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FLIR's new StormCaster Payloads FLIR Systems now offers the FLIR StormCaster family of Unmanned Aerial System payloads for its SkyRanger R70 and R80D SkyRaider airframes.

FAA Announcements for LAANC The Federal Aviation Administration has announced two important expansions of the Low Altitude Authorization and Capability, which automates the application and approval process for drone pilots to obtain airspace authorizations in controlled airspace.

Alphabet's Wing is the first FAA-approved drone air carrier There is little doubt that the future of drones includes uncrewed aircraft delivery services. From online ordering to life-saving medications, our skies will soon teem with drones. Several of the world's leading companies have been in a race against each other to be the first to provide a drone delivery service.

Hat-trick for Britain as XBlades claim third Drone Champions League title Emotion ran deep on December 6-7 as Britain's XBlades Racing captured their third consecutive season triumph in the Drone Champions League, the World Championship for professional drone racing teams, at the 2019 finale in Salina Turda, Romania.

EMAX TinyHawk S 1-2S Micro Brushless FPV Drone EMAX has released a second version of the very popular TinyHawk. Is the EMAX TinyHawk S the new king of these whoop class drones?

FPV News with Average Hobbyist - Episode 13 GetFPV is proud to present FPV News – Episode 12 with Average Hobbyist, aka Randy Mertl, submitted to us via the GetFPV Community Program. Check out his video below!

Terra Drone Inspects Flare Stacks Terra Drone Indonesia, a group company of Japan-based Terra Drone Corporation, has conducted drone-based visual inspections of onshore flare stacks for energy major Chevron. The drone-based flare stack inspection was done in Duri field, one of the largest production fields in Rokan PSC, Sumatra.

Veloce Racing fights until the end as it secures top position in final Qualifying of 2019 season Qualifying determines the starting order of Race Day, and for each race this takes place via DCL - The Game. Qualifying takes place at least one week before the race and the real-life racetrack is recreated in DCL - The Game, so it's almost identical to what the pilots will experience in the track.

Drone Racers Compete for $125K at FAI Final in China More than 100 drone racers will compete for a purse of $125,000 at the third annual 2019 World Drone Racing Championship Grand Final in China, Dec. 11-14. The race is sanctioned by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

Drone Champions League title to be decided in spectacular Romanian salt mine on 6-7 December Just one stop remains before the official champions of professional drone racing teams are crowned for 2019, and the international contenders are going to have to dig deep. The season finale of the Drone Champions League will be held 120 metres underground in one of the oldest salt mines in recorded history at Salina Turda, Romania.

10 Pro Tips for Professional Video I love everything about editing video: the software, the equipment, and how you can spend 40 hours working to get a 3-minute piece just right. When it comes down to it, I realize what I love most is the look on other people's faces when they watch my work.

New Lifting World Record FPT Industrial and Forvola have announced that the two firms have broken the Guinness World Record for the heaviest payload lifted by a drone in Turin, Italy. Forvola's "megadrone", with its 16 propellers, lifted a box full of FPT Industrial spare parts weighing 222.67 pounds to a height of almost 5 feet for more than 1 minute, 3 seconds.

21-Year-Old Student's VTOL Drone Drones are not one of man's recent inventions. Initially, they were used by the police department to capture pictures of people in crowded places for security purposes. And just a short while ago, we heard about them being used to spray pesticides.

Drones Could Be a Virtual Wall President Donald Trump has a vision of a "big, beautiful wall" made of concrete and steel on the US-Mexico border. In addition to that physical barrier, you could also see an armada of drones whizzing through the sky.

Drone Imaging 101 There's no doubt about the fact that drones have become increasingly popular. They are more affordable than ever, and more advanced and sophisticated than before. But getting started with drones is not as straightforward as you might think. It involves some studying, knowledge of and complying with the regulations, and a lot of practice.

Monitoring Endangered Sea Lions In this video, the South Australian Bight National Marine Park is using drones to survey endangered Australian sea lions, who live and breed on sheer cliff faces and rock ledges. Hunted to the verge of extinction, the endangered Australian sea lions refuge in the waters of the Great Australian Bight, with about 80% of the population found there.

Alex Vanover gives tour of IDRLC Race at AMA Expo West 2019 Alex Vanover guides us through the IDRLC race course at AMA Expo West. We had a great couple days of racing at the AMA and look forward to future events.

EMAX TinyHawk Freestyle 2S Micro Brushless FPV Drone The EMAX TinyHawk Freestyle is an interesting entry into the micro quad scene. Does it bridge the gap between Tiny Whoop and mini quads?

Autonomous Firefighting Drone Working with mentors from Sikorsky, three University of Connecticut engineering seniors are translating their classroom education to the field.

Drone Defibrillators Drone company Flirty has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct drone delivery flights beyond visual line of sight, allowing for drones to deliver defibrillators to heart attack victims so treatment can begin before paramedics arrive.

2019 MultiGP Championship Results What started March 23rd, 2019 with the very first MGP Series Global Qualifier led to a climactic finish for the fifth annual MultiGP Championship. 172 Global Qualifiers were hosted by MultiGP Chapters around the world and attended by 1,113 Pilots to provide the invitations for the Champs Roster.

Evan Turner Snares RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship Evan "headsupfpv" Turner of Knoxville, Tenn. is flying high after winning the RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship on Nov. 17 at Daytona Stadium. Turner will be offered a paid pilot position with the Drone Racing League for the 2020 season.

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BetaFPV Meteor65 Brushless Whoop BetaFPV's newest release, the Meteor65, is a return to their roots, bringing all of the latest innovations into a firmly indoor-oriented package.

We got a preview of what NewBeeDrone has to offer at AMA Expo West We had a chance to meet with the founders at the AMA West Expo and to see what exactly makes NewBeeDrone the best way to dive in for newbies!

Nevada-Global Drone Trade Alliance "There is a significant gap and global need for the Nevada Global Drone Trade Alliance. Our resilient team has been building invaluable international partnerships for the past two years and this latest 'in demand initiative' solidifies what we have already been doing extremely well.

Reiner "Vondrone" Weber gives short interview about X-Class Drone Reiner Von Weber, Founder of X-Class drone racing, stopped by the IDRLC booth at AMA Expo West and gave up an impromptu interview about his X-Class drone.

Velocidrone: The Most Realistic FPV Simulator? Setting up the controller! Setting up the controller is very easy in this simulator. There is a setup wizard that takes you through everything. It took me about five minutes to get my controller setup, and as long as windows can read your transmitter, Velocidrone should be able to work.

Pix4D Climate Contest Photogrammetry software company Pix4D has launched its first ever Climate Contest. People from around the world are invited to submit a project which uses mapping to investigate or mitigate the climate crisis for the chance to win up to a $3,000 USD cash prize and access to Pix4D software.

DroneResponders Summit May 4, 2020 The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the world's largest non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of unmanned systems and robotics, announced today the first co-located program for AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2020, the world's largest unmanned systems event.

Commercial UAV Expo Americas A record-breaking number of exhibitors and attendees gathered last week for Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019, held October 28-30th at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas.

ATHENA Shoots Down Drones Air Force used the Advanced Test High Energy Asset, referred to as ATHENA, to shoot down a variety of drones in a Lockheed Martin demonstration of the technology.

Faa Notam Summit The FAA is updating the Notice to Airmen system, and you're invited to join their free summit that will help you to understand the updates and how they may affect you. Here's the scoop from the FAA:. As part of the FAA's NOTAM modernization initiative, the FAA is hosting a NOTAM Data Optimization Summit on November 18, 2019 from 7:45 a.m.

