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Cryptocurrency Exchanges and fake volume: Report finds link between VC backing, employee count and registration With the growing need to scrutinize cryptocurrency exchanges on more than just reported volume, several key players are looking at a host of indicators.

Bitcoin's hash rate reaches all-time high as the coin strides up the price chart The cryptocurrency market's longest bearish hold turned around and took Bitcoin on a new bullish ride. With Bitcoin's price reaching old highs, the coin also breached its previous hash rate and set a new record with 62,246,627 TH/s. According to, on June 14 BTC's hashrate breached its all-time high.

Warning For Credit ETFs: Liquidity May Be Threatened By Underlying Asset Liquidity Exchange-traded funds are generally seen as simple investment vehicles because they are passive in nature. They track their underlying index or assets, but the way they do so is far from simple.

Stellerro is set to issue tokenized equity through Spanish-regulated Security Token Offering ; Public sale opens June 17th TEL AVIV, Israel, June 17th, 2019 - Stellerro, an alternative investment banking platform, automated, in-scale, determined to bring liquidity to the digital era will launch its STO on Monday, June 17th, 2019 at noon ET.

Gold Prices May Reach $1,500 By This Time Next Year Ever-climbing stock prices have kept a lid on gold prices for most of this year, but that could be about to change. Fund managers from Incrementum believe we have entered the early stages of a new bull market for gold, although they don't expect an easy path upward.

What Makes Slovenia a Cryptocurrency Adoption Leader - Mini-Documentary Slovenia has a population of just 2 million but contains more retail locations accepting bitcoin cash payments than the entire United States. What makes this small country such a cryptocurrency adoption leader? Watch the following video to find out. Also Read: How to Exchange Your Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin Cash.

Original Bitcoin Media Group restores annual community conference focused on BTC For the first time in more than five years, a community gathering focused specifically on Bitcoin will convene in North America at Bitcoin 2019, a two-day conference to be held at SVN West in San F…

Cryptocurrency Exchange Lists 75 Tokens to be Blocked for US Customers Cryptocurrency market regulations in the US are surely drawing out a clear distinction between the cryptocurrencies it wishes to allow. Binance announced a significant shift of its operations in the US from the original Malta-based exchange to a domestic Binance Exchange in the US.

Accept Direct Crypto Payments Using the Rocketr Gateway It's in the best interest of businesses to offer their customers a variety of payment options. Cryptocurrencies can undoubtedly bring more buyers and many merchants have introduced support for digital assets. A platform called Rocketr helps merchants accept payments in crypto, including bitcoin cash.

Facebook's Global Coin splits community as major Bitcoin proponents speak out on busy Friday Facebook's jump into the cryptocurrency space was a piece of news that sent shockwaves throughout the Fintech industry. Ever since its reveal, Facebook's Global Coin sparked a debate between its supporters and critics on whether the cryptocurrency would be a boon or a bane for the mass adoption of digital assets.

Hype or Hope? A Meeting of the Minds for the Benefit of Crypto Justin Sun, founder of the Tron blockchain, has paid $4.75 million for the privilege of having lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett. News outlets around the world picked up this news, trumpeting it as yet another example of how ridiculous the crypto sector can be.

Anthony Pompliano vs Peter Schiff: Facebook's GlobalCoin takes centre stage as Twitter blows up with debates The entry of mainstream companies into the world of cryptocurrencies has been seen as a marker for the mass adoption of digital assets. With the advent of Facebook's GlobalCoin that has become a reality as the social media giant partnered with several tech giants like Vodafone and Spotify to ensure its integration into the financial system.

Bitcoin Price Hits New Yearly High at $9,387: What’s Behind the New Rally? By CCN Markets: The bitcoin price has surged by seven percent on the day, recording a 32 percent monthly gain and a 151 percent year-to-date gain against the U.S. dollar. The strong upside movement of the dominant cryptocurrency has occurred in anticipation of the opening of the CME bitcoin futures market on Monday.

US Watchdog imposes charges and suspends former banker for Bitcoin mining Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has slapped a former banker and consultant dubbed Kyung Soo with a hefty penalty along with financial charges for taking up crypto mining. As stated by the regulator, the banker pursued a business action last year without notifying his previous company Merrill Lyncch.

Indian Crypto Community Petitions Government for Regulation Following widespread reports of the upcoming Indian cryptocurrency bill, the crypto community has started a petition for the government to quickly implement a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency regulation necessary for money laundering, not ban in India; tweets WazirX CEO The 'draft bill' in India for banning digital assets that circulated through social media stunned the entire crypto community as the regulatory bodies are yet to clarify its stance on the matter.

Bitcoin Hits Year-To-Date Highs As Litecoin Soars - Here's Why Bitcoin, which has been rallying hard over recent months, has hit a fresh year-to-date high, breaking the psychological $9,000 level for the second time this year and leaving investors eyeing the $10,000 mark. The bitcoin price reached highs of $9,387 per bitcoin on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange before falling back slightly.

Bitcoin scam from South Africa is reeling in $135k per day South African media outlet The Citizens reveals that a fraud company is functioning from Ladysmith located in Kwa-Zulu Natal province. The con is appraised to attract R2 million every day in a town of sixty thousand individuals.

Above $9.3K: Bitcoin's Price Prints 13-Month High Bitcoin's price rose to 13-month highs above $9,300 on Sunday, taking cumulative weekly gains to 17 percent.

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum: Floodgates of a bullish rally open after key resistance levels broken ahead of Facebook's Libra Laun Cryptocurrencies have been active over the weekend - and not for the first time. And this time, price action in digital coins has sent Bitcoin - the king - to above $9,200 and the highest in a year. Cryptos have already been on the move on Thursday and on Friday, making their ways to higher ground.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges with 'Lower Quality' amassed significant market share in 2018 Cryptocurrency exchanges often pose a significant conundrum to the larger industry. On one hand, formally established exchanges are the best medium of acquiring digital assets with ease, on the other, several cases have emerged over their dubious use as a means to inflate volume thereby presenting an unclear picture.

Bitcoin surges above $9,200, the highest in over a year - levels to watch Bitcoin has been on the rise over the weekend. The rally has gained traction and BTC/USD has surpassed $9,200 at the time of writing. The cryptocurrency has surpassed the May 30th high of $9,090 and is now trading at levels that were last seen in May 2019.

Investors are going for Bitcoin sweet spot causing uptrend; research report claims The crypto market has been displaying optimistic gestures since the hottest Bull Run which increased the price and market capital of Bitcoin and other coins. According to a recent data survey by Grayscale, the total Assets under Management was more than one billion dollars a little more than Coinbase.

Bitcoin is an insult to gambling Dear John: Like you, I believe bitcoin is a total fraud with nothing backing it. And it should be regulated by gambling commissions - not federal securities regulators. I gave your May 20 column a little extra visibility by posting in on LinkedIn. Dear N.R.

Bitcoin's 'supply shock' ahead, scaling progressing rapidly, says VC Bitcoin has managed to eclipse altcoins this year posting major bullish waves as it was trading above $8,6oo following a surge of over 4% in the last 24-hours. BTC was approaching its Bitcoin block reward halving which is scheduled 342 days away, at the press time.

Digital tokens resurrect with value addition after crypto winter According to OnChainFX, the top 1o legitimate exchanges deliver the trading volume for measuring the real trading volume of the digital assets. Data collected from the LONG HASH website revealed that the majority of tokens had declined to half of their value since attaining the ATH.

Bitcoin is more politically neutral than gold, says Adamant capital's Tuur Demeester The comparison between tangible and digital assets has been going on for a long time and is likely to go on, especially since Bitcoin has outperformed most assets in 2019. This includes not just oil and a majority of the S&P index, but also Gold, traditionally used as a hedge against economic risks due to its store of value.

"I Believe in Bitcoin", says Edith Yeung As She Talks About Rising Institutional Interest Bitcoin witnessed robust growth during the past day as it broke above $8700 resistance. The total market dominance of Bitcoin also increased by about a percent as altcoins adjusted to the growth in Bitcoin. The total market capitalization of Bitcoin has added about $10 billion in the past two days.

Judge Orders Craig Wright to Physically Appear in Florida Lawsuit Craig Wright, the notorious Satoshi Nakamoto claimant, must appear in court on Monday or be held in contempt. The Florida court granted a motion to compel on June 14, mandating Wright to provide a list of all the bitcoin addresses he's owned prior to December 2013.

