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Climate Change Skeptics Cause Problems for Climate ActivistsMore jobs can be created for the poor when we reuse reduce and recycle more.

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The unequal impact of heatwavesIts raining as I write, bringing a welcome dose of cool air after several days of high temperatures.

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'This is a wake-up call': How will pro cycling address its own climate crisis?Cycling may have strong green credentials but at elite level the sport's relationship with the environment is vexed.

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Fight For Planet AI apologise in advance to my international readers but tonight's post is about a new television program which was launched in Australia on Tuesday evening. While it focuses on Australia, the necessity for every one of us to reduce our carbon footprint is real, regardless of where we live.

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Supertrawler fishing time in UK Marine Protected Areas almost double 2019 total in first 6 months of 2020Supertrawler operations in the UK’s protected areas have risen significantly every year since 2017. In 2017, supertrawlers spent just 475 hours fishing in UK protected areas, compared to 5590 hours in 2020.

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Global WarmingBaghdad’s record heat offers glimpse of world’s climate change future Baghdad hit 125.2 degrees on July 28, blowing past the previous record of 123.8 degrees — which was set here five years ago — and topping 120 degrees for four days in a row.

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EPA Expected To Undo Methane Leak Rule For Oil, Gas IndustryPresident Donald Trump's administration is expected to undo Obama-era rules designed to limit greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas fields and pipelines, formalizing the changes Thursday in the heart of the nation's most prolific natural gas reservoir and in the premier presidential battleground state of Pennsylvania.

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A new advisory panel on climate change starts work at DRBCHere in the Delaware River Basin, we have some unique challenges. This basin is prone to droughts and floods.

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Paddle protest at Marsh Creek Lake calls for Mariner East shutdownAs cleanup crews worked to remove thousands of gallons of drilling mud from a Chester County lake on Wednesday, residents gathered to protest the Mariner East pipeline project, citing a litany of environmental damage.

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An Open Letter to my MP about Climate Change and De-Carbonizing TransportI have just sent an e-mail to my Member of Parliament regarding the submission I made two weeks ago in response to the UK government's consultation on "de-carbonizing transport".

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Lake Hughes and other wildfires have destroyed more than 60,000 acres across three states and are spreading rapidlyChat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

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Beer unsold during Australia's COVID-19 lockdown has been turned into renewable energyWhen Australia's coronavirus lockdown forced bars and restaurants to shut down in March, breweries were left with huge inventories of unsold, stale beer.

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KSAT Explains: The science and impact of climate changeIn this week’s episode of KSAT Explains, which can be streamed on the video player above, meteorologists Kaiti Blake and Sarah Spivey examine how climate change is affecting Texas, how you can reduce your carbon footprint and how this issue became such a political one.

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Hayley Book, the state's lead in joining a regional carbon reduction program, is nominated to the Public Utility CommissionMs. Book is currently serving as a senior advisor to the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection,.

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Mariner East Construction Spills 10,000 Gallons of Drilling Mud into State Park LakeSunoco's Mariner East pipeline construction spilled 10,000 gallons of drilling mud into a lake at Marsh Creek State Park in Chester County.

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Billions for Biofuel Industry, and a Lobby Job for Rep. Neal's SonAfter months of lobbying, the industry found a champion in Neal, the powerful chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.

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Federal PAC Donations Show Ohio Valley Lawmakers Raked In Thousands From Utility FirstEnergyLawmakers from across the Ohio Valley have received nearly half a million dollars in campaign contributions from 2019-2020 from a political action committee associated with FirstEnergy Corp., the electric utility implicated in a $61 million bribery and racketeering scheme related to Ohio’s controversial energy bill that bailed out several...

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KittiwakesI was lucky enough to see a large colony of kittiwakes in Scotland. These birds are highly effected by changes in fish stocks and have unfortunately been badly effected by climate change and overfishing.

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After More Than Two Decades, Landmark New York City Watershed Protection Plan Is WorkingThe investments in high-quality source water have been a relative bargain for the city. Together, these program components have forestalled the need to construct a water filtration plant, estimated to cost up to $10 billion, plus annual operating expenses of several hundred million dollars.

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Green shift urged to revive Brazil's economy and shield Amazon forestsPublished on 13/08/2020, 11:00am President Bolsonaro could rebuild the economy faster after Covid-19 by making low-carbon growth a pillar of recovery, international study says.

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A Fabric That Can Keep You Cool in the Summer  Without the A/CWe all use A/Cs. We have them in our schools, at our homes, in our cars, and in so many other aspects of life, theyre practically indispensable.

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Are More Car-Free Streets in N.Y.C.'s Future?The tension between "those who see cars as evil and those who see cars as essential" intensifies as social distancing puts a premium on space.

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Climate change: Activist aims to bring India's tribal wisdom to living sustainablyArchana Soreng, 24, a member of the Kharia tribe from the remote village of Bihabandh in India's Odisha state, in late July was selected as one of seven youth advisors on climate action to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

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With the Biden-Harris Ticket, Environmental Justice Is a FocusClimate change leaders said the choice of Harris signaled that Democrats will try to ensure that communities burdened by pollution would benefit from a transition to clean energy.

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Gleick: What's Not to Like?If there is something that the climate change debate is certainly not lacking, it is ad hominin, for whilst it is universally disapproved of it is also ubiquitous to the point of being de rigueur....

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Last decade hottest on record: Clock is ticking on climate change, world at a crossroadsGlobal warming is a truly complex and global problem and responding to it will now not only require mitigation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but adaptation measures as well.

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How Bubbles Can Help Pollinate PlantsIn the natural world, bees are an integral part of almost every terrestrial ecosystem. They help pollinate plants, providing an essential service, that, if they were to disappear overnight, would cause an almost immediate collapse of global ecosystems.

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Hot summer heat and What does it mean for our future?This summer has been difficult for me to live through with wildly fluctuating temperatures, here in the UK.

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Calling time on UK's ageing nuclear power plants13 August, 2020 - Local authorities demand the closure of all the UK's ageing nuclear power plants to protect both safety and the economy.

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Arctic permafrost is thawing, as the region experiences unprecedented heatIn June, the Russian Arctic reached 100.4F, the highest temperature in the Arctic since record-keeping began in 1885.

