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Will Print Media Ever Come Back? For example, big companies are cutting their ad budgets when it comes to print and small to medium-sized companies are hardly jumping into the void. As advertisers have begun pulling out, the once formidable staffs of yesteryear have shrunk into skeleton crews, and the magazines have gone from several hundred pages each issue, to barely a hundred.

042: Desert Island Health by Ben Bergeron In this episode: We're imposing some imaginary constraints to explore some of my health and fitness principles. Topics include which CrossFit benchmarks workouts I'd pick to repeat forever if I had to,.

Minimizing Pain for the Active Meathead Although these things are extremely fun and I highly recommend them for mostly everyone, they can certainly take their toll on your body, especially when combined with hard training. This is why you have to keep a close eye on what you're doing in and out of the gym to maintain the integrity of your joints and soft tissue while staying strong.

The Complete Guide to Sulforaphane I've written about this before, but the general idea is that a herb is in and of itself "nature's proprietary blend." It's the molecules in the herb doing the benefits so we need to identify and, at times, isolate them to learn more.

Start Here Before You Clean A lot of individuals take what's arguably the most highly coordinated regimen you can perform in the weight room and start individuals doing it day 1. Happens all the time. When athletes get to me at the collegiate level, their motor patterns are so messed up it takes quite a bit of time to retrain the movement.

Are Eggs the New Best Post-Workout Secret? Now, researchers are stating there's a greater muscle-building response when individuals choose eggs post-workout - but not just any egg will do. If you've followed the timeline of research on eggs, you would know they were once touted as healthy, then demonized, then reverted back to being considered healthy.

How to Teach a Team to Lead Itself If the majority of leadership has to come from coaches, that's usually a sign of a rough season ahead. In my experience, I've found this to be 100% true. RELATED: Championship Nature Series: General George S. Patton and James J. Braddock. When ALL of the correction comes from the coaches, it's a sign of bad player leadership.

Championship Nature Series: General George S. Patton and James J. Braddock In the book Hagakure, the author talks about the stories of the samurai, their history, important people among them, and many other relevant stories. The story provides advice about how to deal with and lead people-advice that still holds as true today as it did several centuries ago.

Post Workout Blogging for Stress Relief Fitness is 20% about what we do in the gym and our exercises, 80% about what we eat and put in our bodies, but 100% mental. The post-workout routine is filled with these mental and physical exercises and practices that remain critical to our fitness success.

The Yoke: A Reflection of A Person's Intangibles His death absolutely infuriated me; it meant I couldn't fight him. He robbed me of my chance to punch him in the face. Cognizing these facts about your father is embarrassing and maddening. He was a loser. A failure. Something he claimed I was destined to be.

9 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out I'm going to be honest, there are days that I simply don't want to work out. Heck, there are even some weeks where I'm just so busy that I want to skip my workouts altogether. However, I know if I put my workouts on the backburner, that not only am I going to regret it, but I'm also going to find it harder to get back in the groove.

Brain Functions : How To Improve Focus Luckily through understanding brain functions, we can improve our focus and thus improve our growth. The ability to focus is a habit formed from the mind. There are multiple types of attention which produce and control your ability to concentrate. Some times its obvious why we can't focus; it's too loud, too bright, maybe you're hungry, etc.

Resurgence After the Rust We had some of the lowest test scores in the state, and the low-income housing neighborhoods that surround our school, many from which our students walk, are littered with drug busts.

What's New and Exciting? July 2018 Edition In case you didn't hear about it last week, our post-workout supplement RECHARGE just got a tasty new upgrade: strawberry lemonade! Out of every new flavor we've come up with-for any product-I think this is one of the best.

The Freak Show Exodus You will have your supporters and your naysayers as with everything in this world, but I am in complete support of this shift in the paradigm. Why? Open bodybuilding has turned ugly. I understand that there are those who support and love the idea of taking the physique to the limit and seeing how far it can be taken.

The Founder Phase - How to Get out of It This is the phase of #hustle and #grind, when the Founders' wallets are empty but their energy is boundless. Their ideas are keeping them up all night; they've never felt more alive. It's as exciting as a roller coaster! But roller coasters aren't exciting for long.

Valuable Accessories for Your Strength and Conditioning Program With that being said, here are the smaller pieces of equipment I feel have added the most value to my strength and conditioning program. When leading a workout with 10-25 athletes, setting up your accommodating resistance can become complicated.

WATCH: Rapid Fire Table Talk with Dr. John Rusin He has explained in detail the process he and Dave have gone through to improve his training and daily life, and now in this video below, Doctor Rusin responds questions directly from you, the readers of elitefts.

Masters Competitors: Should Be The Most In Demand In sports where muscle maturity isn't only a good thing, but something young competitors only wish they could have, it's certainly food for thought. A big question, creating an interesting dichotomy, is whether muscle maturity is based on the time the athlete has held the muscle - or - the actual age of said person.

Why the Smartphone is Your Greatest Advantage in Meet Training For you, as a serious powerlifter who has aspirations of achieving greatness in this amazing sport, the advent of a single technological implement just might be the one thing that delivers on all of the aforementioned promises. That device is the smartphone-specifically, the use of the smartphone during training.

It's Time to Recover Time is a powerful thing. Time is the multiplier that turns a tiny crack on a newly paved road into a pothole or a single tree into a forest. It can be constructive or destructive depending on how it is utilized, specifically when it comes to the body.

Lean Body Protein Peanut Butter Not only is peanut butter fun to make but it's even more fun when you pack it with different flavors and even more protein! Grab your peanuts, your choice flavor Lean Body Meal Replacement Powder, a couple jars, and you're ready to up your peanut butter game!

Office Nutrition: How to Avoid the Vending Machine The majority of everything in the vending machine is high in carbs, fats, sugars, or a combination of all of those. Very rarely do you see options that are high in protein or even fiber to help you feel satiated so you can go back to work and be productive.

Do Freebies Hurt The Fitness Industry? The culture of freebies, samples, and throngs of people screaming for t-shirts, has become quite the sight for sore eyes at large fitness expos. Poeple arrive with trash bags, hoping to leave with them stuffed full of protein powders, preworkout powders, hats, t-shirts, magnets, stickers, etc.

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