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Mark Spencer - and the everyday Green New Deal - Evan Hynes First thing, Climactic has a newsletter. Sign up! Liking the show? Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts here! Support us directly on Pozible! Mark and Evan met on the Project Drawdown group on Facebook, but didn't realise it. Then they were put into a group thread by a fellow connector, Daniel Poynter. Climactic
Climate Cast: A record-breaking year for ocean temperatures This week, President Trump denounced “climate alarmists” during the global economic forum at Davos, Switzerland. But a new study shows Americans increasingly disagree with his assessment. Almost 6 in 10 Americans are either "alarmed" or "concerned" by global warming, an all-time high. Climate Cast - MPR News
REWIND: Drawdown / Solving Climate Change When it comes to cutting carbon pollution, where do we start? Today’s solutions are doable, but daunting: decrease global meat consumption, improve family planning, shut down coal-fired power plants, or expand solar energy. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
How a Chicago suburb made solar simple for residents Now panels are going up across town. Climate Connections
I Don't Deny It OK, OK, I don’t deny it. I said there wouldn’t be another Sustainable Futures Report until Friday 14th February. That’s still true, although you’ve got this extra one for Friday 24th January. There’s just so much piling into my inbox that I have to do something about it. The Sustainable Futures Report
Lessons from Chiloé, Chile: Transforming Natural Resource Governance Amid Environmental Change Environmental change is not occurring in isolation, especially for communities and groups who may live close to and depend very directly on local ecosystems for their livelihoods and economic wellbeing. Climate change in most places is occurring in conjunction with cultural shifts, political reorganization, and globalizing economic impacts. The Climate Ready Podcast
A failure of imagination? The Climate Minute A Federal Appeals Court rejected a case brought by children demanding a right to a stable climate. We discuss this case, called Juliana, and the general state of legal action on climate. The Climate Minute
Calif. carbon trading program helps disadvantaged communities Fresno is receiving $66 million for walking trails, sidewalks, bike lanes, and more. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: The Climate Mobilization Transition US Workshop Famous nature film-maker David Attenborough says "The climate crisis has come." But what can we do? How can we push our community into real action? Rebecca Harris, Organizing Director for The Climate Mobilization and activist Laura Berry explain step-by-step how to get your … Radio Ecoshock
Cities can't solve climate change on their own They can make progress, but they need state and federal help, too, says sustainability manager Carol Davis of Blacksburg, Virginia. Climate Connections
Transition Australia - National Wrap 24th-30th Jan 2020 Each week Transition Australia, in collaboration with other Transition and environment groups will be putting together a summary of some events that are happening across the country. The aim is to promote the amazing work that's going on and make sure people know just how much is going on. Climactic
Solar projects to help New Yorkers stay safe during disasters Solar and battery systems will power a few ambulance stations and community buildings. Climate Connections
Is the Climate Crisis a Secular Eschatology?-with Dr. Evan Kuehn Classically, but also in response to Greta Thunberg’s address to the United Nations, a number of right-wing critics have weaponized the term ‘secular #eschatology, ’ accusing climate activists of an illegitimate alarmism that mimics the Christian idea of the rapture. Reversing Climate Change
The Money Pipeline: The Climate Minute Exxon needs JP Morgan Chase more than Morgan needs Exxon. If the money pipeline from the banks to the fossil fuel majors ever shut down, new oil exploration would stop almost overnight. That’s why Blackrock’s letter and McKibben’s arrest are so important. The Climate Minute
Solar systems power up South African shacks A project in the !Kheis municipality has brought electricity to more than 500 homes. Climate Connections
Katerina Cosgrove - How surviving cancer helps me cope with the climate crisis Australia's bushfires have left grief on our doorstep. As a cancer survivor, I too have been through the flames. You can read the full article at Al Jazeera here. Or, you can listen to it read aloud, by the author. This is the first of hopefully many such pieces being read aloud by their creators that we'll be hosting on Climactic. Climactic
Episode 199. First Principles Continued: Seeds - #worldorganicnews 2020 01 20 LINKS World Organic News email: [email protected] Transcript HERE One Square metre garden plans: HEREWORLD ORGANIC NEWS No Dig Gardening Book: Click here. World Organic News
Tess Chapman - Wantoks: Dance of Resilience, and the Power of Media - Iara Lee Iara Lee is a prolific filmmaker and chronicler of social movements, native cultures fighting to protect their heritage and lands, and the beauty of the human and natural world. Climactic
EVs likely to be as cheap as conventional cars by 2025 The price of vehicle batteries is falling rapidly. Climate Connections
REWIND: Exploring Climate Psychology / Getting Outside in the Digital Age We all know about the environmental effects of climate change. But what about its impact on our mental health? Therapists report that their patients are exhibiting symptoms of what they call “climate anxiety” – loss of sleep, changes in appetite, feelings of grief, anger and hopelessness. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
A busy day on Beacon Hill: The Climate Minute Climate hawks went to Beacon Hill last week to press for climate action. We debrief on events. The Climate Minute
In a changing climate, the work of botanical artists takes on new meaning Hill added a gallery to his sprawling 1891 house on Summit Avenue in St. Paul to showcase his expansive art collection. The room, with its high glass ceiling, still functions as a gallery to show off that collection. But starting Saturday, it will display new works. Climate Cast - MPR News
California's housing prices drive development in high-risk fire zones More high-density residential construction in urban areas could help alleviate the problem. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: Nate Hagens: The Collision Is climate change just a symptom? Dr. Nate Hagens says we need a change of cultural purpose, away from money - but that can't happen until we pass through a financial "recalibration" and emergency. Humans need to stimulate our primitive brains without wrecking … Radio Ecoshock
