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Bitcoin falls below $6,000. But crypto trader says it's 'not dead' Bitcoin fell below $6,000 on Friday, but bitcoin bull Brian Kelly told CNBC that the popular cryptocurrency is "not dead." "This is not the funeral for bitcoin whatsoever," Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of BKCM LLC, an investment firm focused on digital currencies, said on "Fast Money" Friday.

Since Twitter Won't Stop Crypto Scammers, These Services Will A couple of third party services have now sprung up promising to solve the problem. If Twitter can't stop crypto scammers, they will. Also read: Bitcoin Funded Silk Road Performance Earns a Residency at Trafalgar Studios. Crypto scams have been plaguing Twitter all year.

Crypto Tourism Is Growing - For Better or Worse These are just several of the names of tourism programs focused on the blockchain industry, from luxury cruises to Middle East startup tours, that are part of a growing trend targeting crypto-curious travelers.

This Week in Bitcoin: McAfee Backs Off, Crypto World Cup and the Mystery of 21e8 In this week's daily Bitcoin in Brief editions we reported about McAfee's decision to stop shilling ICOs, crypto businesses' involvement in the 2018 FIFA World Cup and much more. We also explored, in this week's most commented-on article, a secret mathematical code that tantalizes the imagination of many bitcoiners.

Bitcoin Slips to 2018 Low as Rising Scrutiny Fuels Skepticism Bitcoin dropped to the lowest level this year as pressure mounts on the embryonic digital-currency sector, with global central bankers raising questions of viability and government regulators increasing scrutiny.

EU Starts Monitoring Cryptocurrency, OANDA Price Revealed: Best of the Week Hopefully that has clarified things for you and as was previously mentioned if there is something that you aren't sure whether you need or not it's usually safer to leave cookies enabled in case it does interact with one of the features you use on our site.

No License Needed to Mine Cryptocurrencies in Ukraine Companies mining cryptocurrencies are not required to obtain a license, the Ukrainian state agency responsible for licensing regimes said this week. The annual revenue generated by the Ukrainian crypto mining industry amounts to over $100 million, according to recently published data.

Bitcoin Could Easily Bottom at $2500, Claims Analyst As the price of Bitcoin struggles to stay above $6000, the eyes of the cryptocurrency world remain firmly fixed on the market leader. Various analysts and experts have weighed in on Bitcoin's current woes, providing their opinions on what the future holds for the first and foremost cryptocurrency.

PeerTube: A 'Censorship' Resistent YouTube Alternative When the Blender Foundation had all its videos blocked by YouTube earlier this week, a decision was taken to give this alternative a try. In a matter of hours, Blender had a fully operational streaming site, one which they had complete control over. This prompted TF to take a closer look at PeerTube and what it has to offer.

Bitcoin Funded Silk Road Performance Earns a Residency at Trafalgar Studios Now due to the show's popularity, the performance is hosting the production at the well-known theatre London's Trafalgar Studios for a twenty-day residency. Also read: The Bitcoin-Culture Invasion: T-Shirts, Hats, Candles, Mugs, and More.

Litecoin victim of bearish market: Lowest drop in 2018! Litecoin has a bunch of supporters, Charlie Lee, the creator of LTC has been the major lead. The coin was doing well until it hit the floor with the lowest drop it has faced in the past 6 months.

Indian Crypto Exchanges Prepare for RBI Ban - New Trading Tools, No Fiat As the start of the crypto banking ban by the Reserve Bank of India approaches, cryptocurrency exchanges in the country are preparing to stop fiat deposits and withdrawals while boosting crypto-to-crypto trading. Zebpay plans to continue crypto-INR trading pairs even after the ban.

Exclusive: Another 27 EOS Accounts Frozen: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly A person with the username Sandwich who's an administrator of the EOS community on Telegram, insisted that the situation is temporary and that this form of arbitration is still a work in progress. He also said that the "arbitration process is in development.

John McAfee bolsters a new hardware wallet - Bitfi John McAfee, the founder of McAfee, Inc. and famous cryptocurrency influencer recently tweeted about an upcoming hardware wallet named Bitfi. Bitfi is a global payments technology company which works on boosting the digital asset economy.

Ethereum Co-Founder Says Cryptocurrency Market to Look Rosy Soon It may seem outlandish to think that the cryptocurrency markets will experience another intense boom, but the "tens of trillions of dollars" that Hoskinson is referring to may very well exist.

Stanford University Computer Scientists Launch Blockchain Research Center The speaker then asks who among them could explain, "What is Blockchain?" No one raised their hands. Recognizing that while many people understand the importance of the technology, few know how to define it. So Stanford computer scientists created the Center for Blockchain Research.

Top Secret Service Official Puts Privacy Coins in Crosshairs of US Government Robert Novy, Deputy Assistant Director to the Office of Investigations of the United States Secret Service, published a prepared testimony to the US House of Representatives on Wednesday that marked one of the first times that privacy coins have been brought to the government's attention.

Market Crash: Bitcoin to fall below $6000? In the past 10 hours, Bitcoin has dropped over $600! Bitcoin has been falling rapidly in the past few hours, it is currently experiencing the pressure of the bearish market more than it ever did this year.

6 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price is Down - As the week comes to a close, let us reflect on and digest all the news - most of which was negative, that happened in the cryptocurrency arena affecting Bitcoin price. Tuesday evening, popular South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb reported a system breach that resulted in approximately $31 million worth of cryptocurrencies being stolen.

The Bitcoin-Culture Invasion: T-Shirts, Hats, Candles, Mugs, and More These days people hear about digital currencies more often and one reason is due to all the fantastic crypto-infused products that have invaded pop culture. Cryptocurrency clothing, knitted sweaters, socks, coffee mugs, and backpacks sporting digital currency symbols, has grown quite extensive.

Zcash responds to Secret Service testimony - A privacy-protecting currency The United States Secret Service had recently, in a prepared testimony, asked the Congress to intervene and help in preventing the use of cryptocurrencies for fraudulent purposes. Robert Novy, Deputy Assistant Director at the Office of Investigations United States Secret Service mentions:.

Bitcoin Magazine's Week in Review: Fortunes and Fallacies In Switzerland, the Bank of International Settlements is spreading some misinformation about digital currencies and blockchains; meanwhile, attorney Pamela Morgan is in the U.S. sharing great information regarding how you can plan for cryptoasset inheritance.

US Secret Service Asks Congress for Help to Prevent Illicit Use of Privacy Coins The US Secret Service is worried about the illicit use of cryptocurrencies. A high-ranking official of the agency has urged Congress to consider additional legislation to address anonymity-enhanced cryptocurrencies and services intended to obscure transactions on blockchains such as tumblers or mixers.

4 Blockchain Entrepreneurs Win $100K Thiel Awards Entrepreneurs and developers behind four different blockchain startups can add their names to the list of Thiel Fellowship awardees. The Thiel Foundation, created and funded by billionaire investor and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, announced its 2018 class of Thiel Fellows on Friday.

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