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An Easy Lunge Regression Frequently, athletes understand the lunging pattern from seeing it before but do not truly understand what should be moving and what is the primary goal. In addition, athletes are sometimes rushed to the typical weighted walking lunges without the proper progressions.

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip - Playing the "Autism Card" in Public As a parent who has a son with autism, Dave Tate's had more than a couple of experiences with people being rude and asking things like, "Can you calm your son down?" When that happens, Dave gives a simple response: "No." In refusing to say that Blaine has autism, Dave believes he is not giving his son the option to play the victim card.

Old School Training with Mike Tyson If you follow my social media pages, you've likely seen me share videos that highlight the old school training approach of dominant athletes from the past. I've shared many examples over the years, but few attract as much attention as those of a young Mike Tyson.

Always Be Weary of "Too Good To Be True" What matters is how hard you work; no matter what age we're in, no matter what devices or gadgets may be at our disposal, the fundamental litmus test - what truly divides and will always divide, the successful from the bums - is hard work.

When Did Everyone Become Allergic to the Eccentric? For decades, research has demonstrated that the eccentric movement is stronger than the concentric, and it is that difficult aspect of the lift that requires discipline and self-control to master. It is from that work that comes exponential total power when the eccentric is completed after the concentric aspect of the lift.

Live and Coach Your Why As strength professionals, we all should have read Start with Why by Simone Sinek. If you haven't read this book, read it, even though you should've started it yesterday. This book haunts me and reminds me almost daily to remain focused on the end game.

My Top 5 Takeaways from Alexander the Great by Philip Freeman You just can't help but admire someone who dared such great deeds. Now, some people are going to be "triggered" by my horrible, violent words and whine about how Alexander was nothing but a maniacal, genocidal, mass-murdering thug LITERALLY HITLER, and to them I say…you're stupid.

Endomorph, ectomorph, mesomorph: what does it mean for your diet and workout? In the 1940s, psychologist William Herbert Sheldon used thousands of photos of naked Ivy League students without their consent to create a classification of the human body shape. He found that our structure can be summarized on 3 dimensions: endomorphy, ectomorphy and mesomorphy.

Joint, Recovery & Skin Support? Collagen May Be the Answer Risk factors for osteoarthritis include age, obesity and excessive joint loading.6,7 Athletes from all types of sports are at increased risk of osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, and ankle.4,8-10 However, a sedentary lifestyle is also a risk factor for joint deterioration and pain.7.

White Party Palm Springs My husband and I love costume events, we should really do a comicon someday. In 9 days we are going to the 2019 White Party in Palm Springs and I will be recycling my Lone Ranger costume that I wore back in 2015 right before my men's physique contest when I was at 6% bodyfat.

Juan Morel Wins Big in Brazil Speaking of which, that's exactly what New York native, bodybuilder, Juan Morel did at the Arnold Classic Brazil. He brought a jaw-dropping amount of signature size, nailed his posing, and won a key title that puts him in perfect place in the sport.

Meet Report: Taking Third Place at APF Women's Pro-Am The issues are my weird double-pick, and for some reason, for the first time since I fixed it like two years ago, my head jutted forward. Hey, let me just forget everything that is normally second nature to me. OK, cool. I also think I started to pick and didn't get my air like I did on the second attempt, so I put it down and tried again.

Discipline in Training and Life Here are a few ways that training and life are closely woven together, particularly in the area of discipline. This is something I've thought about on a daily basis since talking with Jim Wendler about it and how this principle applies to his high school athletes.

The Four Weeks Post-Meet Those four to six weeks after a meet can set up your next cycle for success. No one talks about it, but your training during that time is extremely important to help prevent burn-out, repetitive use injuries and can give you some time to be away from the gym.

Turning Pro at the 2019 APF Women's Pro-Am I woke up that morning feeling rested but nervous. My warm-ups went well and felt fine, but I was still extremely nervous, and the only thing I could think about so I didn't get so overwhelmed was, "One lift at a time." I found myself repeating this in my head all day.

Fitness Scammers Are Helping the Industry? In light of the whole Brittany Dawn Fitness scam, I'm going to actually help people understand why this is a GOOD THING for the industry. Many of you might be scratching your head as to how this is a good thing, but it actually is. Here's the bottom line… Are there fitness scammers out there?

The Truth About BMI Charts… The truth is that the main problem with BMI charts is that they underestimate the number of people who are overweight or obese. A 2010 meta-analysis conducted by scientists at the Mayo Clinic illustrates this nicely.

These RESULTS from Shredded Ops are INSANE! Most people I talk to get excited about a new program and diet. They seem ALL-IN for the first couple weeks. Then, as soon as they realize that shit gets hard and they have to eat the same foods over and over again THEY FUCKING QUIT! For some, the process is just too much to add to their life at this given point in time.

Union Fitness: Pittsburgh's Community Gym Initially designed to be an outlet for people working during the day, Union Fitness is part of Nova Place, a multi-million dollar urban redevelopment of the former Allegheny Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The gym is located in-between Nova Tower One and Nova Tower Two.

5 Upper Back Basics to Build Strength and Size The upper back comes into play in nearly every event. A weak upper back will surely hold you back and increase your chance of injury. For cleaning a log, you need to have a very strong upper back, as you need to pin the log on top of your belly to clean it up.

Caffeine Bullet Comes Out with Guns Blazing I'm a sucker for innovation and while I wouldn't say Caffeine Bullet is truly innovative, I'll give it to them for coming to market with a solution that solves an issue that many endurance athletes face.

The Ancient Art of Sacrifice First, we do have a powerful element of human nature on our sides in this battle, and that's the fact that the more we do something, whether helpful or harmful, the more we come to like it and want to continue doing it.

Leg Workout of the Day with Cambered Bar and Ground Base Squats Today, the goal was to increase time under tension. The first two sets I counted as warm-ups. For Sets 3 and 4, we used the 1.5 rep technique, which increased quad tension and blew up our legs. I dropped the weight back down a little for Set 5 and attempted the 30-second negative + 10 reps + 30-second negative scheme we did on the leg curls.

Troubleshooting Strength Injuries: Dealing with Injury For those in Camp 2 - those who are currently dealing with a significant injury, Part 5 will help serve as a road map to recovery. The first step in any injury is always to get an accurate idea of the extent of the injury. In the initial moments after injury, a lot of information can be harvested.

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