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How to plan your cosplay build! Part 1 Today I started to work on a new project, and I realized it might be helpful if I share my process on how I plan out a build! I can be very intimidating to look a complex character and have no idea where to start! You may be asking yourself, which fabric should I use?

The Awe-inspiring Cosplay of Azulette is 100% Hot Check out page 2 for more cosplay.

Zedtown is Reinventing the Survivor VS Zombie World! Zedtown is a unique cross between an action RPG and nerf technique. Their website describes it as, "a cross between Call of Duty and a Color Run" which is unique within itself. One picks their faction and starts battling zombies until they, themselves become one as well.

Tokyo's new cosplay capital: Ikebukuro Ikebukuro is quickly becoming one of the hottest subculture spots in Tokyo. Stores specializing in anime and manga goods there are swamped with young fans, and regularly held cosplay events are attracting throngs of fans. In 2017, Ikebukuro launched two annual events.

Best WonderCon Cosplay 2018 As each major fan convention comes and goes, we think, "There's no way anything can top this!" But luckily, we're proven wrong time after time. With the ever-changing world of entertainment at our disposal and die-hard fandoms forming every day, passionate cosplayers keep finding innovative ways to surprise and delight us all.

WonderCon 2018 Cosplay: Black Panther, Pokemon, Disney and More With WonderCon 2018 kicking off, we've been busy snapping pictures of our favorite cosplayers at the California convention. Whether professionally assembled or made at home, these cosplayers showed off their fandom in a variety of creative and awesome ways.

Superheroes, cosplay coming to Wichita's Comic Com 3.0 this weekend - The Wichita Eagle Jones, who played the lead character in the 1980 campy, science fiction adventure film, is the special celebrity guest at this weekend's two-day ICT Comic Con and Science Fiction Expo 3.0 at Century II's Expo Hall.

Sci-Fi Weekender 2018 Sorry if I've not been as active as normal on here, I'm currently in the north of Wales for Sci-Fi Weekender 2018 aka the Sci-Fi Con I mentioned in previous posts. We've just got back from Day 1 of cosplay and it is so much fun!

Game of Thrones fans get engaged in cosplay, and other ephemera The cosplay itself is terrific, as well, right down to the signature Cersei death stare:. The world can always use more Game of Thrones weddings. And if not weddings, commissioned pieces of artwork featuring married couples in cosplay will do:. Moving on, let's hit a few bits of funny Game of Thrones ephemera as we race for the weekend.

Total Geek: Fan Expo Dallas 2018 Cosplayers and Cosplay Etiquette A few weeks ago, I got an email from Fan Expo Dallas, informing me that Total Geek had been accepted as members of the working media and given press access representing the Corsicana Daily Sun.

Fierce Female Feature Friday: Ambyrvescent Cosplay I met Ambyr of Ambyrvescent Cosplay two years ago at Fayetteville Comic Con. My first impression of Ambyr has remained true to this day, this girl is not only super talented but also very sweet! Her positive nature is very inspiring. Ambyrvescent is not only a skilled costumer but also a cosplay judge!

The Witcher 3: Triss Merigold cosplay by Irine Meier The legendary Temerian sorceress Triss Merigold, also known as Fourteenth of the Hill is one of the most famous witches of her age. As a founding member of the secret Lodge of Sorceresses and a public member of King Foltest's royal council, she was a woman of intrigue, political skill and renowned magical prowess.

It's Spring~ If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me talking about the new food and life-habits thing I've been doing. Longtime readers know that my health is basically as sturdy as off-brand earbuds. So I was tired of being… tired, and decided 2018 was going to be focused on me helping me feel better.

Gleeman Cloak - Patches I posted an overview before of my main sewing project going on right now, a Gleeman Cloak to wear at JordanCon 2018. If you are not familiar with the concept of a Gleeman or the particular features of a Gleeman's cloak, I would refer you to my earlier post.

Genericon and Wearing an Unfinished Cosplay For some people, especially with those with aspirations of being among the "Cos-Famous", you would never see them in anything less than perfect. And if you commented on it they would of course bemoan that there were a number of problems with it that made it terrible.

GeekOut Bristol Meet - April 13th: Disney Disney has been a prominent part of pop culture for nearly a century. In fact, in 7 years time, it'll be 100 years old. Today, GeekOut Bristol Meet proudly presents to you a majestic Disney-inspired meetup!

No Pain, No Bane: The Mandatory Cosplay Workout Beach season is for mortals. True heroes prepare for Con season. With the popularity of Wondercon, San Diego Comic Con, E3, and hundreds of other fan fests continuing to grow, you need to make sure your cosplay game steps up, too. As a personal trainer and fitness coach I've gathered here a couple of fun workouts to help get you cosplay ready!

Princess Mipha, Of Zora's Domain This is Sorairo-Days as Breath of the Wild’s Princess Mipha.

Cowboy Hats and Cosplay - Open Up That Halloween Closet! The weekend is almost here and it's time to think about how you will shake the stress away. To dive into this weekend, you'll need: an appetite, a cowboy hat, a lawn chair and your best cosplay outfit. Let's weekend! I'm sorry, but this is not the time to be watching your diet.

A Girl Who Rebels I had huge reservations about Rogue One when it was first announced. I was also not very fond of the lead protagonist Jyn Erso when she was introduced in the first trailer. When I finally saw Rogue One, I was pleasantly surprised by the film and also by Jyn.

Adventures in Costuming; The End of Innocence I've had people ask me what happened, why I stopped cosplaying often, why I stopped attending cons outside of DragonCon. In some ways, it was just growing up, out of it, vacation days and funds put toward international travel, our priorities shift. If you've been at this hobby for 20 years and still enjoy it as much as you did, that's fantastic.

Sewing: Reading a Pattern Envelope A friend of mine has wanted an Royal Navy style coat from the Napoleonic Era since childhood. We've discussed it several times. This spring, Burda issued the relevant pattern. Muaahhahahahahah! This isn't quite the right pattern. It's going to be sort of a cross between Pattern style A and Pattern style B.

Meet the Fan Maker: The James Bond Fan Maker Matt Sherman is a big fan of James Bond, so much so that he runs Bond Fan Events, and also makes related props and costumes. Check out his story and see what he's bringing to Gulf Coast Maker and Comic Con 2018! GCMCC: What do you make? MS: I make James Bond props and costumes and also Bond fan events.

Game of Thrones fan proposes during cosplay photoshoot The whole proposal was caught on camera, with Eddie Sutton, who was dressed as the Mountain from the HBO series, got down on one knee in front of his girlfriend Jaclyn Nicole, who was dressed as Cersei Lannister.

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