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Great Barrier Reef envoy Warren Entsch urges fellow Liberal MPs to do more on climate changeQueensland MP writes report urging Coalition to increase efforts to reduce emissions, especially in Covid-19 recovery response.

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Flooding might have damaged Bort Koreas nuclear reactor siteNorth Korea nuclear reactor site threatened by recent flooding, U.S. think-tank, Josh Smith 12 Aug 20SEOUL - Satellite imagery suggests recent flooding in North Korea may have damaged pump houses connected to the country’s main nuclear facility, a U.S.-based think-tank said on Thursday.

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No More Dams in the Murray-Darling!In response to regional water shortages, New South Wales is fast-tracking plans for construction of four new dams, one in the headwaters of the Lachlan River and three in the upper Barwon-Darling system.

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When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses*&Nobody could reasonably expect business alone to fix the pandemic. Nonetheless, some investors under the banner of “impact investing” argue that business alone will be able to fix the other big problems ailing the global economy, such as climate change or global female literacy, without sacrificing commercial returns.

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Carbon dioxide levels over Australia rose even after COVID-19 forced global emissions down. Here's whyShutterstock Zoe Loh, CSIRO; Helen Cleugh, CSIRO; Paul Krummel, CSIRO, and Ray Langenfelds, CSIRO COVID-19 has curtailed the activities of millions of people across the world and with it, greenhouse gas emissions.

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Extreme weather causes emergency shutdown of nuclear plant in Iowa'Derecho' storm causes Cargill plant closure, emergency shutdown of nuclear plant in Iowa The storm caused crop damage and outages throughout the Midwest Star Tribune, By Mike Hughlett Star Tribune, AUGUST 12, 2020 — A violent storm that tore through Iowa on Monday caused an emergency shutdown at a nuclear power plant near Cedar Rapids.&.

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Wind, solar generate 10% of world electricity, doubling share since 2015Published on 13/08/2020, 8:26am Coal falls to 33% of electricity generation in the first half of 2020, hit by declines in US and EU as Covid-19 cuts world power demand.

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Which countries have not ratified the Paris climate agreement?Published on 13/08/2020, 8:00am More than four years after the Paris Agreement was adopted, eight of 197 signatories have not formally backed the deal.

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Asia faces $4.7 trillion labour loss by 2050 due to climate change, McKinsey warnsThe loss of outdoor labour could shave off 7% to 13% off GDP in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Last decade was Earth's hottest on record, exposing grim reality of climate changeCNN)A new report released Wednesday details how 2019 was another year of extremes for Earth's climate, adding to a litany of evidence exposing the grim reality of our warming world.

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‘Biblical' thunderstorms are further evidence of climate change and the ‘new norm', says Fife weather enthusiastThe "Biblical" thunderstorms that battered Fife and Tayside on Tuesday night are further evidence of climate change with freak weather "becoming the norm", according to an amateur Fife weather enthusiast who recorded record rainfall and lightning strikes during a sustained overnight period.

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Continued Climate Change Will Lead to Future Flooding in SoCal, UCLA Study SaysBy the 2070s, global warming will increase extreme rainfall and reduce snowfall in the Sierra Nevada, delivering a double whammy that will likely overwhelm the...

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Fear Shoots: After the FiresMissing Crowns. Where the fires have crowned the sites resemble sites of bomb damage. It is as if the sheer explosive force of the fuel-load - and has ripped through the landscape leaving only black, spindly tree remnants.

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Moderate Tories join greens to call for fossil fuel car ban by 2030The recently reformed caucus of centrist Conservatives has called on ministers to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles as part of a comprehensive green policy report aimed at bringing the UK in line with the official advice of the government's climate tsars.

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Health boss calls for residents to help tackle climate changeThe news comes after Waseem Zaffar, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust board member, said at the latest meeting it would be "highly ambitious" for the region to be Carbon-neutral by 2025.

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Carbon Reduction Action Groups, Part TwoSome of last weeks CSA produce. Have you ever seen a purple pepper before? Or purple potatoes?

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Review: Summer by Ali SmithAli Smith’s Seasonal quartet is over. What a journey, and what a time for it to end.

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Climate Change Tracker: India's Uneven Monsoon RainfallDue to global warming, the trend of extreme monsoons with long dry spells alternating with very heavy rains is here to stay.

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The World Has Reached Decision Time on the Climate CrisisBill McKibben writes about BP's plan to cut oil and gas exploration; the collapse of the world's largest ice shelf on Ellesmere Island, in Canada; and the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill in the United Kingdom, interviewing Sarah Lunnon.

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Climate crisis: Last decade was hottest on record as global warming accelerates2019 was one of one of three warmest years in recorded history.

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Arctic mine signs giant copper contract with a green touchA clean production cycle is highlighted as the German smelter Aurubis enters agreement to buy the full production of copper concentrate for the first ten years of operations at Nussir mine in northernmost Norway.

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Hunger Strike Ends, but Old Growth Battle Just Beginning, Say ProtestersLack of response from government led Nanaimo duo to give up fast after two weeks.

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Joe Sacco Shows Whats Been Taken from the North  and What RemainsIn Paying the Land, the renowned artist and journalist brings the words of the Dene people to an international audience.

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Paper maze and lack of transparency cloak investment in companies involved in Amazon deforestationLack of transparency prevents individual investors to know where their money is going to and allows majors investors to cloak their contributions to meatpackers who operates in the Amazon.

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We Can't Fight Climate Change Without ChinaThe Democratic Party's 2020 platform echoes President Trump's hawkishness on China. That's a mistake.

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Bond star Naomie Harris backs new Extinction Rebellion climate change filmBritish actress Naomie Harris and musician Brian Eno have teamed up to produce a short film backing calls for urgent action to slow climate change, in support of civil disobedience campaign Extinction Rebellion.

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London schools could close when temperatures hit 30C under new guidanceLesson times should be brought forward to avoid hottest part of day during heatwaves, Sadiq Khan's office recommends in new guidance aimed at adapting capital to impacts of climate crisis.

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Dmitry Versus Goliath: Environmentalism in Russia's Far EastOnce branded a foreign agent, a Russian activist has worked for 24 years to protect the island of Sakhalin from industrial development.

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The clean energy bill that divided B.C.'s NDP and Greens: 11 things you need to knowProposed legislation would end B.C.'s mandate to be electricity "self-sufficient," and the Greens say that's bad news for small-scale renewable energy producers, including First Nations.

