Are we destined for a mid-table finish?

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Toffees Chat • Aug 7, 2015

Are we destined for a mid-table finish again or can we improve on last seasons 11th place finish?

Let us have your views and opinions for the season ahead.

Tony Weedon • Jan 24, 2016

I,ve been a bluenose since I was seven I,m now 73 and God forgive me I,ve backed them to get relegated and Martinez to get the sack.

66-1 each bet.

tHe way their plying ,I don,t think it's beyond the realms of possiblity that I will be drawing my winnings ,

If I do it's going to Thompsons Mision for the poor in Birkenhead.
Conscience clear.

Tony Weedon Bromborough

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