Facebook's Cryptocurrency: A Friendly Bet and Immunization from Privacy Laws A centralized entity launching a cryptocurrency was a far-reaching dream only a couple of years ago with the crypto-space being usually criticized. Nevertheless, the believers in Bitcoin and the underlying technology had already placed huge bets in the area.

JP Morgan on the hunt for candidate with Bitcoin transaction knowledge using 'Blockchain' mask The Big Banks' fear of the decentralized currency world is palpable, both in theory and in practice. This fear has manifested in several institutional financial players first chiding Bitcoin and then embracing the crypto-realm, but the pre-condition of Blockchain's precedence over Bitcoin has always been maintained.

Bittrex follows Binance's cue, delists over 40 altcoins from Bittrex US; sign of things to come? Binance, the largest and most reputed cryptocurrency exchange in the world seems to have a larger impact on the cryptocurrency market than what was perceived. Bittrex, the Seattle-based exchange has followed suit announcing an update for their US customers.

Bitcoin's 'sweet spot' a major reason for investment uptrends, claims Grayscale's latest research The cryptocurrency market has been showing positive signals since the latest bull run lifted the price and market cap of Bitcoin and, in turn, rest of the coins. In a recent compilation of data by Grayscale, the Barry Silbert-led organization touched on the cryptocurrency investments and developments during the first quarter of 2019.

First national electronic money will be in Iceland The FME, which is the financial regulator of Iceland, has approved the implementation of nationalized digital currency payments. In more detail, the regulator has approved a local blockchain company Monerium to be the country's first e-money institution.

Court Orders 'Bitcoin Inventor' Craig Wright to Put Up or Shut Up By CCN Markets: A Florida judge ordered Craig Wright - the self-proclaimed inventor of bitcoin - to put up or shut up if he wants to prove that he's Satoshi Nakamoto. In a June 14 motion to compel, federal magistrate judge Bruce Reinhart ordered Wright to produce a list of all the bitcoin he mined prior to December 31, 2013.

Bitcoin Surpasses 1 Million Daily Active Addresses According to, there are now over a million daily active addresses, a number that is defined as the number of unique "from" or "to" addresses used per day. Image via CoinMetrics. Kevin Rooke noticed the move and Tweeted:.

Markets Update: Crypto Prices Surge After Last Week's Pullback Most cryptocurrencies are up in value between 2-8% today but global trade volumes have tapered off with only $63 billion swapped in the last 24 hours. Also read:'s Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Is Now Open for Trading. Cryptocurrency markets have been all over the place lately, giving enthusiasts and traders constant surprises.

India: 'Draft bill' real or fake? Leaked legal documents are as authentic as Monopoly money India's battle against cryptocurrencies took a new turn after pictures of a "proposed" bill circulated on social media. However, it was rejected by various prominent publications and personalities in the crypto-circle, due to its lack of authenticity.

It's FATF's Way or the Highway for Crypto Exchanges. That's a Big Mistake If Jakubcek is right, a substantial part of crypto transactions will move to the underworld, leaving law enforcement and financial intelligence units with nothing, except the trace of transactions.

This Bitcoin Scam in South Africa is Raking in Over $130,000 Every Day By CCN Markets: A cryptocurrency investment scheme in South Africa's Kwa-Zulu Natal Province has proven that having an unoriginal name, Bitcoin Wallet, never stopped any scam from raking in tens of thousands of dollars daily from the masses.

Lightning Network to include the Watchtowers feature in the next update Lightning labs, the tech firm that developed the Lightning Network will include the "Watchtowers" feature in order to weed out fraud in future updates. With the 'Watchtowers' feature, there will be added protection from counter-parties who may be able to access transactions once the transactions have already been made by a user.

Piixpay Lets You Pay Bills and Invoices With Cryptocurrency If you need to regularly cover fiat payments but prefer to use your digital assets, a platform like Piixpay can be very helpful. The payment provider allows you to use cryptocurrencies to pay invoices, bills and make other recurring payments to recipients that still accept only traditional money.

Coinbase reports issues with card purchases & processing, days after its debit card debut in Europe Digital currency exchange Coinbase recently announced its Visa debit card services for several countries in Europe, enabling many of its European users to spend cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin at any merchant shop accepting Visa.

US Regulator Fines and Suspends Former Banker for Mining Bitcoin Self-regulatory body FINRA has fined and suspended a member for engaging in Bitcoin mining without informing his employer in writing.

Ripple's David Schwartz on the 'internet-of-money' vision, Bakkt makes major announcement and more Crypto News - 14 June - Ripple's David Schwartz on the 'internet-of-money' vision, Bakkt makes major announcement and more. Don't forget to follow us for our daily videos#Bakkt #StableCoin #Bitfinex #stablecoins #ripple #ripplenews #CryptoNews

Bitcoin's Resiliency Following the Crypto Bubble's Collapse Is Telling Though Bitcoin is still arguably a very speculative asset, support for it as a store of value is proving more resilient than many predicted.

Spanish law enforcement arrest 35 in Crypto money laundering case According to the local media reports, the law enforcement agencies in Spain have reportedly arrested 35 people for apparently forging banking cards and legalizing the incomes via BTC.

NEO follows in the footsteps of Bitcoin surging on the weekend The biggest performers on the market today are Bitcoin and NEO. The latter is following in the footsteps of Bitcoin posting gains above the key hurdle at $14.00. NEO is trending up 5% on Saturday after opening the session at $13.48. The intraday live charts show NEO having added 5% to its value in less than 12 hours.

Europol announces new training game for crypto crime fighters To beat the cyber criminals at their game, law enforcement officials are going to be trained on cryptocurrency and investigation using gamification. This announcement was made at the on-going cryptocurrency conference hosted at Europol's headquarters where 300 experts of cryptocurrency are present.

Bitcoin Will Have To Compete With Facebook Cryptocurrency In 2020 Bitcoin will have a new competitor in the cryptocurrency market in 2020. Thanks to the backing of more than a dozen companies Facebook cryptocurrency will be unveiled later this year with a tentative launch next year. The brand name is going to be Libra.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Bulls Awake as BTC/USD zooms above $8,400 Bitcoin is currently changing hands at $8,432 amid s building bullish momentum. The Relative Strength Index has corrected upwards from the average to levels slightly above 70.00. The upward sloping trend means that the bullish momentum still has the strength and BTC has the potential to break above the resistance at $8,450.

Ethereum to Skyrocket by 70 Percent Against Bitcoin, Predicts Analyst One of the more reliable figures on CryptoTwitter provided analysis that suggests that Ethereum could rise by 70% against bitcoin soon.

Binance Plans To Switch Operations in the US: How Will it Affect the Cryptocurrency Markets? World's largest cryptocurrency Exchange which has grown seamlessly until now by complying with AML/KYC regulations. However, reportedly, the administration has to make a lot of significant changes in the US. The Malta-based original will no longer be available in the US.

Google tags Bitcoin Core software as 'malware;' developer fires back at Internet giant Google, the Internet media giant, has come under a lot of flak from the crypto-community after its June 3 Google Core Update prompted the brief shutdown of a prominent crypto-news outlet. The Core Update saw the revenues and traffic of several crypto-news websites fall significantly.

Bitcoin to skyrocket to $400,000 riding on fundamentals and not FOMO According to Bloomberg author Aaron Brown, Bitcoin's impending rally is more depended on the improving fundamentals as opposed to the common belief on FOMO. Brown argues that the inept trend of cryptocurrency busts might not change in the near future.

Bitcoin market overview: BTC/USD bulls play their cards right as rally takes shape Bitcoin performance in the last couple of days has been phenomenal especially when you consider the day towards last week where BTC/USD was stuck in a $600 narrow range while phased with indecision. The momentum gave it the power to climb well into the $8,000 bull territory, in turn, signaling for more buy entries.

Jack Dorsey reiterates his support for Bitcoin emerging as Internet's native currency Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Square Inc., is known for his contribution to the crypto-ecosystem, something he labelled as "giving back" to the Bitcoin ecosystem. He popularized the use of cryptos like Bitcoin after Square Inc's Cash App launched its support for Bitcoin trading in January 2018.

Will Facebook's "Libra" cryptocurrency outcompete Bitcoin? Peter Schiff, the CEO of brokerage firm Euro Pacific Capital, believes Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency will outcompete Bitcoin on stability and fees. BTC advocate Anthony Pompliano disagreed, suggesting the two would help each other grow. The controversy is over Facbook's coming "Libra" cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Bulls Are Running Again - Is $9,000 The Weekend Target? After over a week of consolidation, bitcoin price has started to move again as we enter the weekend. Many had anticipated a selloff and larger correction, which still may come, but at the moment the bulls are back in play as BTC breaks resistance.