Foxeer Predator Micro V4 FPV Camera The Foxeer Predator Micro V4 is cast as a modern, high-performance analog camera. The designers seem to be paying attention to requirements of FPV pilots.

Jupiter Tricopter This heavy-lift tricopter is no joke! Here's the scoop direct from FlightWave:. Picture a tough-as-nails pickup truck, one of the all-wheel-drive workhorses advertised during football games. That's the best metaphor for our Jupiter tricopter: no nonsense, all muscle, made for missions where durability, endurance and precision control are required.

Chimney Sweep? Leading industrial drone solutions provider Terra Drone Corporation has successfully demonstrated its non-destructive testing capabilities by inspecting a 160-meter chimney at a thermal power plant in Japan.

Czech Castles & Fairy Towns I never considered the Czech Republic as a travel destination when searching for new and exciting places to visit. Yet, when my girlfriend decided she wanted to celebrate a big birthday on a National Geographic Vienna to Prague Hiking Adventure trip through the Czech Republic, I was amenable.

Drone Racing Finale Comes to Singapore Drone racing is coming to Singapore. The Drone Racing League is partnering with the nation's airport authority, Changi Airport Group, to present the DRL Allianz: Singapore Champions at urban venue Gardens by the Bay on Nov. 26.

FPV News with Average Hobbyist - Episode 12 GetFPV is proud to present FPV News – Episode 12 with Average Hobbyist, aka Randy Mertl, submitted to us via the GetFPV Community Program.

National Drone Safety Awareness Week This coming week is National Drone Safety Awareness Week, a series of FAA-coordinated events designed to advance public understanding of drone safety and the benefits of drone operations. Look for stories about how drones are being used to increase personal safety here at RotorDrone Pro throughout the week.

FAA Adds UAS Restrictions Over Prisons There are now 60 new places where you can't fly-and probably shouldn't have been flying: U.S. prisons. The Federal Aviation Administration today announced Unmanned Aircraft Systems airspace restrictions over additional national security sensitive locations, effective November 7.

Dept. of Interior Bans Chinese Drones The Department of the Interior has banned the use of DJI and other drones made in China in all DOI projects. Here's a statement from DOI spokeswoman Melissa Brown:. "Secretary Bernhardt is reviewing the Department of the Interior's drone program.

FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Special Edition 2019 These are a definite upgrade to the standard stick ends on the old X9D Plus, and a little less stabby than the ones that were stock on the original FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Special Edition. Granted, the lotus style stick ends work better for thumb users, but they do give some positive reinforcement for pinch and hybrid users as well.

DJI Mavic Mini The highly anticipated Mini Mavic is here! Weighing a tad more than a half pound and with foldable propeller arms, it's super easy to transport, and it packs some impressive flight and video features. Here's the scoop from DJI:. Weighing under 250 grams, Mavic Mini is almost as light as the average smartphone.

FrSky Taranis QX7 - Is It Still Worth It? Does the Frsky Taranis QX7 remain a great choice for a budget FPV radio system? If there was a radio to get into FPV in the past few years, it was this one.

The history of the DCL Racing Drone From the start, the objective of the DCL's drone regulations has been to advance fairness and innovation.

KababFPV Toothpick Build Guide There is a new class of quadcopters making a rise in the FPV market, called the toothpick class, popularized by Youtuber KababFPV.

BETAFPV Beta65S Whoop Racing Advanced Kit Review BetaFPV has developed a whole range of micro quads. Let's explore BetaFPV's introductory offering, the BETAFPV Beta65S Whoop Racing Advanced Kit.

Britain's XBlades get revenge with double win at DCL's Drone Prix Liechtenstein Crowds packed the Liechtenstein capital of Vaduz on Friday and Saturday for the home stop of the Drone Champions League, where the season's hottest rivalry only intensified.

2019 Commercial UAV Expo 2019 Commercial UAV Expo Americas to Break Exhibitor and Attendance Records 200 + Exhibitors and 2,500+ drone professionals will come together Oct 28-30, 2019 in Las Vegas.

Modify a Computer Power Supply to Charge a LiPo Battery In this tutorial, we will modify an old computer power supply so that you can use it for a LiPo charger such as an ISDT charger.

Ford Patents Vehicle-Integrated Drone Automaker Ford has patented a "vehicle-integrated drone" that is programmable and can automatically deploy from cars and trucks in emergencies and fly either autonomously or under pilot control to illuminate accident scenes with lights and sirens, stream photos and video, boost emergency communication, and enhance navigation.

Mega UTT released and Mega gates now available We have had some great Mega races since the last edition, including the Mega Class Finals at IO, the Antioch Speedway Invitational, and the DSI Super Race in South Korea. While 2019 is starting to wind down, 2020 is shaping up to be a giant year for Mega at MultiGP, and we've got some exciting news to share with you very soon.

2nd Notice of Annual General Meeting We request you read the following notice and RSVP to confirm if you will be attending the AGM. - Announcement - Agenda - RSVP - Election. The British Drone Racing Association will be holding its Annual General Meeting online on Sunday 20th October 2019, starting at 19:00 BST The AGM is open to BDRA members only.

Virginia Tech Aims for National Drone Racing Accolades Since Virginia is such a well known hotspot for drone activity, it's no surprise the Virginia Tech Drone Racing Team is chomping at the aerial bit to take top prize next year at the 2020 Collegiate Drone Racing Association.

Free Class! Embry-Riddle UAS Public Safety Embry-Riddle Worldwide offers MOOCs to anyone with an Internet connection and a desire to learn about aviation. And they are free! Future MOOCs will be announced as scheduled.

The drones come home: DCL races in Liechtenstein on 18-19 October A home race is a big deal for any athlete or team, but this October will see a home race for an entire championship, as the third stop of the Drone Champions League takes off in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

McDonald's Drone Challenge update: Top 8 for Liechtenstein announced The first stage of the McDonald's Drone Challenge is complete, and after a monthlong battle, eight drone pilots have stamped their ticket to the upcoming Drone Prix Liechtenstein.

DroneDek: Mailbox on Steroids DroneDek says it has been awarded a U.S. patent for what it describes as "last-mile drone delivery." The company claims that it will "disrupt the parcel, package and mail delivery industry by leveraging several patent claims…that combine to make it a 'mailbox on steroids.'" DroneDek aims to solve drone delivery by offering ultimate convenience.

Commercial UAV Expo Join more than 2,500 professionals at the leading commercial drone conference and expo October 28-30, 2019 at The Westgate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

XBlades Racing back on top form with a Qualifying win Qualifying determines the starting order of Race Day, and for each race this takes place via DCL The Game. Qualifying takes place at least one week before the race and the real-life racetrack is recreated in DCL The Game, so it's almost identical to what the pilot's will experience in the track.

Open vs. Spec Racing: Another Perspective My friend OSprey recently wrote about Open vs Spec racing. It's a discussion that's started a few different times in the community, but there still seem to be a lot of misconceptions. As a pilot and race director for both open and spec classes, I've seen both sides of this debate from many different angles.

Monthly Challenge winners talk about playing DCL - The Game Demo In the lead-up to the release of DCL - The Game, the entire Drone Champions League community was invited to participate in five Monthly Challenges between April and August 2019: playing a Demo that offered a sneak peek of the full game to come.

FPV News with Average Hobbyist - Episode 11 GetFPV is proud to present FPV News - Episode 11 with Average Hobbyist, aka Randy Mertl, submitted to us via the GetFPV Community Program.

UPS Flight Forward UPS subsidiary UPS Flight Forward Inc. just announced it has received the U.S. government's first full Part 135 Standard certification to operate a drone airline.

