Calisthenics Podcasts

A collection of the latest calisthenics based podcasts.

Episode 93 // Understanding Your PROGRESS with Coach Seth It's always great to hang out with the other coaches at the School of Calisthenics and it was awesome to have Coach Seth back on the podcast to talk about not just his own calisthenics journey, but also those who he's been coaching and helping to redefine their impossible. School of Calisthenics Podcast
How to Control Your Emotional Subconscious for Success in Fitness Most of your success in fitness comes from your deep-seated emotional subconscious. How you feel about the goals you're chasing or the methods your using has far more influence on your success than your actual workout or diet plan. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 92 // Maximise RECOVERY with SLEEP expert Nick Littlehales This week we are excited to have 'sleep expert' Nick Littlehales from to talk all things sleep to help improve our overall health and recovery. We really enjoyed this one as it goes far beyond a few quick tips to get a better nights sleep. School of Calisthenics Podcast
What Makes Your Workout Effective? An effective workout depends on a lot more than just using the optimal exercises and rep range. Details like that are important, but the true essence of an effective workout depends on something much more subliminal and subjective. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 91 // Functional Medicine - Dr Sally Bell This week on the podcast we are in for a real treat in term of learn more not just about nutrition but also our overall health and wellness. It was our massive pleasure to have the awesome Dr Sally Bell, a doctor trained functional medicine - where they take a holistic approach to understanding an individuals health. School of Calisthenics Podcast
Episode 90 // Case of Calisthenics - Is it the best form of training ever? Is calisthenics actually the greatest form of training? Do we have any proof? This week on the podcast we challenge whether calisthenics is in-fact the greatest form of training and Tim presents his "case for calisthenics" so you can join Jacko in the cross examination and make up your own mind! School of Calisthenics Podcast
Why Eating Right May Not Be Enough to Lose Weight When it comes to weight loss, there's no doubt a healthy diet goes a long way. After all, your diet makes up 50% of your calorie balance so it's certainly a very powerful influence in keeping your bodyfat levels in check. One of the most popular weight loss methods is to "eat right" which usually involves trying to only eat… The Red Delta Project Podcast
The Stress-Free Healthy Eating Manifesto Stress is the ultimate obstacle to a healthy diet. The more stress your mind and body are forced to endure the less healthy your diet is. Bear in mind, there's always some degree of stress with any disciplined approach in life. This is especially the case if you're looking to make some drastic changes to your daily habits. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 89 // Q & A - 60+ Years Old, Dealing with Injury & Handstand Help Back to the original form of the podcast, answering your questions. We also delve a little deeper into the three topics of; how old is too old for calisthenics, dealing with injuries and help for your handstand progress. School of Calisthenics Podcast
Podcast 88 // Breath for Mental Health with Richie Norton of The Strength Temple This week's guest is the awesome Richie Norton from 'The Strength Temple' who not only shares his deeply inspiring and emotional personal story of how he changed his life around from struggling with mental health issue with the use of breathing technique he's now developed to help others. School of Calisthenics Podcast
Is Volume or Intensity More Important for Building Muscle? This weeks episode of the Red Delta Project Podcast includes some of the top questions I've received this week. I cover the idea of undulating intensity, making progress with counter-productive influences, and looking at the importance of volume and intensity for building muscle. The Red Delta Project Podcast
My Top Tips for Fast and Sustainable Weight Loss Weight loss can happen relatively fast or slow depending on how you go about it. Essentially, the more effort and discipline you bring to your diet and workout program, the faster you can expect weight loss to occur. The downside to such fast weight loss is that it can be very stressful and increase the risk of weight rebound. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Podcast 87 // Handstands, more handstands and even one arm handstands with Jonathan Last If you like handstand, you're going to love this podcast episode and you'll love our guest Jonathan Last, who it's a pleasure to call our friend!So if you've not come across Jonathan Last yet on instagram, then you're not searching enough for amazing handstand photos. School of Calisthenics Podcast
Podcast 86 // High Performance Shoulders with Eric Cressey We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. Find out more here - School of Calisthenics Podcast
3 Ways To Prevent Your Workout From Becoming a Waste of Time These days everyone is busier than ever, and it's easy to push the workout off to the side with claims that you don't have time to get to the gym. It's not an excuse, most people legitimately don't have the time to workout. It's not because working out takes a lot of of time; it's because how most people approach… The Red Delta Project Podcast
3 Essentials for An Effective Training Progression Strategy Effective workouts don't happen by accident, and they sure aren't the result of luck. An effective workout also doesn't come from using the best equipment or an "optimal" workout routine. Instead, an effective workout comes from a simple, and clear, progression strategy. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 85 // Fitness, Mindset & Challenges with Brian Keane We believe calisthenics to be one of the most motivating forms of training that's not only good for you physically but also mentally. With this in mind, we were thrilled to invite Brian Keane onto our podcast to talk about fitness, mindset and challenges. School of Calisthenics Podcast