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Support group helps young fire survivors heal The fifth graders created a video to support other young fire victims. Climate Connections
80: 2020 Presidential candidates and their climate plans-with Zoya Teirstein So many candidates, so little time! If you’re curious what some of the Democratic contenders for president are proposing when it comes to climate change, fasten your seatbelt. From plans to reach net zero emissions by 2045 to investments in direct air capture technology, the presidential hopefuls each have an ambitious climate platform. Reversing Climate Change
The ICYMI episode: The Climate Minute Podcast We cover the waterfront for you ‘in case you missed’ these important climate stories! The Climate Minute
ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 presents Climate Bites: Fashion The third of a four-part series, recorded at the Living Pavilion, University of Melbourne. Climate Bites are lunchtime panels with experts where audience members are welcome to engage on a particular topic. In this episode, fashion.Links:Home - ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019Climarte - Arts for A Safe ClimateHARA - Organic Bamboo Bras and Underwear. Climactic
Climate change could outpace cities' capacity to adapt It will likely take decades to build new, climate-resilient infrastructure. Climate Connections
174. Defining the Fight and a Strategy! - #worldorganicnews 2019 06 24 LINKS email: [email protected] PODCASTING CHECKLISTS CLICK HERE Transcript HERE Facebook Page: World Organic News Facebook page. World Organic News
Bonus Episode! RegenEarth Trailer Https:// Welcome to the RegenEarth Podcast. Changing the world from the soil up. World Organic News
Damien Cole - Update - Tangaroa Blue - Re-release Climactic guest and friend of the show Damien Cole has been injured in a surfing accident in Bali. Find his GoFundMe page here if you're able to help out. He's recovering well and in hospital, but did not have insurance on this trip. Damien has been an inspiration to us and many others, and it's a pleasure to be able to help him now. Climactic
The Climate Gulag The movement of people based on climate related effects has already begun. Some asylum seekers at the US border are there because of climate stress. Trump’s repugnant border policies may set a precedent for the future management of much larger flows of people, across the globe. The Climate Minute
'Glacier' ballet depicts melting ice It helps audiences see the value of what’s being lost. Climate Connections
173. Introducing - #worldorganicnews 2019 06 17 LINKS email: [email protected] RegenEarth Trailer Transcript HERE PODCASTING CHECKLISTS CLICK HERE Facebook Page: World Organic News Facebook page. World Organic News
ZERO in 2050 We're on our way to zero in 2050. Net zero emissions! Is there more to life than GDP and growth? There is in New Zealand. And how should we talk about all these sustainability issues? All this and more in your weekly helping of sustainability news. The Sustainable Futures Report
Can a Circular Economy Salvage the Climate? Raw materials are extracted, produced into goods, and used – sometimes only once – before turning into waste. And maybe we think that recycling that Starbucks cup or Smartwater bottle is the best we can do for the planet. But that’s the wrong way to think about it, says John Lanier of the Ray C. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
How do species adapt as climate shifts habitats? Some recent studies on the rate of species extinction are getting a lot of attention. Habitats change as climate shifts. How will species adapt? Elizabeth Crone, a biology professor at Tufts University, explains on this edition of Climate Cast. Climate Cast - MPR News
Why climate change is a 'threat multiplier' Extreme weather and water shortages increase the risk of political instability and terrorism. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: The End Is in Sight? Civilization may unravel just 30 years from now, without emergency action to save the climate. From Australia, David Spratt explains. From the UK, Eunice Lo says thousands could die in New York and Los Angeles by 2050 - from the heat. Plus the … Radio Ecoshock
Money, Controversy and Magical Thinking: The Many Challenges of CO2 Removal Taking carbon dioxide out of the air - as we learned in our last episode - is technically possible. And different researchers and start-ups are experimenting with the best ways to do just that. But there's much more than engineering that currently stands in the way of seeing Air Capture become a big part of the solution to climate change. The Elephant
