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Climate Change and Security - A Blooming Environmental War Crisis The world is no longer as we know it, so many changes that small communities and developing countries are feeling the pinch of - Global Warming. The old wars are gone and new wars are coming into life and these are taking a completely different path. Climate change is one of the most key challenges facing the international community today.

Barish Club Durga Pujo hopes to make a difference Kolkata: Rather than focusing on winning awards, Barisha Club, this year, chose to raise awareness about climate change and environmental degradation. And what better advocate for the cause than Maa Durga herself.

One Planet: The Impact of Climate Change On Infectious Disease On this edition of Your Call's One Planet Series, we are discussing the links between climate change and infectious diseases.

Can Bitcoin Survive the Climate Change Revolution? If environmental concerns are growing among impact-minded financial institutions, where does energy-intensive bitcoin fit in?

Don't Let Small Talk Kill Us As the saying goes, "never talk about politics, religion and death." Vox's David Roberts, notes how "small talk" in conversations between strangers or at social events serves a purpose of social bonding, rather than conveying information.

Whales face more fatal ship collisions as waters warm Climate change is imperiling the world's largest animals by increasing the likelihood of fatal collisions between whales and big ships that ply the same waters. Warming ocean temperatures are causing some species of whales in pursuit of food to stray more frequently into shipping lanes, scientists say.

Heirloom plants: Saving the nation's seeds from extinction "A lot of the varieties in our collection have got wonderful stories; they relate to a particular place, or they taste a bit like the tomatoes their grandfather used to grow." She shakes black and cream beans from another envelope on to her palm. Legend has it that seeds of the Brighstone bean were salvaged from a shipwreck off the Isle of Wight.

A place that makes you ask the questions that really matter The following hour, no change… You get the picture. We finally land after three-and-a-half hours in the air. The nearest human habitation - the US scientific base we flew from - is now as far from us as Moscow is from London… and there is only ice in between.

Zero-carbon water pumps turn Pakistan's barren mountains green 'GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY' If the rains keep moving north, that could increase pressure on mountain farmers to grow more grains like wheat and rice, said Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, former CEO of Leadership for Environment and Development-Pakistan, an independent think-tank.

The Climate Crisis Will Be Just as Shockingly Abrupt But the pandemic, Otto argues, still represents proof of concept for swift government action, if people are able to accurately perceive the crisis in front of them. As with the pandemic, responses to climate change have often emphasized individual action-traveling less, eating more sustainably, switching to more efficient energy sources.

Big Oil's interest in renewable energy investments expected to waver: report CALGARY - Budget cutting in response to the twin challenges of COVID-19 demand destruction and low oil prices mean the world's oil and gas industry will likely spend less on renewable energy going forward.

A Rest Stop Where Flying Cars Can Recharge Burlington-based Beta Technologies, a three-year-old company that's developing an electric vertical-lift airplane, created the structure to be a key component in the future of aviation: A charging station for electric aircraft, from pilotless drones to futuristic flying taxis.

The northern-hemisphere winter of 2019-20 was the warmest ever on land From Mar 28th 2020, the Economist. Temperatures stayed roughly the same from November to March. THE MOST commonly cited risks of climate change are natural disasters: fiercer wildfires and hurricanes, bigger floods and longer droughts.

'Australia's Environment Report' identifies impacts on alpine areas The annual Australia's Environment Report summarises a large number of observations on the trajectory of our natural resources and ecosystems. It is prepared by the Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics at the Australian National University. As part of their report for 2019, they prepared an assessment of alpine areas.

Rutgers researchers study heat stress due to rising global temperatures The research projects that by the end of the 21st century, 1.22 billion people will be affected by heat stress-related issues if the global temperature rises above 3 degrees Celsius, Li said. This is primarily due to increasing global temperatures and humidity, according to the study.

Viewing Stone Haikus VSANA created a haiku contest, inviting anyone to submit haikus inspired by this viewing stone:. Contemplating this stone prompted three poems by Pierre Jardin:. uplifting silenceice advances down black cragsweathered scars. This haiku hinges on tensions created by contrasting up and down motions and emotions.

Lovely while it lasts The glacier has retreated five kilometres in the past 22 years and scientists from the University of California Irvine and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory are concerned that the shape of the ground surface beneath the ice sheet could make it even more susceptible to climate-driven collapse.

American Climate: She Thought She Could Ride Out the Storm, Her Daughter Said. It Was a Fatal Mistake When she returned, her home was hardly damaged. Gina suspects this is the reason that her mother decided not to evacuate when Michael was headed their way. "The regret is that I didn't realize she was staying in her home," Gina said. "I wish that I could have known that.

The missing puzzle piece for getting to 100% clean power Now there is a growing list of jurisdictions that face stringent emissions targets in years ahead and urgently need to figure out answers. We'll discuss the most notable such jurisdiction, California, and a cool new technology that it may help it reach its 100 percent target, in a moment.

Trump pins coronavirus hope on a climate skeptic President Trump has turned to a French virologist with a history of criticizing climate science to offer the world hope amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Last week, Trump tweeted that the combination of two medicines could dramatically alter the often deadly course of COVID-19.

Seeds of hope As our climate and ecological crises deepen, attention has been turning to viable and efficient ways to restore natural ecosystems. Maureen Howard…

Climate refugees: Kittiwakes flee bird cliffs to resettle in urban spaces That's how we get better. [email protected] General Director:[email protected] Editor: [email protected]: Mobile: +47-905 73 143. Visiting address: Storgata 5 Kirkenes, Norway.

Could the COVID-19 pandemic be an environmental inflection point? And, you know, I think that would be a good thing if at least some transportation emissions were able to be reduced, because people are now more comfortable working from home at least some of the time." Turner says pandemics, just like pollution and climate change, tend to affect the poorest the most.

A Dirty Economic Restart Could Kill More People Than The Coronavirus But when the lockdown lifts, those risks of the status quo might not just return to normal-they might worsen-as governments weaken environmental regulations and pour billions of dollars into polluting industries.

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