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SUPREME COURT: Climate fight could doom efforts to make Big Oil payAttorneys for Big Oil and the city of Baltimore will square off next week in a Supreme Court battle that could change the trajectory of more than a dozen closely watched U.S. climate change lawsuits.

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How Norway's oil and gas legacy complicates its climate change leadershipAn expert explains Norway's climate change paradox.

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Climate Change Needs an Operation Warp SpeedIf the Covid vaccine push has proved anything, it's that big government works.

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Nearing the Climate Cliff: Study Warns Plants Are Decades Away From Absorbing Less CarbonPlants absorb one-third of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions, but if temperatures keep rising in the next 20 years, plants could become 50 percent less effective at absorbing carbon, according to a new study co-authored by a Woods Hole scientist.Â.

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Biden Plans 10 Days of Action on Four ‘Overlapping' CrisesPresident-elect Joe Biden plans an early blitz of executive action to reverse some of President Donald Trump's most contentious policies and address the coronavirus pandemic, according to an outline of Biden's first 10 days in office.

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Climate change pushed ocean temperatures to record high in 2020, study findsClimate change saw the world's oceans absorb 20 zettajoules of heat in 2020, driving seas to record temperatures and setting the scene for decades of savage weather and environmental devastation.

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Toxic traffic fumes in Scotland stay within safety levels for the first time thanks to Covid lockdownToxic traffic fumes in Scotland did not break legal limits for the first time in a decade due to curbs on travel during the coronavirus lockdown, new analysis has found.

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Most Democrats and Republicans think the government should make climate change a priorityA new survey finds broad support among American voters for doing more on climate change.

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Can the ‘Great Green Wall' carry out Sankara's ecological, pan-African dream?Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso's folk-hero president, once marshalled a nation to halt the spread of the Sahara.

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Global Efforts to Adapt to the Impacts of Climate Are Lagging as Much as Efforts to Slow EmissionsAlong with promising to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow global warming, under the Paris climate agreement world leaders also agreed to prepare for its unavoidable and mounting impacts: the displacement of people and the destruction of communities and croplands by sea level rise, intensifying storms, drought, wildfire and famines.

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ADSW SummitThe ADSW Summit is starting soon to celebrate Sustainability Week. The ADSW Summit starts Monday January 18 at 11pm CST.

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Young Wilmslow poet hopes sellout debut will help battle climate changeWILMSLOW schoolgirl Ebony Errington-Beech had a remarkable 12 months by anyone's standards, but 2020 definitely ended on a high for the young poet.

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Jennifer Mills on how pandemic solidarity can help us tackle climate change and inequalityAuthor Jennifer Mills reflects on how the idea of breath ties together the three crises of 2020: the climate crisis, racial injustice and the pandemic.

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Weird Asymmetry: Nights Warming Faster Than Days Across Much of the PlanetGlobal warming is affecting daytime and night-time temperatures differently – and greater night-time warming is more common than greater daytime warming worldwide – new research shows.

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On baselines and climate normalsMike Hulme, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Cambridge, has a somewhat bizarre article published in Academia Letters called Climates Multiple: Three Baselines, Two Tolerances, One Normal.

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Countries failing to fund climate change adaptation measures, says United Nations, World NewsUnited Nations says the world is not doing enough to deal with the catastrophic effects of climate change.

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It has been a while!Where do I begin? The world seems to be going through some huge changes since my last post.

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The Sunday Read: 'Fighting Climate Change, Whatever It Takes'How a group of five activists decided to fight global warming by doing whatever it takes.

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Book Report: For the love of treesThe best arguments in the world won’t change a person’s mind. The only thing that can do that is a good story.”.

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Exciting things happening in CornwallGroundhog It feels very much like Groundhog Day, the movie not when people in Pennsylvania watch a groundhog emerge from its burrow to forecast the weather; if it sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat to its den and winter will persist for six more weeks; but if it does not see&.

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In defense of all speciesFrom manatees to Labradoodles, let's treat them all with respect and dignity.

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'My neighbourhood is being destroyed to pacify his supporters': the race to complete Trump's wallIn his final months in office, Donald Trump has ramped up construction on his promised physical border between the US and Mexico  devastating wildlife habitats and increasing the migrant death toll.

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Climate Change Needs an Operation Warp SpeedIf the Covid vaccine push has proved anything, it's that big government works.

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'My neighbourhood is being destroyed to pacify his supporters': the race to complete Trump's wallIn his final months in office, Donald Trump has ramped up construction on his promised physical border between the US and Mexico  devastating wildlife habitats and increasing the migrant death toll.

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Scientist corrects 'climate change deniers' in viral Facebook postScientist Hayhoe told climate change deniers that there have been 150 years of solid, peer-reviewed science to back vital signs of environmental degradation.

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European satellites could help catch the next climate change disasterWith US climate research taking a backseat to human spaceflight, deep-space exploration, European scientists have focused on finding new ways to understand changing atmosphere.

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Chat A€“ Now Available In Print And Kindle Versions!The social media giants of the early decades in the 21st century have died and been replaced by ‘CHAT’, a new artificial intelligence network built on a powerful quantum computer, affectionately called the 'Engine'.

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Biden rolls out members of science teamPresident-elect Joe Biden will roll out members of his science team Saturday as he looks to fill his administration and tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

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Global warming means palms in surprising placesA visit to Hawaii is the treat of a lifetime to millions of people a year, and many folks who come are friends or relatives of those of us who live here.

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US to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on Bidens First DayThe climate trajectory that we are on is concerning. The time to act is now in order to curb global warming to below 2°C.

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Jonathan Safran Foer, We Are The WeatherThe climate crisis is a hard story to tell. Foer explores this problem in the first section of his book We Are The Weather, in which he discusses how our collective inertia towards climate change is caused by a ‘crisis of belief’: while we may know that we are causing the destruction of our planet, we do not truly believe it.

