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Opinion: Jeff Bezos likes to start fires then cosplay as a firefighter. His $10 billion climate change check is no different The world's richest man, whose company boasts a staggeringly large carbon footprint, has announced a $10 billion fund to fight climate change. Yesterday Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, took to.

SEC Indicates it Will Not Modify Climate Change Disclosure Criteria Securities and Exchange Commission. The chair indicated that he would continue to rely on the principles that have guided SEC disclosures for decades. For environmental and climate-related issues, the guiding principle of materiality remains the foremost indicator of a disclosure obligation.

NASA Flights Detect Millions of Arctic Methane Hotspots This new knowledge will improve how Arctic land models represent methane dynamics and therefore our ability to forecast the region's impact on global climate and global climate change impacts on the Arctic. Elder says the study is also a technological breakthrough.

Jeff Bezos Pledges $10 Billion To Fight Climate Change Amazon's CEO announced this week he is pledging $10 billion of his personal fortune to fight climate change.

Bloomberg program reportedly put lawyers in AG offices to advance climate change agenda Michael Bloomberg's nonprofit organization funded a program that places private lawyers in the offices of state attorneys general to advance the billionaire media titan's environmental agenda, according to a report on Tuesday.

Moray councillors squabble over 30K climate change charge MORAY councillors have clashed over a £30,000 climate change strategy charge. During a meeting of the full council last week, councillors discussed a request for £30,000 from officers to pay energy audits as part of the climate change strategy.

Why Japan, in the face of the climate crisis, is building more coal plants So despite experiencing its own impacts of climate change, from rising sea levels to deadlier extreme heat, Japan is pushing ahead with a fuel source that is exacerbating the problem.

Driven By Climate Change, Desalination Researchers Seek Solutions To Water Scarcity As water scarcity becomes a growing concern in the U.S., one alternative source of water that regions are increasingly investing in is desalination. But the process can be expensive and harmful to the environment, so researchers are looking at what is needed to lower the cost and improve the energy efficiency of desalination.

What Global Warming? Oregon Governor Supports Destroying Four Hydroelectric Dams Oregon Governor Kate Brown is a stalwart warrior in the fight against climate change, and has called it "the most pressing issue of our time." From her website:. If it is the most pressing issue of our time, surely she supports hydroelectric dams. They are a clean method of generating electricity.

Lex Mundi unveils global climate change guide for law firms The world's largest law firm network Lex Mundi has published guidelines to help its members to align their operations with global environmental sustainability regulations. Lex Mundi has over 160 member firms totalling at more than 21,000 attorneys and has unveiled the Lex Mundi Global Climate Change Law Guide.

Key West ties 93-year-old high temperature record Meteorological spring begins a week from Sunday, but spring-like temperatures are already in place across the Florida peninsula, with some 90-plus readings in inland parts of South Florida. In Broward County, Weston hit 90 and an observer near the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport reported a high of 92.

India’s bird populations ‘declining sharply’, research shows Hundreds of bird populations in India are collapsing, according to a major new report. Researchers using data collected by more than 15,000 birdwatchers examined trends over a 25-year period, and.

Massive Support for Wet'suwet'en Peoples Actions in solidarity with the demands of the Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs escalated through the weekend as Justin Trudeau canceled his Caribbean trip to campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council and held a meeting with Cabinet Minsters to "address infrastructure disruptions".

Personal tipping points Perhaps because I visited these forests and was struck by their uniqueness and vibrant life, I felt the recent massive destruction as a mental and even physical stress. I remembered being woken up at dawn many years ago by wonderfully loud voices of tropical birds at the Binna Burra rainforest lodge in Lamington National Park.

Teaching Climate Change to any Audience Climate change is omnipresent and omni-destructive. However there is a colossal battle that has been going on for a decade or two or so, that draws the climate change creed against the ignorant pagans. Here is my two cents worth on how we can teach climate change to anyone, to resist the force of this holistic beast, the minotaur.

No Planet B - 16 The verdict has come through. The people have spoken. North Somerset Council have refused planning permission for Bristol Airport to expand their operations to 12 million people per year. The vote was carried by 18 to seven. This is a huge victory for democracy and common sense.

Jeff Bezos bungs $10bn at climate change after chump change for Oz bush fires Very wealthy bloke Jeff Bezos announced he would be spending billions on fighting climate change the same day his space rocket venture, Blue Origin, opened its Huntsville production facility.

EPFL researchers show that climate change will disrupt existing energy systems As climate changes and extreme weather events become more commonplace, we will need to fundamentally rethink how we produce renewable energy.

Jeff Bezos wants to fix climate change. He can start with Amazon Why do modern tomatoes taste so bad? How Slack ruined work. Follow WIRED on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Do the climate effects of air pollution impact the global economy? Aerosol emissions from burning coal and wood are dangerous to human health, but it turns out that by cooling the Earth they also diminish global economic inequality, according to a new study by Carnegie's Yixuan Zheng, Geeta Persad, and Ken Caldeira, along with UC Irvine's Steven Davis.

Letter to the editor: Kids brainwashed on climate change Watching a news report about children protesting about so-called climate change gave me something to ponder. The young can lead us old nonbelievers by first scrapping their video games, computers, cellphones and other electronics that use energy in order to be manufactured, mostly from oil that injects carbon into the atmosphere.

How do Democratic candidates plan to combat climate change? The differences lie in how far, how fast and how much to spend. Are they calling for the phaseout of all fossil fuels by a certain date? Do they see nuclear energy as part of a zero-emissions future? Are they looking to immediately ban fracking?

At Tonawanda Coke, one toxic cleanup turns into four Tonawanda Coke's toxic legacy - the subject of lawsuits, criminal prosecutions and a large-scale corporate bankruptcy - is not limited to the brownfields site a local developer wants to transform into a campus for data centers.

Environmental policy is fueling Boston’s housing crisis New green building standards are giving rise to a phenomenon researchers call "environmental gentrification" - an "elite, white waterfront for the young and wealthy" that's pricing out other residents.

Green group hopes final reshipment of Korean trash will bring closure to waste trafficking in PH CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines - Environmental group EcoWaste Coalition has expressed optimism that the last two batches of imported trash from South Korea expected to be reshipped on Sunday and on Feb. 23 will be the last trafficked wastes from another country that will be dumped into the Philippines.

PA Environment Digest An update on environmental issues in Pennsylvania. PA Environment Digest is a service of Crisci Associates. Crisci Associates is a Harrisburg-based government affairs firm whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations.

Will it ever snow again? Should we be worried? Yes, and yes, says New Jersey’s international snow expert. Robinson, the nation’s longest-serving state climatologist and the impresario of the 30-year-old Rutgers University Global Snow Lab.

Post-Coal Europe Faces a Whole New Dilemma The moisture content in wood is higher than in coal, meaning it burns less efficiently and releases more CO2 into the atmosphere. And while that carbon is often absorbed by so-called carbon sinks like forests, the clearcutting needed would also mean fewer trees to absorb that CO2.

Is a world without trash possible? Total resources entering. the global economy. Fossil. fuels:. Dispersed into. the environment as. unrecoverable waste. Long-lasting material. such as. buildings and infrastructure. Minimal. dumping and. pollution. Closing. the. Circle. Design wisely. Machines and other products.

