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Retracing our steps… The force of the water coming in pushes the boat out into the middle of lock… ok if there is only the one boat inside but if a metal boat is roped up next to a plastic cruiser a lot of effort is needed to keep the boats close to the side and away from other boats.

Completely baffled by it. Oh, now I was completely baffled. Even Ian wondered what was going on. I crept nearer ready to stop if necessary but more frantic waving of the flag. Then a signal I did understand. His hand beckoning me to come forward. A light bulb moment as all became clear.

Sunshine, Solar and Dust! but all is not lost We woke up this morning and it was just a picture when we looked out of the window. We thought we would stay put and just enjoy the weather and also Del had loads of cleaning and painting he wanted to do, and lets be honest with this view why would you want to move.

Fueled by Ginger Buns. 13th September Sir Hugh Stockwell Lock to Lower Foxhangers Lock. The locks were being unlocked as we had breakfast. We'd no intention of being the first down the flight, but got ourselves ready should another narrowboat arrive that we could share with. According to Frankie volunteers would be about today, so we waited for signs of them.

Perfect conditions bring out the crowds at the BCBF Day one of the weekend Black Country Boating Festival and it's been perfect. Warm and sunny, but not hot and with little breeze. The punters flocked in, some of them playing the "boat race" game on the Boaters' Christian Fellowship stand outside our boat.

Cruising through GRASS???? The tall grass type that takes over a waterway if not checked In fact so bad had they encroached the channel that trying to see beyond was a 'hope the pointy end is still heading for the middle of the canal', scenario. The canal also bends so for those unaware, into the bank you could go!

Frost on my cratch… 14/09/2019. #narrowboat #boating Not a heavy frost, I'll grant you, but a frost this morning nonetheless. So that's it then. Polar bears at twenty paces. Mind you, frost on the cratch is better than pterodactyl poop, which is what the rear cover is now splattered with.

A day in the life of… Leaving Runnymede at 9:45 on Wednesday but we're not going far today… At Ankerwycke, opposite the Runnymede moorings there is apparently lots to see including the old ruins of St Mary's Priory a Benedictine Priory built during the reign of Henry II.

How to Grab an Early Bird Holiday Deal Want to save money by booking in advance? Are you searching for early-bird cheap narrowboat deals? Our online narrowboat holiday offers could be just what you're looking for. For seasonal businesses summer can be the busiest time; and those working in hospitality can rarely take a break at that time.

Flight Preparation. 12th September Horton Bridge to Sir Hugh Stockwell Lock 44. We allowed ourselves tea in bed this morning as we'd not got far to go. Tilly's Dutch Barge on closer inspection this morning was a touch rusty and in need of some TLC, but maybe she prefers boats worn in and a touch more organic than shiney.

Divided we Part We were up early again and after John and Louise had walked the dogs, and we had all had breakfast, we said our goodbyes and set off for the locks. We so enjoyed spending some time with them and had such a laugh. Looking forward to seeing them again hopefully later in the year.

BCBF: one day to go I've managed to find a moment to take a photo at last. This is where we are at Windmill End for the Black Country Boating Festival, where t…

Alvecote to Glascote to Alvecote Marina, 4.2 miles no locks Keith on Facebook……Jo on Facebook Paddy on Facebook……Marmite on Facebook: We set off this morning to Glascote, winded at the winding hole, moored up and walked to Aldi for a food shop. Everything fine so far, we returned to Hadar, and set off back to Alvecote, but we didn't get far.

The Long Damp Pound. 11th September Pewsey Wharf to Horton Bridge 134. We started off with just fleeces on, but progressed to waterproof jackets followed by trousers. Today was one of those damp days where if you don't look it sneaks up on you and really soaks you. Luckily we looked. Mick took the rubbish for a walk down the towpath to the services in the pub car park.

Quieter mooring! Keith on Facebook……Jo on Facebook Paddy on Facebook……Marmite on Facebook: This morning we temporarily breasted up alongside Brighton, it was a tad noisy the other side of the bridge hole as the railway line is very close to the canal!

Narrowboat Briar Rose As I had my breakfast this morning, a squirrel came along the towpath, stopped by the dinette window, and spent a few seconds just looking in. Not long enough for a photo though. It was beautifully sunny first thing this morning. At about 8am I went and set the top lock, which was only about a hundred metres ahead of the mooring.

Day of Surprises! We arranged to leave in the morning with John and Louise on n.b. Ploddin' Along at 9.00am. The weather wasn't brill but we took a chance and went for it. Again it was busy with boats as we made our way into Braunston. We needed to get rid of our rubbish from our BBQ and while we were there we topped up with water.

Will you walk into my parlour?' said the Spider to the Fly. #narrowboat #boating I didn't know whether to laugh or to regurgitate my supper. Sometime during the night last night - I have no idea when, except that it was dark - I got up to answer the call of the wild. Upon engaging the night-vision lights I noticed that a house-fly was catching up on some house-fly zeds on a very convenient surface.

Summer returns… The temperature on the roof of Still Rockin' on Tuesday morning The clouds came and went during the afternoon as we whiled away time on the back deck.

Across The Top. 10th September Crofton Top Lock to Pewsey Wharf. The Lockie arrived to unlock the top lock as we were making ready to push off this morning. C&RT say that the locks will be opened by 10am, this morning the chap informed us that they were all open and it was 9am. The pumping station pound was full and he'd wondered why nobody was moored there.

Edgbaston Tunnel I've been lugging stuff around the site here at Windmill End before the Black Country Boating Festival this weekend. There's quite a bit to…

Approaching 1m page views Landmark One Million page views approachingSeptember 2019 It's had to believe that the Captain Ahab Blogsite is about to reach its 1 millionth page view.

Hawkesbury Junction to Samuel Barlow, Alvecote Marina, 16.6 miles, 11 locks, 8hrs 35mins It was a slog down the Atherstone locks, due to a boat being bow hauled in front of us, took us 3 hrs to do the flight! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest.

Plodding to Onley We had a lazy start and Del even did some brasses before we left for Hillmorton locks. It was very busy here as only one of the two paired locks were open in the flight of three locks. Again the top pound was very low and even though there was a volunteer locky on it wasn't getting controlled there.

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