Expert opinion: Does cryptocurrency pose any threats to fiat? Multiple crypto analysts think that fiat is doomed after the emergence of virtual currencies. One of the causes of this discontentment with the present fiscal system is that it inflicts systemic perils on the economies. Atrocities of the régime and banks are the reasons for the dawn of virtual currencies.

How To Beat The Market - Stock Market Investing Mindset How to beat the market and achieve better investment returns? Just have the right mindset to take advantage of where others go wrong. Especially stock market beginners can get huge advantages by applying the correct mindset. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc.

Bitcoin Cash is 'stupid' and Roger Ver is a 'scammer,' claims Blockstream's Samson Mow In the latest edition of Magical Crypto Friends, Blockstream's Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream, criticized Bitcoin's fork coins and their influential proponents. Whale Panda, one of the most popular influencers in the crypto-ecosystem, addressed a myriad of subjects on the episode.

Bitcoin & Gold's Stock-to-Flow ratio drives their market and monetary value Bitcoin has been one of the standout performers of 2019, outperforming several traditional commodities. However, the virtual asset is often criticized for its price volatility and a higher risk of investment. Despite its critics, while the stock market's market cap was up by 12 percent in 2019, Bitcoin recorded a massive 111 percent growth.

Facebook Cryptocurrency: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber Among Top Members of Consortium, Report Reportedly, Facebook Inc. has signed up more than a dozen companies including Visa Inc., MastercardInc. PayPal Holdings Inc. and Uber Inc. These technology companies form a consortium which will find a similarity to XRP or Stellar Lumens validators through the Stellar Foundation.

Bitcoin price prediction: Can BTC/USD go past $9,000 over this weekend? BTC/USD went up from $8,240 to $8,692, charting a 5.47% increase over Friday. The daily confluence detector shows us that if the bulls can gain enough momentum and go past the resistance level at $8,725, then the price may even cross past the $9,000 level for the first time since November 2018.

Volume manipulation found; Coinbase leading exchange ranking: Cryptocompare report Trading research firm Cryptocompare has just released it's Cryptocurrency Exchange Benchmarking 2019 that allows users to look past the obvious and have a better understanding of the exchanges.

How to Stay Safe When Using Darknet Markets If you're planning to visit a darknet market, you're either keen to window shop or keen to sample the wares. Whatever your reasons for stopping by, that's your business and no one else's. Unfortunately, not everyone shares those civilized ideals. To keep those spoilsports at bay, here's how to browse darknet markets without leaving a trace.

Bitcoin Suddenly Bounces - Here's Why Bitcoin, still the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization by some margin, has been making up ground after being left in the dust by one of it's biggest rivals, litecoin, this week.

Cryptocurrencies at Online Gambling Sites When you are choosing an online casino or a betting site, you will want to pay attention to the banking options that are supported. You will most likely want to start playing games for the chance to win real money, which means you will have to fund your casino account.

Bitcoin-powered mobile refill service Bitrefill expands reach outside the U.S. and Europe Crypto media outlet The Block recently reported that Bitrefill, a Sweden-based crypto-powered mobile refill service, has terminated a seed round of $2 million to expand its services. The firm provides mobile service top-ups in Bitcoin. Bitrefill is also preparing to launch new products as well as expand its reach outside the U.S.

Facebook's cryptocurrency foray leads bitcoin to its best trading stretch in 3 weeks Reports that Facebook Inc. is about to roll out a cryptocurrency as soon as next week have helped bitcoin to notch its best weekly trading period in about three weeks. Bitcoin futures for June delivery BTCM19, +2.29% trading on the CME Group Inc.

Craig Wright's 'genius plan' involves teaming up with a billionaire to 'fight everyone,' says Peter McCormack While Craig Wright's claims of being Bitcoin's pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, have been openly dismissed by much of the crypto-community, his attempts to prove the same have reached unfathomable heights in 2019.

Did JP Morgan Just Make a Secret Side Bet on Bitcoin? For all its anti-crypto bluster, it looks like investment banking goliath JP Morgan just put a secret side bet on Bitcoin.

Crypterium Introduces Global Crypto Payments Card Interest in the card is admittedly concentrated in regions where banking services are less developed, such as in South America and Southeast Asia, according to Sharoyan. Though she also said there are a number of requests coming from the U.S. The card is linked to the Crypterium App, which has over 500,000 users in the U.S.

Why Bitcoin Is Likely Headed To $10,000, And Possibly Higher After That Bitcoin has been consolidating around the $8K level for some time now. The technical image suggests that the Bitcoin bull market is back and prices could be headed substantially higher from here. will not be available to users based in the US In a recent update of Binance's Terms and Conditions, the exchange revealed that it would block US citizens from using the platform. This restriction is necessary so that the company can develop and launch a dedicated American platform, which will be compliant with all applicable regulations in the country.

Bloomberg: Bitcoin Price May Hit $400K Due to Fundamentals, Not FOMO Bitcoin's improving fundamentals and the arrival of institutional investors could impact the volatility and price action of future rallies and corrections.

Bitcoin leaves a carbon footprint as large as Las Vegas, study finds Sometimes, going digital isn't the most eco-friendly option.

Research suggests Bitcoin mining's carbon dioxide emissions are comparable to Las Vegas, Sri Lanka Bitcoin's rising popularity can be attributed to its recent bull run following which, the world's largest cryptocurrency briefly breached the $9000 mark. At the same time, the cryptocurrency has been plagued with several criticisms from various quarters, one of which is the environmental impact of BTC mining.

Smart Contract Startup Tapped By Google As Blockchain Partner, a middleware supplier that melds traditional computing tools with dApps, has partnered with Google to get big data onto the blockchain.

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Could Be Good News for Bitcoin — Even if It Fails From those details, digital currency entrepreneurs say that Globalcoin is unlikely to pose a threat to Bitcoin, though it could compete with other kinds of digital assets, including so-called stablecoins that are pegged to government currencies to make them easier to use for transactions.

New SLP Token Allows You to Transact in BTC But With BCH Fees With BTC2, you can essentially transact with BTC, but utilize the same network fee as bitcoin cash transactions. Also read: Meet the Developer Who Added Schnorr Signatures to Bcash. In January, reported on the launch of, an application that allows users to swap cryptocurrencies between chains.

Bitcoin is a potential savior in times of major economic & political crises, claims Grayscale's new report A recent report by Grayscale, "Hedging Global Liquidity Risk with Bitcoin," compared how recent global events impacted traditional assets, as well as Bitcoin markets. Further, the report spoke about how Bitcoin can act as a hedge against liquidity risks that arise out of such events around the world.

Facebook's GlobalCoin May Be A 'Historic Initiative,' Say RBC Analysts Mahaney and Schwartzman also repeated previously reported expectations that Facebook will release their currency's white paper on June 18, following in Satoshi's footsteps to explain the fundamental protocols that will underpin Libra, the internal codename for the project.

Mobile Payments Tool Bitcoin Could be Poised for New Bull Run, Says deVere Group CEO Unusual pricing patterns suggest a new leg up for beleaguered bitcoin.

Coinbase Custody has $1.3 billion assets under custody; expects to hit $2 billion soon Sam McIngvale, CEO of Coinbase Custody and Philip Martin, in a recent visit to the UK revealed that the platform already has $1.3 billion assets under custody and expects to touch $2 billion soon.

Concerns Over Facebook Data Use Derailed at Least 3 Crypto Partnerships Philosophical disagreements with crypto experts have slowed the development of Facebook's GlobalCoin, sources say.

Bitcoin Prices Gain As Positive Developments Attract Investors Bitcoin climbed more than 12% since Sunday, pushing higher as the digital currency markets continue to mature. Where will this innovative asset go next?

Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD final barrier from $9000 and beyond - confluence detector Bitcoin price on Friday late in the session is outperforming many of its peers which are in negative territory. The price is trading up some 1.5%, as the general market continues to move within consolidation mode. BTC/USD bulls must break down the big supply zone heading into $8500-territory.

Google hinting at integration with Chainlink pushes price by a massive 76% in an hour Chainlink, the 24th largest cryptocurrency in the world, got a surprise shout-out from Google, probably the largest company any cryptocurrency project can get a shout-out from. The mention from Google came in the form of a blog post, which detailed its effort to build a hybrid blockchain and/or cloud applications, with Ethereum and Google cloud.

