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EastEnders Planning Unexpected End to Storyline "The one thing that I'm finding out about Rainie is her loyalty to this situation, and that actually Max and Rainie's partnership is very strong. She wants to feel wanted, be a mum and have a proper relationship. It's all about the package!" "He could just be another Branning notch on her bedpost in some ways, but that's not how she sees it.

Big Autumn Storyline: EastEnders Lining up Stuart's Big Exit? He's set to feel really tortured over it." It was also revealed that Ricky Champ has been nominated in the Best Bad Boy category at this year's Inside Soap Awards.

EastEnders fans baffled after noticing something bizarre about Hayley Slater One tweeted: "Why does hayley sound like wheezy from toy story tonight?" While another asked: "What on Earth was wrong with Hayley's voice tonight on @bbceastenders ?

EastEnders spoilers: Keanu to discover truth about dad as he derails in violent outburst? But if you go to the police, we will find you and we will kill you." Keanu could now be at risk of a visit from the police regarding the incident and could possibly be arrested. The BBC character seems to be on a downward spiral, and now it looks as though Keanu may finally discover the truth about his father which will lead to even darker scenes.

EastEnders spoilers: Jealous Rainie Cross sabotages Max Branning's date Rainie Cross has been pining over fake husband Max Branning for weeks now but she can't cope when he decides to date other women. Rainie was convinced that Max felt the same way about her after he became jealous over her flirtatious interaction with a client.

EastEnders spoilers: Stuart Highway's downfall revealed in dramatic autumn plot Actor Ricky, who plays the soap villain, has revealed plans for his character and teased a dramatic downfall later this year. He revealed the explosive storyline will air this autumn, with a new trailer teasing what's to come. Ricky also hinted that fans have "only seen the beginning", prompting a terrifying storyline that is yet to emerge.

Video Preview: "Do you understand me!" After launching a tool at her head in yesterday's episode, Hayley puts Keanu straight over his actions.

EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher and Bernadette Taylor in ultimate showdown? EastEnders fans have recently seen the bond between Bernadette and Tiffany strengthen over the last few weeks. However, it seems the BBC soap plan to put their friendship through several challenges. Ahead of the tough scenes, actress Clair has opened up Bernadette and Tiffany's friendship and what fans can expect to see in upcoming episodes.

EastEnders star teases Karen's reaction to Keanu affair EastEnders star Lorraine Stanley has revealed how she thinks her character Karen Taylor will react to her son Keanu's affair with Sharon Mitchell. Keanu is set to have an illicit affair with Phil's wife Sharon as the pair continue to grow close in upcoming scenes.

EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher in danger with terrifying gang leader Tiffany is delighted when, after receiving a negative reception from Jagger's gang, he sticks up for her. It isn’t long before Jagger persuades Tiffany to come out – but is she in danger? Elsewhere, Kush tries to apologise to Kim, but she can't forgive him.

EastEnders plans unexpected end to Max and Rainie plot EastEnders is planning a very unexpected ending to Max Branning and Rainie Cross's custody story. Viewers know that Rainie and Max have tied the knot as a secret business arrangement, but we've already seen some telltale signs of it possibly becoming more.

EastEnders spoilers: Stuart Highway horror WILL get worse as the Carter family risk death EastEnders villain Stuart Highway has been threatening the Carter family since he arrived. And now it seems his actions will continue for weeks and maybe even months to come. Ricky has revealed his character is going no where soon and has warned Eastenders fans the Carters should be watching their backs some more.

EastEnders fans left baffled by Jack Branning during emotional scene with Mel Owen - but did you hear it? EASTENDERS fans were left baffled by Jack Branning's voice during an emotional scene with Mel Owen in tonight's episode. Their confusion started during an emotional scene between the two characters, when Jack was opening up his heart to Mel. Soap bosses may have hoped the tender moment would tug at viewers' heart strings.

EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell and Karen Taylor to embark on passionate affair? However, with an affair on the cards for Sharon Mitchell and Karen's son Keanu Taylor in the coming weeks, Karen could find a romance blossoming with Sharon's husband Phil Mitchell. "I've always said she might have a bit of a thing for Phil actually," Lorraine Stanley said, hinting towards a possible love affair.

EastEnders plans a shocking autumn story for Stuart EastEnders star Ricky Champ has revealed plans for his character Stuart Highway to have an explosive autumn storyline. The show's latest villain has been posing a threat to the Carter family ever since his true colours were revealed a few weeks ago - but it seems that he's only just getting started.

EastEnders reveals new details on Honey's new romance EastEnders has revealed more details on Honey Mitchell's upcoming romance with newcomer Adam Bateman. The BBC soap is bringing in former Emmerdale star Stephen Rahman-Hughes in the role of dentist Adam, who will waste no time in making a beeline for Honey.

EastEnders confirm new actor is playing Ricky Mitchell after fans got confused by 'impostor' on last night's soap EASTENDERS has confirmed a new actor is playing Ricky Mitchell after fans got confused by an 'impostor' during last night's episode. The role of Jack Branning's son has been recast, with Frankie Day taking over from Henri Charles, who had played him since 2016.

EastEnders' Keanu Taylor in danger as he comes face to face with gang again Keanu Taylor is left struggling tonight after he frets over losing his temper and throwing a spanner in Hayley Slater's direction. Despite his moping around, Hayley is reluctant to forgive him. But when she realises how upset he is, she sits down to listen to him.

EastEnders' Tiffany Butcher becomes ensnared by sinister gang member Tiffany Butcher has been a heroic teen on the Square - helping her mate Bernadette Taylor and being a rock for the group after Shakil Kazemi was brutally stabbed. But sadly she is set to get into quite a bit of trouble when she is enticed by a gang member, and starts becoming involved in their law-breaking schemes.

EastEnders spoilers: Horrifying grooming plot for Tiffany Butcher as gang leader Jagger gets her drunk TIFFANY Butcher finds herself in danger in EastEnders next week when troublesome gang leader Jagger plies the schoolgirl with alcohol. The 15-year-old catches Jagger's eye as she hands out leaflets for Ian Beale and Masood Ahmed's new restaurant launch with Hunter Owen.

EastEnders spoilers: Keanu Taylor and Hayley Slater grow closer over anger fears Keanu Taylor and Hayley Slater haven't had the smoothest of friendships in EastEnders, but the pair grow suspiciously close tonight. It's worth saying that love should not begin with a hurled wrench. Keanu impulsively threw one at Hayley and was lucky that she ducked in time.

Emmerdale fire, EastEnders death fear, Corrie attack and 17 more spoilers There's nothing like a healthy dose of fear to get those soap characters on edge - and several of them are experiencing it in bucketloads during upcoming scenes. As Lachlan White worries that his secrets will come out in Emmerdale, he takes more drastic action while Henry Newton is almost as desperate in Coronation Street after a dark threat.

EastEnders lines up passion for Kathy and Masood EastEnders is lining up tension for the Beales next week after Ian rumbles Kathy and Masood's secret passion. Ian will be left furious when he catches his mum in a compromising position with Masood, during the launch of his new restaurant Walford East.

EastEnders Tiffany Puts Herself in Danger - First Look Things take a turn next week when Tiffany gets herself mixed up with the gang who are tormenting Dennis and Keanu. Growing increasingly close Jagger, Tiffany meets with the gang in the park and accepts a can of larger to impress them.

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