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We’re still here… The travels of NB SEYELLA on the canals and rivers of England and Wales The Trent is still up, around 4 feet higher at the entrance to Trent Lock than normal. There's no way we'd fit under the lock-tail bridge, even if we were prepared to tackle the very fast-running river past the entrance.

Red before white if you dont want the wrath of a lockie. 45 - We delayed our start hoping that we would be able to share the job of locking up the Stockton Locks We even waited at the bottom, and helped a boat to come… Day 10. Digbeth to Black Country Museum, Dudley. - Hello family, friends and followers.

Minerva Wharf to Black Country Living Museum 11 miles 22 locks. Keith on Facebook……Jo on Facebook Paddy on Facebook……Marmite on Facebook: New waters this morning, completing the Digbeth branch up the Ashted locks to Aston junction and the Birmingham and Fazeley, then main line to Gower branch, Wolverhampton level, to Black Country Living Museum.

NarrowBoat Ezri - Wood Stock. We maybe coming to the end of the winter time here on the canal, with the sun trying it's best to battle the wind and the rain. Yet even with the warmer weather on it's way out there is one thing never far from any boats mind. And that is the need for wood.

Improvements to canal towpaths provide traffic-free route into city centre The Trust says the scheme will make it easier for people to feel the health and wellbeing benefits of spending time by the water.

A Bit Soggy We had a few hours to kill yesterday and we needed to take Sydney out for his afternoon walk so we combined the two with a visit to a very soggy Castleton. The amount of water coming off the hills was awesome to see. Perhaps not so much if you live in the waterside properties though!

Berkhamsted to Cow Roast by narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal - Dailymotion Video Lots of encounters on the Grand Union Canal heading towards Cow Roast from Berkhamsted - not least of all the passerby who tried to steal my mallet. If you have any questions or comments put them below and we will do our best to answer them.

Better Is The Enemy Of Good. 16th March Our trip to York was still on the cards, just not by boat sadly. We've stayed in Goole to be near the train station to make our trip easier today. With rain forecast we tried calling for a taxi to take us to the station, but no answer came, so we braved it and walked.

When sorry seems to be the hardest word !! A motorbike post with a commentary on life and how sad it is at times ! Percy is my Pride and Joy My other passion - all my adult life is motorcycles. I've always had a least one on the road and when the kids were young I had a motorcycle and sidecar - at least at the age of 7 and 5 arriving at school in a motorbike combo was cool !

Canal in good shape as winter comes to an end Locks again will be free for recreational boaters, will operate extended hours in Niskayuna and Rotterdam.

2018 Cruise Summary…and flooding. This is just an overall summary - in reality, we'll have covered a fair bit more as there were multiple "out and backs" within the route. The "days" mean nothing as I just entered the points we passed through into the planner and suggested we'd only cruise 3 hours a day… it was only to create the map really.

Jobs To While Away The Time. 15th March Mick today asked where all the air is going to and when will we run out of it? We must have had all the air possible blow past us in the last week or so! Mick headed off to Boyes on a bike to buy some engine oil. The price in Boyes is good, but just a long way to transport it back to the boat.

We make a break and a drama at Lime Kiln Lock I could now see more of the brickwork showing in the lock. The river must have dropped by a further 3"….'Ian, get you backside in gear, we're going'! Sileby footbridge and that left-hand bend were not as traumatic as I had worried about. Ian was helming and took FS through and round as sweet as you like.

Old Bedford river campaign to re-open. Fenland waterways blog for canal boat articles the best routes to cruise on the river ouse and nene. Check boaters guide to whats on in Ely, Cambridge, Peterborough Huntingdon and more.

What To Do On A Windy Day. 14th March Another windy day, at times it actually felt more windy than when Gareth came through. Exol Pride set off at 7am, it'll be hard work going upstream, but easier than going downstream. Hope they got through the Don Doors before they were closed due to rising waters.

The North Wind doth Blow…the Froth off my Coffee. They forecast forty-odd mile an hour winds today, to go with the fifty-to-seventy odd mile an hour winds we've been having for the rest of the week. They also forecast intermittent showers. What they didn't forecast was the eight inches of mud everywhere and the highly probable chance of skidding off the towpath through it, into the cut.

Slaithwaite to Marsden on the boat - How that is so I've no idea but it took me… New lock gates - As usual after night shifts, I went to bed early and got up quite late. It was another blustery day with squally showers blowing through from time to time… More Stuff - I've been busy of late.

Catherine de Barnes to Minerva Wharf, Digbeth 8.9 miles 6 locks. Another windy trip today. Approaching Birmingham. Approaching Camp Hill locks. Looking back to Bordesley junction….

Good As Gold It has been a busy week from start to finish and little Sydney has been good as gold for us, even when we were busy decorating and didn't have time to play our usual after work games with him. He saw that we were busy and entertained himself until we were finished for the evening.

Rivers Up. 13th March Not as bumpy last night as it could have been. The wind still buffeted us about no end with the occasional downpour. Both of us managed to sleep quite well, the new macrame worked a treat. With the wind still going for it Tilly was grounded for much of the day.

Drilling holes in the boat I can confirm the steel on Percy is tough - apparently old British steel is better than the new stuff of today. How that is so I've no idea but it took me a little while to drill and tap half a dozen holes to fit the final stage of the revised charging regime aboard Percy.

Slaithwaite to Standedge Tunnel on Foot, in photos… Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest New lock gates - As usual after night shifts, I went to bed early and got up quite late. It was another blustery day with squally showers blowing through from time to time… More Stuff - I've been busy of late.

IWA Launches Vision For London Report AS THE number of boats on London's waterways continues to grow, The Inland Waterways Association has launched its Vision for London. This is an in-depth report that looks at the complex issues faced by the many different users of the capital's rivers and canals.

Day 5 & 6. Hold on tight. The Black Boy Inn, Knowle to Catherine De Barnes. Hello family, friends and followers. Well, what can I say about the weather? It is dreadful. Yesterday although windy, was sunny and we…

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