Can the technology behind Bitcoin be used to build a belief system? In the late 1940s, when he was a struggling writer of pulp fiction, L. Ron Hubbard said, "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion." And so he did, one that came to be the billion-dollar international powerhouse known as Scientology.

Iceland's Currency Will Be First in Europe to Be Traded as E-Money The designation, announced Friday, means that Monerium has regulatory approval to provide fiat payment services on a blockchain and use it throughout the European Economic Area.

Bitcoin Worth Over $8,400 as Most Top Altcoins See Losses Friday, June 14 - most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting moderate losses on the day by press time, as bitcoin crossed the $8,400 mark again after breaching it earlier today. Market visualization courtesy of Coin360. Bitcoin is currently up over 2.8% on the day, trading around $8,420 at press time, according to Coin360.

U.S Internal Revenue Service prepares to take stringent action against cryptocurrency tax evaders While Bitcoin has revolutionized the digital currency and decentralized finance space, Bitcoin has often been followed by its dark past. Its wide use on the dark net and its association with Silk Road has lent it a slightly shady reputation.

Bitcoin Price Top Forecast: Bitcoin bulls finally have their say The cryptocurrency universe staged a good recovery this week. Bitcoin has settled above $8,000 as the positive sentiments returned to the market.

US State of Nevada Passes Flurry of Blockchain Bills In February of this year Nevada legislators introduced a suite of bills designed to promote blockchain adoption. The state's attitudes to the emerging technology were truly cut in 2017, after the successful passage of SB398 attracted significant blockchain investment to the state.

Bitcoin Surges as Analyst Warns That Binance Triggered 'Altcoin Winter' The trigger for that rally? Binance. The fallout? A punishing "altcoin winter" that could slaughter altcoin valuations while bitcoin continues to trend higher.

Meet the Developer Who Added Schnorr Signatures to Bcash This week spoke with Jonathan Gonzalez, the blockchain developer who is currently maintaining the Bcash project, a Bitcoin Cash full node written in node.js.

JPMorgan seeking job candidate with bitcoin scaling tech knowledge, but asserts it's doing nothing with actual bitcoin JPMorgan has posted a new job ad looking for a candidate with bitcoin tech know-how, but the investment banking giant is vehemently sticking to its "blockchain, not bitcoin" mantra.

CCN isn't shutting down because Google gave back the power The crypto news site CCN recently broadcasted that it was shutting down due to the recent core upgrade. After receiving huge support from its audience, CCN has decided to halt the shutting down operation and carry on its movement.

Bitcoin Cash technical analysis: BCH/USD narrowing subject to an explosive breakout Note: All information on this page is subject to change. The use of this website constitutes acceptance of our user agreement. Please read our privacy policy and legal disclaimer. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Bitcoin $8400 Ethereum $256 Litecoin $130 Cryptocurrencies price prediction The formation of a rising wedge pattern for BTC/USD trading pair suggests the largest crypto's rally above $8,000 might not last long. At present, BTC is 9% higher from the weekend low slightly above $7,500. The same $7,500 support anchored Bitcoin declines on June 6.

Bitcoin price update: BTC/USD soars above $8,400 Bitcoin rally is finally here and the bulls seem to awake. The rally comes after attempts of Wednesday and Thursday failed to yield significant gains above $8,300 culminating in declines towards $8,000. The price has defied the anticipated bear pressure from the rising wedge pattern covered in other technical articles.

Jack Dorsey Hints at How Square Crypto May Help With Bitcoin Development Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed more details about the role Square Crypto might play in boosting bitcoin development.

WATCH: Craig Wright briefly forgets he 'invented' Bitcoin Craig Wright remembers something he read in the Bitcoin white paper. He probably remembers it from when he wrote it, of course.

Bitcoin could soar to $40,000 if it breaches $10,000 mark, claims Fundstrat's Thomas Lee The world's premier cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has had a great market run since April 2019. After months of sluggishness and sideways movement, the coin hit its 2019 peak after it briefly breached the $9000 mark on Coinbase in May. However, Bitcoin couldn't sustain its value as soon enough, the coin tumbles back down to rest at a price below $8000.

Bitcoin Tax Evaders Will Be Criminally Prosecuted, Warns IRS Agent Bitcoin tax evaders will be criminally prosecuted, says an IRS official. Meanwhile, the agency will issue new crypto guidelines by July.

Crypto conference in Amsterdam brainstorms Bitcoin security issues Despite the ever-growing popularity of Bitcoin, more and more issues are found in the blockchain's capabilities of preventing security breaches, hacks, and various other malicious attacks.

Bounty.Cash Pairs Projects With Developers Finding Solutions for BCH Using bounties to seek solutions to various problems has proved to be a working approach for many projects in the crypto industry. Bounty.Cash is a platform that matches businesses and entrepreneurs with developers who are ready to solve issues with apps and features and get rewarded with bitcoin cash.

A Protocol for Issuing Tokens Launches on Bitcoin's Lightning Network To that end, Bitrefill is also hiring. On the other hand, Robert Paone, head of growth at the token exchange platform AirSwap, told CoinDesk it would take considerable work for a lightning-compatible token to compete with ERC-20 tokens.

KaratGold Coin Makes Gold Digital The earliest form of money, once traded for swords and armor, seems to be back today, with KaratGold Coin being the first one to truly digitize physical gold and thus revolutionizing the entire concept of crypto payments. KaratGold Coin is an Ethereum-based asset exchangeable for real gold.

IMpulse K1 Phone: How blockchain technology can make your phone a safer place for your private information Recently we heard a lot of news about blockchain based phones from different manufacturers and brands all over the world. However, only one of them seems to stick to their promise - KaratBars. Not that long ago they released a new phone called IMpulse K1 Phone and it's a unique device that has a compilation of great features for your privacy.

Chinese Bitcoin miner arrested for stealing electricity from oil well Authorities in China have arrested a man after he reportedly stole electricity from an oil well to mine Bitcoin. The arrest was made after the police received a phone call from Daqing Oilfield, located in Haerken district on May 28th.

Bitcoin Daily Chart Alert - Technicals Turning More Bullish - Jun. 14 Importantly, Jim will glean the short-term charts and technical studies, and then alert you to the signals he sees regarding upcoming potential bigger price moves or price trend reversals. Jim's unique and exclusive daily technical report is an absolute must for any trader / investor/market watcher who closely follows Bitcoin.

"Helium", world's first decentralized wireless network raises $15m The San Francisco based startup, Helium, announced the completion of Series C funding of $15 Million on June 12, 2019. The round was co-led by Multicoin Capital, together with Union Square Ventures, GV, Khosla Ventures, FirstMark and MunichRE Ventures.

Bitcoin price regains momentum, likely to break $8,500 resistance The price of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, recently extended its gains, breaking the $8,100 and $8,200 resistance points against the US dollar. Analysts believe that the current uptrend could be setting up the crypto for more gains above the $8,300 resistance area.

Bitfinex Is Starting to Buy Back and 'Burn' Its LEO Exchange Token Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced a transparency initiative that will see it put on full view the buying back and "burning" of its LEO exchange token.

Wasted Naysayers Continue to Flog Wasteful Energy-Consuming Bitcoin Naysayers love to hate on Bitcoin energy consumption when it comes to climate change. The data, however, suggests that Bitcoin is actually more efficient.

Bull Trap? Bitcoin's Price Rise to $8,300 Isn't Backed by High Volumes A clear divergence between prices and trading volumes on the charts suggests bitcoin's recent $800 rally could be short-lived. Prices are currently up more than 9 percent from recent lows near $7,500 on June 6. Notably, BTC revived the short-term bullish outlook with a move above $8,100 on Wednesday.

Bitfinex's CTO responds to speculations of 'Tether dump' after treasury mints 150 million USDT Tether treasury just got itself out of the whole Bitfinex fiasco. However, it is back in the news after it minted 150,000,000 USDT. Tether claims to have backed every USDT with the US Dollar. However, during its feud with the New York Attorney General, it was revealed that only 74% of Tether was backed by cash and short-term securities.

Two Startups Are Partnering to Enable Amazon Purchases with Ethereum Two blockchain-focused startups are teaming up to enable Amazon purchases with ethereum. The effort will be based on Plasma Cash, a technology outlined last March by ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum: Alone in the dark of outer space…heading to the Moon It is almost usual practice of the Crypto market that technical extremes occur at the end of the working week - setting the stage for action over the weekend. To comply with this custom, Bitcoin kicks off the day just above the long term bearish channel.