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Global Efforts to Adapt to the Impacts of Climate Are Lagging as Much as Efforts to Slow EmissionsAlong with promising to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow global warming, under the Paris climate agreement world leaders also agreed to prepare for its unavoidable and mounting impacts: the displacement of people and the destruction of communities and croplands by sea level rise, intensifying storms, drought, wildfire and famines.

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From Brenda in Hove, UK: Another 'Blursday''Blursday’, ‘covidiot’ and ‘doomscroll’ are in Times Magazine’s collection depicting the year ‘2020 in Language.

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The Great Barrier Reef by Helen Scales, illustrated by Lisk FengPublication Date: 1 February 2021 The Blurb With nearly 400,000 square kilometres of dazzling colour, intricate ecosystems and unique creatures large and small, The Great Barrier Reef is one of the great natural wonders of our world.

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Indonesia Eco Plan vibe check 2021Lately, Ive been reading a lot of Indonesian news. And being me, I naturally attracted to the news related to climate change.

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NASA's Before-After Images Show How Climate Change Is Impacting Our EarthNasa has released some eye-catching pictures showing how Earth is in a state of flux.

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Subscribe to readNews, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication.

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Steps Darlington Council is taking to tackle climate changeA COUNCIL which has seen its green ambitions called into question has signalled an intention to extend the climate change action it is undertaking to help some residents tackle the challenge.

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Giles Archibald column: Carbon trading can aid with Climate ChangeIT may come as a surprise to some readers that, although signed in 2016, the Paris accord on climate change still has one important feature yet to...

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Global Oceans Heated Up To A Record High In 2020, Due To Rapid Climate ChangeOcean temperatures continued to rise in the year 2020, despite the COVID-19-induced lockdowns and subsequent travel and work restrictions, says a new study.

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MIAC #297) Back to the Soil and Soul as Society Reshapes through 2021 and 2022Audio segment from the ADAPT 2030 tri-weekly podcast Mini Ice Age Conversations Morgan from and David DuByne creator of the ADAPT 2030 channel on YouTube discusses energetic changes on Earth as the Sun moves into its 400-year cycle affecting crop production, the economy and everyone on our planet.

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The biggest Coalition conspiracy theory is climate change denialMPs unfounded claims about the US Capitol attack and Covid treatments pale next to the granddaddy of misinformation.

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Climate Change Spurring Frog Extinctions: ConservationistsThree Central American frog species have gone extinct and many others may soon follow as their populations are ravaged by a fungus that is spreading faster because of climate change, conservationists said Thursday.

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Global Average Temperatures in 2020 Reached a RECORD HIGH of 1.55 C above PreIndustrial in 1750.Also, 2020 was a weak La Niña year. The effect of this ENSO. La Niña depressed global temperatures by an estimated 0.1C.

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Oil giant splits from powerful lobbying group over climate changeThe American Petroleum Institute, the nations largest and most powerful oil lobby, is losing one of its biggest members over a disagreement about addressing the climate crisis.

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Climate ChangeDuring good times, mining for Bitcoin is an around the clock job. In Nonthaburi, a province outside Bangkok, through the day and night...

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Secret Weapon: Science MomsPhoto: Jay Godwin: At a 2018 LBJ Library Future Forum, climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, a professor at Texas Tech University, discusses how climate change is affecting Texas.

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China's Renaissance man has a vaccineBusiness News - Talk to Envision Group's Zhang Lei and you get the feeling he believes that where there is a wind, there is a way.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: City's proposed 'Gold Belt' is a mirageThe City of Ottawa is proposing a Gold Belt that would create ultimate limits for Ottawas suburban communities.

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Where Do I StartWhere do I start with all of this?  I say to the dog sniffing at my feet.

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Climate Cynicism: Do you have to be rich to live sustainably?This is a question which endlessly floats around me. I see plenty of well meaning people, particularly on social media, who suggest buying bamboo toothbrushes, shopping at the local farm shop, and only buying your coffee beans from independent roasteries, and so on.

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With Only a Week Left in Trump's Presidency, a Last-Ditch Effort to Block Climate Action and Deny the SciencePresident Donald Trumps appointees took their final shots at staving off future climate action this week, even as his presidency careered to an inglorious end with a second impeachment.

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The biggest Coalition conspiracy theory is climate change denialMPs' unfounded claims about the US Capitol attack and Covid treatments pale next to the granddaddy of misinformation.

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Trans-MinimalismI started writing this one FOREVER ago, but time flies and when youre busy.

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‘Risk Pool' to be Created to Compensate Nations Hurt by Bill Gates Venture to Dim the Sun to Cool EarthAs TFTP reported last year, it was reported that the top climate change scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration received $4 million in funding from Congress along with permission to study two highly controversial geoengineering methods in an attempt to cool the Earth.

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What's wrong with the Right?So.... not even two weeks into 2021 the Tories made yet another announcement exposing their absolute disregard for the climate and biodiversity crisis.

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Brooklyn Beckham blasted for using private jet months months after climate change rantBrooklyn Beckham joined his family on a private jet to Miami on Christmas Day just months after preaching about climate change in a video last September.

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Carbon capture is vital to meeting climate goals, scientists tell green criticsSupporters insist that storage technology is not a costly mistake but the best way for UK to cut emissions from heavy industry.

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2021 SkS Weekly Climate Change and Global Warming News Roundup #3A chronological listing of news articles linked to on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week: Sun, Jan 10, 2021 through Sat, Jan 16, 2021 Editor's Choice NASA says 2020 tied for hottest year on record  heres what you can do to help.

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We Need to Talk About AgricultureThis morning I listened to a radio clip about the Irish peat industry. Peat harvested from local bogs has been used for centuries for cooking and heating in Ireland.

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When Climate Collapse is No Longer Explainable to the PublicGet Your FREE Gold and Silver Investment Guide Our Reviews: the 2nd magnetic field begins to form in the outer solar system with intercoupling of Jupiter / Saturn / Uranus / Pluto the magnetic intensification line was crossed at the Great Conjunction on the 2020 winter solstice.