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Milne Ice Shelf: Satellites capture Arctic ice splitThe Planet Earth-observation company has just released new imagery of the broken Milne Ice Shelf in the Arctic.

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Feds invest $2.6-million to help Alberta farmers turn their plants into proteinThe federal government is investing just over $2.6-million to help Alberta farmers turn their plants into higher-value protein products.

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Wind And Solar Now Generate One-Tenth Of Global ElectricityHalf-year analysis of the global electricity transition in 2020.

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Climate change warning after fatal rail landslideA stretch of railway where three people died when a train derailed and slid down an embankment after huge storms was identified in 2014 as being "greatly affected by earthslips", it has emerged.

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Trans Mountain, Coastal GasLink, Keystone XL: where things stand with Canada's pipeline projectsAmid legal hurdles in the U.S. and continued opposition from First Nations, the federal government is doubling down on its vow to do whatever it takes to get key oil and gas pipelines built.

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UK temperatures pass 34C for six days in row for first time since 1961The Met Office said the scorching temperatures were recorded in parts of southern England for the sixth day in a row - the first time Britain has experienced such a spell since 1961.

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Low water levels may temporarily shut Buckman diversion on Rio GrandeSince it opened in 2011, the diversion has never had to shut down due to critically low river levels, but the trend is pointing to having to suspend operations sometime.

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Last decade was Earth's hottest on record as climate crisis acceleratesThe past decade was the hottest ever recorded globally, with 2019 either the second or third warmest year on record, as the climate crisis accelerated temperatures upwards worldwide, scientists have confirmed.

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Warming climate will change turtle sex, but some Australian species like it hotter than othersIt has long been known that warmer weather makes marine turtle eggs produce female turtles, but researchers find that global climate change will not simply lead to all-female populations.

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A€œWhen I think of the Earth, I think about… a€When I think of the Earth, I think about...” My Sophia Lee is doing an internship at Blue Marble Space: Institute of Science as a Research Associate.

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Global Warming Could Unlock Carbon From Tropical SoilWarming soils in the tropics could cause microbes to release carbon dioxide from storage. One scientist called the finding "another example of why we need to worry more."

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Climate change could put tropical plant germination at risk: StudyUnder a worst-case climate change scenario, more than 20% of plant species in the tropics may experience temperatures too high for their seeds to germinate by 2070, according to an analysis of seed germination data compiled by the UK's Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

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With the Biden-Harris Ticket, Environmental Justice Is a FocusClimate change leaders said the choice of Harris signaled that Democrats will try to ensure that communities burdened by pollution would benefit from a transition to clean energy.

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A€˜We cana€™t wait until 2050 to reach net zeroa€™: Campaigners call for climate crisis to be enshrined in lawExclusive: A year after British parliament declared a climate emergency, the potential new bill would substantially amend the Climate Change Act 2008.

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Simple ways to reduce your plastic consumptionPlastic really has shaped our modern world: technology has been able to thrive, completely changing the way the world functions; the disposable syringe was invented, greatly improving modern medicine and saving so many lives; and shops have been able to supply a much wider range of foods than before.

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How Climate Change in Kenya Is Driving Child MarriageClimate change has given rise to a resurgence of child marriage in northern Kenya in the last five years, experts say.

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California Warns Against Shelving Plans to Address Sea Level Rise during Covid-19 PandemicCalifornias Legislative Analysts Office warned this week that the state cant afford to delay efforts to deal with sea level rise flooding because of the Covid-19 pandemic...

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Climate change could put tropical plant germination at risk: StudyUnder a worst-case climate change scenario, more than 20% of plant species in the tropics may experience temperatures too high for their seeds to germinate by 2070, according to an analysis of seed germination data compiled by the UK's Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

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Lies and StatisticsIt is a while since I updated the running average temperatures of my Ten Weather Stations.

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Sustainable Energy StrategyDo Power Purchase Agreements still make sense following COVID-19 and low energy prices? July 15th 2020 The pandemic has led to a greater realization of climate change.

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Climate ChangeOverview North America After Polar Ice Melt. We all share the same rock, the same atmosphere, the same oceans, we have to take care of it now with 7 Billion people in a post-industrial age.

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Climate Change And CultureLast month, I embarked in a week-long training program to be a certified Climate Reality Leader under the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training program organized by The Climate Reality Project, a non-profit organization founded by Al Gore.


GPT-3 writes climate change protest letters to Trump, Xi, and PutinThe COVID-19 pandemic, anti-racism protests, and an impending global recession might have pushed global warming off the public agenda, but don't worry — the climate crisis is looking worse than ever.

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Bushfire scientists call for Australia to set up national fire monitoring agencyInconsistencies in how fires are measured across the states leads to confusion over how much of the country actually burned, experts say.

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'This is a wake-up call': How will pro cycling address its own climate crisis?Cycling may have strong green credentials but at elite level the sport's relationship with the environment is vexed.

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‘No purpose' to Coalition's climate policy after big polluters increase emissions by 1.6m tonnesThe Australian Conservation Foundation has accused the Coalition government of having ‘worse than a do-nothing policy' on climate change after big polluters were allowed to increase their carbon emissions by a combined 1.6m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

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Australia's national Covid-19 commission, gas pipelines and a troubling lack of transparencyChristopher Knaus on the formation of the national Covid-19 commission and concerns that key information about this body is being withheld from the public.

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Can we rely on tropical forests to stop runaway climate change?The world's jungles absorb a large proportion of our CO2 emissions, helping to slow the pace of human-induced global warming.

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Covid-19, Bulletin 33: check or reverse globalisation and deforestation to avoid outbreaks of diseaseIn the FT, David Crow , its US coronavirus correspondent, writing from New York, notes that scientists attribute the increase in the crossover of pathogens from animals to two trends: globalisation and humanity’s cavalier interaction with nature.

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Mobility Data Illuminates Climate Change Pathways for a Post-COVID-19 WorldThe COVID-19 pandemic has slowed human activity around the world, quieting nearly every aspect of pre-pandemic modern life.

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VP nominee Kamala Harris has a particular climate-change agenda: environmental justiceThe former California AG, with proposed Climate Equity Act, has already indicated she'll address air quality in poorer zip codes and punish those who pollute.

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A guide to surviving the heatwave without humiliating yourselfYou are a human and are therefore capable of regulating your body temperature without wading into the nearest fountain.