John Mcafee's Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch Faces Hiccup via DOS Attack John Mcafee launched a cryptocurrency Exchange platform,, that was designed to work as a portal to numerous cryptocurrency exchanges at once. Hence, a user who doesn't have access to a particular cryptocurrency can connect the API of another Exchange on the platform to seamlessly trade in all cryptocurrencies.

Venezuela Issues 50,000 Bolivar Bill Amid Persistent Hyperinflation Venezuelans are used to their currency costing less than the paper it's printed on. Economic misfortunes and political upheaval place their country at the bottom of all inflation charts, year after year. The latest incarnation of the national fiat, Bolívar Soberano, has succumbed to the illness of all previous emissions - rapid depreciation.

Spanish police arrest Bitcoin launderers in international credit card fraud case Spanish police have arrested 35 people allegedly involved in an international counterfeit bank card ring which laundered its profits using Bitcoin. Criminals made more than $675,855 and laundered more than $891,250, according to local media reports. Most of those arrested hailed from Spain, Nigeria, Cameroon, Morocco, and Equatorial Guinea.

Facebook Hires Standard Chartered Bank Lobbyist for Crypto Project: Report Facebook's hiring spree for its upcoming cryptocurrency, reportedly called "GobalCoin," continues with the addition of a senior bank lobbyist from Standard Chartered, according to the Financial Times.

Binance to Block US Access to Main Website As it prepares to launch a US-regulated entity, Binance made a change to its terms of service on Friday that will see Americans barred from its main site.

Protests erupt in Hong Kong against regulations; Buy Bitcoin! BTC is a virtual currency that does not follow the conventional fiat rulebooks. It may appear vague and impractical, but the recent geopolitical and macroeconomic deals are verifying its feasibility. Since the past week, Hong Kong has been observing mounting political turbulence due to the laws suggested by the local government.

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber Back Facebook's Crypto Initiative Four technology and Payments giants - Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Uber - have invested in Facebook's upcoming cryptocurrency project, The Wall Street Journal revealed. According to the June 13 report, the companies formed a consortium to govern the digital currency, and each has invested $10 million in the social media giant's project.

Europol Developing 'Serious Game' to Help Train Crypto Crime Fighters Europol has revealed it's developing a game aimed to teach law enforcement officers how to tackle crypto crime.

Ethereum's price movement isn't necessarily correlated to that of Bitcoin's, suggests analysis The cryptocurrency market has seen a significant change in character since the last bull run resulted in market cap and price elevation. This positive change was spearheaded by Bitcoin and adhering to previous patterns, the trickle-down effect had an impact on the rest of the market as well.

'Exciting' Bitcoin Progressions Are Building Ahead Of Looming 'Supply Shock,' Warns VC Bitcoin, which has been climbing so far this year after a terrible 2018, has been keeping traders and investors guessing over the direction of the market, teasing small rallies only to fall back once again.

Jack Dorsey says now is our chance to build a global currency for the internet Quartz spoke with Dorsey at Square's offices in London about his vision for the future of finance, bitcoin, the end of cash, and how to handle receipt mixups. The conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity. Quartz: Do you have a prediction for the future of finance?

Google Ties with Chainlink to Ease Hybrid App Development Search engine giant Google on Thursday announced that that it has partnered with Chainlink to allow Ethereum app developers, using Google's services, to integrate data from sources outside the blockchain. This, per the company, will ease the development of hybrid blockchain applications.

Crypto Exchange to Block US Customers from Trading Binance will bar deposits and trading by users in certain jurisdictions and those found to violate the exchange's terms of use.

Deja Vu? Monero Botnet Has Close Resemblance to "Outlaw" Attack TrendMicro suspects that "Outlaw", a group of hackers who launched a Monero mining malware campaign last year, is at it again.

Facebook's GlobalCoin and Project Libra: Explained in a Nutshell If one goes on to study the Innovations that have transpired out an of various tech giants over the last decade, Facebook definitely would site in the top quartile of the list. Not so long ago the worlds most widely used social network was just a Harvard student's dorm room hack.

Cryptocurrency market update: Bitcoin settles above $8,200, altcoins in red The cryptocurrency market is a mixed picture on Friday. Bitcoin stays in green, while the majority of altcoins are navigating a sea of red. The crypt.

Bakkt will begin user acceptance testing for its Bitcoin futures by the end of July Bakkt, one of the most awaited institutional platform, will begin user acceptance testing for its Bitcoin futures by the end of July 2019, according to a blog post posted by Adam White, the COO of Bakkt.

Proposed Indian Ban on Crypto is Even Harsher than China's While the bill, named the Banning Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019, still hasn't been passed into law, the fact that such a severe piece of legislation is being processed by the government at all could be an indication that anti-crypto sentiment amongst Indian lawmakers is growing.

Fake Crypto Ads on Facebook: Where Will Users Draw the Line? "Starting June 26, we'll be updating our policy to allow ads that promote cryptocurrency and related content from pre-approved advertisers," Leathern explained in another announcement.

Bitfinex completes first IEO in record breaking time; community calls out platform's 's tshow' Towards the end of last month, Bitfinex announced that it would be participating in the Initial Exchange Offering game with the launch of Tokinex. This platform allows customers of both Ethfinex and Bitfinex to take part in the IEO taking place on the platform.

Bitcoin Cash technical analysis: Bears continue their stranglehold on the BCH/USD market The hourly BCH/USD market is trending in a triangle formation, getting primed for a possible breakout. The market finds immediate resistance at the 20-day simple moving average curve and has found support on the upward trending line. The market is still trending above the SMA 50 and SMA 200 curves.

Italian Retail Deposits Reach All-Time Highs and is Screaming for Bitcoin By CCN Markets: The Italian government is reportedly trying to be lenient on some forms of hard-to-tax savings, such as that held in safe deposit boxes. Bitcoin could be a viable investment for these retail investors. The reality is that no government can track every dollar - unless they have something like a blockchain to help them.

Bitcoin is here to stay as cryptocurrency community continues to contribute to its ecosystem Bitcoin could very well be considered as the most successful startup in the history of startups. It has not only created a massive ecosystem around itself, but has also given rise to a myriad number of other projects influenced by Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can be everything at once; currently it's best at being a store of value, says Blockstream's CSO Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the market, has gone from being an electronic cash system to becoming a store of value over the past ten years. The coin has several times been termed as digital gold, with even Grayscale Investments prompting investors to drop gold and be a part of the digital currency revolution by investing in the coin.

Bitcoin Futures: Bakkt COO Announces Test Launch Date; CME and BitMEX Logs Record Volumes in May The most waited institutional platform for cryptocurrency trading, Bakkt, has announced the date for its Bitcoin futures trading volume which reached to a record $84 million last month. Furthermore, the highest trading volume was reported by BitMex, which recorded a trading volume of $4.3 billion about eight times the volume of CME.

Review: The Corazon Trezor by Gray Is Made of Titanium Hardware wallets don't have to look beautiful - they just have to work. The Corazon by Gray is a silver titanium device that happens to deliver on both counts. USB hardware has never looked or felt so good in your hand. All that brushed metal and angular chic comes at a price though, which in the case of this Trezor on pretty pills starts at $695.

Financial Fraud Around The World UC Berkeley hosted an intimate discussion in San Francisco of the critical issues, technologies, and policies that drive financial fraud around the world. One day program in San Francisco where we discussed critical issues, technologies, and policies driving financial fraud around the world.

Not reporting crypto mining activity leads to $5000 fine by FINRA According to documents dated for Monday this week, a former employee of Merril Lynch was fined by the United States FINRA. The document has already been confirmed as authentic and fines the individual $5,000 for not reporting his activities of mining cryptocurrencies within the jurisdiction of the USA.

Jack Dorsey's Square Crypto makes a statement after former Google exec joins to lead expansion plans Steve Lee, former Product Director of Google, made headlines for teaming up with Square Crypto. The news was made public in a series of tweets fueled by Square Crypto on Twitter. The official handle initially announced that a person named "Gary Fuches" would be joining their crypto team.

Bitcoin Network Hash Rate Reaches All-Time High Figure 1: Bitcoin Network Hash Rate Over Time. Screenshot for chart sourced from TradeBlock's tools page here. Bitcoin network hash rate previously peaked on October 1, 2018, when it rose above 55 exahashes per second. Just one month later, the hash rate began declining after bitcoin prices suddenly crashed in mid-November.

