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Episode 261: 2019 Is A Wrap On this episode, Mike Carruth of joins us to discuss the 2019 USABMX Grand Nationals, but before that we get into the weeds about the legality of crank arm rentals, BMX Racing League versus every other outreach program USABMX offers and metal drummers. Rail The Berm
Mike Pardon Podcast Part 2 Mike Pardon Podcast Part 2 following up from the Aug 2018 Part 1, we continued the story from slowing down his BMX career in the mid 80s, getting into skating, sponsorship, opening a skate shop and competing in the Munster Skate World Championships in Germany. High-Low - The BMXPodcast
Episode 43 - Chad Johnston Back in the early to mid-80s, BMX freestyle was still somewhat of a new thing. Companies were in a race to invent and create components that could turn the average BMX bike into a full-blown freestyle bike. Space Brothers Podcast
Episode 260: Progression On this episode, Bill Ryan of Supercross BMX chooses Pistol Pete as his favorite all time pro. Bill’s choice is the correct one. The crew and Bill talk about the advantages and disadvantages gear boxes, 3D printing, tubeless tire systems, etc… Brad agrees with the UCI. Rail The Berm
Episode 259: Unpredicatable On this episode, Tory Nyhaug discusses at length the wheelie movement, the ups and downs of running a Bicycle Motocross company, ruts, retirement, youngsters and the big hill and Justin Bieber. Tory breaks the news that Bicycle Motocross is staying in the Olympics. Rail The Berm
Episode 258: Forty Four Fourteen On this episode, David Milham talks a little about dominating amateur Bicycle Motocross, elbows from The Lumberjack, meeting Leveque on his turf, dominating the Jackal, dick moves and his trip to the gym with Tenette and Stiles which he has no memory of. Rail The Berm
Podcast - Erick "Big E" Bartoldus NEW Erick "Big E" Bartoldus Podcast is up - starting with his early days in Florida making his way to California and couch surfing at Gork and Spike Jones' place, a stone throw away from Wizard Publications / BMX Action Magazine. High-Low - The BMXPodcast
Episode 257: Better Known As… On this episode, Motomag talks about spotting Farrah Fawcett at Blue Springs BMX in Missouri USA. It was her ghost. Still hot though. Farrah Fawcett look a like Misty Engler tries to sell us on the BMX Racing League better known as the beginner league. Rail The Berm
Episode 256: 'Doyle Rules! On this episode, Chris Doyle admits to having tiny handlebars at one time. He now rocks 8.75 inch high ones. But, Chris wants you to know that your 10 inch rise bars are dumb. Colin, Chris and Brad put freestyle through the Olympic ‘what if.’ The crew also discusses what makes style stylish. Rail The Berm
Episode 255: Mr. Leary Make Me Cry On this episode, Colin and Harry Leary compare coaching styles for kids. Harry makes your kids cry and throw up while while Colin speaks gentle words to them. It’s a coin flip. The band Redshark is Sentenced To Kill. How many years do you get for that? Rail The Berm
Episode 42 - Simon Tabron Again it was proof that a once thought to be impossible trick could be accomplished. BMX freestyle had become almost as big in the UK in the 80s, as it was in the United States… oddly enough, the ramp scene exploded with some amazing talent, and very quickly some of the best vert riders were no longer just from the US. Space Brothers Podcast
Podcast - Todd Corbitt Todd Corbitt podcast posted, starting out in Florida TC talks about getting into BMX in the early 80s, the Orlando scene riding for Oakridge Bike Shop, meeting guys like Lenny Batycki, Big E, doing clinics and selling stickers to support his racing. High-Low - The BMXPodcast
Episode 254: Tunnel Vision On this episode, Paul Depauw, track operator at East Moline BMX, says that one of the things you must possess when running a track is tunnel vision. Brian Lyles of Richmond Virginia wins the first installment of The Thrive Baby Thrive Contest. Tom Roadmen wins a pair of Catalyst Pedals from Pedaling Innovations. Rail The Berm
Episode #86 - FBM DIY Championship The FBM DIY Championship was the final stop of DIY series and it was everything we all hoped for! Crazy pallet and plywood creations made for this event are a huge part of the fun. Steve Crandall did an amazing job keeping everyone stoked throughout the day and a big reason as to why good things happen if you want them to. The BMX In Our Blood
Episode 253: Sitting In The Dark On this episode, Brendt Barbur of the Bicycle Film Festival talks about sitting in the dark watching people ride bicycles. Colin and Brad want to sit in the dark and watch people ride Bicycle Motocross but there is nothing to watch. The Band Haunt tells you to Run And Hide! Rail The Berm
