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Why Keeping Up is Vital Now, more than ever before, we can chose what we consume and when. Don't like something? You can silence, mute and unfollow. Whether it be fashion, flowers or football you're into, with a couple of clicks you can create an online happy place for yourself.

Maugham Mystery £100-000 Donor Twitter lawyer Jolyon Maugham is again trying to avoid being on the hook for his vanity legal proceedings.

Lords defeat government on 'meaningful vote' amemdment The House of Lords have defeated the government once again on the so-called meaningful vote amendment by 354 to 235 votes. Remainer Peers had a majority of 119 in favour of Viscount Hailsham's "meaningful vote" amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill which would effectively give Parliament a veto on any Brexit deal.

A Brexit straitjacket is too high a cost for UK to stay in single market We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Thank you for your support.

BREXIT Macro Nugget: A Post BREXIT Booming Economy or Likely a Bombed Economy Here are some facts to chew on - if we still have teeth left by the end of the run;. And if that weren't enough focus of our geniuses is diverted to "future" NHS funding and Upskirting. Good luck. 'No deal' Brexit would cost UK households £1,000 a year.

Labour frontbencher in shock u-turn TWO DAYS after calling for second Brexit vote Stephen Pound revealed on Saturday he was backing the People's Vote campaign with the aim of pushing for the public to be given a say on the final divorce deal. But just two days later, the shadow Northern Ireland minister pulled an about-face and claimed what he was actually supporting was a meaningful vote for MPs on the Brexit process.

Commons defeat looms as peers back 'meaningful vote' amendment This time a week ago, Theresa May and her whips were trying to avert a looming Commons defeat on Brexit.

Brexit exposes the limits of Jeremy Corbyn's radicalism The left middle class is filled with anger as it sees the right, and, in its terms, the far right, triumph. Every time I write about Brexit I feel its fury pulsating around me. Brexit threatens the left's core beliefs in international cooperation and anti-racism, while making its dream of ending austerity by reviving the economy unattainable.

Chris Grayling Today I got to meet Chris Grayling, a member of the British parliament! Going into it, I was extremely nervous because I was worried about how to conduct myself whilst meeting an obviously very important man. He's the secretary of state for transportation, so he's really high up there in British government.

The Guardian view on the NHS cash plan: the Brexit dividend claim is a lie - Editorial Editorial: Theresa May is pandering to her pro-Brexit supporters. The important public finance issue, which is unresolved, is whether to raise taxes or abandon austerity – or both.

Labour peer calls for post-Brexit border clarity Baroness Armstrong made the comments as peers questioned the Brexit Minster Robin Walker and Shailesh Vara the Northern Ireland Office minister. Peers also raised the issue of how Brexit will effect cross border security and the Common Travel Area.

From Manchester to Moscow: A tale of two visas "We would like to invite you to Moscow this May, to address our students on creativity and leadership." I accept the offer to swap Manchester for Moscow for a week in the late spring as a great deal. The attraction of the assignment fades, as relationships between the two governments cool after the Skripal poisonings in Salisbury.

Jeremy Corbyn, take note: leftwing remainers won’t stay silent on Brexit - Zoe Williams A Momentum petition launched at Labour Live will force the party’s internal arguments into the public. It’s about time, says Guardian columnist Zoe Williams.

Aviation industry: EU blocks talks to avert 'no-deal' Brexit crisis After Brexit UK-made parts for planes could be no longer valid and pilot licences could be defunct.

Boris delighted as May buys into mythical Brexit Dividend It's being reported that following the announcement at the weekend by Theresa May of a major cash injection for the NHS, part funded by the so-called 'Brexit Dividend', Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been on a vintage champagne-fueled bender ever since.

TTF AGM 2018: Never has "Upholding the Very Highest Standards" been more relevant to all of us As the sun streamed down on London, Members relished in the warmth by flocking to Mary Ward House's garden for the AGM lunch. Sandwiches were consumed and drinks were enjoyed as everyone caught up before the start of the meeting. David Hopkins kick started the meeting by recounting the TTF's journey over the past year.

Brussels seeks to tie UK to European human rights court after Brexit EC paper stipulates ‘guillotine clause’ on any security deal should UK leave remit of court.

The Brexit hypocrites: from Farage's EU pension to sellout Corbyn - Hannah Jane Parkinson Some prominent leavers are betraying supporters, moving abroad, protecting assets or taking EU funds, says the Guardian columnist Hannah Jane Parkinson.

Morning Star: anti-Brexit protestors "inimical to Labour" Rants today's Morning Star editorial. Still, at least the Stalinist rag didn't, on this occasion, denounce remainers as a "fifth column", as it did in an editorial on Saturday 9th June, which also supported Boris Johnson's widely leaked Conservative Way Forward speech.

Lord Sewel: Brexit powers row 'not constitutional crisis' Lord Sewel, one of the authors of the devolution settlement, has backed the UK government in the row over Scottish Parliament consent for the Brexit bill. Under the Sewel convention, Westminster does not normally legislate on devolved matters without Holyrood's approval.

Brexit was never really about immigration, and it's time Labour talked about that Last week in the House of Commons, there was the biggest rebellion of this parliament by MPs of both main parties. It was on a vote on whether we should continue to participate in the EU's single market through being part of the European Economic Area.

'That's manifest nonsense!' Nigel Lawson SAVAGES Lord Adonis in furious Brexit row Ardent Remainer Lord Adonis argued that Parliament should be granted a meaningful vote in the case of a "no deal" Brexit, claiming it should step in if the government is incapable of negotiating a deal with the European Union. Lord Adonis added that Brexit was "unworkable'.

Even Remainer MP warns Tory rebels MUST accept Brexit vote or risk democratic CRISIS "Risky to our economic well-being, to our international relationships and ultimately to our national security." The Tory MP denied sabotaging Brexit was his end goal despite a torrent of criticism from Brexiteers.

Economic reality brutally exposes May's Brexit dividend for NHS claim The sheer mendacity of Prime Minister Theresa May's claim of part funding a £20bn cash boost to the NHS through a "Brexit dividend" has been brutally exposed by two pieces of economic news this morning.

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