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Let's get Strange. May I present, DOCTOR STRANGE! Yes, I'm Mr. Cumberbatch can't you tell?! Well I will tell you that I'm not Stephanie Strange, who isn't a character in the Marvel Universe. Yet, I get called that for some weird reason? Hmmm. I wonder why.🤷‍️. #womenincosplayprobs.

Otakon 2018 Photoblog Last weekend I attended Otakon 2018 in DC, and amidst the screenings, panels, shopping, and gaming, a highlight for me was getting to play the arcade version of Taiko no Tatsujin for the first time. A bit auspicious seeing as western countries are finally getting another one of those games this fall.

Top League of Legends Cosplay Picks For more about this champion:. "Decisive in judgment and lethal in combat, Katarina is a Noxian assassin of the highest caliber. Eldest daughter to the legendary General Du Couteau, she made her talents known with swift kills against unsuspecting enemies.

The Cosplay Tutorial Blog - DIY Kim Possible Halloween Costume / Cosplay… DIY Kim Possible Halloween Costume / Cosplay Tutorial - Natasha Rose.

The Sexiest Bikini And Lingerie Photos Of Jessica Nigri 'Queen Of Cosplay' Jessica Nigri, the "Queen of Cosplay," has repeatedly been voted as one of the best and sexiest cosplayers on the planet, per Cosplayer Network. Nigri burst onto the scene at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con when she officially debuted one of her most famous cosplays, sexy Pikachu.

This Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Brings the Gritty Adventure to Life CD Projekt RED is no stranger to hyping up RPG fans with excitement and thrill for a brand new adventure! After the incredible success The Witcher franchise had, players around the world are anxious to get their hands on their latest project: Cyberpunk 2077.

20 Nintendo Villains That Are Impossible To Cosplay I'm both amazed and a bit terrified. Well done! Cosplay by Xonlx. For a guy dressed like a jester, Dimentio is surprisingly intimidating. This villain from Super Paper Mario can literally manipulate dimensions. And don't be fooled by his light-hearted personality; this guy is a lot more intelligent and psychotic than he lets on.

Strut your nerdiness and cosplay at this open mic and haiku battle We all may dress up as our favorite superheroes or Harry Potter characters from time to time, but it takes a…

Goldeen - Pokemon I made my Goldeen gijinka to wear with Malicious Cosplay's Seaking at Colossalcon 2018. Getting to shoot underwater with our costumes was an amazing experience. Alexadra Lee Studios delivered some amazing photos and she made the shooting process so easy and fun!

Cosplay Tutorials: Painting Fabric with Acid Dye This is the method I used to paint my "fins" for my Goldeen Gijinka! By painting the chiffon with acid dyes from Jacquard, I was able to get the coloring to mimic Goldeen's fins. I used nylon chiffon, but you can use this method with any type of material that acid dyes work on, such as silk, wool, or even feathers!

Zero Two - Darling in the Franxx Zero Two, or 002, is the mysterious human / klaxosaur hybrid the storyline of Darling in the Franxx follows. Her fondest for the Hiro is only rivaled by her fondness for sweets. I thought her character was so interesting, so I wanted to bring her to life even if I didn't have time to make a full costume.

What I Sew in the Shadows: Part IV If you have been following along, I have made dolls of four of the characters from one of my favorite films, "What We do in the Shadows": Viago, Vladislav, Deacon and Petyr. Today, I finish my project, with Nick and Stu. I could have kept going; there are other doll-worthy characters in the film.

Cinderella and Belle Cosplay Everyone wants to be a Disney princess, right? Now it's our turn. My girlfriend, Lauren, and I decided to go for it and make two huge princess dresses for DragonCon! I'll be making the dress from the live action Cinderella movie and she's making a version of the animated Belle ballgown.

This 'God of War' Kratos Cosplay Brings the Character to Life In Stunning Detail The cosplayer behind Maul Cosplay is turning the gaming world upside down with his amazing rendition of the incredible reinvention of Kratos from the hit PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War. Kratos himself may have undergone some incredible changes with the latest entry into the God of War franchise, but one thing remains: He's still a badass.

The Cosplay Tutorial Blog - Tsuyu Asui Cosplay Makeup Tutorial My Hero… Tsuyu Asui Cosplay Makeup Tutorial My Hero Academia 僕ããƒ’ーローアカデミア ☆ Tagged: #tsuyu asui #my hero academia #cosplay #makeup #tutorial.

Fortnite Cosplayer Absolutely Nailed This Brite Bomber Cosplay We love sharing all of the amazing creations gamers come up with in the world of cosplay. It's a phenomenal way for fans to show their love for some of the most amazing games out there while also showing off of their stone and creative flare.

Cosplay Breakdown: World's End Dancehall Hatsune Miku So let's talk about what it took to make World's End Dancehall. I choose this cosplay because I have by far, the most progress of it saved. It has been my most complicated and detailed costume I've made to date. I made it in Late 2014 and won 1st place for it in Dokidokon 2017's Intermediate division.

How To Make A Bigger Impact At New York Comic Con As one of the biggest pop culture events of the year, New York Comic Con is a magnet for businesses and customers. As much a media-driven marketplace as it is an announcement venue for film and television companies, comic cons have become big money.

Introducing Othelia, from the beginning Many of you know I've a regular model that I work with. We're such good friends and colleagues we bounce ideas off each other, a true artist/muse combination. And still I'm shocked at how short a time she's spent doing modelling! We've known each other on Facebook for a couple of years, but only met in real life in May.

First Cosplay: RX-78 2 Ver. shithouse I finished this cosplay on July 30th, 2016, according to a Facebook group with very young-looking captions I typed out. This was my first spark in my cosplaying. I made this with corrugated plastic and core foam boards, which lead me to a discovery of new materials.

Marvel Features the Ultimate Thanos Cosplay in New Video Marvel fans have certainly gone to great lengths to show their love for Thanos, but a newly-released cosplay video might be one of the best among them. Marvel's official Facebook account recently shared a video, which showcases how cosplayer and visaul effects artist Lee Hurley transforms into the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Thanos.

Game On Expo 2018 - Forever Fornite Another August, another Game On Expo. Don't take that as its just an average con with no excitement, because that isn't the case. I have zero problem admitting that I am not into modern gaming as much as I could be.

The Beebinch Cosplay Collection HI I just opened my Etsy shop, @friendshipspaghetti !! If you'd like to check it out the link is in my bio! Even if you don't want to buy anything, viewing and favoriting my shop would be really helpful since I'm broke af and starting college in a couple weeks lmao To celebrate the opening, yall can use OPEN10 for 10% off until midnight tonight!!

The Cosplay Tutorial Blog - Diamond Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Houseki no Kuni… Diamond Cosplay Makeup Tutorial Houseki no Kuni åçŸ³ãå›½ ダイヤモンド コスプレメイク ☆ Tagged: #cosplay #tutorial #diamond #houseki no kuni #makeup shadevandracul reblogged this from cosplaytutorial and added:.

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