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Can religious leaders help keep Kabul's water flowing? So, the city administration has turned to an unlikely yet influential group of people for help: religious scholars and imams. Preaching for the future. Kabul's authorities invited hundreds of religious leaders to take part in a four-day water conservation workshop, on the basis that they would then spread the word in their communities.

Trump picks former Monsanto executive to lead U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service The selection of Aurelia Skipwith, who worked at Monsanto for six years, to head FWS carries on a Trump administration trend of filling top environmental regulatory positions with officials from companies regulated by the agency. If confirmed by the U.S.

Winners and losers of the American wildfire pandemic Massive wildfires are taking a toll on communities throughout the American West, destroying homes and communities. Some people, however, have made a business model out of it. But is this playing with fire?

Austin is running out of H2O As historic flooding continues in Texas, the officials of Austin have urged residents to lower their water consumption by at least 15% in order for water treatment plants to catch up with the demand from overflowing lakes supporting the region's tap water according to an article from CNN.

Labor opposes plan to indemnify new coal plants and warns it could cost billions Federal opposition calls it ‘an extraordinary waste of taxpayers’ money’ and issues warning to energy sector.

The Trudeau government is right to impose carbon pricing But quibbles aside, the Liberal government is firmly on the right side of what is shaping up to be one of the main issues in next fall's election, perhaps the defining issue. The Trudeau plan isn't a comprehensive solution to tackling climate change; in fact, no one ever pretended it was.

Here's what you need to know about Trudeau's carbon price plan The prime minister unveiled how Canadians in four provinces — including Ontario — will get rebates for the tax on fuel consumption that is part of the Liberal government’s climate change plan.

How B.C. proposes to roll back industry self-regulation It's no secret British Columbians have little faith in the province's system of 'professional reliance' - an arrangement that essentially outsources government's responsibility to enforce environmental regulations to industry. It is enough of a concern in the province that the B.C.

Primaloft Launches First Ever Biodegradable Insulation On Tuesday, New York-based Primaloft announced its new Bio insulation, a 100 percent recycled synthetic that the company claims fully degrades once it gets relegated to the dump. Bio began at a brainstorming session in 2014. The company was trying to figure out a way to make its insulation fibers more resistant to shedding in the wash.

A Missed Shot Is climate change being conducted well, are we too arrogant? This is an opinion essay upon a normal conversation these days, a crisis that we are in, global warming. It is true that this only covers one opinion, from one perspective, and sometimes exaggerated.

New Climate Report Was Too Cautious, Some Scientists Say Climate report released this week had some stunning revelations, claiming that the 2020s could be one of humanity's last chances to avert devastating impacts. But some say its authors were being too cautious.

'Tremendously Wet' Storms: Bad for Homeowners, Great for Mold After a hurricane or tropical storm, mold, which can cause health problems, spreads easily in flooded homes and is difficult to remove.

Changing climate forces desperate Guatemalans to migrate Drought and shifting weather are making it difficult for many small-scale farmers to feed their families, fueling a human crisis.

Redrawing the Map: How the World's Climate Zones Are Shifting The eastern half of the U.S. was about 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer during the second half of the study, making it likely that climate had something to do with the move. The general link between weather and tornadoes is fairly well established. Tornadoes need several things to form, including warm, wet, buoyant air and high wind shear.

In Many Schools, 'Climate Change Is Playing Catch-Up' If the world doesn't make "rapid" and "unprecedented changes in all aspects of society," a UN report warned this month, the effects of climate change will be dramatic and far-reaching - and not in some distant future, in the next 20 years.

Ottawa to return 90% of money it collects from carbon tax to the Canadians who pay it OTTAWA - The federal government will return 90 per cent of all the money it collects from a carbon price directly to the Canadians. But it has pushed back the start date of its new carbon tax another four months to allow the affected provinces to prepare.

Why Brazil's Bolsonaro Is Giving Environmentalists Jitters "What does Brazil get? Absolutely nothing," Garcia says of the Paris agreement. The soybean sector, for instance, has had a moratorium on deforestation for 10 years but still managed to significantly increase productivity and vies with the U.S. as the world's biggest exporter of the commodity.

Watch: Finding common ground on the environment in a partisan political climate October 23, 2018 - From the Paris Climate Agreement to the Clean Power Plan, environmental issues - and contentious debates about them - have been front and center in the Trump administration. Individuals on both sides have dug in their heels, and there's little appetite for finding common ground.

No more 'false promises' to coal regions - Exelon CEO Chris Crane, president and CEO of Exelon Corp., yesterday called on energy companies to support grassroots demands on Washington for climate action through policies aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Speaking to a Brookings Institution forum, Crane - who leads the largest U.S.

Economy, healthcare and climate change - Sask. gov leaders lay out session priorities The premier added touting Saskatchewan's climate plan, Prairie Resilience, and opposing the federal carbon tax will continue to be front and center.

How One Climate Reporter Helps Readers Care About Kelp Most people don’t think about kelp — but its destruction because of climate change is a big deal. So I looked for a human story to turn the science into a narrative.

Supreme Court Intervenes in Children's Climate Change Court Case Supreme Court Intervenes in Children's Climate Change Court Case. Superforest, Climate Change. Guest essay by Eric Worrall. Justice John Robert of the US Supreme Court has stepped in and temporarily halted the Children's Climate Lawsuit, pending resolution of a Government application to have the case dismissed.

How thinking like a geologist could help us fight climate change Bjornerud is a geologist at Lawrence University in Wisconsin and the author of Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World.

Recent Read: "Young People Are Suing the Trump Administration Over Climate Change. She's Their Lawyer." Fascinating read in New York Times by Jason Schwarz on Julia Olson, the lead attorney on a long-shot lawsuit by young people against the Federal government for lack of action on climate change. Some highlights:. The climb and return, which she can power through in an hour, is a head-clearing ritual for Ms.

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