It's time for Keith "Retirement Time" Thurman to quit

Conversation started by William B. Feemster

William B. Feemster • Apr 11, 2018

After his third suspicious injury, in a row with out a fight in over a year, and him ducking the top current contenders in the division, why isn't Keith "Retirement Time" Thurman being stripped of the Titles that he holds for not defending them. Every other fighter., no matter what weight division, that has not defended their Titles in one year has been stripped. What makes Keith "Retirement Time" Thurman so special, that they don't strip him of the Titles that he holds. Why are the sanctioning bodies giving him so much favoritism. He should be stripped right now. Let him go on and retire, and quit wasting the Fans time, and quit road-blocking the deserving contenders from being able to fight for these Titles, since it's clear that he don't want to fight the current crop of top contenders. He's turned from a hungry fighter to a duck.

Rob Tiles • Apr 16, 2018

William B. Feemster Lots of fighters have not been stripped after a year of inactivity, i guess he will be stripped very soon.

William B. Feemster • Apr 17, 2018

I hope so, because there are deserving fighters out there that are working hard to get to the top, but Keith "Retirement Time" Thurman keeps coming up with one excuse after another for not defending those Titles. I know he just got married to a very beautiful wife. If he just wants to spend time with his beautiful wife, why not just say so. He should do the honorable thing, and relinquish those Titles, an go spend time with his wife. He should not stand in the way of the other deserving fighters that do want to fight for the Titles right now. If Keith really believes in himself, he can always work himself back into contention, and fight to win back the Titles that he so honorably relinquished. With his spirit, and determined drive there is always the possibility that he might regain these Titles. But stop being selfish Keith, it's unbecoming, and downright arrogant!

The Greb • May 16, 2018

Obviously he wants to keep the belts as hes earned them through hard fights snd harder injuries. He will earn more for his beautiful wife as a unified champ than a noble side stepper. Hate the game not the player

Brendon • Jun 4, 2018

you are a dick head

Leo Main07 • Jun 22, 2018
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