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Electric cars are on the rise at NAIAS DETROIT - Automakers have promised to start selling hordes of electric cars in the next few years. But so far that isn't happening. Cheap gas and range issues continue to plague electric cars. Most major automakers still say their future is electric. Nothing symbolizes the dilemma facing electric cars in this country quite like the Chevy Volt.

Tesla Model S = 37% of Large Luxury Car Sales in 2018 in USA With the Tesla Model 3 now on the scene in full force and consistently ranking in the top 5 of all US car sales, the older, bigger Model S doesn't get nearly the attention and discussion it used to get. Nonetheless, we're still reporting on Tesla Model S sales compared to other large luxury cars, and the model's still completely rocking it.

Mary Barra: GM Has Never Replaced A Chevy Volt Or Bolt Battery According to Automotive News:. Since Automotive News has not yet provided the full transcript or video, the context for this statement is unknown. If taken at face value, this does not sound correct. Some Bolt EV owners claimed to receive fresh packs after a battery recall early last year.

The Harley-Davidson Electric LiveWire Will Have Its Own Sound & A Perfect Riding Position I suspect a few Harley-Davidson riders might not know what to make of this electric LiveWire motorcycle, but after spending a few minutes on a stationary display at CES, I can say it will have a unique sound and a nearly perfect riding position. You have to ride an electric vehicle to get it.

Nissan's Resistance Is Futile - Renault Will Assimilate It History is sometimes ironic. The French state saw Carlos Ghosn's refusal to merge Nissan into Renault as an obstacle to the growth of the former national car company. They attributed it to his megalomania, and not to sentiments within Nissan and Japan.

Tesla offers a free Model 3 to anyone who can hack its system For years, the company has worked with the "white hat" hacker community to pro-actively identify and fix security flaws in its vehicle software. Electrek reports that, over the past few years, Tesla's bug bounty program has paid out serious money in rewards to hackers who exposed vulnerabilities - as much as $15,000 per reported bug.

Rivian CEO: R1T & R1S Are Best Driving Truck & SUV In The World It will be the best-driving truck or SUV in the world. It must be, because if it's not, why would somebody pick us over a Ford or over a BMW.

Daimler delivers first Freightliner electric commercial truck to Penske Daimler Trucks North America has delivered the first vehicle in its Freightliner Electric Innovation Fleet - a Freightliner eM2 - to Penske Truck Leasing. Next year, Penske will put an additional 9 medium-duty electric eM2 trucks and 10 heavy-duty eCascadia electric trucks into service in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Linde premiers new roadster forklift with fuel cell drive With its Roadster concept, Linde Material Handling has set completely new standards in terms of visibility and safety for industrial trucks. The company is now adding one of the most promising energy systems to the advantages of this unique design: It's curtain up for the first Linde Roadster with fuel cell drive!

Reform tax credit for electric vehicles Consumers receive a $7,500 tax credit when they purchase a qualifying electric vehicle, but the credit phases down to $3,750 after a manufacturer sells 200,000 vehicles. On July 1, it will be reduced to $1,875. Many U.S.

Tesla launches HEPA air filtration with Bioweapon Defense Mode upgrade for older Model S/X Tesla is launching a new version of its HEPA air filtration with Bioweapon Defense Mode as an aftermarket upgrade for older Model S and Model X vehicles.

Why an Electric Cadillac SUV Will Lead General Motors' Global Electric-Vehicle Charge The automaker is developing a super-flexible architecture for electric vehicles. First up: This Cadillac.

Tesla White Interior Blue Jean Transfer Fix: Video The optional ultra-white interiors found in Tesla vehicles may be susceptible to staining from blue jeans, but there is a fix and a preventative for that.

Detroit Auto Show: Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Coming Now there's more F-150 electrified news. "We're going to be electrifying the F-Series - battery electric and hybrid," Jim Farley, Ford president of global markets, said Wednesday during a presentation at the Deutsche Bank Global Automotive Conference that followed the Detroit Auto Show.

Cadillac Obsessively Benchmarking Tesla For Upcoming Electric SUV Cadillac doesn't shy away from admitting who it's benchmarking with its first pure electric car. In fact, the automaker admits to obsessively benchmarking Tesla.

Three Upcoming Electric Cars That Might Not Be On Your EV Radar Which car companies are the least likely to make an electric car? The times are changing. Even those other guys are working on an EV. Here's a look.

Karma Automotive And Pininfarina Form Partnership Southern California-based Karma Automotive and the iconic Italian luxury design and engineering house Pininfarina have formed a partnership, Karma CEO Doctor Lance Zhou announced today during remarks made at Automotive News World Congress' inaugural 'China Genius' session.

Tesla is giving away over 80 new Roadsters for free, which might have killed the referral program Elon Musk announced that Tesla is killing its referral program due to cost concerns and new information about the latest prizes show that they are going to have to give away over 80 new Roadsters for free. As we previously reported, Tesla's referral program has changed a lot over the years.

Test drive: Jaguar I-Pace is an EV milestone What we're driving: the all-new and all-electric Jaguar I-Pace. What it costs: from $119,000. Why we're driving it: By any metric, the Jaguar I-Pace is a landmark car. It's the first battery-electric car from one of Britain's most iconic and luxury car companies, and a brand known for its high-performance petrol engines.

The Country's Cheapest Normal Electric Breaks Out of California That asterisk exists in the headline because the Smart EQ Fortwo is not a vehicle many families would consider useful as a lone driveway denizen. With two seats and a range of - wait for it - 58 miles, the Smart brand's city runabout manages to be more impractical that the late, unloved Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Drones Can Speed Up Traffic Accident Analysis To Make Driving Safer Researchers at Purdue University say that using drones to conduct traffic accident investigations could reduce the time to complete the process dramatically and reduce deaths and injuries from secondary accidents caused by traffic slowdowns and blockages.

Trump says new Tennessee Volkswagen plant is a 'big win' President Trump praised Volkswagen on Tuesday for choosing to create a new production base in Tennessee. "Volkswagen will be spending 800 million dollars in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They will be making Electric Cars," Mr. Trump tweeted. "Congratulations to Chattanooga and Tennessee on a job well done.

Watch All-New 2020 Kia Soul EV Get Fully Charged The 2020 version of the Kia Soul EV will be totally refreshed, so check out all the changes coming to a vastly improved model.

Electric or bust: Cadillac's electric car push is brand's last shot For nearly two decades, General Motors' luxury division, Cadillac, has been under repair. The latest strategy shift to make Cadillac GM's electric car leader is its last chance at success, according to a senior GM executive.

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