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Marmot Always Summer vs. Sawtooth - Which Sleeping Bag is Best? Which sleeping bag is better? The Marmot Always Summer or the Marmot Sawtooth sleeping bag? In this review, I set out to discover which sleeping bag is best - the Marmot Always Summer sleeping bag or the Marmot Sawtooth sleeping bag. These two sleeping bags are extremely similar in both their look and design.

See the Bike Cyclist Lael Wilcox Uses to Ride 20,000 Miles a Year For the past three years, she's pedaled 20,000 miles every 12 months. Lael is the first to admit that such mileage is "kind of insane." Lael is an ultra-endurance bike racer. She's set new course records on the nearly 3,000 mile long Tour Divide race.

In the media: Forrest Gump hat es vorgemacht - Following the example of Forrest Gump. - RAD Monika Following the example of Forrest Gump. Monika Sattler wants to inspire women to ride bikes. For this, she plans to ride the Vuelta a Espana this year. No matter what she tried, Monika Sattler was not happy.

Rock It Out, Rookie March 22, 2018 - Olivia Round blogs for Adventure Cycling every month. For the life of me, I could not figure it out: Every time I tried to stand up in the pedals to climb hills on my fully loaded touring bicycle, it felt like I was going to fall over.

Next Goal: Tour Divide 2019 There is something magical about riding the divide that makes me think about it constantly. I'm attracted to endurance sports, specially if it is with bikes. I started to learn about the Divide around 2015. I must admit, right there and then, I knew I was cursed.

Joel Caldwell, Expedition conservation Photography - I love telling stories of human change. Over the past three years I've been documenting snow leopard conservation in Central Asia and witnessed, first hand, a shift in local perspective.

Heroic Ride Lief and the Evil Peleton. Just a little fantasy that played out in my mind as I raced through the last eight miles of today's ride. I, of course, was the valiant lone rider. There is a wonderful, paved, 34-mile bike trail here that we have ridden several times.

Three Days on the Iditarod Trail, by Neil Beltchenko - I could make out Jay's lights in the distance up ahead, so I figured I'd give it a push to catch him so we could pedal into Yentna together. After a rather uneventful evening of pedaling, other than getting in to the first bit of climbing, I finally made it to the third checkpoint, Fingerlake Lodge.

New Santa Cruz Highball 29 Looks 'Ultra' Ready On paper the new Santa Cruz Highball is a racer's hardtail. But Santa Cruz also claims this is a bike built for long-haul rides, such as ultra-endurance bikepacking events or 24-hour races. For that matter, the all new Highball features an incredibly lightweight frame, redesigned to absorb trail chatter and vibration.

Topeak Bikepacking Bags Review - Words and photos by John Stewart. Lately, we're seeing more offerings for frame packs and other bags coming out of larger producers, many of whom are making bikepacking gear for the first time. Topeak is among the established brands that recently jumped into the bikepacking game.

Five Reasons to Tour California Wine Country in 2018. What Fire? California's wine country offers a wide variety of cycling routes, ranging from easy to difficult in the Sonoma and Napa Valleys, the Alexander and Russian River valleys, Point Reyes, Tomales and Bodega Bays, and the coastal bluffs of Marin County. "The people!

Top Five Successes for Bicycling in National Parks BUILDING BICYCLE TOURISM is written by Ginny Sullivan and Saara Snow of the Travel Initiatives Department and focuses on the growing national movement to build bicycle tourism, including economic impacts, bike friendly tips, multimodal travel, and resources for destination development and marketing.

Day 4 & 5 - Munda Biddi Trail Day 4: A day to write home about! Jarrahdale to Dandalup Hut 8:45 - 4:30 Advertised: 35km Me: 45km. Don't get me wrong, today was difficult terrain - deep gravel, and sand surfaces, and extra long and steep walking sections. But I trained on this stuff!

The misconception of women’s cycling on social media - RAD Monika With a huge discrepancy between women and men in cycling I am always excited to come across female cyclists on social media. A lot of these girls wear nice cycling clothing and an expensive bike is in the picture too. But I am disappointed some of them are not cyclists at all and show cycling in a wrong light - especially for women's cycling.

The Comfort Zone The actual definition or concept of the comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person. Basically they are at ease and feel in control of their environment, with low levels of anxiety and stress.

Rockgeist Gondola Review, Dropper Post Saddlebag - In anticipation of using the Rockgeist Gondola, I prepared myself to enter the mindset of a backcountry endurance cyclist, but, as it turns out, this bag is just as appealing for summer overnighters, weekend trips, and day rides where you could benefit from having just a pinch more packing space.

Three Ahwatukee natives 'bike-packing' through New Zealand They had their share of challenges, but three Ahwatukee natives are having the time of their young lives bike-packing through New Zealand and the South Islands. Emily "Em" Pawlik, Tyler Meester, Saxon Richardson and Ellen Palczynski rode through Cyclone Fehi, ran their bikes to avoid landslides and dodged cyclone debris on the road.

Cycle Touring in New Zealand A blog about cycle touring in New Zealand including route maps and descriptions of the best cycle routes together with general information on cycle touring in New Zealand. There are some important things to remember when travelling by air with your bike.

20: Logjammin’ In my ears: Crunching gravel, wind. I'd planned this ride-and-hike for awhile, ever since looking at the 30-mile network of trails at King's Gap Environmental Education Center and the long section of gravel known as Ridge Road and wondering if there was a way to combine them into one really fun day.

Panniers vs Bikepacking Bags: Can Panniers Actually Be Lighter? I've recently noticed that there's a lot of discussion around weight when it comes to panniers vs bikepacking bags. These weight comparisons come from a good place: they are often comparing the weight between a typical touring bike setup and a typical bikepacking setup.

All About The Best Bikepacking Panniers For Off-Road Adventures A handful of bag manufacturers have acknowledged this with the release of some innovative bikepacking panniers. Let's investigate. Recommended:Where to Best Carry A Load When Bicycle Touring: Front or Rear Panniers?: What's the Speed Difference Between Front/Rear Panniers and BikePacking Bags?

New Wolf Tooth RoadLink DM The original RoadLink derailleur hanger extension offsets the position of a road derailleur and enables it to work with a wide-range mountain bike style 36 or 40t cassette.

Bicycle Touring - Pedalgogy We are bike touring teachers. Follow our ride around the world. Get route info and tips for planning your own tour at

Watch: Bikepacking 200 Miles of the Continental Divide Trail The Fun/Suffer Divide explores mountain bike access on 200 miles of the Continental Divide Trail between Montana and Idaho.

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