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Philippine bill seeks to grant nature the same legal rights as humans Those are the questions underlying a push by environmental activists and lawyers in the Philippines to expand legal protection for the environment, strengthen indigenous people's rights over ancestral domain lands, and hold individuals, government and corporations accountable for environmental abuses and lapses.

On Peru's border, the Tikuna tribe takes on illegal coca growers They took out a drone, which they've learned to use with the help of the Rainforest Foundation US, a New York-based NGO that has trained them in the use of this and other technologies, and turned it on to show the deforestation. Almost 300 square meters of forest had been lost.

Sao Paulo shrouded in darkness as Amazon rainforest continues to burn According to Global News meteorologist Ross Hull, a few factors came together at "just the right moment" to place Sao Paulo under a shroud of darkness. WATCH: Wildfire consumes woodland near Turkey's third largest city. "A frontal boundary which helps to create lift and condensation was the catalyst for thunderstorms to move in," he said.

Scared of the Road, Cyclists Are Migrating to Dirt Bicyclists are dying on our streets, and, if you hadn't noticed, people are pissed off about it. The statistics are grim: in the U.S., 2016 was the deadliest year for cyclists in a quarter century. In 2018, fatalities jumped 10 percent over 2017.

The Case Against Paper Straws Plus, paper straws are still a single-use, disposable consumer item-a greener option, but not a green one. Making a paper straw requires growing a tree, cutting it down, and pulping and pressing it into a tube. Manufacturers then use fossil fuels to ship the straws to stores and cafés.

'Invisible' crisis of water quality threatens human and environmental well-being: World Bank report - UN News #auspol #qldpol #ClimateEmergency #StopA Deteriorating water quality worldwide is slashing the economic potential of heavily polluted areas, according to a new World Bank report, released on Tuesday. It also warns that the "invisible crisis of water quality" is threatening human and environmental well-being.

Arachnoday Once a very rare find at this place, so rare that I had to look it up to be sure but the typical zig-zag band and the lack of the quite distinct body-lobes of Argiope lobata gave it away. I don&#82…

Climate change 'could expose more ancient monuments and ruins' A prehistoric forest, a 150-year-old shipwreck and monuments have all been uncovered.

It's time for Russia to reshape plans for Arctic shelf, says Deputy Premier The deputy prime minister with responsibilities for far eastern and Arctic developments has written a letter to President Vladimir Putin where he calls for a major reshuffle in the country's Arctic shelf program. According to Trutnev, the current state of affairs on the shelf «does not promote economic development in the country.».

California's disappearing sea snails carry a grim climate warning The red abalone is dying off as its food source—the California kelp forests—are decimated. Experts fear the die-off may be a sign of what’s to come.

How Copenhagen plans to reach carbon-neutral status in just six years Six years ago, the city of Copenhagen set the goal to become the first carbon-neutral capital in the world, shrinking energy use as it shifts to renewable energy and produces enough extra green power to offset other remaining emissions.

Tesla Announces Option to Rent Solar Panels Tesla announced it is launching a new option for homeowners to rent a rooftop solar system for as low as $50 a month. With no upfront installation costs or long-term contract, analysts say the move could help boost solar panel adoption in the United States, particularly among homeowners who have previously balked at the cost of solar systems.

Greta Thunberg Sets Sail for America Amid Rising Tide of Criticism The teenager - whose fame can be measured by the fact that she is almost always referred to by her first name only - has become a lightning rod for criticisms that are likely to intensify when she arrives in the more politically charged U.S. for next month's U.N.

The East Coast is sinking under water—this photographer is documenting it as it disappears In “On the Edge, ” photographer J. Henry Fair shows how sea-level rise is slowly eating away at coastal communities and landscapes.

In Nepal, Out-Migration Is Helping Fuel a Forest Resurgence An exodus for jobs abroad has played an important role in the reforestation of Nepal, as rural people leave and workers send money back to their families, reducing reliance on the land. Migration has had unexpected benefits for forest recovery in other nations as well.

Harris to appear in CNN climate town hall after backlash The California Democrat was hammered by environmental groups, including the Sunrise Movement, after Harris was the only one of nine initial Democrats invited to the town hall who did not confirm her attendance.

Tuesday's Daily Brief: water quality crisis, Yemen and Libya updates, Venezuelan children appeal, ocean protection This Tuesday, we cover: new report on water quality worldwide; Yemen envoy briefs the Security Council on Aden; intensifying clashes in southern Libya; UNICEF appeals for increased aid for Venezuela youngsters; and UN negotiations continue over a new ocean protection agreement.

UK shale gas reserves may be fraction of what is claimed - study Research by the University of Nottingham found that early estimates may have exaggerated the UK's shale reserves up to sixfold. Last week government officials hinted that a review could be launched looking into loosening UK limits on fracking because shale "could be an important new domestic energy source".

Recycling Cancelled in Jackson, MS - Climate Action Washington - It's alarming to learn that Jackson, MS has cancelled it's curbside recycling program with Waste Management effective September 1, 2019, claiming that there aren't enough residents recycling to continue paying the cost. Why does Jackson allow residents not to recycle?

Eat British Beef The recent IPCC report on climate change has spawned a host of nonsense about agriculture. The most laughable news has been the decision by Goldsmiths University to ban beef from its campus food outlets.

'The Handmaid's Tale' Is Trying To Warn You About Climate Change The Handmaid's Tale is full of warnings. More than three decades after its 1985 release, Margaret Atwood's dystopian story has re-entered the zeitgeist, thanks to an acclaimed Hulu series and an anticipated sequel, The Testaments, due in September.

Earth's future in being written in fast-melting Greenland Helheim Glacier, Greenland - This is where Earth’s refrigerator door is left open, where glaciers dwindle and seas begin to rise.

Science Policy Around the Web August 20th, 2019 According to government records, the percentage of smokers in the U.S. has reduced from 40% of the population in the 1960's to 14%. Despite this dramatic decrease, approximately 480,000 people in the U.S. die each year from diseases directly related to smoking.

Climate change: Greta Thunberg school strikes began a year ago The Fridays for Future protests were started by the Swedish teenager and environmental activist. Now thousands of students around the world are part of her campaign.

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