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The Story Behind Our Story: Extreme Heat and InequityAlso this week, art and science come together in the Alps and a vice-presidential pick.

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Gwede Mantashe's answers over solar heaters highlights gross state incompetenceTaxpayers’ money recklessly wasted due to indifference, lack of planning and failed governance model.

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Last decade was Earth's hottest on record as climate crisis accelerates2019 was second or third hottest year ever recorded, with average global temperature up 0.39C in 10 years.

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What does Islam say about climate change and climate action?Muslims already have an environmentalist framework to follow. It is set in Islam.

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Mineral council denies mines are Covid-19 hotspotsDespite evidence that communities around mines are infection epicentres, the Mineral Council of South Africa is scrambling to ‘shape the message’ by fudging the numbers.

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How to teach from United Nations sustainable development goals ?Can the UNs sustainable development goals SDG help us to look at a different way of teaching in the face of the challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity collapse?

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Mining communities bear the burden of diseaseDespite a court order, residents near mines were ignored when Covid-19 guidelines were drawn up.

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Freedom of expression at stake in judgment over mining company's Slapp suitJudge Patricia Goliath has reserved judgment in a case in which Australian mining company Mineral Sands Resources is pursuing three R12.5m defamation cases against six individuals, seemingly for the sole purpose of intimidating them into silence.

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Miners' lives are cheap compared with rising metal pricesBefore Covid-19 the mortality rate among former miners in SA was 20% higher than in the general population.

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Heat and carbon coupling reveals ocean warming due to circulation changesAnthropogenic global surface warming is proportional to cumulative carbon emissions13; this relationship is partly determined by the uptake and storage of heat and carbon by the ocean4.

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What does it mean to ‘forge a new economy'?We all need to participate in imagining how we mesh together, not just the economists.

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Coronavirus: Green Recovery ‘Could Prevent 0.3C' of Warming by 2050The world could avoid 0.3C of global warming by the middle of the century if governments invest in a strong “green recovery” from coronavirus, according to a new study.

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Air pollution is much worse than we thought. Climate change is far from the only problem with fossil fuels.The latest science on air pollution reveals that its impacts on health and mortality are roughly double what was previously believed.

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New report on the state of global climate in 2019The 30th edition of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society is a peer-reviewed report with contributions from climate scientists around the world, including from the Met Office.

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New Report: Economic Cost of Climate Change Strains U.S. EconomyNew report: Billion-dollar weather disasters fueled by climate change are becoming more frequent and more devastating to state and local economies.

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Kamala Harris might help 'night and day' shift for US on global climate diplomacyPublished on 12/08/2020, 2:24pm If they defeat Trump, Biden and Harris will have to prove they can cut emissions at home to rebuild US global leadership on climate change.

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RELEASE: As ASEAN Meets on Disaster Relief, New Report from Military Analysts Urges Indo-Asia Pacific Leaders to Make Climate Change a a€œSecurity PWashington, DC, August 12, 2020 – As ASEAN convenes the 13th Meeting of its Joint Task Force on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief, the Expert Group of the International Military Council on Climate and Security released a new report urging leaders to make climate change a “security priority” in the Indo-Asia Pacific.

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How a 30-Ton Robot Could Help Crops Withstand Climate ChangeWhat makes a plant thrive in the heat? In the Arizona desert, the ‘Field Scanalyzer' is collecting data to learn the answer—and hopefully improve farming for biofuels and food.

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A Modeller's PerspectiveTake a moment, a few seconds, to close your eyes and visualise the Earth as seen from space.

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We mapped the world's frozen peatlandsPeatlands will become a major source of greenhouse gases as the permafrost thaws.

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Campaigners Demand Court Shuts Down Ecuador's Oil Pipelines After SpillCommunities in the Ecuadorian Amazon are calling for an end to "violence against Indigenous peoples and nature" as a trial into a devastating oil spill resumes today.

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Typhoons Getting Stronger, Making Landfall More OftenTyphoon Hagibis, above, tore through Japan in 2019, causing nearly 100 deaths and more than $15 billion in damage.

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The rising cost of climate change-fueled extreme weatherThat means we need to take steps to protect vulnerable communities and build resilience by prioritizing pre-disaster mitigation even as we immediately move to set the U.S. on a path to achieve a 100% clean economy no later than 2050.

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Cycle March for Health and Environment around DenmarkCycle March for health, fitness and environment Cycling has for long benefited human beings with their health, fitness and as a transportation mode.

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A€œHow a Power Outage in the Time of a Pandemic Unexpectedly Restored Me.We’re hot as hell, and were not going to take it anymore! If you live outside the Tri-State area, chances are you have no idea about the destruction that Tropical Storm Isaias brought to mil...

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A new advisory panel on climate change starts work at DRBCOn the heels of a storm that destroyed property, displaced hundreds of people and flooded the region's waterways, the timing is particularly relevant.

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New poll shows majority of Pennsylvanians oppose frackingAny conversation around natural-gas drilling, aka fracking, in Pennsylvania and politics is a tinderbox. Many pundits have proclaimed that opposition to fracking is a political...

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What does a greener, climate-friendly future look like for you?Solar powered showers? Homes and work spaces that blend seamlessly with nature? Free public transit that gets you anywhere you need to go?

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Clean Air Council: Another Spill From Construction Of Sunoco's Mariner East II Pipeline In Chester CountyOn August 11, the Clean Air Council reported a spill of at least 1,000 gallons on August 10 in connection with the construction of Sun...

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Climate change researcher dies in Greenland accidentA prominent Swiss-American glaciologist specialising in climate change has died in an accident in Greenland, his research institute said Wednesday. Shared .

How to talk with kids about climate change » Yale Climate ConnectionsExperts say it's important to help your children understand climate change and to support them as they cope with emotions.

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Switzerland's RAM Active Investments launches climate-change fundRAM Active Investments, a Geneva-based investment firm with around $3.1 billion of assets under management, has launched a fund focused on climate-change, as increasing numbers of firms move into environmental, societal and governance fields.

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UN praises resilience and vision of younger generation, marking International Youth DayYouth Day, top UN officials have called on leaders around the world to "do everything possible" to enable young people to reach their fullest potential.

