Given up on corrie

Conversation started by Jonny Vanquish

Jonny Vanquish • May 13, 2019

Used to enjoy corrie but not any more. Nowadays it is pure rubbish, my ten year old could write better scripts.

Peter B • Jun 20, 2019

Totally agree with you.
Corrie's scripts are just ludicrous and getting worse by the year.
Multiple murders, quadruplets...whatever next.
I think the latest murder makes it something like 34 on Coronation Street !
I understand they want excitement to keep viewing figures high but let's keep a hint of reality please.

Mick Harvey • Jul 19, 2019

Hi everyone ,I've been watching since the 1970s and hardly ever miss an only still watching out of loyalty ,and in the fading hope that the acting and the plots will return to the quality they once were.I also have been watching emmerdale since 1975 and that seems to be going the same way.
What on earth is going on ??

Rob Tiles • Aug 5, 2019

Totally agree, i'm on the verge of giving up as well.

Jackie Harvey • Sep 27, 2019

As an (almost) lifetime fan(I was 9 years old in December 1960). My enjoyment of this once Magnificently written programme with well drawn characters, warmth and drama, is fading. It used to be character driven and well produced and acted, in my humble opinion. There have been many Peaks and Troughs, naturally. Recently, for a lengthy time I have felt that this once unmissable programme,for me has lost its way, so to speak. Very sad.

Gina Slater • Oct 3, 2019

I watch from habit only.
Surely Chesney has a right to know he has a paedophile living in his house?

Peter Jarrette • Nov 8, 2019

We read the TV listing summary of each show and that is about as deep as watching the episodes themselves. This bar of soap has gone down the teen drama drain, even for the pensioner's Geoff and yet more gaslighting. And Gary Windass....puhleeze...after seeing what Pat Phelan did to his family? Yeah, right. If these people are so stupid then the writers (if you could call them that) must think we are even more moronic.

Jojo • Dec 19, 2019

come on Corrie we know all this goes on in real life, just watch the news, do we really want to be entertained with it sorry no no !!! f or goodness sake Emmerdale Eastenders, all the same story lines. give us a laugh for G.d sake

Ian Levene • Dec 20, 2019

What utter nonsense "Michelle helps Robert's one night stander to give birth" read all about it!

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