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A collection of the latest podcasts providing crowdfunding investment tips and strategies for successful fundraising.

Ep 127 - Update on Don't Get Sued! Be wary of borrowing money in China. / Rico's Life and Biz In this podcast episode, we get an Update from John Graham Harper about his personal experience of a scam and the court procedures regarding the case filed. We also talk about his plans to spread awareness and tell his story. Then after we will continue the Episode to find out what rico's been up to with his Personal and Business Life. Made in China Podcast: Crowdfunding - Entrepreneurship
EP #281 The Formula to Raise $124,498 for a Tarot Deck on Kickstarter If you're an artist, you might have wondered if you can use Kickstarter to raise money for your creative work. After all, you see all these physical products doing well with crowdfunding, but what about a more artistic endeavor? Crowdfunding Demystified
Equity Crowdfunding Energizes a Revolutionary Coffee Service For this episode of Art of the Kickstart, we caught up with Vincent Meyer, CEO and founder of GOfee, the first coffee company to deliver coffee-shop quality beverages straight to your office. Art Of The Kickstart
Episode 0035 - Crowdfunding Suspensions & Re-Launches In this episode, we’re going to revive the subject of what to do when your campaign goes wrong—in this case, so terribly wrong that you actually need to restart it. So, we’re going to talk all about the mechanics of re-launches, both voluntary and involuntary. Get Funded Today: The Funded Today Podcast
Branding Dilemmas for a Multi-talented Creator - Abrian Curington Hotseat Abrian Curington is a multi-talented creator who, over the past few years has crowdfunded both fiction and non-fiction projects. Now she's wrestling with whether or not she needs to rebrand herself to be more inclusive of everything she does or to split her branding to serve the different fanbases she appeals to. Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers
Bedazzled, with Astrid Scholz In early 2017, frustrated by her own challenges in raising money on Sandhill Road, Astrid Scholz partnered with Jennifer Brandel and Mara Zepeda to author "Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break" - an article that challenged the VC-dominated paradigm of startup capital, and championed the cultivation of zebras over unicorns. Adventure Capital: Equity Crowdfunding
Ep 126 - Yiwu vs Guangzhou For Manufacturing In This Episode, we cut from a youtube video Rico had Released to Answer a Question asked by a Viewer regards to Manufacturing at Yiwu Vs Guangzhou. Rico Expounds and explained the differences between the 2 cities and what it can offer for every individual. Made in China Podcast: Crowdfunding - Entrepreneurship
EP #280 Kickstarter Expert Jamey Stegmaier Reveals Crowdfunding Tricks Woah… I can't believe it! If you've been searching around the internet, trying to find real crowdfunding advice that will actually make an impact on your campaign, then look no further. You're about to hear directly from a Kickstarter expert who has launched a bunch of campaigns and documented his findings on his blog at Stonemaier Games. Crowdfunding Demystified
Ep 125-Internship at Source Find Asia w/Luc Delannoy In This Episode, We hear from Luc during his Exit Interview, hours before he heads back to Canada. He shares his takeaways from the internship and the Entrepreneurial lessons gained from Travelling to China and the South East.Let's Listen in to his "tell all" interview.Topics incl:Internship Experience with RICOGuangzhou vs ManilaTakeaways from... Made in China Podcast: Crowdfunding - Entrepreneurship
How Does an Artist Build Winning Writing Habits? Drawing has never been a problem for illustrator Dawn Griffin. However, she's now finding it challenging to sit down and write out her first graphic novel and looks to a pop-up ComixLaunch Mastermind group facilitated by Tyler James including creators Erica Shultz, Abrian Curington and Melissa J Massey to help her build better writing habits. Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers
EP #279 How to Make a Career Out of Kickstarter - Jordan Draper Do you want to launch multiple Kickstarter campaigns? If you've ever thought about making a career out of crowdfunding, this is the episode for you. Not only can you launch multiple projects on the platform, but you can also build off of each of them and continue to grow your skills. Crowdfunding Demystified
Building a Next-Gen Sous Vide Machine for Today's Kitchen For this episode of Art of the Kickstart, we caught up with Zalmi Duchman, the CEO of Mellow Duo. After finding success in the food tech industry for over 15 years, specifically in that of fresh meal delivery services, learn how and why Duchman invested in Mellow and guided its development into what it is today. Art Of The Kickstart