FPV Frequency Reference Chart What FPV frequency to fly FPV on? What set of channels does your group need for the next race? This FPV frequency reference chart might just help you!

BETAFPV F4 12A AIO Brushless Flight Controller In this review, we will be looking at the new BetaFPV F4 12A AIO flight controller. This is their newest brushless flight controller, version 1.2.

Neutron-R Build Part 2 In part 1 of the Neutron-R build, we did all the physical build. Part 2 will be the setup. The parts listed here are not required but will make the build easier and cleaner. A build kit is available for anyone that is interested in replicating this build easily.

DJI Disaster Relief Program DJI today unveiled a new Disaster Relief Program to support first responders in the United States with access to DJI's industry-leading drone technology, for response and recovery efforts during and after major disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and local emergencies.

Monarch 5 Engine Takes Flight UAV Turbines, Inc., a pioneer of microturbine technology, has announced the inaugural flight of its Monarch 5 engine, a first-of-its-kind microturbine propulsion system.

Flir Muve C360 Announced the FLIR MUVE C360, the industry's first multi-gas detector specifically built for unmanned aerial systems.

Free Webinar: Get the Most Out of Drone Data Drones and the data they generate are transforming industries. With the rapid rate of innovation and increased adoption, users need to continue learning to keep pace with the industry. This training session will cover tips to help users get the most out of their drone imagery.

Notice of Annual General Meeting Notice of Annual General Meeting. Dear Member. Contents of this notice:. - Announcement - Agenda - Election of Central Council members - Proposals for inclusion. Announcement:. The British Drone Racing Association will be holding its Annual General Meeting on the 20th October 2019, starting at 19:00 BST.

NewBeeDrone AcroBee Lite RTF Kit Getting started in FPV quads can be intimidating, and complicated. One of the latest attempts to make this easier is the NewBeeDrone AcroBee Lite RTF Kit.

Frame Design with Armattan - An Inside Look What goes into frame design for revolutionary models such as the Chameleon? Where do these designs come from, and what goes into their production?

DIY Parallel Charger and Balance Board Hopefully, by making this DIY parallel charger, you have gained a deeper understanding of how parallel charging works and are more confident in your soldering skills. Parallel charging is a very important skill to know because you never know when you'll need to get in the air quickly, be it a race or other FPV event.

How APEX Racing swept a Grand Prix in only their first season The biggest news of DCL's Grand Prix Turin was Denmark's APEX Racing, who shocked two-time season champions XBlades Racing by overcoming the British powerhouse in the final round on both days of the event. The team's manager, APEX Drone Racing founder and CEO Christian Clemmensen Møller, credits preparation and teamwork.

Robot v. Robot: Autonomous Drone Racing Comes to Orlando The Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing circuit soars into the Addition Financial Arena Tuesday, Oct. The series is the peak of the 2019 AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge - a partnership between the Drone Racing League and aerospace giant Lockheed Martin.

Lumeneir Digital LED Tail Light and LED Strips The new Lumeneir digital LED system uses a stack mountable taillight array and four secondary Lumeneir digital LED strips which can connect to it.

Dji Digital Hd Fpv System Can we just call it a transmitter? Rant over. Moving on, the DJI FPV "Transmitter" really does seem like an over simplistic unit, but really it does have just about everything needed to run a multirotor or simple fixed wing aircraft. Not only that, but it boasts a 4km control range, same as the goggle / air unit combo.

Installing Betaflight Drivers Looking for where to download the Betaflight Configurator or the drivers mentioned in the video? We'll help you get to the right place! Betaflight Configurator GitHub Page. Installing Betaflight Walkthrough GitHub Page. Silabs CP210X Driver. STMicroelectronics VCP USB Driver.

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Navy Drone Finds Corrosion "Topside Drone" is a development of a corrosion / anomaly detection sensor payload and processing scheme, outfitted to a commercial-off-the-shelf UAV. The technology will inspect and detect material defects, corrosion, warping and other conditions plaguing naval vessels.

Parrot Anafi FPV Parrot's popular Anafi drone is now available with built-in FPV capability! Here are the details from Parrot: Anafi FPV is designed for explorers but also for dreamers. The camera experience is a new paradigm for aerial photographers and videographers, providing a unique "cocoon" for immersive photography and in-depth image controls.

DJI FPV Quad Build : HD Video Racing If you are wanting to use the system for racing with others, I'd say no, because it won't work…as of right now. I'm sure they will get that sorted in the future. But if you mostly fly by yourself, freestyle or long range with some buddies this would be something i'd definitely take a look at.

FPV Racing Class: Spec Racing vs. Open FPV racing class defines the specification of a drone. It allows for pilots to race competitively by implementing a degree of standardisation into the sport. In this article, I will discuss the pros and cons of tight FPV racing class specifications.

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DroneUp Awarded First Multi-State Contract DroneUp, LLC, an end-to-end drone pilot service provider for aerial data collection, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract for Unmanned Aerial Systems Services by the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide UAS services to all state agencies, institutions of higher education, and other public bodies and entities in Virginia.

Amphibious Drones Fly BVLOS An expedition carried out in remote atolls in Belize with two Aeromapper Talon Amphibious fixed wing drones was successfully completed on early 2019. The pioneering drone expedition was part of a series of trials to test the technology against illegal fishing activities and to help with conservation efforts on marine protected areas.

SimActive & Gold Mine Mapping SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, announces that Correlator3D is being used for gold mining projects in Ivory Coast by Newcrest Mining Limited. SimActive software is employed to produce dense digital terrain models using small format digital cameras.

MultiGP Drone Racing Authorities Clarifies Guy Wire Rules "It has come to our attention that one or more MultiGP Series Global Qualifiers were run without the required guy wires. As of today, any MultiGP Series Global Qualifier run without the guy wires will be invalidated and the results disqualified. All times from MultiGP Series Global Qualifiers run before August 29, 2019 will stand.

Fat Shark Attitude V5 Review Cheaper than the HDO but better specs than many goggles of the same price, the Fat Shark Attitude V5 can change the FPV goggles industry.

2019 Global Qualifier Guy Wire Clarification It has come to our attention that one or more MultiGP Series Global Qualifiers were run without the required guy wires. As of today, any MultiGP Series Global Qualifier run without the guy wires will be invalidated and the results disqualified. All times from MultiGP Series Global Qualifiers run before August 29, 2019 will stand.

Installing Betaflight Configurator Looking for where to download the Betaflight Configurator? We'll help you get to the right place! Betaflight Configurator GitHub Page. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Post comment.

Four Corners FPV Racing Practice Track The “four corners” FPV practice course can be set up quickly with limited gates and can be adjusted to simulate obstacles at a drone race.

MultiGP Drone Championship Takes Flight in Daytona Daytona Beach has become synonymous with NASCAR and beach hot-rods, but a major drone racing league may have beachcombers looking to the skies to quench their need for speed. MultiGP and STEMFEST USA recently announced the RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship, slated for Nov.

Take the McDonald's Drone Challenge and you could become a DCL pilot! McDonald's Switzerland is looking for eight pilots for the McDonald's Wildcard Team at DCL's Drone Grand Prix Vaduz, which will be held in the Liechtenstein capital on 17-19 October 2019. If you are a resident of Switzerland or Liechtenstein, you could be one of them!

Control Methods: Thumbs vs. Pinch The eternal debate goes on, as to whether it is better to exclusively use thumbs to control the radio sticks, or to use a pinch method.