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DNV GL: climate change will not wait for pandemic to passLNG is the obvious option as a transition fuel to meet IMO emissions goals, according to DNV GL executive vice president for business development Jan-Olaf Probst; it does not face the same technological and regulatory development hurdles as its alternative fuel competitors.

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Soil, air and water: the key benefits we get from forestsThey are vital in the fight against climate change, and now the United Nations has taken to Twitter to reveal exactly how forests benefit us.

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Environmentalist Bill McKibben on national security implications of climate changeOn "Intelligence Matters," Mike Morell discusses with McKibben the current trends in climate change and how they could lead to future catastrophes, if unchecked.

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GUEST COLUMN: Home care's hidden climate change impactThe home care sector's collective carbon footprint is an eye-watering 429,000 tonnes per year, writes Good Oaks Home Care’s co-founder, Darius Mitkus.

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Our last strikeMany of us across the North West of England have been subjected to an incredible light show for the last couple of nights.

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Almost half of travellers plan to take fewer flights post-lockdownThe pandemic has triggered an unprecedented ‘moment of change' according to researchers.

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Youth Engagement for Global ActionYouths are a positive force for social, economic and environmental development. According to the United Nations, there are 1.2 billion young people aged 15-24 years, accounting for 16% of the global population.

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Global offshore wind industry takes huge strides12 August, 2020 − The global offshore wind industry is booming, rapidly growing in size and earning vastly more across the globe.

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Romsey Futures urge Test Valley Borough Council to focus on climate changeCAMPAIGNERS are urging council bosses to take further measures to combat climate change in an upcoming Local Plan.

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Doubling down on energy efficiency in our fight against climate changeUtility industry news and analysis for energy professionals.

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IoT project will assess impact of climate change on forests, and inform UK policymakingA trial is underway in forests in Surrey and Northumberland to assess the potential for Internet of Things technology to monitor tree growth and the impacts of environmental change on the UK’s forests.

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On Climate, Kamala Harris Has a Record and Profile for ActionAs Joe Biden's running mate, the California senator will draw in the activist community that Biden hopes to have behind his candidacy.

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‘Delay is the new denial': How to spot and respond to climate deniersOutright denial of global warming is being replaced with more subtle ways of downplaying the need for urgent and far-reaching action.

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Reboot Business StrategyThe climate change path is not yet clear as we have been slow to react, and are therefore, too early in the cycle of creating deep impactful changes; however, we are clear that we are not moving fast enough to get on a climate scenario with acceptable potential outcomes.

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Joel Fitzgibbon blasted by Mark Butler for backing gas-led Covid recovery planLabor's climate and energy spokesman says taxpayer underwriting of new gas infrastructure would be ‘longest white elephant in Australian history'

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Climate change project looks to leverage Australians' collective economic powerThe zero-carbon 2030 project focuses on what companies are actually doing to achieve net zero emissions, rather than simply on what they are disclosing about their carbon footprint.

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Climate change PM exits Nordic group to run own moneyFund manager ends 15-year tenure with company and relinquishes role, with co-manager taking over.

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How Kia Aims to Get Consumers Excited About and Driving EVsWashington. Analysis - August 12, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings Kia is kicking electric and ‘alternative fuel’ up a notch.

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Will the shake-up of the planning system take into consideration flood risk and climate change?Inside Housing, news, analysis, and comment about the social housing sector in the UK.

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Why we can't save the planet and ourselves.The question of our own mortality plagues us more often than we like. What would happen if we kept progressing at this rate with factories dumping waste containing sulphur into our rivers and carbon monoxide and methane into the atmosphere while we lounge comfortably in our air conditioned living rooms, pretending to be oblivious to&.

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Why is the heatwave lasting so long? Blame climate changeThe climate crisis has made heatwaves more likely - and when they do happen they tend to be longer and hotter than ever before.

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The Australia AnomalyToday's Story Links ** Coldest temperature ever recorded for the island state of Tasmania, Australia Liawenee in Tasmania's Central Highlands breaks record for coldest temperature in island state Record cold Tasmania blanketing for Launceston with more wild weather on the way Cold front brings snow to Tasmania as weather alert issued for...

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Layers of rock reveal a pastThis helps uncover the history of our planet - what had happened at the place the rock is found and how the land was used by various civilizations.

Anuja Sawant Shared .

Unscientific developemnt work, climate change make Kottayam flood proneFor the second time in three years Mohan C Chathurachira, a paddy farmer in Arppookkara grama panchayat, has lost his half-grown paddy crop to flood.

The New Indian Express Shared .

Why Choose Sustainable Brews?Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard about things that are happening with our climate.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge ~ 109 ~ Under The Sun ~Here Comes The Sun George Harrison Little darling, its been a long cold lonely winter Little darling, it seems like years since its been here.

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Robin Vogt Receives The Endorsement Of 350 New Hampshire Action In His Race For Portsmouth State RepresentativeIn a press release today, 350 NH announced their first slate of endorsements in the 2020 New Hampshire local and state office primary on September 8th.

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The Future of Life by Edward Wilson a€” a book reviewThe book The Future of Life is a piece of inarguably high standard, concentration of knowledge and wisdom.

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Radio Ecoshock: Super Storms And Dying CoralMeteorologist and storm expert Dr. Jeff Masters on super storms predicted by James Hansen-led paper.

Radio Ecoshock Shared .

Do or Do Not Do; There Is No "Try"When I was a teenager in a therapeutic boarding school , the cool kids were the ones best able to display, or at least mimic emotional and spiritual progress.

The Climate In Emergency Shared .

Maine voters' level of concern about climate change breaks down by party linesAn overwhelming majority of Maine voters are concerned about the impacts of climate change, but just how concerned they are largely breaks down along party lines, according to a new Bangor Daily News-Digital Research poll.

Bangor Daily News Shared .

Earth Matters: Work with the ocean to fight climate changeHumans have caused irreversible changes to the biosphere, which is why we talk of the Anthropocene  a geological epoch marked by mankind.

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Global warming replacing seaweed beds with tropical corals in JapanTropical corals are increasing and seaweed beds nurturing sea creatures have disappeared in the sea south of Tokyo Bay, local divers and fishers have found, indicating that Japanese waters are being affected by global warming.

Japan Today Shared .

New Study Warns That Arctic Sea Ice Could Disappear by 2035Researchers warn that Arctic sea ice could be completely gone by 2035, which could impact the global climate.

Global Citizen Shared .

