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We can LEVERAGE Brexit! THIS tech will solve Brexit border disruption, Eurotunnel claim "We think that's one area where we can actually leverage Brexit to bring technology that's been under development for a number of years into everyday use and we can actually make the experience even smoother for people." In 2017 nearly 10.5 million people used the Channel train to travel between the UK and France.

Chequers plan is a CON’ Leave Means Leave plots relaunch to ‘fight the battle of Brexit' John Longworth, a former head of the British Chambers of Commerce and a co-chair of Vote Leave, said: "We're going to relaunch our campaign to bring it to the people." Leave Means Leave had been set up to ensure a "clean, swift Brexit", Mr Longworth said.

Nigel Farage hits out at MPs as he joins forces with hard Brexit group Controversial MEP links up with Leave Means Leave to fight Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

Brexit: Coillte plans to stockpile timber in UK warehouses Coillte is concerned that a hard Brexit could lead to long delays at customs checks at British ports, which could severely disrupt its logistics chain and affect the timeliness of deliveries to customers.

It's Not Easy Being Green… Or talking with people about what's going to happen if there is a no-deal Brexit next March. The story I'm telling myself is that I'm coming across as a swivel-eyed doomsday loon. There are a couple of possible reasons for this:. Firstly, that I AM a swivel-eyed doomsday loon.

We're ready! Theresa May to release no deal Brexit plans NEXT WEEK in warning to EU "A World Trade deal actually means only one-in-four sectors have any tariffs at all and the World Trade Organisation allows much compensation for any sectors that may be hard hit.

No-deal Brexit disruption could turn the M20 into a giant lorry park, Government warns The M20 will be turned into a giant lorry park because of huge disruption to cross-channel trade caused by the EU in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to official no deal plans unveiled next week.

No deal Brexit fears are 'OVERSTATED' and plunging pound brings OPPORTUNITY economist says The escalation of fears surrounding a no deal Brexit is said to be one of the causes of the low trading rate seen on pound sterling over the past week. But Lorenzo Codogno, who is the founder and chief economist at LC Macro Advisors, said the drop in the pound sterling is a "buying opportunity".

'She has NO choice!' Finance boss makes THIS Brexit prediction and it's BAD news for May "But the problem is - can they get it through Parliament?" The finance boss referenced the "Brexit coup" at Chequers and warned that, as a result, at least 100 Tory MPs will "probably vote against this deal". He said: "It's not going to be a good deal.

Martin Rowson on vaping and Brexit – cartoon The government is missing an important opportunity to cut deaths from smoking, says a committee of MPs who are calling for a cut in the tax on e-cigarettes.

Sterling Falls Further Amid 'No Deal' Brexit fears and Rising Inflation… The pound has fallen as much as 3% since the start of August, and is now within the $1.27 - $1.28 range. Prior to this update being posted, it had dropped as low as $1.26.

What is the WTO? And is it undemocratic? One repeated claim is that the WTO is undemocratic. "When did you last vote for your representative in the WTO?" and "How can I find my WTO MP?" were among the questions. There's a lot wrong with the WTO, and a lot right, but these new attacks miss the point completely.

The Guardian view on Brexit and trade: the WTO is not a safety net - Editorial Editorial: Tory hardliners’ faith in the World Trade Organization as a viable alternative to EU membership is reckless fantasy.

Brexit latest: Will YOU have to pay HUGE fees to use your mobile in the EU after Brexit? In April, the anti-Brexit Best for Britain group calculated that if prices return to the level before roaming charges were abolished, it could cost business people visiting the EU an additional £778 per month.

Wales voted for Brexit, but Welsh socialists have a moral duty to fight it We are now eight years into austerity and public services across the United Kingdom are slipping ever closer to crisis. In some parts of England, most notably Conservative-controlled Northamptonshire, the blades of the scissors - rapidly rising costs of social care and severe restrictions on public spending - have already closed.

Government expected to publish 84 papers on impact of no-deal Brexit The government is preparing to publish more than 80 reports on the possible consequences of a no-deal Brexit, leaked reports suggest. The papers are expected to be released over the course of the next month and will cover areas ranging from aviation safety to animal breeding to gun regulations.

Sadiq Khan orders London's emergency planners to prepare for no-deal Brexit The mayor of London says he has "no choice" but to order London's crisis planners to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. Sadiq Khan said the London Resilience Forum would assess the impact of Britain crashing out of the EU on access to medicine, energy and food, as well as the ability to maintain emergency care, law and order.

Government given two weeks to respond to Brexit legal challenge Group representing Britons living in EU countries argues referendum was not fair vote.

Danish finance minister puts risk of 'no deal' Brexit at 50-50 But he warned negotiators are running out of time to reach that deal. "If you imagine being married to someone for 40 years… then having a divorce, you would know it takes a lot of legal scrubbing to do the right deal," Jensen said.

Denmark says time is running out to avoid no-deal Brexit Danish finance minister says he agrees with assessment that chance of no deal is 50-50.

Boris Johnson being urged by allies to lead pro-Brexit nationwide bus tour BORIS Johnson being urged by allies to lead pro-Brexit nationwide bus tour. Sources last night claimed he would be joined by other Eurosceptic Tories who share his anger at Theresa May's soft Brexit Chequers compromise.

Theresa May has NO DEAL Brexit plans for 84 areas of UK life - FULL LIST REVEALED The list has been compiled from Government departments across Whitehall, and will outline the wide-ranging impacts of Brexit on all areas of British life. A spokesman from the Department for Exiting the EU commented on the leaks, stating: "We don't comment on leaks or speculation.

Home Office seeks Brexit tech boss - but doesn't splash the cash The reality of the mammoth task facing the Home Office in preparing for Brexit appears to have sunk in - the department is seeking a technology lead for the UK's exit from the European Union.

No Deal, No Trucks? What a No-Deal Brexit will mean for road transport What a No-Deal Brexit will mean for road transport? Dmitry Grozoubinski explains that come March 30th 2019, UK firms may not be able to transport goods between European Union countries.

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