Drones and Weapons, A Dangerous Mix The Federal Aviation Administration is warning the general public that it is illegal to operate a drone with a dangerous weapon attached. Perhaps you've seen online photos and videos of drones with attached guns, bombs, fireworks, flamethrowers, and other dangerous items.

Prize Purse for The RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing Championship Presented by DRL On top of a $12,000 cash prize pool for the Race Day Quads 2019 MultiGP Championship presented by DRL, the MultiGP Champion will once again be offered* a coveted contract to become an official DRL pilot for the 2020 season.

DRS-M600 Parachute Safety Solution Drone Rescue Systems GmbH's new DRS-M600 Parachute Safety system was developed for use with DJI M600 and DJI M600pro drones, and because it meets all federal standards the Federal Aviation Administration can issue permits for drones equipped with the DRS-M600 system so they can be use over crowds.

SenseFly & Enterprise UAS Partnership Specializing in retail and wholesale distribution of emerging technologies, Enterprise UAS is one of the largest drone dealers in the US.

Teaming Up to Protect Wildlife Drones are powerful tools for wildlife research and conservation, especially in previously inaccessible nature and wildlife habitats. Unfortunately, if not flown responsibly by authorized personnel, drones can be a disturbance to wildlife, causing stress to an animal's health and well-being.

ASSURE's Ground Collision Study What could happen if a drone hit a person on the ground? What are the risks of serious injury from flying small unmanned aircraft over people, and are we doing everything we can to reduce those risks?

IDRLC Presents West Coast Throwdown As the original FPV festival, the fourth annual will be better than ever! Bring your friends and family, your quads, your swimsuit, plenty of batteries, and be prepared to have more fun than you can shake your sticks at! Three flying fields that are nice and close to each other, separated by trees and terrain, open all four days.

Diagnosing and Fixing Bad FPV Video Your FPV system is the most important part of your quad. A bad FPV video signal, riddled with static can render a quad useless, ending a fun day of FPV.

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The 2019 MultiGP Series Begins To Sizzle on the Backstretch During Week #20 Fourteen Global Qualifiers comprised of two single GQ's, four double-headers and a Quad-Header of four GQ's saw 140 pilots flying across the United States during week #20 of the 2019 MultiGP Global Series.

Hybrid FPV Race Frame Build Neutron-R I've have been flying this setup for the past few months*. It's by far the best quad/build I've done so far. It survived the MultiGP International Open with just one broken arm. What makes this the best quad? Not only does it fly great, it's super reliable, durable and trouble free.

Autonomous Drone Flight Over Trans-Alaska Pipeline FOX, Alaska - August 2, 2019. Echodyne, Iris Automation and Skyfront ensure safety of first ever BVLOS flight without human observers conducted by University of Alaska Fairbanks' UAS IPP team.

Fluidity Tech's FT Aviator Whatever else there is to say about the FT Aviator from Fluidity Tech, it is bold - even audacious - in the breadth of its vision. While other companies are content to tinker with the placement of a display screen or the layout of an app, Fluidity has dared to fundamentally re-imagine the interface between the pilot and the drone.

Insurance Coverage 101 The recreational and commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones is expected to increase exponentially over the next decade. Operating UAVs is not without its risks. For example, in one published court decision, Philadelphia Indemnity Ins. Co.

Impossible Aeropace & the US-1 During the early morning hours of February 8, 2019, violence disturbed the otherwise peaceful city of Campbell, California. Just before 5 a.m. an armed suspect barricaded himself in a Denny's restaurant after threatening others with a firearm. Within a few minutes, the Campbell Police Department and SWAT team had surrounded the building.

Drone Finds Missing Man A Maryland man who was missing for five days has been found severely injured in the woods with the help of a search party volunteer using his drone. Julian Bustos confirmed to WTTG he was using his personal drone to search for 44-year-old Jason Blake Mabee when he spotted him in a densely wooded area near Columbia.

FPV News with Average Hobbyist - Episode 10 GetFPV is proud to present FPV News with Average Hobbyist, aka Randy Mertl, submitted to us via the GetFPV Community Program. Check out his video below!

Catch up with South Korea's Veloce Racing Veloce Racing is a new presence on the DCL scene, but the crew of students from Korea wasted no time in making their mark, clinching their first race win at the 2019 opener in Laax, Switzerland.

Neom Postponed - DCL - The DRONE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE We are sorry to inform you that the date of our upcoming race in NEOM, Saudi Arabia will change. We have been informed by our local partner in Saudi Arabia that the construction of the planned location for the DCL race is delayed. As a result, we will move the race in NEOM to a later date which we will confirm as soon as possible.

DJI's New FPV System The DJI FPV Air Unit Module uses DJI HD Low Latency FPV Transmission technology which integrates a two-way data communication mechanism to deliver integrated control over the entire system and a stable, seamless signal connection. DJI HDL FPV offers a low end-to-end latency of 28 milliseconds, similar to high-performance analogue systems.

North and South Represented on Global Qualifier Leaderboard after week #19 Scheduling issues and some technological issues shortened the schedule this past weekend to 4 events on the 2019 MultiGP Series.

UK Drone Racing Open International Registration This is the UK's first FAI World Cup which is being hosted at the BMFA Nationals. This an opportunity for you to qualify as a part of 'Team GB' or as a part of the qualification process as a individual pilot to participate at the FAI World Championship that is hosted in China later this year.

New Eu Wide Rules For Drones  and Fpv  on The Way  Within the course of a year a lot  of change  is due  for drone pilots  within the European Union as the European Aerial Safety Agency proposed a new common set of Regulations. The new  categorizations  of drones  and the airspace they are flying in  are meant to simplify aerial operations of any kind.

Week 18 of the 2019 MultiGP Series saw a QUAD-Header, a Triple-Header, a Double-Header and takes the total to 615 Pilots Ranked Globally The biggest week yet for the 2019 MultiGP Series transpired on Week #18, as over 130 Pilots participated in one of the 13 Global Qualifiers across the USA and Mexico during week #18. Over half of the participating pilots were competing in their first GQ of 2019, while we saw 122 pilots in total either shuffling up or jumping into the List.

9 Simple FPV Build Tips to Keep You Flying Are you tired of problems or constantly repairing your quad? After building a conservative 100 quads and gathering tips from some of the fastest pilots in the world, we've compiled a list of 9 simple FPV build tips to improve your builds.

FPV Air 2 Simulator Review Let me say this one thing: FPV Air 2 is hands down, the best simulator for the price. It is pretty much the ideal FPV simulator for drone racers.

UPS & Flight Forward Drone Delivery Operate commercial drone flights under a subsidiary called UPS Flight Forward. The subsidiary is an incorporated business that could receive certification as early as this year, making UPS the first fully-certified revenue-generating drone operator in the US.

Five Ways to Run a Better Race Event What are the race results? Make it easy to find out this information at any time-and make announcements when things change. When you do, be sure you have everyone's attention first. Like me, you may not be very loud. When I organized my first races, I had a "designated cat herder".

The RaceDayQuads 2019 MultiGP Championship Date and Location We are excited at the opportunities afforded by both potential locations, and look forward to releasing more details hopefully next week. Username or email address. Password. Remember me. Lost your password?

Medical Cargo Drones Training International health organizations, governments, major donors, non-governmental organizations and companies are increasingly looking to use cargo drones to improve public health services. So what does it actually take to run cargo drone deliveries for public health?

A Triple Header, Two Double Headers and Three Global Qualifiers take the List to over 520! July 13th and 14th was the biggest weekend to-date for the 2019 MultiGP Series with 10 Global Qualifiers adding 75 new pilots to "the List" and seeing 36 pilots return to the GQ Track with 25 of them improving earlier times.