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Climate change funding still availableCOMMUNITY groups, parish councils and schools with projects that help tackle climate change are being reminded that there is still time to.

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When Homecoming Is Dangerous: Reviewing the Assassination of Ogacheko AtanuWarning to Nigerians in Diaspora on the State of Insecurity in Nigeria_ by Frank Tietie Ogacheko Atanu, an Idah born, world acclaimed and Saudi Arabia based drilling engineer was assassinated by unknown gunmen on Saturday, 9th of January, 2021 while holidaying in his country home in Idah, Kogi State of Nigeria.


How could the European Union promote a sustainable food system while enabling food security?The EU must transform its food system in the following years and promote a decentralised food system..

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Octopuses are already adapting to climate change and rising acidification in ocean: StudyWhile global warming and climate change have left experts worried about marine species, one particular animal seems to have already adapted to the alterations.

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Climate Change: Is there hope?There are few things that make for more grim forecasts than the consequences of climate change.

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The Increase Of Enviromental Causes In Search75% of internet searches come from search. With people using Google to find answers to all sorts of questions they may have.

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Joe Biden names top geneticist Eric Lander as science adviserUS president-elect also elevates the position to the cabinet for the first time. US president-elect also elevates the position to the cabinet for the first time.

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2020: The year the media silenced our imminent collapseMy masters dissertation in Human Ecology sought to understand how climate activism is represented to a general public and how its actions are framed.

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Seabird patrols to self-healing buildings: the 15 conservation stories to watch in 2021In their latest scan of emerging global biological conservation issues, experts assess the 15 most urgent risks society needs to address.

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Living on Earth: Beyond the HeadlinesThis week Environmental Health News Weekend Editor Peter Dykstra and Host Steve Curwood remark on 2020's tie with 2016 for the hottest year on record, and explore the climate-warming consequences of methane leaks from abandoned oil and gas wells in the ocean.

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How to Fight Back Against Climate Change DenialismImage Credits: Christine Zenino For most students with an interest in the environment, anthropogenic climate change is an accepted fact, potentially being one of the biggest threats to mankind.

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So you're a realist huh?Photo by Pixabay on Haha. No shade Fam. But fr fr though. What does it really mean when "realists" are basically just arguing that humans are incapable of making the changes needed to stop the grave socio-economic and human casualties we face as a species?

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Africa's battle against the SaharaAfrica is too often overlooked  and I am no exception to this  by writers of mundane science fiction.

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Making Peace with the EarthWhilst this new course Climate Change and Global Justice was being planned for the syllabus of the Global Development Studies at University of Helsinki in 2019, I decided quite early on, that one of the books should be by Vandana Shiva.

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A senior official in the Trump administration may have violated US law by publishing papers downplaying the climate crisisA White House spokesperson said the papers organised by NOAA scientist, Dr David Legates, were not cleared or approved by the administration.

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Tropical Gardening: Global warming means palms in surprising placesAvisit to Hawaii is the treat of a lifetime to millions of people a year, and many folks who come are friends or relatives of those of us who live here.

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A growing chorus of experts caution carbon capture technology may not be that effective and in some cases could even add to GHG emissionsMolly Segal writes on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website about the growing doubts of the expected effectiveness of carbon capture technology in addressing our climate and energy concerns.

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Reduced carbon emissions fail to stem warming of oceansBeijing, January 16 Despite reductions in global carbon emissions due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the world's oceans in 2020 were the warmest in recorded history, according to a new study.

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Climate change competition winners unveiledThe Ulster Farmers' Union and the Young Farmers' Clubs of Ulster are delighted to announce that Allister Crawford is the winner of the under 18's category of the climate change competition.

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Another View: Climate change remains the greatest crisis of our crisis-filled eraEach of the last seven years has been among the 10 warmest on record. The U.N. warns rightly that we are not doing enough to deal with it.

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The Stimulus Bill's Climate Wins Are Significant But Just a StartThe bill included an extension of the federal solar investment tax credit for two years at the 26 percent level, instead of dropping down to 22 percent in 2021 and 10 percent in 2022, as had been planned.

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Climate change: Map shows what areas of Dublin would be underwater if water levels riseWhile the predictions are not perfect, they're a stark indicator of what could be if climate change continues at a rapid pace.

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Addressing climate change: "Mothers are the "sweet spot" for inspiring social change"Sarah Kaplan writes on the Washington Post website about the important role that mothers play in educating the public about climate change.

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Earth's Oceans Continue to Warm Despite Reduced Carbon Emissions in 2020The effects of ocean warming manifest in the form of more typhoons, hurricanes and extreme rainfall.

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China plays rainmaker with modified drone flightsGanlin-1 could provide solid statistics on whether cloud seeding really works.

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The GHG intensity of the Canadian oil industry  what the scientific research actually saysUncertainty is a fact of life in science. Understanding and communicating uncertainty is an essential element of the scientific pursuit.

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World's oceans continue to warm, despite reduced carbon emissionsPublished in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences earlier this week, the study was conducted by 20 scientists from 13 institutes in China, the United States and Italy.

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The Early Signs of Climate Disaster in TurkeyIn December 2020, trees were found to be flowering in the Turkish capital of Istanbul and in other locations across the country in a phenomenon called false spring.

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2020 HindsightYesterday was the day that NASA, NOAA, the Hadley Centre and Berkeley Earth delivered their final assessments for temperatures in Dec 2020, and thus their annual summaries.

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Joe Bidens climate-change plans will burn billions, wont bring change we actually needLet's get real. Climate is a man-made problem. But Biden's climate alarmism is almost entirely wrong.

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Thoughts on Main Street andEvery day, well most days, I stop at one of the local cafes for a coffee and muffin, and more often than not, it is the Continental2 cafe on Main Street.