UK airports must shut to reach 2050 climate target All UK airports must close by 2050 for the country to reach its target of net zero climate emissions by then, scientists say.

In a world rocked by climate change, firms must adjust Building codes and construction regulations have long shaped the minimum requirements for the safety of our built environment. These requirements have been based, in part, on recorded patterns of regional geography, temperature and weather.

The Bees and Other Creatures of My Childhood Are Disappearing Despite Greta Thunberg's best efforts, I had until recently managed to sequester the climate crisis to one of my consciousness's windowless chambers, the front door deadbolted, with a chair propped up against the knob. Inevitably, perhaps, it has now arrived through the back, mounting an assault on my remembered past.

Johnson Faces Scrutiny for Flooding Response After Storm Dennis The prime minister has no plans to visit areas with heavy flooding, his office said, and he has not called a meeting of the government’s emergencies committee.

Yes Virginia, the global environmental crisis is an existential threat The lengths to which conservative ideologues and members of the Trump cult will go in order to avoid admitting the urgency of the global environmental crisis grows more and more remarkable and disturbing.

Slick lobby: Velshi on how fossil fuel is buying your vote MSNBC's Ali Velshi explains how oil and gas companies get away with blaming consumers for climate change.

Bees may struggle in winds caused by global warming, study finds Experiment revealed increased wind speeds reduced the efficiency of their foraging.

Here's Where Each of the Presidential Candidates Stand on Climate Change In a December 2019 Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll of likely Democratic voters, almost half named climate change as their highest priority for the next president, more than on any other issue.

England As Warm As In 1736 Last Month This article gives the details. What it tells us is that our weather is extremely variable and so a warm, or cold, month/year is not something that should cause concern. Weather varies and we had better prepare for it as best we can and stop pretending that we can control it, which we can't.

What four years at sea taught me about our relationship to the ocean Oceans are central to the story of civilisation – so why do so many of us feel disconnected from them?

The Wet'suwet'en Take Another Anti-Pipeline Struggle Mainstream But the story is slipping away from them, if slowly. She added that she felt as though the media reports in the past have too often focused on the divisions within the Wet'suwet'en community over whether to allow the CGL pipeline, instead of centering the fact that their traditional governance structure is being ignored by Canadian politicians.

New green technology from UMass Amherst generates electricity 'out of thin air' Renewable device could help mitigate climate change, power medical dev Graphic image of a thin film of protein nanowires generating electricity from atmospheric humidity. UMass Amherst researchers say the device can literally make electricity out of thin air. CREDIT UMass Amherst/Yao and Lovley labs. Abstract:.

Family seeks justice as probe into Indonesian activist's death stalls While in the capital, they met with officials from the National Human Rights Commission, the Indonesian Ombudsman, and the office of the president's chief of staff. Resmi says she's disappointed at the provincial authorities' lack of progress in resolving the case.

Two deaths trigger alarm at Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve After strongly opposing the creation of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, he became one of its most enthusiastic promoters, as well as an advocate for local forest conservation and the sustainable development of communities in and around the town of El Rosario in the state of Michoacán, Mexico.

Pope makes impassioned plea to save the Amazon - will the world listen? Pope Francis, in an effort to reignite his influence as a global environmental leader, released an impassioned document February 12 entitled Dear Amazon - a response to the historic Vatican meeting last autumn regarding the fate of the Amazon biome and its indigenous people.

More than 1,200 landfill sites at risk of spilling into sea on UK coastline More than 1,200 coastal landfill sites are in danger of spilling their contents into the sea - leading to a pollution time bomb around the UK coastline. Powerful storms and rising sea levels mean once-hidden waste could be exposed to pollute oceans and beaches, according to coastal policy expert Mark Stratton.

30 years of the iron hypothesis of ice ages Thirty years ago this month, John Martin proposed a solution to one of the biggest mysteries of Earth's climate system: how was nearly one-third of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere drawn into the ocean as the planet entered the most recent ice age, then stored for tens of thousands of years, and released again as the ice sheets melted?

Protect 30% of Earth to avert 'irreversible' biodiversity loss - former ministers say Albright among 23 former foreign ministers calling for "strong protection" of animals and plants at UN biodiversity summit, due in China in October. By Alister Doyle. Read more on: Biodiversity - Breaking News - Climate Politics - Climate Science - Land - Nature - UN climate talks - World - Biodiversity Biodiversity.

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UK's new nuclear projects headed to be submerged due to climate change? The latest science shows how the pace of sea level rise is speeding up, fueling fears that not only millions of homes will be under threat, but that vulnerable installations like docks and power plants will be overwhelmed by the waves.

Hundreds of thousands of mussels cooked to death on New Zealand beach in heatwave Northland residents describe ‘heartbreaking’ find as experts warn climate crisis could make it a more frequent sight.

LETTER: Maple Ridge man sees both side of climate change argument Canadians have to ask themselves some tough questions about the future, a letter writer argues.

Storm Dennis: How dangerous is floodwater? As well as hiding hazards and debris, floodwater can carry harmful bugs and parasites, experts warn.

Climate change to continue hitting UK with bigger storms Storm Dennis killed at least three people and flooded many parts of the country at the weekend. Politicians from all parties have acknowledged the link to the climate crisis, but differ over how to respond.

West Midlands canals to help heat hospitals in renewable energy drive The government has promised to spend more than £20m on nine schemes across the country to exploit cheap, renewable heat from canals, old mineshafts and in London tube lines.

Old wounds of Oregon's timber wars take first step toward healing SALEM - The deal announced last week was intended to end the war in the woods that has beset Oregon forestry issues for decades. But not everyone is cheering what Gov. Kate Brown described as a "historic" deal between timber firms and environmentalists.

Of Our Fruits, Rot In every attempt at progress, there is challenge. Opposition. Derision. Just think back to that time in your high school gym class that you were standing before a rope tied to the ceiling, or that moment you reviewed your very first job application's list of required and preferred skills.

Climate Emergency Summit 04: Psychology and Feeling There are two strong features in the psychology of our responses to the climate emergency, which came out at the Summitt. Firstly recognition of the emergency presents us with an existential crisis. Acts that were praiseworthy and brought success, can now be perceived as harmful.

Government to take ‘technology over taxation’ approach to climate change Morrison would not confirm reports of technology investment target but said emissions reductions are not achieved through ‘meetings’.

Bill Nye on climate change: We can fix this The EPA, under the Trump Administration, has very close ties to the industries it's supposed to be regulating. Its current administrator, Andrew Wheeler, is a former coal lobbyist. On the Trump Administration’s lack of a response to climate change, Bill Nye says “We can fix this.”.

Can rationing carbon help fight climate change? Although it didn’t become policy in the UK, the idea did capture the imagination of individuals. Carbon reduction action groups, or CRAGs, sprung up across the country as people took matters into their own hands. Among them was Angela Raffle, a medical doctor from Bristol.

Coming up in Cowichan: Climate change series, nominate a Leader of Tomorrow Series of seminars on climate change emergency coming up. Are you interested in the climate change emergency?

Industrial IoT: a silver bullet for climate change "IoT can help make sense of the raw data produced every minute by the thousands of connected devices that make up business operations, supply chain and connected products," says Andy Stanford-Clark, chief technology officer at IBM, UK and Ireland.

