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Some Cosplay Courage AUSTIN, TX, November 8 - A flowing, golden cloak. Emerald gems and orange tassels don each shoulder. In one hand, is a space sword. These are all parts of Krys Lewis' most recent cosplay as her version of Sailor Uranus, a character from the 2014 anime, Sailor Moon Crystal.

The Story Behind The Best Worst Cosplay On The Internet In the world of so-bad-it's-good cosplay, a few costumes come up time and time again. Cardboard box Gundam. Party satin Samus. That Flareon fursuit with the dead, dead eyes.

Anime NYC 2018 Ahh, the anime con… that magical time of year where you can dress like Super Simpson Vegeta, gorge yourself on Pocky, squeal "senpai!" at strangers, and no one will give you a sideways glance. This November was my first time experiencing New York's biggest anime convention, "Anime NYC", and I had a wonderful time!

8-year-old's cosplay of Michelle Obama goes viral Everyone has heroes when they're a kid. Someone that they see as a role model. For 8-year-old Ella-Lorraine Brown of Los Angeles, her role model is Michelle Obama. For her school's Cultural Heroes Day, Brown chose to dress up as Mrs. Obama from her freshman move-in day at Princeton University.

Were you there? Superheroes and famous faces from the world of sci-fi came together for a comic convention in Ipswich.

This Stan Lee Cosplay Tribute Music Video is All Kinds of Awesome and Sexy Sneaky Zebra is back at it again with a tribute cosplay music video honoring the late and great Stan Lee. Check out this vid that Stan Lee would truly be proud of.

Bunny Tail! I've recently made a new character for the LARP Dantir: Beyond the Stones. In Dantir, there are three main races - Drummon, Eluvians and Sauger. Appearance-wise, Drummon look like the Dwarves you'll find in most fantasy settings. Eluvians are similar to Elves, and the Sauger are animal folk.

8th Delhi Comic Con: Game of Thrones star Vladimir Furdik, cosplay, anime and more New Delhi: The eighth edition of this pop culture fiesta in the capital city began with an exclusive book launch by Abhijeet Kini. Named 'Rhyme Fighters', this is a series of cartoons, comics and rhymes dedicated to the unsung heroes everyone comes across on the streets and in their homes every day.

There's still time to help The Finest support our Military's Finest with Indiegogo Campaign There's less than a month to go for the K9s for Warriors Indiegogo Campaign currently under way! By way of my friends from Task Force 27 came initial word of this amazing new initiative by The Finest!

How This Master Enamelist Is Transforming the Face of Chanel Watches The dial expert takes design cues from everything from embroidery techniques to Coco Chanel’s own Chinese Coromandel screens.

This Green Ranger Cosplay Shows Us What Tommy Could Have Looked Like in SABAN'S POWER RANGERS Patrick Skye has shown us a cool Green Ranger cosplay in the same vein as the costumes for Saban’s Power Rangers.

Shoes. Oh my god shoes. But seriously, why is it so difficult to find Mary Janes that I like: A Mary Jane Shoe tutorial. Why must you have the ugliest shoes on the planet? Seriously, check out those ugly things. I want to cosplay her, but I really didn't want to go in the sexy direction. Of course, I wanted to update her a little. So I was looking and looking for Mary Janes that weren't too sexy/high/etc.

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Iron Grenadiers with The Finest CC 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of one of most unique subgroups in the G.I.Joe line and this reporter’s person favorite, the Iron Grenadiers! In issue #3 of FRONTLINE, the official magazine o…

The Art of Cosplay: 'Fuse Bead Armor,' by Cosplay Amy "Added some epic wings to accompany my previous Perler Bead Armor set," says Cosplay Amy. Holy cow this is beautiful and extremely committed. It's so gorgeous. Amy continues:. More photos and videos on Instagram: @Cosplamy. If you like her work, donate to her cosplay fund!

Sneaky and Bang cosplay Xayah together at the 2018 All-Star event Cloud9's Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi and 100 Thieves' Bae "Bang" Jun-sik both played together in the 2018 All-Star Tandem Mode, but with a twist. The duo played while both cosplaying Xayah. As you might have guessed, they also played Xayah. In fact, the champion was first picked immediately during the pick/ban for the match.

Daisho Con 2018 Photo Dump Back in late November, the husband and I went to Daisho Con that's held every year at the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells! I love this convention because it's like Anime Convention: The Beach Episode! It's a super good time and I'll be sharing with you some of the photos of cosplays we took!.

Princess Nokia Takes Her Harry Potter Obsession to the Next Level If you've been keeping up with Princess Nokia's Instagram, you'll know by now that she dabbles in cosplaying, where people transform into their favorite characters from animes, cartoons, and books.

Cosplayer Feature What is your cosplay Alias? I go by foxyelf cosplay, or foxyelf to most! Why did you choose it? I actually came up with it back in high school when I was playing one of my video games as a teenager, its nostalgic for me as I was entering and discovering my love of the anime / video game world of nerds!

The Very Best Cosplay Of Tokyo Comic Con 2018 The Tokyo Comic Con might have wrapped up this weekend, but our cosplay memories live on. Here are some of the best getups of this year's show.

BLOG: Living In Colour returns to talk interracial marriage, cosplay, incarceration and employment Living In Colour is back for a second season. During the next four weeks, host Farah Nasser will sit down with guests who will share their personal experiences of what it's like being a person of colour when attending cosplay conventions - along with why representation in media matters.

Alien Cosplayer Having Trouble With A Vending Machine Getting a vending machine soft drink while dressed as an Alien is not easy. Spotted at the recent Tokyo Comic Con, an Alien cosplayer appeared to have vending machine difficulties. Or maybe the Alien is trying to pick up some uncollected change.

Tekko 2018 Wrap-up A wrap-up of my 2018 Tekko panel in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our Favorite Cosplay Photos From Oni-Con 2018 Oni-Con is a show that takes place in Galverston, Texas. This year's ran from November 9-11, and there was some great cosplay on show throughout the event. All photos and video by Mineralblu, while you'll find each cosplayer's Instagram on the images below.

Interview with Deussolaris Cosplay It's time for another interview, this time with Deussolaris Cosplay! He's a talented young man from Colorado, who strives to get all the details right!

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