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33 games we'll still be playing in 9 years We've reviewed over 400 games and written over 350 other game and family-related articles! And our video reviews have close to 1.8 million views! That not only adds up to a lot of games, but also to a time of time - making and editing videos, taking and editing photos, writing and publishing content, managing a website, and socializing it all.

Calling All ’90s Kids: Target Has Released a New Oregon Trail Board Game Never created a password? Create one here. Don't have an account? Sign up today. Remember back in the days of dial-up internet when the latest advancement in gaming technology meant fording the river while playing Oregon Trail? Well, now you can relive your childhood thanks to Target's new The Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley board game.

Dragon Castle It takes the basics of the classic game and builds around it until we get a modern, Euro-style game that once more can have up to four players. There is a story in Dragon Castle, but it's perfunctory. Dragon Castle, once the center of power in the unnamed realm, is in decline.

Power Rangers board game kickstarter reaches funding within eight hours A new board game based on the popular 90's TV show Power Rangers has launched on Kickstarter and it has reached its funding target within just 8 hours.

Sailing Toward Osiris Review Home / Brody Sheard / Daily Magic Games / Reviews / Videos / Sailing Toward Osiris Review Quick Look:Designer: W. David MacKenzieArtists: Denis MartynetsPublisher: Daily Magic GamesYear Published: 2018No. of Players: 2-5Ages: 14+Playing Time: 60-90 minutes Brody Sheard played board games with his large family growing up.

Istanbul Review - Why Istanbul is Better Than Grocery Shopping In a busy life it's far more convenient to place an order on a smartphone instead of wandering around a crowded supermarket, scrabbling with other shoppers for bargains.

The Disney 'Villainous' Board Game Discount is Back Disney's Villainous board game from Wonder Forge launched in late July on Amazon with a 13% discount and promptly sold out. Now the listing is back with the discount, and you can backorder the game with a ship date of August 22nd. Reserve a copy with the deal right here before it ends or the ship date gets pushed out further.

Review: Kilt Castle It's renovation time at Kilt Castle, and the various family leaders can't agree on how the new castle should look. Uncle Leo favors the bold burgundy color that he saw on his travels in France, and cousin Frank is advocating for orange, which is all the rage these days.

Tiny Rick's Cereal and Board Game Cafe is moving to Smithdown Road Cereal and Board Game Cafe Tiny Rick's has found a new home on Smithdown Road. The popular cafe was previously housed in the basement of Grand Central Hall on Renshaw Street but are currently in the process of moving to their new location.

Gen Con 2018: Escape Plan Although Escape Plan just wrapped up its kickstarter, a brief overview of the game was available with the components all set up. The premise of the game is interesting - you've completed a heist, and now you've got to get your treasure and get out of town before you get caught.

Gen Con 2018: Batman: Gotham Under Seige Licensed games based on popular franchises don't always turn out the best. The IP itself is a selling point, and there were plenty of cases I noticed at the show of games that were clearly tossed together with the IP thrown on top with little actual creativity thrown in the mix.

Gen Con 2018: Goodcritters Imagine, if you will, that you're part of a tight-nit family. Imagine the love, the shared moments of crisis and glory, of trips taken together and heists pulled off perfectly. Of course there's also the arguing, thievery, skimming, and loyalty-at-gunpoint.

Sakura Board Game Overview If you're like us and play board games regularly, you know that there is a big difference between games that last 20 minutes and those that take a couple hours to complete. We enjoy both and do what most others do - play a couple short games, then a long one, and then wrap up the evening with another short game or two.

Illusion Illusion is a card game in which players attempt to order cards by the percentage of a color - red, yellow, green, or blue - shown on them. The twist is that the cards form a sort of optical illusion, and the task is trickier than you'd expect.

Gen Con 2018 Pictorial Recap! Hello, dear readers, and welcome to another year of Gen Con coverage! This year's show had record attendance, and I was just as busy as always showing off awesome games and taking meeting after meeting after meeting with designers. But I did get a chance to escape the job from time to time and check out some really cool stuff.

Oregon Trail Board Game at Target It may be 2018, but we're taking things wayyyy back to 1848 because a brand-new Oregon Trail board game just hit shelves.

Space Cadets Gaming Gaming offers variety of board games, hosts role-playing groups Brian and Laura McMeans opened Space Cadets Gaming Gaming inside Oak Ridge North's Space Cadets Collection Collection in late 2016 with the hopes of giving the local community a place to have fun in a family-friendly environment.

Frank Herbert's 'Dune' Getting Tabletop RPG and New Board Games Gale Force 9 has announced they will be making a series of board games and tabletop RPGs based on the world of the classic sci-fi book series Dune.

3 New Board Games to Check Out Right Now And while the aforementioned classics will always have a spot in our game cabinet, I've recently been enjoying a few new games that have shaken things up, refreshing those all too rare game nights. If you love gaming, you'll love these three new board games.

City of Mist Role Playing Game Review City of Mist is a relatively new role playing game by Son of Oak Game Studio. It features a modern urban setting where forgotten gods and myths of old have awakened, at least in part, and have to deal with their new lives and powers. A new Kickstarter, featuring brand-new content, just launched at the time of writing this.

Grackles Review Of Players: 2-4Ages: 10+Playing Time: 20-30 minutes Lately I have felt this pressure, entirely self-induced, to write reviews that read more like essays - a collection of personable prose that captures the experience of the game as much, or more than, the details of the game.

Mad scientists take over in Cleveland-made 'Gamma Grunts' board game "I hadn't even seen 'Rick And Morty' until long after we'd seen this game." "Rick And Morty," the popular comedy TV show about a mad scientist and his grandson's adventures through space, has some features in common with "Gamma Grunts." Evil scientists facing off against one another, world domination and humorous space creatures.

Episode 8 - Alex's Top 7 I thin episode we discuss Alex's most excellent taste in games. He breaks down why he enjoys these 7 games above all the others. iTunes - Google Play - RSS. Direct Download. Send comments and questions to [email protected] Games Mentioned:.

Board games: Ticket to Ride New York and Decrypto 2-4 players, 15 minutes, ages 8+, £19.99 Designer: Alan R Moon. Railway route-building game Ticket to Ride is one of the biggest board-gaming hits of the 21st century.

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