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Simple change to your thermostat saves energy An agency in New York significantly cut its energy use with this strategy. Climate Connections
88: How Slow Money Works…and when not to say "fiduciary"-Woody Tasch There is more to life than money. But even the investors who believe that sentiment continues to feed the beast, putting much of their capital back into a system that thrives on consumption. What if we considered the impact of our investments as much as the returns? Reversing Climate Change
Summer Sizzle: Citizens Climate Radio podcast + The Adapters Speak! In episode 95 of America Adapts, host Doug Parsons hosts Peterson Toscano, host of the podcast Citizens Climate Radio. Doug and Peterson talk climate activism, how adaptation can learn from the response to the AIDS crisis and much more. America Adapts
Gretchen Miller - The Rescue Project - On Animals This is a special guest episode from storyteller, producer, former guest and friend of the show Gretchen Miller. It's from her collaboration with Landcare, the Rescue Project, and you can find more information here. We spend some time at a wombat rehabilitation centre and meet the wombats themselves. Climactic
Episode 182 What The Hell is Soil Carbon LINKS The RegenEarth 2019 Online Conference ~ Living Soil email: [email protected] Facebook Page: World Organic News Facebook page. World Organic News
Friars start a sustainable farm Their goal is to feed the poor and nurture the Earth. Climate Connections
The Climate Minute Podcast The Trump regime has delayed, and perhaps put at risk, the progress of the Vineyard Wind clean energy project. Further, it has weakened the Endangers Species Act in service of the fossil fuel industry. As a result, will raccoons rule the world? Listen in. The Climate Minute
Gretchen Miller - The Rescue Project - Atherton Tablelands This is a special guest episode from storyteller, producer, former guest and friend of the show Gretchen Miller. It's from her collaboration with Landcare, the Rescue Project, and you can find more information here. This documentary feature immerses you in the wettest part of the driest continent on earth, a tiny patch of emerald green. Climactic
How Renewables are Transforming America's Energy Future What’s new in renewable energy? In April, 23 percent of America’s electricity came from renewables, surpassing coal for the first time. Ten states, and Puerto Rico and Washington DC, have policies in place to run on 100 percent clean power in coming decades. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
Army Corps uses nature to help protect communities Islands and reefs decrease the energy of waves, and wetlands can hold floodwater. Climate Connections
Away with All Cars? I didn't buy a car this week - not even an electric. The Commonwealth research organisation suggests the age of the car is coming to an end. How will that work? I didn't eat red meat this week which is just as well because both George Monbiot and Mark Lynas say I shouldn't. The Sustainable Futures Report
Will it be Mad Max or a Green New Deal? The Climate Minute Podcast The malevolent underpinnings of the El Paso massacre include a climate connection. The links from guns to white supremacy to climate change to eco-facism to domestic terror to intimidation of climate activists are real and need to be recognized. The best response? The Climate Minute
Young birds threatened as the Great Basin's freshwater dries up Millions of waterbirds migrate through the Western region every year. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: The Climate Hammer: Rising Seas #3 The ocean will flow relentlessly inland on almost every coastline in the world. In this special Rising Seas #3, American oceanographer John Englander, author of "High Tide on Main Street" explains the great march inland of rising seas. Scientist Eelco Rohling says a … Radio Ecoshock
East Coast vineyards face new climate challenges Insect pests and increased rainfall are growing threats. Climate Connections
Yard signs show risks of sea-level rise Artist Xavier Cortada wanted to get people talking about the problem. Climate Connections
87: The Ends of the World-with Peter Brannen Peter Brannen is an award-winning science journalist with expertise in ocean science, deep time, astrobiology, and the carbon cycle. Peter walks Ross and Christophe through the five major mass extinctions in Earth's history, discussing what events triggered each extinction and how plant and animal life changed each time. Reversing Climate Change
Military bases prepare for more extreme weather Fort Hood is developing a renewable-powered microgrid system that could provide electricity even if the local grid goes down. Climate Connections
Episode 181 The IPCC Report Farming & Food - #worldorganicnews 2019 08 12 LINKS The RegenEarth 2019 Online Conference ~ Living Soil email: [email protected] Facebook Page: World Organic News Facebook page. World Organic News
Art Breaker pilot - §OJUX - Monster Not Happy Greg Grassi is half of the electronic music duo §OJUX, and one of the hosts of the newest show on the Climactic Network, Art Breaker. In this episode he breaks down the process of how one of the tracks on their new EP was made, and his thoughts on musical creation, and collaboration. Climactic
The view from Nebraska: The Climate Minute Podcast The carbon pricing discussion is alive and well in Nebraska. Listen in to hear the perspective of a local activist who has learned how to lobby. The Climate Minute
The Land of Dreams and Drought The California dream, with its promise of never-ending sunshine, fertile soil and rivers running with gold, has been beckoning people west for over two hundred years. But making that dream come true for an ever-increasing population has taken its toll on the landscape. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
How protecting a Pennsylvania stream makes the area more resilient Protecting a Pennsylvania stream improves resiliency. Climate Connections
Talking About Babies A report revealed that the birth-rate in England and Wales reached an all-time low last year. Talk Radio asked me to talk to them about it. The Sustainable Futures Report
The promise - and perceived peril - of bringing green amenities to low-income communities The Minneapolis Foundation has awarded its first round of grants to involve low-income, diverse communities in climate change initiatives. One would bring electric cars and charging stations to low-income communities. But what will it take to get buy-in from residents? Climate Cast - MPR News