'Farming While Black' author on creating a just food system At Soul Fire Farm in upstate New York, she’s helping people of color grow fresh produce. Climate Connections
Minn. leaders meet to address threats to lakes, rivers Threats to Minnesota's lakes and rivers, and how to best combat them, brought people from around the state together in Walker this week. Climate Cast - MPR News
79: Biochar or: Using Fire to Cool the Earth-with Albert Bates Today, Albert Bates joins Christophe and Alexsandra to share his unique path from the courtroom to the ecovillage, describing how he came to study terra preta soils and get involved in the biochar movement. Reversing Climate Change
Environmental science class focuses on solutions There’s no room for doom or gloom in this high-school classroom. Climate Connections
Perspectives on the Green New Deal: The Climate Minute Podcast Sunrise Movement says “The Green New Deal is the only plan put forward to address the interwoven crises of climate catastrophe, economic inequality, and racism at the scale that science and justice demand.” We discuss some of the ideas underlying this bold proposal. The Climate Minute
33 All the Climate Feels* Season Finale - with Mary Annaïse Heglar! This season on No Place Like Home we've been diving into All The Climate Feels* - the emotional, psychological and spiritual elements of climate change. For our season finale, we chat all the climate feels - and our vision for a new world - with one of our fave pod friends and listeners, Mary Annaïse Heglar. No Place Like Home
A low-carbon approach to natural restoration The project revitalized a stream and forest near the Chesapeake that had been damaged by hogs. Climate Connections
Jay Inslee: The Climate Candidate As the 2020 presidential election approaches, Greg Dalton will be sitting down with some of the candidates to talk about their plans for a clean energy supply, a greener economy, and their specific strategies for addressing the climate crisis as President of the United States. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
Perspectives on Carbon Pricing: The Climate Minute Podcast Carbon pricing is in front of Congress in the form of the “Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.” We catch up Gary Rucinski on the recent lobby day efforts in Washington, and discuss some philosophy with Rick Herron of Sunrise Nashville. The Climate Minute
Arid Phoenix prepares for even drier future The city is encouraging water conservation, and it’s working. Climate Connections
A Museum for The Path Ahead: New York City's Climate Museum - ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 Keynote The second keynote from the Climarte ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 Festival, this podcast episode features embedded images. Listen in a podcast app for the best experience. Here's a great explainer for how to get a podcast app. This keynote was delivered by Miranda Massie, former civil rights attorney, and now director of NYC's Climate Museum. Climactic
Cutting the Carbs This week we're cutting the carbs. No, not carbohydrates, not carburettors, no we’re cutting carbon footprints. Yes, we will talk about food, in the context of food waste as I promised last time, and about food distribution and packaging. The supermarkets are stirring. The Sustainable Futures Report
Hurricane season 2019 is here, and could be intense It's hurricane season again. In the past few years several hurricanes have intensified so rapidly it surprised forecasters. What do we know about climate science and hurricanes in 2019? Hurricane expert Gabe Vecchi, a professor of geosciences at Princeton University, answers our questions. Climate Cast - MPR News
Charleston residents identify flood problems that models missed Scientists can use their reports to improve predictions. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: There Is No New Normal! When crazy weather goes on and on, we worry "Is this the way it's going to be now?" Climate scientist Paul Beckwith says there is no new normal. We should expect extremes, swings, and surprises as the world warms. But first meteorologist Richard … Radio Ecoshock
Has This Scientist Found The Way To Save The World From CO2? For over the past two decades scientist Klaus Lackner has dedicated himself to finding potential ways of taking CO2 back out of the atmosphere, all in a bid to help the world avoid the worst consequences of climate change. The Elephant
Material inspired by an ant could cool buildings It could one day reduce the need for air conditioning. Climate Connections