Climate Change Means Senior Health Could SufferThat's because atmospheric changes that precede storms increase the risk that older people with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease could develop breathing problems serious enough to send them to the hospital.

WebMD Shared .

Climate crisis: Arctic could be free of sea ice by 2035, latest climate model predictsLast time Arctic was free of sea ice, hippos roamed across what is now Yorkshire.

Daily Climate : Impacts Shared .

Climate change projected to increase seasonal East African rainfallAccording to research led by The University of Texas at Austin, seasonal rainfall is expected to rise significantly in East Africa over the next few decades in response to increased greenhouse gases.

EurekAlert! Shared .

Climate change in the Bay AreaHas the pandemic changed how you think about climate change? Tell us what you think, and help us cover this critical topic.

The San Francisco Chronicle Shared .

Opinion: As climate change worsens, SC farmers feel the heatConversations about the effects of climate change often revolve around sea-level rise and pollution, but those effects run much deeper and are affecting South Carolina lives, local economies and landscapes beyond what you might have imagined.

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EXTREME WEATHER: When sheltering from virus can turn into drowning at homeDisaster experts fear thousands of people could be trapped in perilous flooding during a major hurricane.

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UK heatwave: Climate change will bring more ‘tropical nights' with after-dark temperatures of 20C or above, forecasters warnExpert says ‘no doubt' warmer nights will be more likely in UK due to global warming.

The Independent Shared .

How to Talk with Your Kids About Climate CrisisWashington. Analysis - August 11, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings It is undeniable, climate change is here, and it poses very serious challenges for the world’s population.

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Where can you be safe in this world? Maybe we're asking the wrong questionThe overarching project of my life has been making myself safe. But what is the point if everyone else is drowning and burning and starving?

The Guardian Shared .

There are new ways to do democracy that give me hope. More voices could change everythingSydney's deputy mayor Jess Scully writes of real-world alternatives to the political status quo, in which informed, empowered citizens get a seat at the table.

The Guardian Shared .

Electrifying goal: How a cleaner fleet can build business — Center forLyft has joined a growing list of companies committing to limit their carbon footprint with a pledge to electrify the company’s entire fleet.

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions Shared .

Naming Periods Of Extreme Heat Is A Step In The Right DirectionNaming periods of extreme heat may bring awareness to the hidden dangers of increased temperatures.

Stanisland Shared .

Interview: Joel Schlosser on Herodotus in the AnthropoceneIn this episode, James and John interview Joel Alden Schlosser about his new book Herodotus in the Anthropocene.

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Accelerating Towards A New Energy ParadigmMy Post yesterday revisited the intersections that shape our future. Convergence across multiple domains sets these intersections in motion.

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Powerhouses: nanotechnology turns bricks into batteriesResearch could pave way for cheap supercapacitor storage of renewable energy.

The Guardian Shared .

How Much Do You Know About Wildfires and Our Climate?Test your knowledge about the climate crisis' impact on forest fires and their health consequences with our latest quiz.

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Green recovery policies could make or break climate changeInvesting an additional 1.2% of global GDP in climate-friendly technology as part of recovery would slash emissions by half in 2030.

Sarah DeWeerdt Shared .

Our Planet, Our ChoiceScientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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A warming California sets the stage for future floodsBy the 2070s, global warming will increase extreme rainfall and reduce snowfall in the Sierra Nevada, delivering a double whammy that will likely overwhelm California's reservoirs and heighten the risk of flooding in much of the state, according to a new study by UCLA climate scientists. Shared .

What I learned covering the climate crisis for 15 yearsFrom person-to-person coaching and intensive hands-on seminars to interactive online courses and media reporting, Poynter helps journalists sharpen skills and elevate storytelling throughout their careers.

Poynter Shared .

Climate Change and Sustainability a€“ A Global ChallengeClimate Change and Sustainability - A Global Challenge.

Irish Tech News Shared .

'As the tundra burns, we cannot afford climate silence': a letter from the ArcticI study the Arctic. The decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord is reprehensible - but we can't give up hope.

The Guardian Shared .

Asegun Henry on five 'grand thermal challenges' to stem the tide of global warmingMore than 90 percent of the world's energy use today involves heat, whether for producing electricity, heating and cooling buildings and vehicles, manufacturing steel and cement, or other industrial activities.

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Report: Climate change, air quality concerns drive clean truck adoptionHistorically trucking fleets have invested in alternative fuel vehicles as a way to reduce the total cost of ownership through lower fuel costs, but environmental factors are now driving investment in zero - or near-zero-emission trucking technologies.

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Past evidence supports complete loss of Arctic sea ice, say researchers by 2035Climate modellers have a fairly dismal record in trying to predict sea ice patterns in the Arctic, always erring on the side of too much warming.

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Antarctica is the last continent without COVID-19. Scientists want to keep it that way.Studying Antarctica is critical to combating climate change, but most scientists can't travel to the continent this upcoming season.

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DNV GL releases new report on renewable energy solutionsDNV GL has published a report which sets out ways in which the energy transition can be accelerated to help limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Energy Global Shared .

As Record Arctic Heat Continues, Canada's Last Intact Ice Shelf CollapsesCanada's last fully intact ice shelf in the Arctic has collapsed, shrinking by about 80 square kilometers, or 40 percent of its area, over just two days at the end of July, according to scientists at the Canadian Ice Service.

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Climate change cannot be ignored as its effects hurt social equalityLess prominent in the headlines, but equally serious, is the impact of climate change in exacerbating inequality.

Usatoday Shared .

New NPG Forum Paper Links Climate Change, Migration, and National Security to Population Growth and SustainabilityAlexandria, VA. August 11, 2020 - As record breaking heatwaves continue to scorch the nation, Negative Population Growth, Inc.

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Global warming threatens Atlantic puffin recovery in MaineRapid warming in the Gulf of Maine is driving their fish food sources to cooler waters.

Yale Climate Connections Shared .

Energy Companies Spend Billions on Fruitless ProjectsOhio's high-profile bailout of nuclear plants is just one of several questionable schemes between lawmakers and energy companies.

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New Project: Climate Change Adaptation of Urban Stormwater InfrastructureClimate change scenarios have been fairly well-tested and vetted. Moore et al. found that one of the noteworthy impacts on upper Midwest cities is an increase of storm magnitude of 39% to 163%.

