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Varadkar's proposed tax cuts at risk in event of no-deal Brexit Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe on Tuesday signalled that planned income-tax cuts would not be introduced next year if the UK crashed out of the EU without a deal. However, he said there would be scope to do so over the lifetime of the next government.

Brexiteer Steve Baker warns EU’s Barnier: ‘Make no mistake - we’re leaving on October 31’ INFLUENTIAL arch-Brexiteer Steve Baker, a prominent ally of Tory leadership front runner Boris Johnson, has sent a stern message to EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier - warning him Britain will be leaving the bloc on October 31.

UK firms more upbeat on hiring, investment after Brexit delay - survey LONDON - Employers in Britain have turned more confident about hiring and investing after the extension to the Brexit deadline which has also reduced their worries about the outlook for the economy, a recruiters' group said on Wednesday.

The next Prime Minister needs a Chancellor who will defy the Treasury factory of Remain Brexiteers see it as a factory of Remain - spewing anti-Brexit bile from the midst of Government - and in dire need of change.

Everything you need to know about a no‑deal Brexit What has to happen for Britain to leave without a deal on October 31? There are no legislative steps that need to be taken by MPs to trigger a no-deal Brexit. It is the default option.

The right post-Brexit trade and investment policy can rebalance economic disparity across UK regions As the preparations for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union begin to intensify, there has been a significant increase in attention given to its future international trade and investment policy.

Brussels brands Boris' Brexit plans 'bulls t and throws them out ALREADY EU sources said the bloc won't sign any agreement with the UK until it has accepted their terms on citizens' rights, the divorce bill and the backstop. Mr Johnson has said he wants to "take the bits that are serviceable" out of Theresa May's deal "and get them done".

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt divided over Brexit plans Mr Johnson said the UK must leave on 31 October "deal or no deal" but Mr Hunt called this a "fake deadline" that could trigger a general election if Parliament rejects a no-deal Brexit. The winner of the contest will take over from Theresa May on 24 July.

Brexit: Business group to consider backstop alternatives Businesses and trade unions will consider ways to keep the Irish border open after Brexit.

U.K. On Track For Soft Brexit Despite Rising Governance Risk Forward-looking highlights from GeoQuant's high-frequency political risk intelligence platform.

Brexit delay? Expert warns solution to end Irish backstop debacle 10 years away But top EU figures, including Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, have dismissed the suggestion and insisted the current deal cannot be modified. LISTEN HERE: Latest Brexit news from the Final Countdown podcast.

Jeremy Hunt: EU playing hardball because it wants UK in customs union Downing Street hopeful says Brussels wants ‘the best outcome’ for itself in Brexit talks.

No-deal Brexit 'could lead to 50,000 Irish job losses' Paschal Donoghue made his remarks as he outlined the summer economic statement. He said that if the UK maintains its current relationship with the EU, economic growth would be about 3.5%, with another budget surplus. But a no-deal Brexit could lead to a budget deficit, he added.

Jeremy Hunt: Next PM 'must be trustworthy to avoid no Brexit' The leadership hopeful says "personality" is key to delivering a better Brexit deal than Theresa May's.

Brexit nightmare for Varadkar: Irish economy to suffer under no deal - 50,000 jobs at risk IRELAND would lose 50,000 jobs with Dublin forced to run its budget at a deficit if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal.

Brexit or The Early-Stage Scene Killer You can follow me on Twitter or Linkedin.

Anti-Internationalist 'Lexit' Factionalists in Labour Manoeuvre to back Brexit Morning Star and its allies in Momentum leading Factionalist Fight in Labour Party. Factionalists opposed to socialist internationalism are mobilising in the Labour Party to back Brexit. They are reacting to this news:.

Brexit analysis: Expert explains why elite is more comfortable in Brussels than Blackpool "The referendum was an opportunity to display that anger."

Meet the Lib Dem Leavers and Brexit Party Remainers And the way they vote can be stranger still. While British politics has been bitterly divided along Brexit lines, some are willing to cross those lines to support the parties which should be their nemesis.

Woodford's fund could have Brexit impact, just not what he envisaged Suspension of Woodford's fund could be catalyst for reform of fund rules when UK leaves the European Union.

Govt could need €5bn to cushion impact of hard Brexit The Government could have to borrow up to €5 billion to cushion the blow of a no-deal Brexit. Budget plans revealed in today's Summer Economic Statement show that a hard Brexit would flip the Government's budget arithetic around.

GDPR one year on It often consists of a terse email saying "I want to exercise my rights under GDPR and see all my data." Some organisations took steps to address GDPR in advance, meaning they assessed their use of personal data, deleting data that was no longer necessary or up-to-date.

Richard Tice: Boris Johnson has flip-flopped on Brexit Richard Tice, chairman of the Brexit Party, which topped the poll in the European elections, says politicians must honour the 2016 EU referendum result to bring the country back together.

Where Brexit goes, the law shall follow For the European Union as a whole, this transition can be promoted as offering something for everyone, with benefits spread widely among the 27 countries who remain in the bloc. There are also benefits for London, especially in the eyes of the Brexit-backing public.

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