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Yet another #drought for the hard-working #ColoradoRiver - The Mountain Town News #COriver From The Mountain Town News :. From The Cortez Journal :. From The Cortez Journal :. From The Denver Post :. Drought again? Or is something else going on in the slimming Colorado River? Peak runoff in the Colorado River this year has arrived exceptionally early and with unusual modesty.

The Land That Global Warming Forgot For the first time a major political party has gone into an election with an anti-green platform and won big time. Specifically the Conservative Party platform for the Ontario election on 7th June promised:. The Conservatives made some other promises too but what was interesting about dropping the carbon tax etc.

Cartesian Doubt in the 21st Century In Meditations on First Philosophy, René Descartes identifies three important Philosophical motifs: the nature of methodical doubt ; the Substance of methodical doubt, i.e., what can be called into doubt and when ; and how to doubt.

Op Ed: Colorado's Climate Gap and the Path Forward Where You Come In: Climate + Equity. Governor Hickenlooper and his senior staff spent time at the Alliance Center discussing the updated Colorado Climate Plan and how we can meet Colorado's state goal with actions at all levels: personal, community, and government.

She Spoke out About Climate Change-and They Tried to Make Her Pay for It They're the descendants of scientists like James Hansen, who 30 years ago this week sounded the alarm on climate change to Congress-and eventually resigned his position studying warming at NASA to become an activist.

Michael Mann Used Well Known Deceitful Statistics to Create the Hockey Stick H/t Commenter Sunsettommy. The deeper I dig into the Hockey Stick, the more it stinks. As you can see from the above Hockey Stick graphic, Michael Mann combined proxy and instrumental data post-1902.

Update on the Eastern Pacific Tropics The North Pacific and North Atlantic appear to be fairly quiet as far as significant ocean storms. However, I wanted to make note of a likely developing tropical cyclone in the Eastern Pacific Basin.

How much Earth has warmed since a NASA scientist's warning 30 years ago Much of what James Hansen told the Senate in 1988 was right.

Weekend Reader: Those invading animals! In the history of American cinema, the 1950's and 1980's stand out as decades where cheap sci-fi films about animals gone mad garnered their share of the box office. But sci-fi meets sci-fact in the Everglades.

Coral reefs ‘will be overwhelmed by rising oceans’ Study finds fragile marine ecosystems cannot grow fast enough to keep pace with sea levels.

Hey, Doug, can we talk? Climate change rally organized to welcome premier elect Join us at a non-partisan rally to make our voices heard and provide practical solutions to the climate crisis to help the PC government with their plan. Premier-elect Ford has announced that one of his first acts in government will be to end Ontario's action on climate change.

Protecting The Environment by Reducing The use of Single-Use Plastics We have become so accustomed to using single-use plastics because they have made our workload lighter. When we have parties and visit restaurants we use them because it is easy for us to simply discard plastic knives, forks etc.

The IMO's GHG strategy: A Step Toward Meeting the 2° Target? In conclusion, it can be said that IMO's GHG strategy is indeed an ambitious and solid step forwards towards tackling emissions from international maritime shipping. A revised strategy will come in 2023, five years from now.

It is Hard To Overstate Just How Wrong Jim Hansen's Predictions Have Been I thank God that Jim Hansen was assigned to the Political Science Department of NASA, and not the real NASA where results actually matter. If he had been part of the Apollo Mission, we would never have reached the moon, let alone get a rocket off the ground, or even built.

It's not just happening in Utah. Across the U.S., global warming is driving the spread of toxic algae in reservoirs, lakes and ponds, researchers say. - The words blasted to cellphones around Oregon’s capital city were ominous: “Civil emergency. prepare for action.”.

Living on Earth: Beyond The Headlines On this week's Beyond the Headlines, Host Steve Curwood and Peter Dykstra discuss the Chesapeake Bay's improvement of ecosystem health and Costa Rica's pledge to go fossil free by 2021.

Opinion - A Prophet of Doom Was Right About the Climate Thirty years after a NASA scientist warned Congress the planet was warming, lawmakers have taken no action remotely commensurate with the threat.

Why We Don't Need to be in the Paris Climate Accord: US CO2 Drops 3rd Year in Row Newsbytes tell the story:. Global greenhouse gas emissions began rising again last year as the first pick-up in coal burning since 2013 overshadowed a record expansion in renewable energy, a BP report said.

In the Southwest, 'drought' doesn't tell the whole story - @HighCountryNews From High Country News :. Emily Benson is an assistant editor at High Country News. This article was first published online at High Country News on June 22, 2018. In early June, more than 1,000 people near Durango, Colorado, had to leave their homes as the 416 Fire swept across the landscape.

2018 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #25 2018 SkS Weekly Climate Change and Global Warming News Roundup #25. Close, but no cigar. That assessment, though unscientific, well describes May 2018 sea ice extent in the Arctic Ocean - a month some polar experts thought could be one for the record books.

Ferocity of Glacial Lake Outburst in Bhaga Valley in Himachal Have seen how ferocious glacial lake outburst flood can be? I too have not, but watch this. Frightening, is it not? Having not seen a glacial lake outburst flood first hand, it is difficult to imagine how ferocious it can be. This is a video, that I have been told by local people who should know, of such an event.

A famous scientist first warned Congress about climate change exactly 30 years ago today. James Hansen wishes he'd been wrong. Hansen continued to research climate change for the rest of his career and retired from NASA in 2013. But his work has continued: Last year, he published a report outlining how much it would cost to suck carbon dioxide back out of the atmosphere.

Thirty Years Ago Today, Global Warming First Made Headline News On June 23, a NASA climate scientist, James Hansen, told a U.S. Senate committee that human-produced greenhouse gases were measurably heating the climate. Hansen had stepped out ahead of most peers, but there were plenty of cues from nature, as well, including a record North American heat wave and a wildfire in Yellowstone National Park.

Then and Now, Across America's Last Frontier Book review: Tip of the Iceberg, by Mark Adams. Travel writer Mark Adams recounts his experiences traveling in Alaska, that "last great American frontier", following the trail of an exploratory expedition run by railroad tycoon Edward Harriman in 1899.

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