FPV for Beginners with Average Hobbyist New to FPV Quadcopters and looking for a quick video guide about how to get started? Look no further than the FPV for Beginners video by Average Hobbyist!

Understanding Motor and Propeller Rotation Never fear, a simple understanding of how motor and propellers work together to get the quad flying will set you straight on the path to success with your aircraft the FIRST TIME it flies. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.

Denmark's APEX Racing sweep Drone Champions League double-header in Turin The second Grand Prix of the 2019 Drone Champions League season took off on Friday and Saturday with the series' Italian debut in Turin, where thousands of spectators cheered from the historic Murazzi del Po river embankments.

IO2019 Recap and Results The premiere international race in the World, the 2019 MultiGP International Open presented by Team Blacksheep yet again featured an outstanding roster of pilots culminating into 30+ head-to-head races on the Hobbywing World Cup Track.

New DCL partner Torvol: It's in the bag DCL is proud to announce a new partnership with Torvol, a fresh company that offers carrying solutions and accessories for FPV racing, freestyle and imaging drones. Torvol becomes the DCL's official travel gear partner for FPV racing bags, and all teams will use Torvol backpacks.

Tiny Solar-Powered Drone For years, scientists have wanted to create flying robotic vehicles the size of insects. The tricky bit has been building something that can produce enough thrust while still being light enough to fly, without being tethered to an external power source.

IDRLC Atlantic City Open Race Media Check out these photos and videos from the IDRLC Atlantic City Drone Race.

Week #16 Global Qualifier Recap While there were two qualifiers on the Calendar this past Saturday weather changed the plan and just Rocket City FPV Racing hosted their first Global Qualifier in Huntsville, Alabama.

Refresh your memory: Race Format Conditions permitting, two races are held at each DCL stop, one on Day 1 and the other on Day 2. A maximum of eight teams compete in every race, with four pilots per team. Seven teams are season-long, permanent fixtures in the lineup, who battle for DCL Team Championship points at each stop.

Refresh Your Memory: Technical Regulations DCL is not only pure racing, but also a contest of engineering and design: all competing teams are allowed and encouraged to design and build their own RC quadcopters, as long as they comply with the following technical regulations.

Refresh Your Memory: Race Rules The DCL rules, technical regulations and race format are designed to serve both participants and fans - delivering high team presence and enabling elevated strategy, energy and excitement. Let's take a look at the Race Rules:. The 10 key race rules that no pilot can afford to forget:.

IDRLC Championship Finale - Atlantic City Convention Center IDRLC Chamionship Open Drone Race at Atlantic City Convention Center.

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DHL & EHang Join Forces The launch ceremony was held today at the EHang Command and Control Center in Guangzhou, with the attendance of senior executives from both companies. This cutting-edge solution takes its inaugural flight for a DHL customer, making DHL the first international express company to provide such a service in China.

Wildfires: Using Drone Back Burns As firefighting efforts continue, crews are using new technology to help fight the fire. Video of helicopters and even a jumbo DC-10 fighting this fire with water drops have been seen many times, but there's also a mini flying machine making a major difference by being another set of eyes from the skies.

Russian Owl Spy Drone Russia has unveiled a combat surveillance drone intended to resemble a menacing owl spreading its wings. The avian imposter was showcased at the Defense Ministry's annual military expo in the outskirts of Moscow last week.

FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter Modding In this guide, I will be showing you how to mod your Flysky FS-i6 radio system into a 10 channel BEAST. Yes; your FS-i6 can be as good as a Frsky Taranis.

Build Log - Armattan Chameleon It looked really cool and innovative with its built-in camera cage, I appreciated the concept of a lifetime bumper-to-bumper warranty in a quad that was probably going to take some abuse, and it didn't hurt that Joshua Bardwell lists the Armattan Chameleon as 'The New Top Dog' in his Freestyle Frames Shopping List.

Marines Test Drone-Killing Energy Weapon A drone-killing, directed energy weapon prototype is now in the hands of Marines. The Compact Laser Weapons System-or CLaWS-is the first ground-based laser approved by the Department of Defense for use by warfighters on the ground.

GetFPV Learn Community Program: What it's Like to Make Content for GetFPV? For over a year, I have been creating GetFPV Learn. In this article, I share my positive experience with the program and how you can get involved.

One Global Qualifier During Week #14 To Take "the List" to 400 Globally Ranked Pilots! Saturday, June 22nd the Cincinnati Quad Racers held their first qualifier for the 2019 MultiGP Series at Hawks RC Field in Hamilton, Ohio. Their roster of pilots included 12 first-timers on the Global Qualifying Track in 2019 taking the Global Qualifying Ranking or "the List" to 400 Pilots that have been ranked Globally!

MultiGP Series Week #13 Recap Just past the mid-way point of the qualifying season, we look back on the 13th week of competition in 2019, with 4 Chapters hosting Global Qualifiers for the 2019 MultiGP Championships. While just under 50 pilots competed last weekend, 34 of them flew the Global Qualifier Track, officially for the first time.

Open Class Drone Racing IDRLC Open Class Drone Racing and Brushed Micro Racing Events June 27th-30th. Large prize pools and the best drone racers from around the world.

Eachine Cinecan-85mm-4K The Eachine trashcan HD was a perfectible product for at least two reasons: the presence of vibrations / jellos… and the most dramatic, the weakness of the ESC burning very fast even from 3S.

One Competition, Three Challenges We experience this first hand on a daily basis at WeRobotics and across the Flying Labs network. Only approximately 10% of time is actually invested in the drone itself, the other 90% is all about data and community and stakeholder engagement. So why is it that most organizations concentrate their efforts today on the 10%?

Mining & Aggregates Survey Results Kespry, the leading drone-based aerial intelligence solution provider, today announced the results of the industry's first mining and aggregates customer survey. Kespry surveyed its 220 mining and aggregates customers that use its platform across 3,311 worksites across North America, with 22,987 missions in 2018 alone.

The Official Pilot Manual for the 2019 MultiGP International Open presented by Team Blacksheep has been released!!! So many tracks, so many competitions and so many pilots! Our team has obsessed over collecting every detail and putting in this highly technical document to arm our pilots and volunteers with all of the knowledge needed to have a good time with minimal stress.

Video: Just In Case You Forgot How Fast They Go Posted by Megaracer Pro at Airvuz. Just in case you had forgotten about how fast they go. Drone Nationals. World Drone Racing Championships. US Drone Racing Association. Drone Classes. Put Your Race Event in our Calendar. State-by-State - Where to Get Started in FPV Drone Racing.

Drone Delivery Canada Grows Drone Delivery Canada has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Air Canada effective May 29, 2019 whereby Air Canada Cargo will market and sell DDC's drone delivery services in Canada using Air Canada Cargo's marketing and sales platforms and resources.

Free FAA Webinars After receiving positive feedback and constructive input, the FAA has optimized their program content and added a session to include the recent changes to recreational flying. Webinar schedule:. June 19, 2019 2 P.M. ET Public Safety: How to Start a Drone Program.

2019 MultiGP Series Week #12 Features A Big Race, A Grand Gesture and Big Moves! Forecast rain had a few of the Global Qualifiers re-schedule until later weeks, with just three qualifiers proceeding the week of June 8th and 9th. Week #12 also presented itself as the mid-way point for qualifying, with just another 12 competition weekends left until "the List" will be complete!

Drone Travel 101 My recent exposure into the world of drones has led me to using my 30 years of aviation experience to teach UAV ground schools and write documents for UAV operators in Canada.

