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047: Two Minute Drill, Take #2 by Ben Bergeron Stream #047: Two Minute Drill, Take #2 by Ben Bergeron from desktop or your mobile device.

Are Your Workouts Destroying Your Dental Health? But, did you know that your workouts could be destroying your dental health? It's true, and the reasons why might surprise you. We all know the health benefits that come along with regular exercise. However, research has shown that with regular exercise comes some negative side effects in terms of dental health.

How do Bodybuilders Make Ends Meet For those of us in the fitness industry, particularly competitors and media, we know first-hand how much food bodybuilders eat, how many supplements they take, and how much great gyms can and cost.

Championship Nature Series: Thought Stoppage What is thought stoppage? This is stopping any negative thoughts that you have and replacing them with positive ones. Negative thoughts shatter self-confidence, while positive thoughts help to build self-confidence. We always want to try and build self-confidence and keep it at the highest possible level.

Grow Your Gym with the Thank Up Strategy Every gym owner knows it: word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising. In fact, even Facebook marketing companies prefer to get their clients through referrals from other clients, instead of through Facebook! Clients that are brought in by other clients have a preformed bond with your brand.

Self-Sabotage in the Gym: How To DESTROY a Good Diet and Workout Routine! I'm going to talk about something that happens a lot with people who try to get in shape and stick to a committed diet. I'm going to talk about how to destroy a good diet and workout routine! This is something that isn't talked about much, because most other trainers are simply telling you what you want to hear and not what's real!

7 Things To Consider When Making a Meal Replacement Shake People drink meal replacement shakes for a multitude of reasons. Some of the more popular reasons are weight loss, an inability to consume solid food or simply not having enough time to prepare a full meal.

How to Rehab a Fracture When You're Too Stubborn to Listen Basically, a busted foot. Now, for anyone who knows me, you know I train HARD - like Buddy Morris hard. My first training goal isn't gains, it's literally mental health. Every other day of the week, you can catch me doing the Stairmaster and lifting at Powerhouse.

WATCH: Table Talk - Training Alone Contrary to popular belief, it's not the super-heavy lifts that cause most of the problems - rather, it's the weights that are minimal to the point that lifters think that they don't even need a spotter. Tate can't stress enough that safety is the first priority in any training session, but particularly if you find yourself training solo:.

WATCH: Breaking John Rusin - The Program In this video clip, Tate and Rusin compile these learnings to develop a comprehensive training program. Together, they discuss how to adjust the workouts to best suit Rusin's development of the "big three" lifts, planning around his traveling schedule as needed.

Healthy Food - Bodybuilder's Grocery List So to make the lives of all our readers a little easier we've created the healthy food bodybuilder's grocery list. We'll do our best to provide replacement options to fit other lifestyle, but recognize nothing is set in stone and you can feel free to swap foods as you please.

4 CrossFit Programming Issues with Solutions In short, if we follow these basic tenets of efficient programming, we can avoid many issues that can potentially take us or our clients out of the game.

CBD for Lifters - Why, When, and How As promised, in this installment I will talk a little bit about what I learned from my tour of the Extract Labs facility, from my research of the available scientific data and my thoughts on "why," "when" and "how" for Cannabidiol, as I understand it.

Make the Most of Your Post-Workout Shower So, you already know all the benefits of taking a nice, relaxing post-workout shower, but are you making the most out of those showers? You push yourself through each workout, becoming stronger, healthier, and happier with your growth and accomplishments.

Proper Nutrition Can Help Prevent or Manage Type 2 Diabetes Over 21 million people in America have diabetes and another eight million are walking around undiagnosed and unaware that they even have Type 2 diabetes. When you look at the stats, each year on average around 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes.

The Necessity of Olympic Lifts for Athletes I don't know exactly where this concept came from-that they are essential to athletes' being explosive and strong. I do know that this concept has grabbed on tight and locked into the heads of coaches for decades. In fact, it is so stuck in many coaches' heads that it is unlikely they will ever change their opinions on this concept.

The Process with Ryan Davis, Rodney Hill, Brian Johnson, and Dantonio Burnette RECENT: Meet Ryan Davis, Rodney Hill, Brian Johnson, and Dantonio Burnette. People on the outside see the bowl game wins, or the squat PR's, but what they don't see is the process. This process includes getting a job, keeping the job you have now acquired, building up those around you, and keeping the main thing the main thing with your athletes.

The Top 3 Benefits of Vitamin K Supplementation With vitamin K you don't get a wide range of benefits but, what vitamin K benefits, it really benefits-it may be the one supplement to actually reduce your risk of dying. So on that note, let's learn more about it, shall we? Vitamin K initially referred to the molecule called phylloquinone, which was found to be a vitamin required by human diets.

How Do I Become the Best? I was just recently asked this again by one of my former athletes and colleague, who is now a collegiate strength coach as well as an aspiring raw powerlifter.

7 Steps to Running a Successful Group Training Program How the hell do I design an effective and appropriate program for all of these different types of people who are training in the same session? The last thing I wanted to do was give my clients a program that was less than optimal, like a lot of the group training facilities out there.

Healthy Egg and Avocado Toast Searching for a fully-balanced meal? Look no further! Avocado Toast is a great way to hit all of your macros and stay energized throughout your day. It's just a bonus that it's absolutely delicious!

Team Sports vs Bodybuilding!! How a bad experience with team sports forged a bodybuilder They were a lot like myself. This is cool, it makes you realize that you're not alone. If you have a backstory that motivated you to work out, someone else has a backstory too! And I see all of these people in the gyms and in bodybuilding who don't share the camaraderie that should be shared.

Should You Only Hire Certified PT? In fact, some minor celebrities in the bodybuilding world even have their own. Joe Blow could have a training program and if you pass Joe Blow's program, he'll recognize you as being certified. There are gyms who simply don't care, as long as there's A CERTIFICATION, they don't care where it's from.

Weight Training and Gym Addiction: Part Two by Lori Braun on Instagram Weight Training and Gym Addiction. Part Two. Many of us become addicted to sugar at an early age and move on to becoming addicted to caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as the years go by. And if we are not addicted to substances we might get addicted to certain activities like gambling, sex, fashion or spending time with certain people.

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