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Biden's Climate Advisers Say More Than Proposals DoSeveral of Biden's informal advisers and confidants are Obama administration veterans who have embraced fossil fuels and fracking.

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For Species That Rely on Wind, Climate Change Won't Be a BreezePlants that depend on wind for pollination or seed dispersal may face challenges as warming temperatures force species to shift their ranges, according to a new study.

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Contura Energy Will Accelerate Exit From Thermal Coal Business, Citing Global Transition Away From Fossil FuelsContura Energy announced last week it will speed up its exit from producing coal used to generate electricity.

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Driving with the windows open exposes you to a lot of pollutionIn cities where most people can't afford air-conditioned cars, the health costs of driving with the windows down are enormous.

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The U.S. Needs to Address Its Climate Migration ProblemScientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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HotSpots H2O: Climate Change, Pandemic, Violence Are Volatile Mix in ChadA warming climate was already making life difficult in Chad, a landlocked country squeezed against the encroaching sands of the Sahara.

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Researchers Are Worried About The Effects Of Global Warming On Japanese Waters-industry Global News24Industry Global News24 - News solution that helps you connect and engage with target audiences in Business, Healthcare, Technology, Industry Latest News, Updated News, Latest trending News on industry across the world.

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Eight-in-ten Britons are 'concerned about climate change'That's according to the latest BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker for June, which shows a 3% increase compared to March in the number of people who are worried about the changing global natural environment, with 35% of the UK public stating they are very worried about it.

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Concrete, a Centuries-Old Material, Gets a New RecipeA building block in most construction projects, concrete is responsible for about 8 percent of global carbon emissions.

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Strengthening dietary guidelines to feed a nature-positive future"The food system is a major driver of impacts on the environment, and without dietary changes towards more plant-based diets, key environmental limits related to climate change, land use, freshwater extraction, and biogeochemical flows associated with fertilizer application risk being exceeded," found the study by researchers at Oxford, Harvard,...

UN Environment Shared .

Will Cars Rule the Roads in Post-Pandemic New York?Newly emboldened, many New Yorkers want to repurpose streets for walking, biking, dining and schools, even as traffic returns.

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Delta Air Lines Bought an Oil Refinery. It Didn't Go as Planned.Delta's foray into oil refining illustrates some of the reasons the business was in trouble even before the pandemic.

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Disease-bearing ticks thrive as climate change heats up USBlood-sucking ticks can spread Lyme disease and are extending beyond their traditional north-eastern range.

The Guardian Shared .

Concrete, a Centuries-Old Material, Gets a New RecipeA building block in most construction projects, concrete is responsible for about 8 percent of global carbon emissions.

New York Times Shared .

Pools of Water Atop Sea Ice in the Arctic May Lead it to Melt Away Sooner Than ExpectedA new study describes the role of melt ponds in the disappearance of Arctic sea ice 130,000 years ago, and how they could make the ice vanish again as soon as 2035.

InsideClimate News Shared .

National favourite, cod and chips, at climate change riskConsumers may have to change their eating habits due to declining fish stocks, according to scientists.

BBC Science Focus Magazine Shared .

No Climate Justice, No PeaceMolly Scott Cato argues that the unjust and unequal impacts of climate chaos, as experienced most acutely in Africa and the Global South, are deeply linked to centuries of racism and exploitation by colonialist European states.

Rethinking Security Shared .

End of Arctic sea ice by 2035 possible, study finds11 August, 2020 − How soon will the northern polar ocean be ice-free?

Climate News Network Shared .

Opinion: Environmental strategy must focus on more than just climate changeSince Democrats announced their Green New Deal, the emphasis is reducing greenhouse gases, particularly CO2, which contribute to global warming.

Whidbey News-Times Shared .

S2E25: The DAC-up plan for climate change—w/ Dr. Jen Wilcox of Worcester Polytechnic InstituteThere is a temptation to believe that science and technology will save us from climate change, while we continue business as usual.

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Climate change to blame for rising temperature in Srinagar: Experts"It is a matter of worry as the temperature is increasing in the areas which usually witness pleasant weather in the months of July and August," said Dr Vivak M. Arya, a scientist working in the field of climate change and natural resource management at Agriculture University, Jammu.

Tribuneindia News Service Shared .

Human Induced Climate Change Will Increase Torrential Rains in Spain's Costa del Sol By 15%THE European Environment Agency warns of the dire effects that human-induced climate change will pose on Spain’s weather if drastic measures are not taken.

Euro Weekly News Spain Shared .

Nuclear radiation and Chernobyls forest firesTwenty-five years after the disaster, Zibtsev and others predicted that if the forests in the exclusion zone were completely consumed by fire, residents in Kyiv would face an increased risk of dying from cancer and government bans would need to be imposed on foods produced as far as 90 miles away.

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Californiaa€™s Wildfires Are 500 Percent Larger Due to Climate ChangeCalifornia’s Wildfires Are 500 Percent Larger Due to Climate Change “Each degree of warming causes way more fire than the previous degree of warming did.

Nuclear-news Shared .

Scientists discover new ‘human fingerprint' on global drought patternsIn addition to increasing greenhouse gas emissions, aerosols released by human pollution and large volcanic eruptions have also been "major contributing agents" to global drought patterns through the industrial era, the research says.

Skeptical Science Shared .

Germanya€™s a€˜very, very tougha€™ climate battleGermany’s ‘very, very tough’ climate battleEnvironment Minister Svenja Schulze aims to steer tough talks over upping the bloc’s 2030 climate goal.

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Architects Declare and good heritage practice  retaining embodied energyHeritage conservation in the built environment involves retention of existing structures and fabric, reducing carbon emissions and utilising increasingly scarce resources in a responsible way.

Energy And Sustainability In Heritage Shared .

Alberta GlaciersFirst of its kind study analyzed flow patterns in glacier-fed rivers, to find impact on communities The Robertson glacier runs down the divide between Mount Sir Douglas and Mount Robertson on the Alberta-B.C. border.

Welcome To Manmadenews Shared .

Flood Re's Andy Bord on how climate change will affect flood riskAfter the floods last November, I visited Doncaster to see how the town was coping with the aftermath of the floods.

Insurance Post Shared .

Job Guarantee  The Jobs  Federally Funded  Locally DeliveredA JGs purpose is to find a mechanism for anyone unemployed to work and benefit from the JG job, while doing something useful for the community as a whole.