Intellectual Property Management Q&A with Gamal Hennessy, Esq. Gamal Hennessy is an experienced entertainment transactions attorney with an expertise in comic book publishing and comic IP licensing. In this session, Gamal answers key questions comic creators have around the topic of protecting their intellectual property. Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers
Ep 124 - Sourcing and Launching an Apparel Brand w Alan Scanlan In this Week's Episode, Rico reconnects with Alan Scanlan, who we can remember from 2 Video Cast from End of Last Year. Here they talk further details about Alan's Business, Millenials and Hong Kong's Politics. Made in China Podcast: Crowdfunding - Entrepreneurship
Personalizing Donor Engagement with Artificial Intelligence - Driven Platforms This Fundraising Voices podcast features RNL’s Josh Robertson who covers the importance of using personalization to communicate with your donors. Josh and Brian discuss: Why personalization is important for engaging the 21st century donor. How artificial intelligence and new, easy to use platforms can transform your communications. Fundraising Voices
EP #278 The Million Dollar Tabletop Kickstarter Strategy - Muffin Time Board games are all the rage on Kickstarter. There is a new wave that's transforming tabletop gaming as we know it. It's enabling indie and smaller creators to get their games out to the masses. Do you want to learn the tricks behind a successful crowdfunding raise? Crowdfunding Demystified
Give Yourself This Gift… If you've been beating yourself up because your project is taking to long, listen to this one… Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers
All-Ages Graphic Novel Kickstarter Launches with Action Tank's Mike Barry Mike Barry returns to the ComixLaunch Podcast sharing the success of his all-ages graphic novel Action Tank since funding on Kickstarter in 2017. Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers
Ep 123 - Navigating Digital Mindfulness w/ Alexander Avanth While In Manila at the Refined, Rico Sits Down with Alexander Avanth, VP of Alpha Rock Capital, an Online Acquisition Firm that Helps Other Business Be Successful even Further. He shares his Entrepreneurial visions, Travel Stories, and the Business Potential and Opportunities that's opening up in the Philippines. Made in China Podcast: Crowdfunding - Entrepreneurship
EP #277 The Path to Six Figures on Kickstarter - Carved D Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their website reaches 28 million people per month! They have a new unboxing series on YouTube where you can get your product unboxed by a tech expert. You can also get feedback for your campaign by using Crowdinsight. Fulfillrite: Kickstarter and crowdfunding reward fulfillment services. Crowdfunding Demystified
Big Goals Past, Present, Future Tyler revisits his big career goal from a decade ago and discusses the power of setting big, audacious goals… even if you never hit them! Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers
Ep 122 - Creating Design for Manufacturing Techpacks w/ Belinda Jacobs In this week's episode, we feature another female entrepreneur, Belinda Jacobs, the founder of She explains to us her business model and how they can help Clients involve in Manufacturing Bridge the Communication Gap with the Factories. Let's Listen and Get Inspired. Made in China Podcast: Crowdfunding - Entrepreneurship
The Skinny on Launching the World's Thinnest Portable Display For this episode of Art of the Kickstart, we caught up with Scott McKeon and Will Scuderi, co-founders of Espresso Displays, the world’s thinnest portable display for your device. Tune in to learn more about how they approached crowdfunding before launching, from consumer listening, manufacturing and development research, and much more! Art Of The Kickstart
Ep #276 Investment and Equity Crowdfunding Explained Today we spoke with Thomas Goldstein, the founding partner at Cogent Law, a cutting edge law firm in Washington, DC. He came on the podcast to reveal how you can use these equity crowdfunding rules to your advantage to get funding for your business. Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their website reaches 28 million people per month! Crowdfunding Demystified
EP #275 Crowdfunding Expert Richard Bliss Shares Kickstarter Tips Think of this podcast episode as a free consulting session with the crowdfunding expert, Richard Bliss! Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their website reaches 28 million people per month! They have a new unboxing series on YouTube where you can get your product unboxed by a tech expert. Crowdfunding Demystified
No Quid Pro Quo for ComixLaunchers Are you trying to get something for nothing in pursuit of your creative endeavors? Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers
