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Why Boris Johnson is right to rule out a "transition" extension? A young academic writing under the pen name ‘Titus’ shows how the EU continues to put difficulties in the way of a sensible trade agreement.

How Brexit drove my affair with Wetherspoons on to the rocks - Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett The pub chain has long been part of my life, but when the UK leaves the EU on 31 January, I’ll be elsewhere, says Guardian columnist Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett.

European Commission, Council presidents sign Brexit deal In a tweet announcing the move, Michel said: "Things will inevitably change but our friendship will remain.

We're leaving! Historic moment EU chiefs sign off Brexit deal as UK one week from freedom EUROPEAN UNION bosses have signed the Brexit withdrawal treaty confirming the United Kingdom's departure from the bloc.

Deutsche Chief Executive on Brexit: Britain 'pulling in the right direction' Speaking in a debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the CEO of the German bank reiterated his commitment to maintaining "a material and very important" presence in the U.K. Sewing said: "I think what has been done now, and the clarity of the certainty that has been given over the past six weeks, is for sure pulling in the right direction.

Doubts over independent Scotland rejoining EU quickly as Brexit clock counts down The length of time it would take an independent Scotland to negotiate re-entry to the EU will be dictated by how far the UK diverges from European regulations post-Brexit, officials in Brussels have said.

Small and medium sized manufacturers 'will take advantage of Brexit' MOST small to medium sized manufacturers will be able to adapt to Brexit and take advantage of it, it has been claimed. The comment came from the Poole-based Collective Marketing Agency, which works with Dorset engineers and manufacturers including Aish Technologies, Norco, Field International, PRF Composites and AGI.

Party leaders share message of unity ahead of Brexit Political leaders have come together to promote "acceptance and respect" as they prepare for Brexit. The leaders of Brighton and Hove's Labour, Green and Conservative groups have signed an "open letter of unity".

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is formally signed ahead of Britain's departure from EU next week The presidents of the European Council and the European Commission have formally signed the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement ahead of Britain's departure from the EU next week.

Brexit: EU leaders sign UK withdrawal deal The deal formally ending UK membership is signed by EU leaders in Brussels.

Brexit Party MEP issues final Brexit warning to EU before withdrawal - 'You NEED us' BREXIT Party MEP Rupert Lowe issued a chilling warning to the EU in his final remarks as a member of the European Parliament, reminding Brussels they need to strike a "fair" trade deal with the UK to protect their interests.

Brexit: European presidents sign withdrawal agreement Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen put their signatures to the document in Brussels after the Queen gave royal assent to the legislation implementing the agreement on Thursday. The European Parliament is now expected to vote to approve the agreement on Wednesday, paving the way for the UK to leave on Friday next week, January 31st.

EU leaders sign UK Brexit agreement, what's next? The heads of the EU Commission and Council put their signatures on the Brexit deal negotiated with the UK. Here's what else needs to happen before Britain leaves the bloc at the end of the month.

Bosses set out immigration priorities after Brexit They called for flexibility for skilled workers to enter the UK through a points-based system, and a reformed sponsorship process. The Home Office said it would introduce a points-based immigration system. It added that it would consult businesses as the new system was rolled out.

European Parliament approves Brexit withdrawal agreement The European Parliament's Committee on Constitutional Affairs approved the withdrawal agreement this evening, Thursday, January 23, bringing Brexit one step closer. This was approved with a large majority of 23 in favour and three against. The full parliament plenary will vote on the deal next week.

The two word reply from Villiers that silenced BBC QT audience member after NHS argument THERESA VILLIERS silenced a panicking BBC Question Time audience member with a sly two word reply that shut down an argument surrounding the NHS.

Will we see a Brexit bounce? This time next week, we will be officially leaving the EU - or, more accurately, entering a fraught transition period with a frighteningly tight deadline.

Brexit countdown is on! US green lights 'priority' trade talks as Brexit enshrined in law BORIS JOHNSON's hopes of a speedy trade deal with Donald Trump roared ahead yesterday when top US officials said it could happen by the end of the year. And in a double boost for the Prime Minister, the Queen enshrined Brexit in law when she granted his Brussels deal Royal Assent.

UK to strike first post-Brexit trade deal with Japan, dubbed as EU++ - The Sun Not depressed by the Eurozone's hardstand, the UK is moving forward towards its first post-Brexit trade deal with Japan, as per The Sun. The news relied on the insider sources to No10 while terming the likely deal as EU++.

BBC Question Time LIVE: Labour trounced as Conservatives turn screw on leadership campaign "Without youth services this is where the problem began." 10.51pm update: Theresa Villiers defends Tory cuts. She said: "We need to invest more in the programmes. We have got £700m worth of programmes planned. "We need a tough policing response. We need a comphrehsive approach to ensure young people do not get into a cycle.

Brexit reflections from David Jones Here is the latest in our series reflecting on the Brexit process with regular BrexitCentral authors and others who have played an important role in our journey out of the European Union.

Pro-Brexit business voices must keep on countering the myths propagated by the Establishment Over the last five years in terms of outcomes, the free democratic world has seen more than its fair share of results where the exercise of that democracy has confounded the pollsters and shocked and belied the conventional wisdom of the Establishment.

Veronika West: an exceptionally sign-ificant 'Now' revelation for the UK To my spirit this is the most important and sign-ificant vision for the United Kingdom that Veronika has brought. First, for reader's information I'm sharing, with her permission, our discussion on why she writes in upper case. My understanding is that capitals are used to convey the impact she felt.

Chancellor tries to reassure firms on post-Brexit trade Chancellor Sajid Javid said the UK would use the power to diverge from Europe only when it was in the interests of business. Concerned businesses had questioned him at the World Economic Forum. His words, just six days ago, caused shockwaves for British industry.

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