Amazon's Prime Air Delivery Within a matter of months, your future Amazon orders could be delivered by an autonomous drone. Officials with the online shopping giant unveiled the latest Prime Air drone design Wednesday at Amazon's re:MARS Conference in Las Vegas.

FPV Frame Materials: Will Carbon Fibre Be Replaced? FPV frame materials have varied throughout the evolution of the hobby. Plastic, fibreglass and carbon fibre have all seen popularity throughout the years although carbon is the current standard.

Education Campaign Funding Supporters of the Know Before You Fly campaign, an initiative to promote the safe and responsible use of unmanned aircraft systems, today sent a letter to the House Committee on Appropriations urging Congress to provide funding for the campaign.

Apply Now for FAA Match The FAA has pledged $6 million for this enterprise, so if your company is up for a challenge you could get matching funds from the FAA to perform vital drone integration safety work at the FAA's UAS test sites.

Wild Runs, Wild Weather and World-Wide Races Make Week #11 An Impressive One! June 1st and 2nd saw five Qualifiers for the MultiGP Series hosted in three different Countries as another 58 pilots were added to the Global Qualifying Rankings or "the List", and a number of other pilots better there times from earlier efforts.

An Interview with a Drone Racing Champion Originally published on DroneLife.com. Paul Nurkkala is a champion drone racer, we caught up with him to learn more about what he is up to:. DroneLife: Thanks for connecting with us. For those of us who may not be as familiar with Drone Racing can you tell us a little bit about it?

NEWS: GEPRC CinePro 4K HD The structure is the same as the former GEPRC but now including some ducted prop guards. Here we have a 120mm 4S cinewhoop machine with all ultimate electronics elements in the market: a new F7 board with a dual synchroneous IMU for ultra fast and accurate stabilization.

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Week #10 of the MultiGP Series Shakes Up the Top-15 on the List Week #10 of the MultiGP Series saw a ton of shuffling of "The List". It's a whole new top-5, with the recently crowned Collegiate Drone Racing Champion Patrick "Enginair" White who slid into 2nd and was just off the cusp of the #1 spot on his first effort on the Global Track.

Reigning MGP Champion Evan "HeadsupFPV" Turner Returns To The Top It was never an “if”, and merely a “when”, and that was answered on the opening day of Week #10 of the MultiGP Series as the reigning MultiGP Champion, Evan “Headsupfpv” Turner officially embarked for the first time on the 2019 Global Qualifying Track.

2019 Starmach Pan Asian Drone Racing Exhibition Results May 16-18 MultiGP produced the 2019 Starmach Pan Asian Drone Racing Exhibition in Ningbo, China. The inaugural event featured vendor displays, an Industry forum, a training seminar for school children, and a championship drone race of vast proportion.

AI Comes to Drone Racing In an interesting mix between AI and Drone Racing, the Drone Racing League in partnership with Lockheed Martin have announced a new drone racing circuit that combines AI driving Drones around a race course with the winner getting a 1 million dollar price with a $250,000 bonus if they can beat a real live drone racing champion.

Developing AI for High-Speed Drones Lockheed Martin and the Drone Racing League have announced the nine teams that were accepted into the 2019 AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge, an open competition to develop artificial intelligence for high-speed racing drones.

FPV Racing Tips with Captainvanover A post on FPV racing tips is something I've wanted to do for a long time but just been too busy. With Alex joining the team, now is the time to do this. Alex has competed all over the world with all of the fastest guys on the planet. He will share his knowledge and experience of being a full time drone racer.

Flying Into the Storm Researchers from CU Boulder will fly drones into severe storms this spring and in 2020 in one of the largest and most ambitious drone-based investigations of meteorological phenomena ever.

Race Results Glasgow FPV QE Here are the official results for the second race in the Scottish region that was hosted on the 12th May by Glasgow FPV. Congratulations to Jon Hall on 1st place, Daniel Callander on 2nd and Brian Nicolson on 3rd place in the 'A' Final.

New FAA Rules for Recreational Flyers The Federal Aviation Administration is implementing changes for recreational drone flyers mandated by Congress in the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018.

Race Results Suffolk FPV R1 QE Here are the official results for the third race in the South East region that was hosted on the 5th May by Suffolk FPV. Congratulations to Chris Knight on 1st place, Daniel Peters on 2nd and Rob Saxton on 3rd place. Not only did these pilots finish the A final in these positions but they also qualified in the same order.

Race Results Westland FPV 1 QE Here are the official results for the second race in the South West region that was hosted on the 4th May. Congratulations to Gary Kent on 1st place, Alfie Mitchell on 2nd and Matt Evans on 3rd place in the 'A' Final. For qualifying results please see the graphic below.

Race Results NW Go Kart Track QE Here are the official results for the second race in the Northern region that was hosted on the 27th April. Congratulations to Jon Hall on 1st place, Bash Hussain on 2nd and Jon Rogers on 3rd place in the 'A' Final. For qualifying results please see the graphic below.

Race Results Edinburgh Drone Racing QE Edinburgh Drone Racing hosted a 'British Championship Qualifying Event' on the 21st April 2019. This was their first race of eight races in the Scottish FPV Racing Series.

Drone Harmony Cloud Platform With the Drone Harmony Cloud platform, you gain two new dimensions to your data capture workflows: cloud storage of mission data and a web-based planning interface. Combined with Drone Harmony's mobile application, Drone Harmony is now offering a fully integrated data capture platform for drone service providers and enterprises.

FlightClub R Frames : PROton-R and Neutron-R Pre-Orders Designed specifically for racing, the new R frames are the best frames we've made, PROton-R and Neutron-R. Both frames are based on the current PROton and Neutron frames. Listening to customers, team pilot feedback and testing, we've made an already great frame even better.

Percepto's Autonomous "Drone-In-A-Box" Flies On 5G Percepto today announced that it has successfully demonstrated its autonomous drones over SK Telecom's 5G trial network. SK Telecom is the largest mobile operator in Korea, leading the world in the field of mobile telecommunications by commercializing its 5G network in December 2018.

Australian company nabs first drone delivery approval Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority has approved Project Wing's plans for drone delivery of food and medicine in suburbs around the capital city of Canberra, a "world-first," according to a new report by the Guardian.

Funk St. Outfitters Commuterpak I have a problem when it comes to the amount of gear I carry. The problem isn't the amount of items-it's that I can never seem to find the perfect bag to carry all of it. And if I'm being honest, the real problem is that I enjoy looking for the perfect bag, so I have a lot of them.

Watch and Fly the Starmach Exhibition Track! This inaugural event will feature almost 100 pilots competing for the their share of $22,500 USD in prize money, such as Min Chan Kim, Thomas Bitmatta and Young Rok Sun and many more drone racing talents from around the globe.

Captainvanover's New Race Frame : PROton-R and Neutron-R Having a pilot like Alex aka Captainvanover testing these frames is invaluable. If you've seen him fly, he pushes equipment to the limit and often times beyond. I've seen him crash and disintegrate quads. That's why I wanted him testing these frames. Alex joined FlightClub while I already had the prototypes of these frames being made.

Turbine Quad Can Carry a Ton! Monaco-based E Yo Copter says that "One Ton" should be able to lift 1,900 pounds of cargo! Intended to be used for military, parapublic, and agricultural applications, One Ton is powered by four German-made JetCat P550 turbine engines that spin the aircraft's rotors by forcing exhaust out of two rotating pipes.

NEWS: Caddx Tarsier 4K As you already noticed since close to one year, now a lot of new machines are introduced in "HD" edition, i.e. with a FPV-camera combo able to shoot [email protected] videos while broadcasting the FPV signal with low latency. With the associated new Cinewhoop machines, it's possible to have high manoeuvrable flyers shooting vibration free videos.

