cheap stunt at St Marys?

Conversation started by tonyrio

tonyrio • Aug 17, 2015

Are the plane organisers dissapointed? The reason I ask this is because I'm sure this was a cynical stunt. Why cynical? Because they expected us to lose. Would that have made them happy because it would have, as they HOPED, added weight. They would have cynically ridden on the back of our frustrations. Fed like leaches on our hopes, fears and ambition. But if course they think they are the only ones who really care, or care the most. Who gave them the right to do this to our club so publicly. Cheap stunt. Embarrassing. Not in my name.

EFCFan • Aug 18, 2015

I'm starting to get a little fed up with these so called "fans", it's embarrassing and something you would expect from Liverpool or Newcastle fans. I bet they are disappointed with the 3-0 win and would have preferred it if we had lost or drawn, i just hope they don't decide to continue with such silly stunts.

Kenwright has supported the club through thick and thin and has put his money AND soul into the club, he might not be able to invest hundreds of millions like the foreign investors that have been taking over our clubs but at least he is a real Evertonian!!

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