Report: Uber, PayPal, Visa to Back Facebook's GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Uber are all backing Facebook's new cryptocurrency, according to a new report. The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the social media giant has signed on more than a dozen backers for its GlobalCoin cryptocurrency, a stablecoin that has been developed in secrecy for more than six months.

Chinese Arrests Bitcoin Miner for Stealing Power - Finance Magnates A Chinese man has found himself in police custody after attempting to steal electricity to fuel his Bitcoin mining operation, local media outlet The Global Times reported today. The suspect allegedly mined cryptocurrencies through stealing power from one of China's biggest oil wells.

Google Trends Shows Bitcoin Is About to Explode in South Korea Every day for the last week, South Koreans have been waking up with Bitcoin on their minds. Take a look at the Google trends worldwide chart for Bitcoin searches over the last week. Do you see a pattern forming? If you mouse over the high points, you'll see that searches reach a peak at exactly the same time every day.

Rhode Island Looks to Adopt Blockchain For Government Use McCabe said state officials did not want to stifle the ingenuity of the industry by limiting the scope of the RFP. It's only after the state receives proposals that they can conceive of what the technology offers.

Bitcoin prices share striking resemblance with China's RMB futures Commodities such as Gold and Oil are some mainstream assets which have been outperformed by Bitcoin in 2019. The world's largest cryptocurrency has had a good 2019, surging by 150% this year after surviving a troubling crypto-winter towards the end of 2018.

The Stolen Binance Bitcoin Is On the Move Again This pattern of hops and "shedding" suggests either some sort of side payment to other parties or further efforts at laundering the cash using what appears to be a series of calculated moves aimed at scrambling the source of the funds.

'Bitcoin and Gold are Not Even Comparable': E.B. Tucker on the Future of Store of Wealth While Gold vs Bitcoin is one of the hottest debate of the recent time. Its emergence can be attributed to the fact that investors are looking for a safe haven in apprehended tumultuous times in the world economy. While the proponents of Bitcoin hail it as a boon, Gold investors have completely bashed the theory of them being comparable.

An In-Depth Look at Iris, a New Decentralized Social Network The project he designed, called Iris, is a social networking application that stores and indexes everything on the user's devices and connects directly with peers rather than using centralized and privacy-invasive algorithms. Also read: Coinex Exchange Lists the first SLP-Based Stablecoin Built on Bitcoin Cash.

New Monero Botnet Looks Like Last Year's Outlaw Attack The Outlaw botnet uses a brute force attack and Secure Shell exploit to give the attackers remote access over victim's systems. A more detailed report of Outlaw's previous attack showed that once the attackers have access, the malware executes commands to download and install the cryptocurrency miner payload.

Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD bulls are gunning for $6000 and beyond - confluence detector Bitcoin price on Thursday has continued to move within consolidation mode, trading with minor gains of 0.90%. BTC/USD daily price action remains within a narrow range for the standards of Bitcoin, a range low of $7500 to a high of $8200, seen over the last going on 8 sessions.

Circle Is Closing Its Mobile App, Circle Pay, This September Circle Pay, an early flagship product for Circle, is being shut down as the company focuses on its USDC stablecoin.

Retail giant Target takes its first steps in the blockchain space; announces its use for supply chain tracking U.S-based retail giant, Target, is the latest to wade into the blockchain space. The company's VP of Architecture, Joel Crabb, announced the creation of an open source blockchain project for supply chain tracking in a blogpost. Target Corporation has however, been using this technology since 2018, as part of its pilot program.

Circle to End Support for its Social Payment App - Finance Magnates Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency firm Circle is gearing up to discontinue support for its social payment app, dubbed 'Circle Pay,' which has been available in 29 countries including the US, UK, and some EU countries.

Blockchain 101: Networks & Protocols We've defined a blockchain as "a database of cryptographically secure information shared across a network of computers all following the same protocol." Now, we'll start unpacking that definition and explain networks, protocols, and how they relate to blockchains like Bitcoin.

Binance Says It's Launching a US Exchange With FinCEN-Registered Partner In a press release, an unidentified "representative from BAM Trading Services" was quoted as saying "it is an honor to partner with Binance… leveraging its tier-one security and technology in tandem." "We are committed to providing a secure and compliant platform, and beginning the start of a fruitful alliance with Binance," the unnamed...

BRD Partners With Wyre to Build Bank Transfer Wallet Feature BRD aims to compete with exchanges thanks to its addition of low-cost bank transfers.

CME's Bitcoin Futures market registers new highs for May; average daily volume up by 36% since April The Bitcoin futures market surprised traditional financial leaders and crypto-proponents after it not only survived the crypto-winter, but also opened a bridge for mainstream, instituional investors in the realm. Supporting this notion, CME Group, a global markets company, recently recorded new highs in both volume and open interest in May.

Central Europeans Are Beginning to Wake Up to Cryptocurrency Payments Poland's first cryptocurrency exchange queries users about why they use their loot.

Are Bitcoin Futures predicting the future for Bitcoin's spot prices? Bitcoin's price action is similar to a lot of other bubbles in history. In fact, BTC's chart and patterns have striking similarities to the DotCom bubble, Qualcomm Charts etc., which could be due to the fractal nature that is witnessed everywhere in nature and in human behavior.

Marketing Chief Amanda Gutterman Is Latest Exec to Leave ConsenSys CMO Amanda Gutterman is the third executive departure from ConsenSys since early May.

This Bitcoin Chart Destroys the Argument That BTC Can't Be Money The bitcoin price is undoubtedly volatile, making it difficult to establish as a true currency. But that's changing as BTC grows more stable.

Bitcoin worth over $150 million transferred from Coinbase to unknown wallet; community speculates foul play Bitcoin has had a pretty active 2019, with major price fluctuations pulling the price of the world's largest cryptocurrency up, while also pulling up the prices of other cryptocurrencies. Post the rise in value of the world's largest cryptocurrency, many transactions and transfers of significant amounts have taken place.

Google Trends Bitcoin Searches, a Key Price Indicator, Turn Mega Bullish They posted a Google Trends chart and revealed that "there are more people searching 'bitcoin' now than during the 2013 bubble." The tweet also noted that the year-over-year data for the search term "bitcoin" has gone up for the first time in the past year.

Bakkt COO Says User Acceptance Tests Start July 22 - Finance Magnates The COO of cryptocurrency platform Bakkt, Adam White, today said in Medium blog that the ICE-backed startup will begin testing its much-anticipated Bitcoin futures contracts on July 22. Mr.

Bitcoin's volatility rates fall as daily returns move away from 'extreme behavior' territory Bitcoin has had a remarkable recovery since the start of the year, with significant positive growth in both price and market cap. Analysis of the coin's prices and returns show that Bitcoin's volatility declined as monetization of the cryptocurrency increased.

CryptoCompare Exchange rankings peg Coinbase for the top spot; Binance finishes eighth Cryptocurrency exchanges have been the well and true focus of the collective industry in 2019. With several reports spelling out how exchanges overwhelmingly fake volume data via wash trading and other antics, the industry is on high alert.

Bitcoin causing CO2 emissions comparable to Hamburg The use of Bitcoin causes around 22 megatons in CO2 emissions annually - comparable to the total emissions of cities such as Hamburg or Las Vegas. That is the conclusion of the most detailed analysis to date of the cryptocurrency's carbon footprint.

Bitcoin on the brink of a bull-run? Analyst has high hopes for BTC next move BITCOIN could be poised on the verge of its next bull run, according to the boss of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations.

Bitcoin mining consumes at least 0.2% of global electricity It's on the same playing field as Jordan and Sri Lanka for greenhouse-gas pollution.

Jack Dorsey's Square Makes First 'Bitcoin Not Blockchain' Hire Following Jack Dorsey's commitment to 'give back' to the Bitcoin ecosystem, Square Crypto has announced its first employee. Although not without a bit of good-natured trolling on Twitter first. Twitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, is a big fan of Bitcoin.

Bakkt Names Launch Date for Bitcoin Futures Testing Bakkt, which has seen multiple delays over regulatory compliance since its original announcement in August 2018, will offer futures as the first in a series of offerings, full details of which remain unclear.

Bakkt Reveals Bitcoin Futures Contract Details Ahead of July Test Date In a blog post that likened Bakkt's launch to the Apollo 11 moon landing, chief operating officer Adam White wrote Thursday that the platform will "initiate user acceptance testing" for its bitcoin futures contracts, which will be listed and traded by its parent company.

Coinex Exchange Lists the first SLP-Based Stablecoin Built on Bitcoin Cash On June 12, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinex announced the listing of a new Simple Ledger Protocol token called honestcoin. The website details that the new token is a fully regulated stablecoin issued on the Bitcoin Cash network backed 1-to-1 for U.S.