Leaders say climate change is impacting Dubuque In recent years, the city has seen changes to its climate in just about every season. Gina Bell, Sustainable Community Coordinator for the City of Dubuque, said most noticeably, there has been an increase in heavy rainfall during the spring and fall.

Millions of Arctic Methane Hotspots Detected by NASA - Global Climate Change Impact Knowing where emissions are happening and what's causing them brings us a step closer to being able to forecast the region's impact on global climate. The Arctic is one of the fastest warming places on the planet.

My Idea Proposal To put up a blog post of our idea. Saw this photo of today's weather online:. February 17, 2020 weather in Europe. This has been on my mind all winter. I thought living in New York meant heavy snow and coats galore. Yet, I find myself going out in shorts to get groceries or visit my local deli.

Climate Change Conversation It wasn't really an apology. But, okay. "No. The Sun can influence the Earth's climate, but it isn't responsible for the warming trend we've seen over the past few decades. The Sun is a giver of life; it helps keep the planet warm enough for us to survive.

Drought news: Moderate to Severe Drought Conditions Return to Portions of South Central and Southeast #Colorado The latest US Drought Monitor, issued Thursday February 13th 2020, indicated severe drought conditions across southwestern through northeastern portions of Baca County. Moderate drought conditions were indicated across most of Saguache and Costilla Counties, as well as all of Mineral, Rio Grande, Alamosa and Conejos Counties.

Democrats plot takeover for environmental action Democratic presidential hopefuls are making big promises on climate change policy, and House Democrats are mapping out their own path come 2021, but no major climate legislation is likely to survive if their colleagues in the Senate don't capture the upper chamber in this year's elections.

Gasoline car bans: EV savior or 'stupid' idea? The Washington state Legislature this week considered a proposal that would make a motorhead choke on his energy drink: refusing to register any new car that runs on gasoline, within a decade from now. The bill failed to advance, but the idea behind it has more momentum than it might seem.

Investors urge Japan to strengthen climate targets ahead of U.N. summit LONDON - Investors managing $37 trillion in assets urged Japan to slash the country's carbon emissions, saying on Monday that a strong signal from Tokyo could help galvanize international climate action ahead of a U.N. summit in Glasgow in November.

Researchers claim solar efficiency breakthrough for flexible 'skin' He said they hoped to develop a product that could be brought to market for small appliances, such as a phone, within two years, and within three to five years for large-scale power compatible with rooftop solar.

Climate protesters dig up Cambridge college's lawn LONDON - Extinction Rebellion climate protesters dug up the lawn of Trinity College, Cambridge on Monday, as part of a week-long series of demonstrations in Britain's ancient university town.

How extreme weather can disrupt energy supply "As a result, we will require more investment into energy storage and grid improvements beyond the present situation," says Dasun Perera, from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Launsanne in Switzerland. The findings come from applying a model Perera developed with colleagues from Sweden and the US to 30 cities in Sweden.

UK government refuses request to explain cost of hitting net zero The UK government has refused a request to explain why its estimated cost of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 is tens of billions of pounds more than its independent advisers found.

Public support for new coalmines falls even among Coalition voters, ANU poll finds Australia's bushfire crisis has caused a spike in concern about the environment, a hit to the popularity of the Coalition and Scott Morrison and a drop in support for new coalmines, even among Coalition voters.

How Auckland is planning for climate change In the video at the top of this story, planners and hazard experts Bryce Julyan, from Beca, and Lara Clarke from GNS Science - Te Pῡ Ao, talk to Newsroom's Eloise Gibson about how climate change will impact Auckland and how good planning can help the city adapt.

The White Swans of 2020 This list is hardly exhaustive, but it points to what one can reasonably expect for 2020. Financial markets, meanwhile, remain blissfully in denial of the risks, convinced that a calm if not happy year awaits major economies and global markets.

Jeff Bezos commits $10 billion to fight climate change NEW YORK - Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said Monday that he plans to spend $10 billion of his own fortune to help fight climate change. Bezos, the world's richest person, said in an Instagram post that he'll start giving grants this summer to scientists, activists and nonprofits working to protect Earth.

More than 1,200 British coastal landfill sites are at risk from erosion Powerful storms and rising sea levels mean that a lot more of this once-hidden waste could be exposed - creating a pollution time bomb, expert Mark Stratton warns. These leaking landfills may also be the source of the bizarre plastic 'pebbles' which have found found littering the UK shoreline.

The downs and ups of plane contrails Changing altitude when flying through humid air can cut warming by 59%.

Heavier rainfall from storms ‘100% for certain' linked to climate crisis, experts warn Heavier rainfall from storms is “100 per cent for certain” linked to climate change and brings an increased risk of flooding to the UK, experts have warned.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos pledges $10bn to save Earth's environment Move comes a month after Amazon threatened to fire employees who spoke out about company’s role in the climate crisis.

Can a man like Roger Federer be the answer against global warming? Tennis - The Swiss Maestro embodies the 'shield' to combat global warming. In Antarctica the highest temperature ever recorded.

Seeding oceans with iron may not impact climate change "According to our framework, iron fertilization cannot have a significant overall effect on the amount of carbon in the ocean because the total amount of iron that microbes need is already just right,'' says lead author Jonathan Lauderdale, a research scientist in MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.

Can Seeding Earth's Oceans With Iron on a Global Scale Solve Climate Change? Historically, the oceans have done much of the planet's heavy lifting when it comes to sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Microscopic organisms known collectively as phytoplankton, which grow throughout the sunlit surface oceans and absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, are a key player.

Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion of his personal wealth to fight climate crisis Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said Monday that he plans to spend $10 billion of his own fortune to help fight climate change. Bezos, the world´s richest man, said in an Instagram post that he'll start.

Jeff Bezos Commits $10 Billion to Address Climate Change The world’s richest man unveiled a fund to help climate scientists and activists, an escalation of his philanthropic efforts.

Bezos says he's committing US$10B to fight climate change Founder Jeff Bezos announced he's created the Bezos Earth Fund, his biggest-ever philanthropic investment to help counter the effects of climate change. Bezos is starting with US$10 billion and will begin to issue grants in a few months.

House group proposes $191.5M for climate change mitigation 17, the Minnesota House Climate Action Caucus proposed a package of bills to invest in electric buses and cars, solar production, energy efficiency improvements to buildings and more. The 15-bill package totals $191.5 million in one-time funds, which legislators said would be funded with the state's budget surplus.

Extinction Rebellion dig up Cambridge University lawn We must call time on those profiting from the destruction of nature, ’ group says.

FEMA's Updated Flood Maps Will Impact Flood Insurance Premiums in South Florida The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which administers the National Flood Insurance Program, has been touring South Florida to inform real estate owners about how proposed flood maps based on the latest data will impact their flood insurance premiums.

Sugarbush to host forum on climate change and snow sports Sugarbush Resort is hosting a panel discussion on climate change and other related challenges to the ski and snow sport industries. The free open forum is being held on Saturday, Feb. 22, at 6 p.m. at the Gate House Lodge at Lincoln Peak.

Bleak irony’ as youth climate change conference cancelled due to extreme weather Youth climate change activists in the UK have been forced to cancel their first ever national conference due to flooding brought on by Storm Dennis.

Protecting migratory species in a rapidly changing world Many animals – including birds, fish and mammals – migrate along set routes in search of food or breeding grounds. How best to protect them in a rapidly changing world is the focus of a major UN wildlife meeting which opened in Gandhinagar, India, on Monday.

