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Emmerdale star hints at a love interest for Graham We are a little bit in love with Emmerdale's mystery man Graham Foster - the simmering action man has us all intrigued and it could soon be the case that a village female may also be swooning for him as actor Andrew Scarborough hasn't ruled out a romance for him.

Omg we move tomorrow! Today was just a strange day. Firstly I missed the lunch trolley. She came into the main office but no one called down to my office so I had to chase her around the building. Eventually I caught up with her. Then I went upstairs later to go to the toilet and noticed my top was inside out.

Emmerdale drops huge hint about Graham's secret past but is his daughter dead? Emmerdale have dropped more massive hints about the tragic past that is being hidden by Graham Foster - as a jibe about his daughter from Joe Tate sent him over the edge and caused him to swiftly punch his boss in the face.

Who Isobel Steele? Emmerdale actress who plays Liv Flaherty, whose character gets arrested after spiking a drink ISOBEL Steele has become a popular actress on Emmerdale - her character came out as asexual and now she is involved in a drink spiking plot. Here's everything you need to know about the actress and the character she plays… Isobel is a 17-year-old actress from Salford, Greater Manchester.

Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster's tragic past revealed But in tonight's double-bill, Graham gave a glimpse of his painful past. Graham - who had been sent to Wales earlier in the week - saved Joe from being bludgeoned to death by Cain Dingle, who had snuck into his home armed with a hammer. Graham knocked Cain to the ground before making him leave, while Joe cowered in pain.

Sad news as Emmerdale airs a death tonight Marlon Dingle is going to be forced to break some bad news to young April Windsor in Emmerdale as he fears that a death will leave her badly affected - especially given that she lost her mum Donna at such a young age.

Cain sets out to kill Joe tonight in Emmerdale Cain Dingle is a man on the edge tonight in Emmerdale as he sets out to make Joe Tate pay for blackmailing his daughter Debbie - and may even go as far as killing him in a tense showdown at Home Farm.

Fifty Shades of Emmerdale: Debbie Dingle and Joe Tate romance takes kinky turn "Fifty Shades of Emmerdale is back on! He'll be pulling out the handcuffs next, writers must be watching films and saying let's steal that," one said. "Am I the only one who's bored of Debbie and Mr 'wannabe' Christian Grey," another quipped.

Emmerdale blunder - Fans spot GLARING Easter error during Marlon Dingle scene Confused by his fate, Graham commented: "Right, I thought only medieval kings punished people with exile." Finding the situation funny, Joseph laughed: "Oh yeah a trip to Snowdonia, how will you live with the shame?" The exile comes after it was revealed that Graham will reveal his nefarious past to Debbie Dingle in upcoming scenes.

Who is Emmerdale actress Amy Walsh, who are her sisters Kimberley and Sally and how long has she played Tracy Metcalfe? AMY Walsh is an English actress who's best known for playing Tracy Metcalfe in the hit ITV soap Emmerdale. She also has two famous sisters - and one of them was in Girls Aloud. Let's get the lowdown on the star and her siblings… Amy Walsh was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, on 27th March 1987 - that makes her 30.

Ross suicide trauma, Graham secret revealed and 8 more Emmerdale spoilers There are a lot of secrets about to emerge in dramatic Emmerdale scenes - with Graham Foster set to come clean to Debbie Dingle about his tragic past and Tracy Shankley on the brink of discovering that her husband David Metcalfe betrayed her with Leyla Harding.

Emmerdale star reveals surprise family soap connection Speaking about her family experience of the soap, Amy told The Sun: "When I first joined Emmerdale, me, my Mum and Kimberley all sat together to watch and we had a little bit of a tea party, which was nice.

Emmerdale star hits back at 'phone blunder' claims You'd think that Emmerdale fans would be more focused on the unfolding drama than props, but viewers these days are an eagle-eyed bunch. Sometimes, however, fans can get it wrong - as Emmerdale actress Amy Walsh wants you all to know, after she was accused of holding her phone upside down in a recent scene.