Theater project helps people visualize flood scenarios It enables people to connect with climate data in a visceral way. Climate Connections
Cleaning up the air in China could save lives Air pollution, largely caused by burning coal, leads to more than one million early deaths in China each year. Climate Connections
Jimmy Jia's new book, "The Corporate Energy Strategist's Handbook" Jimmy Jia is an author and professor at Presidio Graduate School. Jimmy was on the show over a year ago talking about his work in cleantech, and applying the insights of thermodynamics to business and beyond. Reversing Climate Change
The Green New Deal in 2020: The Climate Minute The Green New Deal will play a role in our politics in 2020. A new bill before Congress shows a good example of how it will be implemented. We lay out what to watch for as the year progresses. The Climate Minute
Midlothian, Illinois, residents fight 'terrifying' floods The region is experiencing more intense downpours as the climate changes. Climate Connections
Fundamentals of Extreme Heat and Climate Change with Dr. Ladd Keith of University of Arizona In episode 104 of America Adapts, host Doug Parsons talks with Dr. Ladd Keith, Assistant Professor in Planning and Chair of Sustainable Built Environments at the University of Arizona. America Adapts
Episode 198. First Principles: The No Dig Garden - #worldorganicnews 2020 01 13 LINKS World Organic News email: [email protected] Transcript HERE One Square metre garden plans: HERE WORLD ORGANIC NEWS No Dig Gardening Book: Click here. World Organic News
Nancy Hillier Lecture - Climate Justice - new community activism The inaugural lecture took place at NSW Parliament House in August 2016. Botany Bay City Council and now the new Bayside City Council agreed to host and co-fund the lecture as an ongoing annual event, in conjunction with UNSW. Climactic
Knox College students build campus rain gardens The gardens help the campus drainage system during heavy rains. Climate Connections
Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don't Know You Have Everyday choices – like deciding which shirt to buy or on which platform to binge-watch shows on – may impact the planet more than you think. Tatiana's Schlossberg's new book Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don’t Know You Have, looks at how seemingly small choices can have a big impact on the climate. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
St. Paul libraries want to foster a communitywide conversation about climate change Australia's deadly wildfires is the latest climate crisis to shake people across the globe. Some are shaken to action while others are in stunned paralysis. So how do people in both camps move forward? It's a conversation St. Paul Public Libraries is hoping to foster with its Read Brave program. Climate Cast - MPR News
Climatepodcase - Power of Youth - Youth Protest This episode is a part of the first annual Climate Podcast Showcase, for more information on this visit, and for more information on this show please visit The Power of Youth In August of 2018, then 15-year-old Greta Thunberg started striking outside Swedish Parliament, demanding stronger action on climate change. Climactic
Australia burns: The Climate Minute Climate change is causing huge wildfires in Australia. We discuss. The Climate Minute
Lawyers take a stand for renewable energy A new initiative at Columbia University provides free help to people facing legal obstacles to renewable energy projects. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: Disaster in the Making: Cascading Tipping Points & Permafrost Top European scientists warn tipping points could cascade toward absolute climate disaster. Prof. Tim Lenton from U of Exeter. Permafrost expert Susan Natali from Woods Hole explains CO2 pouring out from the WINTER Arctic. Radio Ecoshock
Climatepodcase - Go Simone - Cle-Anne Gabriel on degrowth & wellbeing economies This episode is a part of the first annual Climate Podcast Showcase, for more information on this visit, and for more information on this show please visit Go Simone. Climactic
Interactive tool shows climate threats to backyard birds It displays information by ZIP code. Climate Connections
Climatepodcase - Newsfighters - Where there's smoke, there's blaming! This episode is a part of the first annual Climate Podcast Showcase, for more information on this visit, and for more information on this show please visit News Fighters. Climactic
Detroit Zoo turns poo into electricity The zoo is harnessing energy from food waste and herbivore manure. Climate Connections
Climatepodcase - ArtBreaker - Charlotte Watson - The Black Finch Project - the Bird of the Year, and the mega-coal mine. This episode is a part of the first annual Climate Podcast Showcase, for more information on this visit, and for more information on this show please visit ArtBreaker. The Black Finch Project, or #1000finches, swept through the Australian art and environmental world in mid 2019. Climactic
Glaciers in the Olympic Mountains could vanish this century The glaciers shrank 40% between 1981 and 2015, largely because of human-caused global warming. Climate Connections
Climatepodcase - A Rational Fear - Dodo AIDS is making a comeback - #ClimateWeekQLD - 6th June 2019 This episode is a part of the first annual Climate Podcast Showcase, for more information on this visit, and for more information on this show please visit A Rational Fear. ClimateWeekQLD Hello Dan Ilic here — Thanks to the Queensland Government for inviting us to perform at Climate Week. Climactic
Episode 197. Fires and Rebellion - #worldorganicnews 2020 01 06 LINKS World Organic News email: [email protected] Transcript HERE World Organic News Facebook page. World Organic News
Climatepodcase - Climactic - Episode of the Year The Climactic Network has launched a new show, Art Breaker, all about the art being made in this time of climate emergency. This episode, an in-depth conversation with writer, poet, and podcaster Magdalena Ball, was originally recorded for Art Breaker, but we also wanted to share it with you here. Climactic
From the archives: Voting is the highest form of environmental activism This show originally dropped in April 2018. The Climate Minute
Climatepodcase - Wardrobe Crisis - Courage! Activist Anna Rose on How to Conquer Climate Anxiety This episode is a part of the first annual Climate Podcast Showcase, for more information on this visit, and for more information on this show please visit Wardrobe Crisis. How are you doing with all this climate news? Is it getting you down? Climactic