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Special: How Green is your Number Plate? Another chat with Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talk Radio. We didn't fall out this time! The Sustainable Futures Report
From Walden to Weymouth: The Climate Minute Podcast Thoreau’s cabin is only a few miles from Weymouth, but his ideas are becoming important to the discussion. The unwanted Weymouth Compressor Station is close to obtaining it’s last permits. Deadlines loom in early November. If you want to do something about it, call Commissioner Suuberg and urge him to deny the permits. The Climate Minute
Plastic Gardens The last decade has seen a huge rise in the number of people opting for artificial turf in their gardens. Meanwhile businesses and corporations are making more use of plastic plants in both indoor and outdoor spaces. What effect does choosing fake over real plants have on the environment? BBC - Costing the Earth
The Environmental History and Future of the Bering Strait In the tenth episode of Climate History, our podcast, Emma Moesswilde and Dagomar Degroot interview Bathsheba Demuth, assistant professor of environmental history at Brown University. Professor Demuth specializes in the lands and seas of the Russian and North American Arctic. Climate History
97: Where reforestation & carbon markets meet-w/ Mike Smith & John Cleland of RenewWest Up to 25% of the world’s carbon emissions can be offset through natural climate solutions, and the #1 channel, both domestically and internationally, is reforestation. Planting trees is obviously a huge market opportunity. But the question is, how do we pay for it? Reversing Climate Change
Women bring clean energy to sub-Saharan Africa They’re ambassadors for the technology. Climate Connections
153: What's next? Even by recent high standards, some crazy big stuff is happening at the moment. Br - is about to actually - exit, a general election is imminent and it's all so fast-moving that it will have resolved between this week's babble being recorded and published. Sustainababble
Episode 190. Climate Change & the USDA - #worldorganicnews 2019 10 21 LINKS World Organic News email: [email protected] Transcript HERE World Organic News Facebook page. World Organic News
Art Breaker Launch - Interview with host Beth Spencer Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts here! Support us directly on Pozible! Beth Spencer is one of the hosts of the first new show from the Climactic Network, a stable of shows by and for the climate community. Climactic
PG&E kills the power: The Climate Minute Podcast Pacific Gas and Electric invented a new kind of climate problem this week. The Climate Minute
There's still hope for corals, study finds But as the climate warms, reefs need protection from threats such as overfishing and pollution. Climate Connections
Law and Disorder: Climate Change in the Courts The jury is out on whether our legal system is equipped to deal with climate change. While some parts of the country are inundated by floods, others are resisting the growth of oil and gas infrastructure — and both are running into the law. Do youth have a constitutional right to a clean environment? Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
Damage related to climate change will only grow - who's liable? Climate change liability. It’s a term you’ll be hearing in the coming years, as damages attributed to climate change continue to grow. But how will lawyers and the courts assess liability in this new territory? Climate Cast - MPR News
Farm shows benefits of silvopasture At Dickinson College Farm in Pennsylvania, native trees are growing in cattle pastures. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: Can You Imagine A Better Future? Can You? The Transition Town movement spread from Totnes England to more than 50 countries all over the world. Rob Hopkins co-founded that movement. He is its most public face. So why did Rob move on to create an imaginary life? We talk about Rob's … Radio Ecoshock
Powering Britain Britain urgently needs a zero carbon source of reliable energy for our homes, industry and the new generation of electric vehicles. This summer's electricity blackouts suggest that we're a long way from achieving the goal. Tom Heap and a panel of power experts offer their solutions. BBC - Costing the Earth
Researchers turn algae into strong, lightweight material The material has two major benefits for the climate. Climate Connections
96: Poetry + Science = Conservation-with Hannah Birge & Nelson Winkel of The Nature Conservancy Farmers use poetry to make decisions, leveraging their deep connection with the land and the wisdom passed down from previous generations. Academics use science to make decisions, leveraging technology to innovate in the land management space. What if we recognized the value in both decision-making processes? Reversing Climate Change