Six-year-old from Charlton makes stand against climate change in front of Parliament The climate revolution has a new face in its ranks after six-year-old Evan Boughen left his classroom behind on Friday to join a protest against climate change outside of Parliament.

Why we must put flood defences before Johnson’s vanity projects - Letters Letters: After two weekends of storms, Paul Faupel calls for massive investment in flood defences, while Prof Michael Symonds hopes the damage will serve as a wake-up call about the climate crisis. Tim Davies has a none-too-serious suggestion involving marmalade.

Dragons, Apes, Mantas and Birds Everyday I wonder why people don't pay much more attention to what's surrounding them in nature. This mighty interesting article suggests one way to check in on the state of the natural world? Disappear - with your family - in Indonesia's jungles for two weeks.You don't have to go as far as the jungle to have the light shine on you.

Parenting Techniques For 2020 Parenting experts are beginning to wonder if the 'wooden spoon' method may have some limitations in it's utilisation in child discipline. In controlled government funded testing, subjects have responded 'inconsistently' and numerous spoons have been broken in the process.

Achilles heels: Australian fires, Middle Eastern drought, British floods By 5pm on Sunday there were 271 flood warnings for England, landslides in Wales, hundreds evacuated from their homes, tens of thousands without electricity. many town centres heavily flooded and hundreds of train, plane and ferry services cancelled.

Why Extinction Rebellion should stay off the grass In their latest stunt, protestors from Extinction Rebellion have dug up the lawn at Trinity College, Cambridge. Presumably they think all publicity is good publicity, but this looks like yet another own goal. Trinity appears to have been targeted for two reasons, both stupid.

Sheffield schoolchildren stage protest against climate change Youngsters at a Sheffield primary school have staged a second protest as part of a global youth action against climate change.

A citizens’ assembly on climate is pointless if the government won’t listen - Stephen Buranyi A similar set-up broke the political deadlock in Ireland, but the Tories don’t want to hear bold recommendations, asks the writer Stephen Buranyi.

Sifting through the ashes: Mallacoota residents after the bushfires – in pictures Photographer and Mallacoota resident Rachel Mounsey sits with those who lost their homes in the bushfires and asks: how do you move on when all you own has turned to ash?

Supreme Court to hear challenge over climate change The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal by an environmental group against a High Court decision dismissing its claim that a Government plan to tackle climate change was flawed and inadequate. The High Court last year dismissed the challenge by the Friends of the Environment to the Government's National Mitigation Plan.

UK must prepare for more intense storms, climate scientists say Government urged to create more natural drainage systems to cope with impact of crisis.

Extinction Rebellion protesters dig up Cambridge college lawn Action at Trinity part of week-long protests against ties between university’s colleges and fossil fuel industry.

Met Office's new £1bn supercomputer 'will help us protect against climate change effects' The Met Office is to receive £1.2bn to develop a new weather and climate supercomputer. Due to become operational in summer 2022, the new machine is intended to provide six times the performance of.

Delta And The World Need Carbon Offsets To Stop Global Warming Delta and other airlines have been criticized for relying on carbon offsets to claim they're achieving carbon neutrality. But offsets are actually one of few tools we have to arrest global warming.

Storm Dennis triggers flooding and power outages across northern Europe Storm Dennis is continuing to wreak havoc as it ventures beyond the UK and into northern Europe, with Germany, Estonia and a number of Scandinavian countries all affected by flooding, power outages.

Impression of Nature: Protest against global warming through canvas 21 artists are participating in this initiative with the aim of encouraging meaningful conversations about the pressing issue of environmental degradation.

Think the climate is not changing? Just ask these people. The Adirondack Mountain region is encompassed in the 6 million-acre Adirondack Park, the largest park in the Lower 48, nearly three times larger than more famous Yellowstone.

Tesla: German court halts work on new 'Gigafactory' Environmentalists win a temporary injunction against forest clearance for a new "Gigafactory".

Storms bring more rain '100% for certain' because of climate change Research has shown that the conditions in a previous winter storm, Desmond in 2015, which brought very heavy rain to parts of the UK and caused widespread flooding, were made 40% more likely due to climate change.

Lamb: Western Pennsylvanians feel 'betrayed' by fracking ban legislation Lebanon, condemned the bill, introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

A 622-page climate change bill aims to transform industry. What does it mean for Pittsburgh? The climate legislation, likely to die in the Republican-controlled Senate, serves to bolster House Democrats’ environmental messaging.

Climate change is coming for the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. "The whole entire National Mall sits in the 100-year flood plain, so it's particularly vulnerable to all the challenges that we face," says Teresa Durkin, executive vice president of the Trust for the National Mall. To start addressing the problem, the Trust has brought together five design firms to re-imagine the Tidal Basin's future.

Can the U.S. Slash Food Waste in Half in the Next Ten Years? Emerging efforts by cities and the federal government show that progress is possible, but experts say systemic changes are still needed. Sustainability. February 14, 2020 - by Tim Lydon. Can the United States make progress on its food-waste problems?

Malian architect fights climate change with digital greenhouse Fone Coulibaly ties up tomato plants in one of Amadou Sidibe's greenhouses in Katibougou, Mali, February 12, 2020. Picture taken February 12, 2020. REUTERS / Annie Risemberg.

Climate Change and The Generational Revolt in Response I distinctly remember the first time I got off the plane from Poland at the East Midlands airport. My first thought was not motivated by excitement about the course I was about to start, or anxiety about all the things I would need to do over the next weeks.

Just Transition: Amid Climate Debate And Coal's Decline, West Virginia Considers Its Future As the "Green New Deal" gains attention on the campaign trail, some lawmakers in West Virginia are talking about a just transition for coal country.

The Tiny Indigenous Village That Ground Canada to a Halt But "because of municipal encroachment and the activities of industry in this expanse of Wet'suwet'en territory, there is very little remaining that can support the land-based practices that our ancestors enjoyed." Each year, hundreds of First Nations people from all over Canada travel to visit the Centre.

Climate Research Only Got 3% of Funding Since 1990 - Study By Kieran Cooke for Climate News Network. Climate research is the poor relation of the academic world. Since 1990 it's won less than 5 percent of the research funds available.

Texas Is The Next Battleground For The Green New Deal Sunrise Movement is taking the fight to Big Oil's home turf, endorsing another insurgent Democrat and going all in on three House races in the Lone Star…

Global Mosquito Repellent Market Size, Share, Analysis, Product Type, Ingredients and Forecast 2020-25 02-17-2020 12:34 PM CET - Business, Economy, Finances, Banking and Insurance: According to the latest report by IMARC Group, titled "Mosquito Repellent Market: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2019-2024", the global mosquito repellent market grew at a CAGR of around 3% during the historical period of 2014-2019.

This surprising fact about research funding could explain why it's so hard to get traction against climate change National Science Foundation. Grants assessed were from the Dimensions database. Between 1990 and 2018, the natural and technical sciences received billions of dollars in climate change-related research funding. The social sciences and humanities? Just US$393 million for climate change mitigation, the researchers estimate.

HotSpots H2O: Drowning In South Africa Sparks Riot Over Water Shortages A young girl's drowning in eastern South Africa this January aggravated existing frustrations over water supply in the parched nation. Residents of Mandela Park township, on the edge of QwaQwa municipality, have struggled for years with water shortages.

