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ALARMISTS U-TURN : Scientists Confirm Great Barrier Reef Is Recovering From Bleaching, Again "WE need to get some broad based support, to capture the public's imagination… So we have to offer up scary scenarios,: make simplified, dramatic statements: and make little mention of any doubts…: Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest." - Prof.

Towards a Carbon Neutral Economy "We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality while growing a sustainable economy that improves the opportunities, life chances and wellbeing of every citizen of Scotland, and I am absolutely determined that this will be done in a way that is socially inclusive.

The Daily Dose: Trumpian intransigence continues denying scientific consensus on climate change It was a rough weekend for climate change concerns. Efforts to curb fossil fuel use at the United Nations climate summit in Poland took some serious lumps when the Trump Administration continued it…

Protesters disrupt US fossil fuel event at UN climate talks Innovative Technologies Spur Economic Dynamism," took place on the sidelines of the ongoing U.N. meeting in Katowice, Poland. After several minutes, the activists left the room chanting "Shame on you." Their actions mirrored a similar protest during a U.S.-hosted panel at last year's U.N.

Report: Edwards Aquifer at greater risk with climate change, population growth In light of a recent federal report on the potential effects of warming trends and climate change on the Edwards Aquifer, local authorities are studying ways to provide a sustainable water supply.

Dueling U.S. agendas as U.N. climate change summit enters crucial final week Has been an undeniable leader in past negotiations, this year its role is more unpredictable. So far, countries have not successfully reduced global emissions; the biggest climate pollutant, carbon dioxide, increased in 2017 for the first time in years.

2017's Extreme Heat, Flooding Carried Clear Fingerprints of Climate Change Some weather extremes are now 2-5 times more likely because of global warming, research shows. Without it, several 2017 events would have been virtually impossible.

Gov. Inslee's new climate plan nixes coal power by 2025 Along with Democratic lawmakers, Governor Jay Inslee announced his latest plan to curb carbon pollution in Washington state Monday, setting forth a 15-year itinerary with a range of changes that he hopes will result in 100 percent clean energy.

COP24: US, Russia, Saudis downplay IPCC report in display of disunity Delegation was instrumental in drafting thousands of words that ultimately became one of the most significant agreements ever to be approved by all nations on earth: the Paris Agreement on climate change. Saturday, at the end of the first week of negotiations at the 24th United Nations climate summit, or COP24, a very different U.S.

5 things the Trump admin has done that go against its climate change warning Since the Trump admin released a blockbuster report on Black Friday outlining the dire environmental and economic impacts of climate change, it has made a series of policy and diplomatic decisions that appear run counter to all of the warnings.

Net-Zero Energy Homes Pay Off Faster Than You Think-Even in Chilly Midwest At the forefront are custom builders who specialize in efficient houses and helped to create this market, people like Decker, 79, whose southeastern Michigan company, Decker Homes, is just across the state line from Toledo, Ohio. "It isn't just energy efficiency we're talking about here," he says.

Climate Change Mass Hysteria - A Case Study in Human Behavior Why Do People Believe in Man-Made Climate Change? I care about our planet just as much as the next guy. I separate my garbage, I drive only when I need to, and as much as I can, monitor my carbon-footprint.

Australia only nation to join US at pro-coal event at COP24 climate talks Country’s stance described as ‘a slap in the face of our Pacific island neighbours’.

Pro-climate demonstrations in Poland This 10 December 2018 video says about itself:. This 10 December 2018 video says about itself:.

Tornado Quest Top Ten Science Links For December 3 - 10, 2018 We've had quite an interesting start to December across parts of North America with severe weather episodes from Texas and Oklahoma into Illinois. Fortunately, there haven't been any crippling winter storms that have left lasting effects in their wake.

The problem with beach nourishment But researchers discovered that coastal defense schemes like beach nourishment may ultimately do more harm than good by providing a false sense of security in critically eroding areas.

Don't use protests in France to curb climate ambitions: French officials KATOWICE, Poland - Governments should not use the violent protests in France that were sparked by a carbon tax increase as an excuse to stem policies to curb global warming, French officials said on Monday.

Can the 'Green New Deal' deliver 100% renewables? That depends, researchers say. How soon? Who's willing to pay? And what about other forms of low-carbon power? When asked about a national U.S. grid that runs solely on renewables and other low-carbon sources, experts say big shifts are possible - with enough money and political muscle.

Trump Says Paris Climate Accord 'Isn't Working Out So Well For Paris' As Riots Engulf The City Trump Says Paris Climate Accord 'Isn't Working Out So Well For Paris' As Riots Engulf The City. Superforest, Climate Change. From The Daily Caller. Michael Bastasch - Energy Editor.

Study Connects Climate Change to Mass Extinction While Trump Promotes Fossil Fuels at Climate Conference More bad news about the planet.

More glaciers in East Antarctica are waking up Now, new detailed NASA maps of ice velocity and elevation show that a group of glaciers spanning one-eighth of East Antarctica's coast have begun to lose ice over the past decade, hinting at widespread changes in the ocean.

Weekly ECN Newsletter / Bulletin Insert: Green Christmas Trees, and the Rev. Rob Mark on Advent This week's green-living tip is to pick a green Christmas tree, and our quote is the Rev. Rob Mark on the link between Advent and climate change. Think having a green corner in your parish newsletter or bulletin is a great idea, but don't have time to research or write one?

In 200 years, humans reversed a climate trend lasting 50 million years, study says What do scientists see when comparing our future climate with the past? In less than 200 years, humans have reversed a multimillion-year cooling trend, new research suggests.

Climate change has created mutant Japanese pufferfish Warming seas have led to hybrid species of fugu, which may pose a greater risk to diners.

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