Not very good coach

Conversation started by Gogsiebee

Gogsiebee • Feb 20, 2016

My favourite subject of the moment. Thank goodness Lee Carsley strung a good set of results together because this current coach would be looking at relegation. I really don't think Dean is good enough and with average players Brentford will not be doing a Midtjylland by any stretch of the imagination. Old fashion values please a la Warbs and the like

BFE • Feb 25, 2016

Yeah think I agree with this but hey, being optimistic and everything, maybe Tuesday nights result is the start of a new phase, what do you think?

Ruislip Bee • Feb 25, 2016

Yeah we looked good and if we can find a striker that gets us 15 to 20 goals next year we are in business. This year the 3 fit strikers have only got 15 between them !

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