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Heathrow protest: #ExtinctionRebellion climate activists threaten to disrupt airport. - The Independent #Auspol #ClimateEmergency #ClimateElection #Au Extinction Rebellion climate change protesters are planning to shut down Heathrow airport on Friday as millions prepare to travel for Easter weekend. Messages sent via a Whatsapp group inform members the movement will be turning its attention to the aviation industry next, following five days of disruption in the capital.

Climate Change: The Facts review – our greatest threat, laid bare David Attenborough’s rousing, horrifying call to arms should do for climate change denial what Blue Planet did for plastic.

Is climate change reversible, is it the same as global warming and is it caused by humans? CLIMATE change has been a touchy topic of conversation more than ever before, and unless tackled quickly, it can destroy the planet we live on. But is climate change reversible and is it caused by humans? Here's what we know. Last year, Sir David Attenborough warned that climate change will destroy civilisation unless it is tackled quickly.

To Save Historic Ellicott City, Parts of It Must Be Destroyed After catastrophic storms in 2016 and 2018, the old Maryland mill town now faces hard choices on how to preserve its historic core and avoid future disasters.

Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 50 It's time once again for news and views that you can peruse! It's another edition of your Weekly Reader! As always, if you have something you'd like to share, drop a link in the comments! The more articles, the better! Because sharing is caring! So feel free to share away.

Bill McKibben on how we might avert climate change suicide On the phone from San Diego, where he was fundraising for his grassroots environmental organization,, McKibben spoke with Maclean's about how the human species may be able to survive its suicidal impulses. A: Canada's got some of the very best climate activists, experts and policy people in the world.

Trump policy of less safety and more offshore drilling is 'a recipe for disaster' Nine years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Trump administration is exacerbating the industry’s ‘systemic failures’, report warns.

Canada's Tar Sands Province Elects a Combative New Leader Promising Oil & Pipeline Revival What will Alberta’s incoming premier mean for carbon taxes, tar sands and pipelines, and how much can he reverse the industry's decline on his own?

Librarians archiving Alberta's scientific reports before change in government An Alberta librarian has been archiving much of the provincial government's online content - including studies on health, climate change policy and poverty reduction - to prepare for a change in government. Katie Cuyler, who is leading the project, is a public services and government information librarian at the University of Alberta.

Librarian rushes to archive Alberta's climate change data before change in government Government librarian Katie Cuyler says industry experts and academics have requested she begin ‘guerrilla archiving’ the kind of critical information that disappeared after the Trump and Ford administrations took power.

New York City to force buildings to slash greenhouse gas emissions New law aims for 40% cut by 2030 in city where buildings account for 67% of climate change emissions.

Climate protesters plan to disrupt Heathrow airport on Easter Friday Climate campaigners taking part in the Extinction Rebellion protests are planning to target Heathrow airport on Friday following days of demonstrations in London that have led to nearly 500.

Scotland Yard defends response to climate change protests Met comes under pressure to crack down on the Extinction Rebellion demonstrators.

Climate Change Dries Up Sacred Lake in Colombia The Sierra Nevada, along with being the "Most Irreplaceable Site for Biodiversity on Earth" according to the journal Science, is also the seat of creation for the Kogi people. The local population believes that if the rain-fed lake, Nakulindue - meaning Fountain of Life or Birth of Life - disappears, humanity will lose its fertility and vanish.

Drought news: No change in depiction for #Colorado In the Northwest, moderate precipitation falling on an unseasonably late mountain snow pack produced near - to record high stream flows in much of Oregon and southern Washington. Widespread precipitation, including mountain snows, fell across Idaho, Montana, northeastern Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

Giant tortoises migrate unpredictably in the face of climate change The tortoises often take the same migration routes over many years in order to find optimal food quality and temperatures. The timing of this migration is essential for keeping their energy levels high, and climate change could disrupt a tortoise's ability to migrate at the right time.

Sajid Javid calls for 'full force of law' against Extinction Rebellion protesters Home secretary asks police to be firm against demonstrators ‘disrupting the lives of others’.

US energy consumption hit a record high in 2018 — driven mostly by fossil fuels The US Energy Information Administration dropped some troubling new data this week: US energy consumption hit a record high in 2018 in large part due to the growing use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels provided 80 percent of total energy used in 2018.

The ancient memories trapped in the world's glaciers Then we have a favour to ask. Join your fellow readers and vote for us in the Webby Awards! It only takes a minute and helps support original, in-depth journalism. Thank you! Join 900,000+ Future fans by liking us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

Extinction Rebellion proposal inspired by Irish climate, abortion breakthroughs The protest group wants a citizens' assembly in the UK, following an Irish model that led to new political settlements on previously divisive issues. By Megan Darby. Read more on: Activism and campaigning - Climate justice - Climate Politics Activism and campaigning.

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Bogus Greenpeace claim that lost Russian polar bear is evidence of climate change Another day, another bogus starving polar bear claim from an environmental organization. Polar bear starvation is virtually never caused by climate change but apparently, Greenpeace thinks there are still some gullible folks out there who will believe anything they are told.

How My Predictions Panned Out A look at my predictions in yesterday’s Royal London Cup matches, some important links and some of my photographs.

Okanagan water grants used to respond to climate change The Okanagan Basin Water Board has approved more than $318,000 in funding to 17 projects that will help conserve and protect water in the valley while addressing the larger issues of climate change. Directors approved the Water Conservation and Quality Improvement grants at their last board meeting, April 2.

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