Xilo Stax Flight Controller / 4-in1 ESC Combo Introducing the Xilo Stax combo, a full feature flight controller and 4-in1 ESC that both looks good and packs in the power.

Weston Sign Up - BDRA Membership Status on IFPV Please check your iFPV profile to ensure that it shows your BDRA membership status. If it doesn't please message us as without the status showing as a member you will not be able to register for the event.

AUVSI XCELLENCE Humanitarian Awards Five organizations that pioneer new ways to use drones for good are winners of the second annual XCELLENCE Humanitarian Award from the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International. The award, which is sponsored by DJI, was announced today at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Saxon Remote Systems Inspector Saxon Remote Systems Inspector is a hexicopter unmanned aerial system that exceeds the capabilities of our competitors. With its exceptional endurance and rapid deployment ability, the Inspector provides civilians and warfighters actionable date quickly.

Raytheon's Ground-Based Detect & Avoid System Raytheon's Ground-Based Detect and Avoid system is now operational at Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport and will be used to test the safety and efficiency of small drone operations in the 200 square mile drone test range.

Sky Power GmbH's 2-Cylinder SP-275 TS CR The 2-cylinder engine SP-275 TS CR presented by Sky Power GmbH has been developed for affordable and high-performing applications, like drone training purposes. The carburetor of the SP-275 TS CR is located at the rear of the engine and is ideal for high speed applications among other things due to its flat design.

SenseFly introduces Solar 360 SenseFly, leading provider of fixed-wing drone solutions, introduced its new senseFly Solar 360 at this year's AUVSI XPONENTIAL, the latest addition to its senseFly 360 solutions range.

Drone Battery Safety: Charging and Storing LiPo Batteries Drone battery safety is a fundamental aspect of the hobby. A standard four cell lithium polymer 1500mAh battery at full charge stores a massive 25Wh of energy. When damaged or incorrectly charged, these batteries can go up in flames. In this article, I will discuss drone battery safety and how to safely store and charge LiPo batteries.

Echodyne Mounting Kits Echodyne, the manufacturer of innovative, high-performance, small electronically scanning array radars for government and commercial markets, announced today the expansion of its product line to include compatible mounting kits for its EchoGuard radar.

Med Drone Flies in Ghana Zipline and the Ghanaian government have launched a drone delivery network in Ghana. Operating from four distribution centers, Zipline drones will deliver vaccines, blood, and medications to health facilities in remote areas. The U.S. company plans to conduct 600 flights each day.

NEWS: Fullspeed Tinyleader HD V2 The Fullspeed Tinyleader HD was probably the first jellofree HD FPV tinywhoop plateform mainly thanks to the Caddx Turtle V2. This latter dislike the first edition of the Runcan split minit 2 offer…

Records Set at 3rd Mayhem Dawn to Dusk Team Race presented by Pop-a-Lock April 6-7, 2019 On Kelly Field at the New Orleans Model Aviation Club in Avondale, Louisiana, history was made April 6th, 2019.

Multirotor Drone Frame Comparison Matrix Interactive CLICK table for product pages. Data sourced from product descriptions. The frame of an FPV multirotor drone plays an outsized role in its dynamic experience. Multirotor drone frames can be roughly split into two distinct categories; racing and freestyle.

Lumenier JB2407-11 1750Kv Bardwell Motor The Lumenier JB2407-11 1750Kv is a partnership between both Lumenier, known for their high quality, efficient motors and Joshua "Know it All" Bardwell.

Clarification on "Swoopy Gates" and "Matt's Gambit" on 2019 MultiGP Series Global Qualifier Track During Week #6 of the 2019 MultiGP Series a question was posed regarding how the "Swoopy Gates" and "Matt's Gambit" are to be judged. After extensive discussion and review, the following clarification is to be published and noted. When entering the "Swoopy Gates" and "Matt's Gambit", the pilot must be above the bar of the attached gate.

Drones Deploy to 911 Calls A neighborhood in Houston is turning to drones to augment their first responders, with a drone that is deployed to certain events after a 911 call is received.

Weston Park Sign Up Information Weston Park REGISTRATION information! This is the drone race you have all been waiting for. Registration is £60 for members of the BDRA or £65 for non members.

Race Results Suffolk FPV QE Suffolk FPV hosted a 'British Championship Qualifying Event' on Saturday over the bank holiday weekend. This was their first QE of the year and has both national and regional status. Overall the south east region has now hosted 3 regional races and this is also the 3rd 'national' classed event for the UK.

Race Results EMHC QE The second 'British Championship' race for the 'South East' region was held on Sunday 14th April and this time it was hosted by EMHC. Congratulations to Gary Kent on 1st place, Adam Gooch on 2nd and Alfie Mitchell on 3rd place in the finals. Qualifying positions are shown below.

Race Points Hull Rivals QE Here are the official results for the first race in the northern region that was hosted in Hull on the 14th April. Congratulations to Brett Collis on 1st place, Harry Holmes on 2nd and Saul Irving on 3rd place. These pilots not only qualified in this order but also completed the 'A' Final in the same positions.

Want to Fly a Drone? Everything You Need to Know The current Part 107 rules that drone pilots need to follow came out in 2016. The FAA made some updates in June 2018 that are included in this review of the requirements to get a drone license for commercial flying. What Does the FAA Define as the Commercial Use of a Drone?

Clyclocopter When Aerospace giants like Boeing and Airbus reveal some ambitious concept for the future of urban aerial transport, most showcase electrically powered variations on multicopters and hybrid aircraft, sketched out with familiar components like rotors and wings.

2019 MultiGP Series Week 5 Update - NEW LEADER! Sergio "Surgicalfpv" Aicardi who qualified 52nd overall in 2018 by being 15th overall in the Contenders division and finished 37th overall in the Fast-57 at the 2018 MultiGP Championship made a statement at the BrowardFPV qualifier by staking himself #1 on "The List" with a 44.43 Fastest-3 Consecutive Laps Time.

The MultiGP Gates and Flags Program We reward the effort put forth by chapter organizers by providing them with the fundamental building block for any drone race, the track. As chapters progress to Tier 3 and Tier 2, they are rewarded with 5 gates and 5 flags. This gives chapters achievable goals that set their chapter on the path of success and growth.

Roof Inspections with Thermal Imaging This video from our friends at FLIR shares the four things you need to know to get the most out of your roof inspection with thermal imaging!

Flir's New Thermal Studio If you use a Flir thermal imaging device on your sUAV, you'll want to check out Flir's new Thermal Studio, a thermal image analysis and reporting software designed to manage large sets of thermal images and videos. Flir Thermal Studio's advanced processing capabilities and automation are designed to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

5 Times Drones Saved Lives When we think about drones, what usually comes to mind are beautiful camera shots we've seen in the movies or online. Or the funny video when a drone lost its camera at a festival. Some might get excited about 30-minute Amazon deliveries with Amazon Air.

Taking the Temperature of Cattle Could drones help reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock? Researchers at Texas A&M University are hoping that using drones equipped with thermal cameras can take the temperature of herd animals to help monitor the health of cattle.

Supra 7 HD, a new 75mm 3S Tinywhoop competitor Dislike the term “HD” could mean, this is not a new 75 HD cinewhoop machine but “only” a new classic 75mm tinywhoop FPV machine, a new direct compatitor of the Eachine Trash…

Team Pilot CaptainVanover Alex Vanover We are happy to announce Alex Vanover will be joining team FlightClub! At just 19 years old Alex has already accomplished more than a lot of people will do in their whole lives. His resume is too long to list but here's some of his recent accomplishments.