Italy's Terrifying Currency Scheme is Insanely Bullish for Bitcoin By CCN Markets: The Italian government is mulling the decision to issue a "parallel currency" in a move that could plunge the eurozone into crisis - and provide the best case yet for mass bitcoin adoption. In the same week, the Italian deputy prime minister proposed a tax grab on cash and valuables stored in safety deposit boxes.

Bitcoin Cash Gets Its First Stablecoin While another dollar-valued token is nothing to write home about, Honestcoin has one unique characteristic: it's the first stablecoin on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. "HonestCoin is the first regulated Stablecoin project issued on Bitcoin Cash," CoinEx said in a blog post.

Circle and Coinbase Open CENTRE Stablecoin Network to New Members Cryptocurrency firms Circle and Coinbase are a launching bold effort to make money as easy to move around the world as internet data and content.

Bitcoin Startup Bitrefill Raises $2 Million Seed Round for Worldwide Expansion According to, Thor is the top service increasing lightning network capacity in terms of value, with almost $19,000 worth of bitcoin, and the top service provider running nodes on the network.

Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, TradingView to Add Cryptoindex Multiple financial data providing terminals - Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and TradingView - will add Cryptoindex's digital asset index. According to a Coindesk report, the data terminal users will be able to see the top 100 performing cryptocurrencies, a list which gets prepared by considering social media posts and news.

P2P Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX highlights 2FA authentication after stream of attacks According to the latest press release, there has been a series of the attack reported on the account credentials of users of the digital currency exchange BitMEX. BitMEX, the Hong-Kong based cryptocurrency exchange stated that to secure the database, multi-factor authentication or two-step verification plays a huge role.

Bitcoin $9000 Ethereum $264 Ripple $0.404 Cryptocurrencies price prediction Bitcoin surged briefly yesterday towards $8,300 after breaking key resistance at $8,000 and $8,100 as reported by FXStreet. According to the chief technician at Fundstrat, Rob Sluymer the recent performance of Bitcoin has open the way for another boost that could send the price to the levels around $9,000.

Bitcoin Daily Chart Alert-Bulls Hang Tough Dollar prices are slightly down Thursday. Not much new. Bulls still have the overall near-term technical advantage, which means the path of least resistance for prices is sideways to higher until a bearish chart signal suggests otherwise.

BitMEX millionaire 'TheBoot' on turning $4k into $3m trading Bitcoin But that isn't what happened to legendary BitMEX trader 'TheBoot', who has astonishingly turned 0.6 BTC into more than 300 BTC by trading cryptocurrency derivatives in spite of the bear market. He regularly posts screenshots of his multi-million dollar trades on Twitter, where he has amassed a following of 7,000 people.

'Monopoly'-Style Blockchain Property Trading Game Raises $2 Million Uplandme, a "Monopoly"-like property game built on the EOS blockchain, has raised $2 million in seed funding.

Retail Giant Walmart Enters Second Drug-Tracking Blockchain Trial "The project with KPMG Merck and Walmart, even though it's a pilot, is going to be leveraging the production blockchain platforms that we have developed for Walmart with FoodTrust and also with Maersk in TradeLens," he said, adding:.

NEO Programming Workshop Featured at Barcelona Trading Conference NEO programming workshop is one of several Barcelona Trading Conference sessions aimed at local Spanish speakers interested in the crypto ecosphere.

How to Exchange Your Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin Cash If you're looking to acquire some cryptocurrency without having to open an account at a centralized exchange, there are several ways to do so. One is to convert Amazon gift cards into bitcoin cash via while helping others spend their BCH. Also Read: Coinbase Launches Crypto Debit Card in 6 European Countries.

Bitcoin market update: BTC/USD battles to stay above $8,000 as upside remains limited Bitcoin uptrend has stalled short of $8,300 following the surge that kicked off yesterday. The largest crypto was for more than seven days stuck in a range between $7,500 and $8,100. However, looking at the chart the support at$7,500 gave way for gains that initially broke past $8,000, tested $8,100 before sliding under $7,700.

John McAfee Launches Crypto Trading Platform McAfeeMagic The anti-virus software mogul on Wednesday unveiled a digital asset trading platform, enabling both manual and automated trading.

Reuters, Bloomberg and TradingView to Add New Cryptocurrency Index The financial terminals of Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg will soon provide cryptocurrency data from an index that takes into account social media posts and news. Announced Thursday, index provider Cryptoindex said terminal users will be able to view the top 100 performing cryptocurrencies, according to its rankings.

Bitcoin Price Eyes Chart Pattern That Kicked Off Bull Market in 2015 Bitcoin is about to see a key bullish cross of two moving averages the first time in nearly four years.

BabelFinance Wrote $110 Million in Crypto Loans to Chinese Traders Crypto financing company BabelFinance on Wednesday announced that it has issued more than $110 million in crypto loans since its opening in July 2018, mostly to Chinese traders. The company's business in the Asian markets boomed amid its rebranding from BabelBank to BabelFinance as it once issued $18 million in crypto loans in just one day.

Here is what you need to know about Coinbase crypto-debit card available in six European states Coinbase has recently unveiled its crypto Visa debit card oft-known as Coinbase Card in six European states i.e. France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin as Technicals Suggest Higher Prices: Fundstrat Fundstrat's Rob Sluymer says that it is time to buy bitcoin once again as prices are set to rally on the back of favorable technicals.

Ex-Merrill Lynch Banker Suspended by FINRA for Crypto Business An ex-Merrill Lynch banker has been fined and suspended from working for a month after allegedly starting a cryptocurrency mining operation without informing his company. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a self-regulating financial authority in the US, was responsible for issuing the decision against Kyung Soo Kim.

FINRA Fines Ex-Merrill Lynch Investment Adviser Over Crypto Mining Sideline Self-regulatory organization, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, has fined and suspended an investment adviser over undeclared cryptocurrency mining activities.

Next Bitcoin run is imminent, warns deVere boss Bitcoin could be on the verge of the next bull run, the CEO deVere, the international financial advisory organisation, stated today. The prediction from Nigel…

For First Time in 4 Years, Key Indicator May Signal Bitcoin Price Rally By CCN Markets: According to technical analyst Eric Thies, a key technical indicator may signal strong long-term momentum for bitcoin for the first time since 2015. The last time the 1-month moving average convergence divergence achieved a signal cross, the bitcoin price increased from $400 to ultimately $20,000 within a three-year span.

DCG group CEO Barry Silbert suggests the crypto prices storm is most likely over Crypto prices headed by Bitcoin and Litecoin have been on an upper trend in the last few weeks. There is a remarkable surge in crypto prices and here is why Barry Silbert, the CEO of Digital Currency Group suggests that the crypto prices storm is likely over.

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum: The epic battle to breach the wall is a slow-motion game In the article published yesterday, I have highlighted a potential window of opportunity to an upward movement that would take the three main protagonists of the Crypto market to higher prices. The bullish escape attempt has begun late in the European session and remains prevalent now.

California man gets 10 years for selling drugs for Bitcoin on dark web A US man who sold narcotics on the dark web in exchange for Bitcoin BTC has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Tyler Reeves, who sold the drugs under the moniker "Platinum45," was sentenced on Monday by by United States District Judge James V.

John McAfee's New Crypto Trading Platform 'Magic' Goes Live Noted cybersecurity expert and eccentric crypto fan John McAfee has just launched a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Bitcoin 1, Traditional Fiat Currency 0: One Satoshi is now worth more than the national currencies of Iran, Vietnam Bitcoin, the world's leading cryptocurrency, has been enjoying a great 2019 after a late-2018 marred by a cruel crypto-winter. Since April however, the cryptocurrency has performed much better than traditional assets, outperforming even the S&P 500.

UK Population Must be Alert to Bitcoin Scams The London Economic - UK Population Must be Alert to Bitcoin Scams -.

'Satoshi Pretender' Craig Wright Slams Bitcoin Cash in Vulgar Beatdown Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright derided crypto privacy and Bitcoin Cash coin mixers. But amid the petty name-calling, does he have a point?

Indian police arrest 78 in Bitcoin call center scam A call center scam that targeted US citizens and requested payment in Bitcoin BTC has been busted by police in India resulting in the arrest of 78 people. According to a report, the Indore unit of Madhya Pradesh police's Cyber Cell unearthed the online scam, which saw tele callers with American accents dupe US citizens.

