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Biomimicry - Nature shows the Way Aside from election news, on the sustainability front Australia is still ablaze, COP25, the UN Climate Conference, draws to a close this week with criticism and complaints, Greta Thunberg says the school strikes have achieved nothing and some in Scotland are having a grouse - about grouse moors. The Sustainable Futures Report
Minnesotans in the mix at UN climate summit in Madrid Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change Patricia Espinosa kicked off this final week of the COP25 climate summit in Madrid by urging delegates to lay the groundwork needed to make progress on the Paris climate goals starting next year. “Each year at the COP, we’re told that window of opportunity could close soon. Climate Cast - MPR News
Building a clean future: The Climate Minute Podcast In Massachusetts, buildings like houses, malls, and corporate headquarters generate lots of carbon dioxide pollution. Proposed rules about how to construct new buildings will reduce pollution in the future. We speak with the head of MCAN’s grassroots effort to make these new codes a reality. The Climate Minute
Fort Sumter contends with rising seas and storms The fort was heavily bombarded during the Civil War — and now it faces new threats. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: Last Chance: The Global Deal for Nature Earth needs a radical plan to stop the warming and save the species. Well-known ecologist Dr. Eric Dinerstein explains "The Global Deal for Nature". From Cambridge, Dr. Chris Sandbrook cautions a billion people could be affected. Throughout, haloed nature scientist Edward O. Radio Ecoshock
Flooring manufacturer cuts carbon pollution Large companies should prioritize climate change, Interface’s chief sustainability officer says. Climate Connections
Live from COP25: Quenching the Thirst of Climate Adaptation This special episode of ClimateReady was taped live at the ongoing UNFCCC COP25 in Madrid, Spain. Ingrid and a special co-host, the Executive Director of AGWA, have a conversation with colleagues from the International Water Management Institute. The Climate Ready Podcast
New York City targets carbon pollution from buildings Many large apartment buildings need retrofits to boost their efficiency. Climate Connections
104: How tech can help save the Amazon-w/ Diego Saez Gil of Pachama Diego Saez Gil is the Cofounder and CEO of Pachama, a startup developing the technologies to bring trust, transparency and efficiency to the forest carbon market. His team leverages machine learning to accelerate the validation of carbon captured in reforestation and forest conservation projects. Reversing Climate Change
35 Against Impossible Odds with Science Mike In this new season of No Place Like Home we are exploring how we use faith and spirituality, in all its forms, to wrap our arms around the climate crisis. This episode we speak with Mike McHargue, a Christian-turned-atheist-turned follower of Jesus. No Place Like Home
Building a Resilient Tomorrow with Judge Alice Hill In episode 102 of America Adapts, host Doug Parsons talks with Judge Alice Hill at the Council of Foreign Relations. Judge Hill co-authored the book “Building a Resilient Tomorrow” with Leonardo Martinez-Diaz. America Adapts
John Kerry declares WW0: The Climate Minute Podcast John Kerry, architect of the Paris Accords, has launched a new effort to raise awareness of climate change. We discuss the pros and cons of “World War Zero.”. The Climate Minute
Clam shack lost to rising seas and storms Liam’s, on Cape Cod’s Nauset beach, was demolished in 2018. Climate Connections
Simon Moore - Leeds Climate Change Citizens' Jury Simon Moore is a science communicator at the University of Leeds. He recently gave a speech at a School Strike for Climate, and was involved in organising the Leeds Climate Change Citizens’ Jury. Climactic
160: Orcas It's possible that a terrifyingly high proportion of babble listeners haven't seen Free Willy, which, if the case, is truly appalling. Not being alive in 1993 is NO EXCUSE.Anyway, it's a film about an orca, and orcas - killer whales - are extraordinary beings, but beings we know bugger all about. Sustainababble
Kri McNamara - COP Explainer with Dr. Sam Johnston Kri, one of Global Voices youth delegates to COP25, and a member of the Climactic Collective, recorded this chat with one of her professors before heading to Madrid. It's a great explainer on COP, the history until now, and also gets into some of Sam's work on traditional bushfire management in Australia and Africa. Climactic
