Calisthenics Podcasts

A collection of the latest calisthenics based podcasts.

Episode 82 // Strength & Conditioning coach, speaker and author - Phil Learney Phil Learney has been a prominent figure in Strength and Conditioning fields for close to 20 years.In this time he has established and continues to build a reputation based around his intelligent, observational and results based coaching. School of Calisthenics Podcast
How to Make Calisthenics More Effective For Building Muscle Calisthenics is fantastic for building muscle; provided you understand how to do it in an effective manner. One of the biggest obstacles people face with calisthenics, is the technical challenge involved with advanced exercises. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 81 // Generalist Vs Specialist - WeMove Magazine This week's podcast is more of a 'fire side' discussion rather than an interview of guests with the awesome guys from weMove.Chris and James that started weMove with a passion to learn more through movement and explore the worlds of movement, health and adventure connecting the dots towards living a complete human experience.They believe weMove... School of Calisthenics Podcast
The Benefits of Emotional Eating Emotional eating gets a bad reputation. Almost everyone I know is trying to do less of it or stop emotional eating altogether. I find the idea of not eating from an emotional foundation kind of funny. What are we supposed to do, eat without any emotion whatsoever?! The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 80 // Playing Outside The Line - Movement, Yoga, Mobility & Surfing with Michelle Drielsma This week we welcome Michelle Drielsma onto the podcast to talk all things S&C for movement, mobility, yoga and even surfing and how see uses a range of training modalities including calisthenics and bodyweight training to improve her clients ability to move, master their bodies and for the professional surfers how to master those waves too! School of Calisthenics Podcast
4 Tips to Make Training Fun Again Your training should be a positive and fun experience in your life. Sure, you'll have occasional workouts that are a bear to get through, but these should be the exception and not the rule. If your workouts are becoming a drag, it's time to make some adjustments to breathe the life back into them. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Epsiode 79 // National Circus Director of Training Glen Stewart It not often you get invited to the circus…!!! Meet Director of Training at the National Circus in London, Glen Stewart. We'd previously been down to meet Glen to broaden our awareness of coaching in different disciplines and cross share ideas of training to redefine someone's impossible! School of Calisthenics Podcast
Talking Next Level Strength with Al kavadlo The latest Kavadlo book, Next level Strength, is set to release in a couple of weeks and I had a privilege to sit and chat with Al Kavadlo about it! It was very interesting to learn the origins of why he, and his bother Danny, wrote this book. You would think that with all of the books they are written… The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 78 // Overcoming Obstacle with Ninja Warrior Olivia Vivian If you've followed us for only even a little while hopefully you'll know we are all about challenging ourselves to move in new ways and redefine our impossible whatever they may be, both physically and mentally! School of Calisthenics Podcast
Answering Your Muscle & Strength Questions of the Week I've been getting a lot of very good questions about building muscle and strength this week. Many of which are about my new Grind-Style Calisthenics program which you can learn more about here. So without further ado, let's get right into the questions of the week. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 77 // "You Have To Earn It" Fitness Philosophy with Ollie Marchon We often say 'we have a special guest' and probably use the term too often, so lets say this weeks exceptionally special guest is Ollie Marchon from Marchon Athletic, because he truly is one of a kind but from a different cloth… actually chiselled from granite!!! School of Calisthenics Podcast
How to Remove 5 Muscle Building Obstacles with Gring-Style Calisthenics Grand Style Calisthenics was created to make it as easy as possible for you to build muscle and strength. This is done by removing several of the biggest obstacles that stand in your way towards that goal. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 76 // Q & A Movement and Strength In this Q and A we talk all things movement and strength, the two key pillars of our School of Calisthenics framework. We cover our philosophy on why we believe it's important to have good movement as well as practical ways to develop strength as we answer your calisthenics questions on these two key elements. School of Calisthenics Podcast
Calisthenics for Martial Arts 4 - Things You Need to Develop Calisthenics and martial arts have long been training partners. It's even speculated that the development of martial arts and calisthenics happened right alongside one another. This is why I wrote the book, Bodyweight Training for Martial Arts. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 75 // The Journey to Master My Handstand - Alex Nino It was a pleasure having Alex Nino on the podcast to share his story that will resonate with lots of you as it did us! He's a fascinating guy with an amazing story to his life and training background. School of Calisthenics Podcast
Why Nutritional Recommendations are an Educated Guess It's natural to strive and search for solid answers when it comes to nutritional recommendations. There is a certain comfort and security that comes from hearing that you have to consume an exact number of calories or grams of protein each day. It helps you feel in control of your diet and this your health and fitness. The Red Delta Project Podcast
Episode 74 // What It Means To Us - Deep Dive on Freestyle Connection Ready to take a deep dive us us? This week you're in for a treat as we share the interview we had as guests on the Freestyle Connection podcast with our good friend Carl Paoli. We've come to know Carl well over the last 18 months, having followed his coaching career for years and got to spend some time with him in London late last year. School of Calisthenics Podcast