78: Turning CO2 waste into a profitable commodity-with Apoorv Sinha of CUT Apoorv Sinha is the Founder and CEO of Carbon Upcycling Technologies, a Canadian cleantech startup that is turning CO2 waste into a profitable commodity. CUT's proprietary technology manufactures CO2-enriched nanomaterials, improving the performance and value of concrete, polymers and adhesives, and energy storage products. Reversing Climate Change
Deploying EVs will require careful planning Policies to promote them could wind up at odds with other climate initiatives, says a Harvard attorney. Climate Connections
Dispatches from Adapters at the 2019 National Adaptation Forum in Madison, Wisconsin In episode 91 of America Adapts, host Doug Parsons goes to the 2019 National Adaptation Forum in Madison, Wisconsin! During this adaptation-palooza, Doug interviews a variety of conference participants. Discover the topics and themes covered at this event and learn how diverse the adaptation community has become. America Adapts
EJ in MA: The Climate Minute Podcast Massachusetts is moving ahead with new wind power developments. This is great, but a few questions sneak into our discussion. The issue of Environmental Justice continues to take stage in the climate movement. From Weymouth to Springfield to Beacon Hill, we discuss various aspects of this important topic. The Climate Minute
Violet - Extinction Rebellion Melbourne In our latest episode we heard voices from 4 different cities, all members of the group Extinction Rebellion. In this bonus we have an extended interview with one member, and get more into the details of how XR operates, and what the philosophy is to their actions. Climactic
172. Why Regeneration? - #worldorganicnews 2019 06 10 LINKS email: [email protected] PODCASTING CHECKLISTS CLICK HERE Transcript HERE Facebook Page: World Organic News Facebook page. World Organic News
Extinction Rebellion Oz x UK - the people behind the protest Extinction Rebellion is a group, a collection of groups, making waves, taking headlines, and getting a reaction, all over the world. But what is XR? Where's it from, how does it work? Who are these 'rebels'? In this episode, we find out. Climactic
Mindful Travel in the Age of Climate Change Guests: Jennifer Palmer, Founder, Women for Wildlife James Sano, Vice President for Travel, Tourism and Conservation, World Wildlife Fund Norbu Tenzing, Vice President, American Himalayan Foundation We’ve all heard that hopping on a plane is one of the worst things we can do for the climate. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
Taking actions that cause ripples: The Climate Minute Podcast American farmers are late-almost too late - to plant corn because of massive flooding in the Midwest. What is to be done? The back and forth between personal climate guilt and corporate guilt is laid out in stark detail by Mary Annaise Heglar. A better way to think about this is to ‘broaden’ your definition of personal action. The Climate Minute
Even More Rubbish This week’s episode is about even more rubbish. Patron Shane suggested we look at electronic rubbish and there’s certainly a story to tell there. We’ll also look at plastic waste, and I warn you none of it is good news. The Sustainable Futures Report
'Bill clinics' help Illinois residents save money and electricity They’re helping residents navigate the ever-growing list of renewable incentives, energy efficiency programs, and pricing options. Climate Connections
Mercedes Benz is going carbon neutral German automaker Mercedes Benz is the latest to make the move toward a carbon-neutral auto fleet. The automaker pledges to change factories and vehicles to go carbon neutral by 2039. But how does a high-performance automaker shift to a climate friendly fleet in just 20 years? Climate Cast - MPR News
Why are some parts of a city hotter than others? It’s part of a phenomenon known as the urban heat island effect. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: Abrupt Permafrost Thaw & Repetitive Heat Waves A faster permafrost thaw means even the worst scenarios underestimated the pace and severity of climate change. Canadian scientist Merritt Turetsky explains "abrupt permafrost thaw". Then from Princeton, atmospheric scientist Jane Baldwin: back-to-back heat waves are in your future. Radio Ecoshock
How climate change is making Minnesota skies hazy Hazy skies have stuck around for over a week in Minnesota as wildfire smoke from the Canadian Rockies continues blowing into the state. And it looks like this will be the state's new normal for this summer, and likely summers to come. Climate Cast - MPR News
Energy efficiency job is a path to financial security For a time when he was a student, Richard Quaofio couldn’t even afford dishes. Climate Connections