High Risk, High Hopes: A Year of Climate Conversations 2019 has been a year of climate rising. Youth activists skipped school and took to the streets, the Green New Deal thrust climate equity into the spotlight, and Democratic presidential candidates were forced to respond. Even a few Republicans dared to suggest climate is a concern that needs to be addressed. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
Hockey players plan game at North Pole The goal is to bring attention to the climate crisis. Climate Connections
A gap between ambition and reality: The Climate Minute Podcast The UN’s ‘Gap Report’ shows we are lagging far behind the needed climate actions. Now the world faces a need to achieve almost 8% reductions a year to get to the 2030 goals. Also, we keep an eye on the fast moving Weymouth Compressor story. The Climate Minute
TimeForAction COP25, the UN Climate Change Conference, started this week in Madrid under the Presidency of the Government of Chile and with logistical support from the Government of Spain. Big beasts on the financial scene, like Christine LaGarde and Mark Carney are entering the climate debate. The Sustainable Futures Report
Doctor's advice: Forget the climate change deniers, focus on the 'passive allies' United Nations Secretary General António Guterres upped the urgency for reducing global emissions this week. He told attendees at the COP25 climate meeting in Madrid that stalled progress means countries now need to be even more ambitious than what’s outlined in the Paris climate agreement. Climate Cast - MPR News
Electric buses charge up quickly with wireless systems They’re already in use in Long Beach, California. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: Climate Is A Living Thing While big government fails, cities are going renewable all over the world. Rana Adib with some good news. Then eminent Chilean ecologist Pablo Marquet on the marriage of climate and the species. Radio Ecoshock
How climate change influences immigration to the U.S. Protracted drought and crop failures are part of why people in Central America are fleeing their homes. Climate Connections
2040 x Climactic - School Strike Solidarity Sit-Down - inside the day, behind the speeches Climactic teamed up with the outreach team of the amazing 2040 documentary to bring you this episode. You'll find links here to their video here. Past guests Fatima and Marco join Chrissy, one of the MCs from this event, and Jai Allan Wright, the first speaker. Climactic
Election 2019 Britain's politicians have been promising the Earth on climate change. Tom Heap chews over the plausibility of their pledges. He's joined by Angela Francis of WWF, green finance expert Michael Liebreich, Ellie Whitlock from the UK Youth Climate Coalition and the editor of Business Green, James Murray. BBC - Costing the Earth
Updates and a new season coming in 2020! A short update from the Warm Regards team and a preview of what you can expect from us in our new season, launching in early 2020. Thanks for your continued support! Warm Regards
Professor locks herself to pipeline construction equipment She was arrested for her actions. Climate Connections
103: The critical left & carbon removal-with Dr. Holly Jean Buck of UCLA Most leftist political views of the climate crisis lean toward natural solutions like reforestation and regenerative ag. But if we’re serious about taking action at the necessary scale before it’s too late, Dr. Holly Jean Buck argues that we have to consider ALL available solutions, including carbon capture technology and geoengineering. Reversing Climate Change
Advocate: Parents can play a role in youth climate strikes She says an adult’s presence can help keep strikers safe — and it’s an act of solidarity. Climate Connections
Community Update - Jo Dodds in Canberra with Melinda and Dean/Can the Plan rally Collective member and Bega Councillor Jo Dodds sends in an update from Canberra during one very eventful day. Woman brings remains of home lost in NSW bushfires to parliament in climate protest Convoy at parliament to protest Basin Plan Special Guest: Jo Dodds. Climactic
159: Advertising "The gentle art of persuading the public to believe that they want something they don’t need", so a 1905 definition goes. Selling in 2019 is basically the same, except now there's the added by-product - yay! - of hastening planetary self-combustion.But what's it actually like selling stuff you know is bad news? Sustainababble
Notice to proceed: The Climate Minute Podcast FERC has granted Enbridge permission to proceed with construction of the Weymouth Compressor, begining on Dec 3. We discuss this and some listener questions. The Climate Minute