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Funding to help tackle climate change still available > A Little Bit of StoneCommunity groups, parish councils and schools with projects that help tackle climate change are being reminded that there is still time to apply for funding.

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Most Democrats and Republicans think the government should make climate change a priorityA new survey finds broad support among American voters for doing more on climate change.

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Local communities get boost for projects that reduce wasteNearly 20 organizations around the state can now step up their efforts to reduce waste, increase reuse and repair, resue food and support responsible recycling.

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In defense of all speciesFrom manatees to Labradoodles, let's treat them all with respect and dignity.

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Commentary: Besides talking about responsibility, global collective climate action should also be a focusIn the climate debate, calculating which economies should bear bigger responsibilities is an impossible task.

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Energy News for week ending January 15, 2021Vetoed! - Imminent Start - Bug Robot Happy Friday folks. Well, we got the answer to last week’s question about whether Governor Baker was going to sign the climate bill or not.

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Q&A: Global Insect Declines Due to "Death by a Thousand Cuts"University of Connecticut entomologist David Wagner speaks with The Scientist about his biggest concerns for global insect populations and recommendations for actions to help save these tiny but important creatures.

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Climate Change!That is a fact. Before the ice age, the temperatures were warmer, then the ice age hit, then they eventually warmed up again.


Hot air on climate action?Will the UK Governments Green Industrial Revolution deliver the climate action we need?

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Total drops API over climate change differencesEach year, Total assesses the main industry associations of which it is a member to ensure they are aligned with the Group’s climate positions, ” the company said in a news release.

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Graf von Spiegelberg"People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy." - Anton Chekhov "Blow, blow, thou winter wind, thou art not so unkind as man's ingratitude." - Bill Beershaker Through the cold window glass T is staring outside.

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Guest post: How to ‘fairly' share emissions from goods traded around the worldThis article, guest authored by Dr Michael Jakob, Dr Hauke Ward and Dr Jan C Stecke, was originally published on the Carbon Brief website on Jan 4, 2021.

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Inaugurating hope for ambitious climate solutions — Center for Climate and Energy SolutionsAs we approach the inauguration of President - and Vice President-elect Biden and Harris, climate action has never been more imperative.

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How Norway's oil and gas legacy complicates its climate change leadershipAn expert explains Norway's climate change paradox.

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Planet of The Humans"Michael Moore presents Planet of the Humans, a documentary that dares to say what no one else will this Earth Day — that we are losing the battle to stop climate change on planet earth because we are following leaders who have taken us down the wrong road — selling out the green movement to wealthy interests and corporate America.".

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Climate Change Is Harming Children's Diets Globally, Scientists WarnIn an alarming new study, scientists found that climate change is already harming children's diets.

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Free Sustainability GuideHi reader, for those of you who dont follow me on Instagram you may have missed that I have created a free sustainability guide for you to download!

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As our nights grow increasingly bright, its negative impacts are becoming ever more visible on our health and on natureTim Schauenberg writes on the Deutsche Welle website about the impact our light pollution from lighting is having on us and on nature.

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High hopes and great expectations: a political shift on climateWashington's legislative session begins. So does the Biden administration.

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DEQ's Jean-Karlo Lemus takes us on brief environmental tour of his homeland in Puerto RicoMy name is Jean-Karlo Lemus, and I’m fairly new to Oregon. I’ve spent time in Pennsylvania and Georgia, but I was born and raised in Puerto Rico.

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Total quits API over climate change differencesThe influential American Petroleum Institute is under pressure as investors want a move away from fossil fuels, and as Joe Biden plans to rejoin the Paris Accord.

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Climate change: Farmers can be part of the solutionFarmers and crofters can be part of the solution to climate change if they are backed with the right support policies, claims NFU Scotland.

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How Companies Wrongly Placed Onus For Climate Change On The PublicMichael Mann seeks to debunk the lies that have derailed attempts to curb climate change and arms readers with a real path forward to preserving the planet.

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Register to readNews, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication.

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Oil Industry's Public Climate Denial Campaign Dates Back to at Least 1980, Nearly a Decade Earlier Than Previously ThoughtThe American Petroleum Institute , the leading oil and gas industry trade group, publicly pushed misleading information on climate change as early as 1980 - much earlier than previously thought - according to newly discovered archival documents.

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In the news: insect meals, migrants and lessons from Covid-19EU approves mealworms for dinner Mealworms could make their way into Europeans diets after The European Food Safety Authority approved dried yellow mealworm fit for human consumption.

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The tipping points for climate actionThe rapid decline of coal-fired power in the UK and petrol cars in Norway indicate how small policy changes can lead to dramatic climate action, researchers argue.

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Teaching others how talk about climate change made easy with new guideThe EIT Climate-KIC supported #TalkingClimate Workshop—The Trainer's Guide by Climate Outreach was recently launched. The new guide, accompanied by a slidedeck and script, aims to train workshop hosts to effectively communicate the #TalkingClimate Handbook's instructions on how to have meaningful and productive conversations about climate change.

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In the last 30 years, flooding driven by climate change caused $78 billion in damages in the U.S.New research out of Stanford University puts a price tag on the cost of climate change.

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Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product DeclarationsThe Standard documents outline where and how to make assumptions and calculations in order to break down a complex system, like manufacturing steel frames for a building, into smaller steps and stages. The software then allows you to put all the pieces together and pull in the correct environmental impacts for the materials, transportation and...

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Cover stories: Volume 109 Issue 1The cover image for our new issue shows Pamir Cinquefoil in the Himalayan mountains. Lead author and photographer, Jiri Dolezal shares the story behind this stunning image and related research article “Climate warming drives Himalayan alpine plant growth and recruitment dynamics” by Dolezal, Jandova, Macek, Mudrak, Altman,...

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Bill would add climate change, environmental justice to state land-use goalsOne of the bills Oregon lawmakers will be considering in the upcoming legislative session calls for updating state land-use planning goals to address climate change and environmental justice.

