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Doomsday clock lurches to 100 seconds to midnight – closest to catastrophe yet Nuclear and climate threats create ‘profoundly unstable’ world as Mary Robinson warns climate inaction is ‘death sentence for humanity’.

100 Seconds I suppose that 100 seconds is 1 minute 40 seconds, a strange way to measure time but the reason why scientists now measure in seconds instead of minutes on the Doomsday Clock is because we are so close to Midnight which is the end of the World that minutes won't do anymore.

At Davos, UN chief urges 'big emitters' to take climate action The world is “doomed” in the face of climate change unless major industrial nations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, UN Secretary-General António Guterres told business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday.

Opinion - The Revolution Comes to Davos At the anti-capitalist capitalist event, radical sentiments erupt in unexpected places.

They’re not going away overnight’: RBC CEO says fossil fuels are necessary in shift to green economy The CEO of Canada's largest lender by assets said a lot of the anger and calls for an immediate end to fossil-fuel investment stems from a lack of a clear path to reaching global climate-change goals from the Paris agreement and attaining carbon neutrality by 2050.

Drought news: But D0 expanded in NE #Colorado, winter wheat is suffering and soils are very dry in SE Colorado This Week's Drought Summary. Pacific weather systems migrated across the contiguous U.S. in a fairly westerly jet stream flow during this U.S. Drought Monitor week. East of the Rockies, they tapped Gulf of Mexico moisture and dropped above-normal precipitation in a storm track that stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes.

Doomsday Clock Moved Closer To Doomsday Than It Has Ever Been The Doomsday Clock has been moved closer to midnight than ever before.

Big Business Says It Will Tackle Climate Change, but Not How or When In Davos, business leaders were newly vocal about the danger, though they gave few details about how they would reform their practices.

Fire raining on beaches, red skies and a billion animals killed: the new Australian summer - Brigid Delaney Climate change has stopped being something to argue about. When you breathe in the ash and feel the pain in your heart, you can no longer deny it.

Ignore the Fake Climate Debate The deniers and alarmists may make headlines, but behind the scenes, an expert consensus is taking shape on how to respond to global warming.

Derby staff and students given climate change anxiety therapy One student involved in the workshops said climate change makes her feel as though she is "not going to have a future". Dr Jamie Bird, who hopes to expand the sessions, said people suffer "climate grief" when seeing what is being lost.

Trump watered down environmental laws after BP lobbying, letters reveal BP successfully lobbied the Trump administration to dilute a key US environmental law, making it easier to build oil and gas projects with fewer checks on how they affect the climate. After BP’s.

Oslo court backs Arctic oil exploration in defeat for environmentalists Greenpeace says it will appeal to the Supreme Court, arguing oil exploration violates Norway's constitutional guarantees of a healthy environment. By Alister Doyle. Read more on: Arctic - Climate justice - Energy - Lawsuits - UN climate talks - Arctic - Greenpeace - Norway - Oil and Gas Arctic.

Scientists Say Paris Agreement Climate Goals May Now Be Unattainable By Alex Kirby for Climate News Network. The fevered arguments about how the world can reach the Paris climate goals on cutting the greenhouse gases which are driving global heating may be a waste of time. An international team of scientists has learned more about the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide − and it's not good news.

EPA fails to provide scientific evidence backing claim climate change damage was '50 to 75 years out' The Environmental Protection Agency in response to a Freedom of Information Act request did not provide any scientific evidence to back Administrator Andrew Wheeler's claims that the consequences of climate change were still “50 to.

Opinion: Ivanka Trump just wants Greta Thunberg to smile – why not? Oh Ivanka – I feel for her, I do. I look forward to the day when her and Melania are released from the pact they made with a sea witch and are able to tell us the truth about what they were really.

The lessons from historic preservation councils blocking solar panels Even though it's a bit of a sideshow - this isn't a lot of solar energy - there are lessons within it worth dwelling on and taking seriously, especially for those involved in conceiving, writing, and implementing climate policy. It shows why change will always involve a healthy amount of on-the-ground organizing and grinding.

AP Explains: How climate change feeds Africa locust invasion JOHANNESBURG - Locusts by the millions are nibbling their way across a large part of Africa in the worst outbreak some places have seen in 70 years. Is this another effect of a changing climate? Yes, researchers say. An unprecedented food security crisis may be the result.

Trump’s treasury secretary says Greta Thunberg should ‘go and study economics’ Is she the chief economist? Who is she?’ says Steve Mnuchin in dig at teenage activist.

Study Highlights Impact of Rising Global Temperatures on the Permafrost Region Permafrost can be defined as the perpetually frozen subsoil that occurs in the northernmost regions of Earth. Since the last Ice Age, permafrost has been gathering and preserving animal and plant matter. When some of this organic matter becomes decomposed, it naturally discharges carbon dioxide gas into the air throughout the year.

Humanity is closer to annihilation than ever before, scientists say Clock is now set to 100 seconds to midnight, experts announce.

Tax flyers to fund tree planting scheme, says new report Levy could fund tree-planting scheme, says Committee on Climate Change.

Global warming could have a negative impact on biodiversity generation processes In the current climate change scenario, an international team led by researchers from Pablo de Olavide University and the Autonomous University of Madrid has carried out research that suggests global warming could have a negative impact on the processes that generate biodiversity.

VoxEU: Central banks and climate change Central banks have been called on to contribute to fighting climate change. This column presents a framework for thinking about the issue and identifies so…

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