement classifies Bitcoin as a "transferable value" - a strong sign towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. The petition was filed in a Dutch court by one Mr.

E-Commerce Giant JD to Launch Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform Chinese e-commerce giant has today unveiled a white paper detailing its next big step into the blockchain industry. Drawn up by JD's blockchain technology and application center, the white paper outlines a variety of verticals that the firm will target with the launch a new blockchain-as-a-service platform.

Blockchain Expo Global: Come Explore the Entire Blockchain Ecosystem Blockchain Expo, the leading global event dedicated to blockchain for business, aims to bring together industry leaders and enthusiasts so that they can share their knowledge and experience about blockchain technologies and digital assets and explore the practical applications of blockchain in various business strategies.

NYC's first condo buys using Bitcoin are here The Post reports that two condos in the building are in contact for Bitcoin, and are believed to be the first real estate transactions in the city to be made in the decentralized digital currency. The sales represent two separate transactions. The first condo, a 624-square-foot studio, is in contract asking $875,000.

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