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Politicians in 'purgatory'? The price of rebelling against the Almighty's Word This is happening because not only is it a spiritual battle but also it's the consequence of our nation's and our politicians' outright rebellion against the Almighty and His Holy Scripture by having introduced doctrines of the Anti-Christ. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Brexit: PM to push for election if EU agrees three-month delay The PM "paused" his Brexit bill on Tuesday after MPs rejected his plan to fast-track it through Parliament. Now EU leaders will consider whether to grant a delay to the 31 October Brexit deadline and what length it should be.

Irish PM Varadkar backs January Brexit extension It is likely the European Union will offer a so-called flextension - with the option that the UK could leave earlier than 31 January if a Brexit deal has been passed by then. On Tuesday evening, the DUP's 10 votes dealt a blow to the PM's plan to fast-track the bill through Parliament.

Brexit: Europe press sigh over 'unbelievably dragging process' Many in the European press believe UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not be able to keep his promise of leaving the EU by 31 October following Parliament's rejection of his plan to pass his Brexit bill in three days. The deadline is "hardly possible", says Germany's Bild.

Brexit: Boris Johnson's bill in limbo as Labour could back general election – live news Prime minister will have to decide whether to carry through with call for election if EU offers lengthy extension.

Long read: the makings of Brexit and the road ahead On the cusp of the UK's exit from the EU, Philip Rycroft reflects on his seven years at the centre of the UK government to ask how we reached this point in the country's history. In a lecture delivered on 3 October 2019 in Cambridge, he examines the underlying causes of Brexit and the political response.

'Wrong on so many levels': readers on the Brexit bill votes Your reactions below the line to the government winning one vote but losing another.

Boris promises 'climate withdrawal' - Clexit In response to the country being narrowly split, 2% to 98% in favour of helping the environment, the Prime Minister has promised to take back control of our weather systems. His current proposal is a Clexit, whereby the UK would be in a position to make its own oxygen, ozone and strike trade deals with dolphins.

Boris Johnson is trying to will Brexit into existence with every strand of his deliberately unfeasible hair - First Dog on the Moon It has gone horribly wrong from the very beginning and yet it just keeping going painfully, hilariously on and on and on.

News Daily: Brexit bill paused and blood pressure pills 'best at bedtime' Having won a vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill - aimed at bringing into effect the Brexit deal he's reached with the EU - Boris Johnson lost a second vote on its timetable, as MPs rejected the idea of getting it through Parliament in three days. So the government "paused" the bill.

The new Irish Protocol could lead to the indefinite jurisdiction of the EU Court of Justice within the UK The infamous 'backstop' is gone, but the new Irish Protocol could lead to the indefinite jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union within the United Kingdom, writes Oliver Garner.

British PM may look to election as EU mulls Brexit extension LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson could pivot towards a general election as the EU mulls granting a Brexit deadline extension on Wednesday, after a fresh twist to the divorce saga cast doubt over his hopes of leaving on Oct 31.

Varadkar backs Tusk call for Brexit extension Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has backed Donald Tusk's proposal to grant the UK an extension to the Brexit deadline of 31 October. The president of the European Council yesterday recommended that EU leaders postpone Britain's departure from the EU while British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks approval of their divorce deal.

Brexit uncertainty weighing on UK credit quality Britain still faces significant uncertainties about Brexit which will drag on the country's economy for some time with negative implications for borrowers, ratings agency Moody's said today.

Brexit: Varadkar and Tusk support extension with option to leave early Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said he thinks the EU will grant a three-month extension and, speaking on BBC's Newsnight, he said: "There's no excuses now for Jeremy Corbyn not to give us that general election." Asked about Mr Johnson's "do-or-die" promises to deliver Brexit on October 31st, he said: "Everyone will have seen the way that Boris Johnson...

Brexit extension until January 2020 likely to be granted A BREXIT extension until January 31, 2020 looks set to be granted following a conversation between EU Council President Donald Tusk and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

'Yeah but no but': how the papers covered MPs' refusal to rush through Brexit deal MPs blamed for letting Boris Johnson nudge his deal forward but blocking his self-imposed deadline.

Brexit in 'purgatory' as parliament takes the heat With the complexity of a Brexit delayed but not denied to cover, Wednesday's British papers worked hard to make sense of UK prime minister's Boris Johnson's latest setback, with parliament bearing the brunt of the criticism.

The press have an unhealthy obsession with John Bercow In August this year, I found myself in the strange situation of meeting John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons. I was working with a promotions company at the Edinburgh Festival and I had to sort out tickets for him and his wife for one of our shows, Dead Ringers Live.

X22 Reports, October 22, 2019 Trump Reverses The Dynamic, Sets A New Economy In Motion – Episode 2001a The UK voted for the BREXIT, BJ now has to fight for the timing, he wants it by Oct 31 but the elite are pushing back,…

Brexit extension length let slip by Verhofstadt? MEP accidentally makes big admission So I make this offer to him tonight. "Work with us, all of us, to agree to a reasonable timetable, and I suspect this House will vote to debate, scrutinise, and I hope to amend the detail of this Bill. That would be the sensible way forward.

Brexit - What happens next? British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's dream of leaving the EU on 31 October with a Brexit deal has been dealt a serious blow, and he has told MPs he will now "pause" the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. So, what does this mean and what happens now? What is the Withdrawal Agreement Bill ?

Brexit talks ensure another see-saw session for the pound Sterling endured another roller-coasted ride on Wednesday as crunch Brexit talks continue in the hope of securing an eleventh hour deal.

Getting Brexit Done Let's deal with the usual guff that 'all politicians were out of touch and most MPs were Remainers' and that is why the House of Commons cannot reach a decision about how to get us out of the EU.

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