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Watercolor Easter Eggs & Crafts plus FREE Cut File Chasity @chiciscre8ive has been busying crafting and coloring Easter eggs and is going to show us a cute way to display them too! Even if you don't have or use a digital cutting machine for this cut file, there is a PDF included for you to trace and cut by hand.

Nuri İyem, ÜÇ ELTILER 01 Painting, Middle East Artists, with Footnotes, #16 Nuri İyem, was a leading figure in the Turkish painting and social-realistic art movement. Nuri İyem was born in Istanbul in 1915. During his childhood he used to paint walls with charcoal. Because of his father's job as a health official, İyem spent his childhood in various cities of Anatolia.

Calligraphy artist making 'wedding postponed' notices for her clients Joseph artist offering clients ‘postponed notices’ for free, says she has ‘lot of sympathy for these brides’.

25 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes to Bring Fun to Your Doorstep Stuck inside with nothing to do? Whether you want to learn a new craft, brush up on your cooking skills, or simply get in some pampering, subscription boxes are a great way to treat yourself and bring some entertainment into your home.

6. looped descender Descender means the part that goes down below x-height. In copperplate, there are two descender guide lines, each same height as x-height. Starting with letter j. j の 字からはじめてみます。. Same as i, go up light, and coming down with pressure,.

USF Week funds up in the air as CSI kicks off online events Next week, seniors would have been making some of their final USF memories by attending talent shows, a lecture from the University Lecture Series, celebrating Rocky the mascot's birthday and rocking out at the Bullstock music festival, all part of USF Week.

Research: Ancient Japan's red flying pheasant may have been an aurora Pheasants are traditional messengers from Heaven in Japanese folklore. So, what happened the day a giant red one appeared in the sky over that island nation? And, what was it? In the year 620 CE, a strange light, described in ancient texts as a red pheasant, appeared over the skies of Japan.

Announcing the Retirement of All Printable Mail Art Templates As a result, all printable mail art templates will disappear from the TPK Catalog on April 30th. Below, you'll find a list of all the mail art templates I've got. These sets will no longer be available after April 30th:. These three delightful envelope designs feature black and white fairytale-themed illustrations.

10 Japanese Cultural Activities and Games To Do with Kids Bring Japanese culture closer to home with these fun mix of activities featuring modern and traditional games that you can do with your kids. We also included resources for the Japanese language for anyone who wishes to learn at home.

Building skills while managing home and work Abhijeet Dhar, director of sales at CNN International and a frequent business traveller, is familiar with working remotely, but the blend of work, family and leisure in the same space is new for him. "I have picked up calligraphy. I've always wanted to do it and now with more time, it's given me a perfect opportunity to take it up.

Family Is a Choice As I am creating a calligraphy piece for each day this year, I have been playing with a lot of new tools and ideas. As I work it can be daunting to find new words for each piece, so I began a series using each niece and nephew's names and all the names in their families.

COVID-19 in calligraphy Clinical trials are underway using blood plasma from patients who recovered from COVID-19 infections. Their plasma would carry antibodies that could attack the COVID-19 virus.

My Birthday So my birthday just passed-it was this last Saturday, the 4th of April. This is why I did not post this weekend and are making it up this week. Now, I'm in one of the few countries at the moment who aren't on lock down from COVID-19, I'm extremely lucky in that area.

A new side to the holy city of Bethlehem Known for being the hometown of King David and the birthplace of Jesus Christ, the biblical-but-still-bustling little town of Bethlehem has a new miracle afoot: a renaissance of Palestinian culture and coolness.

Literary notes: Hafiz Mahmood Sherani's letters: packed with rare information PROF Hafiz Mahmood Sherani was a literary colossus. Though more famous for his theory of Urdu's origin that says that Urdu was born in Punjab and was derived from the Punjabi language, Sherani was a scholar whose real domain was research on Persian and Urdu literatures.

DIY Home Theatre Here was a fun last minute project that I did. In the craziness of this time, my husband and I decided to create a 'movie theatre' for the kids. We issued them tickets, had a snack bar and brought out some fun seating to make the night special. All this self-isolation has us parents getting super creative on ways to keep kids occupied and happy.

Year of Arabic Calligraphy extended into 2021 over coronavirus concerns RIYADH: The Ministry of Culture's Year of Arabic Calligraphy campaign has been extended into 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The decision was announced on Sunday in a tweet by the Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan.

Top 30 Logo & Branding Design Kits for Designers Looking for premium and free branding mockup templates? We have you covered with all the essentials and best bundles, available for free to download or at 30-50% off. Part of creating a brand is creating a story for your client and with the Magical Scene Creator from Lisa Glanz, you can build your very own creative world from start to finish.

Enjoy Ming-Na Wen Reading a Lovely MULAN Story - Nerdist Ming-Na Wen returned to her iconic role as Mulan to read us this gorgeous new kids book based on the iconic character, and it's the sweetest.

12 fun things you can do from home this Easter bank holiday Virtual tours, online experiences, quiz ideas and new hobbies - all the fun you can have this bank holiday weekend.

Morning Roundup: The Impact Of The 'Great Kite Bust' Of 1970 - DCist Plus, local grocery store worker dies of COVID-19, line-standing company pivots to new business, RIP Bobby Mitchell, and more news.

Great Classes in the DC Area for Those Who Want to Acquire a New Skill While at Home Now may be the time to learn how to knit, cook, or arrange flowers—while supporting a local business.

Blurring the lines between writing and art: A new exhibition features calligraphy in its many forms In ancient East Asia, both writers and painters used the same utensil - a paintbrush. And this shared practice led to the lines between what is considered art and calligraphy in Korea becoming blurred.

Fun and Games: Never Forget For week fourteen of our fifty week calligraphy challenge the prompt was to create something about fun and games. I thought about all the board games, card games and outdoor games we played as children. I had a hard time settling on just one.

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