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Amanda Lawrence Pulls Big 265kg/584lbs At 84kg Bodyweight At 84kg/185lbs, powerlifter Amanda Lawrence deadlifts a huge 265kg/584lbs for a single rep… and it looked pretty heavy but she managed to power through to complete the lift. In her Instagram video post she wrote… Here's another video of Lawrence pulling some big numbers for reps after her 265kg deadlift.

6 Explosive Moves to Light Up Your Core and Scorch Your Lower Body But if you're short on time, you might not have the room in your routine to dedicate a specific workout to each one-especially as the weather gets nicer and the trails start calling. So a workout that targets both your core and your lower body at the same time may be just what you need.

Want to Tone Up Fast for Summer? Try These Bodyweight Exercises These bodyweight exercises can be done almost anywhere.

First pull-up – Top 7 tips how to finally achieve it If you're a beginner in body weight training or Calisthenics, completing your first pull-up might seem like a daunting task.Well, it doesn't have to be. With patience and targeted practice, the vast majority of people should be able to complete at least a few repetitions of this exercise within weeks.

Is Calisthenics The Next Big Fitness Trend? - Hong Kong Tatler Hong Kong calisthenics expert Timothy Skinner tells us why the bodyweight workout is worth taking a break from the dumbbells.

Pull Your Way to a Bigger Back With the Inverted Row Let Men's Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. and associate fitness editor Brett Williams guide you through the move's subtleties, saving you from the bad habits that are keeping you from unlocking your fitness potential.

Bar-Barians - Endurance routines Since every one of us has something to learn from the masters of this beautiful sport, I decided to share and include in the following section, some of the most common and yet best endurance routines created by the mighty Bar-Barians and in particular by the great grandmaster Devin Sousa a.k.a.

Podcast 77 // Ollie Marchon "You Have To Earn It" - School of Calisthenics We unpack all of that and much more as we get into what makes Ollie such an incredible and dedicated person and how he's cultivated his fitness philosophy that 'you have to earn it!" Follow Ollie Marchon on Instagram here. Find Marchon Athletic here. Find out more from the Stronger Coaches Academy here.

Frangipani Cup beckons for Murray Bridge calisthenics competitor Bridey Ramm A Murray Bridge girl hopes to compete at her first national competition in Darwin in September.

Bodyweight Exercises For Strong Legs The feel of a barbell in my hands is like no other, but while I love squatting, deadlifting, and snatching, lifting weights isn't the only way I strengthen my.

Can Play Really Help Your Progression? // School of Calisthenics We've previously talked about the benefits of play on our mental state as adults and the freedom from the stress of tirelessly working through a training programme in a quest to redefine our next impossible. We're hooked on the idea of play, having experienced the benefits ourselves with the play in our calisthenics training.

At-Home Workout For Women - Bodyweight I love bodyweight workouts; they're just so darn convenient. You can do them at home, and you don't need any equipment, which makes them practically excuse-proof. For this at-home workout, all you need to supply is a little motivation; once you get started, the momentum of the moves will pull you through.

School of calisthenics Podcast 76 // Movement and Strength Q & A In this Q and A we talk all things movement and strength, the two key pillars of our School of Calisthenics Framework. We cover our philosophy on why we believe it's important to have good movement as well as practical ways to develop strength as we answer your calisthenics questions on these two key elements.

How To Motivate Yourself Motivating yourself is a life skill. And the reason why you are having a hard time to motivate yourself for calisthenics, is because you need to change your idea of how motivation works. By using the rule you are going to learn in this post you will be able to motivate yourself even out of the most freezing cases of procrastination.

Calisthenics Commander Alvin Lee on Form and Fitness "These are all the things that people have said about me, and I choose to believe them because I can see the qualities in myself." Nate's Crest: You get up at 4.00am thereabout. Not many people consider themselves morning people, even though they get up at such ungodly hours.

Play is the highest form of research As we progressed in chronological age we transformed from a master of play and became a prisoner of constraint. It's sad that as 'grown ups' so many have lost the true sense of play and become creatures of habit.

Elbow Pain Treatment Compared to the lateral epicondylitis, the golfer's elbow targets mainly the flexor muscles of the forearm which can also lead the pain to spread out to the wrist.

Hotel Room Workout What: This variation of a pushup utilizes the edge of a bed, couch, or stable chair. Why: It is a great progression from a normal pushup because it adds in shoulder and core strength. How: Perform a pushup.

Podcast Episode 75 // Joureny to Mastering My Handstand - Alex Nino It was a pleasure having Alex Nino on the podcast to share his story that will resonate with lots of you as it did us! He's a fascinating guy with an amazing story to his life and training background.

Calisthenics for Beginners - The Top 10 Tips before you start out Check out the following top ten tips that will help you safely and comfortably enjoy your new workout adventure.

What does it take to get started? When Tony Robbins said this, he wasn't talking about calisthenics, but it couldn't have been any more true for Tim's and my calisthenics journey. Five years ago at the start of our calisthenics journey, we made the biggest step… we started! Back then we didn't have it all figured out; we had lots of questions and not many answers at the start.

Top 8 Handstand Benefits - Why You Should Do Them Daily We show you the top 8 benefits of handstands and why you should do them daily!

Total-Body Bodyweight Workout I'm a huge fan of weightlifting, but I also know the importance of giving your body a rest. Some days, that means doing nothing. Other days, it's trading in the barbell for a fun, upbeat cycling class, or going to yoga and stretching out your tight hips, hamstrings, and shoulders.

Podcast Episode 74 // What The School of Calisthenics Means to Us Ready to take a "deep dive" with us…? This week you're in for a treat as we share the interview we had as guests on the Freestyle Connection podcast with our good friend Carl Paoli. We've come to know Carl well over the last 18 months, having followed his coaching career for years and got to spend some time with him in London late last year.

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