Priced out of boxing?

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Vincent • Feb 5, 2017

What does anyone think of the David Price loss to Christian Hammer last night?
While the obvious statements I have read say Price should retire for his own good or fight lesser opponents on small shows I am not sure he doesn't have one big win in him.
The pressure on him last night to win or have nowhere left to go was immense and probably contributed in a way to his failure.
I consider him to be a white Dereck Chisora ie British and Commonwealth championship level but not much above and would lose to world title contenders. Perhaps Price V Chisora could be the big Scouser's last hurrah.

BangBang • Feb 6, 2017

@vincent Price's trainer gave an interesting interview after the fight where he pretty much put the loss down to Price's mental frame of mind and the ability to handle the pressure going into the fight.

His conditioning and stamina was terrible and you have to question his weight. His trainer said that Price had been sparring full 12 rounds without stamina problems but i don't understand how mental pressure would deplete stamina so much. Price can continue his career providing he works on the true reasons as to why he lost the fight because he is clearly talented.

Garrold Ferris • Dec 10, 2018

I've heard about the interview too. I totally agree that is right to blame the loss only down to Price's mental state
I've personally been practicing krav maga for 5 years and know that right state of mind is key. Read about it

Rob Tiles • Mar 15, 2019

Will be interesting to see how he does against undefeated Kash Ali at the end of the month, he has to look good against him and put him away very easily otherwise i don't see what the future holds for him.

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