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Know When to Hold 'Em and Know When to Fold 'Em Reading enriches our lives and teaches us invaluable lessons. One of these lessons is taking control of our own lives and doing what's necessary for our happiness and our career.

Equipment Purchasing Considerations for Fitness Centers Purchasing equipment is a big investment for rec centers and fitness establishments alike. Making sure you're getting what that you're clientele needs is equally as important.

The Battle Over Breakfast It seems there's a war of theories between Mark Wahlberg and Doctor Oz on Instagram that's rocked even the world of bodybuilding gurus. In fact, even David Palumbo of RxMuscle weighed in from their Cape Coral newsdesk. The truth is, this debate is bigger than the latest two influencers to battle over it.

WATCH: Jordan Shallow Explains How Bicep Curls Can Help with Your Shoulder and Elbow Pain Jordan Shallow, the Muscle Doc, has taught us much about utilizing accessory work to prevent future injury. We heard him speak a little to the prevention of shoulder injury via tricep extensions not too long ago. Today, he talks about preventing shoulder and elbow pain with bicep curls.

Mountain Dog Makeover Don't be afraid to steal from others if it benefits your training. Incorporating borrowed ideas into your training can take it to the next level.

Belight Uses Their Ice Cream Flavors to Create a New Type of Protein Bar Belight is a "light ice cream" that contains anywhere from 90 calories to 110 calories per serving. The net carbs hover between 6-8g and all their flavors are hitting the 30g of protein mark. Not bad, right?

Should You Use a Protein Sparing Modified Fast to Lose Weight? What is a protein sparing modified fast, and should you use it to lose weight? Learn the answer in this podcast.

How to Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus in 6 Simple Steps For example, if I'm going for 0.5 to 1 pounds of fat loss per week, no change on the scale after one week of dieting isn't necessarily a reason for concern-I could've lost that pound of fat but happen to be retaining a bit of water, or maybe my bowel movements weren't as regular for a couple days.

Programming for mass and strength In this podcast, Steve interviewed me on the following topics:.

3 Things I Learned From Training My @ss Off with Dave Tate Thanks for the heads up, Matt. I saw the rest of the guys I would be training with when I walk into the gym. We shook hands and share nervous pleasantries. We knew what we signed up for and what this guy is capable of from the videos we have seen online for years.

12-Week Powerlifting / Strongman Hybrid Program How are strongman and powerlifting related and how do you combine the two in a program? This is something Dave Tate wanted me to write, so here it is.

Ronnie Coleman Gets Hip Replacement If ever there were an indomitable spirit in the sport of bodybuilding, it would be the King, the G.O.A.T., 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. After eight consecutive wins at the Mr. Olympia, Coleman made sure to come back in 2007, taking a respectable 4th place, before retiring from active competing.

Dunkin' and Snoop Dogg Push Estrogen Sandwich on Slices of Diabetes They are way faster than Starbucks and the taste is a million times better than any overpriced Starbucks beverage out there. But honestly, WTF are you thinking with your latest sandwich?

The Top 10 Legion Articles of 2019 Here are the top 10 articles published on Legion in 2019:. In just your first year of proper training, you should have no trouble increasing your whole-body strength by several hundred pounds and gaining 15 to 25 pounds of muscle. Such is the power of "newbie gains." There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about this phenomenon, though.

Will It Protein Bar? Taste Test Today, we're asking the age old question. Will It Protein Bar?

Connor McGregor Wins UFC 246 in 40 Seconds An extended absence from a sport usually means that whenever the competitor returns, he/she will have a tough time assimilating. It makes sense if you think about it. It's a theory that's pushed in bodybuilding, with guys like Kai Greene, and it's starting to be used for Phil Heath.

2020 Will Be the Most Exciting Year for Bodybuilding Fans I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that 2020 is going to absolutely be the most exciting year for you if you're a bodybuilding fan.

WATCH: 17 Band Exercises Powerlifters Can Do at Home On the road or don't have time to hit the weights at the gym? As long as you have bands, you can get your training in with these 17 band exercises for powerlifters.

Three Questions You Should Ask Your Chiropractor Many times, this information can be easily found on the clinic's website. Otherwise, call the office and ask. Again, no one thing works for everyone, and the conditions you present will have different contributing factors than the next person.

Dr. Andy Galpin on Muscle Fiber Types and Muscle Growth Does your muscle fiber type matter for gaining muscle? Can you change your muscle fiber type through training? Andy Galpin answers these questions and more in this podcast.

How Bad Is Alcohol for You, Really? What's more, different countries often recommend different safe ceilings for alcohol consumption. For example, U.S. dietary guidelines recommend men have no more than two drinks per day and women have no more than one drink per day, but that's not very helpful.

Finding Your Way into the Strength and Conditioning Industry My hope is that this article will help new coaches or aspiring coaches with their transition into strength and conditioning by highlighting some barriers and providing a personal example of how those barriers can be overcome. First and foremost, if you want to make it in the strength and conditioning industry, you need to fully commit to the idea.

LISTEN: Table Talk Podcast Clip - Common Causes of Hip Shift You have to retrain the movement; you can't out-correct a corrective exercise, and that's a bad exercise. Slow down the tempo and take time in the range that seems to be challenging but will still allow you to fix potential issues. Whatever you hone in on to correct the issue, you're still going to have to practice the squat.

WATCH: 9 Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset Whether in the gym or facing life, there is always opportunity for growth. In fact, if you believe this, there is a name for it: the growth mindset. Coined by Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck, the growth mindset is grounded in gratitude. On the other hand, the fixed mindset is grounded in limitations.

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