Eating habits

Conversation started by Vivien Palmer

Vivien Palmer • Sep 8, 2018

Tim- I am a northern lass by birth and in all my life I have never seen a grown man eat from a carton with his fingers. Beside Sally as a snob would certainly never have allowed him to do that.
7/09/18 episode

Dididave58 • Oct 27, 2018

Vivien Palmer I agree!

Dididave58 • Oct 27, 2018

On a similar theme why do most of the characters eat their toast by breaking bits off the eating the bits!I have never seen anybody do this in real life.

Margaret Evans • Jan 24, 2019

Gemma talking with her mouth full is revolting..imagine what Sally would think!

Phillis Eddy • Mar 21, 2019

Margaret Evans
Not just Sally would think. My children think it’s all right. Had to block channel. Not only the eating with the characters mouth open, she is always yelling and interrupting . The last one for me ,,she cuts her toenails ...discusting

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