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Dark Horse's 'Stranger Things' comics chronicle Will's journey Earlier this month, Netflix announced that a handful of books were on the way including a behind-the-scenes companion book, a gift book and a series prequel that will give readers a look at Eleven's mother Terry and her connection to the MKUltra program.

DC Collectibles in February 2019 DC Collectibles announced today four new statues hitting stores in February 2019 featuring fan-favorite characters Harley Quinn, Nightwing and Batgirl. See below for more details and attached for imagery. Harley Quinn Pink, White and Black: Valentine's Variant by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau Statue.

Jason Todd Gets a New Costume in Red Hood and the Outlaws Batman's former apprentice, Jason Todd, will don a new costume in Red Hood and the Outlaws #26. The former Boy Wonder will stick to his red color motif for what looks like either a mask or helmet, but his brown jacket is being replaced by a red vest with a hoodie on top to mask his face.

DC Solicits Tease the 'Truth' About Doctor Manhattan's Role in Rebirth Ever since the release of 2016's DC Rebirth #1 one-shot, we've known that, somehow, Doctor Manhattan was at the center of the DC Universe. We didn't know how or why, we just knew that he was somehow responsible for the change in timelines that resulted in the New 52.

DC Reveals the Main Murder Suspects in Heroes in Crisis DC's solicitation text for the September issue reveals patients have begun to turn up dead in Sanctuary, and the prime suspects are Harley Quinn and Booster Gold. RELATED: What DC's Heroes In Crisis Cover Tells Us About King and Mann's New Series.

DC Comics' September 2018 Solicitations DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in September 2018. When you're through checking out these solicitations for new releases, be sure to visit CBR's DC Comics forum, Batman forum, Superman forum or Wonder Woman forum to discuss these titles and products with fellow readers and fans.

Lion Forge Launches a Tabletop Gaming Imprint Quillion Lion Forge has been a market leader and champion of authentic representation across genres, from the proprietary superhero universe of Catalyst Prime to multiple imprints encompassing comics for readers of all ages.

Top Comics to Buy This Week: Amazing Spider-Man #801, Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 and More After a decade of writing Spider-Man, taking the character to new heights and new lows, from Spider-Island to Superior Spider-Man to Spider-Verse, Slott is now ending his run with Amazing Spider-Man #801.

X-ual Healing: Lots of Origins and a Final Page Surprise in Domino #3 Domino's solo adventure continues in Domino #3, with Domino laid out on the desk of a riverboat casino after watching her friends, Outlaw, Diamondback, and Totally Awesome Hulk, blown up at the end of the previous issue.

Movie Review: Tag The based-on-a-true-story of childhood friends who have been playing the same game of tag for 30 years is one of the funniest comedies of the year and pushes the boundaries of good taste in numerous ways. One key theme here is these middle aged dudes all play a child's game to try to stay young.

Stranger Things Comics Line Coming From Dark Horse Dark Horse Comics and Netflix have partnered up to publish a line of comics based on Stranger Things, with the first series launching in September. "Dark Horse is known for championing stories and storytellers," Dark Horse President Mike Richardson said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Inspires Variant Covers in September He took the world by storm when he made his debut in last year's Thanos #13, and now Marvel is celebrating the Cosmic Ghost Rider with a series of special order all variant covers that feature Marvel's breakout character battling different heroes of the Marvel Universe!

Mike Allred and IDW Bring Dick Tracy Back to Comic Books Iconic pulp detective Dick Tracy will return to comic books this September with a new four-issue series from IDW Publishing, with comics superstar Michael Allred on board for Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive!. Allred is set to illustrate covers and co-write with his brother, Lee Allred.

X-ual Healing: New Mutants Dead Souls #4 The issue opens in North Carolina with Strong-Guy, Prodigy, Boom Boom, and Wolfsbane running to the crash site, where the plane that Magik and Rictor was on just crashed. Firefighters are there putting out the fire. It doesn't look like there were any survivors.

Review: Bloodstrike #0 Honestly, this is a cast of characters and conceit that could use the minimalist action plotting of The Raid or Dredd, but with more of a team dynamic than the Frankenstein's Monster of continuity and heavy artillery fire that was Bloodstrike #0.

Indie Comics Imprint Quillion Will Mix Comics and Gaming It is about inspiring an inclusive community of players today to ensure we have a vibrant community of storytellers tomorrow." The imprint will launch in September with Rolled and Told, a monthly comic book format release that includes a ready-to-play adventure alongside articles, illustrations and comics that coincide with that month's adventure.

Cover Preview: 2000ad Prog 2086 Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 2,855 other followers.

DC Reveals More Details on Release Dates for DC Black Label DC Black Label is a brand-new publishing imprint dedicated to giving premier writers and artists the chance to expand on DC's unrivaled characters with unique, standalone stories set outside DC continuity. We've gotten an announcement as to some of what is coming and now we have a better idea as to when things are coming.

X-ual Healing: A Pirate's Life for the Exiles in Exiles #4 They're being chased by the Time-Eater, a severed Galactus head that eats entire universes. Exiles #4 opens up with a recap from The Unseen, formerly known as Nick Fury, who is still butthurt about that and pulling some Cobra Commander type @#$%. Blah blah blah, the Tallus has chosen Blink to save the Multiverse.

Where Data Ranks 2017 Comic Films. Wonder Woman Nears $400 million Things are strong but slowing down for comic related films and with the summer box office blockbusters regularly coming, we'll be seeing how many of these have long term legs. This past weekend after a slew of new films Deadpool 2 dropped two spots at the box office coming in fifth place.

Amazing Spider-Man #800 Tops May 2018 Sales with Over 411K The top selling comic from Marvel Comics was _Amazing Spider-Man _ #800 in slot 1 with an estimated 411,480 units and for DC Comics was _Doomsday Clock _ #5 in rank 3 with an estimated 146,817 units. The estimated total sales for the top 300 trades was 295,626 trades which is down by 22,339 units from April and down by 52,010 units from May 2017.

Incredibles 2 Delivers a Record Setting $180 Million Opening The Incredibles 2 was, well, incredible at the weekend box office. The film had an amazing opening shattering the previous record for the opening of an animated film but it's also one of the top ten openings of all-time.

X-ual Healing: Never Trust a Wolverine in X-Men Blue #29 After the satisfying conclusion to the Mothervine story last issue, X-Men Blue #29 kicks off the Search for Jimmy Hudson. Jimmy, the son of Ultimate Universe Wolverine, was turned into a Poison during the Venomized X-over event. He's now sitting in a bar in Dunwich, California, where the waitress is hitting on him.

Fashion Spotlight: The Rickredibles, Incredipool, The Incredid'oh! Ript Apparel has three new designs! The Rickredibles, Incredipool, and The Incredid'oh! by PrimePremne and JubbaTheHott are on sale today only! Get them before they're gone! The Rickredibles. Incredipool. The Incredid'oh!

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