MultiGP Mega News! Welcome to the first installment of MultiGP Mega News. Featuring giant-sized drones between 800 and 1050mm, MultiGP Mega Class joins Tiny Whoop, Micro, 3S, 4S and Open as the latest addition to the roster of MultiGP classes. Mega Class drones are big, loud, and tons of fun to fly and to watch.

Drone At Work: Duboistown Fire & EMS When the Duboistown Fire and EMS encountered incidents in 2016 when a drone would have been useful, Fire Chief Paul McKinley and Firefighter Paul Vavra decided to start a drone program. Their department is the only volunteer fire department in all of Lycoming County, Pennslyvania with a COA.

Sentient Blue Wins $1 Million Grand Prize Sentient Blue Technologies, a team from Parma, Italy, has won the $1 million grand prize in the GENIUS NY start-up competition for unmanned technology firms. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, "The GENIUS NY competition is transforming the economic landscape of Central New York by attracting the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs.

Race Points Wooly Sheep Race 1 QE Another weekend has passed and another British Championship qualifying event this time with the Wooly Sheep. Congratulations to Gary Kent on 1st place, Brett Collis on 2nd place and Matthew Evans on 3rd place in the finals.

Scottish Series The 1st of eight Scottish Series 'British Championship Qualifying Events' kicks off on the 21st April in Edinburgh. There are still a few spots left should you wish to participate. The best 8 pilots from the Scottish Series will be invited to participate at the 2019 British Championship.

InterDrone Workshops In an effort to better serve you, our reader, and ensure a rich and relevant experience please help us by completing this Drone interest profile. 1) Interest Level BrowsingInterestedOwn A Drone. 2) Drone Type AllMicroSmall selfie DroneStandardRacerQuadcopter Camera DroneHexacopter and Larger Camera Drones.

Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox Delivery drones are all over the news, but no one has solved some of the practical issues with getting packages via air, like a designated landing spot. Enter Valqari, a Chicago-based start-up and its patented Smart Drone Delivery Mailbox, a universal drone receptacle for package delivery and pick-up.

FPV Practice Session: Optimizing Your Time at the Field FPV practice sessions allow pilots to refine their skills. Practice is essential for all activities, especially drone racing where control and reaction times are so fundamental. As is the case for most activities, there are certain methods to maximise learning effectiveness and efficiency.

NEWS: HBRC HBX64, a 64mm 2S Tinywhoop w/ 0802 motors Want a 2S 65mm brushless tinywhoop with the new 0802 motors ? Here is the new HBRC HBX64 for you: Ok ok…. the electronic elements are old now…. a basic F3 board with at least a builtin…

Finding Buried Treasure Buried treasure is often the stuff of legend, but that didn't stop PrecisionHawk from recently traveling more than 7,000 miles to hunt for buried treasure in the Philippines left by the Japanese during World War II.

Free FAA Webinar - Register Now Please join FAA Safety Inspector Kevin Morris and the FAA's team of experts on April 16 for a LIVE webinar on why airspace matters. This is the first in a series of FREE webinars about airspace authorizations and what you need to know to operate safely.

Race Points Laxton FPV QE The second official race of the British Championship 2019 season was at Laxton FPV in the Midlands region on Sunday! Congratulations to Chris Knight on 1st place, Matthew Evans on 2nd and Ben Williamson on 3rd place. Not only did these 3 pilots qualify in these positions but they also finished the 'A' final in the exact order.

Commercial UAV Expo Europe Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Comment. Name. Email. Website. In an effort to better serve you, our reader, and ensure a rich and relevant experience please help us by completing this Drone interest profile. 1) Interest Level BrowsingInterestedOwn A Drone.

Announcing the MultiGP 2019 Pan Asian Drone Racing Exhibition MultiGP is headed to the ancient city of Ningbo China for drone racing! The 2019 Pan Asian Drone Racing Exhibition will be held May 16 - 18, 2019 at the Ningbo Culture Plaza Science Exploration Center. MultiGP will deliver drone racing and a drone flight education experience.

UPS Lab Sample Delivery "The role that UPS plays is basically the 'airline' for the unmanned vehicle," said Dan Gagnon, vice president of global healthcare strategy at UPS. He added that healthcare is one of the company's four "strategic growth imperatives." This partnership marks the first time UPS has used drones for a medical application in the U.S.

UPS Embraces Drone Delivery UPS is launching drones to carry medical samples to their destination in North Carolina in first of its kind delivery system. UPS will leverage drones to deliver medical samples in the first FAA-backed and continuous commercial deployment of drone technology in America.

Echodyne Rapid Deployment Kit Looking for a lightweight, transportable solution that's easy to set up? The just-released Rapid Deployment Kit fits in a Pelican 1620 case, can be set up and running in less than 5 minutes and is extremely easy to operate in typical field locations. Here's the scoop from Echodyne:.

GoFly Finalists Here's the scoop from GoFly:. Congratulations to all of our innovators and teams for completing Phase II of the GoFly challenge!

TEST: Hubsan ZINO Better late than Never…. Here is my review of the Hubsan Zino. This is a foldage 3-axis stabilized [email protected] video plateform. The FPV link is done with a specialized 5.8G connexion. Main caracteristic are solid: about 700g, 23 min of flight time and about 1km of control range.

How to set up the 2019 Global Qualifier Track accurately 2019 MultiGP Global Qualifier Track Diagram. Meters. Feet. Draw this line by setting stakes at each of the measurements on the black line. This creates one side of your track. You now have 2 lines of stakes. You know these 2 lines of stakes are parallel, and exactly 60′ from each other.

Xilo POPO Pro - 2205 2550Kv Motors Is the Xilo POPO Pro truly a budget motor? Well, yes it is, and no it isn't. I know, not really the answer you were looking for, but lets break it down for a second. The Xilo POPO Pro has a $18.99 price tag, and when looking at the multirotor motors available on the market today, it falls almost dead in the center.

Lumenier ZIP POPO Pro - 2407 2550Kv Motors The Lumenier ZIP POPO Pro series motors features the second generation of the system, in which the button is fully encased within the motor shaft. This protects the system from both damage and accidental activation of the button.

NEWS: SPCMaker Miniwhale 78 HD Yet another SPCMaker product / attempt to release a jellofree HD machine. Here is the Miniwhale 78 HD: We have an hybride tinywhoop brushless FPV racer with a main 1.5mm carbon frame co…

NEWS: Gofly Scorpion 80 HD Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

BetaFPV 85X HD Cinewhoop : HD Tiny Whoop Cinewhoop, what is a cinewhoop? It's basically a tiny quad that can record HD footage. It's a relatively new thing. A lot of people are hacking away the case from a GoPro Session to save weight and strapping them on a Beta75x. A tiny whoop that can record hd footage.

MultiGP Mega Class Giant Drone Racing is Here! It has become clear that the love we all have for drone racing doesn't stop at five or six inches. So with that in mind, we are thrilled to announce the newest MultiGP drone racing class, Mega class!

2019 British Championship Qualifying Events We at the BDRA are currently working out the best way to notify our members of when these event sign ups go live to give you the best chance of competing at an official 'British Championship' qualifyer!

2019 MultiGP Season Rules Released The 2019 drone racing season is upon us and we are happy to release the 2019 Season rules. There have been some significant changes made to the series this year. First and foremost, the series is now known as the MultiGP Series and is open to all countries.

TV Special - Barcelona Drone World Cup 2018 Edition. The Official TV3 production of the Barcelona Drone World Cup - 2018 Edition with full english subtitles.