14 Banks, 5 Tokens: Fnality's Expansive Vision for Interbank Blockchains In a recent interview with CoinDesk, Ram and other bank and tech executives involved in Fnality shed some light on the previously secretive project's plans - starting with the role these tokens, still referred to as USC, would play in the enterprise blockchain ecosystem and the wider financial world.

Binance takes the high road as network validators vote for fee restructure on the main chain Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has been rapidly improving its stock as a prominent organization handling various virtual assets. The company has also been launching several new projects such as the launch of the new Binance DEX.

Tether and Search Engine Data Reveals China Fueling Bitcoin Rally By CCN Markets: Over the past three months, the bitcoin price has risen from $3,911 to $8,120 against the U.S. dollar on major crypto exchanges, demonstrating strong momentum supplemented with a clear rise in volume.

Indian Government-Backed Program Offers Crypto and Blockchain Course An Indian government-initiated program is offering a course for undergraduates to learn about cryptocurrency, blockchains, and their use cases. This 12-week interactive course is free to enroll and learn from. Among the topics covered are Bitcoin basics and consensus.

Financial Commission Adds Trade99 as an A-Category Member This week, the Financial Commission, an independent external dispute resolution organisation for the foreign exchange industry, announced that Trade99 is its newest approved member. Trade99 provides a leveraged cryptocurrency-based asset trading platform.

Top 10 Cities With The Highest Average Monthly Salary In The World Big cities tend to offer greater job opportunities and higher salaries. But the cost of living in such cities also tends to be pretty high. Every year, Deutsche Bank Research publishes its Mapping the World's Prices report shedding light on the cost of living, rent, income, and other details in 56 major cities around the world.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Try To Predict Bitcoin Moves Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and, according to new research, incredibly unpredictable, appearing to move independently of most traditional or expected indicators. The bitcoin price, which has doubled so far this year after recording heavy losses throughout 2018, is hovering around $8,000 per bitcoin.

Visa Unveils a Cross-border Payment System On June 11th, Visa launched a new commercial network that simplifies global payments and eases international transactions. Previously, Visa Inc was known for only credit card payments, but now with this new network, traders across the globe will be able to transfer money from local banks to clients' accounts directly.

Is bitcoin growing up? Regulated futures boom as investors seek a safer ride LONDON - When bitcoin was born it was a symbol of counterculture, a rebel currency with near-anonymity and a lack of regulation. A decade later, there are growing signs it's entering the establishment its creators sought to subvert.

Bitcoin pauses on approach to $8,200 as Barry Silbert claims that the crypto winter is over The head of Digital Currency Group Barry Silbert believes that the crypto winter is over. Speaking n the interview with Bloomberg Technology, he explained that the cryptocurrency market tends t move in cycles, while the recent growth of prices signals that the downtrend is over.

BitMEX issues new security advisory; cites 'increasing number of unauthorized access attempts' The cryptocurrency market is no stranger to nefarious activities, with the industry peppered with events that have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

Could Bitcoin's Lightning Power Mobile Communications? This Startup Thinks So New research from mobile mesh networking company goTenna explores how mobile communications can be decentralized with the help of bitcoin's lightning network. Technologists have long explored how to use cryptocurrencies and blockchains to build programs where users are more in control of their data.

Banks should be afraid, very afraid of Facebook's GlobalCoin, cautions Andreas Antonopoulos Although the involvement of tech giants in cryptocurrency seems to be a positive development for the ecosystem, some leaders in the space have also predicted a stiff competition for survival in the not so distant future.

Bitcoin's returns in 10 years trump Berkshire Hathaway's returns since 1964 One of the biggest struggles faced by Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market has been to convince the mainstream ecosystem of its benefits and use-cases. One of the biggest naysayers of the cryptocurrency industry is Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, who once compared the world's largest cryptocurrency to rat poison.

Are Bitcoin & Tether joined at the hip? Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the market, and Tether, the largest stablecoin in the market, were initially pegged on opposite ends of the spectrum.

LocalBitcoin's volume resurgence holds steady, despite Iran pullout LocalBitcoin, the peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange, has been in the news multiple times recently due to its regulatory involvement and region-specific rollbacks.

John McAfee's New Trading Platform Aims to Give Traders a Magical Experience The project allows for manual and automated crypto trading across a variety of digital asset exchanges all displayed in one user interface. According to the website, the service is the second product besides his well-known antivirus software to bear the McAfee name.

Bitcoin price prediction: Can BTC/USD bulls break past resistance at $8,200? BTC/USD price went up from $7,920 to $8,175 during Wednesday and is currently trading for $8,180 during the early hours of Thursday. The daily confluence detector shows us that bulls face strong resistance at $8,200. This same level has thwarted the market multiple times before.

Major Cryptocurrencies in The Green as Bitcoin Rallies Over $8,100 Top cryptocurrencies are trending up, and most tokens are in the green right now.

Stock Market Crash News In 2019 Is Good News Stock market crash news is good - you make more money with stocks when those crash as over the long term you own more! Stock market crashes, recessions, economic collapses, increase your long term wealth. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc.

Crypto market update: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple break past key resistance levels The crypto market as a whole saw a very bullish Wednesday following a heavily Tuesday. The top three coins all broke past critical resistance levels.

Square Hires Ex-Google Director as First Member of New Crypto Team Payments company Square has hired former Google director Steve Lee as the first member of its new crypto team. A Square Twitter account teased the news Wednesday afternoon without specifying what Lee's role at the company would be. A spokesperson for Square declined to comment.

The Blind Trust Described in the Kleiman vs. Wright Lawsuit Is a Real Head-Scratcher Wright's legal team say he's done everything possible to comply with the court's orders but the Kleimans believe the self-proclaimed Satoshi has been stonewalling for nine months. Also Read: Satoshi's Pre-Release Bitcoin Code Contains Fascinating Findings.

Coinbase Expands Crypto-backed VISA Debit Cards in 6 European Countries The most popular against Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have usually been, "Can we buy anything with us?", "What's the use?" "What if the Regulators doesn't consider it as money?" Questions instead of arguments rather. With cryptocurrency based VISA debit cards, users have an option of legally making crypto-payments worldwide.

Proposed New Bitcoin transaction relay protocol nicknamed Erlay all set to increase NODES efficiency According to the latest report, the developers of Bitcoin published a paper, "Bandwidth-Efficient Transaction Relay in Bitcoin" that discussed 'Erlay' a new transaction relay protocol.

Bitcoin worth $3.25 billion moved to known Binance wallet as coin breaches $8000 mark again Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, has had a remarkable run-up since the start of the year, growing by more than 100 percent since January. This increase in price and market cap has also been one of the reasons why the ecosystem has become more active, thanks to more developments and involvement from users of the ecosystem.

Few Women Are Contributing Code to Major Crypto Projects, Report Finds Study finds that female coders participated in only 5% of the top 100 blockchain projects.

World's first Bitcoin ETF may find its home in the land down under as Australian accounting firm contemplates proposal Adoption is a major dilemma in the cryptocurrency space, with virtual assets continuously working towards legitimate approval for worldwide implementation. Bitcoin, which is evidently the most preferred one in the ecosystem due its high price valuation and popularity, has recently been trying to receive an ETF approval.

Bitcoin boost: Coinbase launches cryptocurrency debit card in six countries in Europe BITCOIN exchange Coinbase has launched its new cryptocurrency debit card in six new European countries today, offering BTC owners a new way of trading their crypto tokens.

'Ultra-Bull Case' for Bitcoin Driven By Central Banks - Anthony Pompliano Anthony 'Pomp' Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital believes Bitcoin is about to experience an epoch-defining next 18 months. Speaking to Bloxlive TV earlier in June, Pompliano said the next 18 months will be crucial for Bitcoin.

A 20-year-old bitcoin millionaire is determined to create the 'Acorns of crypto' Bitcoin bets made Erik Finman a millionaire before he was out of his teens. Now, the crypto wunderkind says he wants to help engineer a platform for investing in cryptocurrencies that is easy for average folks to use.

Justin Sun and Warren Buffett Will Dine on Tron CEO's Turf This is the first time since the annual "power lunch" tradition started in 2000 that meal will take place in San Francisco. "We want this lunch to be a bridge between the cryptocurrency community and the traditional investor," Sun said to Yahoo Finance on Monday, who is trying to draw Buffett out of his comfort zone.

Craig Wright Ordered to Personally Appear at Bitcoin Theft Mediation A judge has ruled that a personal appearance by Craig Wright at mediation will promote “meaningful participation.”.