I Will Sell / Buy Bitcoin for Cash

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Bit Boy • Dec 1, 2018

I Will Sell / Buy Bitcoin for Cash

You might want to avoid your spouse from seeing your transactions and finances, or maybe an oppressive government you need to avert.
Whatever your reason there are many reasons why you might want to use cash to buy your bitcoins. Bitcoin was devised to avoid hefty banking charges when sending money abroad from any country. It is now used to buy and sell many goods and services as well as an investment.

I will meet you in a public place (the place will depend on the amount involved) and sell to you / buy from you Bitcoin up to £4900 in one transaction.

Happy to do a smaller amount first so we can meet each other and gain trust

I will give you the same rate you find on coincorner's website, except with me you can pay / be paid in cash

Can meet in London, Oxford, Reading, Basingstoke, Swindon, or anywhere in between

Call me on 07340 187 129.


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