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Debate over pension bailouts rages amid COVID-19 pandemic Some think pension bailouts should be part of the equation now that the federal government is rolling out aid packages for businesses and individuals. However, others argue that they should not be. The coronavirus pandemic has brought about the biggest stimulus package in modern American history, but the pension crisis continues.

Financial Bazookas Revealed - Market Strategists Believe the Fed Will Purchase Stocks Soon After the significant rate cuts, quantitative easing, and buying mortgage-backed securities, analysts believe the Fed could start purchasing stocks in order to quell the economy. Also read: US Mortgage Industry Could Collapse as Housing Crisis Looms, Experts Say.

Is Bitcoin a cryptocurrency? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, or a type of digital currency that can be securely exchanged over internet platforms. Bitcoin is used by nearly 25 million people worldwide and is largely believed the be the most popular cryptocurrency. The digital currency is worth nearly $6,500 as of March 31, according to Google.

Psychology Of The Covid-19 Virus Crisis Psychology Of The Covid-19 Virus Crisis: The Use Of Shame And Guilt To Obtain Resources. First and foremost: It seems so wrong for some government agencies and hospitals to be leaning on the civilian population for their personal protection N-95 masks, when clearly, as the so-called 'experts' who are now giving advice.

Bitcoin price indicator showing a reversal coming? Bitcoin price has been going through a rather weird time where the king of cryptocurrency has constantly been trying to stabilize in a specific price zone. Though there has been a brief period of the rally in the stock market and crypto market shortly, yet most analysts are predicting that both the markets still have to go through tough times.

Outlining Every Possibility for Bitcoin's Correction To conclude, the BTC price has been decreasing since reaching a high of $19,798 on Dec. 24, 2017. While the type of correction transpiring is not yet entirely clear, we can simplify the possibilities by applying an upper and lower price limit that would serve to eliminate possibilities as they unfold.

Bitcoin Ends Q1 Down 10%, Outperforming Equities in Coronavirus Crisis Bitcoin ended the first quarter of 2020 down from the start of the year, but not as badly as the record-setting losses suffered by global equities.

Bitcoin All-Time High in 2020? Chances Are Only 4%, Options Market Signals PRICE SIGNAL: The options market shows just a 4 percent chance of bitcoin crossing above $20K before year's end, according to data from Skew. While many analysts are predicting a bitcoin bull run, the options market sees a very low probability of the cryptocurrency hitting a new record high by December.

Bitcoin Halving Capitulation: 'Mining Death Spirals Don't Happen in Real Life,' Says Report Despite the trending discussions, Coinshares head of research Christopher Bendiksen published a study that says " mining death spirals do not actually happen in real life" and the speculation is a "highly theoretical edge case." Also read: 'Bull Run May Not Come Immediately After Bitcoin Halving,' Says Bitmain's Jihan Wu.

Bitcoin's Lightning Becomes Latest Protocol to Court Publishers With Micropayments With paywall systems for everything from bitcoin to XRP, crypto payments could revolutionize the media industry – if demand actually matched supply.

Crypto Powered Internet Fills Access Gaps During Coronavirus - CoinDesk Althea builds mesh networks in rural areas starved of internet access. The need for reliable service has never been greater.

Nic Carter: 'If You're Not Radicalized, You're Not Paying Attention' Castle Island Ventures co-founder Nic Carter joins to discuss cascading crises, crypto dollarization and the state of the bitcoin narrative.

Bitcoin $6,468.12 Ethereum $133.07 Litecoin $38.99. Cryptocurrencies price prediction - American Wrap Bitcoin price is trading in positive territory, up 1.00% in the second half of the session. The price is pushing for another big retest of a breached bearish flag structure. A chunky barrier of resistance runs from $6500-$7000 price range. Ethereum has struggled for direction on Tuesday after a bounce back from the weekend lows.

Remote Working Proves Unexpected Hero as Half of US Economy Shifts to Home Offices To those who believe in a digital future in which decentralization makes systems more resilient, the coronavirus crisis has expedited the inevitable.

1 Million Policy Covers Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto Holders Against Catastrophic Failures Individual Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency holders looking for a way to protect their holdings now have the option to secure an automatic policy offering up to $1 million in the event of catastrophic losses. Coincover, a UK-based risk management provider, is offering a new policy through Lloyd's of London for Civic wallet users.

IoT App Nodle Moves From Stellar Blockchain to Polkadot IoT platform Nodle announced it is switching from the Stellar blockchain to a custom build on Parity Technologies’ Substrate network.

CZ Talks Bitcoin Price After Halving, Coronavirus and Binance Decentralization CZ of Binance talks Bitcoin price, halving and decentralization in Cointelegraph China’s HUB.

US Mortgage Industry Could Collapse as Housing Crisis Looms, Experts Say Mortgage industry faces collapse once again, this time due to the economic consequences following the coronavirus outbreak and massive job losses. Up to 50% of borrowers could default on their mortgage payments, according to industry estimates.

Ex-State Street Blockchain Team Drops DLT From New Data-Privacy Startup Data privacy startup Manetu goes live early next month with $3.5 million in backing from Castle Island Ventures and others.

Letter From Manila: Life During Coronavirus - CoinDesk Amid the shutdown, it's hard to "separate the legitimate information from the fear-mongering nonsense," says our columnist Leah Callon-Butler.

What Is Happening to Money? But whether we earn it, spend it or save it, we hardly ever think about the following questions: What is money? Why does it exist? What will money look like in the future? And why should we think too much about it? Our money works. Day in, day out, we use it without much effort.

From SARS to COVID-19: Hong Kong's Path to an Asia Free Health Zone Bitcoiner Leo Weese looks at how Hong Kong's reaction to the novel coronavirus has reflects its history with SAR Bitcoiner Leo Weese looks at how Hong Kong's reaction to the novel coronavirus has reflects its history with SARS.

Bitcoin is experiencing 'Goldilocks' volatility, says B2C2 founder - The Block Bitcoin's price may not be as high as some investors would wish – but the digital asset's volatility is perfect for high-speed traders, according to an executive at one UK-based trading firm.

Whitney Tilson Lashes Out At Critics: NOT Immoral To Make Money During Coronavirus Crisis Whitney Tilson's email to investors discussing the best three e-mails he has ever written; Why I'm even more optimistic and bought stocks this morning; Is it immoral for me to give investment advice right now?; Reader feedback and my replies; Volunteering to build a field hospital in Central Park.

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