KevinBlog Shared .

Climate change causes Canada's last remaining 4,000-year-old Milne Ice Shelf to break apart into iceberg islandsTemperatures from May to early August in the region have been five degrees Celsius warmer than the 1980 to 2010 average.

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Top 10 National Climate Risks All Apply LocallyNew Zealand’s first nationwide climate change risk stocktake has highlighted ten areas of most concern. The extreme risks identified all apply in Thames Coromandel. The risks from sea-level rise feature heavily in the extreme / urgent category of risk.

Tegg Talk - Thames Coromandel Comment Shared .

'Profound implications' for livestock as EU works on new methane policyThe European Commission is being urged by independent climate scientists to embrace science that shows carbon neutrality goals can be achieved without destroying animal agriculture in the process...Read More.

Beef Central Shared .

Trump V. EnvironmentWith the Trump administration in office, it seems like there is a constant battle to save our environment.

Eco-Youth Shared .

Fight for Planet A: the team behind War on Waste want to put climate crisis back on the agendaHost Craig Reucassel uses balloons to give Australia's emissions a visual representation and we're left in no doubt there are too many of them.

The Guardian Shared .

The Unequal Future of ConsumptionHow the Covid lockdown is reconfiguring the nexus of getting and spending.

Daily Climate : Causes Shared .

Life among the turtles: Traditional people struggle inside an Amazon reserveWhile MRN, a mining firm makes big profits working within, and harming, a Brazilian conservation unit, traditional people can be fined for collecting Brazil nuts and fishing sustainably in a nearby protected area.

Daily Climate : Causes Shared .

How Suffering Farmers May Determine Trump's FateAs rural Wisconsin's fortunes have declined, its political importance has grown, Dan Kaufman writes.

Daily Climate : Causes Shared .

No more fish and chips? Climate change threatens cod populationsDeclines in populations are most likely for the fish species associated with cooler waters, according to a report.

Energy Live News Shared .

Global warming replacing seaweed beds with tropical corals in JapanTropical corals are increasing and seaweed beds nurturing sea creatures have disappeared in the sea south of Tokyo Bay, local divers and fishers have found, indicating that Japanese waters are not exempt from the effect of global warming.

Kyodo News+ Shared .

Germany's Green Party leader wants better heatwave plansHe told residents to get used to the high temperatures. The ongoing heat wave left one German town without water access over the weekend.

Daily Climate : Impacts Shared .

Forest Fires Are Setting Chernobyl's Radiation FreeTrees now cover most of the exclusion zone, and climate change is making them more likely to burn.

Daily Climate : Impacts Shared .

Fight against climate change continues during COVID-19 pandemicWith no shortage of urgent crises in the headlines, it can be tempting to brush aside climate change for another day - or another generation.

Tennessean Shared .

Nunavut's St. Patrick Bay ice caps are gone, but not forgottenMark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, conducted research on the St. Patrick Bay ice caps as a graduate student with the University of Massachusetts in 1982.

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Survey analysis finds race plays role in perception, vulnerabilities to climate change in IndianaAnalysis of responses finds more Hoosiers of color believe climate change is happening and presents a risk than white Hoosiers.

Great Lakes Now Shared .

Trump vs Biden on climate changePresident Donald Trump has questioned the credibility of climate change while Joe Biden has called it an "existential threat." Source: CNN.

CNN Shared .

My dying maple tree: firewood, or climate change fighter?The carbon cycle within forests is no longer healthy due to damage by global warming events.

Cowichan Valley Citizen Shared .

World Heritage Sites under threat from climate change don't need to be perfectly preserved, studyHow much effort should be spent trying to keep Venice looking like Venice  even as it faces rising sea levels that threaten the city with more frequent extreme flooding?

Scientific Inquirer Shared .

Disaster Or Relief: Why Climate Sensitivity MattersDoes the latest scientific data on climate sensitivities spell climate disaster or climate relief? This is perhaps the wrong question.

Forbes Shared .

News and Headlines.8/10/2020News and Headlines: In The News, Politics, World News, Commentary / Opinion. In The News: Two police body camera videos in killing of George Floyd released Two body-worn camera videos from the day George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police will be publicly released as of Monday by the court after a coalition of media companies intervened and&.

News And Headlines: Keeping You Informed. Shared .

E.P.A. to Lift Obama-Era Controls on Methane, a Potent Greenhouse GasThe reversal is the latest move in the Trump administration's ongoing effort to weaken environmental rules, but it could be quickly undone after the November election.

New York Times Shared .

Climate change-induced rainstorms may help protect crops from heatIntensified rainstorms predicted for many parts of the United States as a result of warming climate may have a modest silver lining: they could more efficiently water some major crops, and this would at least partially offset the far larger projected yield declines caused by the rising heat itself.

Scientific Inquirer Shared .

Big Tech Companies are Making Climate Change Commitments, but Are They Actually Impactful?Many large companies like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are rethinking their supply chains and carbon footprints after pressure from consumers and employees to address their role in climate change.

Environmental Protection Shared .

Molecular study could improve climate change modelingA team of chemists, including Cornell's Paul Houston, has unveiled the mechanics involved in the interplay between sunlight and molecules known as "roaming reactions," which could improve climate change modeling.

Cornell Chronicle Shared .

A warming California sets the stage for future floodsA UCLA study finds that continued climate change will deliver a dangerous one-two punch for state's water managers.

UCLA Shared .

Canada's last intact ice shelf collapses due to global warmingMuch of Canada's remaining intact ice shelf has broken apart into hulking iceberg islands thanks to a hot summer and global warming, scientists said.

MarketWatch Shared .

Apple, Ford, McDonald's and Microsoft among this summer's climate leadersRebuilding better — and retaining the social license to operate — will require executives to, in Murray's words, "prove that they are doing good in the world" by creating value for stakeholders and making climate action a business imperative.

Environmental Defense Fund Shared .

Climate change: Warming world will be 'devastating' for frozen peatlandsHuge stocks of greenhouse gases tied up in peatlands could be released as the world warms.

BBC Shared .

Pandemic Galvanizes Money Managers Who See Climate Changes as Next Global Financial CrisisThe risks of climate change and pressure from investors is driving the finance industry to move away from fossil fuels and improve its transparency.

KQED Shared .