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Business School Trends for 2019 If you are interested in getting your MBA, there have been many changes to business schools and their programs in the past five years. It is beneficial to not only get as much information as you can on the programs that meet your criteria, but also on the business landscape.

Concern raised about customs staff numbers post-Brexit The Government has said that 600 extra custom officials will be in place by the end of the year to deal with the fallout of Brexit. A spokesperson for Tánaiste Simon Coveney said 409 trade facilitation officers will be in place by the end of March when Britain is scheduled to leave the EU.

As the Attorney General explores solutions to the backstop, how potent will Cox's codpiece be? The Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, has been tasked with coming up with a legal solution to the 'backstop' that the Government hope will persuade or bamboozle the DUP and Conservative backbench MPs into backing the Prime Minister's EU deal largely as it is.

A Love Letter to the EU I still remember the morning it happened, when I found out we were separating. We'd been together for quite some time, and - like all long-term relationships - we'd seen some vertiginous highs and some tumultuous lows. But for the most part, we were solid, we were steady.

Better agree No Deal now than accept the weakness and humiliation of the Withdrawal Agreement Approaching "no deal" at the eleventh hour, as we may well now be doing, is clearly not ideal. It would have been much better if we had spent the last two years negotiating the Canada+++ free trade deal which was the logical outcome of the 2016 EU referendum.

Brexit Republic Episode Twenty Eight What do defections to the Independent Group for Theresa May's Brexit negotiations? Will Middle Eastern leaders help their European counterparts find peace in Sharm El Sheikh at this weekend's summit? RTÉ's Europe Editor Tony Connelly and Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin discuss the latest as the sands trickle in the Brexit hourglass.

There's only one way out of this Brexit nightmare - revoke Article 50 Like all mutinies, it was driven by anger at authority rather than by a strategy for the future. To date, the consequences have been to deepen polarisation, but triumphant victory for either side is not the way forward. That there is no majority for any of the current options is entirely understandable: they are all awful.

Nicola Sturgeon seeks stronger alliance with Macron as she warns Brexit delay 'INEVITABLE' NICOLA Sturgeon insisted Britain "almost inevitably" will not leave the European Union on March 29 as she travelled to Paris to strengthen trade ties between Scotland and France.

UKUnity Please to support UK Unity on there demo outside Parliament - Say No Deal, We want WTO! UK Unity have organised a demonstration outside Parliament on Wednesday 27th February, 2019 at 2.00 p.m. until late. If you can attend, they would be delighted to see you.

Brexit: Theresa May eyes potential route out of negotiation deadlock in Brussels The outline of a potential compromise deal on Brexit has begun to emerge in Brussels with both sides now working towards a new route out of the deadlock.

Brexit meeting with Barnier WILL trigger EU 'concessions' - 'something is in the air' THIS round of Brexit negotiations could see “concessions” from the European Union on the Irish backstop issue, a Brussels reporter has claimed.

Liverpool MP Louise Ellman backs fight against antisemitism Labour MP for Liverpool Dame Louise Ellman has spoken out regarding the resignation of Labour MPs. In a statement released on Twitter, she hit out at the anti-semitic comments directed towards former MP for Wavertree, Luciana Berger.

We've upset Japan, China and Bangladesh this week alone - post-Brexit Britain won't have any trade links at this rate One of the many unintended consequences of Brexit is that "Global Britain" seems curiously friendless. We have proved remarkably inept at "taking back control" of our foreign policy, though the British fancy themselves as expert negotiators and diplomats.

Leeds student at the front of the fight against Brexit: OPTIMISED Leeds for Europe held an anti-brexit march on Valentine's day through the city centre of Leeds, with crowds of over 300 people. Adam O'Malley, a student at the University of Leeds, was a speaker at the rally. O'Malley, 20, from North West London, said: "You may have had a people's vote, but I didn't.

Now Brexit is even affecting SHARKS at the Blue Planet Aquarium Currently, all of the salt used in that process is imported from France because it is of the best quality and meets the centre's strict requirements. A spokesman explained where the problem lies.

Deal or No Deal Cobbled together over the course of the past two years, the 585-page deal structured the terms for Britain's departure from the European Union.

Will the pound strengthen if a Brexit deal is reached? Expert reveals latest BREXIT negotiations are currently ongoing, with Prime Minister Theresa May and EU chiefs not yet finalising a deal. While the negative impact of a potential no deal scenario have been well publicised, will the pound strengthen in light of a deal?

Brexit: EU president Juncker 'not optimistic' about prospect about avoiding no-deal outcome The president of the EU Commission has said he is "not very optimistic" that a no-deal Brexit can be avoided, following a meeting with Theresa May in Brussels. Jean-Claude Juncker said recent events had suggested there was "no majority in favour" of a deal the British parliament.

Donald Tusk: 'Hell' comment was to get Brexiteers' attention "Those who promoted Brexit, they did not in fact believe in their victory, so did not prepare themselves in the slightest degree for this victory," Tusk told Polish news channel TVN24 on Wednesday evening, without mentioning any of the Leave campaign's leaders by name.

Brexit SOLUTION: Copy Australia on trade and enjoy 'YEARS of economic growth' THE AUSTRALIAN High Commissioner has argued that the UK should seize the opportunity to trade with the rest of the world once it loses its “EU constraints.”.

Life After Brexit: Sustainability And The European Regional Development Fund Infrastructure and sustainable development projects in the United Kingdom benefiting from the European Regional Development Fund have been left with a sense of uncertainty as the Brexit date looms.

Andrew Cooper: Voters just want Brexit over with. Whether they like it or not, it won't be Nearly one thousand days on from the 2016 referendum and with March 29 - currently defined in law as Brexit Day, regardless of how unready we are - now a mere six weeks away, most voters want, more than anything else, just for Brexit to be over.

Brexit: Theresa May, a lonely PM, nears the Article 50 endgame "They must be worried." The odd sign of prime ministerial nerves is explained by the potentially painful challenge facing Mrs May next week. MPs are guaranteed a fresh Brexit vote next Wednesday.

Brexit: Japan trade deal will not be ready by deadline The UK won't be able to roll over an EU trade deal with Japan in time for a no-deal Brexit, Trade Secretary Liam Fox has said. It was one of the most important EU trade deals the UK hoped to replicate ahead of the 29 March withdrawal date.

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