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Ep. 154: Dr. Favia Dubyk - Survive to Thrive The phrase “a force to be reckoned with” doesn’t quite do justice to Dr. Favia Dubyk. Yes, she is a force, but that phrase conjures up images of some stoic, menacing figure, and Favia is the polar opposite of this image. She’s funny, excited, genuine, and unassuming - unless you happen to see her in a tanktop. The Power Company Podcast
Episode 188: Jason Kruk - When There's Nothing Left to Prove. On Episode 188 of the Enormocast, I sit down in Squamish, BC with Canadian alpinist, Jason Kruk. Jason and I have been threatening to do a show for almost 8 years now and finally got it on tape. The Enormocast
Special Episode: Brad Gobright Repost. On November 27th, 2019, climber, friend, and former guest of the Enormocast, Brad Gobright fell to his death in Potrero Chico, Mexico. I had known Brad for a decade, and he had appeared on the the Enormocast in 2016. This is a repost of that interview with an added intro. The Enormocast
JCPC 074 Jim Pope Jim Pope, "The Last Climber", does well at Grit headgames, international comps and sport climbing. He wants to tick Extreme Rock and climb in the Himalayas. He's a dude. Niall Grimes chats to him. Jam Crack
77: Lessons Learned From Climbing Highest Mountains w/ Satyarup Siddhanta Satyarup is the youngest person in the world to climb 7 highest peaks and all 7 volcanic summits of all 7 continents of the world and he holds Guinness World record for the same. He has Skied in South pole and is soon heading for the North pole. Audioboom - Mountaineering
Ep. 153: Dr. Natasha Barnes - Pain Science for Climbers If you have been interested in training for climbing for more than a few days, it's likely that you know of Dr. Natasha Barnes. She's not only a former national champion climber and champion power lifter, but is a doctor based in San Francisco who specializes in rehabilitation, orthopedic sports medicine and physiotherapy for climbers and lifters. The Power Company Podcast
JCPC 073 Niall Grimes reads RedRaw A story about a day of great pain in Red Rocks and Las Vegas. Jam Crack
29: Rob Warner Talks About His Mountain Biking Career - The GMBN Podcast Ep. 29 This week Martyn Ashton and Neil Donoghue interview mountain biking's biggest character Rob Warner to discuss commentating on live XC and downhill racing as well as his past, present and future projects 🤘. Audioboom - Mountaineering
Episode #41 - Personalized Nutrition for Training and Performance If you're serious about training and climbing your best, then you must be serious about performance nutrition. The foods you consume play a central role in energy production, training adaptations, muscle recovery, connective tissue health, and your strength-to-weight ratio. Training For Climbing
Ep. 152: Alex Megos and Ken Etzel - Rotpunkt Alex Megos may well be the strongest climber in the world. But is he the best? In this episode I sit down with Megos and his good friend Ken Etzel, the director of the new film that we are discussing, Rotpunkt. Rotpunkt gives us a rare glimpse into the up and down struggles of someone trying to become the best in the world. The Power Company Podcast
Ep. 151: Board Meetings - Thanks A Milli Thank you for the continued and growing support! It means the world. In this episode, Nate and I sit down to talk about where it all started and why we keep doing it. You can find us at You can support the podcast at We don't tweet. The Power Company Podcast
Episode 187: Brittany Goris - To Dream the Impossible Dream. On Episode 187, I sit down with recent trad convert, Brittany Goris. We were ensconced on a very cold evening in the Mobile Studio parked in the Supercrack Parking lot in Indian Creek. The Enormocast
Ep. 150: Bill Ramsey - A Philosophy of Sending He had achieved near mythical status in the Red River Gorge by the time I started paying attention to sport climbing. Pioneering many of the best hard sport climbs that now draw flocks of people to Kentucky’s steep sandstone crags, Bill wasn’t the typical 24 year old developer with a part time job and nowhere specific to be. The Power Company Podcast
51: Pat Mountain This week's guest is a man with a name destined to belong within the Goalkeepers' Union. After spells at Barry Town, Cardiff City and Newport County during his time as a player, it's his career as a goalkeeper coach where this man mountain has made his name with an ever-growing reputation among British football's coaching elite. Audioboom - Mountaineering
Ep. 149: Dr. Jared Vagy on Stretching, Prehab, and Other Hot Topics Jared Vagy's third appearance on the podcast, we decided to tackle a few hotly debated topics - things like stretching, prehab, training "dangerous" grip positions, and more. If you haven't listened to Episodes 88 and 107, featuring Jared's Rock Rehab Pyramid, they are worth the time. The Power Company Podcast
27: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #27 - Talking Trials With Martyn Ashton Henry is joined by our very own Martyn Ashton as they discuss his transition from motorbike trials to mountain bike trials, how trials skills can help on the trial, and how Danny Macaskill became such a sensation. Audioboom - Mountaineering
Episode 186: Sean Bailey - The New Old School. On Episode 186 of the Enormocast, I sit down with comp climber, boulderer, and sport climber, Sean Bailey. Sean's outdoor feats include an ascent of Biographie / Realization in Ceuse, France and Joe Mama at Oliana, Spain. The Enormocast
Ep. 148: Will Anglin and Rowland Chen - P.O.E. Part 2 Episode 12 with Will Anglin and Rowland Chen quickly became a cult classic. Today we bring them back for P.O.E. Part 2, a follow up to examine how the P.O.E. path they had both embarked on had worked out. If you haven't yet, it will be to your benefit to go back and listen to that episode. The Power Company Podcast
26: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #26 - Managing A Race Team With Harry Molloy Henry is joined by World Cup racer and manager of Insync Racing, Harry Molloy, in this episode of the Mountain Bike Podcast presented by GMBN. They chat about what it takes to run a team, development and testing of bikes, and the influence of social media on sponsorship. Audioboom - Mountaineering
Ep. 147: Making Sense of Science for Climbers with Dr. Tyler Nelson Science and Data are increasingly popular in training for climbing, and for good reason. Leading that charge is Dr. Tyler Nelson of Camp 4 Human Performance. He's built a strong following on Instagram, and is giving solid information to coaches and climbers all over the world, but as with any post on social media, much of the context is lost. The Power Company Podcast
Episode 185: Hobo Greg - Crossing the Threshold. On Episode 185 of the Enormocast, I am joined in Carbondale by a mythical figure named Hobo Greg. Who is Hobo Greg? I don't know, even now. He left his home in New Jersey on a Greyhound bus four years ago and is now a climbing guide in Joshua Tree. He drinks wine by the… Continue reading "Episode 185: Hobo Greg - Crossing the Threshold." The Enormocast
24: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #24 - Mountain Bike Design With Nukeproof This week on the GMBN Podcast Henry is joined by Rob and Dale from Nukeproof to discuss whether all mountain bikes are created equal, the development of the modern MTB, and if mullet bikes are all that. Audioboom - Mountaineering
Ep. 146: Boards vs. Spray Walls with Will Anglin and Michael Rosato of Tension Climbing A home wall can be an extremely valuable tool to have at your disposal. Deciding to have one is easy, but that one decision will open up a world of damned near impossible to make decisions. Set board or spray wall? If a board, which one? If a spray wall, what angles, what density, WHICH GRIPS?? The Power Company Podcast
Episode 32: Ego, Partnerships, and Awareness with Justen Sjong Justen doesn’t need an introduction, but if you’ve been hiding under a rock, he’s an accomplished climber and coach who has worked with a veritable who’s who of American climbing elite. Justen is known for his ability to get into a climbers head and coax more out of them. The Power Company Podcast