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The U.S. Congress Overrode Trump Veto on FY21 NDAA: Here are the Climate Security Highlights in the BillOn January 1, the U.S. Senate voted to override Mr. Trump’s veto of the Fiscal Year 2021 National Defense Authorization Act with an 81-13 vote.

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Taino Stilt Houses May Have Been an Adaptation to Climate ChangeA coastal village in the Caribbean flourished during a period of increased hurricanes. Research suggests the Taíno designed their dwellings to persist through the greater storm surges.

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Hot topic: 2020 had near-record warmth worldwideImage credit: NOAA) Last year tied 2016 for the warmest on record since such records began in 1880, according to NASA.

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Carbon for cash: What is carbon offsetting?Electricity, transportation and heating are major carbon emitters which form fundamental parts of modern-day society.

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Climate Change Pushing Up Child Malnutrition Levels, Finds 19-Country StudyA study of 107,000 children aged five and under has found that rising global temperatures are equal or greater contributor to child malnutrition compared to poverty, inadequate sanitation, and poor education.

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Knit Happens  Coral BleachingGlobal warming has put the existence of coral reefs in a precarious position, with the rise in sea temperatures the symbiotic relationship between the algae zooxanthellae and coral is under strain, and bleaching events occur.

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Baker reluctantly struck down climate change bill, citing multiple concernsGov. Charlie Baker said he supported the bill’s climate goals but differed “on how these goals should best be achieved.”. Shared .

Knit Happens  CoralI wanted to focus this project on the effects of climate change on biodiversity in the ocean.

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The planet is dying faster than we thoughtA triple-threat of climate change, biodiversity loss and overpopulation is bearing down on Earth, a new paper from 17 scientists warns. Shared .

Climate change: why bother?Smart Freight Centre, a partner of The Loadstar, has published a simple, clear blog on why companies should care about climate change; it includes their legal responsibilities and a roadmap to get started.

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Climate change: what would 4°C of global warming feel like?Climate models are likely underestimating the true severity of future warming in urban areas.

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Africa: Climate ChangeAnalysis - Another year, another climate record broken. Globally, 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year ever recorded. Shared .

Focus on Carbon Capture and Storage a 'Dangerous Distraction'Instead of financing a technology they can neither develop in time nor make to work as claimed, governments should concentrate on scaling up proven technologies like renewable energies and energy efficiency, it says.

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Reasons to be cheerful: we can take back control of climate changeIf you multiply two miserable things can they add up to a better world? Logic says no.

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Flashback Friday: The ZooWhen we are children, going to the Zoo is a good day out. The Zoo has been part of the Animal Planet lineup since 2016.

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Bla bla bla for biodiversitySign up to get our weekly newsletter straight to your inbox, plus breaking news, investigations and extra bulletins from key events.

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TRANSITION: Biden adds 6 policy experts to his climate teamPresident-elect Joe Biden is rounding out his White House climate team with policy hands who've spent the Trump era defending climate regulations, engineering new policy and campaigning on the issue.

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POLITICS: Experts assess feasibility of Biden 100% clean energy planThe upcoming presidential inauguration of Joe Biden has opened the floodgates this week on proposals for achieving the clean energy future he has promised.

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Missouri meteorologist's 'Show Me Climate' series teaches viewers about climate change » Yale Climate Connections'I hope that the lasting effect of me talking about climate is just more acceptance and more understanding.'

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Gov. Polis' Latest Climate Plan Offers More Details, But Critics Still Want More On Environmental JusticeThe plan includes the start of an "equity framework," but one activist says, "there could be more focus on frontline communities."

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The Washington PostWe use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests.

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Will 2021 Be the Year for Environmental Justice Legislation? States Are Already Leading the WayIn Oregon, new legislation would require state officials to consider the "cumulative" impact on neighborhoods already overburdened by pollution before granting permits to projects that potentially pose a threat to human health or the environment.

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CCAC goes big on solar with planned 540-kilowatt panel installationIt's about efficiency, of course, but also about setting an example for students.

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Feature: Putting local people at the centre of climate change adaptationEnglish News and Press Release on World about Climate Change and Environment, Disaster Management, Epidemic and Flood; published on 15 Jan 2021 by CDKN.

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The zero that every investment portfolio needsCredit: Unsplash) This article is brought to you thanks to the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum.

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Faith groups have a key role to play in reducing climate-linked violencePeople walk past damaged buildings at the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria Dec.

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Governor asked to intervene on Plum wastewater injection wellGroups have concerns about radioactivity in shale gas drilling wastewater leading to contamination drinking water supply in Pittsburgh.

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Scientists Solve Desalination Mystery, Improving EfficiencyScientists believe they have solved one of the biggest mysteries about desalination — exactly how reverse osmosis membranes work to remove salt and other chemicals from water — a breakthrough they say could help make the process more efficient and cheaper.

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Forest Defenders: A Panamanian Tribe Regains Control of Its LandsWith a landmark court ruling, the Naso people of Panama have won the rights to ancestral territory that includes two national reserves the tribe will now help manage.

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Air pollution will lead to mass migration, say experts after landmark rulingAir pollution does not respect national boundaries and environmental degradation will lead to mass migration in the future, said a leading barrister in the wake of a landmark migration ruling, as experts warned that government action must be taken as a matter of urgency.

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U.S. bans exports to China's state-owned oil companyU.S. companies will now have to apply for special permits to export goods to the state-owned company, known as CNOOC.

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Biden set to restore Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante to pre-Trump sizeLittle on-the-ground damage to the parks has been seen since they were shrunk in 2017.

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Saving the World by eating MushroomsBy simply swapping your everyday snack for Mokus plant-based jerky, you are saving 12 sq.

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Greener air travel will depend on these emerging technologiesElectric engines, alternative fuels, and better navigation could reduce emissions—and mitigate the impacts of a global return to the skies.

