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How to Keep Clients Longer I've owned a gym for 13 years. I've been a coach for 22. I wish someone had told me, "They might come back." Then, when the first client quit, I wouldn't have lost a night of sleep. I wouldn't have made a fool of myself trying to get them to change their minds.

Top 5 for November Sifting through November, here's the listing of what ranked at the top. Stumped in finding the perfect gift for a loved one infatuated with lifting weights? Oh then, keep reading. Here are the Christmas gift list recommendations we've published so far.

The Complete Guide to Hyaluronic Acid Supplementation We're not just talking about injecting hyaluronic acid in your lips either, although that seems to work well, but a study from the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that application of a lip balm for four weeks was effective in reducing dryness of the lips and increase plumpness.

Does Where You Shop, Determine What You Get? Another saying that's appropo for this article goes something like this, "you get what you pay for." I mean, we've all heard that one and know it all too well. The crux of this article and of pretty much everything dealing with building quality muscle, is diet.

The Greatest Gifts for Powerlifters Transitioning to a Commercial Gym I literally have no other gym options in my area. Please, give a stranded powerlifter such as myself hope… and everything on this list.

Six Weeks to Bigger Biceps In this article, I can't promise you Lee Priest-proportioned bicep development, but I will share some ideas to unlocking new growth over a six-week period of time. However, keep in mind that triceps make a significant part of overall arm development. Read Maximizing Triceps Development to learn more.

6 Ways to Adopt a Healthy Mindset for Diet and Exercise Success Adopting a healthy lifestyle does require change for a lot of people. It means incorporating more exercise into your daily routine and following a well-balanced diet that doesn't cause you to feel deprived or restricted. Having the right mindset is the first step toward discovering a healthier version of you.

Natty Gainer 5000! Like everything I do, I try very professional to make my DIY videos are more than they appear. My fitness videos are not just about fitness, they are subtly or not so subtly about life. Zen. Setting goals in life is even more important than it is in fitness.

Higher Rep Work with the Conjugate Method One of the criticisms of the conjugate method is the lack of volume done with compound movements. This lack of volume is deemed by many coaches to not be enough to elicit a strength and/or hypertrophy adaptation.

Meet Report: 1,200 Total at IPA Buckeye Brawl Like, I had one job, and that was to not completely fuck up, and I managed to be there on time and not get all my warm-ups in. I even know that I am usually rushed during warm-ups. Anyway, based on the less than stellar 430, we called for 465 on the second.

Free e-course, rebranding, seminars & mo A lot has been going on with me and this site, so it's time for another general update post. First and most important for those wondering why they just got redirected from the Bayesian Bodybuilding website… Long live Yes, Bayesian Bodybuilding is really dead.

Programming for a BAMF Wrestler In this installment, Kono and I go more in-depth about our wrestling programs, particularly topics covering: in-season training goals, off-season exercises to avoid, signs for a recovery session, favorite exercises, and a sample in-season schedule. The wrestler's health is my number one concern.

The Death of Powerlifting There's this "coach," or talking-head on your Instagram, telling you what's wrong with everyone else, but he doesn't know a lot, himself. That's why he's talking so much.

How Do Today's Bodybuilders Compare to the 90's With the advent of technology, bodybuilders started finding new ways to earn money, ways that didn't depend on the stage. I think that one of the things the internet did, was make athletes lazy.

A Better Language for Coaches This all starts with you. Being clear, setting up a growth mindset, and eliminating "no," are just three ways to become a better communicator. Stand up and take a wide squat stance. How wide would that be? If you are a narrow-stanced squatter, a wide stance might be just outside shoulder width.

Men of Strength Sports Performance Podcast #2: Bret Huth and Scott Salwasser Welcome to Episode 2 of Men of Strength Sports Performance Podcast. Our guests in this week's episode are University of Incarnate Word's director of football strength and conditioning Bret Huth and Texas Tech's director of speed and power, Scott Salwasser.

Announcing Shredded Ops… New Bodybuilding Ebook Drops January 1st! The release of the baddest fucking workout routine I've ever developed! I was thinking to myself one day about how the body likes to move around and function with it's own resistance. I was thinking about how some of the most basic movements combined with consistency helped build my body EXTREMELY FAST!

Why Do Celebrities Love Bodybuilding? Have you ever wondered why bodybuilding, which is for all intents and purposes a niche sport, draws so much attention from the music business, Hollywood, and mainstream sports? Why is that bigger draws, like the WWE have a fascination with bodybuilders?

Murph's Top 10 Gifts for the Old Man in Your Life I've got a quick list of stuff that makes perfect gifts for the old man in your life. Old is a relative term. You could be old in spirit or old in body. Either way, this shit is awesome and are must-haves that will be appreciated by the old man in your life.

You Can't Be Broken You take a trip and experience different things to create new memories rather than reminiscing about old ones. Once again life seems brighter. You realize your strength and how previous darkness has made you stronger. You've grown. You can't be broken.

052: A Masters Athlete's Guide to Competing by Ben Bergeron Stream #052: A Masters Athlete's Guide to Competing by Ben Bergeron from desktop or your mobile device.

7 Workout Outfits from Ryderwear That Will Make You Love the Gym Offering some reviews and coupons for Ryderwear gear, so the ladies to bolster their fitness wardrobes with the latest and greatest threads.

Nataliya Kuznetsova Destroys Male Pro Bodybuilders Nataliya Kuznetsova isn't just a bodybuilder. She is a world arm lifting champion as well as a bench press and deadlift champion. Now, before everyone screams out the obvious, unlike most bodybuilders out there today, Nataliya is open about her steroid use - and it's blatantly obvious.

Strengthen Your Immune System: No More Cold and Flu As a whole, your immune system does a wonderful job of protecting you against disease-causing germs and viruses. Most people know that winter time is when many people get sick from the common cold and flu.

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