Episode 252: BMX Is Fabulous! On this episode, Bobby Motomag calls in sick. Dave Kirby of Illini BMX says that opening a track with no starting gate is wise. Colin tips his cap to the gay community. The Tangent Pro Am brings you race results from Banyuwangi. Lastly, Dick Cheeseburger gently instructs you on what to expect at the 2019 USABMX Grands. Rail The Berm
Episode 251: Old School Yak Attack! On this episode, Austin is directed to abuse Bobby Motomag. Colin pined away for Clayton John. Bobby puts Eric Rupe up for sale. Also, Steve Brothers of talks fondly of Yak racing as well as old school SE collecting. Lastly, Axe Crazy gets crazy with their tune Under Command from their album Hexbreaker. Rail The Berm
Episode #85 - Zach Full Face Newman One of the many cool things that happen when you go to the XGames is that you meet good people from around the USA as well as the world. I went to the XGames a couple months ago with no intentions of recording anyone, I just wanted to take it in and understand how this made for TV insanity really works. The BMX In Our Blood
Episode 250: Its Hard To Be A Fan On this episode, Brad said that its hard for him to be a fan of U.S. pro racing. Buck up Brad its just a feeder sport. Mike Carruth of reports that the ABA might make some improvements for 2020. Brad doesn’t care. Mike also reports on some Champaign Illinois heroes named Dave, Willie and Mike. Rail The Berm
Episode 41 - Dizz Hicks When I think of mid 80s BMX and heavy metal, one rider comes to mind and that's Dizz Hicks! His style was symbolic of the era… He rode it all, flatland, quarter pipe, and short ramp aka a wedge ramp. Dizz is one of the most well known and electrifying riders to ever touch a BMX bike. Space Brothers Podcast
Podcast - Robbie Miranda & Paul Roberts Been working on this one for awhile now with Paul Roberts in Huntington Beach with Robbie Miranda and I for a pod. Lots covered, early days riding for Cycle Craft, meeting Steve Buddendeck, getting on DK and moving to California in the 90s. High-Low - The BMXPodcast
Episode 249: Aussie Or Yank On this episode, Danny Booby of Australia, challenges Colin and the gang to a rigged edition of Know A Pro. Colin wants a recount. Danny learns us some Australian brands long past. Lastly, WRTB Radio turns you on to Screamer and their tune Demon Rider off the album Phoenix. Rail The Berm
Episode 248: Thrive Baby Thrive On this episode, Jeff Miller of Thrive Racing commits himself to racing your Pro-Am. Send him an invite. He will show up guaranteed. During our fan call Tyler Brown is relegated to a trivia question. How far he has fallen! We introduce a new segment called Kook Factor High Kook Factor Low. Rail The Berm
Episode #84 - Jason JBone Lonergan There are not many people that fit the title of BMX Legend and All Around BMX Rider as well as Jason Lonergan of Posh Woods. He just so happened to have earned the title of NORA Cup Trail Rider Of The Year as well, a huge honor. The BMX In Our Blood
Episode 247: Thanks For The Memories On this episode, Tyler Brown runs down the 2019 World Cup and takes you through the demise of the American pro class. Tyler’s dream team is a hodge podge of dudes with questionable nicknames. Joshua McLean receives the great honor of an RTB Nails Award and boy are his arms tired. Rail The Berm
Episode 246: Its All About The Jersey On this episode, Brad denounces one day championships calling them heretical. Rich Eames explains that it’s all about the jersey to the Euros. Rich also dances around the British G.O.A.T. question. Who is it? Cal Strickland receives a great honor. No, it’s not a knighthood. Rail The Berm
Podcast - Tracer Finn This week on the Pod, Eddy King and I sat down with BMX Hall of Famer, former CW rider and Vegas local Tracer Finn, during the USA BMX Hall of Fame weekend in San Diego. Coming from an entertainment family and working and growing up in Vegas, Tracer shares some great stories outside of BMX as well as many in the sport. High-Low - The BMXPodcast
Episode 40 - Rob Nolli Rob Nolli has been one of the biggest names in BMX freestyle for well over 25 years. He's one of the best all-around BMX freestyle riders to ever do it winning flatland, dirt, and park contests as well as finishing in the top ten at several major vert contests. Space Brothers Podcast
Episode 245: 500 Grand Kids On this episode, Jordan Miranda names all his parents 500 grand kids. He does it from memory. It’s amazing! Rail The Berm