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August 14, 2018 Plattsburgh NY to Stowe VT Last night we were in the dormitory for the New York State University at Plattsburgh. The dorm had no AC and the rooms were well into the 90's with close to 100% humidity. Ken and I were in a slow cooker pot.

Oregon Timber Trail Rigs and Packing Lists As soon as I decided to ride the Oregon Timber Trail with Ben, I knew the rugged and raw trails the route follows would be the ultimate testing ground for the bike and the gear I was bringing, as well as my ability to cope with the unusually hot Oregon temperatures we encountered.

Kona Libre Carbon Gravel Adventure Bikes - After teasing two new models of the Libre at Sea Otter and Eurobike earlier this year, Kona has just announced the complete details of their Libre and Libre DL carbon adventure bikes, two new rigs designed for long days in the saddle, built around large volume tires and with a wide array of mounts for hauling gear however you please.

August 13, 2018 Lake Placid to Plattsburgh NY I really don't know what was wrong with me last night but I could not get to sleep. Ken and I turned lights out at around 10:30 Pm and then I tossed and turned until well past 3:30 AM. I tried everything I could think of to get to sleep.

The Twenty Highest Paved Cycling Climbs in the Alps It's always fun to cycle extra high on a bike. Here are the twenty highest paved cycling climbs in the Alps. This list is just the Alps. It ignores, for example, the highest paved road in Europe: Pico del Velata in the Sierra Madre mountains. Let me know if you think I've missed any climbs.

Skyler's DaamBuilt Custom Bikepacking Rig The exceptions are the MEC drybag I use up front - I prefer single-ended dry bags to double-ended ones, as I find them easier to pack densely - and my lovely old Randi Jo stem bags. One of my objectives with this build was to find a way to get weight off the handlebar.

August 12, 2018 Rest day in Lake Placid NY A much anticipated and much needed rest day had finally arrived. So the key was to stay in bed as long as possible. Unfortunately that was only about 5:55 AM. Ken was up making coffee and reading e-mails on his phone.

10 Reasons To Cycle North America From Top To Bottom When TDA Global Cycling announced the new and improved North American Epic, we quickly knew we had hit on something special. To be able to cycle from the northern most reaches of our continent to its southern end seemed irresistible for some who signed up immediately.

August 11, 2018 Star Lake to Lake Placid NY The cater who was bringing breakfast to us this morning was late. Breakfast was to be served at 7:00 Am and by 7:30 there was no sign of the cater. So Bob and I decided to roll with the idea that we would pick something up along the way. Then just as we kicked off the cater showed up.

Cycling Europe In 2019: Over 15 Countries To Choose From Cycling in Europe - what a way to see the old country ! We have a growing list of cycle tours all across Europe - covering some of the most popular destinations as well as some places you might not have previously considered cycling but should.

Ride Report; Beat the Heat, a Short Section on the Toiyabe Crest Trail Austin, NV is the mountain bike town that could be. It boasts a variety of trails right out of town and is nestled in the Toiyabe Range off US Highway 50, the loneliest road in America. There are a variety of campgrounds, historic points of interest, hot springs, and other attractions to bring you to the middle of Nevada.

Colombia 4: Pre-Columbian Tombs "Neiva to San Agustin" From Neiva we set off to visit a series of pre-columbian tomb sites. It's always fun having these little tourist stops to punctuate the meandering of our ride, but to be honest, while they are interesting, it's the small roads and backcountry surprises that are the real jewels of this adventure.

August 10, 2018 Adams Center to Star Lake NY Last night it started to rain about 10:30 PM. I awoke briefly to ensure my ground sheet was totally under the rain fly and back to sleep. About 12:30 Am the first of the big lightning and thunder claps woke me again. Then the rain started in earnest. It was just pounding down on the tent so hard that it was a little scary.

Flying your Brompton: a 5 step 'bikepacking' tutorial Us Bromptoneers tend to take good care of our little bikes. For good reason, the Rolls Royce amongst the folding bikes doesn't come cheap and deserves every bit of pampering. All good and well on a daily basis, but what when you take your bike on holiday?

Bikepacking Gear Map - Buy Local! - Interested in buying a bikepacking bag or piece of gear from a maker close to home? Check out this new map of US-based bikepacking gear makers… While he was planning his presentation for the upcoming Bikepacking Summit, Greg Hardy, the owner and maker behind Rockgeist, created this map.

Guidebook: Cycling the Loire Cycle Route Published by Andrew on 10 August 2018. The river Loire is the longest in France and winds its way from the volcanic Massif Central all the way to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Coast. The Loire Cycle route follows the river and provides a 1052km route which includes a section of EuroVélo 6 and the popular, waymarked Loire à Vélo.

Flanders To The Alps: Notes On A Tour Day 1 - Hastings, UK to Gent, Belgium. Meet George and Vic at Brighton station. First train cancelled due to two pissed teenagers being dicks. That's our time buffer gone. Meet Mark at Hastings station. Tailwind across Romney Marsh, heads down, smash it to Dover.

The Fuji Jari 1.5 Is Priced Right and Ready For Any Road It is worth noting that the Trek 920 is aimed more squarely at bike packing and low speed riding, whereas the Jari is designed to walk the line between road riding and gravel or adventure riding, which is evident in it's very middle of the spectrum geometry.

Bikepacking the Munda Biddi: Giving it a go, mate The suggested trail was the Munda Biddi, a roughly 1000km off-road trail that runs between Perth in the north, and Albany in the south of Western Australia. The trail is divided into sections, and can be ridden in either direction, either as short sections, or as a complete ride, called an end-to-end.

August 9, 2018 Oswego to Adams Center NY After a lot of hard days with 80 + miles we finally got an easy day with only 68 miles and 2160 feet of climb. It seemed like we were getting a day off. Breakfast was an on your own affair as Greg had given us some cash to go and find breakfast. Auzzie Bob and I elected to keep it simple and we hit Mac D's.

Introducing our Video Intern After receiving 144 applications from 28 different countries we had the difficult task of having to choose just one out of the many talented videographers who applied. But we could not be more happy with our choice, and would like to now introduce our first videography intern, Esen Küçüktütüncü.

Tribulus Endover Front Bag Review - But just what makes this front rolltop bag any different from what we've seen so far? In a word: weight. With a background in ultralight backpacks and shelters, it's immediately apparent that maker Nathan Mayerson has kept a keen eye on the kitchen scales in creating the Endover.

Reader Q&A : How to get the train from Paris to Le Puy with bicycles for the French Camino It is a very popular route but not easy to reach with your own assembled bikes from Paris because of TGV restrictions. Here's what we suggested. Stephen's email::. Thank you for your devotion to the site. We have a trip planned to cycle the French Camino We are going to fly from the US with our gravel bikes.

Gondola rides and old friends As I sit here in the woods somewhere in Hungary trying to remember what happened in Italy, it feels like a year ago even though it's been maybe a month. We've been seeing and doing so much that I haven't had the time to write.

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