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Ledgerx Approved to Offer Regulated Bitcoin Derivatives to Retail Investors Commodity Futures Trading Commission has approved Ledgerx to offer physically-settled bitcoin spot and derivatives trading, previously available only to institutional investors, to retail investors of any size.

Tim Draper Is Bullish On Argentina's Blockchain Tech Potential The conversation covered the devaluation of the Argentinian peso and quickly escalated to a wager: if Bitcoin gets to be more valuable that the peso by 2023, Argentina's leader would declare it as a national currency. Draper said that that Bitcoin would reach $250,000 between 2022 and2023, outpacing the entire currency market by far.

Bitcoin's Share of $350 Billion Crypto Market Highest Since 2017 A metric maintained by data provider CoinMarketCap, the Bitcoin Dominance Index shows bitcoin continues to gain altitude at a time when broader confidence in the crypto market, now nearly $350 billion, has yet to return.

Bitcoin Rockets Past $11,700 as Market Leaders Gather in San Francisco The bitcoin price cleared the $11,700 threshold on Tuesday evening, setting a fresh 2019 high just as market leaders took the stage in San Francisco.

Square Is Expanding Access to Bitcoin Deposits for Cash App Users The app, available on both Android and iOS, now supports deposits for at least some users, according to Twitter posts by bitcoiners and a check by a CoinDesk reporter of his own Square account Tuesday. Previously, users could purchase or sell bitcoin, as well as transfer the cryptocurrency to another wallet.

Iranian Energy Grid Blames 7% Consumption Increase on Bitcoin Miners Mostafa Rajabi Mashhad, the spokesperson for Tavanir, an Iranian state-operated grid entity, has explained that electrical consumption has spiked by 7% in comparison to the previous year.

American Economist Stephen Moore Joins Cryptocurrency Central Bank Like Facebook's Libra Reportedly, US Economist, Stephen Moore has joined a team the "Decentral" team to create a "world's decentralized central bank." Stephen Moore with the Decentral team will imitate the functions of a central bank to stabilize the cryptocurrency markets including Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Why This Privacy Crypto Is Down 5% Today While Bitcoin Soars Grin investors are taking it on the chin today. The crypto, which uses the Mimblewimble protocol for privacy and scalability, has shed more than 5% in the last 24-hour period even as bitcoin set a fresh 2019 high. With BTC's dominance currently hovering at 60%, altcoins typically remain highly correlated to their larger peer.

Europol Arrests Six People Allegedly Behind $27 Million Bitcoin Theft Europol, in conjunction with the United Kingdom's South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit, the Dutch police, Eurojust, and the U.K.'s National Crime Agency, has coordinated the arrests of six people suspected of stealing over $27 million in cryptocurrency, according to a press release on June 25.

Ex-Trump Economist Joins 'Crypto Central Bank' After Failed Fed Bid "Decentral will solve the biggest problem facing regulators when it comes to the crypto space: The current instability of pricing," he said. "Our goal is to be collaborative, not combative," he said.

The Guns N' Bitcoin Scorpion Case Holds Your Shooter and Your Satoshis Now there's a company called Guns N' Bitcoin that offers a durable case called the Scorpion that holds not only a hardware wallet, but also three types of full to compact pistols and magazines for the gun.

SEC Begins Accepting Public Comments on ETF Backed by Bitcoin and T-Bills Securities and Exchange Commission is kicking off the public comment period for a proposed exchange-traded fund backed by bitcoin and Treasury bills.

Minnesota House Bill Aims to Outlaw Cryptocurrency Donations A group of Democratic Minnesota House Representatives have some opinions on crypto and, well, they don't want it mixing into political donations. Minnesota House Bill 2884, introduced by Rep. Rick Hansen, Rep. Jamie Becker-finn, Rep. Raymond Dehn, and Rep.

Bitcoin's Price Rises Above €10K in First Since January 2018 Bitcoin's price topped €10,000 on Tuesday, hitting its highest level in 17 months. The cryptocurrency rose to €10,024 at 13:10 UTC today - a level last seen on Jan. 21, 2018 - according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index, as prices refreshed 15-month highs in US dollar terms with a move above $11,400.

What's the 2020 Bitcoin "Halving"? Why It Will Cause a Price Spike Each halving is a reminder that the supply is running out, though the last bitcoin should be mined sometime in the year 2140. But each time it's halved, it limits the amount of new bitcoin being created, making existing bitcoin more valuable, given they're less readily introduced to the overall pool of bitcoin.

Moore Madness: Trump Fed Pick Creates Insane Bitcoin Central Bank Trump ally and failed Fed nominee Stephen Moore has joined a merry band of blockchain developers in a bid to build an insane Bitcoin central bank.

Samourai Wallet Releases Privacy-Enhancing CoinJoin Feature This added feature disassociates crypto senders and their recipients, and makes it difficult to track the financial exchange. Samourai, a leading wallet service, is providing an easy-to-adopt layer of financial privacy for mainstream bitcoin users - and is emerging as one of the first companies to provide this technology.

Check out's Rebrand Giveaway and Win a Keepkey Hardware Wallet Last week rebranded and to celebrate the new look, we've decided to give away a bunch of prizes to our followers. This week we're giving out a Keepkey hardware wallet, collectors coins, Store vouchers and t-shirts with our new logo.

Hackers target major UK supermarket's Twitter with phoney Bill Gates Bitcoin scam Hackers took control of British multinational retailer Tesco's Twitter account yesterday, urging followers to send Bitcoin to a wallet address and promising to return twice the value received. Luckily, though, Tesco's followers did not fall for the Bitcoin BTC scheme as no funds were deposited in the wallet address shared by the hackers.

Bitcoin Reaches Fresh, 15-Month High As Momentum Continues Bitcoin hit its latest 2019 high today at roughly $11,450. Where will the cryptocurrency go next?

Bitcoin Startup Lolli Looks to Global Expansion With Partnership The bitcoin rewards app Lolli is going global in 2019, starting with the travel industry.

Seed CX Picks Corvil Analytics to Simplify System Monitoring Institutional-focused crypto exchange Seed CX has selected Corvil Analytics to bolster its operations and gain greater visibility of client and infrastructure performance. Corvil is a provider of real-time data analytics and regulatory solutions for the financial services industry.

This One Chart Exposes Bitcoin's Nakedly Bullish Potential Bitcoin's ironclad bull case can be made with just a single chart. Hint: it has to do with both gold and investor psychology.

CFTC Approves LedgerX to Settle Futures in Real Bitcoin LedgerX is the second company to receive approval to offer physically settled bitcoin futures; other firms, such as Intercontinental Exchange's Bakkt, Seed CX and ErisX plan to enter this market.

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