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British government set to open UK borders to over 4 million Croatians That's not the only thing, in terms of permanent residence the Immigration Minister said: "We will not discriminate between nationals of the EU member states in our implementation of the Citizens' Rights deal.

Brexit forecasting plan could delay Budget The autumn Budget could be delayed if MPs are successful in pushing for an independent economic forecast of the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

EU calls time on Brits bagging sun loungers with Union Jack beach towelsi Speaking from Brussels EU Minister, Franz Hitler, said; 'It is quite simply really. As the British are no longer members of The EU they will have to forfeit this right which is currently accorded to them.

Not for the first time we have to ask, "Who do Blue Labour think they're kidding?" - reblogged from SKWAKWKBOX I was going to write an article about this myself but SKWAWKBOX got there first;. All six were duly used. To learn what they are, click here. But there are several extra thoughts I need to add.

Marchers call for vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal at Ipswich pro-EU rally Addressing the rally, Daisy Cooper - former Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Suffolk Coastal - said: "The British public must have a say on the Brexit deal. "People are rightly concerned that the Brexit negotiations are taking longer and are more complicated than anyone expected.

From Trump to Brexit: The Right-Wing Politics of Sentimentality "STAND UP FOR BRITAIN - FOR ONCE!" reads the front page of yesterday's Daily Mail. The issue? Blue passports, again, or more specifically the Home Office decision to award a £490 contract to produce Britain's post-Brexit travel documents to Gemalto, a Franco-Dutch firm headquartered in Amsterdam.

A Division is Emerging within Corbynism The sacking of Owen Smith, shows how Jeremy Corbyn now has full control and authority over the Labour Party, something that did not seem possible even a year ago. However, a division is emerging, not only within the Labour Party, but within its Corbynite Wing.

Why no deal preparations must continue Theresa May has had by far her most successful EU Council this week. The terms of the transition deal were signed off and, in a genuine diplomatic achievement, she got the EU to collectively recognise that no one other than Russia could have been responsible for the Salisbury attack.

Well done Jeremy Corbyn! I don't usually post at weekends and…. I know I know…… you wouldn't expect me to write something in praise of Dear Jeremy. But his decisive action in removing Owen Smith from his shadow cabinet of senior politicians because he supported calls for a second referendum on Brexit is worthy of "some" praise.

GP by ED: The EU wants our coat too EMail:[email protected] Hi,. I can think of no polemic by Effie Deans I would not be happy to post on my own site as a Guest Post and here is her latest excellent offering.

Labour MPs attack sacking of Owen Smith over Brexit Labour peer Lord Hain, a former Northern Ireland secretary himself, called the sacking a "terrible Stalinist purge" - and said Mr Smith was widely respected for his work on Northern Ireland. Labour MP Chuka Umunna said it was "extraordinary" that Mr Smith had been sacked for advocating a Brexit policy which he said had wide support in the party.

Brexit NOW! Even REMAINERS want Theresa May to take back control immediately Brits were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the following statement: "The Government should get on with implementing the result of the referendum to take Britain out of the EU and in doing so take back control of our borders, laws, money and trade." Of Britons polled 57 percent agreed, whilst only 22 percent disagreed.

'We've been HIJACKED' Fishermen's anger over EU Brexit transition deal British fishermen hoped Brexit could bring about change in the current lopsided system of quotas amid promises of full fisheries independence as soon as Brexit day on 29 March.

Brexit Deal: Lost Irish leverage, or UK 'getting real'? "We have a situation," said Fianna Fáil's Brexit spokesman Stephen Donnelly, "whereby a transition period has been agreed, and advanced discussions are set to get under way on trade without Ireland having secured any agreed wording on the border." Has Ireland weakened its negotiating position?

Corbyn's Brexit 'HYPOCRISY': Labour chaos ERUPTS as Smith suggests Abbott should be SACKED The Welsh MP, who unsuccessfully challenged Mr Corbyn for Labour leadership in 2016, warned that the Labour party leader was pursuing a "Eurosceptic" policy that was opposed by the majority of the Labour membership.

As the Brexit negotiations enter a decisive stage the EU is not home and dry Now that the European Council has confirmed the draft terms of the UK's withdrawal from the EU and the new Article 50 negotiating guidelines, its chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, can open negotiations on an overall framework for a future relationship between the EU and the UK.

Labour must 'show leadership' on Brexit, says sacked frontbencher Owen Smith Owen Smith has called on Labour to "show leadership" in opposing the Government's Brexit plans as he labelled Jeremy Corbyn's decision to sack him from Labour's frontbench as a "mistake".

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Elected To Lead As Chair Of European Research Group, Pro-Brexit MPs Rees-Mogg honestly stated: "It is especially important to achieve control of our laws, control immigration and achieve new trade agreements with other countries." The Tory Brexit backing Research Group is highly distinguished among the Conservatives as the main voice for the Brexiteer Tories.

Brexit Update European Union leaders laid the ground Friday for the next phase of Brexit talks after British Prime Minister Theresa May urged them to seize a "new dynamic" in the negotiations. The 27 leaders meeting in Brussels adopted negotiating guidelines for talks on the future relationship with Britain and approved a deal for a 21-month transition period.

Jeremy Corbyn sacks Owen Smith after frontbencher called for Labour to consider abandoning Brexit Jeremy Corbyn has sacked his one-time leadership rival Owen Smith after he said Labour should consider abandoning Brexit. Mr Smith has been replaced as shadow Northern Ireland secretary after he claimed Labour had "the right to keep asking if Brexit remains the right choice for the country" as he split from official party policy.

Classical Drama "Futurama" becomes shit, and it's all to be blamed on the EU. US Political drama show "Futurama" is seeing backlash of EU oversight in new law dictating that all robots on TV must have cubic heads and torsos.

De-Evolutioning With Brexit And Trump: Where Marx Went Wrong - Analysis The Brexit and Trump vote demonstrates a drastic incongruity with Marx's prediction of a "proletariat revolution" that would "destroy all previous insecurities for, and insurance of, individual property".

Jeremy Corbyn sacks Owen Smith after call for second Brexit vote Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn on Friday sacked his Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Smith, who had called for a referendum on the final Brexit deal. According to the Guardian, people close to Corbyn said Smith was not a team player and had gone against the shadow Cabinet line on Brexit by advocating single market membership.

Owen Smith sacked from Labour party frontbench Smith went against party policy by calling for a referendum over the final Brexit deal.

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