What Abu Dhabi’s City of the Future Looks Like Now At the UN’s World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi, attendees toured Masdar City, the master-planned eco-complex designed to show off the UAE’s commitment to sustainability.

Climate Home News launches front line climate justice reporting programme Comment: We want your story ideas about how communities - especially women, youth and indigenous peoples - are building resilience to climate change in the most vulnerable regions of the world. By Alister Doyle.

Climate Change Will Mean Less Wisconsin Maple Syrup According to projections by federal scientists, if carbon emissions aren't cut back, the state will become much less hospitable to the sugar maple, along with a host of other tree species, including northern white cedars, paper birch trees and quaking aspens.

Fair weather friends across Russian climate zones Zolotrylin et al assessed the impact of climate change on Russians' well-being in the face of increasing climate extremes. They measured the average daily temperatures, the characteristics of heat and cold waves, and precipitation over the period 1991-2013 across the country.

How to appreciate the meta-crises of our time without getting lost in abstraction. It has become fashionable to declare a climate emergency so here goes: Emergency! Nothing happened, which is sad, but hardly surprising. If a recent paper in Nature indicating that the probability of tipping points is higher than we thought doesn't move us, the sight of Australia on fire probably should.

Britain Battered as Storm Dennis Brings Landslides and Travel Chaos LONDON - Britain has been battered by severe weather for the second consecutive weekend, prompting an official warning on Sunday that lives were at risk as streets became flooded, mud flowed, rail tracks were submerged and dozens of flights were canceled.

Met Office forecasters set for 'billion pound' supercomputer A beefier computer is still just a computer. The report says 'Around half of the processing work - the research devoted to climate change - could be located in countries blessed with easy sources of clean energy. Iceland with its geothermal sources and Norway with its hydropower are both possibilities'.

As Floods Spread in Mississippi, Officials Say the Worst Is Still Ahead Heavy rains swamped a reservoir and pushed the Pearl River over its banks, forcing evacuations. The river may not crest until Monday.

Plant-Based Meat Has Roots in the 1970s I think it has been a jumping off point for many people." Despite little media attention, "Diet for a Small Planet" became a counterculture best seller, inspiring readers with the message that everyday choices and individual actions could make a difference.

Taming the 'Wild West' of New York's Dangerous Private Trash Trucks But now, a new law - the most sweeping overhaul of commercial garbage hauling in 30 years - is set to sharply increase city control, reversing decades of policies that effectively left companies competing to offer clients the lowest prices with little regulation.

GLOBAL: Time to step off the gas? The report, which was commissioned by, evaluated the impacts of using both 100-year and 20-year global warming potentials. According to ICCT's analysis, neither case suggested that LNG was a real step forward - but the picture from the shorter time frame was particularly unflattering.

For Some Ohio Voters, Climate Change Is A Top Issue This Election As part of WOSU's 2020 election coverage, we asked listeners what issues they're prioritizing this year. A recent national study suggests the American response to climate change is becoming more important to voters - a trend that may be playing out in Ohio.

Focus Shifts to Scottish Environmental Protection Agency's Big Oil Interests as Flaring Continues at Shell-Exxon Plant By George Kerevan for Bella Caledonia. The beginning of February 2020 saw a repeat of intense flaring at the Shell-Exxon petrochemical complex at Mossmorran, near Cowdenbeath in Fife, lighting up the night sky like bright sunshine and pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in vast quantities.

Climate change: Why trains are not as green as you thought Did you know TNW Conference has a track fully dedicated to exploring how tech can help achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals this year? Check out the full 'Sustainable Societies' program here. The 2020s will have to involve some very big decisions about transport - the UK's most polluting sector.

Climate research struggles to find funding Climate research is the poor relation of the academic world. Since 1990 it's won less than 5% of the research funds available. LONDON, 17 February, 2020 - With the crisis of global heating now widely recognised as one of the most challenging issues facing the world today, you might assume that vast amounts of money are going into climate research.

5 big ideas for fixing global cities’ most daunting challenges Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions. - EU Data Subject Requests.

Canadian farmers have a plan for tackling climate change "Farmers are on the front lines of climate change. They're dealing with the impacts already and being required to find solutions," said Jane Rabinowicz, the executive director of SeedChange, another member of the coalition.

Australia needs to join the emissions technology revolution, Liberal Katie Allen says The backbencher calls for a roadmap to net zero as ‘an arms race’ in low emissions technology drives transformation.

Your ideas needed to help tackle climate change Extinction Rebellion will be holding their second People's Assembly in Dorchester today.

Met Office developing world's most advanced weather computer Government investing £1.2bn in forecasting technology, capable of more accurately predicting storms.

Will The West Cede Nuclear Energy To Russia? Is nuclear energy the future or will its enemies see it stopped? This article looks at this important issue and the role of Russia in its progression.

What lies beneath: the nature park covering up a dirty secret Standing on top of the visitor centre at Thurrock Thameside Nature Park, you could be forgiven for being disappointed by the view: a large field of brambles. But just 10 years ago, the same view would have been even more disappointing: mountains of rubbish heaped up on one of Europe's largest landfill sites.

How climate change will drive a fundamental reshaping of finance Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters have swept through the world this year. From bushfires in Australia to flooding in the U.K., the climate catastrophe is pushing sustainable investing to the forefront.

Normalising the exceptional: how we tolerate instead of question change The list is not exhaustive. Last week I issued a warning against the storm, urging members to stay safe and take the necessary precautions. While in the end the storm did not cause much damage and blew over relatively rapidly, I believe it was good to have issued that warning.

Day 45 Inspiration struck today, and I made an attempt at writing a ballad. Rhyme and meter are challenging for me, but my idea demanded the format, so I gave it a try! I'm pretty pleased with the draft I got, so I might post it to my main writing blog tomorrow.

This Is Why the GOP Can't Have Nice Climate Plans A summer of well-funded Tea Party activism in congressional districts around the country-much of it aimed at moderate Republicans-helped torpedo cap-and-trade and shift the party even further right, making climate policy a third-rail issue within the GOP for well over a decade.

If They Are So Alarmed By Climate Change, Why Are They So Opposed To Solving It? Sanders says he would ban both natural gas and nuclear energy, Thunberg says she opposes nuclear energy, and Extinction Rebellion's spokesperson said in a debate with me on BBC that she opposes natural gas. And yet, emissions are declining thanks to the higher use of nuclear energy and natural gas.

Sadiq Khan sets up £50m fund to reduce emissions in London Mayor, who is up for re-election, promises to make the capital carbon neutral by 2030.

A Nova Scotia 'gold rush' means more threats for at-risk Atlantic salmon, even in areas that are meant to be protected The Mining Association of Nova Scotia has taken to the airwaves of CBC to declare a "gold rush" in the province, suggesting, among other things, that the industry's high wages could be a solution to the economic woes of rural Nova Scotia, a claim the Ecology Action Centre considers exaggerated because this mine has a five or six year lifespan.

Emission-cutting targets a trend with benefits for oilsands firms, observers say CALGARY - In one of his last interactions with reporters before retiring as CEO of Calgary-based Imperial Oil Ltd., veteran oilman Rich Kruger was typically plain-spoken when asked about the carbon footprint of the oilsands. "We reduced the carbon intensity of every barrel we produce in the oilsands by about 20 per cent over the last five years.