Ep 121 - Building a Lasting Physical Product Brand w Luke Francis This week’s Episode, We listen to Rico’s live youtube stream with Close Pal Luke Francis, Where they get to catch up since their last interview on Made In China. Made in China Podcast: Crowdfunding - Entrepreneurship
The War for Fundraising Talent - Jason Lewis This Fundraising Voices podcast features provocative fundraising expert Jason Lewiss, CFRE, author of The War for Fundraising Talent. Jason and host Brian Gawor discuss: Challenging the assumptions we have about what it takes to be a successful fundraiser. Fundraising Voices
Lights, Camera, Fundraise, with Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe have accomplished indie cinema greatness by winning Grand Jury Prizes at SUNDANCE and SXSW, but they aren't done yet. The Beta Test is about a Hollywood agent's comedic fall from grace, and the innovative film concept is, in itself, just as exciting. Adventure Capital: Equity Crowdfunding
The Future is Bright With Hemp Eyewear For this episode of Art of the Kickstart, we caught up with Sam Whitten, founder of Hemp Eyewear, the world’s first sustainable hemp sunglass line. Art Of The Kickstart
3 Strategies I Used to Dramatically Expand My Online Audience Tyler looks back at three distinct strategies he employed at three different stages of his creative career that helped him dramatically expand his online audience, and as a result, his network and his launches. Highlights of This Session Include: Key strategies he used to dramatically increase his online audience over the years. Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers
Ep 120 - Social Entrepreneurship in China w/ Global Friendship This week’s Episode, In continuation of our Support of Female Entrepreneurs, We Sit down and Chat with Fabiola and Rochelle of Global Friendship China, Who set up shop at one of the largest foreign communities in Southern China.Let’s have a listen to their StoryTopics incl:How Global Friendship makes life easier for expats in ChinaMaking the... Made in China Podcast: Crowdfunding - Entrepreneurship
Enhancing the Flavor Profile of Your Wine, One Bottle at a Time For this episode of Art of the Kickstart, we caught up with Clyde Snodgrass, founder of Vino Novo, the wine-enhancing solution. Tune in to learn more about how he used his product development background, networking abilities and entrepreneurial skills to bring his product to life. Art Of The Kickstart
How to Survive a Launch Freefall What do you do when it feels like the bottom has fallen out of your launch and failure is imminent? Whether you're a first timer or a ComixLaunch Veteran, you may still find yourself in an emotional freefall when your launch doesn't match your expectations. Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers
Ep 119 - Rico's Rumination on 2016 and Life In this Episode, We travel in Time and revisit Rico at the year of 2016, On a Time when SFA's Business has been positively progressing and how it has improved his lifestyle in a span of year as he achieved his Goals as a young Entrepreneur starting up SFA in ChinaLet’s have a listen.Topics incl:Rico’s Financial and business challenges in... Made in China Podcast: Crowdfunding - Entrepreneurship
EP #273 The Proven Plan to Raise CA$ 325,819 on Kickstarter - Orijin Sponge This incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign broke into an entirely new category! The Orijin Sponge is a new take on an old product that many of us use every day. It's a sponge that's designed to change your shower experience for the better. Bamboo charcoal infusion, 100% plant-based and a whole lot more. Crowdfunding Demystified
Rethinking the Way You Record Live Audio For this episode of Art of the Kickstart, we caught up with Thomas, the co-founder and Head of Communications at Reclouder. Art Of The Kickstart
EP 332 Final Episode of Funding the Dream on Kickstarter After eight years and more than 330 episodes, it is time to say good-bye on Funding the Dream.The podcast has been a fantastic way for me to meet some incredible people. Funding the Dream on Kickstarter
EP 331 Salvador Briggman and Demystifying Crowdfunding Podcast Salvador Briggman has been teaching people about crowdfunding for a long time. He is an author on crowdfunding, he produces a Youtube channel, as well as hosting the successul podcast, DeMystifying Crowdfunding.He joins as a guest on Funding the Dream to break down the basic elements of being successful before you launch your campaign. Funding the Dream on Kickstarter
EP 330 Brian Henk with Pull the Pin Games - Failure and Success with Kickstarter With more than 10 successful projects on Kickstarter, you can't always anticipate the sudden failure of a project. But what you can do, is learn and adapt. Brian Henk is the guest and co-founder of Pull the Plug games. You may also know him as the creator of the hit game, Good Cop/Bad Cop. Funding the Dream on Kickstarter