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Survey Finds Majority of Voters Support Initiatives to Fight Climate ChangeA survey carried out after the November election found that 66 percent of respondents said that developing sources of clean energy should be a high or very high priority.

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One, two, tree: how AI helped find millions of trees in the SaharaEfforts to map the Earth's trees are growing - and could change our understanding of the planet's health.

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Action to curb climate change is needed now2020 was a pretty bad year, and not because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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How Taiwan uses Buddhist literature for environmental educationClimate change is one of the biggest challenges that the world faces. A United Nations report has cautioned that greenhouse gas emissions due to human activity are at a record high, “with no signs of slowing down.” Many nations are recording weather extremes, higher average temperatures and rising seas.

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Will net zero really cost ten million jobs?This post is by Jess Ralston, analyst at ECIU. This article was originally posted on ECIU's blog Growing new jobs and the skilled workforce to do them is an essential part of the net zero transition, and represents both a challenge and an opportunity.

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Toyota to Pay a Record Fine for a Decade of Clean Air Act ViolationsToyota's $180 million settlement with the federal government follows a series of emissions-related scandals in the auto industry.

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Hounded by Wildfires, Californians Rethink Their Willingness to RebuildIn the aftermath, some people are deciding to just begin new lives elsewhere. The pandemic and longstanding housing problems haven't made the choices any easier.

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Opinion: How can we trust the Climate Change Committee's findings on fossil fuels?The climate column: The CCC published its sixth UK carbon budget at the end of 2020 and included a report on the financing of the transition to a zero-carbon economy.

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Heaps Better + Climate Australia LaunchListen to the amazing Episode 1 of this four-part miniseries right here on Climactic. Then, stick around for a chat with the creators Jess and Ash, with interviewer and science communicator Lee Constable.

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Changing resilience of oceans to climate changeOxygen levels in the ancient oceans were surprisingly resilient to climate change, new research suggests.

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Ancient Oceans Were Surprisingly Resilient to Climate Change a€“ But Things Are Different TodayScientists used geological samples to estimate ocean oxygen during a period of global warming 56 million years ago — and found "limited expansion" of seafloor anoxia.

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Climate Change Is Worsening MalnutritionThe confirmation by the WMO that 2020 was one of the warmest years on record is yet another stark reminder of the relentless pace of climate change, which is destroying lives and livelihoods across our planet, ” Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations said.

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Understanding the carbon jargonYou might also have heard references to “zero emissions”, “low emissions” and going “carbon-neutral” and many more.

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'Huge gaps' in financing for climate adaptation, UN report warnsOnly 6.1% of bilateral development finance was spent on adaptation in 2017, according to a new report, and much more is needed to help lower-income countries prepare for the impacts of a hotter planet.

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Baker vetoes sweeping climate change billScuttling what looked to be a major session-ending accomplishment for the Legislature, Gov. Charlie Baker on Thursday vetoed ambitious climate legislation over his concerns that key pieces of the bill could stymie housing construction, and that the Legislature did nothing in the bill to help cities and town adapt to the effects of climate change.

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Climate Change and Livestock in the UK: The Politics of Policy ProcessesPhoto credit: Christine Page. Written by Amber Lawes, former Food and Development MA student at IDS The debate about livestock farming in the UK is fraught, and in the post-Brexit context is at high stakes, as alternative agricultural policy scenarios are contemplated.

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UN urges nations to scale up Climate Change adaptation to avoid major economic lossGovernments across the world must significantly scale up climate adaptation measures to avoid major economic damage from global warming, according to the fifth edition of the UN Environment Programme Adaptation Gap report.


Overheated Earth can slow plants' carbon storage15 January, 2021 − For vast tracts of forest and savannah, the heat could rise too far for plants' carbon storage abilities to go on working.

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Pope's adviser says Covid has highlighted ‘existential' climate riskFocus must be on justice for those fleeing impact of extreme weather events, says new scientific adviser to Vatican.

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Increase in lightning strikes expected to ignite more wildfiresLightning strikes are one of the main causes of wildfire in Australia. As the planets temperature warms, the frequency of lightning strikes is expected to grow with it.

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Biden presidency sets stage for wider global advances on climate policyOnce US President-elect Joe Biden takes office - and as more countries struggle with climate impacts - policies that tackle global warming are expected to begin emerging in a wider range of world bodies in 2021, climate diplomats said on Thursday. Shared .

Agriculture at risk in slow response to climate changeAgriculture risks being left behind in the race to address climate change and without urgent, practical measures could lose its reputation for high quality produce.

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More than just food: How edible gardening benefits our environment.People decide to garden for a variety of reasons. Many enjoy edible gardening because of the mental, physical and social health benefits it provides.

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Omanis revive memory of village swallowed by desertDeserts are expanding all over the world, pushed on by climate changeWadi Al-Murr is cut off from main roads and only reachable via a long, rough track WADI AL-MURR, Oman: Encroaching sands have left little evidence that the Omani village of Wadi Al-Murr ever existed, but former inhabitants and curious visitors are coming to rediscover&.

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'Vital to stop climate change without Portland incinerator'I've a better resolution than Eric Briar's "It's vital to growth" of January 9th.

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Forests, land ecosystems may go from being CO2 'sinks' to the 'source' by 2050Ecosystems that store the most CO2 — especially tropical and boreal forests — could lose more than 45 percent of their capacity as carbon sponges by mid-century.

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The Prince Charles Earth Charter: A Testament to IgnorancePrince Charles has recently released the Terra Carta , which calls upon private business to fund a £7billion recovery program for the planet.

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A clarion call for climate coverage: The Climate MinuteBetsy Rosenberg is a veteran climate journalist, who wants to implement regular designated coverage of environmental issues on mainstream media.

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Light pollution: The dangers of bright skies at nightArtificial light revolutionized life on earth. But as our nights grow increasingly bright, its negative impacts are becoming ever more visible on our health and on nature.

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Here's a look at land acquisitions' effect on climate changeAZ Big Media Here's a look at land acquisitions' effect on climate change - AZ Big Media.