Trump's Plan To Plant A Trillion Trees President Trump recently announced in his State of the Union address that he would be joining the initiative to plant a trillion trees by 2030. However, in the same speech, he advocated for fossil fuel companies. And although he mentioned that it would be good for the environment, he never actually said or admitted to climate change.

Letter to the editor: Look around and you'll see climate change is indeed very real As I read the Opinion Page of The Sun Chronicle, specifically the letter to the editor by Gerald F. Chase's "Climate change is a lie that we continue to believe", I am looking at Falls Pond in North Attleboro and I see completely open water; not a bit of ice anywhere.

Canada sets new speed limits on trains carrying dangerous goods Canada on Sunday announced new measures to lower speed limits in trains hauling dangerous goods like diesel, gasoline and chemicals to reduce the risk of derailment, effective immediately.

What is climate change? We all talk about climate change, want to help reduce climate change and understand that it is something that is real and that it matters. So, let us try to understand what it is, what causes it and how we can reduce the threat that it poses.

Why Coastal GasLink says it rejected a pipeline route endorsed by Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs Before construction of the controversial Coastal GasLink pipeline started, hereditary chiefs with the Office of the Wet'suwet'en proposed an alternate route through their territory. The company behind the project said the path wasn't feasible and moved forward without the chiefs' support.

'Kill the pipeline, save the land' - Wet'suwet'en supporters block Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls Traffic on the Canadian side of the normally busy international crossing ground to a halt for more than an hour in the afternoon, after protesters marched from Highway 420 to gather at the bridge on the Canadian side at about 3 p.m.

Inside the meeting between Mohawks and Canada's Indigenous services minister Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller asked the Mohawks of Tyendinaga to temporarily halt a demonstration that has shut down one of Canada's most important rail corridors and allow trains through, a leaked recording of the closed-door meeting reveals.

China's ambassador brushes off allegations his country is threat in Arctic The Norwegian Intelligence Service fears a stronger Chinese presence in the North, but the country’s ambassador assures that Beijing wants nothing but regional peace and development.

Climate-related risks, the new normal: QBE Climate change risk is the "new normal", Group CEO Pat Regan says in QBE's annual report, released today with its FY19 results showing 41% rise in consolidated group FY19 profit after tax on FY18, to $US599m and 1% drop in revenue to $US15.2bn.

Bioenergy can land a blow against climate change For the last decade, bioenergy has been confined to the sidelines of climate-policy debates, owing to the environmental problems associated with its production. But recent innovations have made this…

Individuals and Climate Change: Facilitating Behavior Change for Societal Transformation Even with the world's attention firmly placed on climate change, we still are not progressing with action at the required level. While businesses, large organizations, and governments certainly must implement enormous changes to their current approach to climate action, individuals lie at the heart of true societal transformations.

And then it snowed even more We already told one story about our extremely snowy winter. It has just kept snowing ever since. So, the winter has been an exceptionally warm and wet. Here up in the north it has though been just and just cold enough: all the rain has come down as snow.

Hurricane Dorian Ravaged Bahamas' Reefs, Researchers Find The storm’s effects were uneven: About 30 percent of the country’s coral was destroyed, but some reefs appeared to be undamaged.

Meet cli-fi. It's dark, it's gloomy - and it might help New Orleans is gone; so is Florida. Oil is outlawed, and the nation is plunged into a second civil war marked by disease and desperate refugees. "The water swallowed the land," Omar El Akkad writes in "American War," a novel about war and displacement set in a United States transformed by climate change.

Olympic wave riders in frontline of climate change LONDON - Of all the sports at the Tokyo Olympics later this year none inhabit the frontline of climate change quite like surfing. Which is why when the wave sport makes its debut on Chiba's Tsurigasaki Beach, there will be more than gold medals at stake.

The powerful example of the Wet'suwet'en resistance These actions are non-violent civil disobedience at their finest: they have caused economic disruption and, importantly, have forced Canadians to pay attention to the fight against Coastal GasLink. The symbolism of choosing to shut down rail is important.

Investors welcome Poland's decision to freeze last coal-fueled plant project WARSAW - Shares in Polish state-run utilities Energa and Enea gained on Friday after they froze financing of their joint project to build 1 a GW coal-fueled power unit, citing difficulties raising funds due to environmental concerns.

1.2 billion for the world's most powerful weather and climate supercomputer Predicting severe weather and the impacts of climate change will be faster and more accurate than ever before, thanks to confirmation of £1.2 billion government funding to develop a state-of-the-art supercomputer, Business and Energy Secretary and COP26 President Alok Sharma announced today.

Climate subsidies not 'environmentally defensible', Environment commissioner says The Government should ignore "special pleading" from polluters receiving taxpayer subsidies or risk failing to meet its climate targets, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment says.

COP26 security plans 'blown' after civil servants accidentally publish blueprints of venue online Security plans for the COP26 climate change conference have been "blown", a terror expert has warned, after civil servants accidentally published blueprints of the site online.

Outrage as French ski resort drops snow by helicopter after pistes melt A ski resort in France has used a helicopter to drop 60 tonnes of snow to prevent its slopes from closing. The decision by officials at Luchon-Superbagnères has been criticised over the cost both to.

Australia's bushfires show drastic effects of climate change "This is climate change in the raw," Turnbull said. "This is what we have been told to expect for years." Turnbull said he was warned as prime minister the fires were getting worse. "Well, of course. Everyone has known this," Turnbull said. "We've been warned by the climate scientists.

Huge Impact of Climate Change on Reptiles & Amphibians New research suggests that global warming could have a huge impact on the life expectancy among cold-blooded species - that is, reptiles and amphibians. The 'rate of living' theory has long been accepted as an explanation as to why organisms age. According to this theory, the faster the metabolic rate the shorter the lifespan.

The United States is the world leader in cutting CO2 emissions For years we have been listening to the left lecture us about CO2 emissions and the need for America to lead by example in the race to save the planet by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Don't underestimate the ability of trees to combat the climate crisis Wondering whether the focus on tree-planting is just greenwashing the issue, advocates for the environment are raising some important questions: How do we ensure that trees are planted in the right places at the right times, so that they thrive in their environment and contribute to the surrounding ecosystem?

Environment Secretary says 'We'll never be able to protect every household' following record flood warnings The Environment Secretary said the government will "never be able to protect every single household" from flooding as Storm Dennis wreaked havoc across the UK. Three people lost their lives over the weekend and thousands were evacuated from their homes as the number of flood warnings reached an all-time record.

French ski resort uses helicopters to deliver snow for bare slopes Helicopters deliver 50 tonnes of snow as mild weather impacts ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

Climate change sending Hakuba's snowfall fortunes downhill Hakuba, a northern Japan Alps village at the foot of some of the country's most popular ski resorts, has a problem: global warming could leave the area without the powder snow that has long been its lifeblood.

Consensus forming for ambitious climate goal: Net zero pollution Zero, as in "net-zero," means taking as much carbon out of the atmosphere as we put into it, a vital step towards averting the most catastrophic effects of climate change. In Washington, D.C., prominent members in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are quickly coalescing behind this ambitious goal of achieving net-zero by 2050.

