Little Kids Kit

Conversation started by Adrian Banbury

Adrian Banbury • Aug 5, 2017

So, has anybody else purchased the new 'home little kids kit 17/18' to find that it looks like some sort of cheap knock off??

My son is 6 years old and apparently, according to customer services, won't be able to buy a home replica shirt (but can order the alternative one?!?) this season because of his size/age which is why I decided to purchase this kit. Today, the kit has arrived, my son is ecstatic (at this point he hasn't yet opened the parcel) and very excited by the prospect of wearing his new kit to the Madrid friendly tomorrow. He opens the parcel and his excitement starts to wane the moment he realises that something isn't quite right - why is there no 'American Express' written on the front?, where have the stripes at the bottom of the back gone?, and why are both the club badge and nike logo looking so cheap and nasty???

My son may only be 6 years old but surely he deserves to be able to purchase a 'true' replica kit!!

Come on the Albion, sort it out!!!

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