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Humanity's ‘ecological Ponzi scheme' sets up bleak future, scientists warnIn a new perspective piece published in Frontiers in Conservation Science, the scientists say that key environmental issues, such as biodiversity loss, climate change, and human overpopulation and overconsumption, coupled with ignorance and inaction, is driving the world into a state of disrepair.

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NOAA's Climate Time MachineAccording to NOAA, With a slightly cooler end to the year, the year 2020 secured the rank of second warmest year in the 141-year record, with a global land and ocean surface temperature departure from average of +0.98°C.

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After winning most Arctic refuge bids, an Alaska agency prepares to assume oil leasesThe Alaska state agency that submitted most of the bids in a lightly attended auction for drilling rights in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge expects to have those leases in hand by next week, the organizations executive director said on Wednesday.

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Reluctantly, governor vetoes Mass. climate change bill, but it may soon be back on his deskThe move disappointed but didn't surprise lawmakers and advocates, who had feared the Republican governor would veto the bill, despite having laid out his own ambitious plan to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

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Norwegian oil: big investments, growing production and desire for high Arctic drillingIrrespectively of its climate commitments, Norway continues to push for more oil and natural gas.

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Biden presidency sets stage for wider global advances on climate policyThomson Reuters Foundation) - Once U.S. President-elect Joe Biden takes office - and as more countries struggle with climate impacts - policies that tackle global warming are expected to begin emerging in a wider range of world bodies in 2021, climate diplomats said on Thursday.

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Canada greenlights three offshore drilling projects off Newfoundland coast"Legally binding conditions" on projects are meant to protect the environment, says Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson.

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The REAL Cause of Global WarmingBefore the internet was made Antarctica was nice: Just peaceful people chilling On an endless sheet of ice.

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EPA, residents discuss Superfund site progressOfficials expect to complete cleanup in four to five years, depending on federal funding.

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Mayoral Candidate Carlucci: Tackling Climate Change Will Be 'Big Part Of My Administration'Jacksonville City Councilman Matt Carlucci announced Thursday that he will be running for mayor in 2023 and he tells WJCT News that addressing climate change and sea level rise would be a priority for his administration.

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New book charts changing tactics of fossil fuel lobbyRenowned climate scientist Michael Mann looks at the tactics fossil fuel interests are using to slow broad policy shifts that are our surest bet to "take back our planet."

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Investors see splits among energy company climate effortsReuters) - Investors are judging how well energy companies have reoriented their businesses to cut emissions as they weigh activists' calls for divestment, climate finance specialists said on Thursday.

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Paris: Champs-Elysees Set to be Transformed Into a Green SpaceThe in the French capital is set to be given a €250 million green makeover, the mayor of Paris announced.


Climate Change Now Key Issue For Boardrooms And Balance SheetsTwo studies show that while corporate leadership is moving toward embracing climate policies, rank-and-file employees as essential to changing attitudes inside C-suites.

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Editorial: Climate change remains the greatest crisis of our crisis-filled eraEach of the last seven years has been among the 10 warmest on record. The United Nations warns rightly we are not doing enough to deal with it.

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‘The New Climate War' exposes tactics of climate change ‘inactivists'In his new book, climate scientist Michael Mann draws the battle lines for a new phase of the struggle against climate change denialism.

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Climate change doesn't spare the smallestWith a combined century of experience in the tropics, the University of Pennsylvania's Daniel Janzen and Winnie Hallwachs have seen a striking contraction of insect numbers and diversity.

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Falling C02 Emissions Expose 'Global Warming' Alarmism As Anti-ScienceThe "experts" that dominate government, big business, universities, and international institutions vitriolically insist that "science" purportedly establishes beyond doubt that carbon dioxide emissions are raising global temperatures and that the warmer earth will be catastrophic.

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Where 2020's Record Heat Was Felt the MostData issued Thursday by NASA confirmed that 2020 has effectively tied the hottest year on record.

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DistractionsMoving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful life events but I think the world turning upside down, inside out and back to front is the main reason I can’t get back into the old routine.

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2020 Tied for Warmest Year on Record, NASA Analysis ShowsEarth's global average surface temperature in 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record, according to an analysis by NASA.

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Climate change worsens child malnutrition: studyAlthough childhood malnutrition has decreased globally over the past several decades, undernourishment has increased since 2015 FLORENT VERGNES AFP/File.

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Ocean Acidification Affecting California MusselsCalifornia mussels are changing as the ocean becomes more acidic and scientists worry that may hurt them.

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Climate change: UN warns of major economic damage without more actionThe UN estimated that annual climate change adaption costs could reach between $140 billion and $300 billion by the end of the decade.

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What clean energy might look like in 2021Here's what we might be able to expect from clean energy advancements in the United States this year.

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Climate change doesn't spare the insectsEntomologists have seen a striking contraction of insect numbers and diversity. They are sharing new data suggesting that climate change is the culprit and they are coming up with a way to protect the survivors: a bioliteracy program that aims to educate Costa Rican residents about the diversity around them and empower them to conserve it.

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Hot again: 2020 sets yet another global temperature recordEarth's rising fever hit or neared record hot temperature levels in 2020, global weather groups reported Thursday.

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Africans Planning 1250 New Coal And Gas Power PlantsThis blog is where you will find the rational debate about the climate issue.

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Understanding future species distribution: new data for biogeographersWhat is meant by biogeography and why bioclimatic indicators are so important? As he explained in his Nature Behind the paper article, "Biogeography studies the distribution of species and ecosystems in a geographic space and the relationships between these communities and, among others, the climatic conditions: bioclimatic indicators summarize...

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Governments urged to use COVID stimulus to adapt to climate changeAdaptation to extreme weather and rising seas has lagged behind as warming impacts worsen, but pandemic recovery is an opportunity to catch up, say U.N. officials.