You Can't Handle the Truth: Rising Sea Levels and the Law In episode 98 of America Adapts, which is a re-release of episode 64, Doug Parsons talks with Margaret Peloso, of the law firm Vinson and Elkins. Margaret shares insights from her book Adapting to Rising Sea Levels: Legal Challenges and Opportunities. America Adapts
What are power purchase agreements? They’re critical tools for transitioning to a clean energy economy. Climate Connections
152: BP vs the RSC Does it matter if Boris Johnson slags them off? Are the public still on their side? Is that missing the whole point? We ponder.Sustainababble is your friendly environment podcast, out weekly. Theme music by the legendary Dicky Moore – @dickymoo. Sustainababble logo by the splendid Arthur Stovell. Sustainababble
Episode 189. Small Farms and Why They Matter! - #worldorganicnews 2019n 10m 14 LINKS World Organic News email: [email protected] Transcript HERE World Organic News Facebook page. World Organic News
Veena Sahajwalla - Local Manufacturing, what a Circular Economy would really look like Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts here! Support us directly on Pozible! This is the third episode from Australian Science Week, from guest host Dr Renee Beale of the Royal Society of Victoria. Guest Dr Sahajwalla explains how a future economy, one built around localisation and reuse could solve our waste problems. Climactic
The International Rebellion - The End of the Beginning Week one of the International Rebellion by XR is finishing, and we're sharing a couple stories from Brisbane and Melbourne about the week that was, before crossing to London for more from the epicentre of the rebellion. Special Guest: Katherine Copsey. Climactic
Why Volans supports Nori Nori has been in touch with the good folks at Volans since our early days. They've offered a lot of help as fellow travelers, not least of which was buying in the Nori Lightning Sale. Learn why they support Nori in this episode with Volans' Executive Director, Louise Kjellerup Roper. Reversing Climate Change
AI for Adaptation: Addressing Climate Challenges with Data Science Climate change is the preeminent problem of the 21st century. Why not address it with 21st century solutions? While still in development, advances in data science - specifically around big data and AI - offer new and valuable tools for climate adaptation. The Climate Ready Podcast
Rebel News This week marks the start of the International Rebellion led by Extinction Rebellion and I bring you my impressions of the first day in London, including an explanation of a Citizens’ Assembly, and interviews with a lady dressed as a rubbish heap, protestors on Millbank and at Lambeth Bridge. The Sustainable Futures Report
Scorched Earth: Culture and Climate Under Siege From the Amazon to the Congo to California, our planet's forests are being decimated. And along with them, the stability of our climate. Why? Because trees are among our most effective weapons against carbon emissions. The Amazon alone is responsible for removing five percent of the world's 40 billion tons of CO2 emissions from the air each year. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
Offsets project funds local energy efficiency projects The program has paid for weatherization, energy-efficient heating systems, and other projects in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: Dangerous Fruits of a Warming World Antarctic sea ice has crashed further and faster than the Arctic! Senior NASA expert Claire Parkinson reports. More "Retreat from the Coast" as Patrick Marchman tell us about professionals planning the great migration away from the sea. Radio Ecoshock
Extinction Rebellion - On Arrests and Bail Conditions - Stories from the Spring Rebellion A story of an arrest, the shaky foundations for harsh bail, your rights as a protestor in Australia and advice. Along with some chants, slam poetry, and inspiration. We're halfway through week one of the International Rebellion. Here's a resource when considering peaceful arrest. Climactic
XR London from Simon Moore - Day One - George Monbiot, KT Tunstall and more Climactic member Simon Moore sends in a dispatch from the streets of London highlighting the first day of the International Rebellion there. The cat and mouse game with police, a rousing speech from journalist George Monbiot, and beautiful choiral singing. Climactic
Jonathan Safran Foer: We Are the Weather Is clinging to habits and cravings destroying our future? An outspoken critic of factory farming and animal-centric diets, Jonathan Safran Foer writes that stopping climate change begins with a close look at what we eat — and don’t eat — at home for breakfast. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
Carbon Free Islands Orkney's strong winds and powerful tides have attracted renewable energy pioneers for decades. For much of the year the islands produce more energy than they can use. Turbines are shut down and green energy goes to waste. BBC - Costing the Earth