Beth Spencer - with poet Magdalena Ball on writing about Climate Grief The Climactic Network has launched a new show, Art Breaker, all about the art being made in this time of climate emergency. This episode, an in-depth conversation with writer, poet, and podcaster Magdalena Ball, was originally recorded for Art Breaker, but we also wanted to share it with you here. Climactic
How heat pumps can shrink CO2 footprints These efficient devices work even in cold climates. Climate Connections
Shadows to Spotlight: Climate in the Media Murder, love, and the human experience are the stuff of great stories, as podcasts like Serial and RadioLab have shown us. But climate change? Not so much. The story is overwhelming and the ending is predictable and depressing, say radio producers. But coverage in national newspapers has increased since President Trump took office. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
Offsets - taking it easy The week before last I was talking about carbon offsets - and all of a sudden everybody else is talking about carbon offsets, even Julia Hartley Brewer. You’ll hear her later. easyJet tells us that Tuesday 19th November was a historic date - was it though? The Sustainable Futures Report
Vegan World What would the British countryside look like if we all adopted the vegan diet recommended by many environmental campaigners? Tom Heap hosts a discussion with panellists from the National Farmers Union and the Vegan Society. BBC - Costing the Earth
How Cornell is adapting to extreme weather A rain garden, porous asphalt, and other features help the campus cope with heavier downpours. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: The American Carbon Bomb The dominant minority plan to flood the Earth with far more fossil fuels this decade. Countries and corporations pour trillions into a new glut of oil and gas. Hear Julie Anne Miranda-Brobeck from Global Witness. Then the brilliant Daniel Rothman from MIT examines … Radio Ecoshock
The Weekly Wrap - pilot episode from Transition Australia Transition Australia wants to make it easier to find groups and events no matter where you live…here's a bit of a test about how we could make this happen, and give you some ideas about what's on this week. We'd love to know your feedback about how to make this of use to the community. Climactic
Energy costs burden low-income families Weatherization programs can help. Climate Connections
Wind energy on the rise in the Great Plains Grid operator in the region briefly generated more than 65% of its power from wind last April. Climate Connections
102: Techstars, The Nature Conservancy, & Nori's sustainability startup accelerator experience A great deal of talent and resources are dedicated to the development of technology that makes the lives of the privileged even easier. What if that kind of energy and investment was redirected to problems like conservation and climate change? How can we inspire more entrepreneurs to focus on the sustainability space? Reversing Climate Change
Evaluating the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates' Climate Disaster and Adaptation Policies In episode 101 of America Adapts, host Doug Parsons talks with Dr. Samantha Montano, a disasterologist / Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska in Emergency Management and Disaster Science. Samantha, along with her colleague Amanda Savitt, evaluated the disaster and adaptation policies of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates. America Adapts
Mummichogs and Fairy Shrimp: The Climate Minute Podcast It is interesting to learn how climate people got that way. Listen in as we track the path of a ‘free range kid’ who became the Director of an Eco-Innovation Initiative. The Climate Minute
On the Parliament Steps with Daniel Bleakley - XR Global Hunger Strike Mark joined Daniel Bleakley on the steps of the Victorian Parliament for a chat about the past 7 days of his hunger strike, the global XR hunger strike, his methods and self-care through this experience, and much more. From Daniel; "Day 7. Seventh day of Extinction Rebellion Hunger strike. Climactic
Energy efficiency jobs grow in the Midwest Regional investments in efficiency have soared to $1.5 billion annually. Climate Connections
158: Floods Bits of northern England have been inundated by floodwater in recent weeks. Even the perpetually soggy Venice has managed to get somehow more underwater.It's grim as hell, flooding, made worse by the politicians stopping by with a mop and hi-vis. Grim, but not unpredictable. Sustainababble
Road to COP25: A seminar from the Monash Energy Club Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts here! Support us directly on Pozible! Climactic Community Corner Southeast MP Engagement Group, next meeting 6pm, Tuesday, 10th December, Port Phillip Ecocentre, St Kilda. Climactic