Eagled-eyed Emmerdale fans spot massive Easter blunder that's sure to leave a lot of kids very unhappy One viewer said: "There's a sign in the cafe in #emmerdale for an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday 20th April…… When is Easter?" Another added: "@emmerdale @DannyBMiller only my daughter would ask why Easter is advertised on the wrong date She wants me to tell you it's on April 1st" A third said: "@emmerdale tell Bob and Brenda the poster in...

Emmerdale reveals the tragic past and secrets of Graham Foster Debbie Dingle is set to be left with food for thought when the usually emotion free Graham Foster chooses to open up about his tragic past to her after viewing her as a kindred spirit in Emmerdale. But what murky secrets is Graham hiding - and will they prove key to revealing what kind of man he really is?

Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster star spills ALL on dark revelation to Debbie Dingle Emmerdale baddie Graham Foster will finally share his story and connection to Joe Tate to nemesis Debbie Dingle. The associate of businessman Joe is set open up to the young mum in an unexpected turn of events. For months, ITV viewers have watched Graham stand in Joe's shadow as he destroyed the Dingle family.

Emmerdale fans mock Joe Tate for trying to be 'Christian Grey' after he buys sexy lace dress for Debbie Dingle to wear on dinner date EMMERDALE fans have teased Joe Tate for trying to be "Christian Grey" after he bought a dress for Debbie Dingle to wear for a tense "fifty shades" dinner date in tonight's episode. Viewers pointed out the similarities between the soap's bossy multi-millionaire businessman and the famous bondage-loving film character, played by actor Jamie Dornan.

Emmerdale fans are creeped out by Joe and Debbie blackmail plot Emmerdale fans are pretty creeped out by Joe Tate's attempts to blackmail Debbie Dingle. Tonight's episode of the ITV soap saw Joe force Debbie into keeping their relationship going, threatening that he would go to the police and reveal to Ross that she was inadvertently responsible for him being attacked with acid.

Emmerdale fans spy glaring Easter date blunder - but did you spot it? EMMERDALE fans spotted a glaring blunder during last night's episode. Eagle-eyed viewers spied a poster in the background of the café had a huge mistake printed on it. While it may have gone unnoticed by some, others couldn't stop staring at the piece of paper which was advertising an egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

Emmerdale's Amy Walsh reveals she's got ANOTHER famous sister who's not Girls Aloud star Kimberley - and you might recognise her from a huge soap role Click here to upload yours.

Who is Charley Webb? Debbie Dingle actress on Emmerdale, Matthew Wolfenden's wife and Jamie Lomas' sister SHE shot to fame playing the tough and wise-cracking Debbie Dingle on Emmerdale, her first and only professional acting role. It was recently revealed that Charley Webb has got married in secret. Here's her story… She was born Charlotte Anne Webb on 26 February 1988 in Bury, Greater Manchester.

What is Cain going to do to Joe in Emmerdale? Cain Dingle is a man on edge in tonight's Emmerdale as he prepares to take violent action against Joe Tate for blackmailing his daughter Debbie into a relationship with him. As Debbie is forced to go to Home Farm in a dress bought for her by Joe, she is greeted by a lavish lunch with just Joe.

Who was Bobby Knutt? Former Benidorm and Emmerdale actor who died aged 71 BOBBY Knutt's career in the spotlight has spanned decades and will leave a lasting impression on the British comedy history for years to come. On news of his death, we take a look back on the star's career and life… Born in 1945, Bobby Knutt is a comedian and star.

Emmerdale spoilers: Liv Flaherty for harrowing teen alcoholism storyline? Emmerdale viewers feared for Liv and the dangerous road she was heading down, with some believing it would lead to an alcoholism storyline. "Are we not going to see any consequences for Liv knocking back vodka every time she's upset? I do hope so," one tweeted.

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