Hurricane clean-up can be hazardous to your health People are learning to stay safe through a program funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: Rising Seas #2: Rolling Over Us Sea level will go up all during your lifetime, and long, long after. The effects will be profound. In this show, the grand old man of coastal science Dr. Orrin Pilkey warns: start withdrawing from the coast-line now, or wait for the coming … Radio Ecoshock
Energy efficiency can help nonprofits serve more people Efficient light bulbs will enable a medical facility for the homeless to save $100,000. Climate Connections
Climate activists at the Governor's door: The Climate Minute Podcast Climate activists filled the hall outside of MA Governor Baker’s office to demand that he reject the construction of a natural gas Compressor Station in Weymouth. Even if the Governor won’t lend an ear, we listen to those voices in the hall! The Climate Minute
Critics challenge insurance companies The industry has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in fossil fuel companies. Climate Connections
86: For what shall it profit a congressman to act on climate but lose his seat?-Bob Inglis of republicEn Bob Inglis is a former Republican congressman representing South Carolina and the current Executive Director of republicEN, an EcoRight organization that supports a free market approach to climate change. Today, Bob joins Ross and Christophe to share the three-step metamorphosis that inspired his belief in climate change. Reversing Climate Change
Resilient New York: Urban Forestry, Shared Stewardship and Climate Adaptation Doug Parsons visits New York City! This is THE episode on urban forestry and climate adaptation. Doug travels across the city, visiting parks and interviewing experts on such topics as: How forests add to the overall resilience of New York City; Cool Neighborhoods program and public health; urban forestry and climate adaptation; extreme heat in... America Adapts
Conservative says climate should be a priority He says it’s essential to protect future generations. Climate Connections
119: Vybarr Cregan-Reid meets Sustainababble We're off on our summer hols, so here's perhaps our favouritest interview wot we have dun. We had an amazing natter in 2018 with Vybarr Cregan-Reid - author, runner, academic and as you'll hear, proper good natterer. Yer Babble's back in September. Sustainababble
From Hydrogen to Hadestown: The Climate Minute Podcast International shipping fleets emit a significant fraction of greenhouse gases, but the implementation of hydrogen technology may be happening in real time. Greta Thunberg will come by sailing ship to NYC in September for the upcoming Climate Strike. Perhaps she can see the Broadway Musical Hadestown, which combines Greek myth and climate change. The Climate Minute
180. A Huge Systems Change, Be Ready - #worldorganicnews 2019 08 05 LINKS The RegenEarth 2019 Online Conference ~ Living Soil email: [email protected] Facebook Page: World Organic News Facebook page. WORLD ORGANIC NEWS No Dig Gardening Book: Click here Permaculture Plus Topical Talks. World Organic News
Former Vice President Al Gore talks climate change solutions in the Twin Cities MPR News chief meteorologist and Climate Cast host Paul Huttner sits down with Former Vice President Al Gore at his Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Minneapolis. Climate Cast - MPR News
Newsball - CFC You Next Tuesday Guest episode from Newsball - This episode has explicit language. "This week in a very special episode we have our first ever guest Mark Spencer from the Climactic Network! Mark and his friends over at Climactic host a show that tell peoples stories on climate change and share a lot of positive news in times that can seem less than positive! Climactic
Listening to the 'canaries in the coal mine' of climate change Listening to the 'canaries in the coal mine' of climate change. Climate Cast - MPR News
Drawdown: Do We Have What It Takes to Solve Climate Change? When it comes to solving climate change, where do we start? The organization Project Drawdown has published a list of top solutions for climate change – impactful actions already in existence that not only reduce carbon emissions, but also improve lives, create jobs and generate community resilience. Climate One at The Commonwealth Club
1.2. What Less Can I Do? Masanobu Fukuoka and letting Nature do the work. World Organic News
How 'resilience hubs' could protect communities The rest of the year, the spaces could serve communities in other ways. Climate Connections
Round Table A few weeks ago, back when Theresa May was still Prime Minister, I had a roundtable discussion with three patrons of the Sustainable Futures Report and we made a recording. This turns out to be one of the longest episodes to date but I hope you find interesting. The Sustainable Futures Report
Environmental Justice, Debates and the Green New Deal: The Climate Minute Podcast Ideas about how to ensure environmental justice are percolating in the Presidential campaign. Perhaps we are seeing the construction of the details of the Green New Deal? The Climate Minute
Why small homes can be appealing If you share amenities with your neighbors, you can live well at a lower cost. Climate Connections
Radio Ecoshock: The Climate Hammer: Rising Seas #1 Rising seas: that is the climate hammer that will hit us hard and soon. Our guests are Professor and author Peter Ward on "Flooded Earth"; scientist J. Court Stevenson talks flood defenses for world cities, along with author Mike Tidwell, who predicted the … Radio Ecoshock
Rapid Reaction - Victoria Waste Crisis - SKM Closure and CDS, with Cr Kat Copsey and Annett Finger Leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts here! Support us directly on Pozible! Mark speaks to Port Phillip Councillor Kat Copsey and CDS campaigner Annett Finger about the closure of Victoria's largest recycler by the state Environmental Protection Agency, and where to next for a broken recycling system. Climactic
Miami Beach is trying to save its historic buildings Some buildings may need to be elevated — and that could get expensive. Climate Connections
85: The Gang Learns about Permaculture-with Blacksheep's Joshua Hughes, Sara Czarniecki, & Amanda Wilson On 20 acres of formerly eroded land in Costa Rica grows turmeric, ginger and beans. Above that is a vineyard with superfood nuts. Above that are cacao trees, and above that grow trees for lumber. Permaculture is being used to regenerate the soil and build a profitable cooperative owned by the 150 people who live and work there. Reversing Climate Change
If it's banned in Berkeley, can we ban it in Boston? The Climate Minute Podcast Berkeley CA just banned natural gas in new construction. This is an example of how to ‘electrify everything.’. The Climate Minute