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Labour MPs to urge Jeremy Corbyn not to 'torpedo' Brexit deal Second referendum would be ‘divisive but not decisive’, MPs will say in letter to leader.

Brexit supporter jailed for sending MPs death threats and racist abuse A Brexit supporter who sent death threats and racist messages to MPs has been jailed. Jarod Kirkman told police he was just "being a stupid idiot" after he targeted seven parliamentarians who had opposed the UK leaving the European Union or raised concerns about the consequences.

The Guardian view on Britain and the EU elections: get together to stay together - Editorial Editorial: There is a public majority against Brexit. The political parties must cooperate to ensure that its voice is heard in any elections.

When you bring down your Party from 42% to 15% you must resign. It's a matter of honour. And if you have no honour, of Dignity, otherwise you have no I'm rather speechless, I saw images of Notre Dame before, during and after the fire and I didn't know what to write, then another little astonishing event is leaving me curiously rather speechless, I saw the Conservative party before, during and after Theresa May: it was the same as Notre Dame with no crucifix survived.

Watch highlights from our recent event on 'Citizens' rights after Brexit - from bargaining chips to collateral damage?' This roundtable event took place on 12 February 2019 at the Royal Society of the Arts in London, UK. It was chaired and coordinated by Prof Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos, and Dr Michaela Benson.

NI-Eire Prophecy Update #8: Eire's relationship with Ulster and the USA Once again for our information, our fellow watcher overseas, Roger Jervois, reports on what he's seen in the Ulster press, as follows:. "Hi Richard, Here is more confirmation of thawing relations between the political leaders within Eire/NI. "Leo Varadkar has hailed the country's continuing relationship with "our friend" the US.

Brexit extension will bring ‘no good news’ to British economy, says UK manufacturing boss PRIME Minister Theresa May’s six-month Brexit delay will bring nothing but uncertainty, frozen investment and lost customers, according to a UK manufacturing chief who said the extension brings “no good news” the British economy.

Finland, Brexit, Trump… and the joys of reading In the UN's World Happiness Report for 2019, published in March, Finland heads the field for the second year running. The UK has risen five places, from 19th to 15th - once again contradicting the view that no sane person can possibly be happy while contemplating Brexit.

The Chemical Brothers on Brexit: 'For what?' Speaking to the Guardian to promote their new album "No Geography," Chemical Brother Ed Simons said Brexit meant "losing something you're used to having - your rights, whether you use them or not - and for what?

Ukip leader attacks Farage party at EU elections launch Gerard Batten insists Ukip has a future and calls Brexit party leader a ‘one-man dictatorship’.

20 of the funniest 'live footage of the UK trying to leave the EU' memes Although it seems like a lifetime, the UK has now been trying to leave the EU for nearly three years, which is, quite frankly, too long to begin with. Now it appears that the UK won't be leaving.

Remain would win a second Brexit referendum, poll finds, as Leave voters more likely to have doubts A second referendum would see the population resoundingly vote for the UK to remain in the EU, a new poll has found. The latest Comres poll revealed that Remain would now win by 58 per cent to 42 per cent of the vote. Read more: Tusk says he still dreams of UK U-turn on Brexit.

Brexit group formed in Stamford Stephen Green is launching Leavers of Stamford, angry at what he sees as Theresa May's 'betrayal' of Brexit. Stephen, a 71-year-old former computer business owner, says his and the national Leavers of Britain group, are all cross-party, but he admits most supporters are 'disgruntled Conservatives'.

BREXIT WARNING: EU exit threatens to break Falklands economy over Spain-UK fishing chaos BREXIT is threatening to break the economy of the Falkland Islands as fishermen look set to be hit by huge tariffs after Britain leaves the EU.

Richard Branson PLEADS for second Brexit vote – 'Brexiteers have CHANGED their minds' "Obviously I just dearly would love to see another referendum." He added: "If you look at all the market research and the polls, it shows clearly that a lot of those people who voted for Brexit are no longer or have changed their minds. "A lot of young people now can vote.

UK signs agreement with Germany to work TOGETHER after Brexit GERMAN finance bosses have stepped up preparations for Brexit by signing an agreement of understanding to work with Britain after the nation unshackles itself from the bloc.

Ferry services get Brexit delay boost as summer sales soar Dover to Calais bookings rise by more than 50% after decision to delay departure from EU.

Brexit: Nancy Pelosi steps up pressure on UK over Irish border Top Democrat claims there will be no US-UK trade deal if Brexit damages the Good Friday Agreement.

'The impact of Brexit on business is tangible and negative' says former Dragon's Den star Investor PIERS LINNEY, who spent two years on the hit BBC show, tells how Brexit could effect all aspects of the business world.

EXCLUSIVE: Green activist Larry Sanders on Brexit - and why we can't just revoke Article 50 In the first part of a candid two-part interview, the Green activist - and brother of US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders - outlines his views on Brexit.

European politicians are in election mode – but they must hold the line on Brexit - Richard Corbett The danger posed to the EU by losing a member state – that’s the big picture, says Labour MEP Richard Corbett.

Consul concerned how Jersey will be perceived post-Brexit 'The Island continues to have a productive and mutually-respectful relationship with the national and regional governments of France, and there is no reason that this will change,' a States press officer said.

EU has nothing to gain from a no-deal Brexit, Juncker says The EU has "nothing to gain" from the disruption a no-deal Brexit would bring to the UK, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said. Mr Juncker said the EU had adopted the "necessary contingency measures", but said only those who seek to undermine the global legal order would benefit from such an exit.

Brexit should be 'aberration' in discussion on NI peace, says Nancy Pelosi "We believe that Brexit should be just an aberration in this discussion as we continue to build and strengthen the peace that was generated by the Good Friday Accord," she said.

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