Australian government granted BHP repeated approval to increase carbon emissions Mining giant BHP has repeatedly applied and been granted approval to increase its emissions under an Australian government policy that promised to limit carbon pollution from big industry.

Global carbon dioxide emissions stopped growing in 2019 - Report Despite expectations of another increase, global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming stopped growing in 2019, a new report by the International Energy Agency has said.

Hair Ice and Fungi's Involvement Hair Ice was first observed by continental drift discoverer, Alfred Wegener in 1918. A rare type of ice formation, Hair Ice grows exclusively on dead wood and he theorised it was due to some sort of fungal growth. Almost 100 years later, science has the answers.

Russell Crowe's message on the climate crisis – video In a recorded video message played during the Fire Fight Australia bushfire relief concert, actor Russell Crowe gives a stark warning and call to action about dealing with the climate catastrophe.

Climate Emergency Summit 03: Political disinterest We have to understand how little interest there is amongst the political class at Federal or State level, in solving, or even recognising the emergency - which is one reason why we might have to work outside of Parliament, maybe at the local council level.

A plague of locusts has descended on East Africa. Climate change may be to blame. Human activity has made an ocean circulation pattern misbehave—triggering a weird confluence of events that has caused the infestations.

In Pakistan, Guterres urges world to step up climate action, praises support to Afghan refugees UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Sunday began a three-day visit to Pakistan, recognizing the country’s decades of “outstanding generosity and solidarity” as one of the world’s largest hosts of refugees, and highlighting its place in confronting climate change.

A climate emergency: what happens when the taps run dry? In our second episode of The Frontline, we show what daily life looks like in one of dozens of Australian towns that have run out of drinking water.

Major airlines say they're acting on climate change. Our research reveals how little they've achieved We analysed what the world's top 58 airlines – such as American Airlines, British Airways and Qantas – are doing about climate change. Even the best airlines are not doing anywhere near enough.

The unequal cost of the drought In this episode of Full Story we hear from one family about how the cost of the drought is not just financial, but cultural and spiritual too.

Climate change in agriculture topic of Thursday webinar ORANGE CITY, Iowa – A free webinar, “Dealing with the Changing Climate in Agriculture: Issues in 2020 and Beyond” will be offered from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday.

Questions raised over decision to let cotton farms harvest first rainfall in years Downstream communities furious after northern Murray-Darling Basin irrigators told harvesting embargo to be lifted.

Study Details Effectiveness of Kansas Program That Pays Farmers to Conserve Water - @UnivOfKansas And in the central United States, the increasing scarcity of water resources is becoming a threat to the nation's food production. Tsvetan Tsvetanov, assistant professor of economics at the University of Kansas, has analyzed a pilot program intended to conserve water in the agriculture-dependent region.

The Sacramento-San Joaquin deltas of 1772 and today - @HighCountryNews When Padre Juan Crespi first sighted the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in 1772, he thought he would be able to walk around it. The Spanish missionary and his party of 15 soldiers had been dispatched to find a land route from Monterey to Point Reyes, where Spain hoped to build a port.

Leaders should protect a community's right to fight climate change One item that disturbed me is to learn about a bill moving at the capitol that seems to prioritize a deal for utility companies at the cost of community and local governments. As a deacon and regular voter, I vote for people at different levels of government to represent me.

NEPA turns 50 amid new challenges to public process - @AspenJournalism The National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, turned 50 years old on Jan. A fundamental component of the law is public involvement. Projects such as a new ski lift, trail or natural-gas lease each receives a NEPA review, and most of the time the public weighs in.

French ski resort moves snow with helicopter in order to stay open Local council leaders said they were forced into ‘exceptional’ move to protect jobs.

The Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District and BootJack Ranch water court case update Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District and BootJack Ranch are in water court regarding various opposition of diligence claims. At the Jan.

Nice week on tap for Florida peninsula; January was record warm worldwide; With strong easterly winds and a cold front stalled out over the Keys, some decent rainfall totals were occurring over southeastern Florida and the Keys. A CoCoRaHS observer for the national precipitation network reported 1.54 inches in Key Largo from Saturday through early Sunday morning.

A lesson for nonviolent action and against genocide Climate Strikers hand mic to Indigenous Youth: Teen climate strikers with Our Earth Our Future chose not to speak from the stage at the BC Legislature today, and instead handed the mic to the Indigenous youth sitting in to support of the Wet'suwet'en people.

SanJuanRiver Water Conservancy District board meeting recap At a regular meeting of the San Juan Water Conservancy District Board of Directors on Feb. 3, the board nominated a few direc - tors to sit in on a subcommittee related to the Running Iron Ranch and San Juan River Headwaters Proj - ect.

Senior Judge John L. Kane grants another delay in the #FountainCreek lawsuit A new court document states that progress continues toward resolving an environmental lawsuit against Colorado Springs for degrading Fountain Creek. The document was filed last week in Denver at the U.S. District Court for Colorado, where the lawsuit is pending.

Status of Spring - USA National Phenology Network #ActOnClimate #KeepItInTheGround From the USA Phenology Network:. From The Washington Post :. How do you know when spring has begun? Is it the appearance of the first tiny leaves on the trees, or the first crocus plants peeping through the snow?

2020 World Climate Report The Center for Climate and Security has released the “World Climate and Security Report 2020,” which details the global security risks caused by climate change. While the impacts and specific chall…

How bushfires have hit Australia’s winemakers The damage to vineyards pales in comparison to the devastation to homes and animal life, but it is yet another sign of the significant effects of the climate emergency.

Quilters and knitters are mapping climate change The idea of a temperature scarf, it turns out, is at least a half a decade old, and a whole lot of people are trying to chart the "new normal" in yarn. In 2015, Joan Sheldon, a marine scientist, knit a scarf depicting global average temperatures from the 1600s to the present.

Storm Dennis is due to global warming says Sittingbourne weatherman Jeremy Procter Retired master mariner Jeremy Procter says global warming is behind Britain's latest run of bad weather. The 77-year-old, who has his own monitoring station in the garden of his home in Sittingbourne, said: "Climate experts predicted we would see more extreme weather and that is definitely the case.

Opinion: Rising Antarctic temperatures show how desperately we need a Green New Deal On Friday, temperatures on an island in Antarctica peaked, hitting over 20C. This followed a record week in which temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula reached over 18C, the highest since a similar.

The Week's Best Cartoons 2/15 Here are some of the best editorial cartoonists in the country with their visual opinions about this week's news:. By Morten Morland. By Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution. By Bill Bramhall, New York Daily News. By Banx. By Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune.

Suncorp urges action on climate change After seven natural catastrophes across Australia and NZ in 1H20 and three subsequent Australian events in January, Suncorp group CEO Steve Johnson has urged governments, communities and the industry to work together to tackle climate change effects.

Corona Virusmuch Scarier Than Climate Change Which is more scary, a half a degree temperature rise in 50 years or a flu that kills 1% in coming months? The answer is obvious. Once the world faces an immediate and real threat all other problems diminish, just as our own health does the same. This piece gives a look at what is happening.

As they split from John Lewis, Ocado’s bosses are never knowingly underpaid Directors’ bonuses at the online retailer that delivers Waitrose – soon to be M&S – groceries to your door are obscenely high.

COP 26 diary Part 1 The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change holds an annual Congress of the Parties with the aim of, by whatever means, limiting global warming to 2°C, but a target which was reduced to 1.5°C following the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which reduced the 'safe' level of warming to that new figure.