Biologist wants to protect a bird as seas rise MacGillivray's seaside sparrow nests are flooding as seas rise. Climate Connections
95: Bill McKibben on the once and future climate movement Bill McKibben is the author and environmentalist credited with penning the first book on climate change written for a general audience, The End of Nature. He is also a founder of, the first global, grassroots climate change movement. Reversing Climate Change
From Wellhead to Burner Tip: The Climate Minute Podcast The burner tip on your gas stove is the endpoint of a complex system of gas delivery that starts at a wellhead out in a gas field out West and runs under the streets of your town to your home. Unfortunately, the system has some inherent problems that range from climate effects to health problems and explosion risks. The Climate Minute
XR Spring Rebellion Day One - From Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London and Wellington We bring you on the ground chats with rebels in 5 cities to get beyond the headlines in three special episodes. Look out for specials Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Links:A Throw Away Planet - FacebookA Throwaway Planet video interview. Climactic
Texan Marine finds his calling in the wind industry Jake Thompson originally planned to follow his dad into the oil business. Climate Connections
151: Fusion Boris Johnson has promised - PROMISED! - that good ol' Blighty is going to produce infinite clean energy within two decades. That's right, 'nuclear fusion' is just around the corner! But, er, is it really? Sustainababble
Georgia Sheil - On empowering women and girls and climate change with Asha Kayla, international sustainability expert Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts here! Support us directly on Pozible! With 15 years in big corporations, working to increase their social responsibility and environmental sustainability, Asha became friends with host Georgia. Climactic
NYC plan will fight traffic and climate change Congestion pricing will reduce trips into the busiest areas — and generate revenue for the subway system. Climate Connections
BootsnAll & AirTreks is the first Nori Lightning Sale buyer Sean Keener, cofounder of BootsnAll and chairman of AirTreks, is the first buyer in the Nori Lightning Sale. In this bonus episode, Sean tells us why he chose to support Nori and purchase Carbon Removal Certificates for his businesses. BoostnAll website AirTreks website Nori Lightning Sale website. Reversing Climate Change
An escalation in tactics: The Climate Minute Podcast The crisis point of the proposed natural gas Compressor Station in Weymouth is coming in early November. Recently, an activist was arrested during a protest against the station. We speak with Nathan Phillips about his experience and rising stakes in perhaps the most important climate issue in Massachusetts’ politics. The Climate Minute
More Loose Ends Today I'm tying up more loose ends and bringing you stories which I haven't had time to cover over the last few weeks. You'll hear about system change, about protests, prosecutions and protests to come, about energy: oil, gas and hot water. Can we over-engineer our climate solutions? The Sustainable Futures Report
Hydrogen power, modular nuclear and the other technology Xcel Energy has its eyes on Xcel Energy says it should have no problem reaching its goal to cut carbon by 80 percent by 2030. It’s that last 20 percent that will require some still-nascent technology, Xcel CEO Ben Fowke told MPR chief meteorologist Paul Huttner in this week’s Climate Cast. Climate Cast - MPR News
Advocate: Include disabled people in climate solutions Alex Ghenis of the World Institute on Disability says disabled people — 12 to 20% of the U.S. population — are too often overlooked. Climate Connections
Regenerative farmer Trey Hill explains his efforts in the Nori Lightning Sale Trey Hill of Harborview Farms has been participating in the Nori pilot for cropping soils via regenerative agriculture. The Carbon Removal Certificates now available for purchase in the Nori Lightning Sale have been generated by Trey. Catch up more with Trey on Reversing Climate Change episode #59. Reversing Climate Change
Sci-Fight - Are Humans Worth Saving? - Science Comedy Debates Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts here! Support us directly on Pozible! Recorded at Howler, August 21st. This month, Sci Fight Science Comedy Debate is partnering with Science Gallery Melbourne to explore their 2019 exhibition theme: Disposable. Climactic
Radio Ecoshock: Burning at the End of the World Catastrophic level fire conditions and drought in Australia as climate change bites down-under. Fire expert Greg Mullins. Plus new science: A cleanup to save your health could quicken Arctic ice changes and heating around the world, with guest Ran Feng. Radio Ecoshock