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Emmerdale fire as Lachlan torches Rebecca's shack - with dead Priya inside? Lachlan White is set to take more desperate measures to conceal his killer ways in Emmerdale as he torches the shack that previously held his prisoner Rebecca - but is he about to claim another victim as Priya Sharma looks set to make a shocking discovery?

Emmerdale's Sarah makes dramatic getaway with Faith Emmerdale has left Sarah Sugden's future in Faith Dingle's hands in the show's latest cliffhanger. Sarah has left her family devastated this week by vowing not to go ahead with the heart transplant that she desperately needs to save her life.

Emmerdale spoilers: Where has Faith Dingle taken Sarah Sugden? An irate Debbie Dingle banned her grandmother, Faith, from seeing Sarah in hospital tonight in Emmerdale. Debbie was devastated over Sarah's decision to not have a critical heart transplant. Her daughter was diagnosed with heart failure earlier this year and has been in hospital for several weeks.

Emmerdale fans devastated as Zak Dingle discovers horrific puppy farm as he rescues Monty ZAK Dingle made a horrific discovery in tonight's Emmerdale as he uncovered a filthy puppy farm. He had intended to rescue stray dog Monty after finding out he was mistreated by his owner when he came upon the upsetting scene. Zak has become attached to Monty after finding him cowering in the village.

Emmerdale viewers in tears as whining dogs 'in pain' are discovered on grotty puppy farm It was then that they opened the doors and found dozens of Dalmatian puppies and realised the woman was a puppy farmer. And Emmerdale viewers were in tears over the heartbreaking scenes and seeing the dogs "in pain". One tweeted: " Hate the #Emmerdale story line about the dogs being treated awfully e.g a puppy farm.

Emmerdale star rewrote own soap scene after real injury Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden has revealed that he rewrote a scene he was in due to unforeseen circumstances. On today's This Morning, the actor shared a clip showing his character David Metcalfe and Maya Stepney in his store the morning after they spent the night together.

Emmerdale's jealous Victoria outs Matty to his love interest despite fear over telling her he's trans Matty Barton has come back to the village and Victoria is already interested, despite her husband and Matty's brother, Adam being on the run for murder. But the pair have connected and bonded since his return and, for Victoria, she is frustrated to see how uninterested he is in her.

Emmerdale fans claim they've spotted major blunder in Sarah Sugden kidnap storyline EMMERDALE fans claim to have spotted a major blunder in tonight's episode. Viewers called soap bosses out on social media after watching Faith Dingle kidnapping Sarah Sugden from the hospital. The well-meaning great-grandmother snuck into the children's ward when visiting hours had ended to see Sarah.

Emmerdale fans post mixed reaction to puppy farm storyline It is making me not want to watch the show!" Some viewers reacted by sharing pictures of their dogs on social media. One fan's post included a snap of their own pet Dalmatian and the caption: "Emmerdale, just seen some of my friends on your show.

Emmerdale fans fear Sarah will DIE after Faith kidnaps seriously ill teen from hospital EMMERDALE fans fear Sarah Sugden faces certain death after her great-grandmother Faith kidnapped her. The teenager is in hospital waiting for a life-saving heart transplant but has said she won't accept a new organ - even if one comes forward. In recent weeks, Sarah's declining health has been at the centre of the ITV soap's storylines.

Emmerdale's Sally Dexter reveals Faith's drastic plan to kidnap Sarah Emmerdale actress Sally Dexter has said that her character is about to do something drastic in an attempt to save her granddaughter's life. Chatting to Ruth and Eamonn Holmes on This Morning, the soap star revealed that Faith Dingle plots to kidnap Sarah from the hospital.

Emmerdale spoilers: A Jealous Victoria puts her foot in it. But when Matty admits that he's scared to tell Abby about him being transgender this leads to seeing a chuffed Victoria upon Matty asking her to pend his birthday with him. Copyright ITV. However, Matty then receives a text from Abby about wanting to meet up with him the next day.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Wedding bells for Lydia and Sam? In next week's episode, we see that Lydia is extremely grateful for Sam's support and with him sticking by her side as she goes for her test results. What will the outcome be? Is Lydia going to be ok? Later, Lydia then bumps into a face from her past, a lady called Pat.

Emmerdale's Faith star reveals real-life heart problems Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning, the actress explained that her father and brother fell victim to heart issues, similar to her current storyline which sees her on-screen great-granddaughter Sarah suffering from heart failure.

Emmerdale star spills HUGE Sarah Sugden bombshell on This Morning However, Sally Dexter, 58, dropped some Emmerdale spoilers on ITV's This Morning that Faith is going to try and make up for this in tonight's episode. The actress told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that Faith is set to kidnap Sarah on this evening's show to try and convince her to fight for her life.

Emmerdale spoilers: Faith Dingle kidnaps Sarah in bid to save her life Emmerdale's Sally Dexter has revealed the enormous risk character Faith Dingle takes to save Sarah Sugden from giving up on lifesaving surgery.

Emmerdale's Victoria destroys Matty's new romance Emmerdale's Matty Barton is left furious next week as Victoria Sugden accidentally reveals his past to his new girlfriend. A new storyline for Matty will see him strike up a bond with Abby, a girl that he meets during a house party thrown by Ross. Although Matty really likes Abby, he struggles to find the right moment to tell her that he's trans.

Emmerdale's Faith Dingle kidnaps Sarah Sugden after devastating surgery decision Faith Dingle will "kidnap" Sarah Sugden in a bid to change her mind about her devastating surgery decision this evening. This comes after Sarah told her mum during last night's episode that she didn't want to have the heart transplant.

Emmerdale star Isabel Hodgins: Victoria Barton spills Matty's secret to Abby! Emmerdale continues on ITV.

Emmerdale double exit plan as Rodney shocks everyone Emmerdale couple Rodney Blackstock and Misty Allbright plan to leave the country together next week - but it won't be happening if Nicola King has anything to do with it. Rodney and Misty have been dating since April, raising eyebrows due to the huge age gap in their relationship and their very relaxed attitude towards discussing their sex lives.

Emmerdale spoilers: Furious Jacob Gallagher clashes with Maya Stepney Jacob Gallagher has struggled to adjust to dad David's split from Tracy in Emmerdale. He's not happy tonight, when David tells him that he's moved on. David and Maya are looking forward to their future as a couple. They agree to tell Leanna and Jacob about their relationship.

Emmerdale fire, EastEnders death fear, Corrie attack and 17 more spoilers There's nothing like a healthy dose of fear to get those soap characters on edge - and several of them are experiencing it in bucketloads during upcoming scenes. As Lachlan White worries that his secrets will come out in Emmerdale, he takes more drastic action while Henry Newton is almost as desperate in Coronation Street after a dark threat.

Emmerdale's Matthew Wolfenden reveals hilarious REAL LIFE story behind David's bandage in upcoming episodes Matthew Wolfenden, aka Emmerdale' David Metcalfe, has revealed the hilarious real life tale behind his character sporting a new accessory. In tonight's episode of Emmerdale, and subsequent episodes, David is seen wearing a wrist brace, and tells his shock new beau Maya that he "trapped it in the van door" and has to go to A&E for hours.

Emmerdale spoilers: Kerry Wyatt accused of stealing as she faces eviction over missing rent payments KERRY Wyatt faces a nightmare in Emmerdale next week as she's accused of stealing money from Nicola King and the Sharma factory as she and Dan Spencer struggle to keep up the rent payments on their cottage.

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