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Electric Cars Better for Climate in 95% of the World Claims New Report The paper, published in the journal Nature Sustainability, is entitled: "Net emission reductions from electric cars and heat pumps in 59 world regions over time." The study does not address non-exhaust emissions from automobiles, such as brake dust and tire dust, which can be 1000-times worse and tend to be higher for heavier vehicles such as...

Chinese electric car startups hemorrhaging Silicon Valley talent A Silicon Valley hiring spree among Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers appears to have come to an end, as a number of executives employed to lead the startups' U.S. development are quitting. Most Chinese electric car newcomers have adopted a development approach based on research in the U.S.

Tesla's next killer app: solar power on its electric cars - starting with Cybertruck We've discussed solar roofs on electric vehicles before, most recently with the one on the latest Prius Prime, but the recurring problem is that they rarely generate enough power to be worth it. For example, we estimated that the solar cells on the Prius Prime's roof could generate enough power to add about ~2 miles of range during the day.

TMC Member Reviews Model 3 After 16 Years Driving Porsche TMC Member pnoble has been loyal to Porsche for 16 years, but the Tesla Model 3 Performance lured him away. After spending a bit of time with his new ride, pnoble put together a detailed comparison of his Porsche and Tesla experiences. In short - he doesn't miss the Porsche much.

Tesla Shipping Ventilators Worldwide Tesla will leverage its worldwide delivery network to ship FDA-approved ventilators to hospitals in need, Chief Executive Elon Musk said Tuesday. "We have extra FDA-approved ventilators," Musk said in a tweet. "Will ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions.

Karma Automotive's E-Flex Platform Fits Most Every Plug-In Imaginable Karma Automotive released a little more info and new images of its new Karma E-Flex Platform, which is basically "a highly versatile chassis" for OEMs. The main idea behind the Karma E-Flex Platform is to offer a solution to accelerate market introduction and reduce the development cost of new plug-ins.

EPA head Andrew Wheeler, you're an idiot and a liar — op-ed - Electrek Andrew Wheeler, head of the Environmental "Protection" Agency, argued today that his administration's rollback of auto efficiency standards "sets realistic standards, will reduce pollution, and save lives." The problem is, he's objectively wrong on all three counts.

GM Delays Bolt EV Refresh, Near-Term EV Projects Not Impacted Due to the impact of COVID-19, automakers are changing their future plans. Fortunately, upcoming EV efforts seem safe, but product refreshes are on hold.

GM confirms delay for Chevy Bolt EV refresh; GMC Hummer and Cadillac EVs on schedule Hummer and Cadillac electric SUVs and trucks remain on schedule, but the Chevy Bolt refresh has been pushed back a year.

No, Bird and Lime Were Not 'Forced' to Pull Fleets - or Fire Staff - Because of COVID-19 Dozens of media outlets have reported that similar layoffs are looming at Lime, which to date has pulled its fleets in every country in which it operates, besides South Korea; the company also pointed to rider safety and virus containment as the primary reasons behind the decision to pause operations.

DC Design will build you this Ambassador, if you really WANT it! Based on the Hindustan Ambassador, these are the rendering images of the Ambassador EV and we certainly would love to see them, in reality, one day! This is an Ambassador EV is a concept vehicle that has been rendered digitally.

Screaming into the future Eleven years ago, electronics engineer and motorsport nut Michael Fragomeni set out to build an insanely fast electric car; little did he know the end result could have a wide-reaching impact on local jobs and industries across the globe.

Quick Charge Podcast: March 31, 2020 Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn and our RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. New episodes of Quick Charge are recorded Monday through Thursday and again on Saturday.

Jeep president says Wrangler EV will go 0-60 in 6 seconds, beating combustion models Jeep's president on electric vehicles: "Either you try to be compliant and do the bare minimum, or you embrace it and go full speed on it."

Keeping Tesla Fremont Factory Open Was A 'Public Health Risk' Alameda County's health officer, Erica Pan, said keeping the factory open was a "public health risk," according to documents obtained by Bloomberg. If you don't remember, the first report on that was that Alameda County officials allowed Fremon to remain open, but we do not know which official stated that.

Jonny Smith Shares Thoughts On VW e-Golf EV After 20,000 Miles For the last two years and some 21,000 miles, automotive presenter Jonny Smith has been driving around in a Volkswagen e-Golf fully electric hatchback. In this video, he talks about his experience with the battery powered Golf prior to taking it back and trading it in for a newer all-electric Volkswagen.

BMW Hints At Possible i Hydrogen Next Production Editor's note: Apparently, BMW think it's a good idea to hype hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in 2020!! Seriously. I'd insert 10 facepalms here if I could. Here's the story:. BMW is hard at work on a second-generation hydrogen fuel cell electric car that could go into production later this decade, God willing and the creek don't rise.

Tesla and EV buyers in China find relief in extended "new energy vehicle" subsidy Chinese Premier Li Leqiang announced on Tuesday that the country would extend "new energy vehicle" subsidies for two additional years.

SEAT adapts windshield wiper motors to make ventilators Now SEAT, the Spanish subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, has adapted an auto assembly line to manufacture ventilators. Since the emergence of the pandemic, SEAT has launched several initiatives to produce material and devices in high demand by hospitals, including ventilators.

Tesla is using its logistic network to deliver ventilators to hospitals for free Several hospitals in the US are finding themselves in need of ventilators to help save patients who are more badly affected by the coronavirus. In previous comments over the last month, Musk has been skeptical that there's going to be a need for more ventilators.

Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne is a Tribute to Racing Heritage The exposed, raw carbon fiber bodywork on the reborn Hispano Suiza is not just a reminder of the company's commitment to lightweight construction, it's an example of the company's raw engineering talent. Take it from me, ANY mistake you make in laying the carbon fiber down for something like this will show.

ChargeUp Europe Alliance Emerges: One Voice For EV Charging Sector The European charging companies - EVBox Group, Allego, and ChargePoint - announced a new alliance called ChargeUp Europe, to speak one voice for the electric vehicle charging infrastructure sector. The three founding members, encourage other like-minded companies to join the alliance.

When Do Savings Set In? Nissan LEAF Versus V12 BMW 7 Series According to Jay, you can drive tens of thousands of miles even at the wheel of a gas-guzzling old limo, like a V12-powered BMW 760i, before you end up paying the equivalent of what a new Nissan Leaf costs.

Munro To Tear Down A Tesla Model Y On April 1st: It's No Prank Munro and Associates will start tearing down a Tesla Model Y on April 1st, but this is no April Fools’ Day prank. Here are the pictures.

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