A Lesson We Must Learn From

Conversation started by Garryalf

Garryalf • Mar 11, 2017

McLaren good coach hasn't got a clue to be a successful manager buys expensive has been we all knew we needed a solid CD,rb cm like van de lann or geraint Williams and a striker. Steve McLaren should resign and we should give rowett a chance to build a team to get prom in 3 years

HarjRai • Mar 13, 2017

@garryalf Well he's gone now so we must look forward... unfortunately based on our experience over the last 10 years this is what will happen:
New manager picks up and manages a mish mash team selected by one the last three managers we have had since last Feb
New manager has a good run
New manager has a bad run
New manager is sacked
Caretaker manager in for 2 weeks
Happy Days!!!

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