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Stuart takes drastic action next week - Spoilers Bobby Beale is back, and we also get a glimpse at Stuart and Callum… BBC When Mick Carter is refused bail next week, the pub landlord is sent to prison where he starts to fear for his life. Stuart wok… EastEnders has released their Christmas Day trailer, showing the moment Kat learns of Hayley and Alfie's secret love child.

EastEnders fans loved cheeky reference to Ben's changing faces Charlie Jones made an 'appearance' in Tuesday's episode.

EastEnders spoilers: Callum Highway's secret exposed as Whitney Dean rocked by discovery EASTENDERS favourite Callum Highway is set to marry his blushing bride Whitney Dean in the coming weeks. However, with secrets and lies rumbling under the surface, Whitney is about to make a discovery about Callum which could see their plans thwarted.

Lacey Turner shares emotional new photo with baby Dusty And on Monday, the EastEnders star posted a heartwarming – and very emotional – picture of her sister Daisy meeting her baby niece for the first time. In the photo, Daisy's eyes are visibly watering as she cradles Dusty, who looks adorable dressed in a blue and white summer dress.

EastEnders spoilers: Chantelle Atkins betrayed by Gray in brutal affair twist - Here's why EASTENDERS newcomer Chantelle Atkins was left in a state of shock after spotting husband Gray Atkins with the ruthless Mel Owen leaving their home together. However, will she confront her violent husband as she becomes paranoid he is having an affair with Mel?

Phil destroys Ben after the truth comes out in EastEnders After Kat Moon was forced to admit to Phil that Ben saw the attack and told them not to call an ambulance, the rest of the pieces fitted into place.

EastEnders' Phil Mitchell disowns son Ben and downs 'vodka' after discovering truth When will I ever be enough for you?!" But Phil insisted that he "didn't give a toss" that he was gay but said that his "stupid insecurities" put Louise in danger again. Ben said: "I know I've been an idiot, but please don't do this. I changed my mind." Phil then downed the glass and then the bottle, before revealing that it was just water.

Weight loss diet plan EastEnders Jessie Wallace ate to lose 2st in just two months She worked with personal trainers and was put on a new diet, cutting out carbs and eating protein and fat. Jessie did three hour and a half work outs a week. She told the Mirror at the time: "And I go to the gym three times a week and do half an hour on the running machine, interval training.

What did Ben Mitchell do to Phil Mitchell in EastEnders? Phil has discovered the truth.

EastEnders' Lacey Turner shares snap of her sister meeting gorgeous baby Dusty Excerpt%% and Daisy can be seen with tears in her eyes as she meets her niece. Find out more.

EastEnders' Stuart takes action to keep Ben and Callum apart EastEnders will revisit Stuart Highway's dark side next week, when he raises suspicion over Ben Mitchell's brief disappearance.

Phil has an intense showdown with Ben in EastEnders tonight Phil has recalled a showdown with Kat Moon in EastEnders and, in exchange for his promise that he will leave her family alone, Kat gave him a huge warning about Ben - don't trust him, he is out for himself. Since arriving back in Walford, it has been Ben's clear mission to bring down his dad and destroy his life.

EastEnders shares full details of Ash's arrival EastEnders has revealed what happens after Iqra Ahmed introduces her girlfriend Ash to her family. Gurlaine Kaur Garcha has been cast in the role of Ash, who will turn up in Walford when Iqra decides it's time her grandparents knew the truth.

EastEnders SPOILER: Whitney Dean FINALLY discovers fiancé Callum Highway is gay EastEnders' Whitney Dean will finally discover her fiancé Callum Highway is gay next week. In dramatic scenes Whitney begins to doubt whether the big day will go ahead, after she discovers a letter from Callum to his army comrade and secret love Chris.

EastEnders Iqra Ahmed finally tells her grandmother Mariam she is a lesbian but is confused by her reaction Iqra Ahmed takes a brave step in EastEnders next week as she reveals to her grandparents, Mariam and Arshad, that she's gay. She makes the decision after being convinced by sister Habiba that it's the right thing to do.

EastEnders spoilers: Did Phil Mitchell hear Ben threatening him in hospital? PHIL Mitchell is determined to get to the bottom of what happened on the night he was attacked in tonight's episode of EastEnders. The hard man will confront both his son Ben and Kat Slater on the BBC One soap as he comes closer to finding out the truth.

EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale reunited with Jane Beale as he flees Walford over Lucy? Could he seek out adoptive mother Jane Beale ? Viewers will remember Jane played a major part in the cover-up of Lucy's death as she tried to protect Bobby. She was hounded out of Walford by Max Branning who wanted revenge for being falsely accused and imprisoned for the murder and her whereabouts her currently unknown.

EastEnders Mel Owen steals from the Mitchells to flee with killer son Hunter after his escape from prison MEL Owen plays with fire in EastEnders next week as she goes to desperate lengths to flee Walford with her killer son, Hunter. As the week kicks off Mel - who's hiding Hunter after his jail break which viewers will see this week - is stunned when she's confronted by Sharon, Billy and Ben Mitchell who all know Hunter's escaped.

EastEnders SPOILERS: Major showdown between Phil and Ben tonight There's a major showdown on the way tonight as Phil and Ben go head-to-head after he learns the truth about his son's schemes.

Hunter kills again as he returns to EastEnders? Hunter Owen was sentenced to life imprisonment in EastEnders for the part he played in the death of Ray Kelly, but with the young lad having escaped prison, will he return to Walford to seek retribution on those that put him behind bars? Mel was left devastated when she learned that Hunter had absconded from prison.

EastEnders' Callum lashes out at secret lover Ben as stag do takes dramatic turn Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway feature in tense scenes on EastEnders next week, ahead of Callum's wedding to Whitney Dean.

EastEnders First Look: Hunter Returns In scenes due to air next week, Kim will tell h… EastEnders has released a rather dramatic trailer for this summer. Bobby Beale is back, and we also get a glimpse at Stuart and Callum… BBC When Mick Carter is refused bail next week, the pub landlord is sent to prison where he starts to fear for his life.

EastEnders spoilers: Baby Abi's life is in danger as granddad Max Branning falls asleep while looking after her MAX Branning's relationship with Ruby Allen could have some grave consequences for him in EastEnders next week as he falls asleep while looking after granddaughter, Abi. Max - who's played by Jake Wood in the BBC soap - is burnt out after trying to keep up with Ruby's - Louisa Lytton - partying.

EastEnders' Max makes a decision about Ruby romance EastEnders' Max Branning will get a wake-up call over his relationship with Ruby Allen next week. Max is currently pursuing a fling with Ruby following their surprise hook-up last month, but he is about to be plagued with doubts over whether she's right for him in the long-term.

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