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How to Fight Climate Change and Fascists at the Same TimeDemocracy reform is the first step toward a sustainable future.

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Warming oceans will be extra hard on big fishLarge fish will find it particularly difficult to extract oxygen from warming oceans, researchers report.

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MIAC #296) Complete Confusion About the Future or Global Resource ConsolidationColdest ever recorded temperature in Spain - 34F below zero Jan 2021 -OCC allows stablecoins for cross border international settlements -2021 global rollout of motors for power generation -New energy generation devices for a decentralized power system locally -E.T Disclosure in 2021 -How would humans react to a new mechanical or biological life...

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IBM Bets Big on Blockchain to Fight Climate ChangeIBM is betting big on blockchain technology to boost global cooperation in the fight against climate change.

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Climate change is leaving children with less to eatThe researchers the impact of climate was so great it outweighed other developments efforts.

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2020 falls just short of being Earth's hottest year on record as global warming continuesWhile NASA said that 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record, other groups, such as NOAA, said it was the second-warmest year.

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Paris court hears landmark case on France's climate inactionPolitical leaders are starting to find their synthetic enthusiasm for fixing supposedly human-caused climate problems is coming back to bite them.

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Audubon Washington's 2021 legislative prioritiesGreenhouse gas emissions and extinction of species are increasing, which threatens all of us. Fortunately, many people and groups are working hard to move us and other creatures into a livable and flourishing future.

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2020, one of three warmest years on record: World Meteorological OrganizationThe COVID-19 pandemic was not the only long-term crisis the world will remember from 2020.

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The path to Net Zero: Event seriesThe CCC is holding an online series of events looking at how the UK can get to Net Zero and the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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2020 was hottest year on record by narrow margin, Nasa saysDue to different methods, US Noaa judged year as fractionally cooler than 2016 while UK Met Office put 2020 in close second place.

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New EEA briefing explores alternative ways of thinking about economic growth and progressHow can societies and people prosper and grow without harming the environment and climate? Is it possible to implement the European Green Deal through social innovations that have little or no environmental impact?

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Climate change: UN warns of major economic damage without more actionThe UN estimated that annual climate change adaption costs could reach between $140 billion and $300 billion by the end of the decade.

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'Science Moms' Campaign Seeks to Make Climate Change Personal for AmericansCampaign aims to harness mothers' concern for their children to spur action on climate change.

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On Alarmism: The Comedown From Excited RhetoricMichael Shellenberger is being rightly applauded for writing "Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Harms Us All" because he acknowledges the risks we face while calling BS on the over-the top-rhetoric and headline issues harms our public discourse, damages our mental health, and shifts societal focus onto things that don't make the...

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Using Science to combat desertification in the SahelSomething has to be done to tackle the environmental problems caused by climate change, desertification and population growth, ” says Barkissa from an Acacia field just outside the city of Djibo in Burkina Faso’s northern Sahel region.

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Let's Make the First 100 Days CountWith a new president and a new Congress, we have the chance for bold climate action that creates jobs and begins a just recovery for America - starting in the first 100 days.

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Colombia banks on forest economy to deliver climate ambition leapPublished on 14/01/2021, 5:18pm Since the end of a 50-year civil war, Colombia has seen a spike in forest clearance, that the government now hopes to reverse with agroforestry initiatives.

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New classification marks paradigm shift in how conservationists tackle climate changeA new study co-authored by researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society's. Global Conservation Program and the University of British Columbia.

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Andaman  Remembering the Place and the People Beyond the Blue WatersAll Andamanese tradition dates back to some great cataclysm which submerged a greater part of the land.

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BlackRock Deal Moves Firm Closer to Quantifying the Impact of Climate ChangeThe world's largest asset manager gives investors another piece of the puzzle to model the risks of coming environmental changes.

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Forests may flip from CO2 'sink' to 'source' by 2050Research shows that beyond a certain temperature threshold - which varies according to region and species - the capacity of plants to absorb CO2 declines GUILLAUME SOUVANT AFP/File.

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The Biden Administration and International Climate Change Policy and ActionThe Clinton administration negotiated the protocol with considerable enthusiasm under the leadership of Vice President Gore, but it did not submit the protocol to the Senate for possible ratification, knowing that the protocol's lack of any emissions-reduction responsibility for the large emerging economies meant it would fail in the Senate.

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Meet the Finnish grannies trying to save the world from climate changeThe group of older women are spreading the word about climate change in the hope of leaving their grandchildren with a safe future.

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600-year-old marine sponge holds centuries-old climate records: Temperature records show past volcanic activity, current climate warming trendsScientists used a 600-year-old marine sponge to reconstruct a record of ocean temperature in the North Atlantic revealing past volcanic activity as well as the current global warming trend from the release of carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gasses into Earth's atmosphere and absorbed by the oceans.

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Revealed: business secretary accepted donations from fossil fuel investorsThe UK's new business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, accepted substantial donations from fossil fuel investors and advisers as part of his 2019 general election campaign, despite the government's commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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Warming May Push Ecosystems to Release Carbon, Instead of Absorbing ItScientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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2020 Was Blistering Hot. Global Warming Is To Blame.NASA found 2020 tied as the hottest on record. NOAA found it came in a close second.

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Western Australia LNG plant faces calls to shut down until faulty carbon capture system is fixedEnvironmental groups blast state government for failure to penalise Chevrons Gorgon plant for increased greenhouse gas emissions.

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Campaigners to Biden: Environmental justice key to tackling climate changeReuters) - U.S. President-elect Joe Biden must place environmental justice at the heart of his plans to tackle climate change by tailoring policies to address the global inequalities at the root of the crisis, guests in a Reuters Next panel said on Thursday.

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Global climate crisis: Data shows alarming end to alarming decadeJanuary to October was the warmest period on record in Europe.

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Climate change: 'Exceptionally hot' 2020 concludes warmest decadeThe years between 2011 and 2020 were the hottest on record, and 2020 was among the warmest of all.

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