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The Board Game Ankh'or Lets You Stick It to Your Friends in Style This game plays two to four, but it works extremely well as a two-player experience, and I think it's a sneaky-good game for younger players who lack the reading skills for more complex games but are otherwise ready to level up from kids' titles. Ankh'or is a tile-laying game with a heavy dose of Splendor along the way.

D&D 5th Edition - Tyranny of Dragons Review Now five years later, Wizards of the Coast revisits these two original adventures by combining them into a single book, Tyranny of Dragons, matching the current size and wrapping them in a beautiful limited edition cover that matches those found on later products.

BGG & # 39; s Top ten board games of all time on iOS and Android This article was originally written in January 2014 and looked at the top ten list of BoardGameGeek, and where any digital / mobile projects were in terms of development. A reader asked us to view this article and refresh it, given how much has changed in digital board games in the last five years.

PAX Unplugged: Find your inner board game geek PAX Unplugged, which comes to Philly this weekend, is one way to find your next favorite game, and a new way to defeat your friends and family.

The 10 best board games on PC Board games are cool again. In fact, they're so cool that big hitters from the cardboard world are making their way over to the digital one on a more and more regular basis. To help you get your virtual collection of cardboard started, we've gathered the 10 best board games available on PC today, all in one handy list.

Holiday Shopping Guide: 9 Best Board Games for Kids Ages 3-6 Board games make great gifts for young children! Check out our list of nine favorite games you should be giving kids, ages 36, this holiday season!

Arsene Wenger gives advice to Arsenal board over Freddie Ljungberg's managerial future Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal can only afford to give Freddie Ljungberg a maximum of six matches to prove he is a capable of succeeding Unai Emery on a permanent basis.

Competitive board games and whether perfect game play is determined or undetermined with the result I will discuss 3 board games that I am interested in and whether perfect game play is determined or undetermined with the result. These 3 in order I will discuss are Connect 4, Checkers and Chess and yes, all 3 begin with a c and no, it wasn't intentional.

Interview: Larian's Kieron Kelly on Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game Last Wednesday I sat down with Kieron Kelly, the product manager of Larian Studios, to talk about their new Kickstarter that just launched adapting their hit video game Divinity: Original Sin II into a sessions-long adventure board game.

Board games reimagined: from Trumpial Pursuit to BusConnects 4 There’s nothing like a raucous board game to cultivate family harmony. So dice up your life with these modern versions of old favourites.

Frosthaven - the Gloomhaven board game is getting a sequel, and it sounds awesome It's official: the Gloomhaven board game is getting a sequel. Frosthaven has finally been announced after three years of teasing, and although we'll get more info this Saturday at PAX Unplugged, we know for sure that it's a fully-fledged follow-up to one of the best board games of the last few years.

Birmingham City board make statement as summer transfer target finds red hot form Birmingham City star speaks exclusively to BirminghamLive after his 'goosebumps' moment and fans react to the big Pep Clotet development.

Board Game-Organizing Backpacks The popularity of tabletop and board games amongst young adults is increasing the demand for products like the 'SPACEPAK' board game backpack that help to make the pastimes easier than ever to carry with them. The pack features ample storage space with that will fit five or more board games, depending on the size and shape of the box.

The Divinity: Original Sin board game is wonderfully familiar You'd think the ability to coat an area in water or oil and then modify that surface with an element, an interplay that defined combat in the videogame, would transfer well to a grid-based board game, but all the action remains on the roundel and its location cards.

Staring Contest Board Games The Stare Off Game Keeps Players Linked Together During Rounds The Stare Off Game is an unusual kind of board game that will help participants to formalize staring contests and integrate new twists in order to keep the simple pastime feeling fresh.

Five Minutes with Aerin Lauder - Beauty Tycoon Talks Dogs, Junk TV, Board Games, Palm Beach and More Aerin Lauder - founder of Aerin, the cosmetic, perfume, fashion, and furniture company, and style and image director for her late grandmother's namesake company, Estée Lauder - is equal parts grace, style and substance.

Utah thanks Paul Finebaum for bulletin board material ahead of big game The College Football Playoff committee is going to have some difficult decisions to make after the conference championship games conclude this weekend, and Paul Finebaum may play an indirect role in how things play out.

10 Popular Vintage Board Games You Can't Buy In Stores Anymore Are any of these in your home? If they are, they could be worth a pretty penny! This game dates way back to the 1800s, and it's worth a whopping $17,000 today. As one can imagine, the original Fox and Geese is a pretty rare find these days, but there are plenty of hand-made duplicates on Etsy and even some tutorials on how to make your own.

5 Board Games Like Risk Risk will always be a classic strategy game go-to, but there're all kinds of awesome board games like Risk to add to your game-play arsenal. Below, I've selected a variety that all have the classic's same "world conquest" qualities with unique approaches.

Terraforming Mars is a new strategy board game from Asmodee Digital, now available on the Play Store Yesterday I covered Asmodee Digital's recent announcement that Terraforming Mars would be officially released on Android today. After a quick look at the Play Store this morning, the game is indeed available for purchase. You can pick it up today for $8.99, and this is a premium release, so there are no in-app purchases or advertisements included.

Dicebreaker launches for all your tabletop RPG and board game needs The handsome team at Dicebreaker have officially launched their website, dedicated to tabletop role-playing and board games. Already a blindingly good video channel, Dicebreaker the website continues the obsession with thick rulebooks, miniatures, cards and weird shaped dice.

Top 6 Catan Strategies for Turning Your Losing Streak Around Here's what I've learned. One of my regular gaming friends likes to go after the Longest Road. I decided to try and follow this idea and focused solely on the two things necessary for roads: brick and wood. I soon learned that while the Longest Road is helpful, my approach to placing those first Settlements needed to be better balanced.

Board Games Retro: 'Rogue Trooper' Wasn't Made By Games Workshop, Except When It Was Rogue Trader distinctly labeled itself as Warhammer 40,000 to separate itself from Rogue Trooper, but then GW made Rogue Trooper. It's all very confusing. You don't see them as much anymore, but not too long ago dystopian sci-fi / fantasy universes roamed free.

Throw the best Christmas party ever this year thanks to Amazon's one-day board game sale Are you starting to play your holiday get-togethers and wondering what you’re going to offer for entertainment when you and your guests get done with dinner? Don’t worry, because Amazon…

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