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Coronavirus diary: the Virus that did a no-deal Brexit on our food supply It seems inconceivable that it was only a year ago when the UK was due to crash out of the EU under a no deal Brexit. Thankfully that crisis was averted. Leading up to that momentous non-event, I wrote about what might happen to our food supply in the event that our smooth trading relationship with the EU broke down utterly.

House price growth accelerated after Brexit, report finds Brexit caused house prices to return to rapid growth before the economic shutdown ordered to combat the spread of COVID-19, according to the latest property report.

Covid-19 hurts the vulnerable most. So does Brexit It is already clear that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will dwarf that of Brexit. Yet both disproportionately affect the vulnerable. Eve Hepburn explains why. When the Scottish government published my report on the Social and Equality Impacts of Brexit at the end of January 2020, Covid-19 appeared to be a far-off problem in a distant land.

Don't forget Brexit: now is the time to assess contractual fallout The emerging theme of UK negotiations with the European Union is divergence, which means a major move away from the regulations and rules that have governed the industry for decades.

Parliament and Brexit: what do the public think? Almost four years have passed since the 2016 EU referendum delivered a mandate for Brexit. Though they have been used various times on constitutional matters in the UK, referendums are often thought to challenge traditional notions of representative parliamentary democracy.

Largest group of MEPs in EU demands UK extend Brexit transition period The European People's Party - a centre-right grouping which consists of 187 of the parliament's 705 MEPs - said pushing back the deadline for trade talks to conclude is the 'only responsible thing to do' in the current circumstances.

KUMAR: Brexit would be catastrophic amid pandemic With the recent onset of the coronavirus disease pandemic during a period wherein the British government is currently preparing to prepare the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, it is clear, now more than ever, that now is not the time to just "carry on" when the countries entire economic future is at stake.

Brexit under threat: Majority of Britons want DELAY to deal with coronavirus - poll BORIS JOHNSON is under pressure to extend the Brexit transition period after a poll found two thirds of Britons want a delay to focus on the coronavirus outbreak.

For the Irish property market, it's out of the Brexit frying pan and into the coronavirus fire FOR the Irish property market, it's a case of out of the Brexit frying pan and into the Covid-19 fire, albeit with the briefest two months respite.

First meeting of EU-UK Joint Committee over Brexit The first meeting of the EU-UK Joint Committee, set up to implement the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, including the Protocol on Northern Ireland, will take place this afternoon by video conference.

Forth Ports are ready for Brexit COVID-19 has slowed down world trade and interfered with the EU-UK trade talks, and the ripples continue to be felt through the world economy. But while global leaders are preoccupied, now is a good time to focus on progress that is being made elsewhere, and a development that will be crucial to London's future.

Brexit-Watch: Saturday 28 March 2020 Note: longer version of article originally published at The Conservative Woman on Saturday 28 March 2020. A weekend update on some recent key Brexit-relevant story headlines, choosing five which, while not necessarily meriting a full-length article, nevertheless warrant two or three paragraphs of comment, rather than merely a couple of lines.

Brexit threat: Economist warns of UK's prospects as coronavirus could cause deep recession THE coronavirus outbreak threatens the UK's economic prospects after Brexit because the pandemic could cause a deep recession among the European Union, says a professor of economics.

Farage praises Brexit timing as he explains how coronavirus has already 'finished off' EU NIGEL FARAGE has explained how the European Union will collapse, but raised concern that there is a "danger" that the "idiots in Brussels" could be replaced with something much worse.

Newsletter 29 March 2020 The last few days have seen the biggest changes to everyday British life ever seen in peacetime. It is a week which has shown what a storm in a teacup the interminable debate about Brexit really was. The Remainer Twitterati have spent every year since 2016 declaring that the country was in crisis and that Brexit Britain was a scary new world.

Brexit bombshell: Vote Leave insider thanks Barack Obama for referendum victory BARACK OBAMA's visit was crucial to winning the 2016 EU referendum, Vote Leave insider Lord David Owen told

Stage review: On Blueberry Hill Of course it had nothing to do with Sebastian Barry's play, which was a wonderful and powerfully-acted piece about the redemptive power of the human spirit. It should have been an evening of unalloyed triumph and jubilation, but in our hearts we all knew that even on its first night the production was living on borrowed time.

Two-thirds of Brits want Brexit transition extension to keep focus on coronavirus The polling, conducted by Focaldata poll for Best for Britain and HOPE not hate, found two-thirds of Brits agreed with delaying the Brexit transition period to allow the government to focus on tackling coronavirus, compared to a third who want the Brexit transition period to end at the end of the year.

The art of advertising Though it does rather confirm her role as secretary - the boardroom is some way off for the Miss Remingtons of this world. By now - the end of the Victorian era and the start of the 20th - the advertisers tug at the purse strings by using glamour and celebrity.

Sturgeon and SNP are 'desperate' to see Brexit fail in order to launch independence agenda NICOLA STURGEON and the SNP want Brexit to fail so that they can gain support for another referendum on Scottish independence according to Jackson Carlaw.

Pete North Politics Blog Coronavirus has rightly taken over the news agenda. Last week I observed that by now, nobody will be giving much thought to Brexit save for the nerds and the cranks on both sides. As with much else in politics, people have a hard time letting go of obsolete paradigms.

SNP calls for pause in Brexit negotiations during pandemic The SNP has called on Boris Johnson to "hit pause" on Brexit negotiations and seek an extension to the transition period to focus on the coronavirus pandemic.

Brexit EU chief Michel Barnier 'may be Downing Street's "Patient Zero" after Brussels meeting' BREXIT boss Michel Barnier "may be patient zero who brought virus to number 10", it has been claimed. The EU's chief Brexit negotiator announced he was infected on March 19, just one day before his British counterpart David Frost also began self-isolating.

Brexit breakthrough: George Orwell's brilliant analysis explains why Britain left EU BREXIT will continue to spark passionate debates for years to come - but George Orwell, one of Britain's most treasured thinkers, may have provided the perfect explanation behind the UK's decision to withdraw from the EU.

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