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Today's Bodybuilding Superstars Are The Best Of All Times! It would have been very easy for Bonac to have nodded in disagreement, to have robotically shooken Curry's hand on stage, and then gone onto to social media and done all the bodybuilding shows trashing him. Implying the judges got it wrong and/or saying he got robbed, and playing the victim.

The Best Mindset for Maximal Effort They were maniacs in battle; this is legendary. But because they were in a mania, they were unreliable soldiers and would break ranks, lose military discipline, and frequently kill their compatriots in unstoppable "friendly fire" incidents. They were not trustworthy or beloved by their peers.

Health Benefits of Those Easter Eggs When Easter comes around this April, many families will be decorating Easter eggs. They'll go through the process of hard-boiling the eggs and then decorate them all with a variety of colors yet when all is said and done, they aren't sure what to do with the eggs.

Keep on Pulling In a recent entry, I encouraged everyone to keep pushing throughout the COVID-19 quarantine. Pushups are perhaps the most convenient exercise of all. They can be done anywhere. Yet, as we continue to push, it's also important to pull. Unfortunately, pull-ups aren't always as convenient to perform.

Will COVID-19 Show More Businesses That Working Remotely Is Viable? You don't need to convince me that working remotely is extremely beneficial. With my businesses, I'm able to work anywhere in the world and get everything I need done without sitting in a designated office space.

Bare Bones Bodybuilding At least two weeks into the COVID-19 quarantine, and I am sure many of you are going stir crazy. The gyms in my area are all shut down for a minimum of a few more weeks. So how do you make the best of this time? If you were prepared, you already have some bands and maybe some accessories.

Building The Executive Meathead's Home Office I wasn't ready to settle for pick-up golf or calf roping. A busy professional and personal life didn't keep me from making my most important training decision.

Fitness Influencers Should Create Hope, Not Panic The power of social media is undeniable. From news sites, to search engines, to popular social media networks, people all around the world are glued to their computers and smartphones. As a result of the COVID 19 virus, containment, and quarantines, many folks are stuck at home.

Smart Fat Loss During a Pandemic For the sake of this article, I am going to explain the smartest moves and what I have done personally with my clients with regard to fat-loss goals. We will go over two categories - general fat-loss and bodybuilding competitor. Without question, each individual situation is going to be different.

What Is Up? Legion Rebrand, New Book for 40+ Crowd, 50% Off Health Supplements, and More Papa's got a brand new bag! Last year, I announced that a complete overhaul of Legion's branding was underway. The goal was to create a new look for the products that's:. Well, with the help of the wondrous Männer und Frauen over at Traina Design, I present to you the fruits of much labor… THE NEW LOOK OF LEGION!

Haley Shapley on the Legendary Women Who Changed Sports Haley Shapley's New Book - Strong Like Her. Haley Shapley's Instagram. Haley Shapley's Website. Legion VIP One-on-One Coaching. 4:57 - What inspired you to make this book? 7:21 - How was that experience for you personally? 17:24 - What were some of the most inspiring stories you wrote about?

How to Stay Focused on Your Fitness When April Showers Hit Most people want to stay at home or go directly home after work because they don't want to get wet. Bottom line is that while off-days are good for recovery, too many "off-days" can crush motivation and what once was a good workout routine. Just because April showers are upon us doesn't mean you shouldn't stay focused on your fitness.

Squat Habits for Success Simply put, if you're attempting to teach a squat and you're having to constantly cue "knees out" or "chest up," that lifter isn't ready for a squat. Period. When we get to the squat, our efforts should be left to higher-order cues, which will yield greater improvements in technique and ultimately more weight on the bar.

Endless Sled Dragging Variations That Will Dramatically Improve Your Performance So get your ass out there and start dragging some sleds. Zach Even-Esh is a Strength and Performance Coach in New Jersey and the founder of The Underground Strength Gym and the creator of The Underground Strength and Sports Performance Coach Certification.

Supplement Retailers Evolve or Die with "Stay At Home" Order What are supplement retailers willing to do to stay in business? Will they evolve or will they die? With the "Stay At Home" order that many Americans have been under, most people cannot and will not go outside where others gather.

How to Safely Train Every Day During Quarantine For those who currently aren't working and also have limited gym equipment, I wanted to provide a potential gameplan that you can use to bring some routine and mental / physical stability to your day-to-day. RELATED: 6 Conditioning Finishers for New Personal Training Clients.

Dr. Greg Brown on the Science of Transgender Women in Sports I invited Doctor Greg Brown onto the podcast to help explain what science has to say on the matter. He's a professor of Exercise Science at the University of Nebraska Kearney who recently wrote an "expert declaration" on this very subject that examines all of the relevant research currently available.

Online Trainers Going Broke: Don't Blame COVID-19 or the Government This rant will piss off a lot of people - online trainers in particular, so be it. Though my words won't be well received and people will be making a lot of excuses, I have been making a living in the online world for almost two decades. It has been my only source of income since 2005.

Boost Your Immune System Now by Lee Labrada As a whole, your immune system does a wonderful job of protecting you against many disease-causing germs and viruses. Most people know that wintertime is when many people get sick from the viruses that cause the common cold and flu.

WATCH: Equipment Feature: The elitefts 5 Rings Bar More precise bar positioning, simpler coaching cues, and easier chain and band placement are just a few of the many benefits of this innovative bar design.

Old School Throwback and Reminder Earlier this week, I posted a throwback to some training footage from approximately 15 years ago. My reason for sharing the old footage was twofold. First, I hoped to provide some ideas for garage / home-based workouts. The entire video was filmed at my old home in the garage, basement, and backyard.

Follow Along Home Workouts So to help you continue making progress with your fitness and fat loss goals, I'm doing a DAILY Follow Along LIVE Streaming "Home Workouts" using minimal equipment that you can do from the comfort of your own home. During these Home Workouts we will use minimal exercise equipment.

My Guide to Staying Fit, Productive, and Sane While Self-Quarantined And many of us are wondering if the Doomsday Clock is about to strike midnight. Then again, if you're reading this, you're probably not dying, your economy is still functional enough to provide high-speed internet, and scientists have been predicting the imminent end of days since Malthus.

The Squat Epiphany Unfortunately, that's not true. My knowledge about human neuro-cognitive development was limited to Piaget and my teenage athletic life was far behind. I wasn't a lifter yet.

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