Your Opinion: Climate change, Trump, Social Security First, I would like to thank Nelson Otto for his well-reasoned, thoughtful, and documented LTEs on the fraud of manmade climate change. He demonstrates that it is an attempt to control our lives and award taxpayer money to friends and contributors.

Cooling the Past By Jennifer Marohasy - Re-Blogged From WUWT. It is not disputed that Blair Trewin under the supervision of David Jones remodel all the historical temperature data generating trends and statistics that look quite different from the actual measurements.

Consumerism and Climate Change This started out as an opinion post that I wrote back in 2015 on consumerism. I've edited and added some extra to try to bring it up to date. Here we are in 2020 and the topic of Climate Change is still ongoing and getting worse. Since 2015 a lot has happened.

ShutDownCanada At its core, this week of rotating blockades and demonstrations across B.C. is the same conflict that has always existed in this province. But it's also different.

'The only uncertainty is how long we'll last': a worst case scenario for the climate in 2050 The Future We Choose, a new book by the architects of the Paris climate accords, offers two contrasting visions for how the world might look in thirty years. - Christiana Figueres, author: 'This is the decade and we are the generation' Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac.

222 scientists say cascading crises are the biggest threat to the well-being of future generations Anthony Capon, Monash University. The bushfires raging across Australia this summer have sharpened the focus on how climate change affects human health. This season bushfires have already claimed more than 30 human lives, and many people have grappled with smoke inhalation and mental health concerns.

K.C. Hildreth: Climate change is more than a moral imperative A few weeks ago, the chief executive of BlackRock, a $7 trillion investment fund, announced that they would make investment decisions with “environmental sustainability” as a core goal.

Michael McCormack dismisses claims he will stand down as Nationals leader Deputy PM bats off suggestions he will make way for David Littleproud and shoots down the prospect of a goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

The link between climate change and Britain's winter storms Every winter Britain gets hit by a series of storms. Ciara and Dennis are just the latest - but with two key differences. The first is their strength. Our storms get their energy from temperature gradients in the atmosphere over north America. Recently that gradient has been much greater than normal.

Fiery response to tourism campaign The NSW Government is facing a hostile backlash to its "offensive and misleading advertising campaign" aimed at attracting visitors back to the state after years of drought and the recent devastating bushfires across many regions.

The Future We Choose Shows How to Combat Climate Change I just read an article in the Guardian about the new book by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac called 'The Future We Choose', and while all I've been able to read so far is a short excerpt, I'm already hooked. In fact, I've ordered the advance copy from Amazon to get it on the first day of publication on Feb.

Februar already December and January have certainly been challanging times in Eastern Australia with the wildfires and thousand detrayed homes and half of a billion native animals destroyed. Bush fires are a normal in Australia and they are essential for the propagation of certain species.

Can Trump Win Again? The writer of this article seems to think so. There is no doubt that climate sceptics will want him to win, as he is the only major political leader who is standing up to the climate lobby. As long as the USA stands firm there is hope. Government estimate - £300 to £400 billion by 2050, that is £16000 to £20000 per household.

Rajendra Pachauri, Indian climate change authority who led UN panel - The Boston Globe ''He made too many political statements, which did not help move those who were skeptical.'' In an e-mail, Belgian climatologist and former IPCC vice chairman Jean-Pascal van Ypersele said Mr.

How Climate Change Could Impact Boston's Public Transit About half a million people use public transit regularly in the Boston area, but rising sea levels may stop those commuters in their tracks.

BP stance on global warming turns up heat on US oil giants Exxon Mobil and Chevron now under pressure to follow suit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bloomberg's Billions: How the Candidate Built an Empire of Influence Days before the event, Mr. Bloomberg made blunt comments in an interview with The New York Times, expressing skepticism about the #MeToo movement and questioning sexual misconduct allegations against Charlie Rose, the disgraced news anchor. Senior Emily's List officials seriously debated withdrawing Mr.

Global Warming Hardliner John Legend, Chrissy Teigen Use Private Jet to Grab Valentines Day Dinner Teigen documented the Valentine's Day trip in an Instagram story, which showed the couple on their way to the restaurant in the luxury jet. Teigen took in the moment and shared the luxury experience on her Instagram. The pair's choice of travel smacks of hypocrisy and contradicts Legend's hardline stance on climate change.

A climate of uncertainty: pro cycling in a warming world - Adam Phelan Rather than be a bystander, cycling and its constituents can be part of the solution to climate change.

Trent Zimmerman backs net zero emissions target but foresees more Coalition in-fighting The Liberal moderate says a 2050 target will bring Australia into line with its commitments under the Paris agreement.

I spent weeks reporting on the bushfires. This is the truth about regional Australia The story of coal and climate change is not a tale of two cities, but a tale of two regional Australias.

There is always hypocrisy in politics – but it can be good for the nation - Greg Jericho From climate change to the budget, we see politicians pretend they think something then do the opposite.

Climate change protest brings flares to London Fashion week LONDON - Climate change activists stole the show Saturday on the opening day of London Fashion Week, stopping traffic with a street protest as they demanded the cancellation of the British capital's five-day style extravaganza.

A Call for the Preservation of Beauty By Benedikt Loula, GLOBUS Assistant Editor. When we advocate for sustainability, more often than not, we descend into practical arguments, be it in relation to our welfare, survival or simply economics.

14/02/2020: Hull's youth climate march Yesterday morning, before an afternoon of laboratory practical's at university, I jumped on the bus and headed down to the climate march in Hull city centre. Since the climate marches and school strikes began, I've been to quite a few but never one in my university city so this was exciting as I wondered what to expect.

Russian Interpreter Help Wanted; Please Provide Transcript of Putin's Fracking Comments Impeachment Testimony Describes Putin's Propaganda War On American Fracking. Why is Russia so interested in American natural gas production?

Fighting For Rights of Indigenous Orang Asli In Malaysia The Orang Asli indigenous group from West Malaysia are the oldest inhabitants of this country, official figures cite 18 Orang Asli tribes categorized under three main groups according to their different languages and customs.

The only uncertainty is how long we’ll last’: a worst case scenario for the climate in 2050 In their new book, the architects of the Paris climate accords, Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, lay out radical but hopeful alternatives for the future of humanity.

Christiana Figueres on the climate emergency: ‘This is the decade and we are the generation’ The leader of the 2015 Paris accord talks about her new book, The Future We Choose, and why it’s crunch time for humanity.

Air is cleaner than before the Industrial Revolution’: a best case scenario for the climate in 2050 The best case scenario for 2050: an extract from The Future We Choose, a new book by the architects of the Paris climate accords.

Natural Disasters: Changes in Tornadic Activity My fascinations reside within the chaos of severe weather, especially tornadoes. As I have educated myself more on the synoptic and global scales, I have asked myself many times how climate change will impact tornadoes. Will their winds intensify, and in return, cause more destruction?

Sea-level rise, climate change focus of Hermosa Beach virtual reality project But, thanks to virtual reality headsets and a new initiative titled "Look Ahead Hermosa Beach," residents will have a chance to visualize how climate change might threaten the Hermosa Beach Pier, Pier Plaza and The Strand. "Look Ahead Hermosa Beach," a program for which the city partnered the U.S.